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Moving on from the advice given at the Interim Review, I realised I had to re-consider the scale and attitude of my building. The building I presented at the Interim Review was quite an urban building that had no real relationship with the beautiful garden landscape that Hedieh, Abby and I have worked so hard to create. So moving forward I have created what I consider a more appropriate scaled building that hopefully begins to have a more engaging relationship with its context.

With thanks to Simon Leeson

View of proposed basement floor as viewed by at the top of the staircase.

View of proposed public library space on the ground floor with upper level also expressed.

Translucent Concrete: Translucent concrete is a concrete based building material with light-transmissive properties due to embedded light optical elements - usually optical fibres. Light is conducted through the stone from one end to the other. Shadows cast onto one side appear as silhouettes through the material. I propose using translucent concrete as a cladding material on the upper floor to allow for a diffused light to enter the library space and on sunny days the silhouettes of trees will appear on the wall, giving a close relationship to the garden theme of the library and garden outside. Curtain Wall Glazing: I propose to include curtain wall glazing on the East and West elevations to allow natural day light to enter the library spaces. On the west elevation the curtain wall glazing will allow natural daylight to enter the basement level to reduce the dependency of artificial lighting. On the east elevation the glazing plays an important part in creating a relationship with the private reading garden attached to the library. Users of the specialist garden library space will have direct access and views into the garden area. I am trying to create an atmosphere where the interior and exterior are blurred, so the users feel like they are already in the garden even although they are inside.

Kirsty - Week 8  
Kirsty - Week 8  

Development of Final Scheme