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January 9, 2019

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By Katie Ledford, Staff Writer and Editor

Around Ross, the phrase “Better Together” is encouraged and mentioned frequently. However, even with the publicity, many students may not know how the iconic hashtag came to be. Mr. Brian Martin, principal, said, “The inspiration is actually personal. ‘Better Together’ is a song by a singer named Jack Johnson. He is an artist that my wife and I really like.” Martin continued, “... the way that it came to our school [was] over the summer, I had just been thinking about, obviously reflecting on a lot of things that happened last year and kind of how the student body pulled together, our staff pulled together, and really just weathered the storm together. I think that that’s where that connection came from is there’s nothing that we can’t endure, that we can’t get through, if we’re together.” Better together goes beyond just one meaning and one message. People can interpret the phrase with personal viewpoints. Vice Principal Mrs. Emily Doblinger stated, “For me, Better Together mean[s] that we thrive when we surround ourselves with a community of people who are working to build each other up and support one another. Community and genuine friendship helps to make us better people, helps to get us through tough times, and helps us to realize that we cannot be who we want to be on our own. It is also meant to bring attention to simple acts of kindness that could help change someone’s day, week or even their life.” Ms. Rachel Miller, career and assessment counselor, said, “There is a frame in my office that simply says ‘Life is meant to be shared.’ To me, that is what lies at the heart of ‘Better Together.’ It means that we understand that there is ‘power in numbers,’ and that ‘two heads are better than one.’ It means that we share our individual strengths with each other, so that we can become better as a whole. It means that we understand the power of family, community, connection, and collaboration.It means that we generously offer help to those who need it, and are comfortable to ask for it when we are the ones in need. It means that we remain grateful for those around us, and that we seek to become people that they, too, are grateful for. It means that we win as a team, we lose as a team, and that at the end of the day, no one ever truly goes home alone.” Better together appears to have Ross as a community and that RHS radiates togetherness community.

been embraced by is clear in the way that and exemplifies

“I believe that ‘Better Together’ has generated some amazing moments in the brief time we have been using it. I feel it is bringing attention to the fact that we need each other! This year, FCCLA brought attention to suicide prevention during Powderpuff, several RAMbells have given their time and energy to bring love and positivity to the community and other organizations with their service projects, the Herd has been promoting more school spirit at all school events, our Student Athletic Leadership Team is thriving, etc.” Doblinger stated. Miller said, “I see ‘Better Together’ in action every day at RHS. It’s students helping each other with class work, and consoling each other on a tough day. It’s the Herd supporting our athletes, and teachers attending concerts and shows. It’s a friendly note left on a whiteboard, and a secretary offering to help pay fees. It’s the random acts of kindness that no one seeks credit or praise for, and the gratitude that always seems to follow anyway.”

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By Mariah Clemow, Staff Writer and Editor

As the new semester begins, it’s important to cling on to the message of better together. Not only should the phrase be a source of comfort, it should be a source of inspiration. “When you get out into the world, there just is never going to be as many people who care about you and love you in one place as there was in high school. So, I just think that’s another example of the environment we want to create here, and I would like to see that [#BetterTogether] continue moving forward,” Martin stated. Doblinger said, “In my opinion, I want Better Together to be a call to action to our kids, our staff, and our community. If we use these two words to promote kindness and selflessness, then we are all together working to make Ross even better.” Ross as a commmunity is indeed stronger together. The Ross Rams are #BetterTogether. For more news about Ross High School visit www.RossHighTimes.com.

New Year’s Edition



By Keegan Nickoson, Staff Writer and Editor

The College Football Playoff, estbalished in 2015 is a four team playoff to decide the National Champion in NCAA Division 1 football. The teams are picked by a committee of people chosen by the NCAA. Recent winners of the College Football Playoff have been Ohio State (2015), Clemson (2017), and Alabama (2016, 2018). Each team in the above bracket has made a legitiamate case for themselves to be in this year’s playoff. The Alabama Crimson Tide has been known by many to be the best team this season in the NCAA. They have an undefeated record of 13-0 and important wins over Louisiana State, Auburn, and Georgia. Led by Quarterback Tua Tagavoila and a stellar defense, the Crimson Tide seem to be unbeatable. Alabama is this year’s favorite to win the National Championship. The Clemson Tigers, along with Alabama and Notre Dame, are one of the few undefeated teams remaining in the country. Led by Freshman Quarterback, Trevor Lawrence, and a highly touted defense line including NFL prospect Celin Ferrel, the Tigers have had a dominating season. The Tigers are the #2 seed and will face off against #3 Notre Dame. The Fighting Irish have put together one of the best cases to be in the college football playoff, being one of only two teams in the nation that has a win over a top 5 opponent (Michigan). The fact that Notre Dame is an independant school and doesn’t belong to a conference has hurt their chances for the playoff in the past. However, the playoff committee can’t argue with this season’s success. The Oklahoma Sooners finished the season with seven wins to lock up the fourth seed in the College Football Playoff. Led by Heisman winning Quarterback Kyler Murray, the Sooner’s electric offense averages 49.5 points per game. This being Oklahoma’s third trip to the College Football Playoff, the Sooners are prepped and ready to face #1 Alabama.

The Staffletes: Before he was Mr. Canfield By Keegan Nickoson, Staff Writer and Editor When you think of teachers you most likely have the thought of lesson plans, gradebooks, or attendance. But, have you ever thought that they could have been star athletes in high school and college.

talented baseball player. But, did you know he attended The Lake, a small school in New York, to play baseball? Unfortunately injuries derailed his plans.

“I went there to play baseball, but You probably know Mr. Canfield as I ended up playing soccer because a Sociology, Psychology, and Law & I hurt my arm senior year… When You teacher here at RHS. He has in I reported for fall ball my arm was the past been a soccer, volleyball, and still hurting really bad so I needed basketball coach for the Rams, even surgery. I decided not to do the though in high school he was a very surgery, and I had been recruited

New Year’s Edition

to play soccer there anyway,” said Canfield.

Meaning he played multiple positions at a high level.

In high school, Canfield was a pitcher who threw 85-89 miles per hour, with many effective off speed pitches.

He was a power hitting second baseman that hit a few home runs per year. He was also utilized at shortstop, third base, and even caught for his high school team.

Canfield stated, “I threw a lot of offspeed pitches, two different curveballs, two knuckleballs, change up, I threw a lot of junk and mixed it up, but I was a second baseman by trade.” Canfield was a true utility player.


Mr. Canfield is more than just a teacher. He has a lot of experience with sports in college and student athletes, make sure to go to him if you need help with recruiting or playing a sport at the next level.


Winter Sports Midseason Recap By Brayden Ploehs, Staff Writer *As of December 19th*

The Winter season has been underway for a couple weeks now and the Rams have been putting on quite a show from Boys Basketball to Girls swimming, the Rams seem to heading in at full force for the SWOC all sports trophy. Boys basketball- The Rams are rolling with four wins and only one loss that occured in overtime over a total of eight days. “I feel like we’ve had a great season so far. We’ve played five games in eight days and came out 4-1. We let one loss slip by and should be 5-0... our goal is to win SWOC and that we won’t lose another game,” said senior Cooper Shields. Girls basketball- The lady Rams are currently struggling with a record of zero and four, but that won’t discourage them from playing hard for the rest of the season. “We are struggling a little but I think we’re much stronger than last year. We all get along together and just need to work on some things as a team. We are a young team but I think we can overcome this and keep on strong.” said junior, Korryne Justice. Girls Swimming- The lady Rams have been destroying the competition. So far they have won every competition they have competed in so far, winning the Harrison invite, defeating Hamilton, Eaton, and Harrison and winning the Lawrenceburg invitational. The girls swim team looks to carry that momentum further into the season and dominate the SWOC race. Boys Swimming- The Rams have been doing pretty well so far with an eighth place finish at the Harrison invite and a fifth place finish at the Lawrenceburg invite. The boys look to heat up the race this year at the SWOC invite against their main competitor, Talawanda. Boys Bowling- The Rams are bowling turkeys out there with a three to one record only losing to SWOC rival Northwest. Leading the charge for the Rams are junior Jake Durbin and senior Cooper Miller. Durbin bowls an average of 210.9 and Miller bowling an average of 206.1. It looks to be a very tight race for the SWOC trophy. Girls Bowling- The lady Rams have had a pretty good start with two wins and two tough losses. They only average 34 points less than the second best team in SWOC, so the race is very close. Leading the ladies are senior Olivia Dunn and junior Raygen Gaff with averages of 148 and 145. Wrestling- The Rams were handed a loss by a talented Sycamore team to start out the year but have bounced back with three straight wins. Their varsity squad placed third at the Franklin invitational behind the number four ranked team in the country, Lasalle, and a very good Western Brown team. The Rams hope to keep the win streak alive to build momentum into the State duals. Senior, Logan Iams said, “The season is off to a great start. Everyday we are working harder in the room and looking forward to the big tournaments coming up.”

A Day in the Life of the Athletic Director

By Katie Ledford, Staff Writer and Editor

With Mr. Jake Richards’ recent position change to athletic director, his everyday life has changed drastically. The Ross High Times joined him for a look into his Thursday workday on Oct. 11. As athletic director, Richards has many tasks to complete, and these tasks vary each day. His job can be very random and chaotic but also rewarding. 7:45am - Richards arrives to his office to start his day. “I had to check out emails, I had to see who called already… I had to reconcile the gate boxes; so I count the money, match it up to the tickets sold, and fill out the form for that in order to make a bank deposit later,” said Richards. “I would have likely checked to see if some athletic requisitions had gone through to see if we could make purchases that we needed to make for the winter season,” Richards continued. 8:45am - Richards goes to unlock the soccer fields to allow a parent to paint ramheads on the pavement. On his way to RMS, Richards responds to some athletic-related text messages. 9:00am to 10:30am - Richards has a weekly athletic department meeting at RMS with Assistant Athletic Director, Mr. Jason Rettinger, and Athletic Department Secretary, Mrs. Megan Minges-Hoock. Richards stated, “I would describe it [the meeting] as an athletic department planning meeting.” 10:40am - Richards is back at his office in RHS. Returning to his desk, Richards calls the Butler County Board of Elections regarding the pollworking athletes. 10:50am - Richards works to reschedule fall sports’ awards night due to Election Day. “What a lot of people don’t realize is that one scheduling conflict, whether it be transportation or the teams participating or the facilities... has a domino effect in the world of athletics,” said Richards. 11:03am - Richards calls Varsity Head Football Coach, Mr. Kenyon Commins, to discuss a football game schedule and transportation. He multitasks on the phone with Commins while typing their plan. Richards said, “It [multitasking] is mission critical. Without the ability to multitask, I would, number one, lose my sanity and, number two, lose control over all the activity that occurs in the athletic department. And without coffee, I’d really be sunk. Without coffee, I’d be lost.” 11:10am to 11:34am - Richards meets with Bowling Coach, Mr. Ed Roberts. They discuss the schedule among other things. 11:35 to 12:35pm - Minges-Hoock and Richards meet to discuss competitive balance. Richards said, “I agree with competitive balance… it creates a standard system for accounting for the actual student athletes who play sports in high schools in Ohio… It counts students in a way that levels that ‘playing field.’” 12:35pm to 2:10pm - Richards catches up with messages he missed throughout the day. Richards said, “I sent a lot of emails and made a lot of phone calls… I was starting to look ahead at eligibility for after second quarter. I put in some requisitions for purchases… [There was] a lot of communication and prepping for the gate boxes for the soccer game and prepping for Friday morning.” 5:00pm - There was a JV Boys’ soccer game, and Richards got there at halftime to oversee things and cheer for the players. “We’ve got event managers… so they’re more of the hands-on at the actual contest… If I’m able to, I go over and help because it’s a good time to talk about what’s going on in athletics,” said Richards. 10:00pm - Richards leaves RHS to go home to his family. Even with all the craziness, Richards loves his job and wouldn’t change a thing. Richards stated, “The job is chaotic at times, but it’s very rewarding to know that the kids playing sports at Ross are learning more about themselves and the people around them every single day.” Richards continued, “Now that I’m doing this job, I don’t think I’d do another one [job] because I do thoroughly enjoy it… I got into this whole world of teaching and coaching to help kids be better versions of themselves.”

New Year’s Edition



Second Semester Haul

The Coolest of Clubs

By Mariah Clemow, Staff Writer and Editor

By Mariah Clemow, Staff Writer and Editor Second semester is a chance for new beginnings, new classes, new habits and a chance to make new memories. Second semester is a fresh start. Some RHS students gave advise to what they wanted to change for second semester to make them most successful. “Try to enjoy senior year. The beginning is so stressful due to applications and work. It seems that every second of everyday you’re so busy and have no time to yourself. I’m hoping it’ll be better next semester” said Sophia Smiley, senior. “Stop procrastinating, but learn to take breaks when stressed or if I don’t understand something.” said Hannah Erb, freshman. “Homework is important! For a while I procrastinated because I was still stuck in ‘middle school mode’, and didn’t believe grades really mattered. Although homework can count for a very small portion of your grade, it adds up very fast. My GPA matters to me and I want to bring it back up,” said Nevada Thomas, freshman. “Staying focused is the best thing I can do. And not letting the long break throw you off,” said Austin Ashcraft, junior.

At RHS there are many extracurricular activities to join from academics to theatre. There are so many that some students may not know where to go or what to join. Here is a look into some of the clubs offered at RHS: Mock Trial is a club ran by Mrs. Sharon Berlage, Mrs. Erica Farris and Elias Demeropolis competes with a fake trial that gets students involved in the law and get to act out the court case with a defendant, lawyer, eye witness, and a cross examinor. The team advanced last year to State and lost, but are expecting more success as they prepare for the upcoming season. Jake Kahmann,senior, Mock Trial member said, “This season we have some new and old students competing and Elias is a great coach for the team. We are excited to compete this season. Mock Trial is a fun, academic club that I and many other students would enjoy.” Volunteer Advisory Board, otherwise known as,VAB, is a club that allows students who are striving to help their community and are looking for volunteer oppurtunities. VAB hopes to help the community in any way they can, so they particpate in various volunteer oppurtunities. VAB particpates in volunteer events all year round. “Volunteer Advisory Board is a club for those students who strive to help others and also help earn volunteer hours for their future like college applications or other clubs like National Honor Society. Volunteer Adviory Board tries to get invovled in the Ross community and communities surronding Ross to help serve others,” said member Hannah Latimer. Earth Club is an extra curricular activity that is pleasing to those who seek to experiment, and discover. Earth club is made up all different grades and is enjoyed by many. Students get to learn more about science and grow in that subject while having fun and enjoying the things science has to offer. “Earth club is for students who enjoy learning and experimenting with the Earth. We do a lot of events and fun things that are quite enjoyable. We have done pumpkin carving contest in the past and we recently just went to the Festival of Lights in Cincinnati. If you would like to know more see me for details,” said advisor Kyle Jones.

New Year’s Edition

There are many clubs here at RHS, these are only naming a few of the fun and great clubs for students to join. Support these clubs or join them next year to get involved at RHS and make some memories with some great organizations. Join Mock Trial, VAB or Earth club and talk to the advisors for more information.



Mental health tips By Brayden Ploehs, Staff Writer

Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as ‘SAD’ affects many young

adults and teens every year around the same time. It usually happens going into the late fall and winter months. Scientists struggle to understand what causes SAD. PSYcom.net stated, “Researchers have yet to uncover the specific cause for SAD. We do know however, that several factors are at play. The reduction in sunlight in winter can throw your biological clock out of whack and reduce levels of serotonin (a brain chemical that regulates your mood) and melatonin (a chemical which regulates sleep and mood).” With schedules staying the same while the days grow shorter, some individuals hardly get to see the sun at all during the winter months which may hurt your mental health. Here are five tips to stay mentally stable throughout the harsh, cold winter months. 1.) Join a support group- Surrounding yourself with people who care about your well being and are overall positive influences can go a long way. Friends who continue to make you feel good while also being honest with you can have such a positive impact on your mental psyche. Harvard Health stated, “Keeping in touch with your family, friends, and other caring people in your life strengthens your sense of community and provides you with a strong support system to call on when you feel down.” 2.) Get exercise- Working out may not be the easiest way to reduce stress, but working out can help keep you physically healthy when you are trying to start off that New Years resolution or if you are trying to stay in shape for the summer days that seem far off. It also has some mental benefits to helping your brain stay in tip top shape. The University of Michigan stated, “When you exercise regularly, your body releases endorphins that reduce stress and increase happiness. During the gloomy winter, physical activity is especially important because it can boost your mood and help you shake off the blues.” 3.) Eat healthy foods- During the holidays it may seem hard to eat healthy, but it will start paying off if you decide to eat nutritious foods. Matching eating healthy with working out and you will be the most fit person mentally and physically. Harvard Health stated, “Try to fill up first on healthy fruits and vegetables to maintain a balanced diet then have the occasional indulgence.” 4.) Try lamp therapy- Artificial sun lamps can help you get the “outside” lighting your body needs to stay healthy. Harvard Health stated, “Light boxes that produce light intensities of more than 2,500 lux are beneficial (to compare, a cloudy winter day provides around 4,000 lux whereas a sunny day provides 50,000– 100,000 lux!). We usually recommend that light therapy be used early morning when you wake up, using a fluorescent white light box of 10,000 lux without ultraviolet wavelengths (these are sold specifically for seasonal mood problems).” 5.) Go outside!- Put on enough clothes to stay warm and comfortable as you brace the cold and enjoy nature. Visit parks after a nice snow to take in the beauty and scenery. Do it with friends and make some memories out of it. Enjoy a snowball fight, building a snowman, making snow angels, or anything you can think of. SAD can affect you or people you know, so be kind to your friends, and even those who aren’t your friends, because you do not know what another person is going through, but you also don’t know how far a friendly gesture goes.

Senior HOME Stretch By Lilly Toerner, Staff Writer and Marketing Manager

Dear Second Semester Senior, Four short months ago, you were astonished that you were about to embark upon your senior year. Freshman year felt like it was yesterday, when high school seemed larger than life. Since then, you’ve experienced a handful of bittersweet “lasts.” Now, you’re truly on the home stretch. Before you get ahead of yourself, don’t forget to cherish what you have yet to look forward to. As fast as the last three and a half years went, this final semsester will go by ten times quicker. Top 5 Things to look forward to in second semester

1. Spring Break: What will your

2019 Albums and Movies

By Jacob Lambert, staff Writer Albums Florida Georgia Line: Can’t say I ain’t Country comes out on Feb. 15. Their new album title is expected to withold a hit single or more.

Avril Lavigne: Head Above Water will be coming out in Febuary. This is her first album since 2013.

plans be for your last spring break as a high schooler?

2. The musical: This year the

musical is “High School musical.”

personally, i can’t wait to go and watch. The production will be April 12-14. Make sure to check it out.

3. Prom festivities: Your last prom

fashion show, last prom, and last after prom. Make the most of it because you’ll cherish the memories forever.

4. Senior week: One of the last weeks of high school.

Enjoy the moments. Take pictures with friends. Go all out in spirit week. Senior week will fly by just as fast as senior year did. Make the most of it.

5. Graduation This is it: This day will be the day you’ve been

waiting for. Don’t be afraid to reminisce on everything high school has taught you and remember to soak it all in. Class of 2019, one more semester and that’s it.

New Year’s Edition


Weezer: Weezer’s The Black Album is coming out march 1. This album will be a their first since their 2017 album titled Pacific Daydream.

Movies Creed 2: Adonis creed (Michael B. Jordan) returns in this epic film that brings back rocky balboa, and ivan drago who brings his son to america for boxing. Him and Adonis go head to head in this new movie.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald: This movie takes place in the harry potter universe, after the first movie grindelwald was arrested and taken into custody, but has broken out and is being searched for. This will continue the story from the last movie in an exciting new adventure. Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2: Ralph returns in this movie to go off and explore the internet to find a spare part to fix a video game.


A Day in the Life of a Teacher

Winter Driving Tips

By Lilly Toerner, Staff Writer and Marketing Manager What is one thing students don’t know about your daily routine?

What is one thing you do after 2:40 that students may not know?

Mrs. Wells, American Sign Language “I actively listen to podcast on my way to and from work on a variety of topics.”

Mrs. Zhu, Chinese “I sit on my sofa to check Wechat postings from my relatives and friends in China.”

Mr. Buehner, Social Studies “I get to school at 5:30 a.m.”

Mr. Carter, Finance “My wife has me hooked on watching the Food Network.”

Mrs. Fawns, Intervention Specialist “I like to jam out to music on my planning period.”

Mrs. Brossart, Math “I swim a mile and serve on a board of trustees.”

New Year’s Edition

By McKaley Williams, Staff Writer and Website Manager

1. According to teendriving.org, “If you see an animal approaching, slow down and flash your lights repeatedly.” This is especially important to remember on windy roads without a lot of light. 2. If you are involved in a collision with another driver, make sure to exchange insurance information. If you’re underage, give them your parent or legal guardian’s phone number as well. Depending on the circumstance, you should also call the police to report the accident. 3. After any kind of accident, be sure to take pictures if you’re able. These photos could be used to help your insurance settle a claim. 4. If you ever feel uncomfortable, such as if you feel like you’re being followed, pull over into a parking lot with quite a bit of activity and call the police. Don’t get out of your vehicle and be sure that all doors are locked. 5. Know the number of a towing service in the event of a vehicle breakdown. According to atelier303.com, a well known towing company, if you break down on the side of the highway, you should know how to read mile markers so you can indicate your location to the towing company. This will help them find you much faster. 6. If your car is obstructing a roadway in an accident, turn your hazards on to alert other drivers that you’re there. Also, step as far away from the street as you can. This could save your life in the event of another collision. 7. Always park with your emergency break. According to nationwide.com, “stop your car with your primary brakes, set the emergency brake and then place your car in park before turning off your engine.” Doing so gives your car a stronger sense of stability and can also help to ensure that your emergency brakes are working properly in the event of you having to actually use them. 8. Paying insurance each month can seem like a pain if you pay for it yourself. However, in the event that something happens to your car, it can save you from having to pay for damages out of your own pocket. 9. If you’re lost in an unfamiliar area and are unable to use GPS or call someone for help, stop at a gas station or convenience store and ask for assistance. 10. If your car happens to be totaled, make sure you get the tow truck company’s information so you can go to the yard and collect your belongings (if you are unable to do this at the scene of the accident.)



Morning Marathon

By Keegan Nickoson, Staff Writer and Editor

“I usually try to eat a protein packed breakfast,” said senior Courtney Schneider.

“Sometimes I drive to school with the windows down. The cold air keeps me alert,” said senior Kylee Lohman.

Failed New year’s


By McKaley Williams, Staff Writer and Website Manager

“I drink a can of Coke every morning before school. The caffeine helps me wake up,” said senior Brayden Ploehs.

“I was going to give up donuts. I made it three months in and then fell off the wagon.” - Senior Emily Burcham “To stop procrastinating.” - Freshman Madalynn Abrams “Haven’t failed it yet, but I might, but my New Year’s Resolution was to watch all of Adam Sandler’s movies.” “Taking time for myself.” - Junior Emma Williams - Senior Jonathan Garrett “Saving money.” - Senior Alyssa Stewart

A letter from the editors: We hope you’ve enjoyed the New Year’s Edition! Our staff put a lot of hard work and put all their

effort into making this. The hard work did pay off in each and every page. We are proud of our staff and we hope you liked reading about Ross High School. If you would like to see similar things monthly, then check out our online set that is updated every month with articles we know you would enjoy. Thank you again to our staff for putting in hard work and time into this newspaper. We will see you soon with another print edition in May! Be loud. Be proud. Be herd by the Ross High Times staff. Thanks to our readers and especially to our amazing staff and adviser, we appreciate you all. Have a great year in 2019. Sincerely, Katie Ledford, Mariah Clemow, and Keegan Nickoson

New Year’s Edition




“We dig out 9,000 pieces of snow clothes, spend 2 hours getting bundled up and then go outside for 10 minutes to come right back in and dry 9,000 pieces of snow clothing...” - Mrs. Sackenheim, English Teacher

By Brayden Ploehs, Staff Writer

Sam Quick, senior, is involved in Show Choir and Girls Tennis.

“Hot chocolate, comfy clothes, movies, and opening the curtains to let the natural light in.” - Olivia Napier, Freshman

“Sleep in, have a big breakfast or lunch, and relax the whole day.” - Max Stepaniak, Sophomore

“I wake up and make a cup of coffee and make breakfast. I usually go outside and play in the snow with my dog or cuddle up in a warm blanket and watch movies.” - Ms. Fawns, Intervention Specialist

ADVICE FOR HIGH SCHOOLERS: “Find one thing that makes you happy and don’t care what other people think.”

Snow Day Traditions

By Lilly Toerner, Staff Writer and Marketing Manager

Tyler Bruns, junior, is involved in Wrestling. ADVICE FOR HIGH SCHOOLERS: “High school is such a short time in your life, don’t give up and keep up the hard work because it will show and pay off in the future.”

Winter is near, bringing lots of fun and exciting things. With winter comes snow and with snow comes snow days. This winter, if we are fortunate enough to have a snow day or two, look back at all the traditions you have or make new traditions. There’s so many ways to spend your snow day. How will you? “My living room transforms into a ‘weather event’ headquarters. I have several radars and news stations going on the television, my phone, my tablet, and my chromebook that are at the house... I consider snow days to be my Christmas bonus, and I’ve beeen working hard this year so.. #GodBlessSnowDays.” - Mrs. Smith, English Teacher “I do what my teacher taught us and that’s the snow dance.” - Genna Morefield, Freshman

“Get up at 4:00 a.m to watch weather reports, talk with Superintendents, area road crews, local police, transportation department, facilities supervisor and then make a decision... At that point, I take a deep breath.” - Mr. Gates, Superintendent

“Spend the day drinking hot chocolate in my pjs, while playing video games.” - Dale Byers, Junior

Jeremiah Archer, junior, is involved in Cross Country and Show Choir. ADVICE FOR HIGH SCHOOLERS: “Find a supportive and strong friend group and stick with them.”

Luke Allen, senior. ADVICE FOR HIGH SCHOOLERS: “Enjoy high school life to the fullest because once it’s gone, you’ll never get to relive these moments again.”

New Year’s Edition

Mrs. Baker’s Block 2 Drawing and Painting Class worked together to create a wall mural to remind students to strive for strength in togetherness. Photographer: McKaley Williams, Staff Writer and Website Manager



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