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Dropping out of school The issue that we will deal with today is existing in our social reality: dropping out of school. This is the fact that young people and children who attend school, cease to attend that when they are going at the level of primary or secondary, interrupted his studies and fail to attend school classes to complete his development and academic preparation, bringing inadequate impact in their life and social life of the country. WHAT THE SCHOOL DROP-OUT? It is an educational problem affecting the development of the individual that is ceasing to attend school and also of the society in which one, is living. What usually understand that it is the reason why is dropping out of school is basically two points: -Economic problems - issues of family disintegration to quote you a study given to 64,000 children of certain area of our country, which they stopped attending primary or secondary school, and questioned the reasons why these children ceased to attend school classes. Most striking is that ceased to attend because did not like school or study life. He was not happy or satisfied with their school attendance and simply ceased to attend because he didn't like studying. This is a point that does not has a direct relationship with what we normally understood that it is the reason why students fail to attend school regularly But the issue is that they stopped attending school not because they did not have the capability or not having any near campus, but because they didn't like studying. This we call analysis in order to understand what is happening in schools, with pupils, why is happening this desertion where one third of the students who are moving away from the classrooms, is because he simply didn't like studying.

EFFECTS OF DROPPING OF SCHOOL Dropping out of school has both social and individual effects. Social effects are interesting to draw conclusions why countries in Latin America are in the situation that they are. A significant drop, affects the labour force; i.e. persons with school drop-outs, have lower labour force, are less competent and most difficult of rater

Causes of dropping out of school The first cause is attributed to the lack of resources for further consideration and the need to financially assist the family, through active collaboration in household chores, both at home and in the field *Pregnancies in girls and young women are the second leading cause of school dropouts in the Peru, after the economic problems – family *Causes of dropping out of school: found that not only are the low income the exclusive determinant of dropping out, but also the poor living conditions, family disintegration and the precariousness of affective relations within the household. *causes of dropping out of school: the absence of offer (schools) or remoteness affects forcefully for dropping out of school-age girls. Also, in rural areas with poor lines of communication difficulties in access to school drive the defection. *Causes of dropping out of school: school backwardness and, consequently, the repetition is an important determinant for, regardless of gender, increase the probability of leaving school. • The traditional educational system based on the retention of a child in a given school year as a result of its low yield could be beneficial that you believe is more damaging

Failure impacts school • School failure is not only a failure of the children, but that can include parents and teachers... and even reach extremes as radical as suicide. • Years ago the lower number of students towards the failure to be younger and the sons of the disadvantaged classes content with continuing occupational fate of his parents, who usually were jobs that required little knowledge

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