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Senior Projects

2015 Senior Project is the culmination of a student’s learning experience at Ross School. Through the execution of Senior Project, students embody their passions in a process and product that integrate such Ross School principles as multiple intelligences, cultural/historical context, personal reflection, application of technology, and pursuit of excellence. The main components of the Senior Project are the Process Folio, the Final Product, and the Presentation. The relationship between the student and his or her Senior Project mentor is critical to the evolution and realization of the project. Ross faculty members serve as Senior Project mentors, performing as facilitators, advisors, editors, critics, and advocates. At the conclusion of the Senior Project, students should have deeper insight into themselves as learners and producers.


Guangrui An The Creation of Math and Art Mentor: Heather D’Agostino Domain: Mathematics Faculty: Robert Eldi My product focuses on the mix of beauty in different domains. Combining complex math functions with 3D technology can create amazing patterns. While I was viewing all the graphs, designing jewelry came to my mind. Counterplots, 3D plots, and polyhedra are drawn by new math software called Mathematica. I hope this design will be a pioneer in the designing domain and lead others to start thinking in another way since I used only technology and math knowledge to design a work of art, a piece of gold jewelry.

Ava Andrea Mutatio Mentor: Susan Walker Domains: Visual Arts, World Languages and Literature: English Faculty: Therese Lichtenstein For my Senior Project, I wrote a series of five fictional short stories based on famous works of art. Each piece was used as a conceptual and abstract visual prompt for each story. The works I used are Ecce Homo by Paul Delvaux, Memory by René Magritte, The Clown by Henri Matisse, The Vertebrate Grotto by Salvador Dalí, and Conjure Woman by Romare Bearden. I had the famous works printed onto large canvases, and I created my own artwork overtop that relates to the story it corresponds to. My overall product of stories and artwork is called Mutatio, the Latin word for “mutate,” because I have mutated the meaning and aesthetics of the works.

Ariel Anza Busy Mind Mentor: Gary Skellington Domains: Visual Arts, World Languages and Literature: English Faculty: Nicole Berberena For my project I decided to take a closer look at anxiety disorders and reflect on my own experiences as someone who has lived with anxiety most of her life. Anxiety is a disorder on the rise, already affecting 40 million adults in the United States. I wanted to portray the different behaviors associated with various anxiety disorders and make them interpretable to a general audience. A main goal of mine was to give people a look into the brain of someone who approaches life differently through painting. I incorporated my own journey with anxiety in the paintings, including certain fears I have, lessons I’ve learned over the years, and pieces of writing that describe the feelings and thoughts going through an anxious mind. I aimed to be a voice for not only myself but also other people who suffer from anxiety. I always thought of anxiety as a brain that had a bit more going on than other brains, a busy mind.


Livia Azevedo The Treehouse Project Mentor: Jon Mulhern Domains: Visual Arts, Science Faculty: Ned Smyth Eager to incorporate my passion for architectural design and structural engineering into my Senior Project, I decided to construct a treehouse. Not only was I able to design my own personal space within nature, I was also able to learn construction and woodworking techniques. Working closely with my mentor and a carpenter, I went from building parts of the set for the spring musical to building a fully functional structure up in the trees.

Guillermo Beroy Ross FC Legacy Mentor: Nick McLeod Domain: Media Studies and Technology Faculty: Nicole Berberena For my Senior Project, I have joined soccer and technology to improve the Ross School soccer team. I have experienced being part of the team, and after noticing the potential of the program, I’ve come up with three different ways to show the school how to develop the program. The first part of this legacy is a website that has all the information from the past season, including statistics, player information, games, and pictures. The second part includes the introduction of a new logo and different jersey designs for the following season, including important features regarding the Ross School experience. The last part is the creation of a 3D model for a high school soccer stadium that would be able to provide more space for our growing student body. These three concepts will be the beginning of the legacy I will be leaving to Ross School.

Nikki Betuel Turning Points: Lessons of the Holocaust for the 21st Century Mentor: Carrie Clark Domains: Cultural History, Visual Arts Faculty: Therese Lichtenstein A turning point is a single moment when an individual feels that his or her life has changed, for better or for worse. For my Senior Project, I decided to personally interview Holocaust survivors, identify the turning points in their lives, and collect their wisdom and perspectives on our modern society. Although historical events are finite, these interviews made it clear that the lessons of history transcend time. In order to demonstrate the longevity of the lessons of the Holocaust, I wrote a book that connects each survivor’s turning point with a current event. By using clean and contemporary graphics; creating original, mixed-media artwork; connecting survivors’ turning points to current events; and preserving their advice for the future, my book unites the lessons of history with the 21st century.


Eddie Chan Human Bioart Mentor: Jon Mulhern Domains: Science, Visual Arts Faculty: Nicole Berberena My Senior Project is focused on developing multiple art skills and transforming human biology research into paintings and sculptures. Through the research, I started to understand human biology, and provided the information contained in my works of art. My objective is to help people understand how their bodies work, through the paintings and sculptures, in an easy but memorable way. I also wish to use this project to improve my art skills and create amazing artwork.

Ella Chang Nation Mentor: Therese Lichtenstein Domain: Visual Arts Faculty: Jennifer Cross I am creating sculptural masks of different races that combine visual art and history together. Each of them represents different cultures, languages, and races that also connect to the idea of the Ross global community. The first mask is Asian, the second one is African American, and the third one is Caucasian. The last one is a mixture of the other three. The reason why I chose to do a combination of different nations and races is to convey the idea of human equality, because our nation and our community are one big family.

Ping Cheng The Spiral Mentor: Ned Smyth Domain: Visual Arts Faculty: Shelby Raebeck Since I was a boy, I have had an obsession with building models and kits; however, the highest honor, in this case I’ll say, is to construct a model or kit of architecture, which I never had the chance to accomplish. After I started to study abroad in the United States, this dissatisfaction lay deeply inside me, forgotten. This dissatisfaction was once again awakened when I chose what my Senior Project would be. I finally decided to fill in this unsatisfied hole by designing my own museum with floor plans, elevation drawings, and a model demonstrating the general concept of the design. The concept of curved modernized architecture has impacted me greatly, especially the work of Oscar Niemeyer. The research I did on him and other modern architects such as Zaha Hadid and Herzog & de Meuron, influenced my product in terms of its spiral outer shape.


Olivia Cohen An Investigation in Marine Biodiversity: Florida Keys Mentor: Patricia Lein Domains: Science, Media Studies and Technology Faculty: Jessica Pollina In the Florida Keys, the surrounding biodiverse waters are filled with a plethora of marine flora and fauna. The question is, just how many? Using biocubes as a standardized measurement, four different locations in the Florida Keys were measured for their biodiversity. The sampled areas were a patch of Sargassum in the Atlantic Ocean, a coral reef in the Atlantic Ocean, a coral reef in the Gulf of Mexico, and a section of mangroves in a local canal. Through this observational study, the tiny overlooked organisms of our everyday ecosystems are brought into focus in order to determine how much life can be found in just one cubic foot.

Inga Cordts Two Wonders Confessed Mentor: Dwight Curtis Domains: World Languages and Literature: English, Visual Arts Faculty: Therese Lichtenstein Social media nurtures self-expression that creates a reality apart from our own. In addition, it creates a sanctuary or refuge. Various themes exist within this reality and one of the most honest is the public expression of privacy. An example is the anonymous comment “Why couldn’t I tell her this as I watched her walk away?” on Nat King Cole’s “There Will Never Be Another You.” I have found several of these comments from various social media sites that develop this theme and have used them as my source of inspiration. While traditional expressions of sacredness may be union, prayer or confession, these comments express a modern, evolved sacredness. Whether an expression of doubt, confusion or true confession, each is a private feeling left to a sea of strangers. Ultimately, I find these comments emotionally provocative and have therefore written a dual-narrative poetry collection of loss, as both an abstraction of this theme and as personal reflection. In addition, I have constructed an installation using lights, projection and a domestic setting to provide an atmosphere for this loss. Ultimately, I offer you a sacred moment.

Teague Costello Manipulating and Printing the Grain of Wood Mentor: Alexis Martino Domain: Visual Arts Faculty: Therese Lichtenstein It is incredible how trees take shape. Searching through the dump, the woods, or even your own backyard, you would be surprised by the hidden beauty of old stumps that are just lying around. After being influenced by artist Bryan Nash’s printmaking, I began creating my own version of prints from the rings of the center of trees. Learning that it was possible to create an image of these natural forms, I figured out a method that allows me to print the stump’s grain. These prints are the result of a technique that raises the grain of the wood through a 6

burning process, allowing for the softer wood within the stump to burn and denser wood to not be affected. Throughout this process I found a love for printmaking and interest in the natural design of wood, and the final prints are diverse and fascinating to look at.

Liam Cummings Autonomous Water Chemistry Monitoring Drone Mentor: David Morgan Domains: Media Studies and Technology, Science Faculty: Jack Szczepanski For my project, I programmed and hacked together an autonomous drone capable of self-navigation and logging several types of water quality data that are important to ecosystem health. The microcontroller is capable of being installed in some types of small motorized watercraft, and is relatively inexpensive to build, making it a tool that could assist marine scientists in ecosystem research.

Olivia Eberstadt it was there once Mentor: Alexis Martino Domain: Visual Arts Faculty: Therese Lichtenstein For my Senior Project, I created a short experimental film illustrating the contrast between youth and decay. Immortality is an inveterate ideal that humanity yearns for. Since humans were created, we have been looking for a remedy to cure our fleeting lives. Tales of the fountain of youth have been spread worldwide, and some believe it exists. But what makes us desire youth and immortality? Why can’t we be fulfilled with entropy? Visually, this polarity between two phenomena is alluring and odd. Film is an exemplary way to convey and express this contrast using visuals and music. The fantasy of youth and the reality of decay are not as interesting individually as they are when compared. Youth, standing on its own, is beautiful, but there is nothing to compare it to, no limit for it to exceed. When paired with decay, youth becomes exceedingly more magnificent. The ephemeral is what makes immortality so fantastical and alluring. It sets a boundary that immortality passes over with ease. The inevitability that all life will perish makes youth—the true symbol of the immortal—that much more spectacular.

Julia Edelman J.Edelman Furniture Mentor: Brianna Ashe Domain: Visual Arts Faculty: Jon Mulhern I created a furniture company, J.EDELMAN. I create unique furniture that incorporates time-proven classics with modern living. My mission is to combine two eras of style, and integrate generations by bringing back the old and combining it with the new. My furniture is a mix of classic and contemporary, with antique accents that make it different from all the rest. For my final product, I 7

threw myself upon the challenge of redefining “what is a couch?” A photograph or a poem asks the viewer to look deeper and interpret what they’re seeing and feeling; it provokes them to come up with their own reaction. The outcome is entirely based on the viewer’s emotions, and won’t necessarily match the artist’s. Furniture is different: the viewer will either like it, or dislike it; however, their connection to it will go much deeper. Furniture sees and feels you everyday, as you do with it. It is there to cradle you when you’re sick, hold you, comfort you, and aesthetically please you. Communicating with my viewers (and sitters) goes much deeper than the visual eye; it becomes a part of their life.

Sage Elsesser Do You Feel Safe? Are You Cold? Mentor: Jennifer Cross Domain: Visual Arts Faculty: Brianna Ashe I have produced a total of 16 works: eight oil paintings, four collages, and four drawings. In my opinion, art should convey emotion. Art is an extension of oneself. I chose to paint four comforting images that hold sentimental value to me. I have recognized the importance of harmony within my life. With comfort, there is discomfort. As a result, I painted four images that have fearful elements. If comfort and discomfort lie on two opposing ends of a spectrum, the middle space is filled with contradictory reality. Life is full of challenges, but what is a story without a conflict? I have produced four collages reflecting on the experiences that shaped me into the person I am. The most recent American lynching took place in 1984. It feels good to talk about things. I have also produced four drawings that display victims of lynchings throughout the 20th century in the United States. I had thought that the purpose of my project was to attest to the presence and importance of balance in one’s life. Although balance seems appropriate in weighing two ideas, it is two-dimensional. It wasn’t balance, it was harmony, as a circle becomes a sphere. Harmony is key in accepting who you are. Through honest expression, satisfaction is guaranteed.

Greta Faeser Echo of Vision Mentor: Soraya Brooks Domain: Visual Arts I painted a painting representing my experiences at Ross and New York City. Art is a very personal way to express someone’s feelings. In my painting, you will find shapes and silhouettes reminding you of New York and Ross School. The main technique that I have been using is the splatter technique. This painting contains a lot of feelings and memories of my last two years at Ross.


Fernando Fernandes Untitled Mentor: Brianna Ashe Domain: Wellness Faculty: Ben Bonaventura For my Senior Project, I will be doing exercises that will help people to discover themselves through their emotions. First, I will do some study on emotions and how it interferes in people’s performances (by reading a book called Spark, as well as doing some research on the Internet). Along with my studies, I will also be writing a daily journal on my own emotions and why/how they make me perform a certain way. I will also make a chart on emotions versus things you can do to avoid/change them and do a survey of athletes and other students at school.

Nikki Fung Folklore-Inspired Fashion Mentor: Lance Sun Domain: Visual Arts Faculty: Anna Strong As a teenager, I always wanted to become a fashion designer in my future. As a designer, I want my clothes to represent the beauty and strength of women at the same time. This is why I decided to do fashion design for my Senior Project. The inspiration for my Senior Project was “Little Red Riding Hood,” “The Wild Swans,” and “The Snow Queen.” I designed a collection of seven outfits in addition to producing a runway show. The collection is designed for the fall and winter season. The designs were created with a specific audience in mind. The market that is targeted in my designs is young ladies.

Daisy Gallaher Being Dyslexic Mentor: Ivan Salcedo Domains: Visual Arts, Science Faculty: Ned Smyth I have created an abstract video installation whereby the viewer will find himself immersed in the mind of the dyslexic learner. The words of my interviewees are both the soundtrack and the visual inspiration for the videos. Their experiences and thoughts have been recreated with the ultimate goal of portraying to the viewer what it is like to be dyslexic.

Caio Garcia Building Music Mentor: Robert Davies Domains: Performing Arts: Music, Visual Arts Faculty: Gary Skellington For my project, I built an acoustic guitar out of wood and metal, and composed songs for me to play with this guitar. I based the building process on how guitars 9

are traditionally built, but decided to make the top out of metal in an attempt to get a different sound. I’ve drawn the inspiration for my songs from my Rock background mixed with what I’ve been learning in Jazz Band in my senior year. My lyrics revolve around the theme of a masquerade and are an introspective reflection on the superficiality of men in society.

Jhané Gibson From Little Islands to Long Island Mentor: Susan Walker Domains: World Languages and Literature: English, Cultural History Faculty: Shelby Raebeck For my project, I chose to develop my writing skills. I did so by creating a series of nonfiction letters that take place during freshman year at Ross. I wrote 11 letters that are centered on a young girl named Kia. Each reflects the cultural and lifestyle differences I have observed since moving from the Bahamas to the United States. The letters reflect the emotions I’ve experienced over the past four years, along with various events that took place.

Will Greenberg “melomuse”: Designing and Creating a Musical Exploration Machine Mentor: Dan Roe Domains: Media Studies and Technology, Visual Arts, Performing Arts: Music Faculty: Urban Reininger Music is mind-altering. When I play the piano, I get into a state of mind different from anything else I do. It’s one of my favorite things to do…but learning was tough. So I created an electronic instrument that anyone can play without a learning curve. I call it melomuse. It’s a repurposed step-sequencer, a tool used by producers and DJs to make rhythms and arpeggiate melodies. I designed a sound for melomuse, built the device itself, and learned how to code in Arduino. It’s a lot of fun to play around with; I hope you get a chance to try it.

Lina Gritcuk Fashion Insight Mentor: Nicole Berberena Domain: Visual Arts Faculty: Giulia Beccarelli I believe that fashion is individual and each one of us has his or her own way of expressing ourselves through dressing up. I decided to explore where fashion starts and how it is brought to life, from sketches to the actual garments. My Senior Project is about creating a fashion line and pre-recording a fashion show. I chose doing that because fashion is my biggest interest and I have always wanted to experience what it is like to be a designer. On my own, I have designed and tailored several items including skirts, tops, and dresses. My goal is to learn how fashion is made and also to simply enjoy the process of taking an


illustration from just an idea to a fabricated garment that someone could wear, which would be a dream come true.

Erick Guzman When the clock moves anti-clockwise or not at all... Mentor: Dwight Curtis Domain: World Languages and Literature: English Faculty: Sam Yarabek (For Cosma and Mom) When the clock moves anti-clockwise or not at all... The ticks of my arrogant existence will cease to disturb me, will cease to fight my dying need to sleep, will cease to wake me when I have almost reached Nothing. I knock on the door of Nothing and, like children, She will play with me running round and round till we die with the need to sleep. Before we close our eyes to enter the deepest sleep, the portentous ticks are seen by me and the rain of Time has taken Nothing. Let me sleep—for I have a dying need to sleep and a dying need to find my Nothing. I wrote a series of poems on my questioning of the inconsistencies of the American lifestyle, and the beliefs that come with it, and my attempt to unpretentiously find my voice—to look at myself as nothing but a mere human. That is, in experimentation I try to escape the mindsets and ideologies we have on the existence and the meaning of human lives, and face the loneliness that comes with this. I love and admire Literature, because she has helped me connect to those before me, who’ve become like older brothers, and understand my own feelings—still hard for me to express. Poetry is my art, yet it still makes me uncomfortable to call myself a poet, and this doubt is a recurring theme in my work. My work is my attempt at acceptance, or rather my attempt to express our secret desire for acceptance. Writing is my most recent, and at times most cherished, way to deal with my troubles lest I fall into a certain void and never come out. It is a chance for me to reflect and to come to terms with myself, and the bull**** that comes with me. It has become a form of meditation. I will be humbled and honored if those who read my work find something that resonates with them and/or enhances their awareness of an experience.


JeongHo Ha Untitled Mentor: Urban Reininger Domains: Media Studies and Technology, Science Faculty: Robert Eldi For my Senior Project, I built off of my experience at Innovation Lab at Ross, where I dove headlong into individual hands-on projects that required innovative integration of a variety of skills and knowledge from several different disciplines. Since the summer of 2014, I have been designing and building a flying robot to personally experience vertical innovation. I intended to study physics and aerodynamics of birds’ flight in order to create a semi-autonomous robot that employs a bird’s flapping mechanism to fly without propellers. I challenged myself with exotic materials, complex electric circuits, heavy programming, and 3D designing to reproduce as much of the phenomenal aerodynamics of an albatross—active wing torsion, dual-action flapping motion, and jet stream soaring—as possible. The bird is equipped with an intricate transmission system that transforms the electric motor’s rotational motion into up-down strokes that significantly augment aerodynamic efficiency, a gyroscopic auto-balancing system that stabilizes the flight by itself, and a first-person-view camera that captures the magnificent panorama from the sky. Through this project, I leaped one step closer to reaching my childhood dream of flying.

Walker Hamilton “Canis lupus familiaris” Mentor: Alexis Martino Domains: Media Studies and Technology, World Languages and Literature: English Faculty: Jennifer Cross For my Senior Project, I focused on the connection between humans and dogs in a series of dog portraits. I photographed my subjects on a seamless backdrop to emphasize the dog only, without a distracting background. I created a photo book containing images of each dog subject, along with stories and information that the owners provided. Through my project, I hope to capture the personality of each dog as well as aspects of its relationship with its owner.

Jiaze (David) He City Model Designing and Making Mentor: Vincent Barbato Domain: Visual Arts Faculty: Ned Smyth The project is an urban model based on the Huangyuan Market in the Yiwu International Trade Market and Xiuhu Park in Yiwu, Zhejiang, China. The model shows a replica of the market, park, and some residences. The purpose of this model is to persuade people to visit Yiwu by gaining an enhanced understanding of the city.


Madison Hummel Life Through His Eyes Mentor: Dan Roe Domains: Science, Media Studies and Technology Faculty: Linda Hanrahan I have created a documentary about raising awareness about autism. I chose to do this project because my stepbrother has autism and I have always been fascinated in how much different people with disabilities can be portrayed to be when really they are just people who are, in a sense, lost in the world. My project is important because autism has become so common now and such a large deal. There are still people that have never experienced people with autism. The video will embody everything that autistic adults go through in their daily lives.

Patricia Jewett Planet Treasure Mentor: Alexis Martino Domain: Media Studies and Technology, Visual Arts Faculty: Nicole Berberena Planet Treasure will be an online clothing store that reflects my personal style. I have an eclectic collection of vintage clothes, jewelry, and other miscellaneous items that will be for sale on my website and during Exhibition Night, when I will create a “pop-up store.�

Wenqian Jiang Board Game of Ancient Warfare and Tactical Formations Mentor: Gary Skellington Domains: Cultural History, Mathematics, Visual Arts Faculty: Robert Eldi The project contains two parts, which are a board game about ancient warfare and mathematical analysis. In order to make the board game match the real scenario, the game contains sapper, digging tools, scouting, natural events, and different modes of combat. In addition, the game contains topographical configurations and various arrangements of soldiers, which lead to different results. The purpose of the game is to show the real ancient warfare—not one battle, but a generalization of war during a long period of time. The game also reflects constant conflict in the classical period and medieval period, in which modern techniques and artillery were not invented. The various tools and tactical strategies in the game are designed to convey the wisdom of our predecessors. The mathematical analysis is used to show the probability of winning in different arrangements; it also justifies the existence of tactical formation.


Yeon Woo Jung H. R. Giger’s Alien Mentor: Andrew Kirk Domain: Visual Arts Faculty: Jon Mulhern If an individual has to nominate the best monster design from modern mass media, the Alien would be one of the major options. The Alien was a huge influence on the trends of modern horror movies. The countless symbolisms and representative figures continuously throw messages to the audiences. This project, an iron sculpture of the Alien, will provide images and themes that H. R. Giger attempted to show the audiences.

Minxue Kan Eat, Love, Cook Mentor: Jennifer Buklad Domains: Cultural History, Media Studies and Technology Faculty: Robert Eldi For my Senior Project, I created a cookbook with 15 home cooking dishes. I took pictures of my cooking and used them as illustration of my cookbook. I want to create a sense of connection between one and one’s family, and home cooking food is the building block for the connection. Also, as part of cultural inheritance, the home cooking food of each family is a precious memory for members in the family and should be preserved.

Tek Kan Mirrored Forest Mentor: Ned Smyth Domains: Mathematics, Visual Arts Faculty: Brianna Ashe This project is a combination of art and geometry. I am creating geometric animal sculptures with use of geometric formulas, and my sculptures will be covered with reflecting material. My goal is to create an area that will remind people of a mirrored forest and will attract an audience.

Griffin Kim Movie Mentor: Ivan Salcedo Domains: Media Studies and Technology, Visual Arts Faculty: Dwight Curtis For my Senior Project, I am making a movie based upon a narrative script that I wrote. I aimed to shoot this movie influenced by other indie films, like Off Season, and major motion pictures I have come across, like Elysium. My goal was to create this short movie as professionally and pristinely as possible while maintaining a solid narrative story. This Senior Project gave me the opportunity to continue my interests in visual arts and cinema at a college level, meaning that 14

I had to gather a crew consisting of outside actors, get a director of photography, borrow props from other people, and carry out novice stunts. I hope to spread the talent affiliated with the Ross School media programs and to learn from this intensive experience.

Jack Kim Sinne Mentor: Ned Smyth Domain: Visual Arts Faculty: Jack Hill Sinne is an installation project describing and portraying the vast view of the space that I wanted to create. My ultimate goal was to make that space represent my history. This particular space contains five distinctive senses and will eventually galvanize it. The space is represented as a street, which contains three traditional buildings from South Korea and three modern building from New York and South Korea. The street is divided into three different sections with a divider that contains unique material that was used during the time period. The first space is the domestic houses, the second is the government buildings, and the last is religious buildings. Each section has different smells, sounds, lights, and taste.

Amber Kuo The Interconnection Between the Five Senses Mentor: Brianna Ashe Domain: Visual Arts Faculty: Jon Mulhern Humans’ five senses connect humans and their environments. Through smelling, seeing, tasting, feeling, and hearing, people are affected by their surroundings. The installation I am creating gives viewers a five senses experience as they enter the space. The space is meant to present a calm yet chaotic mixed feeling. I have chosen to use a variety of media to develop a type of interactive communication in my project, which people can all understand without using a common language and be physically stimulated by each one of my works.

Tracy Kwok Fashion and Art Mentor: Jennifer Cross Domain: Visual Arts Faculty: Nicole Berberena I was inspired by the Deborah Turbeville fashion photography that always uses abandoned buildings or very dilapidated spaces as backgrounds. Instead of taking photos, I painted a background, designed a three-dimensional dress, and attached the dress on a model I painted. I want to show the contrast between the dark side of the society and high fashion. The background shows that many people are struggling with their everyday life in society, while the high fashion represents that there are also many people living in luxurious houses who are 15

able to have whatever they want. I want to present the idea that those gorgeous things are always used to conceal the dark side of things.

Jackie Lasersohn Untitled Mentor: Carleton Schade Domain: Science Faculty: Matt Aldredge For my Senior Project, my objective is to communicate—through an installation that includes collages, various forms of writing, and examples of “setting”—the cultural, historical, medical, mystical, recreational, and phenomenological aspects of the psychedelic drugs LSD, DMT, psilocybin, and peyote. Included will be testimonials from historical figures like Sigmund Freud, Steve Jobs, Alex Gray, and Ram Das. Over the past year, I have been researching this topic through various media, including online, books, academic journals, and artists’ work. I have accumulated a lot of information that I would like to share with the Ross community. My goal is not to glamorize or to demonize these drugs, but to explore their costs and benefits from the perspective of those who have used them in their various contexts—for instance, the tribal ceremonial, the religious, the academic, and the recreational.

Brenna Leaver X3 (X Cubed) Mentor: Alexis Martino Domain: Visual Arts Faculty: Jon Mulhern For my Senior Project, I created an interactive sculpture that is an abstract representation of my inner psyche. For years I have grappled with extreme selfconsciousness to a paralyzing degree. The goal of my sculpture is to give my audience a similar uncomfortable feeling. As spectators enter the sculpture, they will be greeted by a two-way mirror. This enables spectators on the inside to see out, but spectators on the outside cannot see in. The two-way mirror will give the people inside a false sense of vulnerability, similar to the feelings I experience every day. Additionally, I created several two-way mirrored box helmets for other spectators as I have realized that this is a commonly shared issue in society. As every person is trying to conform to their own unique social situation, we end up all becoming reflections of each other.

Gabe Lebow Motorcycle Thermoelectrics Mentor: David Morgan Domains: Science, Media Studies and Technology Faculty: Andrew Kirk For my Senior Project, I chose to restore a 2001 Suzuki GSXR-600, and then test thermoelectric generation (generating electricity from waste heat) on the exhaust system. The project consists of the restoration, documentation, and trials 16

of the motorcycle and thermoelectric generator. I chose this project because the working of engines, both mechanical and electrical; circuits; and motorcycles themselves has always fascinated me.

Lindsay Lerner The Other Tarloff Mentor: Levi Stribling Domain: World Languages and Literature: English Faculty: Kerrie Tinsley For my Senior Project, I wrote a novella focusing on David Tarloff, also known as the “Cleaver Killer.” David Tarloff violently murdered a psychiatrist and attempted to plead insanity because of his paranoid schizophrenia and drug addiction. His efforts failed, and he is currently serving life in a maximum-security prison. My novella focuses not only on David but also on his brother Robert, a special education teacher and a father of three. There is an emotional journey both brothers take that my novella attempts to capture.

Evelyn Liang Woodblock Printmaking—Tribal Arts Mentor: Jennifer Cross Domain: Visual Arts Faculty: Therese Lichtenstein Printmaking is the process of making works by printing. It was originally from China. I chose woodblock print, which is the oldest form of printmaking, and made prints based on the theme of tribal arts. Tribal arts are considered as the product of the human awareness of different civilizations in the world. It is worthwhile for its historical, ceremonial, and religious values. For the purpose of combining my personal experience and tribal art, my prints contain a lot of patterns that are from different cultures. Specifically, I was inspired from the artworks by Frida Kahlo, who is a Mexican female artist.

Anderson Lin Connection (Oil Painting) Mentor: Jennifer Cross Domain: Visual Arts Faculty: Therese Lichtenstein My Senior Project is a project relative to my personal life. I made paintings that present memories from the recent past showing my friends and myself. Instead of using brushes, I used the eraser on the back of pencils with oil paints on gridded canvases to create my images. The sizes of my pieces are 20 by 24 inches; this is the first time I painted this large. During the Modernity Project in junior year, I painted a small-scale oil painting based on Pointillism. For this Senior Project, I used a similar technique, inspired in part by the paintings of Chuck Close.


Lynn (Long) Lin Culture Fondue Mentor: Ben Bonaventura Domains: World Languages and Literature: English, Visual Arts Faculty: Brianna Ashe My two graphic journals and video present the differences between Western culture, Jamaica; and Eastern culture, Japan. The journal is pretty personal, and every single image in the journal reminds me of my trips. I love to travel and learn the cultural differences from different countries. Unlike some other tourists, I do not go to a place for the tourism sites. I love to see the real and true cultures in every country: what kind of food they like, what kind of lives they are living, what their culture is all about. I went to Jamaica to take care of animals, but I also had the opportunity to live with a local family and see the beauty of Jamaican culture. Last summer, I went to Japan to visit a friend. Thanks to Ross School, I met a good friend named Asako. I lived in her house when I visited Tokyo. I went to a lot of places in Japan and had all kinds of amazing experiences. My hope is that by reading my journals people will see and understand the kind of experiences I had in these two countries and notice the beauty of two very different cultures.

Shiyang Liu Balance Between Gain and Loss Mentor: Ned Smyth Domains: Visual Arts, Cultural History Faculty: Jacob Cockrell In this globular life of nature, water is the element that connects and embraces this imagined community. It is also the representation of purity, a spirit which defies any bias condition. Having each pair of couples consume such quality of justice reveals the essence of love—the force that combines the fundamental elements of the nature into entities. However, such a connection of intimacy presented by the cups creates a restriction on the movement of each individual. Within such a bias condition, one has to willingly accept a loss in order for the other to gain. Nevertheless, the force of love reveals a possibility of a balanced condition even when both gaining and losing occur.

Tristan Lorich The Path of Recovery: The Journey of an Alcoholic Mentor: Matthew Aldredge Domain: Cultural History Faculty: Therese Lichtenstein In my Senior Project, I plan to interview a series of alcoholics about their journey to sobriety and their experiences with Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). I would like my interviewees to be from varying demographic backgrounds and differing levels of experience with AA. I will record all interviews and analyze the themes presented in the interview. I would also like to research treatment protocols for individuals with alcoholism. As a final product, I will combine what I learn about each individual’s journey to sobriety with my knowledge about Alcoholics


Anonymous as well as the treatments of these people to create a cohesive book on the recovering alcoholic.

Candice Lu Vanessa Mentor: Therese Lichtenstein Domain: Visual Arts Faculty: Nicole Berberena For my Senior Project, I created a ball-jointed doll with a background setting and doll outfit designed by my/self. The main focus of the project is the doll. It is made of air-dried clay and is in real human scale. My goal is to make it as humanlike as possible with a beautiful appearance. I wanted to do this because I love this kind of doll and I own several of them myself. I’ve always dreamed of creating my own doll. The ball-jointed doll is a kind of high-quality handmade craft that requires developed skills in art. I named it Vanessa, which represents a kind of butterfly. The background setting and doll’s outfit will be in an Asian style. Vanessa will sit in a small piece of grassland filled with handmade spider lily flowers.

John Lycke Hip-Hop: The Art of the Beat Mentor: Ivan Salcedo Domains: Media Studies and Technology, Performing Arts: Music Faculty: Lisa Gillespie For my Senior Project, I took samples from many different songs along with sources around the Internet and turned them into beats that can be used for hiphop. They could be used for just about anything, but hip-hop would be the ideal genre. To make the beats, I used Audacity for sampling and then I used a Digital Audio Workstation to compile the sounds; this one is Ableton Live 9. From there it was back and forth with a collection of people giving me feedback. Overall, it was a rewarding and fulfilling project when the music finally came together.

James Lytton The Nuances of Boatbuilding Mentor: Jon Mulhern Domain: Visual Arts Faculty: Ned Smyth For my Senior Project, I am constructing a 15' wooden and fiberglass skiff motorboat. The framework is partly die-cut by Chesapeake light craft. I have personally adapted the form and changed the design to fit my personal ideas and needs through researching boat design locally on Long Island and in the Seattle Center for Wooden Boats. My final product is a fully realized, hand-constructed 15' skiff with added storage areas applied to the original design.


Keiichiro Maeyama Modern Denim Kimono Mentor: Mami Takeda Domain: Visual Arts Faculty: Nicole Berberena The kimono represents one of the last remnants of traditional Japanese culture prior to exposure to the outside world. Its design serves as a symbol and connection to the ancient culture of Japan, including the samurai, shogun, and other classes of society in Japan’s long history. My own culture, however, represents a merging of traditional Japanese culture and the American culture I have become exposed to during my time in the United States. The project will embody a cultural fusion in the form of a unique kimono incorporating both Japanese and American design elements.

Maria Makhmudova History of Dumplings Mentor: Liz Dobbs Domains: Wellness, Cultural History, Media Studies and Technology Faculty: Carleton Schade For my Senior Project, I will show how mankind is united, despite nationality differences, by focusing on the art of dumpling making in various cultures. In my collection of recipes, we will find out how tastes can differ and how resources, climate, trading opportunities, and historical events influenced the featured cuisines.

Pedro Marcello Supplements: Do They Actually Work? Mentor: Levi Stribling Domains: Wellness, Science Faculty: Howard Brown This project consists of a study about supplements. I’ll be using myself to test it. I’ll be following two different diets, with and without supplements, and I’ll be using the same training in both phases of the project. Then I’ll compare both results and study the supplements.

Manuela Marinho Cardoso The American Philosophy of Incarceration Mentor: Jacob Cockrell Domains: Cultural History, World Languages and Literature: English Faculty: Lance Sun For my project, I decided to get an early start into the world of law, the career I plan on pursuing. For that reason, I researched a subject that has always bothered me: incarceration. My research paper uncovers the problems of the current penitentiary system in the United States from a philosophical point of


view. It scrutinizes the American system of incarceration by analyzing what philosophers, like Cesare Beccaria, and more recent documents, like the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, claim about the treatment and punishment of citizens.

Sabrina McMenamin Stress House Mentor: Gary Skellington Domains: Media Studies and Technology, World Languages and Literature: English Faculty: Susan Walker For my Senior Project, I chose to focus on three different causes of stress. I chose three that I feel are more common in today’s society. Once the causes are defined, I will have created three dollhouses. These dollhouses will portray the causes of stress and show the now more present-day daily routines of human nature. I want these houses to be relatable while also showing struggles of my own.

Miguel Lima Monori The Creation of Contemporaneous Advertisement Mentor: Jessica Pollina Domains: Media Studies and Technology, Wellness, Visual Arts Faculty: Hailey London My Senior Project consists of creating a group of posters and a video to advertise soccer cleats. Together they represent what you can commonly see in modern publicity, especially sport-related ones. With the help of a few friends and pressure from my mentor, I created these pieces of art that encourage people to play the sport and, of course, sell the material.

Henry Oh P51 D Mustang Mentor: Jon Mulhern Domains: Visual Arts, Cultural History Faculty: Ned Smyth The United States has been a great benefactor to Korea since 1950, when the Korean War began. In the beginning of the Korean War, it seemed like the fall of South Korea was inevitable. However, the United States sent P51 D Mustangs to help South Korea by bombing the major areas in North Korea. In this process, many American Air Force pilots were sacrificed. The intention of this project is to commemorate the fallen soldiers from the Korean War by making a wooden model of a P51 D Mustang.


Daniel Okin Footsteps: A Film Mentor: Ivan Salcedo Domains: Media Studies and Technology, World Languages and Literature: English Faculty: Dan Roe Throughout my high school career, I have always had a passion for writing and making films. When I was asked to send in my first proposal for my Senior Project, I instantly knew that I wanted to make a film. The film that I have created, titled Footsteps, is about a high school kid who is forced to get make a potentially life-altering decision when his mom loses her job. I have written, directed, and edited this film.

Anish Rishi Ecological Power Mentors: John Tracey, Andrew Kirk Domain: Science Faculty: Carleton Schade The purpose of my project is to convey my ambition for preserving the environment. My goal is to do as much as I can to protect and rehabilitate the environment. Living on a planet like Earth is a rare gift, and we have taken advantage of it. In order to depict my interest, I decided to draw plans and build my ideas advocating my goal. First, I drew plans and built a bicycle power generator that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. For my second project, I built a wood gasifier that acts as a chemical converter, converting wood into gasoline/biofuel.

Giacomo Rocca Voyage into the Italian Renaissance Mentor: Giulia Beccarelli Domains: Visual Arts, World Languages and Literature: English, Cultural History Faculty: Therese Leichtenstein My Senior Project is a presentation of the main artists who lived in the Renaissance. First of all, I will describe what the Renaissance is and its main characteristics. Then I will describe every artist, proceeding in a chronological order. The artists I picked are Alessandro Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphaello. I will use a common method of description for each artist: first I will describe his or her life, then his or her main artworks.


Harrison Rowen The Hydrogen Fuel Cell: Sustainable Energy for the Future Mentor: David Morgan Domains: Science, Media Studies and Technology Faculty: Urban Reininger In my eyes, developing a world that runs on clean, sustainable, and efficient energy is the most important task of our generation. I have always been a car fanatic, but only more recently did I come to fully understand just how detrimental cars are to the environment. With my conflicting interests in mind, I researched sustainable energy for cars and was instantly fascinated by the hydrogen fuel cell. Using energy collected from the Sun, hydrogen fuel cell systems exploit the properties of water to create usable electricity. For my Senior Project, I planned, designed, and fabricated my own solar-powered hydrogen fuel cell system. This system is small in output power, as the goal is not to power a car. The goal, however, is to exhibit the potential of hydrogen power as a possible energy source for the future. It is composed of four major components: a solar panel, an electrolyzer, a gas processing system, and a hydrogen fuel cell. With future technological advancements, virtually any device could be powered by water.

Luca Savarese Forging Steel Mentor: Ned Smyth Domain: Visual Arts Faculty: Nicole Berberena My Senior Project was creating two swords using the ancient trade of blacksmithing. I created two different style swords. One sword was based on a old Roman dagger design that was said to be based off of a leaf. The other sword was an enlarged broadsword katana. I forged these two swords out of a type of steel used for the creation of swords. I spent about a month living and working with a master blacksmith in Tuscany, Italy.

Jackie Shi Isolation and Individuality Mentor: Jennifer Cross Domain: Visual Arts, Cultural History Faculty: Robert Eldi My project is basically about portraying isolation and individuality among modern human beings’ life in city. We often see that although we are among a lot of people in the crowded places, we can still feel the deep loneliness from deep inside of our hearts. Although we are with friends or other people, we are still isolated and need some idiographic things to fulfill the void of our hearts. Based on the will of portraying those things, I want to do oil paintings in black and white in order to show them well. I hope my works can let people realize and envisage the isolation and loneliness among our modern lives and be more sympathetic to other people when they somehow feel down.


King Sun Together, It’s More Than a Game Mentor: Ivan Salcedo Domain: Media Studies and Technology Faculty: Vincent Barbato After watching various sports documentaries in the summer, I decided to make a project about basketball; therefore, I am creating a sport documentary about the school’s basketball team. Although we may not be the most distinguished team in the league, the diversity of the team has made it a unique team. Some of the players grew up in the Ross community; therefore, it will be familiar for the audience. The purpose of my project is to make people understand the basketball team and tell the stories behind every player and coach.

Trevor Sun Hidden Blade and Armor Mentor: Jon Mulhern Domains: Visual Arts, Science Faculty: Robert Eldi My Senior Project is focused on the armor that appeared in medieval period and the hidden blade, which is in the game Assassin’s Creed. My armor designs explore the study of a variety of material, including but not limited to leatherworking, metalworking, and engineering. I pulled together historical influences through my research to use as inspiration for my product and final designs. The main part of my project is the “blade” part, which shows how my project works, and I will replace my blade part to holder.

Amili Targownik Finding My Voice Again Mentor: Kerrie Tinsley Domain: World Languages and Literature: English Faculty: Lisa Gillespie For my Senior Project, I wrote a memoir. In it, I describe my life and the challenges I was confronted with and how I dealt with them. It tells the stories of my life, touching on the subjects of my physical, emotional, and personal struggles, as well as the strength I have gained because of my experiences. The collection of writings can stand alone as individual pieces, but they also tell stories that are interwoven with one another. My writing consists of different perspectives that tell my story. It begins before my birth and proceeds chronologically.


Yangyuming Tian Untitled Mentor: Kyle Helke Domain: Visual Arts Faculty: Ned Smyth For my Senior Project, I built a scaled-down fiberglass model of the Grand Louvre Pyramid. My model contains 603 parallelogram panels and 70 triangle panels. It is 1.5 meters tall, and the base is 3.6 meters by 3.6 meters, or 12.96 square meters. In addition, I researched and composed an academic article about the controversy of the original Louvre pyramid, the history of the Louvre Museum, and the pyramid’s designer, I. M. Pei.

Chanakarn Trisirijaroen The Antibacterial Hand Gel from Aloe Vera Mentor: Anna Strong Domains: Science, World Languages and Literature: English, Visual Arts Faculty: Kristine Hart For my Senior Project, I made an antibacterial hand gel extracted from the natural herb aloe vera. I evaluated its antimicrobial activity against the grampositive Staphylococcus aureus and the gram-negative Escherichia coli, and compared its antibacterial efficiency with the commercial topical gel formulation. After the experiment, the result was that my hand gel could kill Escherichia coli 73.23% and Staphylococcus aureus 85.64%. Moreover, I made a scientific poster, which includes the methods and also results of my project.

Abby Wang If You Imagine‌ Mentor: Brianna Ashe Domains: Visual Arts, Cultural History, World Languages and Literature: English Faculty: Therese Lichtenstein For my Senior Project, I am making a printmaking book based on photos that shocked the world. Most of my prints are based on war, as I want this to be my own way to show what war is really doing to us. We are always taught that war is used for a better cause and we have to go through it to make our future generations better, but not according to the pictures. So in general, this book is my own way to communicate that violence is never the answer.

Chih-Hsi (Ken) Wang Pop The Heart Mentor: Lance Sun Domains: Visual Arts, Science, World Languages and Literature: English Faculty: Dwight Curtis One of my goals in life is become a registered nurse (RN), and I have always wanted to study cardiology and learn more about the field of nursing. Consequently, my project is a combination of cardiology and modern pop-up art 25

designs. My first experience of making a pop-up book was during my junior year through the process of the Modernity Project. The purpose of the pop-up book is to educate young readers and help them understand the importance of a human heart, in addition to the heart of other mammals.

Jack Wang Untitled Mentor: Shelby Raebeck Domain: World Languages and Literature: English Faculty: Andrew Kirk In my novel, I am writing about a middle school student in China. I use my experience as the foundation of the novel and create stories. I want to write how the main character, Jack, struggles in his middle school life. When he was in primary school, he used to be a very good student who was always in the top five in his class. However, as he became a middle school student, he got very bad grades on the entrance test and struggled a lot in understanding the courses. I don’t have an idea of the ending of the novel yet, but I think it will be a good one.

Bolin Yang Math ∊ Programming Mentor: David Morgan Domains: Mathematics, Science Faculty: Robert Eldi I am crazy, and so are mathematics and programming. For my goal, I want to see what I can do within the combination from mathematics and programming. Is it as simple as 1 + 1 = 2? In my project, I mix these two elements together to reach the extreme level that either of them could not reach alone. Most of the time, I solve the mathematics problems found on Projecteuler using C++ programming skills.

Zoe Yektai Doodles to Daycare Mentor: Therese Lichtenstein Domain: Visual Arts Faculty: Carrie Clark Throughout high school, I have always been a doodler. Over the years, these mindless scribbles escalated into something much more profound while I found my personal style in the margins of my classwork. I decided to utilize my Senior Project opportunity to delve into this untouched passion by making my doodles into formal creations: swapping out mechanical pencils and spiral notebooks for micron pens and sketchbooks. The next part of my project involved using these intricate designs to create textiles, and then using those textiles to sew zipper pouches in varying sizes. Finally, I sold these pouches in order to donate to the Bridgehampton Daycare and Recreational Center, an organization where I have donated my time. Overall, this project is a multistep process, in which I was able


to explore many different areas such as drawing, textile design, sewing, entrepreneurship, and charity.

Wenqing Zhang Happiness Mentor: John Della Pietra Domains: Cultural History, World Languages and Literature: English Faculty: Ben Bonaventura Achieving a true definition of happiness is a challenging endeavor that has been pursued by cultures worldwide over the course of history. Such a definition is difficult to encapsulate and seems to vary between cultures. However, while the manner in which people pursue happiness may differ from culture to culture, there is reason to believe that happiness is composed of certain universal components that extend beyond cultural barriers. This paper will endeavor to identify those components and trace their sources in two seemingly diametrically opposed cultures: Chinese and Western. By identifying these sources and undertaking a bilingual survey of both American and Chinese students at Ross, it is hoped that the answer to this murky question can become clearer and the ever-changing Sino-American cultural dynamic can be further articulated.

Kris Zhao Piano Stair Mentor: Anna Strong Domain: Science Faculty: Lance Sun For my Senior Project, I am going to set up a piano stair, which can make sounds when people walk on the staircase. I will use photo resistors as my sensor and lasers as my light. Each photo resistor and laser will be set up at the different side of each level of the staircase. Arduino controls the whole system through the programming. For another part of the project, I use midi shield and Disklavier GranTouch to connect with a midi piano; as a result, the piano can play without a person. When a person walks on the staircase, the photo resistor will give a signal to the Arduino and midi shield to trigger the piano to play the notes. The objective of this project is to increase people’s interest in using a staircase instead of the elevator and to explore technology.

Siheng Zhou Battle of Waterloo Mentor: Matt Aldredge Domains: Cultural History, Visual Arts Faculty: Sam Yarabek Since I first saw a diorama in my life, it has always been my dream to create one. Also I have my fascination about the Napoleonic war. So for my Senior Project, I created a diorama of the Battle of Waterloo, at the scale of 1:72. I will include many figures in different poses and different regiment. All of them make up the big battlefield. 27

Zachary Zimmerman Graphene Supercapacitor Mentor: David Morgan Domain: Science Faculty: Urban Reininger I created a graphene capacitor, which in essence is a small battery that has a very high capacity for electricity relative to its size. These capacitors can be charged extremely fast and hold a charge long enough to power small electronics. I think capacitors, if built the right way, could be the next link in smarter, more efficient electronics, including cars, household appliances, and portable media.


Ross Senior Project Catalog 2015  
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