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Gaudie 4th December 2009

Est. 1934


Sir Ian To Pave Over Terrace Gardens


Peacock Arts Centre under threat from £150 million scheme Gateshead, Liverpool and Dundee, the iconic new building was to be a touchstone for cultural regenUnion Terrace Gardens is a eration, attracting 200,000 beautiful Victorian park in visitors and bringing around Aberdeen’s city centre. It £5m to the city each year. has, for generations, been the city’s lung and the only Peacock had spent ten years green space in the city cen- developing the plans for tre. Peacock Visual Arts is the new arts centre, buildan educational charity and ing a detailed business plan, securing over £9.5million in capital funding, attracting widespread popular The scheme is and political support, and estimated to cost a appointing world-class archiminimum of £150 tects Brisac Gonzalez to the project. In March 2008 the million finished design for the new art centre won acclaim from both city residents and the one of Scotland’s leading architectural community for arts organisations. Both the its sensitivity to its historic Gardens and Peacock are and ecological environment under threat from a new and received full planning development which will permission. destroy both the parkland and plans for a stunning new By September 2008 Peacock cultural facility in the heart had secured 75% of the total building costs. With their of this public space. fundraising campaign onIn 2002 Peacock embarked track they were set to deliver on a development to deliver a stunning new facility for a major new arts centre for the North East. Aberdeen and the North East. The centre would both On 11th November 2008 Sir re-house the soon-to-be Ian Wood, chairman of oil homeless Peacock and would company The Wood Group, deliver a wider vision for the announced plans to resurregion as a whole. Taking rect a 25 year-old scheme to inspiration from the suc- concrete over the existing cess of cities like Newcastle- Victorian gardens to form a

Why not waste away the last few lectures of the year by endulging yourself with our selection of head-scratchers? PAGE 21

John Braid NEWS

Arts The best films and books of the decade Pages 8 & 9

Music Gaudie interview The Saturdays! Page 11 Photo by Leo Stockford

Dawkins’ Graduation Scholar Richard Dawkins was awarded an honourary degree at Elphinstone Hall last Friday. Graduations - Page 3 civic square with an underground concourse and car park, thus creating around 8 acres of new real estate in the city centre. The scheme, estimated to cost a minimum of £150 million will be

partially funded by Sir Ian’s donation of £50 million on condition that this figure is match-funded from the public purse, wins popular support and fills in the gardens in their entirety.

This new scheme not only destroys a mature green space, public park and the unique topography of the city but also necessitates the abandonment of the new arts centre and the loss of all the

A look at the last decade of music PAGES 12 & 13

Opine The Union we deserve? Page 16

funding attached to it. If this goes ahead Aberdeen will lose a beautiful piece of its environmental heritage and a vital part of its cultural future.

Gaudie 4th December 2009



BBC Orchestra To Perform Student’s Piece

The five finalists were judged by James MacMillan, a renowned composer. On the Sunday night, May Kay Yau, from Hong Kong, was declared the winner. Her piece “Vernarrtheit” won her a £5,000 commission for a full orchestral piece to be broadcast on BBC Radio 3, performed by the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra later next year.

tion with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and BBC Radio 3, is a renowned, world-wide event. It attracted around 400 entries from Last weekend, composers around thirty five differcompeted for the University ent countries: from Peru to of Aberdeen Music Prize. Israel. The competition, in associa-

Throughout the weekend there were workshops with James MacMillan, who helped fine-tune the composer’s compositions before the final.

Jenny Smith News

turer at the University, said: “Now in its third year the University of Aberdeen Music Prize has truly placed Aberdeen on the map as one of the major cultural centres in the UK. The music prize weekend is unique in bringing young talented composers from across the world to Aberdeen, to share their inspiring musical compositions with the public.”

This year, other finalists were Jonas Valfridsson, from May Kay Yau: The prize winner Abdn Uni Sweden, Yuko Ohara, from Japan, Hiroshi Nakamura, from Japan and David Elliot, from South Korea. He has of For All Mankind at the from California. become a main figure in con- Science Museum in London, temporary music and was among other projects. Director of the prize Paul The previous event, held in commissioned to re-orchesMealor, a senior music lec- 2007, was won by Jun Lee, trate Apollo for a screening

Dawkins Honoured Alongside Other Graduates elphinstone hall plays host to a moving graduation ceremony Leo Stockford News Graduations are always a moving event, and this year’s winter graduations were no different. The ceremony was held in a packed Elphinstone Hall. But what made this graduation different was the appearance of none other than Richard Dawkins. He took his place at the front of the hall to accept his honorary Doctorate of Science, in recognition of his work in the field of evolutionary biology. At quarter to 11, the right side of the hall filled with those supporting the graduates. Everyone present was taught the tempo of ‘Gaudeamus’, and then, as graduates paraded in, it was sung by all. Initially, it was quiet, but by the middle verse, confidence had grown and by the end, the song was being sung by all - no one seeming to mind that three different keys were being used. Taking their places on the left of the stage, the graduates sat; some looking nervous, a few of the bolder ones standing and waving. Following them, the Sabbatical Officers and University staff took their places on the right. The graduates were asked to stand and applaud their friends and family, who had helped them through their degree, and this was done with such vigour and enthu-

siasm that the floor shook, and the cheering reached an almost deafening level. Slowly, the graduates started to walk up, solemnly at first, to receive their hoods and gowns, and to be doffed by the Chancellor. Cheering arose after each received their degree, and although the grins on most were enough to show their excitement, a few added bows, and in one case a cheer, to their exit from the stage. Throughout the ceremony, Dawkins, like the parents, families and friends of the graduates, looked on with admiration. The Vice-Chancellor gave a heartfelt speech, bringing tears to the eyes of many. He praised the graduates for their hard work and devotion, and told them that they all had a duty to everyone else now. He said that they should go out and help the world, do well for others, and use their money wisely. To finish, he asked the graduates to always remember where they had been to university. Smiles were all around and hugs seemed to be the order of the day. Many mortar boards were thrown up and tears were shed. All in all, it was a moving occasion and the appearance of Richard Dawkins only acted to enhance what was a special day for all involved.

May Kay Yau won University of Aberdeen Muisc Prize 2009



Gaudie 4th December 2009

Heated Debates At Student Council Debt, Trade Unions and Copenhagen amongst the topics discussed at an eventful meeting Anne-Claire Deseilligny News If you thought that the SA Council meetings were all boring speeches and unanimous votes, think again. On the 23rd November, members of the various SA committees and a few members of the ‘general public’ assembled in a New Kings lecture theatre for their monthly debate and vote.

Parker, was asked for details about the cost of the move to Butchart. After having answered that the details of the licence were still in discussion, for example, whether alcohol or retail were to be allowed on the premises, he responded that the costs were still being evaluated, and that he could not tell the council when he would know the financial details for sure. After a heated exchange concerning whether or not Mr Parker had effectively answered the question, the session could continue.

The Chair, David Morton opened the evening with the minutes and then moved on to announce that there were new rules regarding the number of questions each member was allowed to ask the Sabbatical Officers. After some contestation, this was agreed to, and the questioning session could commence.

The Chair moved the debate to the items for discussion. First on the list was the presentation by the VicePresident for Education, Adam Wilson, of plans for the National Union of Students’ (NUS) Day of Action on the 11th of December. Plans for demonstrations about commercial student debt were discussed, again heatedly, The Student President, Robin some opposing the useful-

a concern that signing this pledge would, for example, force sports clubs to reduce their travelling. The response was that the motion wants only to give guidelines, and has no way of penalising anyHelena Sramkova, the one. This seemed to satisfy Environment and Ethics most of the Council, and the Officer then proposed a motion passed. The second item of the agen- motion asking the Student The final motion of the evening, proposed by Robin The second item of the agenda was a Parker and the Education and Committee, motion to support the Copenhagen Employability suggested that the SA Council affiliate itself with Agreement, put forth by the Aberdeen Trade Union Environment and Ethics Committee. the Council. They argued that it would enable the Council to try to shift the ATUC’s focus da was a motion to support Association to sign on to towards those sectors of the the Copenhagen Agreement, the 10:10 campaign, which economy where students are put forth by the Environment demands that the SA try to most represented, meanand Ethics committee. It reduce its carbon emissions ing that it could be more asked the Council to express by 10%, starting in 2010. involved in the defence of bar support for a legally binding Many inquiries were made workers’ rights, for example. agreement which could be to Ms Sramkova regarding Again, there was a small but made in Copenhagen. This the consequences that this vocal opposition which worwas voted upon and passed. would have for, amongst ried about the fact that the others, sports clubs, societ- ATUC is a local branch of The next motion, which pro- ies or Gaudie; there being the TUC and that the latness of such demonstrations, or even the usefulness of protesting against student debt at all.There was no vote, but it seemed that most of those present were in favour of the demonstrations proposed, despite the vociferous opposition.

voked controversy, was procedural, and asked simply that there be a time limitation on Council items for discussion. It was passed after much debate.

ter has very strong ties with the Labour Party. Despite Mr Parker’s assurances that this would not compromise the SA’s political neutrality, the unease emanating from a small minority of students was evident. Nevertheless, the motion passed. A member of the SA Council resigned on the 24th November, claiming that he personally did not want to be affiliated with ATUC. On that controversial note, the meeting came to an end. The next one will take place on the 14th of December at 6pm in a venue to be confirmed. Anyone can turn up, as long as they do not participate in the debates. This writer promises that you will not be bored, and takes as proof the fact that not a single person was seen to be sleeping! So get involved in student politics!

£1000 On A Water Cooler

Xander Brouwer COP15 Columnist

latest MSP expenses scandal hits aberdeen

The last two weeks have become increasingly difficult to survive.

Laura Weir Politics There were more revelations to come out of the MP expenses scandal woodwork last week, as it emerged that an Aberdeen MSP claimed more than £1,000 - on a water cooler. Brian Adam - Aberdeen North MSP - used the machine at his constituency office, located on Aberdeen’s Great Northern Road, claiming £1,020.40 out of taxpayers’ money for it. Mr Adam’s expenses claim amounted to a total of £3,292.16 and last week he defended his claim for the water cooler. He said: “It is used by a lot of visitors to the office. It is not just for me and my staff negotiated a discounted price for it.

£14,876.14. Aberdeen South MSP Nicol Stephen’s claim However, in a year when was also considerably more public trust in politicians than Mr Adam’s – totalling has been shattered, it is £8,045.71 altogether. extremely unlikely that many of his constituency members Last week also saw the will agree. Many are likely Queen’s Speech take place; marking the start of the parliamentary year and outlining the Government’s plans. visitors in this way.”

It’s an outrageous waste of public money

Willie Young, Labour Councillor

to take the view of Labour councillor Willie Young, who accused Mr Adam of wasting public cash. He said: “It’s an outrageous waste of public money.”

Mr. Adam’s claim was not the highest in the area; Mike Rumbles, “I have not bought it. It is West Aberdeenshire and being leased and it’s normal Kincardine MSP, took that to provide cool water to title with an expenses claim of

The number of meetings relating to COP15 start to dominate my schedule. Add to that all the work for the Working Group on Youth Produced Media and you will find there is little time left to anything else. Thankfully I have a free hour between lectures right now or else I would not be able to write this in time for the next edition.

With a global recession hitting many of the UK’s banks extremely hard, and the MP expenses scandal attached to the last parliamentary year it was expected that these topics would dominate the Queen’s Speech – which is written by the government, approved by the Cabinet and By the time this paper is out it will be time for me to read by the Queen. have my bags packed and I Whilst financial stability and have to be ready to leave for economic recovery were at the Copenhagen. After two and heart of the plans, reforms a half weeks, late nights and regarding MP expenses were long days I will be able to go home for Christmas. notably absent. On BBC Radio 4’s ‘Today Programme’, David Cameron said, of leaving MP expenses out of the speech, that it was a “big omission”.

The weeks before that require my attention a little too much one can say. The halls of the Bella Centre, the venue for the conference, will be crowded with thousands

of people. More than eight hundred youths alone will be attending the conference as well as a far higher number of adults. Lobbying will be going on in the halls to achieve a deal at the end of the week. Media will be present, representing many countries in the world in many forms.

will be giving. Yet I have been told that, at any time, youths are allowed to walk into that theatre and listen to the talks. It can be the power of the youth to talk to negotiators, to influence the negotiations and to voice the opinion of the youths present at the Conference. Most youths present are for finding solutions to climate change, Possibly another intriguing if you are wondering. part of the conference is the main negotiations. In When I return from the the biggest theatre at the holidays I hope to return Bella Centre people from with a feeling of satisfaction, every country and from that I have done something many organizations will be to shape a new climate treaty. negotiating a deal on climate Whatever happens, the change. next edition of Gaudie will contain what I think will be I truly hope I will find some the final part of the column. time to walk into that room, I am certain that COP15 is to see how the future of the going to be an extraordinary world’s climate is decided. experience and I hope that it It is probably going to be will change the way the world rather dull, except for the looks at climate change. speeches many world leaders

Gaudie 4th December 2009



I Spy With My Little Eye We sent our special correspondent away for the day to find out about the recruitment process for the ‘sis’ James Bond: Wanting to get lots of beautiful women probably isn’t the best reason to get into his line of work.

Matthew Baird FEATURES It was a normal day, in the normal city of Edinburgh. This was no ordinary day for me, however. Behind closed doors in a city centre hotel, I found myself sitting in front of a man known only to me as ‘John’. A History graduate of one of the Oxbridge Universities, John has lived in 5 different countries, and speaks Turkish and Arabic.

The unordinary thing was that John was the Head of Recruitment and an Operational Officer for the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), otherwise known as MI6. The purpose of the meeting was for MI6 to inform me, and subsequently you, on the workings and recruiting process of the SIS. As you would expect, this experience was quite surreal, especially when I learned John’s identity, as I literally started laughing at the extraordinary situation I was in. You wouldn’t look at John and his colleagues twice if you passed them in the street, but that’s the idea isn’t it? Ordinary, friendly, professional men with nothing overtly remarkable about them. What they are looking for, however, isn’t normality. Now, on to the stuff you need to know. Until 2006, the Service recruited through the ‘tap on the shoulder’ method. Basically, MI6 would approach lecturers and tutors in universities across the UK (including Aberdeen, obviously!) and ask them to spot students they think would fit in well with the work done by the SIS. Today, applications to join are much like any other job. Crucially, the service wants you to have three things: intellectual, personal and interpersonal skills. So, do you consider yourself intellectual? Are you flexible, creative, innovative and motivated? If you are, you have passed stage 1. On a personal level, would you be described as resilient, a team worker, part of an elite, but not elitist? Then you may pass to the final stage: interpersonal. Can you build trusting friendships and have the ability to turn information learned into useful intelligence? Then, your mission, if you choose to accept it (I know that’s Mission Impossible, but I couldn’t think of a good James Bond cliché) is to apply online at uk for what is possibly the most unusual and exciting job - serving Her Majesty by protecting Blighty.

involved, the recruitment process is a tad (!) different to what you may have experienced in the past. Typically, it takes 6 – 9 months to complete the process, which has several stages within itself. Firstly, you will be required to take a Verbal Reasoning test, which is hard, but the pass mark isn’t unrealistically high. Once you’ve done that, you will have access to the application form, which includes a section for a short essay on how you have built up relationships. Apparently, this is the hardest part of the application as most applicants don’t come up to scratch on what you would expect to be a relatively typical and easy application question, so don’t be fooled!

You won’t be sitting in the casinos of the French Riviera drinking vodka Martinis whilst flirting with your latest companion.

former!) The Service offers many benefits to its employees, and from my knowledge, these are a lot better than most of the employers I am aware of! Naturally, your work will be extremely varied, with foreign travel, postings abroad (usually lasting 2 - 3 years at a time), and educational courses such as languages. Due to the nature of the work, it is fundamental that you only let your very close family know and your spouse if you feel you need to, and, in order to protect your identity, you will be given sufficient information on another career in the event that you are asked what you do. How cool is that? Your career will be highly varied as every 2 – 3 years your role will change. Take John for example. As I mentioned, he is the Head of Recruitment but due to internal processes, he will be returning to operational work in a few months, so don’t expect to be a spy all the time!

Be under no illusion however. You won’t be sitting in the casinos of the French Riviera drinking vodka Martinis while flirting with your latest companion. The job carries Next ‘M’, or as they call her real risk but protection will in the service ‘C’ will require be given accordingly. you to partake in a telephone interview, which lasts about There are some restrictions, an hour, followed by a however, so don’t apply second interview in London. just yet. You need to be Although the interview only British (obviously!), or have takes 2 hours, expect to stay substantial links to the UK, in London all day as you will like one of your parents being be given several scenarios, a British and you need to be 21 drugs test and will be required or over. Although there is no to sign the Official Secrets specific graduate training Act. If after all that, you are program, around 30% of new successful, you will be invited recruits are straight out of to an assessment centre for 2 university. Don’t be dismayed days where you will perform if you apply and fail. You are a number of tasks and have more than welcome to rea panel interview. During apply after 2 years, but if you the application process you fail, you won’t be told why (for will be vetted, which takes 3 practicality reasons) unless – 4 months, but don’t worry if you reach the assessment you smoked a joint when you centre staged mentioned were a fresher, as long as you earlier. are prepared to give that all up! If, after all that, you are So, are you interested? Then successful, you will be invited you need to apply as soon to join the SIS and begin your as possible as the Service is training as a fully fledged spy currently recruiting people (or Operational Officer, but like you! Apply online at Like the rest of the work it’s much more fun saying the



Gaudie 4th December 2009

The Meanings Of Christmas with the christmas holidays nearing, gaudie decided to investigate what the holiday season means to different people from different backgrounds

Elizabeth Horwitz

Judaism Winter holidays are a completely different atmosphere to the rest of the year. Long nights, cold air, food, Sangria, my dog waking me every morning! It is a comforting time of the year, whether I am in the UK or at home in Chicago or anywhere else in the world, I still have the same feeling of comfort. I am lucky and I get to celebrate Chrismukkah (yes it was a holiday before The O.C. mentioned it). In Aberdeen I can celebrate Chanukah with friends and the amazing Jewish Society, we do drinking games, eat donuts, dreidel games and exchanging gelt (chocolate coins) kind of like Christmas minus the Santa factor and Jesus factor! It is a time of tradition and perhaps a shot of tequila too many! Unfortunately, the Chanukah Armadillo does not exist, but if it did, it would be way cuter then a reindeer! Normally you get a present each day (8 days), but I normally save my presents for Christmas Day. Christmas offers a time for me to celebrate with non-Jewish friends and family. In Chicago, I am lucky everywhere you go Chanukah and Christmas are intertwined. It is easy to give Chanukah gifts and food on Christmas day and vice versa and of course, presents for my dog are essential! To be honest, Aberdeen is not the Disney World of Christmas time. Mince pies are kind of eww and Christmas pudding should be made illegal. The decorations are okay, but nothing compared to a real city. Holidays here are kind of a let down as it is such a long process that began 4 months ago. No matter where you are in the world the holidays offer a time of excitement with all the festivities and more so the excitement of waiting for a New Year and what awaits us!

Matthew Aung Lyn Cho


I’m on the Isle of Man now, living with my parents. I was at a monastery earlier this year for three months, but it wasn’t at Christmas time. I’m sure the monks there will not be celebrating Christmas in the way we do. But it is still a time when the Buddhist community focus on developing love & compassion and as it is a time when things are dying, on impermanence.

Kate Foggo

Atheism I’m not huge on the atheist thing, I’m going through a soul searching period if you will. I think I probably have the type of Christmas a lot of us have, full of presents, relatives and food. The reason we gather is because it is the one time of year in our calendar that we can be sure everyone will be off work and school, and it is good to see each other again. There is simply no mention of God, Jesus or going to church because it is not significant to us.

It’s Christmas time: The holiday means different things to different people sage behind Christmas, a message of hope.

Amby Deu

Sikhism I’m probably just speaking for me, and what my family do, rather than the whole Sikh population! And the fact that I’m not overly religious either, I mean I cut my hair and eat meat. Basically, we respect the fact that there is a Christmas, and the religious aspect connected to it. We do some of the things which would be considered “Christmassy” like a big meal with family, we give presents, and have some decorations put up. Most of my friends do this too, so I think that gives you some idea of “what we do”. Christmas in the UK is now probably the same for most people who live here. It has become more about the food, music and presents and has lost most of the religious connotations associated with it.

Phillipa Lind

Christianity For me, in some ways my perspective on Christmas seems to have changed. No longer do I feel the need to get up with my siblings at a ridiculous hour to open my presents from Santa. I see in the shop windows all the latest gadgets that scream out ‘you need me, buy me, your life isn’t complete without me’, and I know that the majority of products bought will be forgotten in a few weeks time. Even Christmas dinner seems to require more work now that I am older and can help to peel hundreds of potatoes, carrots and Brussel sprouts. However, I really believe there is more to the Christmas period than just presents, family and a great big turkey dinner. Although these things are great and fun, thankfully, there is a deeper and more fulfilling mes-

The Christmas period speaks to me as a time of rejoicing, worship and thanksgiving as I reflect on my Saviour, Jesus, coming to earth. It’s a time when I am reminded once again that God hasn’t washed His hands on our broken world. 2000 years ago, Jesus Christ, who was fully God and fully man, walked this earth, and lived among us. He taught with great authority, performed many miracles, hung out with the lowest of society and gathered many disciples. Although Jesus’ time on earth was short (He was crucified at the age of 33), God’s universal message of hope is still being taught today, not only at Christmas time but throughout the whole year. The message is this, John 3:16 (The Bible) says “ For God so loved the world, that he gave his one and only Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”


Gaudie 4th December 2009


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A Decade Of Questionable Decisions gaudie discusses the ups and downs of the so called ‘noughties’ Joe Luksza Features Editor It’s official. We have almost survived the worst named decade in human history.

1 Skinny jeans. No, they are not a new thing, but they have reappeared this decade with a vengeance. And they trouble me. When I see an ‘emo,’ ‘indie-child,’ ‘punk rocker’ or whatever they are (when did society become a safari?) squeezed achingly into them, the questions come alarmingly quickly. “How is blood still circulating, why are his legs still attached?” or “how did he get them on in the first place, are his feet removable?” The jeans often cause them to walk as if they have somehow become part of their anatomical structure, that without them their legs would ooze out and flop either side if not kept rigidly in place by the tight denim walls.

But who in the 1900s would have ever considered giving their own era such a terrible moniker as the ‘Noughties’? “Outrage,” lateVictorian-stereotype Lord Thomas-Jones ArchibaldHennington-Smith would loudly cry from just below his starched moustache, and somewhere behind the fine bone china cup held aloft in front of his stiff upper lip. “That name is a monstrosity! We shall call our decade the nineteen-hundreds. That is This is surely going to be one all.” And yet, here we are a century later living in the last month of the ‘Noughties.’ The ‘Noughties.’ Read it aloud and ask yourself a few questions. What happened to us? Where are our inner, reserved Archibald-Hennington-Smiths now? No wonder the world seems that little bit more dangerous now if we cannot even tastefully name our own decades.

Picture courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

ROBOT DOGS: The Fifties brought Computers, The Seventies brought micro-

chips, The Noughties combined them both into the above. Now that’s progress.

3. Panicking about various flu strains. Constant ‘the-end-isnigh’ predictions regarding the next flu pandemic hardly acted to soothe the nerves of the public. First there was SARS, which had a roughly ten percent mortality rate but proved very hard to transmit, causing an estimated 775 deaths, almost the annual death toll of New Zealanders attempting DIY. Since then

Skinny jeans have reappeared this decade with a vengeance.

of the fads that, after the haze of youth subsides to middle age, these will be the cringing “did I really wear those?” clothes of the Noughties. It will be like your dad seeing his brown flairs and thick, full sideburns in the SevenFeel sorry for the history ties and lamenting it. student doing his or her dissertation in a hundred years 2. Gigli. Jamie Russell of the from now on a time when BBC once asked “Any movie Global Warming moved from in which J-Lo plays a lesbian shunned scientific theory to and Affleck seduces her by become a geo-political issue, mooing like a cow can’t be all when a single act of terrorism bad, can it?” Normally, no. caused America to become But when you consider the aggressive and paranoid si- film is about Lopez kidnapmultaneously and the Large ping a mentally handicapped Hadron Collider caused child, with some of the worst Switzerland to collapse into scripting in cinematic histoan infinitesimally small point ry, you get closer to the film’s of singularity that continues masterfully terrible core. I say to feed on much of central ‘masterful’ as it must truly Europe. And then he is cring- take one to make something ingly forced to refer to the pe- this bad. I chose this because riod as ‘the Noughties.’ Sigh. it has one of the worst scores of the decade from Rotten Bad decisions do not stop Tomatoes, a whopping 6%, at the name of the decade. I but also because it is a less feel this rant is gaining a bit obvious target than one of of momentum now so here the Wayans Brothers’ movare five more in no particular ies (Epic Movie, Date Movie, order. Dance Flick et al.)

answered the “Cannibal of Rotenburg” surprisingly positively. He even thoughtfully altered his will to explicitly state that he wished to be killed and eaten. Be warned, if you want to investigate this further, the news article does not make the most pleasant reading. Meiwes has since become a vegetarian in jail. 5. “No return to boom and bust.” In 2001, believe it or not, it was good to be Gordon Brown. Obviously now this is a completely alien concept to our late, practically postNoughties sensibilities, but bear with me for a moment. The UK economy was vibrant and growing with Labour and Brown the apparent architects. Gordon Brown quickly bought into his own hype and really thought he had solved the financial world’s troubles. There will be “no return to boom and bust,” boasted he.

there has been Avian Influenza, which is worth concern, and Swine Flu which is not. Although there have been some tragic deaths due to Swine flu, in the last six months far more people have died, for instance, of Meningitis. It is certainly not time to buy a shotgun, cans of food and head for the hills. Nowadays, in the far-flung future, we refer to this as an I also might have read an un- “epic fail.” Gordon Brown reliable source somewhere barged his way into the suggesting that more people job of Prime Minister and had died falling off ladders. quickly his idyllic financial Quick, tell the tabloids to world crumbled dramatically demonise manufacturers of around him. He was left to unsafe ladders! Tell govern- answer, among many things, ment to circulate warning his remarkable assertion. pamphlets to be extra, extra His response was to claim he careful next time you want to did not say that there would repair a slate on your roof or be “no” return to boom and paint a ceiling! Or choose not bust, just no return to “Tory” to panic like a rational hu- boom and bust. Nice one man being. Gordon, so under Labour we can still go bust then? That 4. Bernd-Jurgen Brandes un- has to be one of the worst atusual death. In 2001, Armin tempts at denial since King Meiwes circulated an advert Canute took some skeptical asking whether anyone would Vikings to a beach in Essex be willing to be “slaughtered and left with damp feet. and consumed” by him. Many came but backed out soon af- But it was not all doom and ter arriving, but then Brandes gloom, here are two brilliant

ideas I wish I had thought of. 1. Million Dollar Website. In 2005, Alex Tew of Wiltshere was 21 years old and wanted a way to fund a Business degree at Nottingham University. Rather than using a student loan, however, he decided to construct a webpage of one million pixels. Each pixel he would sell for one dollar. After initial set up costs amounting to 50 Euros it took less than half a year for the final thousand pixels to be auctioned on eBay. The bids eventually reached $38, 100, bringing his income to $1,037,100, deducting $1000 for a press release made one month after launch. 2. Trading man. A man turned a paperclip into a house without the aid of magic, rather the power of the internet. Kyle MacDonald started an internet trading process that lead, via a ceramic doorknob and an afternoon with Alice Cooper, to ownership of a house in Kipling. The process took fourteen trades and one year and is yet another idea to add to the pile of ‘things I wish I had thought of first.’ And that is the ‘Noughties’ in seven steps and, ahem, not a single angle or event missed. This New Year might not be as momentous as, say, the millennium, but thank goodness the decade is over. After the Nineties finished, we quickly shrunk our supersized T-shirts, discarded our optimism and trimmed floppy side partings, replacing them with fear and tight jeans. Hopefully we will do a better trade this decade and most importantly of all, resist calling it ‘the Teenies.’



Gaudie 4th December 2009

Sex, Sabbs, And STI Tests World AIDS Day on the first of December marked the start of S.H.A.G. (Sexual Health And Guidance) month. In the UK, 70% of women and 50% of men with STIs have no idea they have one; 1 in 4 under 25 year-olds in Aberdeen has chlamydia. Over the next few weeks, Welfare will be running various awareness-raising events in the Hub and handing out testing kits. As part of their campaign to remove the stigma of going for sexual health tests, the Sabbatical Officers went along to find out for themselves and shared their experiences with Gaudie. Have you ever been for an STI test before? Yes I have. How did you find the experience? The experience afterwards was a sense of comfort in knowing that I was healthy. It was slightly embarrassing sitting in the clinic, but this was more because you tend to let your mind wander as to what other people might have and to what they think you have. Removing items of clothing in the doctor’s office is never a comfortable experience; at least their hands were warm! Were you nervous about going and having the test? The idea of the test is a very personal thing as you have to be very open in answering your questions. What about waiting for your results? Since this is a routine check up, the waiting is not a real issue but you do almost feel that when the results come back you feel that you should shout it from the roof tops, well depending on the results. Would you have been embarrassed if you’d met someone you knew in the waiting area? Yes. Relating back to before, you would start to guess what they had and you would be embarrassed to tell them why you were there. However, on the flip side you are aware of safe sex and practise getting checked on a regular basis, so the joke might be on them. Do you think after this experience you will routinely ensure you are tested? I don’t think the experience would prevent me going again. Is knowing better than not knowing? Depends what you have...however, if you have symptoms you need to get the cure!

Have you ever been for an STI test before? No If no what prevented you from being tested? Always used a condom How did you find the experience? Not a big deal, didn’t really expect it to be so quick and un-awkward, due to the fact that the doctors and nurses do this for their jobs. Were you nervous about going and having the test? I felt that my time could have been spent doing other things as I had a lot on my plate, I wanted it to be over. But then it was nice to know the results as a later factor. What about waiting for your results? I did not think about it at all as I have had a lot on my plate. Would you have been embarrassed if you’d met someone you knew in the waiting area? No, as this is an important thing that everyone should do as it can be serious if STI are not treated quickly. May be awkward due to it being very quiet in the waiting room Do you think after this experience you will routinely ensure you are tested? Yes Is knowing better than not knowing? Yes On the way to the GUM clinic I got lost and had to ask strangers where it was! Got a lot of strange looks.

To book an appointment or to make an enquiry, call 0845 337 9900 Drop-in clinics are held at the City Clinic on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 08.30-10.00am City Clinic, Simpson Pavillion, Woolmanhill Hospital Aberdeen, AB25 1LD Square 13, 13 Golden Sqaure, Aberdeen, AB10 1RH

Have you ever been for an STI test before? Nope. I guess I was just too scared to go through with it and always used the excuse that I didn’t have the time How did you find the experience? To be completely honest, it really was nothing to be worried about at all. The staff were so friendly. You have to remember, this is their job, they aren’t going to judge you for having sex and I can guarantee the world feels safer knowing you’re regularly checked. Were you nervous about going and having the test? I was terrified to begin with! I had no idea what the whole experience entailed. People don’t want to talk about sex or these kind of things. The GUM clinic is associated with people going for clearing up anything they might have. I think we need to realise going for a check up is beneficial for your own health, your partner’s health and also who knows what else could come of it! What about waiting for your results? I guess I wasn’t too nervous. I’m a careful person so the idea of something coming back positive would have been a highly surprising shock. I cheated slightly though because I had to go back to get Hepatitis B shots. The lady doing the shots had everything all on file and gave me the full results of my tests as a point of interest. Thankfully no texts! I must admit, every time a private number came up on the phone I was awfully nervous though! Would you have been embarrassed if you’d met someone you knew in the waiting area? I can safely say from experience that no, I didn’t feel embarrassed. I did actually bump into someone I know. I am taking the attitude it’s good to know people are getting checked and therefore don’t feel embarrassed but feel grateful people you know are being careful. Do you think after this experience you will routinely ensure you are tested? I think I will be going every few months from now and I guess that would include if I have had a sexual partner or not. Keeping up regularity is better than going once in a blue moon. I think I will set a date every few months from now on. Is knowing better than not knowing? If you don’t know and then you sleep with someone, they will quickly know or even worse, they won’t know and neither will anyone that they end up with. For the sake of everyone else, I am going to say it is better to know. Don’t be foolish by putting others at risk! I was told to be at the drop in session at 8:15 so I left my house at half 7. On the way there I bumped into a guy that had clearly spent the night away with someone else. I couldn’t help but wonder if he would make the same trip that I had done! Here’s hoping!

Have you ever been for an STI test before? No What prevented you from being tested? Ignorance – I was one of those people who just sort of thought ‘It’ll never happen to me’ How did you find the experience? Better than I thought – it felt very clinical – as if I was just going to the doctors about a sore shoulder! Were you nervous about going and having the test? Surprisingly not – it all just felt very clinical. What about waiting for your results? I don’t really feel nervous about the results, as I don’t believe I’ve done anything stupid, and I haven’t had any nasty symptoms! Would you have been embarrassed if you’d met someone you knew in the waiting area? A little – but then that’s the fault of thinking that if you’re there you must have something wrong with you – at the end of the day, it’s just like the doctors – you could be going for a check-up! Do you think after this experience you will routinely ensure you are tested? Yes – it’s really simple, easy and quick Is knowing better than not knowing? I don’t know yet – but with knowledge comes great power! The scariest moment was reading on the form they give you ‘You may have a medical student present’ – my initial thoughts turned to ‘crap – what if medsoc or medic friends turn up in the room!’ However, this never happened, I shouldn’t worry about medical students being in the room – they’re there to learn, and at the end of the day, you can tell the receptionist if you don’t want anyone else present!

Have you ever been for an STI test before? I’ve had a Chlamydia test but never a full STI test. How did you find the experience? I was happy to have done it as despite my initial reservations it wasn’t nearly as scary as I thought. Were you nervous about going and having the test? Yes, but I think it was mainly because I hate needles and having blood taken. What about waiting for your results? Surprisingly not - I think once you’ve had the test it’s all out of your hands then so there’s not much point worrying. Would you have been embarrassed if you’d met someone you knew in the waiting area? I did wonder if I would meet anyone but in the end didn’t. I don’t think it would have been embarrassing as everyone is there for the same reason. Do you think after this experience you will routinely ensure you are tested? Absolutely, I’m in a relationship at the moment but if that didn’t work out for some reason and I met someone else I would insist on us both getting checked out first. Is knowing better than not knowing? ABSOLUTELY! It’s not just your own health that could be at risk but also that of a partner you might have. Ultimately if you’ve been taking precautions then you should be fine but it’s always best to double check. As I said already I’m not very good with needles and blood being taken. When in the chair having the blood taken I became very faint and nearly passed out. The nurse had to put the chair back, put a fan on me and get me some water. I felt like a right wuss!


Gaudie 4th December 2009


The Best Films Of The Decade

INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS, LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE AND THE DARK KNIGHT: Just three of the ten films voted as the best of the decade.

You may not agree, but here are the top ten films of the 2000s according to Gaudie readers


The Dark Knight (2008)


Superhero crime thriller, based on the DC Comics character Batman starring Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Gary Oldman, and Maggie Gyllenhaal. It won two Academy Awards, and the music was composed by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard. The famous line from the film is of course the Joker’s “why so serious?” catchphrase. Though you all voted it in as Gaudie’s Number One film, the controversial question really is: would this film have been as good if Heath Ledger hadn’t died?

2 A

Juno (2007)

Comedy-drama starring Ellen Page as a pregnant teenager, Michael Cera as the father, and Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman as adoptive parents. Juno started and inspired a new age of ‘indie’ films, as following on from it we have seen Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist and more recently (500) Days of

Summer. So what’s made this film so popular that it is your number two? Well the music for one - glam rock - the main character’s sharp wit, and the age group that it appeals too. Juno has won over 15 awards and been in many of the “Top Films of the Noughties” lists.

behaviour. Of course, Cohen has continued with his film making as ’09 saw the release of Bruno. Surprisingly though that didn’t make the Gaudie Top Ten.


The Hangover (2009)


comedy about what can go wrong in Las Vegas; starring a hilarious cast, Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha, and Heather Graham. The film follows a group of four friends heading to Las Vegas for a bachelor party, only to wake up and not remember a thing. Full Image courtesy of of laughs, a tiger, and a baby, Zbonneville at this film was a big hit amongst students who just wanted to get drunk and go to Vegas!

3 N

Borat (2006)

ice! I like! This mockumentary was a huge hit all over the world. It follows on from Sacha Baron Cohen’s character Ali G. It was one of the most controversial films to come out of ’06, mainly due to Borat’s lewd humour and boyish

5 B

Atonement (2007)

ased on the romantic novel by Ian McEwan, set during the onset of the Second World War, Atonement tells of the struggles of an upper-class family

and an inter-class love-affair. For any James McAvoy and Keira Knightley fans this film is a must, and in a word, it is beautiful. Of course, for those of you who are fans of Lily Allen, look out for her brother Alfie Allen, he’s always good for a few laughs!

boots perfectly and the audi- that it is a feel good movie, ence falls in love with Anne bound to cheer any one up. Hathaway’s character as she goes from ‘ugly duckling’ to ‘swan’. It can safely be said that it was one of the best chick flicks to come out of the noughties (and seemingly popular amongst men too!)





Inglourious Basterds (2009)

war drama with many comic moments, and another Tarantino masterpiece. The film boasts a fabulous cast, from the likes of Brad Pitt to Diane Kruger. Even though it had a few gruesome moments (the scalping), the film was a hit around the world.

7 T

The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

aken from the true story of Anna Wintour’s (Editor-in-Chief of Vogue) Personal Assistant, this film is hilarious from start to finish. Meryl Streep fills Wintour’s

Love Actually (2003)

ho doesn’t love a bit of Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Alan Rickman and Keira Knightley, plus an awesome soundtrack? It is one of the best films to come out of Britain in a while, plus, it is a Christmas film, and who doesn’t love a bit of Christmas?!

9 R

Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

umoured to have made grown men cry, this American comedy drama was a huge hit. It was the film that turned Abigail Breslin into the star that she is today. What can safely be said about this film is

Image courtesy of plano at

10 A

City of God (2002)

Brazilian crime drama directed by Fernando Meirelles and Kátia Lund. It depicts the growth of organized crime in the Rio de Janeiro suburb of Cidade de Deus between the end of the ‘60s and the beginning of the ‘80s. It is one of Film4’s “50 Films to See Before You Die.”


Gaudie 4th December 2009


Top Books: 2000-2009 An eclectic collection, if we may say so, of Gaudie readers’ favourite reads. The Da Vinci Code Dan Brown (2003)


Potter 8 Harry and the Deathly

Sheba, who has an affair with My Booky an underage pupil, before Wook one of the other teachers Hallows at the school becomes Russell Brand obsessed with Sheba. It is an JK Rowling (2007) incredibly chilling read. The (2007) novel was turned into a film The autobiography from Of course you all know starring Judi Dench and Cate Britain’s Lothario. It goes that this is the seventh and Blanchett. into the heroin and sex final book in the Potter addiction that Brand had to series. Children (and more struggle with throughout the peculiarly adults) queued and Edwina Currie: years. Despite many comical camped outside bookstores moments, the book is deeply Diaries 1987 throughout the nation moving as the reader goes waiting for this book to go on - 1992 deep into Brand’s psyche. sale. The question that begs Edwina Currie to be asked though, was it all (2002) worth it? Eats, Shoots

The Da Vinci Code follows symbologist Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu as they investigate a murder in Paris’s Louvre Museum and discovers a battle between the Priory of Sion and Opus Dei over the possibility of Jesus Christ of Nazareth having been married to and fathering a child with Mary Magdalene. It was turned into a successful film in 2006, and has been followed The Kite up by its sequel Angels and Runner Demons. The third book in the trilogy The Lost Symbol Khaled Hosseini was recently published this year. The Da Vinci Code (2003) caused much controversy within the Vatican and the The Kite Runner tells the story of Amir, a young boy from the Catholic community. Wazir Akbar Khan district of Kabul, who betrayed his best friend Hassan, the son of his father’s Hazara servant, by allowing him to be raped, Persepolis lives in regret. It was Markane Satrapi and Hosseini’s first novel, and (2000) was turned into a critically acclaimed film soon after its A French-language auto- publication. biographical graphic novel depicting Satrapi’s life up to Notes On A her early adult years in Iran Scandal during and after the Islamic Zoe Heller revolution. The title is a reference to the historical town (2003) of Persepolis. This is a psychological/ thriller novel, telling the story of a female teacher,







This is the book which became famous for confirming her affair with former PM John Major. Of course, that is not all that Currie is famous for, having been Junior Health Minister for two years before resigning in 1988 over a salmonella controversy.

How To Be A Domestic Goddess Nigella Lawson (2000)


2 and Leaves Lynne Truss

A non-fiction book, Truss bemoans the state of punctuation in the United Kingdom and the United States, and describes how rules are being relaxed in today’s society. Her goal is to remind readers of the importance of punctuation in the English language by mixing humour and instruction.

The noughties of course have seen the rise of the celebrity chef. This is one of the most sexual cookery books to come out of the decade, and thus probably of all time too. It is popular with both sexes and has made it all the way to Gaudie’s number 4!

It is not surprising that this book made it to number one. Popular amongst both sexes, it is the autobiographical diary of a London prostitute, which was recently made into a TV show starring Billie Piper. As many fans of this book will know, it was announced recently that Belle de Jour is Dr Brooke Magnanti. Despite making her identity public she is hoping to continue writing, so we can all look forward to more from Belle!

Poetry Corner Persephone Has Left Me By Eloise Leeson

Baba Yaga is for the winter with her sharp night-star teeth Father Frost pads behind her, and scatters shattered bones behind him all is so very cold, the seasons sleep and we all wish for gentle spring to wake; breathing back the earth into life how is it so that autumn’s glory decays, such splendour wrought like the leaf skirts from the trees the bone-biting cold settles softly on the branches and the sky shimmers in its bulbous light oh that the longest months of life were but a moon-filled night.

Boldly Going Where Many Films Have Gone Before Liam Fox-Flynn Film

noises in their San Diego home, they decide to capture whatever-it-is on a camcorder. The shocking results are the “footage found in their home”…

The backlash will come, but until then, the makers of ‘Paranormal Activity’ have delivered an effective shocker…

You’d be forgiven for thinking that it sounds just like Cloverfield, (•Rec) or The Blair Witch Project and as it is, it doesn’t really offer anything that fresh to the table. In fact, it follows the beats of ‘Blair’ almost to a tee: the leisurely opening, the mental decline of the once happy-go-lucky protagonists, the smatterings of fear spread evenly over the course of the film to keep you sweet, the obligatory ‘shock ending’. It’s even mirrored that film’s phenomenal success, breaking the $100 million

Paranormal Activity

You’ve probably heard about this film (if only that it’s really scary) and if you fancy passing on the selfmythologising pap that is “New Moon”, you won’t be disappointed. Or maybe you will. When a young couple (Micah Sloat and Katie Featherson) start to hear some unsavoury

barrier in the U.S (not bad for power. You know little about a $15,000 budget). But does it it, and it’s the ambiguity surrounding its ‘character’ live up to the hype? that makes it that more For the most part? Yes. If chilling. you are easily freaked out by movies then this will Sadly, you can’t get away from definitely do the trick. It’s relating it to its predecessors. whenever the lights go out The characters are (like and the camera switches to ‘Blair’ and ‘Cloverfield’) night vision that the film is at mostly unlovable. Perhaps its most effective. The number it’s a symptom of the realityof actual scares is somewhat format that most women low – instead, it leaves most come across as nagging to your imagination. It’s in shrews and the men appear the moments when nothing meat-headed morons. It happens that you crank up means you never truly warm the tension for yourself, the to them and inevitably care anxiety of expectation doing less about their fate. At Least more to trouble you then ‘Blair’ had the cathartic anything actually on screen. to-camera sob that was so The ghost (or demon?) is a parodied and yet added some malevolent entity, seemingly depth. As it is, Micah’s just angered by the camera that a clown (though he does undermines its primeval provide a few sniggers when

the pace slows). Is it better than ‘Blair’? Probably not. ‘Blair’ did something so fresh, so visceral, that it would be nigh on impossible to recreate. The ending of that film too is perhaps more effective than this one. Not to take anything away from it – it’s the moment that you’re waiting for and you won’t be disappointed - but it just feels too tidy. Too contrived. Of course, you may be too terrified to notice. It’s success is surprising, and it begs the question - to what extent has it merely capitalised on a cultural zeitgeist? Did we just need a scary movie free from the blockbuster-sheen of the

Saw films and assembly line of remakes? A slight concern is that a second film is already in the pipeline – bringing to mind the rushed, shameless cash-ins that were the ‘Blair Witch’ sequels. The backlash has already begun – catch it before hostility takes away from the experience. Take-Home Thought This film was somewhat ruined by some idiot who talked through most of it. He saw fit to narrate his life in a packed cinema (examples of his wisdom included, “This is well scary”, “Don’t go up there! There’s a ghost in there!” “This is s***”) His (amazingly capricious) musings only further support the argument for an interview process when buying a ticket.



Gaudie 4th December 2009

Happy Victorian Christmas 19th century, from a woollen, black male suit through a boy’s sailor suit to an ivory Exhibition Review evening dress, covered in lace and embroidery that could We all have our own have been someone’s wedChristmas traditions; for ding dress. some it’s a happier time than for others, but the general I was especially intrigued by idea about Christmas in the a brown, striped day dress Western world is one of a from c. 1855; it had a certain family gathering with games, military air about it, with the food and good company. If stripes and strict cut of the you feel like all the com- bodice, but the harshness mercialism surrounding was softened by the chocoChristmas is getting on your late brown colour and lace nerves and you want to get around the neckline. At straaway from the glitter and the tegic places in the room there dancing Santas, you can find are mirrors to show the ratha breather and a nudge into er more interesting backs of that Christmas spirit in an the dresses. At the other end exhibition called ‘Victorian of the spectrum was a yellow Christmas’ at Provost Skene’s evening dress from c. 1881, all silk, chiffon and lace, with a House in Aberdeen. massive puffed up back to the After finding my way through skirt which made me wonder concrete and the backs of how these dresses worked in shopping malls, and climbing real life, on people who had a number of spiral staircases to sit and breathe, not to and getting lost a few times, I mention eat in them! And it’s finally found the exhibit. The not just the size of the waist, one room and nothing else which on most dresses is less was a bit of a let-down: based than the circumference of my on the welcoming intricacies thigh, that made me wonder of the other rooms in the if these dresses were made house I was expecting more for grown ups; one dress, than a room with dolls dis- said to have been worn by a playing clothes. But consid- woman on her honeymoon, ering the size of the exhibit was small enough to fit a it did its job very well. The small ten year old! room displayed a range of typically middle and upper What had at first looked class clothing from the late like just a room with dress-

Fanny Johansson

es actually turned out to be much more; the main plaque telling about how the family-oriented Christmas was in fact a tradition spurred on by Victoria and Albert’s family oriented values and given form by the Queen’s German heritage. Christmas dresses had to be fashionable as visiting and receiving visitors played a big part in Victorian middle and upper class society, but they also had to be warm enough to protect from the coldness of winter now almost unknown to us. The exhibition shows various gloves, muffs, and scarves that fulfil this need, but also a set of ostrich feathers to fulfil a woman’s need for accessorising. Looking past the outfits themselves there are some less fashionable indications of a Christmas tradition that sparked our own. Among the mirrors are a tiny Christmas tree with candles, some children’s toys and games, a rug and a fireplace. These small, at first seemingly unimportant, details make up the frame of the exhibition by creating the surroundings for the dresses, but I would have loved to see more of it. The other rooms in the house are furnished and decorated in traditional manner, and it would have been interest-

ing to see the outfits and Christmas decorations set to work in the different surroundings. The exhibition also taught me something about the history of Christmas traditions. Some things we usually think of as ‘age old traditions’ like the Christmas tree, apparently didn’t become a tradition in Britain until 1841, when Victoria and Albert borrowed the tradition, with its roots in the 8th century, from Albert’s German heritage. The boy’s sailor suit, which features prominently in any image of a Victorian Christmas, is part of a ‘fancy dress for children’ tradition, spurred on by Victoria and Albert’s enthusiasm for Scotland and the writings of Sir Walter Scott. Reading about these traditions and their origins made me realize that I had, until now, been quite ignorant about the history of a very beloved tradition. In addition to the continuing exhibition and the Victorian Christmas room, Provost Skene’s House also offers special Christmas Candlelight Tours. These evening tours through a festively decorated house tell more about the customs and history of Christmas. Dump your shop-

Cathedral of the Sea Maja-Sophie Goetting Book Review Cathedral of the Sea Ildefonso Caldones A first thought when discovering said novel on the shelf of the English book section of the German equivalent to Waterstone’s: what a title! It’s one of those where a first glance thoroughly fails to determine whether I would like to deem it ‘cheesy’ or poetic. As a result I then circled said book for a while, continuing to browse through the shelves, before admitting to myself that I singled it out quite a while ago… That was it. Yet another purchase. And I had stacks of promising unread material on my shelf at home. Too bad.

to confess that I have a tendency to greatly enjoy novels by Iberian or Latin American writers…My fascination with the genre of ‘Magical Realism’ is likely to play a lead role here. I have probably (and hopefully) read every literary work ever published by Isabel Allende. And Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Carlos Ruiz Zafon are two of my alltime favourite authors. But, before I bore you writing about my own taste in books too much…let’s get down to business…

Diving into the first couple of pages, I found medieval Catalonia unraveled before my inner eye. At first it appeared as somewhat blurry landscape in slightly washedout tones of beige, green and brown. It then sprang to life in a very harsh manner as I was introduced to the protagonist(s) of the novel. Okay, I think it’s time for me Turning the pages, I was to

witness an event that should have stood for the beginning of a solid marriage, the continuity of a family’s traditions and the renewal of ties to lands owned by birth right. Instead, I was to face

utterly brave measures taken by a father who is prepared to sacrifice the essence of his very existence. This novel is a rewarding read for anybody who takes

I found medieval Catalonia unraveled before my inner eye. the gradual development of a tragedy of brutal dimensions. The malice of a powerful individual channelled through a single act on a beautiful autumn day results in a sorrowful sequence of occurrences; rape, a shattered marriage, an intently humiliating vassal-lord relationship, the purposely inflicted suffering of a broken young mother and her innocent child, and the desperate but

Image courtesy of sunnybrook100 at

an interest in the medieval era. It is uncompromisingly vivid when portraying the nature of feudal society and I soon discovered (not surprisingly) that I read it for its educational rather than its entertainment value. In fact, it did provide a welcome supplement to the reading list of my university course on the later medieval ages, at times achieving what no textbook, journal article or special-

Exhibition runs until 9th January 2010 ping in the car and pick up that last, all important piece of the festive season in the form a candlelit trip back in time. More information can be obtained from I would highly recommend this exhibition to anyone who likes Christmas; it’s the perfect way of getting away from the crowds in the malls and inhaling a bit

ized monograph could have. However, Falcones’ prose style, although undoubtedly suited to provide the reader with an insight into the harsh realities of a historical time period that has been written about so very frequently by authors of fiction (and with varied purposes and success) failed to captivate me. When attempting to create emotional depth it tended to either appear rather flat or at times too mawkish. I felt that the narrator did not succeed in his mediation between reader and characters in the long run. While I was able to feel pity, I remained unable to mourn with the characters or to share with them moments of joy or gratitude. I continued to stay removed in my role as witness to a series of often tragic and sometimes promising events. What the story left me with, nevertheless, was a reminder of the unique power of parental love and devotion. It made me reconsider what family means, could mean and should mean to the (modern) individual. And it

Christmas feeling with chestnuts roasting on an open fire (metaphorically speaking, of course). The exhibition is open in Provost Skene’s House, Guestrow (Next to St Nicholas Shopping Centre) until January 9th 2010, Tuesday-Saturday 10am5pm. Admission is free, in accordance with the true, guest-welcoming, Victorian Christmas spirit.

made it even more unsettling to walk down Union Street this morning; seeing here and there examples of what I unfortunately need to describe as overstrained and at times bitter young mothers, who seem far from able (both emotionally and otherwise) to meet the needs of their 5-year-old sons or daughters craving for a mature, responsible and giving role model. There shall be no notion of judgement in my words when I state that such scenes send shivers down my spine and are making me wonder. Overall, I could not help but conclude my reading of ‘Cathedral of the Sea’ with an unsatisfying feeling that Falcones’ novel is not among the ones that I would potentially like to give to a friend for Christmas. Within the next couple of weeks I am therefore planning to be in search of alternatives with regard to the aforementioned mission.


Gaudie 4th December 2009


Picture courtesy of The Saturdays

The Saturdays: Displaying the fact that they are fully posable, maleable figures, they make perfect Christmas gifts look in the magazines a few weeks down the line and think “oh my goodness, why did I do that?”. To be honest I think a lot of people have that pressure – most people can’t work in an office in a tracksuit. We’re lucky because at least Look at that picture. The we can go to dance rehearsals Saturdays are babe-a- in a tracksuit so we make the licious, right? The medical most of them. community is up in arms due Thousands of to the high number of reported Gaudie: teenage girls would love to incidents of similar images literally blowing men’s minds be you. What would you - FACT. What’s more, these do if your career was gone gals are talented. For proof, tomorrow? check out their latest album, Wordshaker. It’s bursting Molly: Oh God, I can’t even at the seams with pure pop- imagine what I’d do. It would gems. Molly, the band’s absolutely break my heart. blonde bombshell, recently We absolutely love what we’re doing and we just hope it can chatted with the Gaudie: continue for as long as it can Guadie: As women in the do. I know that there are so public eye, how do you cope many people who want to with the constant pressure do our job – you only have to to look perfect? Do you ever turn on the TV and watch X wish you could walk out with Factor to see that so we really no makeup and your hair are very grateful.

Natalie Allison (with Gordon Wallace) Interview The Saturdays

scraped back?

Gaudie: How important are Molly: Yeah all the time. I’d friends and family to you? love to be able to walk out the How do you cope with feeling house and not worry about vulnerable? things like that. It can get quite tiring. It’s only really Molly: That’s the best thing a pressure that you put on about being in a girl group yourself, you don’t want to – we’re all going through the

same things and we can all talk to each other when it’s difficult or when we’re a little bit homesick. But when you do have your day off all you really want to do is go and see your friends and family.

Gaudie: Music wise, how do The Saturdays as a group connect and make their mark on music that isn’t written by you?

been through a point when they really fancy someone but they really hate them at the same time and they don’t really know what to do about it. I think “Up” is another good one, I love that one. It’s like “come on boys, if you wanna be with me then you need to keep up with me”.

thing is that actually I hate going on aeroplanes - I get so scared. I’d like to fly if I knew I had control over it.

Gaudie: What’s the best free Molly: Even though we don’t perk you’ve had? write a lot of the songs, we’ll Gaudie: At present you’re never take on a song that we Molly:We’re quite lucky promoting the new romantic don’t think sounds like The actually with things like that. spark fragrance for impulse, Saturdays. We always like We get sent lots of clothes the impulse diaries. What’s the lyrics to sound like they Gaudie: Have you ever and lots of shoes so that’s the most romantic thing could have come from us, you received unusual gifts from really cool. We’ve been given a fan? mobile phones and a laptop so we’ve been really lucky. Molly: The fans often make us little books and things Gaudie: Girls Aloud have We’re all going through the same like that. We always keep had the chance to choose things and we can all talk to each other everything they give to us. personal projects away from It’s so nice when they give us the band. Do you have any when things are difficult. things that have obviously other personal ambitions taken them a long time. that you’d like to fulfil in your When we went over to Asia a life? What’s next for Molly? lot of the Asian fans made us that’s happened to you? know? That’s important. little things and they came to Molly:At the moment we’re And we do work closely with see us at the airport. We get all concentrating on the Molly: When we went to Asia the songwriters. On our that over here, but it’s cool Saturdays. But I love t.v. and last summer, my boyfriend most recent album we have that people so far away had I would love to do that kind spoke to Vanessa’s boyfriend written a track and we also heard of us as well. of thing on the side. I’d love to find out details about the write some of our b-sides. to do some charity work and hotel we were staying in. He Gaudie: In your new video, as much as I can really. But arranged to have some roses Gaudie: Do any of the songs “Ego”, you girls appear as at the moment I’m really in the room when I walked relate to a personal experience five sexy superheroes. What focused on the band. in. At the next hotel he had a you’ve had? What song really superpower would you like picture of us waiting for me. does it for you? to have for the day and what The Saturdays album That was nice. When you’re would you use it for? Wordshaker is available now. homesick, it really makes a Molly: I think most of them New single “Ego” is released difference. do, but I really love “Issues”. Molly: I’ve always wanted on 4th January. I think every girl and guy has to be able to fly. The weird


Gaudie 4th December 2009


The Best Of The Decade “Well do ya, do ya do ya wanna?” Well, yes, as it happens, you did. As you’ve no doubt deduced from the heaving mass South of here, we’ve collated your top ten albums from 2000-2009. Votes have been drawn from your Facebook comments and e-mails, they’ve been tallied and presented accordingly.


Franz Ferdinand

Franz Ferdinand (2004)

Everyone has that friend, the one whose shoes are cooler, whose hair defies the elements as it goes from perfectly sculpted to lovingly tousled in gale-force winds and whose mundane stories wring the last tissue dry of tears of laughter, ready for reuse. Franz Ferdinand are that friend. Office dalliances turn into epic romances and drunken meanderings reveal themselves as incisive reflections on modern values, “for chips, and for freedom I could die” on the record which rejuvenated British rock music and proved that cool is not an exclusive reserve of trendy NY art houses; it’s out there, it’s danceable, and more than anything, it’s yours.


Bloc Party Silent Alarm


Radiohead Kid A (2000)


Daft Punk Discovery (2001)


At the time Bloc Party were often compared to contemporaries Franz Ferdinand, but the similarities only stretch so far. Franz had style, but BP had immediacy. Lead singer Kele Okereke cries out his poetically acute commentaries atop syncopated rhythms and angular guitar riffs. While both emerged as UK indie-rock’s shining lights, Bloc Party proved they had heart.

You are Thom Yorke, king of 1997. You’ve released a generation defining guitar rock paean to isolation and spiritual poverty in the modern world by way of OK Computer. How do you follow this? By ditching the guitar and the rock, spending a year reading computer manuals, alienating the majority of your bandmates and ultimately by trumping yourself.

“Hey France, this is Popular Culture speaking, yeah I know I don’t call as often as I should but since Serge Gainsbourg threw in the towel, things have been a bit quiet down your end. Anyway, I was wondering if you had anything that might unite both cerebral, referential dance music with a slick production and pop sensibilities which would serve the purpose of sound tracking most of the decade. Oh you do? Fantastic.”

Linkin Park - Hyrid Theory Modest Mouse - The Moon and Antarctica Johnny Cash - American III Solitary Man Eminem - Marshall Mathers LP




Red Hot Chili Peppers


The Strokes Is This It? (2001)


OutKast Stankonia (2000)

By The Way (2002)

It’s Californication: 2.0. More soulful, heartfelt, expansive. At times darker, and decidedly deeper. Unlike with subsequent album Stadium Arcadium, the bass and guitar legends that are Flea and Frusciante aren’t battling for supremacy. The four members compliment each other, often producing surprisingly beautiful results. This is the post-millennium soundtrack to West Coast America.

Rock royalty parentage, check. Aversion to eye contact, check. Leather jackets, check. Converse, naturally. The Strokes took that great rock institution of putting a new spin on old music, bellbottomed its trousers and surlied its demeanor. The album was a formality, its quality a pleasant surprise. The Strokes were cool from inception, greatness their birth right.

Before Andre 3000 decided to fully inhabit the dandified clotheshorse persona displayed on The Love Below, OutKast actually shared an aesthetic. And while divided their influences have been exploited to great commercial success, Stankonia stands as testament to the fact that together, the powers of Big Boi and Andre are far more explosive. Also includes one of the greatest singles of all time in Ms. Jackson.


Death Cab For Cutie Plans (2005)

Seth Cohen was a geek, a loser, and lacking that whole ‘brooding’ thang that his BFF perfected. But goddamit, did he have a good taste in music. The O.C.’s token comic enthusiast championed this band, and with good reason. Frontman Ben Gibbard’s emotive tones shine. All in all, DCFC’s penchant for powerful, pristine pop melodies make for one essential listen. Like Cohen, Plans is both attractive and loveable. Something you want to take home to treasure forever. Ahem.


Idlewild 100 Broken Windows (2000)

In the early 2000s, Coldplay, Doves and Travis were making their mark on both sides of the Atlantic. Similarly lauded were Idlewild, who rode the waves of the late 90s/early 00s post-punk revival. And so to Broken Windows: was it groundbreaking? No. But what it did was build upon past exploits of elder alt rock leaders (R.E.M., Nirvana) to create an album of raw punk-rock confessions.


At The Drive-In

Relationship of Command (2000)

What’s more tragic – when a band breaks out with a killer album only to break up at the height of their popularity, or when a band doesn’t know when to quit, churning out sub-standard albums trying to recapture past glories? AtD-I fall into the former category. Like the Icarus of the alt community, experimental hardcore featuring punk-infused metallic insanity would never again reach such great heights.

The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Coldplay - A Rush Of Blood To The Head Queens Of The Stoneage - Songs For The Deaf The Streets - Original Pirate Material

The White Stripes - White Blood Cells Jay-Z - The Blueprint Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American Destinys Child - Survivor




Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Fever To Tell Muse - Absolution The White Stripes - Elephant Dizzee Rascal - Boy In Da Corner


The Grey Album Mastodon - Leviathan Green Day - American Idiot Arcade Fire - Funeral




Gaudie 4th December 2009

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Our Contributors Get Noughtie Nostalgic Rob Henthorn Album Retrospective The Hold Steady Almost Killed Me (2004)

Gavin Leech Album Retrospective Arab Strap Ten Years of Tears (2006)

Like all cult artists, The Hold Steady is a band which divides people. From where I’m standing, they divide truly happy, fulfilled people, and people who haven’t heard The Hold Steady. But them I’m biased - 2004 début release ‘Almost Killed Me’ has already blown my mind.

The mercy-kill on Moffat and Middleton’s study in lairy misery. This album wasn’t so much arranged as spiked and dragged through its sequencing; it’s a best-of that wandered off the A82 and found itself in Alexander Trocchi’s head.

The album’s instant energy and bawdy confidence are at once threatening and adrenaline-rush-exciting, each thundering bass run and feed-back rattle slapping your subconscious on the back and offering it a beer. By the time second track ‘The Swish’ gets going, you already know what The Hold Steady are like live - wild, with a raucous classic rock sound, and an attitude straight out of the DC Hardcore scene. If you can stop yourself dancing, you’re a better man than me. Howling guitar licks and ecstatic rolling drum fills make the “world’s best bar band” tag stick - but that’s not the half of it.

The Hold Steady: A band who, while cool, do not threaten the chastity of daughters Lyrically, frontman Craig Finn is one of the best of his generation, crafting semibiographical montages of his Midwest hometown that rival the likes of Blake for gritty poetic realism. Almost Killed Me begins his story arc - now covering four albums –

following the lives of dealers, scorers and gang members in the Minnesota twin cities. Speaking with his character’s honesty, onlooker’s scathing, and always his heart, Finn’s half-sung lisping flings emotion, imagery and spit in equal measure, blending

complex biblical references with Minneapolis gangster slang. Speaking for, at and with the lost, lonely and disenfranchised, The Hold Steady paint startlingly unapologetic portraits of human reliance on social norms, narcotics, and each

Stuart Manson Album Retrospective At The Drive In Relationship of Command (2000)

Thomas Smith Album Retrospective Why? Alopecia (2008)

If we were speaking in terms of musical impact then this bad boy would easily top the list. Seminal. Masterpiece. Life changing. All of these terms and more have been applied to this album, and they all ring true. Before hearing this album I had quite literally never heard anything like it. It drips with fury both lyrically and musically, with both vocalist and musician spitting noise at the listener. However it’s tight, energetic, focused noise, glorious, lifeaffirming noise. First track

Alopecia is an album that works for me on so many levels. It is my go-to album for when I really want to listen to an album, and not just have it as background music. From the music to the lyrics to the singer’s voice, everything about this album seems to be written to tickle the music appreciation lobe of my brain. Every song flows into the next, giving you a sense that this album is more of a stream-of-consciousness than 14 discrete songs forced into an order. This sense is

‘Arcarsenal’ explodes out of the traps, firing like a cannon. I honestly can’t describe just how good this album is with mere words. I doubt the towering intellects of this or any day could encapsulate

Eels - Blinking Lights And Other Revelations Sigur Ros - Takk Kanye West - Late Registration Fall Out Boy - From Under The Cork Tree


the feeling of this album with mere words. In fact I’m going to listen to it now. I’ll leave you with the comparison that this album is the 00’s ‘Nevermind’.

Radiohead - In Rainbows Robert Plant & Alison Krauss - Raising Sand Klaxons - Myths Of The Near Future Justice - †


Gnarls Barkley - St. Elsewhere Arctic Monkeys - Whatever You Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not Justin Timberlake - FutureSex/LoveSound Amy Winehouse - Back To Black



Sloppy and bitter and morose, it spins a story that few others in music have dredged; of bad sex and bad drum machines, of moping minimal guitar lines and crying at the Simpsons. And obviously also their career narrative, such as it was. Even though the Scotland - the life - it portrays is mostly a banal, hollow nightmare, the humour derived from their life-as-art, heart-of-dark worldview is everywhere.

Almost Killed Me is a celebration of everything music should be – a story, a party, a complaint, a bible, and most importantly a whole stack of fun.

It doesn’t hurt that after this album freed him, Malcolm Middleton went on to become the most consistently affective Scottish songwriter going, and both of them have in fact cheered the fuck up.

certainly helped by the lyrical content of the songs, which are extremely metaphorical and extremely personal; some of it so personal that listening to it feels as intrusive as reading a stranger’s diary. There are lyrics about his lost loves, his deepest beliefs, his childhood and his sex life, but

you won’t even notice most of that until you’ve listened to it enough to hear what he’s really saying. I have nothing but love for this album, and the amount of himself that Yoni, the singer/songwriter, gives through his lyrics is inspiring.

Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavillion Camera Obscura - My Maudlin Career Black Eyed Peas - The E.N.D. Mos Def - The Ecstatic

2008 Kings Of Leon - Only By The Night Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes Lady Gaga - The Fame Beyonce - I Am...Sasha Fierce




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Idlewild Please; Light on the Idle Gavin Leech Live Review Idlewild

There’s probably no stopping me going as far as to say that this voice, this urbane harmony from Woomble and Jones was actually an escape route in Modern Scottish identity, an alternative ethos set in timbre. Against the bellowing, bellyed, deadeyed, ruddy-faced LionRampant-where -a-mindought-be nationalist and the mordant, empty quasinihilist of Irvine Welsh’s fiction…was this. Cryptic. Critical. Not so much subtle as just unknown. This child saw lights at the end of an interminable plaid tunnel. But that’s almost certainly just me.

Sparrow and the Workshop

Warehouse 6/11/2009

Now here’s an anomalous thing: a wobbleboard in the drum kit; a high, sweet country vocal; a folky milieu and a self-conscious (literally shoegaze) look. Support act Sparrow and the Workshop come on all shyly, all potentially-twee…and we walk right into the trick. This is folk with machineguns; this is country with a groove, or else surf with a grimace. Singer Jill O’Sullivan is the first jolt, toting a voice something like PJ Harvey meets Dolly Parton; a real fierceness which haunts and pierces equally well, set in a tender lilt. The change in her between quiet, sweet compere and cresting, sweeping Southern Diva is entrancing. But perhaps that’s just me. The blends of sound they produce are quietly impressive, inventive - they’re unafraid of unfashionable things like a cappella and sudden fermata. “I Will Break You”, a threat in beatific alt-country form, is sweetly introduced with the caveat ‘No, not you guys!’ The alternately soothing, storming “Into the Wild” is topped with a solid minute of bludgeoning rock outro. Overall, it’s charming and unexpectable; get on it.

Idlewild: Love a trip to home furnishing stores in the 80s. Look at that panelling. Promises number and two And now to the headliners, slightly formulaic new songs Idlewild. before matching the old dramatic urgency with...a It’s a while before the song from 2000, “Listen to evergreen indie lot slouch What You’ve Got”. Still. An on. Roddy Woomble is in inspired, stop-start rendition his Unabomber aspect; and of “Idea Track” cements a moreover this is suddenly hold on the crowd which a hairy band, visually lasts throughout. indistinguishable from, say, the Biffy Clyros of the world. In fact, the setlist is generally heavy on the earlier albums, Their songs are encoded when they were posthardcorethings;storiesonewayorother, with-a-heart-of-gold. The but told with contradiction: audience only really flex simple sophistication, raw when picks from “Hope Is detachment. They’re tales Important” or “100 Broken told in a dialect of thought Windows” are brought out, that is not quite our own. and I’m actually no dissenter Which is a funny thing to from this. find oneself saying of powerpop. “Readers and Writers”, the new single, is a surprise; The set doesn’t quite catch the clearest token yet of the me at first, working as it band allowing themselves does through a Warnings/ to be Scottish (something

which has up to now been an incidental feature of them). It’s party stuff – there’s almost a silent bagpipe part begged. Even so, there’s devotion in this room. Every banal utterance in between songs is greeted with a bit of a roar, which given Woomble’s general reticence is a strange occurrence. It’s an interesting thing, the selfconsciousness of Woomble. He’s an agitated, diffident man (tonight). Whenever an instrumental break of more than 20 seconds hits, he retreats into the wings of the stage so that he’s not left stranded with nothing to do. Keen to be behind beard, stand, and a pogoing pair of guitarists, perhaps. The set is topped off with a blend of new pathos

In the encore we’re given a new song, the title track off “Post-Electric Blues”. This kind of introduction is a bold thing for any band to do, but somehow it slides, and old fire (“American the fervour of the audience English”, “In Remote Part” acting into it. and “A Modern Way Of Letting Go” respectively, The second encore is the with “Roseability” a lovely clearest relapse of all; three midpoint.) songs from “Captain”, their debut minialbum. It’s This is, then, not one band. furious, messy stuff, and I How many are they? Well. wonder whether the teen They began with a chaotic Idlewild who scrawled and strain. They occasionally fall howled these would even into mawkishness - as in the recognise themselves in the earlier albums wherever they “Post-Electric” Idlewild. slow down long enough. They Which is not to bemoan what later began to sweep with might be called the band’s Editors and cram songs full progress. But “Last Night I of hooks like REM. If genre’s Missed All The Fireworks”? your thing then you’ll tread Played on the 6th November? through post-hardcore and As both guitarists spin and grungey indie and power-pop flex and lurch violently with and indie-folk and college enactment? There’s few gigs rock and on and on into real I’ve ever seen been ended nonsense. It’s only the close- with such explosive punning. harmony of Woomble and guitarist Rod Jones that really But perhaps that’s just me. unites the iterations, though But perhaps that’s just me. maybe that’s just me.

Calvin Harris Graces Scotland’s Most Beautiful Dancefloor Nick Avlonitis Live Review Calvin Harris Liquid 24/11/2009 With the Liquid dancefloor at near bursting point Calvin Harris strutted onto his podium, sans-pineapple

quiff, at a slightly late 12am after three hours of numerous attempts by the in-house DJ to warm up the crowd which, by the end of the wait, was becoming extremely impatient. Like a man loved by as many as he is hated, and with the arrogance of Russell Crowe, he carefully plodded through two-hours-worth of remixed songs whilst the adorning Aberdeen crowd

pushed and shoved their way to the front, cameraphones in hand. Whilst there was a severe lack of dancing due to the ever-tightening horde and with the bouncers struggling to hold them back, the atmosphere at Liquid was certainly something to behold; thousands of hands flailing everywhere, glow sticks and cheap VK’s in the air, you know the drill.

Perhaps a touch pricey at £15 on the door, especially for a mere two hours of Harris, it was a fairly impressive episode. With an Australia and New Zealand January tour on the cards and with countless collaborations under his belt with even more under way, the Calvin Harris train is getting even bigger. Just don’t tell Simon Cowell.

Calvin Harris:King of soft play

Podcast To Peruse: our fortnightly recommendation of the best podcasts around CD Baby 60s Podcast The 60s was one way cool decade. Woodstock, Jimi Hendrix, Paisley pattern clothing, beat poetry, and the development of a casual acceptance of low level drug use by the general population are all pretty gnarly things. So what better way to pretend you experienced boundless enthusiasm and heady hedonism than revelling in the music so intrinsically evocative of the era. Mind you, if you can remember it, you probably weren’t there, huh?



RUBY TUESDAY Weekly acoustic sessions

Bar 99 21.00 - 01.00


December 01 - December 15 KILAU ART


Group show featuring Jamie Donald, Craig Cunningham, Gordon Fox and Lyndsey Neill

An opportunity for students to sign up to the Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Register



The Hub 11.00 – 16.00

Kilau 09.00 – 22.00 FREE

FOY VANCE Acoustic soul The Warehouse 19.30 -22.30 £6

ALADDIN (03/12/09 – 19/12/09)

Aberdeen Arts Centre 19.00 – 21.00 £10

ELECTRIQUE BOUTIQUE Electro, disco and techno Giles Walker DJs Snafu 23.00 £3




Regular traditional Saturday session

The Lemon Tree 12.30 – 15.30 FREE

EVERYTHING ELSE SUCKS Noob - Paris/Turbo Rec. Origin 22.00 £5 MR SCRUFF

DJ mastermind with a fully-stocked bag of beats

The Warehouse 23.00 £10


New drawings and paintings by Sarah J Tingle

06 The Beautiful Mountain 09.00 – 18.00 FREE

CINDERELLA (28/11/09 – 03/01/10)

Family favourite Starring Elaine C. Smith as The Fairy Godmother, Alan McHugh as Roxy and Jordon Young as Foxy

HMT 19.00 £14.75 - £20.25 (Con. £2 off certain performance)


Candlelit classical concert, fittingly festive


Music Hall 19.30 – 22.30



Snafu 21.00


VODKA ISLAND BARRY THOMPSON, D.O.C Tiger Tiger 22.00 £4 after 23.00


The festival showcases a fantastic series of award-winning documentaries, experimental and mixed genre works


LAW ABIDING CITIZEN (18) A frustrated man decides to take justice into his own hands after a killer is set free




Weekly acoustic sessions

Bar 99 21.00 - 01.00


Techno and minimal

Aberdeen Choral Society perfrom Handel’s Messaih at Aberdeen Music Hall


Snafu 23.00


Pure jazz!

The Lemon Tree 12.00 FREE



Hosted by Aberdeen University Dance Society Intermediate/Advanced: tickets on sale from AUSA reception



GATECHIEN + HEY ENEMY + MIN DIESEL Presented by Dizzy Storm + Vocoustics Promotions

The Tunnels 20.00 £5

Ceilidh with the band DanseMcCabre for a fun night full of traditional Scottish dancing

The Tunnels 20.30 £3/£4

(members/non-members adv) £4/£5 (members/non-members door)


Paintings and watercolours which celebrate his life and artistic achievements Aberdeen Art Gallery


10.00 - 17.00


Centre Stage: All’s Well That Ends Well

(09/12/09 - 11/12/09) MacRobert Drama Studio (6th floor) 19.00 – 22.00


CRUSH with EEZMA, TALCOLM X, KRAZZY MARTIN Electro, disco and techno

Snafu 23.00



ABERDEEN MUSIC CENTRE Xmas Concert Music Hall 13.30 + 19.30

£3.50 – £8


Hosted by Aberdeen Uni Dance Society Beginners: tickets on sale from AUSA reception 14.00 - 18.30 £20




THE DESCENT: PART 2 (18) Sequel to the critically acclaimed 2005 horror film





THE BLOCKHEADS The Lemon Tree 20.00 – 22.30 £15.50

(09/12/09 – 24/12/09) for showings £10


Electro indie rock. Plus special live bands


Weekly folk and blues session

The Lemon Tree 20.00 – 22.30 £14


Weekly folk and blues session The Lemon Tree 13.00 – 15.00 FREE


Irish five-string banjo and guitar player


FRIDAY LIVE Eddie Walker



Requests night




Snafu 22.00

Snafu 23.00

The Lemon Tree 13.00 FREE

Peacock Visual Arts 9.30 – 17.30 FREE

The Rig 19.00


Gaudie 4th December 2009



Get that Christmas feeling!

Music Hall 19.15


Rock night with live music and DJs

The Rig 19.00 FREE

£12 - £14



The Aberdeen University International Society take over The Tunnels with fun and games. Tunes from DJ Kojo


The Tunnels 20.00 £3( £1 members)

Weekly acoustic sessions

Bar 99 21.00 - 01.00


Gaudie 4th December 2009



The Union We Deserve with the move to butchart closing in, opinions on the topic are stronger than ever...

Grant Collier OPINE The new Butchart Union has been the target of considerable interest and has recently dominated the pages of Gaudie. However, when telling friends I was writing an article on the new Union the main responses I received were ‘What new Union?’ and various puzzled expressions. Maybe it’s still early days, but the building doesn’t exactly seem to be at the forefront of students’ minds. This is not only a shame, but is one of the biggest challenges facing the Butchart project. The previous two Unions, Gallowgate and the smaller Littlejohn Street Union, failed commercially due to student apathy, a lack of interest and too little profit to cover enough of the rent. An empty Union is worse than no Union at all. If people don’t know about it, and if people aren’t talking about it, then Butchart will become another waste of AUSA resources and we’ll inevitably lose the many benefits we

isn’t just our stand to gain from a student This responsibility, however. union. Failing to provide a proper We need to get motivated, get students’ union has so far interested and get involved. been an embarrassment for A significant portion of the the AUSA. While blaming the student body doesn’t read Association completely for the student newspaper; our current situation might be word of mouth will be the a little unfair, from speaking single greatest publicist to graduates I’ve discovered for the new Union, and that the main reason people will ensure its success. The didn’t visit the existing Union whole student body needs was because it offered them

This shows that, quite rightly, the AUSA can’t expect students to go and use the Butchart building motivated by nothing other than loyalty to take responsibility. We need to acknowledge that, yes, it will take time for the new building to be perfect and the staggered launch of the Union means that from Easter to summer it will be going through a trial period where the AUSA will be trying new things out. I think it’s important that we learn from the lessons of the previous two Unions and get fully behind this new effort.

nothing special. Whether the problem was with events, atmosphere, even the drinks menu – something was wrong, and instead of the problem being fixed by the AUSA and the University, the Union continued to lose money until it was no longer sustainable, despite a desire for a Union to remain open. This shows that, quite rightly, the AUSA can’t expect students to go and use the

emails. If there’s a group of deliver us a flexible, dynamic you who want pool tables, get and engaging Union we can your friends to send emails. all enjoy. To not do so is to Nothing is yet set in stone, squander our best chance for and the ability to influence a good student-orientated Making a competitive our Union and that of future Aberdeen Students’ Union students’ union can be easily students makes this a great and would do a disservice to those who support the Union created by achieving better opportunity. and work hard to improve it. communication between the student body and the While Student President Please get in touch with the AUSA. As Robin Parker said Robin Parker is currently people in charge to make in a recent interview: “We’ve enthusiastic about student your needs known. managed to win this from the influence in use of the new University, they’ve handed union, whether this will Email: sapresident@abdn. this whole building over to manifest into real changes the student body, and we once the Union is up and really need to take advantage running is yet to be seen. I Facebook: “A Proper Union of that. We need people to sincerely hope that the AUSA for Aberdeen University!” come up with ideas of what to will listen carefully to the Group. do in there. We need people students they serve and will to, once it’s open, get excited INTERVIEW: Robin Parker, AUSA President about it, and say ‘Yeah, I want to do this in here’. So we can “We’re hoping to have a trial period between Easter and say, ‘Yeah, great. Let’s make it the end of term, just to try a few things out and see how happen’.” it goes. Over the summer we’ll be able to spend good time and money on it, refurbishing it, making it look This kind of communication really nice. Hopefully when people arrive in September is exactly what is needed for they’ll be like: ‘Wow, this place is great. We’re going a decent Union. For example, to come back all the time’. The University hasn’t put a getting an alcohol licence for huge amount of money into it, mainly repair work and the Union is currently facing so on, so what we’re hoping that in the long term we strong opposition from can prove that there’s a need for this kind of thing on local ‘concerned citizens’ campus. If lots of people come along and lots of people – significant pressure from are enthusiastic about it, they host events and use it students should convince the as a meeting place, then the University will be able to AUSA to keep fighting for provide more.” it. If you want pool tables in the Union, for example, send Butchart building motivated by nothing other than loyalty – it needs a specific selling point.

Two Interfaith Events Not Enough is becoming increasingly secular and pushing religion into the private sphere, meaning that when we do hear of religious issues it tends to be the extreme side This year England had its of things, like terrorism, first Interfaith week from partly motivated by religion. 15th-21st November, and Scotland’s was the week after. With all this in the In Aberdeen there were only background there should be two events held that I know more promotion of cohesion, of: one by the Interfaith of talking to one another group with Humanist Society about how those with faith Scotland (HSS), and the and those with none can AUSA Kirking which was come together to promote a held on 29th November. healthy society.

Kate Foggo OPINE

Photo by Gaudie

The meeting with HSS and Interfaith showed the wide range of feeling about what faith can do in this day and age. There are those who believe that all religion should disappear from society, and those who would like to see it play a bigger role; I imagine that most lie somewhere in between. These days society

The Interfaith Kirking of the AUSA goes some way to develop that. Originally a wholly Christian service to celebrate the Students’ Association and its work, this was changed six years ago to an Interfaith ceremony to reflect the changed nature of campus life. On this campus there are all kinds of Christians, Muslims, Jews,

the Unitarian Church here in Aberdeen. Unitarians almost have Interfaith as their faith; exploring their beliefs using whatever helps them find it, often from religious tradition, sometimes from poems and songs and other literature. To me it highlights that faith is a deeply personal thing, but a platform from which we can reach out to others and As a Religious Studies understand things better. student I spend most days examining religion and It is disappointing that these keeping up with news and are the only two events to be views in the religious sphere. held this year for Interfaith It is inevitable that this leads week in Aberdeen, but AUSA to some self-examination of will perhaps hold its own what I believe, and although Interfaith week sometime I have been the secretary next year. In the meantime of the University’s Secular, there are monthly meetings Humanist and Atheist of Aberdeen’s Interfaith society for the last year and group in the Chaplaincy. a half, I find that speaking to other religious groups Contact aberdeeninterfaith@ for more helps me understand the world better at times so I information if you are recently started attending interested. Buddhists, Hindus, Baha’i, Humanists and Atheists, and the ceremony seeks to recognise that they all make a contribution to campus life. They are more likely to make a significant contribution outside of campus life too; those involved with churches are more likely to be volunteers for instance.


Gaudie 4th December 2009


This Is The Future Of Aberdeen

Opponents of Donald Trump’s planned complex are harming Aberdeen’s future prospects; the scheme must go ahead, writes a concerned local. Name Withheld Opine

community accepted the opportunity that has landed on their doorstep, then the numerous positions available to build and run the estate would serve the youth of the region better than the current culture of underage drinking, drugs and lawlessness.

Donald Trump has the right idea. The Trumps (Senior. and Project Manager, Junior) do not plan to build just a golf course in Balmedie: it will be a leisure estate worth over one billion pounds, all In view of the local residents injected into the North East at Balmedie, it can be said that those who have refused economy. a more than generous package The idea that it is simply compensation an overblown golf club has from the Trump estate can themselves come into being because of congratulate the constant reference by to on being the biggest media opponents of the scheme to draw in this story. The the sand dunes in the middle stubbornness of your average of the proposed courses Scot has been proved over and to the blabbering and several centuries but that is pontificating of the minority nothing as compared to the who are not happy at being obstinacy of those refusing served compulsory purchase to accept Trump’s offer. If recent reports are to believed, orders. on the table are hugely The dunes at Balmedie are inflated prices for their quite something. The fact that homes, several thousand there is so much argument pounds in compensation, over nothing more than life membership to the estate sand is amazing. The dunes including full use of all are constantly referred to as facilities (which in monetary a habitat by protesters but terms is yet further thousands as far as I can recall the only of pounds) and the option to thing permanently residing buy one of the new homes on those dunes are midgies being built at cost price. The and a few bushes. Yet the protesters and opposition leader of the Green Party in have compared the plight England and Wales, Caroline of the homeowners to the Lucas MEP, has written to the highland clearances. That EU accusing Aberdeenshire is plainly nonsense as the Council of “putting Donald highlander of the clearances Trump’s interests ahead of was never offered over a both local residents and their hundred thousand pounds in own protected countryside.” compensation. The best they I’m afraid that she has could hope for was a paid one overlooked something very way ticket to Canada or the antipodes from their former important here. landlord. The dunes are something which Trump has continually It also cannot be said that stated he wants to maintain. these are simple folk trying The shoring up of these will to fight a giant corporation. not affect the habitat too They have blown themselves greatly and it has been stated up and at least one resident by the Trump organisation has become a media darling. that the preservation of the The haggard face of Michael landscape has to be a priority. Forbes became a common It can therefore be presumed sight on US television in that the dunes aren’t going the days after the initial to be bulldozed. Realistically planning request. Forbes, you are likely to get less owner of a 23-acre farm, has interference with wildlife said that he will refuse any from golfers than from the amount of money for his people who camp on the land. Forbes needs to see the reasons for his removal. beach most summers. The sheer scale of Trump’s Additionally and despite development supercedes his Lucas’ claims, the interests desire to keep his small farm. of both the Trumps’ and The economy in Aberdeen the residents of North East desperately needs a boost Scotland are the same. We and a development such as who live here want our the Trumps’ plans for the economy to grow and to create Menie estate would go some more business opportunities way to removing the idea of outside of the oil industry. Aberdeen as some Brigadoon This is particularly important back water where most in the current climate. If the residents still wear kilts and

wander round with bagpipes for such typically Highland under their arms, something aspects is Edinburgh. that, by doing this, Forbes is The other major industry in perpetuating. Aberdeen is that of Energy. The tourism industry in It is not only oil industries the north east relies heavily that are based in the city. numbers of on the ability to market Increasing “shortbread tin” Scotland. renewable energy concerns Whisky, tartan and ruined are coming to Aberdeen castles are not all we in the to make use of the huge North East have to offer, but knowledge base at AU, RGU it is the image portrayed to and local research institutes. the tourist. That is woeful However, it is acknowledged when we consider that the by many that if serious main destination in Scotland investment does not take

place outside of these industries, then the North East economy will start to crumble returning us to preoil days as a fishing town. Should the economy collapse then there will not be a North East community to save. The social and economic facts of the North East are greatly linked and have been since the earliest of times. Should the North East economy sink, then so too will the community. Those trying to save their homes should

perhaps have these realities drawn to their attention. It is very important for the North East’s economy and future well-being to allow Donald Trump the required Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPOs) to evict the last few tenants and to support this sort of stupendous growth. The need to the area as a whole has to come before the misguided, even possibly selfish, stubbornness of the last remaining tenants.


Gaudie 4th December 2009


Aberdeen’s New Mysterious Legal High Rowan Tinlin OPINE Gone are the days of students wearing flared trousers and rainbow-coloured ponchos, sitting in their cluttered rooms smoking weed to attain that high everybody craves. Nowadays, say hello to the twenty-first century way of getting high – and yes it is legal. Have you ever wondered why crowds of semi-naked clubbers retreat to the toilet every half an hour with a small pouch hidden in their sweaty hand? Or why a drunken stranger bumps in to you with pupils wider than a black hole?

things depending on which part of the country you live in; Aberdeen has its own brand name for it – Ariel. Being made primarily from Mephedrone, little is known about the toxicity or the effects of taking it which it has on unsuspecting students.

As far as I am aware it has only been recently introduced to the UK, however, back in 2008 it was made illegal in Sweden after an 18 year-old girl died in Stockholm after taking the drug. It has also been banned in Israel thus making it illegal to buy, sell or consume Mephedrone. Instead of the UK taking note of the heartache and illegality in other countries, we seem Well I have the answer to be buying and selling this for you: with a brand new new fad as if it were about to University term, a brand run out. new set of freshers, and a brand new bank balance Costing between £25-30 for a thanks to student loans, gram of this white, sparkling this drug is everywhere. It is powder, it is relatively cheap called a number of different in comparison to other drugs,

tell everybody my secrets.” I’m not sure how much truth there is in this, as I am no pharmacist or chemist, but I have been told that years ago a different version of this drug was used as a truth serum, and according to all of the experiences with this drug However, in reality, the I have heard of, I would say dangers of this addictive, that that would not surprise mysterious drug are not me. yet known on the streets of Aberdeen. I spoke to one girl Another user of this drug (who would like to remain told me about his experience anonymous) who took the whilst high, which was drug, mainly as her friends similar to the one mentioned were also doing it and also above: extreme pleasure, the because she had heard so desire to talk about things much hype about it, and the you wouldn’t normally talk experience was likened to about, your self confidence that of ecstasy or MDMA, but grows and you feel at peace. However, the comedown seemed to last for hours. from this drug was enough “The room slowed down, my to put him off forever: unlike eyes widened – it was like I most comedowns which last could see every detail in front maybe a day, 24 hours at of me,” she told me, “the effect most, this one lasted days. lasted for a good hour, maybe longer, and gave me the desire Firstly, Ariel prevents you to speak to everybody and from sleeping when you take and of course the added bonus of Mephedrone is that, unlike other drugs, it is legal. In theory, I fully understand why this new drug on the scene is so popular: legality, its cheap price and it’s easy to find.

it, therefore you are “sleep deprived and worn down”. Secondly, it decreases your appetite, thus meaning that you are not maintaining your body’s strength, leaving you feeling “weak and lethargic”, and thirdly you become anxious, “paranoid and feel very depressed”.

could ruin your health, your relationships and your career. I have no idea how long this drug will remain legal for; many of my friends have been in trouble with the law because of it, and one day the police are going to have had enough of arresting people and having to let them go when they realise that This drug is also very the drug, which looks like addictive, even after taking cocaine, is a legal version. it once you crave to feel the elated high again after feeling One source suggested to me the wrath of the comedown that within as little as 2 or for approximately 48hours. 3 months, the drug will be It leads you into a vicious a Class B drug, therefore, cycle, which I am witnessing making it illegal to buy, sell first hand with many friends: or consume. I just have one you have days during which last point to make: I know you are happy and care-free, that the hype of a legal, cheap which are then followed by drug may entice you, but days moping around, feeling readers, please be careful, the sorry for yourself and doing long term effects of this drug nothing productive. are unknown, and trust me when I say this: the addiction For a student, this lifestyle will control your life! could ruin your degree and future success, and in This article was originally general, for anybody else, it published in Vox Pop.

‘Legal Highs’ Or ‘Not Yet Illegal Highs’? Inspector Imray, Force Substance Misuse Co-ordinator for Grampian Police in response to an article that had been printed in Vox Pop regarding Mephedrone (M-CAT). It was with much interest that I read the well balanced report, “Aberdeen’s New Mysterious Legal High” by Rowan Excessive consumption of alcohol is the biggest potential Tinlin; it centred on Mephedrone or ‘Ariel’ as it appears to be threat to personal safety. A drunk individual has less control of bodily function, is more prone to becoming involved called in the Aberdeen area. in argument and dispute, often leading to fighting and Substances like Mephedrone are commonly referred to as resultant injury. Inhibitions are lowered and people may ‘legal highs’, a term which I argue may give them an air of inadvertently put themselves in situations a sober person credibility and acceptance to some. However, perhaps a would otherwise steer clear of. This can often be in the form better term to use is ‘not yet illegal high’, as this may invoke of otherwise unwanted sexual attention. Women are at some further thought by those considering whether to take heightened vulnerability when drunk. The same principles apply to those under the influence of drugs, whether illegal it or not. I will come to this later. or otherwise. Rowan’s article quoted one woman who said: First of all, people need to be provided with balanced “The effect lasted for a good hour, maybe longer, and gave me information to allow them to make personal decisions. So, the desire to speak to everybody and tell everybody my secrets.” in relation to Mephedrone and some of the other substances This, surely, highlights this particular individual’s increased vulnerability. She will not be alone. The last place someone available, it should be recognised that: would wish to be, is waking up in the morning feeling they You don’t know what you are ingesting have been the victim of a sexual act they remember nothing and what other substances may be in the of, or wished they had the clarity of thought to refuse or remove themselves from. Of course, the Police will rigorously mix. investigate such matters, but avoidance of such situations does lie in the hands of the individual in the first place. Like an illegal substance, not yet illegal substances are commodities which yield a monetary return. To yield a bigger return, spread the commodity by bulking it out with another. If you share your newly acquired What are the other substances used? What are the associated substance of misuse you could risk effects of them? What are the additional risks? The purity of criminal prosecution. Cocaine on the streets of the UK is falling and the prevalence of other substances in recoveries is increasing. Substances Whilst possession of these not yet illegal substances is not like Lignocaine and Benzocaine are used, amongst others, to an offence, to supply to others, which includes sharing, bulk out the Cocaine content. Buyers presume they are buying should be very carefully considered. What could be the Cocaine, but often get more of another substance. Lignocaine consequences of that supply? That friend may react badly and Benzocaine are not illegal drugs. They have recognised and become seriously ill or even die. Knowing that death has medicinal use and their anaesthetic properties mimic some of resulted previously, albeit rarely, as a result of ingestion of the effects of Cocaine. This is an example. If it happens with such substances, you may find yourself culpable by supplying illegal drugs, it will happen with not yet illegal ones. in the first instance. A charge of Culpable Homicide may be considered and the Police enquiry would certainly focus You are potentially increasing your on this. To a lesser degree, any act perpetrated by or against vulnerability and risking personal an individual under the influence of such a substance may lead to investigation into the supply of the substance to that safety.

person. This may be considered as Culpable and Reckless Conduct. There are a number of other areas and scenarios which could be explored in the discussions around the pros and cons of using not yet illegal substances, but I hope that the foregoing will prompt some serious thought and consideration with readers. Now back to the argument of how these substances should be labelled in the interim. Synthetic substances appear more and more frequently on the market nowadays as ‘chemists’ seek to find alternatives to banned or illegal ones. Very often these new substances are very closely related and similar in composition, chemical structure and psychoactive effect to those presently controlled under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 and associated legislation. From a governmental perspective, before a substance is legislatively controlled, thorough scientific study, relative to such properties as medicinal benefit, side effects and addictiveness is undertaken. Such substances require analysis to identify their constituent elements and testing to measure effects. Legislative control is not brought in lightly on a whim, it is by balanced, sensible methodology, with the welfare of the individual and the wider public at the heart of the decision making process. So, for Government to get to a position of whether a substance is dangerous and requires legislative control takes time. For legislation to be enacted through parliament takes further time and enforcement of this legislation follows immediately thereafter. This is not a criticism, it is due process and a proper reflection of a democratic society. ‘Legal high’ or ‘Not yet illegal high’? Taking Mephedrone as an example, the article highlights the death of a young woman in Sweeden as a result of ingesting this. Mephedrone is similar in composition to Methylenedioxymethylamphetamine (MDMA), most commonly referred to as Ecstasy. Ecstasy


Gaudie 4th December 2009

Continued from adjacent page is a Class ‘A’ controlled drug and deaths have resulted amongst those who have taken it, albeit this is not a common occurrence. Many will remember the images of Leah Betts, who died after using Ecstasy in 1995. So what is the difference between Mephedrone and Ecstasy? The answer is very little and in the most basic of terms, whilst they have both been shown to have a potentially lethal effect, the former is presently uncontrolled (not presently illegal) and the latter is controlled (illegal). There is every likelihood that Mephedrone will be subjected to legislative control in the UK in the future.

Another Education Is Possible Aberdeen defend education campaign Waste in public money

While universities in the UK want to cut and privatise aspects such as catering and cleaning, they spend large amounts of money in attracting researchers with a large number of publications. They do so in order to have a higher rank in the Research Assessment Exercise (in future it will be called Research Assessment Framework) which is then used to split the funding between the universities. This is fundamentally inefficient as those researchers focus mainly on research and future publications whilst doing little teaching. Those funds Perhaps the perception of Police activity around illegal drugs would be better used to finance student loans and avoid tuiis one of enforcement - Who’s dealing and how can we catch tion fees. them? This is certainly one strand of Police work, however, enforcement alone will have little impact on the overall Cuts in Funding for universities availability of drugs. Reducing demand for drugs, both illegal The government is planning cuts for Universities throughout and those not yet illegal, through education is arguably more the UK. The rationale behind those cuts is that we are facing a debt crisis caused by government spending to avoid a long important. drawn out recession. It is not the time to cut spending for Undertaking further education is a challenging and vital services such as education and health care. On Novemdemanding route in life, aimed ultimately at personal ber the 23rd, the managing director of the IMF, Dominique development and worthwhile, rewarding employment. It should also be the most important time to enjoy life and Aberdeen Defend Education Campaign is socialise. But do so responsibly and sensibly along the way. Another commonly used, not yet illegal drug, is Benzylpiperazine or BZP, widely used in the UK as a ‘party pill’. It produces effects similar to those experienced with Amphetamine and Ecstasy. BZP will be restricted soon under Misuse of Drugs legislation. It was originally produced and used as a worming treatment for animals in veterinary medicine!

calling students, University staff, public sector workers, people of Aberdeen to fight the oncoming cuts and create an Anti-Cuts Network.

Gaudie does not condone or encourage the misuse of any drugs. For more information and advice on any of the issues raised visit

Letters to the Editors D

ear Editors,

While I appreciate the Gaudie’s attempt at humour, the Andy Panda sketch in the last edition was sexist and offensive. Surely the Gaudie can find ways of being funny without being degrading to women. There is still disparity in equality between men and women, and this sketch is a perfect example. It’s hideous and discriminates against half of the student body. Many thanks, Emily


ear Editors,

see that it did not include anything about oral sex. I myself have tried to give blood and have come up against the same wall as the rest of the gay community. The readers should have been told about the gay ORAL SEX blood ban as well. This ban stops even a woman giving blood if she has ever had intercourse or oral sex with a male who has had intercourse or oral sex with another male. I would like to suggest to the Aberdeen University LGBT Society that they campaign directly outside or even perform a sitin at the next blood drive held on campus. If they were to organise this, they are sure to get campus wide support and support from the whole LGBT community in Aberdeen.

After reading the article entitled “Blood, Glorious Blood,” I was astonished to Name Withheld


If you want to get involved come on the 4th December, NK11 at 6 pm: FREE FOOD.

Strauss-Kahn declared the UK government needed to maintain spending levels to ensure future economic prosperity.

Research and Higher Education is more business-driven in the 21st century This can be shown by the recent merger of business and higher education under one department. Most of the current research especially in the sciences and social sciences is funded by Research Councils, thus setting the research agenda and leaving little room for academic freedom. Those grants are obtained in a competitive peer-reviewed system where academics review other academics. However, most of the grants proposals ask academics to predict the economic impact of the project. The main goal of research is not knowledge for its own sake but knowledge for business and corporations. This is a short sighted policy as in the past most of the influential research has been driven by academic curiosity rather than short term policy gains. Moreover, research is led by the dissemination of knowledge not by creating patents and copyrighting inventions and new ideas. Much research, especially in the physical sciences, is business focused. Companies know that they can outsource their research to universities saving them a lot of money and in house investment. For example in a speech by Peter Mandelson, head of the department of Higher Education and Business, on October the 16th he clearly showed that the government stands alongside the companies to help them in recovering from the recession. Furthermore, in 2007 42 million pounds were spent on renewable energy while 2,597 million in weapons related research. BAE is linked to 96 projects costing 79 billion pounds of public money.

in Article 1.1 of the provisional a small and enclosed area. I Gaudie Constitution gives cannot believe there is only the game away though. ear Editors, one car park for students, particularly when there are Regards empty spaces in the staff car Alexander J. Ryland If this newspaper is so free of parks. 2nd Year Politics and IR control from the Students’ Association, why does it I think it’s disgusting that feel the need to publish the the University choose to feature “Meet your Sabbs” allow parking attendants in (17/11/09) despite its obvious to the premises, it should be ear Editors, lack of information and private property, not open to inadequacies in informing I am out raged at the parking the council, nor their money students about the role of system in place for students. making ventures. This is a the Students’ Association I am thankfully in my 4th University, I am under the Executive? year at University now and impression that the majority will hopefully be leaving of their money comes from As it is now some eight before they put any further the fees that students are months since these officers restrictions in place. I am a charged and whether those were elected to their mature student and do not in power have an aversion offices, is it not time that have the luxury of living on to the students or not, this this newspaper instead campus and do have to travel should not allow them to attempted to report on what to University because I also take advantage of their need they are doing for the student work. So far, I have received a to attend University. populace, or scrutinising parking ticket, when parked their commitment to and just on the double line on There is already a problem implementation of policy? Bedford Road, by an inch with attendance, this only or so. In the ridiculously encourages those with cars All this pandering to Students’ dangerous and over crowded to stay at home, look at Association officials (not students car park, I have had lecture slides and not bother to mention that marketing my 5 year old car scratched... attending lectures...well if its and budget are entirely out not by me, I imagine by going to cost you £30-60 in of Gaudie’s control) would someone trying to get out fines, what would you choose, make anyone think it was of the very small spaces. I or worse still £400 on getting a Students’ Association can only say it is amazing your car re-sprayed. newspaper! I suppose the how well students’ parking consolidation of this matter abilities must become in such I think it’s time somebody



thought of the implications of this ridiculous move. Yes, I appreciate we should be greener but I am afraid that is a luxury some of us just cannot afford. I hate to point out some of us actually have jobs, children and still study and for that we are penalised further. If I wasn’t so busy I would campaign full heartedly against both having attendants in the University and the introduction of parking meters. What is it they are trying to away the students who live outwith Aberdeen and not on a regular bus route. May I also point out: do those making these decisions use public transport everyday? One suspects not! I am tired of this hypocrisy and I should have forwarded my fine and garage bill to the idiot who thought of this scheme in the first place. Your sincerely, Miss Luthien T Lark We apologise for any letters which have not been printed but due to space constraints we could not print them all.

Gaudie 4th December 2009




Alex Lewis & John Braid

Gaudie Editors

First of all, we’d like to apologise for the late arrival of this edition. Gaudie was beset with problems over the weekend: fire alarms, early closings of the Hub, server failure for over 48 hours... All of them out of our control but infinitely frustrating nonetheless. But we hope that you agree with us when we say that this edition is another step in the right direction. There’s been a marked increase in the number of people wanting to be part of Gaudie; even at 24 pages there isn’t enough room for all the contributions we receive!

occupied during December. And, because we know how tempted some people are to deface the paper, here’s a whole page you can write on with abandon. Something else to occupy your mind these next few weeks is Welfare’s S.H.A.G. campaign. As part of this, the Sabbs all went for STI tests - we’ve recorded their experiences in this fortnight’s Features - to expel any doubts you may have about the procedures involved and to prove that there’s nothing to fear about getting yourself checked out!

rest assured that there are plenty of goings-on in the University and AUSA for us to investigate. Gaudie isn’t for the University staff or the Sabbatical Officers or the mindless praise of AUSA - it’s for the students of the University of Aberdeen. Even in our 75th year, we rely entirely on students getting involved so if there’s an issue you feel is being ignored or kept under wraps, let us know - we’re game.

Until next year, we wish you the best of luck in the exams, hope you have a brilliant holiday (not that we’re counting the days) and we’ll While there may not be any see you in February! We’ve reinaugurated the more editions from now Refreshers’ Week, ‘Puzzle Page’ to keep you until

Photo by Leo Stockford

Richard Dawkins at the Graduation Ceremony last week. Send your suggestions to for the chance to win a prize!

Careers Service

Volunteer of the Month a volunteering service as I Who are you? Stephanie Flett, a student heard about it in 1st year, here, studying English so I popped up to the 2nd Literature, now in 4th floor of the Hub to find out more information. year.

What do you do in your spare time? I have been volunteering The deadline for summer jobs and work experience is in BookEnds (the 2nd nigh upon us - check out their website hand charity bookshop in the Hub) for the last 2 ½ There are over 500 graduate jobs on the Find out about opportunities for work years. Careers Service website, with nearly experience or graduate vacancies to ap300 not starting until next summer. ply for (if you’re in your final year) on What does that involve? Application deadlines for these jobs the Careers Service website – www.abdn. BookEnds is the place are happening now, so visit www.abdn. and click on the ‘Latest where students come and to see vacancies related to Jobs’ button on the right hand side. You sell their unwanted books. your degree or career interest. can register for email updates tailored to They are given two-thirds your areas of interest by registering and of the selling price, the There are 127 work experience setting up a search. other third is donated opportunities on the Careers Service to charity, last year over website. Closing dates for these As well as listing job opportunities, £13,000 was raised. opportunities are from now until Careers also run workshops on On a daily basis, we stock February so look at the listings now to developing your employable appeal. up the books, CDs and ensure you don’t miss out. DVDs and sell them onto the students. You can volunteer from as little as one hour a week.

What do you think the benefits are? It is a great way to learn new skills, meet new people and it’s very flexible to fit in around your studies. In addition to my degree, I wanted to do something else to make me stand out from the crowd. I have done the MV Award which gives recognition of my volunteering hours. You have two years to complete the Award and you gain certificates after 50, 100 and 200 hours.

Photo by Michelle Higgins

Select ‘Internal’ under “Type of Work” - keep scrolling and you will see the opportunity, register your interest and details of how to apply will be sent back to “Your Placements”. Remember there are And finally: What’s your also over 100 other opportunities available guilty pleasure? Books! (especially too. anything on vampires). The Volunteering Centre, If you want to volunteer on the 2nd floor of the How did you find out like Steph, go to the HUB, is the place to AUSA website, click on visit if you want more about it? I knew the AUSA provided volunteering and register. information too.


Gaudie 4th December 2009




Return your solutions for any of these puzzles to the Gaudie office or the AUSA reception for the chance to win either cinema tickets or 2 meals at the Bobbin!



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AUSA Sports Union Office (3) AUSA Headquarters are moving to __________ (8) 4 Student Charities Parade (7) 8 Previous metallic AUSA sports event to be repeated in 2010 (7) 10 What was the name of the Freshers’ Welfare campaign (4,5) 12 AUSA’s current home (3) 13 Colours that are worn by AUSA Sports teams (3,4,4) 15 What student activity are A. Lewis and J.Braid associated with? (6) 17 What ranking did AUSA clubs and Societies get in the WhatUni awards? (5) 18 Surname for VP Education (6) 20 Sporty tournament to be held on 12th December (9) 22 Key AUSA event taking place the first week in February (10) 23 First name of the NUS Scotland President (4)


1 On campus student radio station (inits) (3) 3 Popular advice sought from AUSA Info and Advice Centre (13) 5 Who do you complain to with a class issue? (5,4) 6 Highlight of AUSA Freshers’ Week (6) 7 AUSA’s ginger President’s surname (6) 9 “Make a difference. Get involved.” Whose tagline is this? (inits) (4) 11 What colour is the star on the tree in the AUSA reception? (4) 13 There are more than ______ AUSA societies (3,7) 16 _______ City Challenge (7) 19 Students’ Charities Campaign Mascot (5) 21 AUSA’s Joblink and Volunteering assistants wear _____ t-shirts (6)

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ANAGRAMS Re-arrange the letters to form the names of famous political figures of the ‘00s. We’ll give you a clue because we think these could be fairly challenging without an internet anagram solver: there are 4 current British politicians, 2 U.S Presidents, and 4 assorted others from the decade!

Siberia Slain’s Snafu Society Soul Tiger Tiger TK’s Tonik Tunnels Under the Hammer Warehouse Wild Boar


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Liquid Ma Cameron’s Mooring’s O’Neil’s Origin Paramount Pearl Lounge POW (Prince of Wales) Priory Pub Revolution RGU


Bar Casino Cheerz Drummond Dusk Espionage Forum Globe Howf JP’s KEF Korova



Gaudie 4th December 2009


British Taekwon-Do Championships aberdeen travel to british open tournament for first time since 2000 Thierry Mamer Taekwon-Do

joined by our friends from Peterhead, Mintlaw, Inverurie and Bridge of Don, all part of On Saturday 7th November the independent Taekwonthe Aberdeen University Do schools with which the Taekwon-Do club embarked AUTKD is affiliated as well. on an adventure to compete in the yearly UKTA British As this was the event Open Championships. It was determining the new British the first time that the club champions of 2009, the attended the British Opens standard of the participants since the year 2000, since was exceptionally high. Large they are usually held in Wales groups of competitors from or Southern England: too far Scotland, England, Wales to travel. However they were and Ireland, including the lucky this year, as for the first English and Scottish national time the British Open was teams, showed up and gave held right here in Scotland, their best. It turned out to in the Kelvin Hall in Glasgow, be a very long day. The first allowing the club to attend competitors were up shortly this huge event. after 9.30, and the AUTKD minibus only left the premises Their attendance was not almost 12 hours later. The as big as it was for other University Clubs attendees competitions in the past, consisted of five students like the Scottish Open competing: Stuart Rogers, Championships in spring. Thomas Elias Jones, Iris The reason for this was that Krammer, Hallur Simonsen after only 6 weeks of term- and Kris Carbis, who were time it was not possible to get accompanied by the club many students adequately coach Thierry Mamer. prepared for this event. However, they did not show In the morning, for the up in Glasgow alone. Once first discipline: patterns in the Kelvin Hall, they were (prearranged series of

fundamental moves against imaginary opponents), Stuart Rogers managed to pick up a silver medal after being called up for 5 rounds, where he was finally beaten by the new British champion. Then, in the early afternoon Kris Carbis managed to walk away with a bronze medal, after two long painful rounds of free sparring. In the later afternoon, Hallur Simonsen had an epic showdown in the Power Test category.

break the board. Finally, Hallur lost the contest and had to settle for Silver, but he was more than happy to do so. As Hallur stated after the contest: “I have never seen a victory so well deserved as this one”, and rightfully so, his opponent did actually injure himself quite severely on the second last technique, a kick with the heel. The kick was slightly off target which resulted in the heel hitting a metal bit on the

As this was the event determining the new British champions of 2009 The standard of the participants was exceptionally high Power Test (sometimes referred to as Destruction) involves breaking boards using a selected range of techniques: punches, strikes, and several kicks. There were 4 knockout rounds until only two contenders remained, then it continued for another 2 rounds, until only one competitor managed to

boardholder. According to the ring medic, several stitches were needed. Yet, the guy got back on his feet almost immediately, limped back to the boardholder and punched through the next board with incredible power, breaking the board, and also injuring his fist in the process. This was a feat that

Picture by Abdn Uni Taekwon-do club

Hallur did not quite manage to reproduce. He failed to break the board with the next punch. After the winner was given his rightfully deserved Gold medal, he was driven to the hospital. Finally, in the evening, Hallur managed to score a Gold medal as well, this time for Special Technique, which involves performing a flying kick as high as possible. This was once more a knockout competition, and because none of his opponents managed to kick as high as

him, he was awarded Gold after the first round. All in all it was not as easy as it would be in the Scottish Open in previous years, as the standard of all competitors was a lot higher. Yet, with 5 competitors carrying 4 medals, the Aberdeen University Taekwon-Do club walked away successful. Everyone had a good time and gave their best, and even those that lost did not give their opponents an easy run for their victories.

Duathlon Success For King’s Triathletes Ben Christman Triathlon November was a hugely successful month for Aberdeen University’s triathlon club, King’s Triathletes, with first place finishes and prizes galore in two local duathlon races. Sunday 15th saw a huddle of University triathletes, or in this case ‘duathletes’, leave the confines of Aberdeen for the Methlick Duathlon. This race consists of a 3km run, followed by an 18km cycle, followed by another 3km run. The AUKT ladies had a field day, annihilating the local competition. Female triathletes Cathy Wyse (1:09:54) and Julie Erskine (1:11:33) finished as 1st and 2nd female seniors, beginning what will undoubtedly prove to be a fierce intra-club rivalry. On the men’s side; James Hand (1:04:32), Kilian Palop (1:06:08) and Dara

O’Hogain (1:07:40) all earned respectable top-ten places. Sunday 22nd saw another group of masochistic students haul themselves out of bed at an ungodly hour to enter the slightly longer Inverurie duathlon. This time it was a 5km run, followed by a 21km cycle, finishing with a 5km run. A strong wind, undulating course and, for the author, a heavy bout of man-flu in the preceding week, made this race an excruciating endeavour. As with all duathlons, you experience a very strange, almost out of body, sensation as you come off your bike and hobble onto the second run. Your legs become swollen with lactic acid, it feels like running as a creature akin to the Michelin man. It wasn’t only the ladies who did well this time. Matthew Alexander (1:25:06) catapulted himself triumphantly onto the

Scottish triathlon scene, and restored some male pride within the club, finishing as the top male junior. Julie Erskine (1:26:11) again proved her calibre, winning the female senior category. The veteran athlete Dr. Ian Edwards came in 2nd place in the Super-vet category, and the other male seniors did well too; Kilian Palop (1:16:09) and Dara O’Hogain (1:19:31) coming well within the top ten in the hotly-contested male senior category. So well done to all of the club members who raced. King’s Triathletes now have a rest until after exams in February 2010, when the newly announced Scottish University Triathlon League kicks into gear. This league, a new project for 2009/2010, includes a duathlon in Dundee, an aquathlon (swim/run) in Aberdeen and a sprint triathlon (swim/cycle/run) finale in Edinburgh. Top ten male and female students win points

Photo by Ben Christman

in any multisport races such as the above, then come along to one of our training sessions. You don’t need to be an athlete to join, in fact you don’t need any pre-existing If you fancy getting involved level of fitness, just a bit of which go towards individual and club prizes at the end of the league. Hopefully we will earn a nice big shiny trophy for Aberdeen!

enthusiasm. You can contact myself at b.christman.05@, or have a look at our website, http://, for training times. Beginners are welcome!



Gaudie 4th December 2009

Archery Team Aim High James Pike Archery On Saturday the 24th of October, a group of eight archers from the Aberdeen University Archery Club (AUAC) awoke horrendously early, piled into two cars and drove to Edinburgh University for the Novice Training Day. This is an annual event which gives novices from universities across Scotland the opportunity to improve their skills, receive expert coaching, and socialise with like-minded people. This year was to be no exception. Following workshops on bow set up, technique and all important etiquette, a fun competition was put together. The archers shot a half 30 arrows and the top eight scorers were then paired up for a head-to-head match. Véronique Heijnsbroek and Ross Hendry from AUAC made it through and with their new found teammates, formed teams “Garfield” and “We’re Not Humerus,

It’s no Fibula” respectfully. With the encouragement of the other Aberdeen archers (which in places was arguable more of a hinderance than helpful) Véronique’s pair won 1st place and Ross took 3rd. Prizes, in the form of chocolate, were awarded before everyone headed to the pub to socialise and eat the free food. Overall, it was a successful and enjoyable day. Edinburgh University archers gave AUAC plenty of positive feedback on the performance of all the novices and the drivers didn’t even get too lost in the city centre. Hoping to continue the club’s successful spearhead into the new season, two archers travelled down to Montrose in the almost horizontal rain for the SAA(Scottish Archery Association) U21 Championships on Sunday the 1st of November. Club Captain James Pike shot a cool composed 561 (with a miss!) to win the bronze medal whilst down the line Sebastian Marler knocked

out a personal best of 560 to come 4th. The competition was very close with only a few points separating the top archers. Erik Rowbotham, of Edinburgh University Archery Club, shot a score of 566 to win the trophy, whilst in second place came a fellow Aberdonian with 565. However, whilst everyone was busy picking up shiny things and having a great time the weather conditions outside were gradually getting worse with a third of November’s rain landing pretty much on the doorstep in a few hours! Having half waded, half swum to the train station James and Seb found themselves (literally) marooned, with every road around Montrose flooded and the railways brought to a halt with landslides. After an epic 9 hour wait with nothing but a cup of Scotrail coffee to show for their efforts, they finally began the 40 mile journey homeward, arriving in the cold and damp early hours of Monday morning!

Sparkling Performance From ‘Team Cream Egg’ competitors scored well. Particular mention must be paid to Debbie Green who put in a convincing performance The second SUS trampoline only to narrowly miss out on competition of the year saw placing in a medal winning Dundee University play host position. to the event on the 22nd of November. Following Jodie Dunz, Alice Findlay, on from a successful medal Debbie Green and Douglas haul at the first competition, Naismith took silver in the AUTrC were looking to put team competition ahead of in a strong performance to RGU in bronze, thankfully. maintain second place in the Following the two gold medals league. won in the intermediate categories, AUTrC were eager Putting in an exciting to learn of their current league performance in Intermediate placing. Unfortunately we Men’s, Captain Naismith have slipped to third place clinched the gold medal from and now trail RGU by a single the enviable fist of his bitter point who lie in second, while RGU rival. Pay back was Edinburgh have edged out in earned. front. The next competition will be taking place in Intermediate Ladies saw February where AUTrC will Jodie Dunz reach the top of look to overtake RGU in the podium and take gold the league and chase down out of 32 competitors. The Edinburgh for that top spot other Intermediate Ladies in the league.

Jodie Dunz Trampolining

Photo by Tim Browett

Trampolining: It was at this point that she realised, much to her dismay, that some joker had moved the trampoline.

Competing in their first competition were Nicola Michie, Emma Wharton, Cat Reid, Claire Cuthill, Ramona Boehnel and Katrin Schaefler who all put in a good effort and helped raise the profile of AUTrC. Other competitors were Liam Gibbons, Thomas Elias-Jones, Vicky Burr, Victoria Smith and Tim Browett who must all be commended for their effort as dedicated members of the competition squad. If you would like to come along and try trampolining out for yourself please email: d.r.naismith.07@aberdeen. Alternatively please come along to ASV main hall Monday 18:30-21:00 and Wednesdays 14:30-16:30. We encourage people to come along for fun and your first bounce is free.

Sport Gaudie

Inside: Triathlon,

Trampolining, Taekwondo and Archery. 4th December

1st XI Progress To Last Eight Aberdeen 1st


(Leitch, Lawrence, Champion)

Strathclyde 2nd (Murison)

1 Photo by Robin Parker

PRogress in the bucs cup: Pictured here in their defeat to Inverurie Locos earlier in the year, Aberdeen Uni’s first football team have had an impressive season.

Neil Rankin AUFC Captain

Keith Park, Hillhead

strips! 5 minutes in and the first real chance fell to Aberdeen’s vice-captain Lamont. A poor kick out from the keeper landed at Lamont’s feet but he was unable to capitalise as his shot went high over the bar. Seconds later a cross from Champion met the head of Black but the elder statesman narrowly missed as the ball brushed the sidenetting.

On Wednesday 25th November the men’s football 1st XI took to the field at Hillhead against a strong Strathclyde 2nd’s in the final game of the group stage of BUCS Cup. With the two teams tied on points going into the game a win was essential to progress into the Strathclyde then began to knockout stages. get into the game and they had four good chances in On a bitterly cold day it was the space of 15 minutes. important to start well and Aberdeen could have found Aberdeen did so. Straight themselves behind had it from kick off the home side not been for some good took the game to Strathclyde goalkeeping from Stephen and made it clear that the and a tremendous sliding visitors were going home tackle from Haywood. with nothing more than dirty

In the 41st minute Jason Bell made a good run into the box but was brought down and the ref had no choice but to award a penalty. The recently appointed penalty taker, Lawrence, stepped up and put it low to the right. However, the keeper guessed correctly and a made a good save, touching it out for a corner. On the stroke of halftime some smart thinking from Aberdeen captain Paul Scott saw a quick free-kick brush past the far post. Half Time: 0-0. The second half started much as the first had with Aberdeen piling the pressure on and searching for the first goal of the game. Lawrence made a good run but failed to get a shot off on time and Bell’s cutback met Haywood but the shot was blocked

by a defender in a packed penalty box. Minutes later Strathclyde’s No. 10 broke through the defence and although keeper Stephen fumbled the initial shot he was able to react quickly and smother the ball, easing the pressure on the home defence. Substitute Kevin Leitch had been looking menacing since entering the action and after 67 minutes he repaid his captain’s faith by putting Aberdeen ahead. A poor back pass was chased down by Leitch and the winger rounded the keeper and gracefully passed it into the open net. The lead was shortlived as just a minute and a half later Strathclyde left winger Murison broke into the box and buried it in the bottom corner.

Both teams began to push for the winner and Aberdeen left back Champion put a great cross into the box but a stretching Lamont put it just wide. After 82 minutes Aberdeen’s new French signing Doleac came on for Whitfield and immediately saved his team mates blushes by intercepting a ball that was fired across the box. Just 4 minutes before the end Leitch again broke down the left and dinked a ball past the keeper to Lawrence who casually scored his twelfth of the season – not bad for a fresher! Aberdeen began to slow the game down with the seconds ticking away but Strathclyde kept the pressure up and put a shot just over the bar. Leitch continued to cause

problems and he nicked in to get the ball to Doleac who put his shot well over the bar. The Frenchman’s embarrassment was saved as it was given offside. In the dying seconds Strathclyde’s defender handled the ball in the box and Champion dispatched the penalty with lethal venom. In the end it was a deserved victory that was hard fought for by the home side. Debutant Jamie Wells played through the pain of having a broken jaw and there were more solid performances from the senior players in the squad. Man of the match goes to Kevin Leitch who changed the game when he came on and hopefully the 1st XI can build on the disappointment of last year when they lost in the quarter finals on penalties.

Gaudie - 4th December 2009  

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