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Senior Projects

2017 Senior Project is the culmination of a student’s learning experience at Ross School. Through the execution of Senior Project, students embody their passions in a process and product that integrate such Ross School principles as multiple intelligences, cultural/historical context, personal reflection, application of technology, and pursuit of excellence. The main components of the Senior Project are the Process Folio, the Final Product, and the Presentation. The relationship between the student and his or her Senior Project mentor is critical to the evolution and realization of the project. Ross faculty members serve as Senior Project mentors, performing as facilitators, advisors, editors, critics, and advocates. At the conclusion of the Senior Project, students have deeper insight into themselves as learners and producers.

Matheus Abrao Measuring Sustainability Mentor: Kieran Ryan Domains: Mathematics, Science, Media Studies and Technology Faculty Grader: Edward Gaias From 2014 to 2016, São Paulo has been experiencing one of its biggest water crises in history. This topic trended strongly for months in Brazil, with campaigns started and people trying to change the population’s awareness about using water. My idea to change this situation is to show people actual data about how much water we us daily, and how we can change that. For my project, I built two water sensors that run on an Arduino-based platform. The first sensor will be installed on a faucet using Arduino Microview hardware with a built-in OLED screen connected to a water flow sensor and a Brita filter that plugs into the faucet. The screen will display the final output in milliliters and the flow rate in liters per hour. The second sensor will be connected directly to a showerhead, and an Arduino UNO will be connected to the wall with an LCD screen displaying the same information. All the data collected will be used to determine how much water we are wasting daily, and whether we should change that or not.

Gianluca Algeri Senhor Julio Cesar Mentor: Paul Gansky Domain: Media Studies and Technology Faculty Grader: Kyle Helke I was born in Colombia and lived in Brazil until I was 15 years old, and after I spent two years on my own living in Spain, I came to the tip of Long Island to finish high school. I chose to create a short documentary film based on my father as my Senior Project for three reasons: first, because of my passion and interest in films; second, to improve and gain experience during this entire process of editing and filmmaking; third and last, due to my curiosity to understand how someone who had nothing, and had all the reasons to accept that reality, had the optimism to change his reality to one he created himself, achieving immense success. For my future, I wish to understand how Senhor Julio Cesar achieved this, and one day create my own success story and share with others my experience.

Audrix Arce Liquid Hope: A Future Mentor: Carleton Schade Domain: Science Faculty Grader: Chas Hollinger For my Senior Project, I have developed an inexpensive, long-lasting water filter that runs on any power source, including wind and solar power. I have attached a water pump connected to solar panels to a reverse osmosis filter that I modified and also enhanced with a natural filter. Most water filters in the world produce a large amount of wastewater; my objective is to reduce this outflow. For this reason, I built my own natural filter. Globally, over 1.8 billion people are believed to drink water from non-potable sources, resulting in chronic infectious diarrhea and deadly diseases such as cholera and typhoid. By 2025, it is believed, 4 billion people (about half the world’s population) will be living in water-stressed areas. The water crisis is considered by many, such as the World Economic Forum and


the World Bank, to be the world’s number one problem directly impacting people’s quality of life. The goal of the project is to provide clean drinking water to families without the need for electricity or running water. I want to create something that not only gives back to the community but also offers hope.

Medhi Assoufi How Banking Works Mentor: Gary Skellington Domains: World Languages and Literature: English, Cultural History Faculty Grader: Sam Yarabek For my Senior Project, I decided to create a 20-page book about how banking works, because the banking systems in our world are complex and continue to change. This book will be useful for high school students. I also want to work in finance and maybe be a banker in the future. This project will allow us to see how the banking system developed over the last five years. How do banks affect contemporary economies and generations? How much control do the banks hold over global societies? Banking systems have affected our culture by attempting to control our global economy, making deals that make little sense. The crisis economy of 2008 was a disaster for everybody, which was made worse by many of the banks. Everyone should care about banking. Banking is a sector that is in constant evolution, and that sector consistently attempts to take control of the public.

Nathalia Beller Bloodline Tribal Tattoo Mentor: Therese Lichtenstein Domains: Visual Arts, Cultural History Faculty Grader: Kieran Ryan I have always been very interested in cultural differences and the evolution of tribal tattoos. Because of that, for my Senior Project I decided to write a research paper regarding the tattooing of two tribes from the Polynesian Triangle— the Polynesian and the Māori tribe—and two Brazilian tribes—the Asurini and the Karajá tribe. In addition to that, my goal was to show each viewer the importance and the beauty of these tribal patterns for each of the tribes by creating tattoos and body paintings of two different stories. One story is connected to the Māori and Polynesian tribes, and the other story is connected to the two Brazilian tribes. I wanted to show how different tattoos tell the same story for each of the two pairs of tribes by hand-painting the tattoos onto photographs of people who represent each of the tribes. These painted photographs are exhibited as an installation. My final product combines an installation of the painted photographs and my research paper.

Manny Benard Thoughts Mentor: Matthew Aldredge Domains: Visual Arts, Performing Arts, World Languages and Literature: English, Cultural History, Science Faculty Grader: Therese Lichtenstein Many people describe their interests as diverse, but I would describe mine as interconnected. I have a strange method of thinking that combines colors, sounds, words, structures, and music. Sometimes I feel the need to express my emotional and psychological responses to certain stimuli, but do not feel satisfied by simply verbalizing them,


since words are not always appropriate. I tend to default to art, music, or writing so I can process information. I do not consider any one of my natural abilities in these fields to be any less meaningful or useful than the next; no single one of my modes of expression works for every point I try to get across. Collectively, my interests have fused over time in my mind, my imagination, and now in my work, since this is the first time I have made a piece that combines my musical compositions, my drawings, and my writing into one cohesive product. I used the programs Logic and Sibelius to write music, and Photoshop to create a digital animation, and fused them into a video that represents the combination of words, sounds, architectural renderings, figures, and colors that appear in my brain as I think. I want the viewer to understand how to visualize interdisciplinary thinking. The point of this project is to create an understandable and aesthetically pleasing map of my thoughts. Though interdisciplinary thinking can be confusing, I think it is effective in helping you deal with the difficulties of life. This project is an example of how one can transform their interpretation of their existential, overwhelming thoughts from literal severity to playful ambiguity by making a tangible manifestation of their perceptions.

Elizabeth Burdge Night Mind Zine Mentor: Alexis Martino Domains: Visual Arts, World Languages and Literature: English, Media Studies and Technology Faculty Grader: Therese Lichtenstein I am very interested in the teenage experience: the awkward, the painful, the ugly, and the beautiful. Validating these feelings and experiences can allow for us all to feel a little less caught up in our own world, and a little bit less alone. I chose to make a magazine for my Senior Project so that I could create a tangible body of work that expressed my thoughts and feelings on the transition from girlhood to womanhood. A zine is defined as “a noncommercial, often handmade or online, publication devoted to specialized and often unconventional subject matter.� Night Mind came together through art and writing based on my own experiences as a teenager, as well as those of my peers.

Leuk Kwan Chau Delusion-T Mentor: Gregory Wilson Domain: Media Studies and Technology Faculty Grader: Hazel Wodehouse I want to start my own business during my time at university. I started the first step of my business, which is to build a website with my business plan, for my Senior Project. My project has several components. This summer I built a website: The website will include my business canvas and storyboard. In my opinion, businesses that focus on environmental issues will be the most valuable businesses in China for the next 20 years. Therefore, my business plan is to design a robot that can pick up and intelligently classify rubbish at the beach. This is a huge issue for my country that I hope to help solve.


Blair Choi Capturing the Beauty of the Nude Body in Art Mentor: Therese Lichtenstein Domain: Visual Arts Faculty Grader: Tom Fogarty My Senior Project started from a moment when I was inspired by my emotions and sensitivity about The Nude in art. I have created a series of detailed and organic-looking original paintings and drawings that are not limited by size, color, medium, and pose. My emphasis is on the theme of beauty and creating works in various media that cover both genders in a harmonious way.

João Paulo Coelho The First Mentor: Kieran Ryan Domains: Science, Media Studies and Technology Faculty Grader: Carleton Schade I am an 18-year-old student from Brazil, and this is my second year at Ross. I have been interested in building stuff since I was a little kid. I used to play and build objects with different materials, such as Lego, clay, plastic, wood, and metal; I still work with these materials now. Over my two years at Ross, I became much more aware about what I want to do in life, which is engineering. In my first year at Ross, I had the opportunity to build my first complex project. For my Modernity Project, I built a wire model (24 inches) of a Volkswagen Beetle, and during the process I expanded my horizons. After that, in my senior year, I finally decided to build this go-kart. In the beginning, I was afraid of how much work I would have to put in, and worried about how I would learn the skills to build a real car, like welding and using a torch, grinders, and other tools; however, my passion for engineering and especially for cars was bigger than my fear. Now you are looking at my dream of driving not just a car, but also my first handmade car. This dream is a combination of a 212 cc engine located at the back of the cart, connected with a chain to the axle and the wheels, creating a potential to go faster than 50 miles per hour. The frame was handmade with 1-inch-square hollow bars. The length without the wheels is 52 inches, and it is 24 inches wide. The other parts, like the hub, steering column, bearings, seat, brakes, tie rods, pedals, linkage kit, throttle cable, were chosen by me. This is one of my first really significant steps into the future that I want to follow. I applied to all my colleges with a mechanical engineering major, and I expect to improve every single skill that I have, and to learn thousands of new skills that will help me to succeed.

Hannah Dayton Boa Vida Bowls Mentor: Paul Gansky Domains: Mathematics, Media Studies and Technology Faculty Grader: Kerrie Tinsley-Stribling I have always had a love for food and have worked in the culinary industry for the past few years through summer jobs. I thought Senior Project would be the perfect opportunity to start my own mobile food business. My business, Boa Vida Bowls, makes and sells authentic Brazilian açaí bowls at special events and private parties around my area. Açaí bowls are a delicious and healthy snack that can be topped with items such as fresh fruit, granola, coconut,


cacao nibs, goji berries, and chia seeds. I customized a small food cart that has a bicycle attached so that I can sell the bowls in a unique, environmentally friendly fashion and in way that is easy to transport. All bowls and utensils I used throughout the project were compostable and crafted from recycled plant material, making my entire business sustainable. With my cart, I participated in The Hampton Classic, Harborfest, and Septemberfest, and experienced great success at each event. The goal of my project was to successfully start my own business and learn some of the fundamentals of entrepreneurship.

Pedro de Assis Organized Chaos Mentor: Jennifer Cross Domain: Visual Arts Faculty Grader: Marty Cooper A huge mess, uncertainty and distraction, but with a schedule. My first idea was to paint or graffiti works from art history. Then I felt more comfortable painting just whatever I wanted to, no rules, and this how it is supposed to be. You are looking at a 7-foot by 9-foot canvas, painted with acrylic. I used a few tools that I found around the art studio to add some different textures on this piece. A little bit of my everyday life is on this painting representing organized chaos.

Yuting (Katerina) Ding Age Sixteen—Three Stories Mentor: Jennifer Cross Domain: Visual Arts Faculty Grader: Kieran Ryan Sixteen is a very important age for me because I came to America when I was 16. The age of 16 was a turning point in my life. For my Senior Project, I have painted three oil paintings that tell the story of my family members when they were each 16. I interviewed my mother, father, and grandmother and asked them questions about their lives at age 16. Then, using their stories and old photographs, I composed my paintings to show the important events of their lives when they were my age. Through this project, I wanted to honor my parents and grandmother and understand more fully the struggles they encountered in China as teenagers.

Gabriela do Nascimento Discovering the Culture of Belly Dance—A Performance Project Mentor: Sheryl Hastalis Domains: Performing Arts, Cultural History Faculty Grader: Carleton Schade I will express through my own choreography and performance the culture of belly dance, created by women, for women, in the ancient lands of Egypt, Iran, and Morocco. Each country developed its own style of the dance form, with a variety of costumes and philosophies. I will demonstrate through belly dancing its expansion across continents, as well as the purpose of this dance in the ancient and present day. In my journal entries and spoken presentation, I will explain the matriarchal societies in which belly dancing was created, the shift toward patriarchal societies, and the changing role of women in these cultures.


Richard Fang Exploring Music Mentor: Sam Yarabek Domains: Performing Arts, Media Studies and Technology Faculty Grader: Ned Smyth My project is music making. There is no reason for this other than for the sake of it. I don’t intend it to be artistic or meaningful in any way; it is purely for the sake of entertainment. I am just using the opportunity that Senior Project provides me to explore music.

Julia Friedrich Pilgrim at Merchants Path Mentor: Mark Foard Domains: World Languages and Literature: English, Visual Arts Faculty Grader: Carleton Schade My Senior Project follows the writings of Michel de Montaigne and Annie Dillard as they course through their personal lives, historical facts, scientific findings, and end at a location encompassing an elaborate array of interconnected spaces. I wrote a series of personal essays in different forms based on the human condition that is a prevalent conflict in my daily life, specifically regarding the structure of our modern era. Each essay is based on the breakdown of boundaries surrounding preconceived notions of normal.

Rory Gallaher Farm Fusion Mentor: Junellen Tiska Domains: Cultural History, Science, World Languages and Literature: English Faculty Grader: Greg Drossel For my Senior Project, I decided to integrate the Ross animals on the Lower School campus into the academic curriculum. I created learning experiences specifically for pre-kindergarten and grade 4 students, as both units include sections on animals, specifically the Ross Lower School farm animals. The learning experiences I designed correlate with the Ross Learning System so that they can potentially be a permanent addition to the curriculum. Prekindergartners learn about the world around them and discover their place within it. The learning experiences created for pre-kindergarten focus on human and animal relationships. I taught students about humanity’s connection to animals through time, and we explored the products the farm animals produce. The fourth grade students have been exploring the Neolithic period, and learning experiences were created based on the domestication of animals. I taught both grade levels, and will create a film to show people my learning experiences in action. Through this project, I hope to inspire kids to create connections from the past to the present, enhance their learning experience, and encourage a love of learning by example.


Sherry Gao Multiplicity—A Day in the Life of a DID Patient Mentor: Paul Gansky Domains: Media Studies and Technology, Cultural History, Visual Arts Faculty Grader: Therese Lichtenstein For my Senior Project, I created a short animation about a character suffering Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). My main character is modeled on references from the book Sybil (1973). Sybil was originally diagnosed to have 16 distinct personalities, although in my film only three of those will be portrayed—Sybil, the original self; Vicky, the know-it-all, and Peggy, the angry child. This film is in the first person, meaning that we will view the world from Sybil’s eyes. I made this animation in black and white, with some crucial objects in other colors. As Sybil sees a key object, she will shift into another personality, or the objects will trigger fear and anxiety. This film should offer an accurate rendering of a DID patient’s struggle in his or her life. I hope it will forge a unique bond between viewers and people suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder who need our understanding.

Ella Gatfield Bee Conscious Mentor: Greg Drossel Domains: Science, Visual Arts, Media Studies and Technology Faculty Grader: Bryan Smith For my Senior Project, I built an observational, top-bar beehive out of pinewood, which will be kept at the Ross Lower School campus. I began a bee blog titled Bee Conscious, which discusses my journey as a beginner beekeeper. Since I cannot introduce the honeybees to the beehive until the early spring, my blog primarily discusses the importance of bees, why I chose to keep bees, and the process of building a top-bar beehive. I have gained as much information as possible on the history of bees and beekeeping, allowing me to get a better understanding of why bees are so important for the continuation of our environment. I chose this project because I’m an environmentalist and bees have become a huge topic in environmental conservation over the past decade. Bees pollinate 2/3 of our environment, and without the honeybee, there will be few to no crops left for our consumption. This project is relevant because the conservation of bees depends on our generation and the generations to follow. Bees are decreasing at an alarming rate, and as of 2016, a species of bee, the yellow-faced bee, has been listed on the official endangered species list for the first time. Bees have been found encased in amber that dates back to over 100 million years old. Bees provided our ancestors with nutritious nectar (honey), the same way they do for us today. The continuation of this amazing species lies in our hands, and it’s time to take action.

Jared Goldsmith The Passagemaker Mentor: Jon Mulhern Domains: Visual Arts, Media Studies and Technology Faculty Grader: Kieran Ryan For my Senior Project, I constructed a Passagemaker sailboat. The process was very rewarding and taught me a lot about the importance of dedication and patience. My inspiration for this project is that I’ve been sailing since I was 8 years old and I have always wanted my own sailboat, but I never had the knowledge to create one. However, going into my senior year, my knowledge had grown and I was finally up for the challenge of this massive undertaking. I


prepared for this project by working with a number of master artists and sailors. I also would like to use this project to delve into another passion I have: the environment. With our environment in turmoil, I want to use my project to remind people of the importance of using wind power instead of oil. I think this will be a powerful and fun way to educate people about what they can do to help save the environment.

Sam Grossman Turn It Down! Mentor: Jon Mulhern Domains: Visual Arts, Media Studies and Technology Faculty Grader: Kieran Ryan Since I can remember, I have been enthralled with the beauty and mystery of music. From the moment I started playing guitar, I knew that music was going to be more than just a hobby for me. Music is what I live for. Another lifelong love of mine has been creating things from my imagination and breaking the rules and conventions. When I was little that meant building Lego (never reading the instructions); a little later, it meant spray painting anything and everything I could get my hands on; and more recently, it has been tinkering with guitars and amplifiers. When I was given the opportunity to pursue a project of my choice, I knew that I had to go all out and let my imagination rule, but somehow tie it into music. What I came up with is a fully functioning tube-powered guitar amp, but with a twist. It is built out of reclaimed wooden floorboards from a barn built in the 1800s. I hand-wired the circuit board myself and constructed every aspect of its enclosure, from the pull-out drawer at the bottom to the metal braces that bind the speaker cabinet. I wanted to create an amp that looks and sounds like no other amp currently available, and by melding a unique circuit design with a never-before-used enclosure design, I have built something that represents me as a person and as a creator.

Haoting (Amy) Guo Sprouting, Budding, and Harvesting Mentor: Anna Strong Domains: Science, Wellness, Visual Arts Faculty Grader: Therese Lichtenstein I was inspired by my friends’ joke to build a greenhouse in our school garden as my Senior Project. Because of the weather in Long Island, our school garden cannot be used during winters. By choosing the appropriate greenhouse and location, the school garden will have more vitality throughout the year. The greenhouse will also provide more opportunities to students and faculty who are interested in science as a research space. However, the East Hampton Town Building Department requires a building permit, and the process of getting approval is complicated and timeconsuming. Therefore, I shifted the focus of my project to getting the town’s approval. After getting approved by the town, if there is time before the graduation, I will begin building the greenhouse and start growing vegetables inside it.


Jadon Han Music Mentor: Adam Judd Domain: Performing Arts Faculty Grader: Kevin Snyder For my Senior Project, I composed a song. Everyone has a story that makes them who they are and gives them reasons in their life, and so do I. It could be about love, friends, family, or even the community that they belong to. Heading toward the end of my high school years at Ross, I wanted to put one of those stories into music and share it with everyone. I love music, I love guitar, I love acoustics. With my interpretation of the stories, I hope everyone will have time to sit and just listen to the story that I am telling: Wonderwall, acoustic, music, and Jadon.

Gangjun He NUO Mask Mentor: Anna Castellazzi Domain: Visual Arts Faculty Grader: Peter Roberts My project involves the translation of three folk tales from Mandarin Chinese into English, as well as a 3–4-page paper describing the thought process behind the translation of certain terms or expressions. I also created three masks made of plaster and other materials representing the main characters in the stories translated from Chinese.

Qiucheng (Dalek) He Is Wi-Fi Safe? Mentor: Gregory Wilson Domain: Media Studies and Technology Faculty Grader: Levi Stribling We always see news about information disclosure causing a lot of trouble. In fact, it is so easy for a hacker, or even a normal person with basic knowledge, to steal others’ information in a local network. In this project, I will try to do an experiment to gather information—like the game someone is playing—from people using the same local network as I using hacker’s tools such as Wireshark, Nmap, and Arpspoof. Based on this experiment, I will discover and introduce some effective ways to defend against this kind of attack, like only joining encrypted Wi-Fi, using safe Internet browsers like Chrome and Safari, and so on.

Michelle Jiang Dream Home Mentor: Chas Hollinger Domain: Visual Arts Faculty Grader: Anna Strong I will build a model of a house that includes two floors for a family to live in. I always wanted to do all kinds of design, especially interior design. This project will reveal my passion for interior design. The style of interior design is always changing in different times and in different cultures. My model will reflect some of the unique cultural features.


Evi Kaasik-Saunders SustainaBox Mentors: Kyle Helke, Greg Wilson Domains: Cultural History, World Languages and Literature: English, Mathematics Faculty Grader: Debra McCall This organization intertwines two of the world’s ongoing problems and provides solutions to both causes. SustainaBox was created to educate people on homelessness and to debunk harsh stereotypes. We send sustainable care packages to people staying at local homeless shelters and provide them with essentials. We aspire to provide relief to those in need while imposing a minimal carbon footprint on the environment.

Nadzia Kempski Adventures of Frankie and Johnny/Las Aventuras de Frankie y Johnny Mentor: Barbara Gaias Domains: Visual Arts, World Languages and Literature: English, World Languages and Literature: Spanish Faculty Grader: Kim Borsack For my Senior Project, I wrote and illustrated a children’s adventure series. It contains four stories. They are about two friends, Frankie and Johnny, who go different places together. After drawing each page, I transferred the pictures into a digital format. This allowed me to print the book. I have written two versions. The first is written in English with Spanish keywords, and the second is written only in Spanish. I decided to write my book in both ways because I saw it as a good tool for someone learning Spanish, another world language. The stories include such themes as the Ross Core Values, global awareness, and sustainability.

Aaron Kresberg Namibia: Exploring Endangered Species Through Photography Mentor: Ivan Salcedo Domains: Media Studies and Technology, Science Faculty Grader: Alexis Martino For my Senior Project, I volunteered for three weeks at the Rare and Endangered Species Trust in Namibia. The organization focuses on rehabilitating the endangered animals of Africa and releasing them back into the wild. I documented my experience working with vultures, pangolins, and other endangered animals through film and photo. Some of these photos will be for sale at the Sara Nightingale Gallery, with all proceeds going back to the organization. I led a social media campaign to spread awareness of the endangered animals, which led to contributions totaling over $1,500. An additional $1,400 was raised through the bag donation program at Provisions in Sag Harbor, and I hope to break my $5000 donation goal after selling my photos.


Noa Langleben Brute Force Mentor: Jon Mulhern Domains: Wellness, Visual Arts Faculty Grader: Chas Hollinger The human body is a complex and powerful series of systems. This project explores the processes that drive it and allow it to adapt, particularly in athletes. Using detailed visual depictions, I hope to analyze the connections between the various functions of the human body and educate viewers on what it’s like to be a competitive athlete.

Alex Lawson Life in 5 Mils Mentor: Ivan Salcedo Domains: Media Studies and Technology, Cultural History Faculty Grader: Sam Yarabek I have created a documentary film that follows the lives of several surfers who dedicate themselves to surfing in the winter. This will give an insight into the lives of surfers on the East Coast who surf throughout the winter. I have chosen this project because I have surfed on Long Island since I moved here in 9th grade. I have surfed every winter since I came here, and I want to document what it is like to surf in the cold. Surfing in the freezing cold water to some might seem unimaginably unpleasant, but I want to document why this is so appealing to surfers on Long Island. Throughout my high school career, I have taken media classes with Ivan and have developed a passion for creating movies. I also enjoy making movies outside of school. This project is relevant today because of accessibility to videos through social media and other outlets. This documentary will help inform my audience about surfers’ desire to surf during the winter.

Rachel Lerner Lost for Now Mentor: Kieran Ryan Domain: Visual Arts Faculty Grader: Jennifer Cross For my Senior Project, I created a unisex sweatshirt line, along with a commerce website, titled “Lost for Now.” I have always had a passion for fashion and wanted to make a clothing line that not only was aesthetically pleasing—using a variety of techniques to make the sweatshirts up—but also had a deeper meaning to it, something that someone could relate to. The feeling of being lost is a very common one that makes an appearance throughout every stage of one’s life. As a senior in high school, the world is overwhelming—college around the corner, parties, pressure, expectations you fear that you can not meet. It’s easy to get wrapped up and lost in it all. The true meaning of “Lost for Now,” however, is that this feeling that we all go through is in fact only temporary, and that you truly are only “Lost for Now.”


Jiehong (Jack) Li Snare Drum Mentor: Scott McPherson Domain: Visual Arts Faculty Grader: Kieran Ryan For my project, I wanted something I could keep for a long time rather than just having a memory of it. I started playing the drum set at the beginning of this year, and I was fascinated by the special piece that sounds differently from the others, which is the snare drum. I am building a classic snare drum that is 14 inches in diameter and 6 inches in depth. I’ve been playing percussion for years, but not a full drum set. The sound of the snare is fascinating. It can be sensitive, like the pitter-patter of rain, or crashing, like a thunderbolt. The process of building a snare drum is quite complicated. First, I must choose a specific bendy wood, which is significant to the sound of the snare. Then, I wrap the two edges of the wood and glue them together, making the shell. After sanding each section, I must precisely cut the edge of the drum, making an outer angle of 45 degrees and an inner-contour cut that matches the edge of the contour of the head. Furthermore, I need to varnish the shell with special spray and start putting the hardware and heads on it. Working with wood requires a massive amount of time and patience. I have only worked with my hands during art classes until now. By the end, I’ll have an instrument to play with friends or to get out any frustration when I am alone. While building it, I’ll have plenty of time to think about my last year in high school and appreciate what it takes to make a keepsake.

Cecilia Lian East West Cookbook for Teenagers Mentor: Jennifer Cross Domains: Wellness, Visual Arts, Cultural History Faculty Grader: Mami Takeda For my Senior Project, I designed a cookbook of simple recipes for teenagers. I first researched lots of recipes from different cultures. I then chose eight from both Asian and Western sources. I kitchen-tested the recipes and in some cases simplified the instructions. I then illustrated them all with step-by-step instructions that were easy to follow. I also showed my recipes to Executive Chef Liz Dobbs to get feedback about their nutritional value. Finally, I scanned my pages into the computer and published my book.

Jiawen (Vivian) Liang Light of Shadow Mentor: Kieran Ryan Domain: Visual Arts Faculty Grader: Ji Lin For my Senior Project, I want people to learn that things can be creative. Even abandoned material can transfer to a new thing. From ancient times until now, light has always played a significant role in human history, and bamboo is symbol of sustainability. I combined the light with Chinese bamboo culture to make lampshades, a candle case, and a wax sculpture.


Emily Lin You and Me Mentor: Therese Lichtenstein Domain: Visual Arts Faculty Grader: Kieran Ryan Since I am now a senior, I will soon graduate and leave this school and separate from my wonderful and cute friends. I decided to make each of my friends a unique postcard with words and images that relate to each special person. A postcard is an easy way to pass on information with pictures and communicate with others. We will graduate and time will pass, but words and pictures can always be retained. These are the memories between you and me; these are our stories.

Jonas Linnman-Feuerring Green Town Mentor: Kevin Snyder Domains: Visual Arts, Science Faculty Grader: Brett Smith Green Town is a model I’m building of a completely self-sustainable town. I am replicating my hometown of Sag Harbor by constructing eight of the buildings in the town. I am also building a self-sustainable residential home model that I designed with blueprints and a 3D model. The idea of the project is to build a detailed model of Sag Harbor at a 1:100 scale and convert it into a sustainable town. The research has been done to calculate how much energy Sag Harbor consumes as a town, which will allow me to add the correct amount of solar panels to the buildings, windmills for the town, and other renewable energy systems such as geothermal heating, tidal power, and more. The town will have bike lanes, a sustainable water system, compost and recycling trucks, a recycling center, and many gardens. There will be a set of rules for the town for residents and local businesses, such as use local food, bring your own bags to the supermarket, etc. The models are built out of basswood and are constructed using X-Acto knives, tacky glue, and rulers. The goal of the project is to show people what it would take to make Sag Harbor sustainable, as the model will be shown with prices and information about the renewable energies and conversion process of the town. When I finish my project, I plan to present it to the board of Sag Harbor village to show them what the town would look like if it were run on renewable energies.

Dehe (Mark) Liu Visualized Past & Future: A Data Visualization Measuring Economic Globalization Mentor: Jessica Pollina Domains: Cultural History, Mathematics, Media Studies and Technology Faculty Graders: Carrie Clark, Paul Gansky, Gary Skellington My project is composed of two parts: a self-made composite indicator measuring economic globalization throughout history, and a data visualization that presents the indicator in an informational media product that is audience-friendly and easily understandable. I collected trade and capital flow stats of 13 representative countries in the past 45 years, and I used certain statistical methods to build them into one score for each country each year. I conceptualized economies onto the maps and used different visual designs to present the difference regarding the degree of economic globalization between them. By doing this project, I hope I can encourage more people to think about the developing history of economic globalization and how it will affect everyone’s life.


Yichen (Melissa) Liu Long Exposure—Beauty of Lights Mentor: Alexis Martino Domain: Visual Arts Faculty Grader: Lydia Qiu For my Senior Project, I intend to create a series of photographs with an exquisite technique called long exposure. Unlike other normal pictures, long-exposure pictures involve using a long-duration shutter speed to sharply capture the stationary elements of images while blurring. The main purpose of doing long-exposure photography is to eliminate the misconception that photos are just pictures that show incidents that have happened. I want to let the audience know that photography can also be a form of art or even a way to express emotions. The main themes of my project are going to be the interactions of light with different objects. Using normal photographing techniques, it is relatively hard to capture the light.

Chenhong Lu Now and Then Mentor: Ned Smyth Domain: Visual Arts Faculty Grader: Greg Drossel For my Senior Project, I sculpted two sets of teacups: one in a modern style, the other in a traditional Chinese style. I had to study the history of Chinese tea culture, and studied the art of the ornate ceramic cups and pots. Chinese tea culture is blended with the tenets of Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism—clarity, optimism, and benevolence. These tenets mix with the Taoist philosophy of water, which states that the highest level of good is found in the nature of water, which gives life to Earth without any desire for fame. The traditional patterns and images on traditional Chinese teacups and teapots are meant to illustrate this harmony and humility. My traditional cups are cylindrical and small. They are decorated in blue and white glazes to reflect water and sky. I used important Chinese symbols: the plum blossom, which represents nobility and purity; the orchid, which symbolizes elegance and peace; bamboo, which signifies an open mind; chrysanthemums, which project cold elegance; and the traditional Chinese knot, which symbolizes unity. My modern cups, on the other hand, use different modern shapes with abstract color rather than images. What is interesting to me is making physical representations of the past and the present.

Laurie Luo It's a Sunshine Day~ Mentor: Jennifer Cross Domains: Visual Arts, Media Studies and Technology Faculty Grader: Peter Roberts For my Senior Project, I made a cartoon animation based on my own stories. I created cute characters drawn from life that include my family members and my friends. I used my sketchpad to draw all my pictures on Adobe Photoshop, and then used Adobe Premiere Elements to make background music and make my pictures dynamic. Finally, I used Adobe After Effects to make the special effects and asked my friends to do the voice parts. My goal was to tell stories that are funny and charming, because many people have a lot of stress, and I want to reduce their pressure by making them happy.


Anna Martinez Exploring Gothic Architecture Mentor: Ned Smyth Domain: Visual Arts Faculty Grader: Kieran Ryan I’m originally from Mexico, and I grew up going to church and looking at these amazing buildings that are categorized as Gothic. For my Senior Project, I wanted to create a project using architecture that represented a part of me, but I also had a lot of questions as to what connection Gothic cathedrals have to Catholicism. In my pieces, I want to project the connection between religion and architecture. As an artist, I wanted to create pieces that would make my audience look at Gothic architecture in a different way, and not as it has always been looked at. I think that I achieve this goal by adding more color and using Photoshop to create very different images. With the inspiration that I acquired from making these photo pieces, I also made drawings that represent another perspective of Gothic architecture.

Seamus McCarthy Blacksmithing Mentor: Jon Mulhern Domain: Visual Arts Faculty Grader: Kieran Ryan For as long as I can remember, I have been captivated with many different forms of art. Drawing, painting, architecture, and creating were important parts of my upbringing, but were left generally unexplored until I started working more and more with my art teacher, Jon Mulhern. With him I began to develop my painting and drawing skills, while continuing to express an interest in architecture, and eventually started to explore metalworking and blacksmithing in my free time. I instantly fell in love with metalworking and blacksmithing. I continued to spend more time at the shop and put a lot of my free time into developing my skills. Over the summer before my senior year, I took classes in blacksmithing and further developed my abilities on my own time. My original Senior Project idea was to create a series of abstract paintings. I eventually decided a to change my project because of the newfound passion I had developed for metalworking. I altered my project to a study of blacksmithing and a creation of the essential tools a blacksmith needs. I have built my own charcoal forge and used that forge to construct a variety of different hand tools. In the future I plan to pursue a career in architecture, where I can apply my metalworking and blacksmithing skills to building design.

Savannah McMenamin Savages Mentor: Cathy Yun Domains: Wellness, Media Studies and Technology Faculty Grader: Eugene Lee For my Senior Project, I decided to further my fitness goals and become a personal trainer. I got certified through a program called AMFPT (American Muscle and Fitness Personal Training), which included a comprehensive study of human physiology and fitness coaching and a written test demonstrating that I was fluent in knowledge and skills as a fitness trainer. I ordered the hard copy of their standard textbook and test, read the whole thing, and then had to answer multiple-choice questions and write three essays. After a couple revisions on the essay component of the test, I passed the test on August 16, 2016, and became a Certified Personal Trainer! Prior to officially becoming


certified, I had already started to train one of my friends, Amanda Mintz, and continued to do so until now. As my product, I made a website that emphasizes the importance of fitness, the ideas behind working out, and fitness for the future. I also included multiple video and photo exercise tutorials so that people can work out no matter where, when, or what their situation is. I believe everyone deserves to be active and that people should use fitness as a release of our daily life stress and a way to feel good about themselves, always!

Amanda Mintz In My Shoes Mentor: Kerrie Tinsley-Stribling Domain: Media Studies and Technology Faculty Grader: Therese Lichtenstein In My Shoes is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that raises money through the sale of personalized shoelaces to prevent sexual violence through tools of advocacy and education to be displayed at high schools. The organization has the aforementioned name because of the age-old saying, “Walk a mile in my shoes, then you will know what I’ve lived through,” because most people do not understand what sexual violence is. The mission of the organization is to educate people about sexual violence in order to eradicate it. The shoelaces symbolize tying one’s life back together after sexual violence happens, and the idea of the shoe is walking toward a future where rape is not stigmatized. I chose to do this project because I am a survivor myself, and I wanted to help others who have experienced a similar situation and educate people so that rape will not be stigmatized in American culture. I created a film, Stronger Than a Word, in which four survivors are interviewed about their experiences, and my own experience and testimony are featured, embodying the themes of journey and survival. I wrote essays both about my personal experience and on the topic and incorporated them into an information guide as part of the educational tool that I produced. The “eventin-a-box,” the self-educational tool that I made that will be sent to schools, holds the informational guide; a short pamphlet of personal essays; a copy of my film, Stronger Than a Word; and brochures that have quick facts. I also designed a website that features all the parts of the project so that the information is available to the public and anyone can learn about sexual violence, as it is a prominent issue in society today.

Jordyn Moncur Hip-Hop: A Social Gift and Burden Mentor: Sam Yarabek Domains: Media Studies and Technology, World Languages and Literature: English Faculty Grader: Jessica Pollina As I developed an interest in hip-hop and my passion for writing grew, I decided to merge the two topics for my Senior Project. For my Senior Project, I wrote a music history article, focusing on the positive and negative impacts hip-hop has had on society. I directed my attention towards the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, as these were very significant periods for the then-emerging industry. Accompanying the article, I designed an installation to bring it to life. The installation, in chronological order, represents the gradual growth of hip-hop up until the 2000s, and the many ways it has produced both favorable and repugnant reactions within society.


Wyeth Moyer Experimenting with Glassblowing Mentor: Ned Smyth Domain: Visual Arts Faculty Grader: Kim Borsack My project is based on learning the art medium of glassblowing, and my products will be graded based on my improvement of technical skills in my products, as well as my knowledge of the tools, vocabulary, and fundamental glassblowing knowledge. I am displaying every piece I have made since I began glassblowing to show the chronological progression of my works. I will also take audience members through the journey of making a piece and show the important steps of every piece that are required to be a successful glass artist.

Leila Murphy This Is Us Mentor: Alexis Martino Domain: Media Studies and Technology Faculty Grader: Kyle Helke My Senior Project focuses on individuals in Long Island’s immigrant community. Instead of viewing the immigration topic in an abstract way, like what you see on the news and in the paper, through my project, the audience will hear individual stories that will allow them to feel a connection with immigrants. I want people who see my photographs to leave with more questions. My product consists of one to three photos per person, to have a visual along with their story, and I also have photos of immigrants working. I have made a video of five people whom I interviewed and photographed that combines with the photos I took to tell each individual’s story.

Natsumi Nakamura Natsupoli—3D Board Game Mentor: Gary Skellington Domains: Mathematics, Visual Arts, World Languages and Literature: English Faculty Grader: Howard Brown My project consists of designing a 3D board game with a new set of rules that is meant to create diversity, develop a knack for finances, and appreciate the vivid sense of beauty of the countries and of the full details of building design. The game is called Natsupoli, which is the combination of my name and Monopoly. Japan, China, America, and Korea are located on each side of the board with 3D buildings I made by hand. The main materials I used to show the reality were paper, clay, wood, 3D printing, and foam board, combining specific colors as appropriate. The rules are not difficult but relate to some interests of mathematics. I designed this game for more people to be entertained as well as to create a good opportunity for people to learn about different cultures, explore building styles, and experience business.


Anna Popova Living Heart Mentor: Kim Borsack Domains: Science, Visual Arts Consultants: Kieran Ryan, Jon Mulhern Faculty Grader: Anna Castellazzi I am Russian by blood, but I grew up in Kazakhstan. For many years, I have been endlessly passionate about human anatomy, and the heart specifically. For my sophomore year Science Project, I researched the heart. That was when I realized that there are many videos, but not one created model that shows how the heart actually works. Therefore, for my Senior Project, I decided to create an educational model of the anatomical heart. This model is three times enlarged and shows the most basic system that enables you to fall asleep at night, wake up the following morning, and have the necessary energy to go about your daily activities. In the future, I want to become a cardiac surgeon. With the research I have done related to this field of medicine, I have found that many people only learn about how their heart works when they face a malfunction. I believe that education might just prevent that. Your heart is more than a life-supporting organ, and its function must be known. Handmade with love from my heart.

Frank Qi The Door Mentor: Ned Smyth Domains: Visual Arts, Cultural History Faculty Grader: Therese Lichtenstein For my Senior Project, I started by working with children with learning disabilities in China. These children cannot go to normal schools. After making art and working with these kids, I decided make a painting and a sculpture that represent how I felt about disabled kids’ education. The painting is made on a wooden surface, and it represents a door into an education for the disabled kids. The sculpture I made is cast in resin and is a symbol of equality and support for these disabled children. I hope my art can bring some awareness and change to this problem. I really hope that those disabled kids can have access to an education, just like other kids.

Yiwen (Selina) Qiu Significant “F”s Mentor: Kieran Ryan Domains: Visual Arts, Cultural History Faculty Grader: Anna Castellazzi Jewelry is always used to show people’s taste and their sense of fashion. For me, jewelry is more of a way for people to express their stories. For my Senior Project, I designed several jewelry accessories based on my own story and created them with different materials. All the materials represent the elements that influence me in my life. I chose Family, Friendship, Fun, and Future as the four major themes of my project. I made a pendant of a bird nest with wires and pearls to represent family, necklaces with abstract forms of my friends’ names, brooches with Lego cubes to represent fun, and earrings with irregular shapes of glass to reflect future. From this project, I learned how to convey certain stories through jewelry design with different materials and forms.


Chris Ragone Final Odyssey Mentor: Ivan Salcedo Domains: Performing Arts, Media Studies and Technology Faculty Grader: Paul Gansky My project is a hip-hop instrumental album consisting of around 10 songs. The album as a whole has an ongoing theme pertaining to space and sci-fi. I sampled numerous albums in genres such as jazz, funk, rock, and soul; I also sampled old sci-fi movies ranging from 1950s to the 1970s. The philosophy behind my album is that the genre of hiphop is able to bring together different music, movies, and ideas to create an exciting album.

Ashley Mariana Ramos-Cajas Mending Broken Hearts Mentor: Kerrie Tinsley-Stribling Domains: Science, World Languages and Literature: English, Media Studies and Technology Faculty Grader: Brett Smith I have always been interested in the human body and how it works, so ever since ninth grade, I have spent every summer engaging myself in the world of medicine to prepare me for my future career as a cardiologist. Last summer, at the Weill Cornell Summer Youth Program, I worked alongside current medical students and in cadaver labs holding real human organs. We engaged ourselves in the hard work completed by medical students, including lectures and problem-based learning (PBL) case studies, which became an inspiration for my Senior Project. With this inspiration, I interviewed two male patients who successfully survived open-heart surgery and then used their stories to craft two PBL case studies. In addition to my two PBL cases, I wanted to create an installation resembling the workplace of a medical student. With the research I have conducted and skills I have gained, I am preparing myself for the long journey ahead of me to “mending broken hearts.”

Lucia Robinson Better Than Here: An Exploration of Depression Through Film Mentor: Ivan Salcedo Domains: Media Studies and Technology, Science Faculty Grader: Paul Gansky For my Senior Project, I am creating a narrative film that through the use of cinematography, sound design, and character development evokes the sensory and emotional aspects of depression. This project has served as a way for me to explore two interests of mine: psychology and film. Teenage depression is a prevailing issue in our society and tends to be overlooked or treated as nonexistent. After conducting interviews and reading both works of fiction and nonfiction, I have created a story that will hopefully leave an impact on people. My film focuses on 10 minutes in the life of a teenage girl, Celeste. Celeste is attempting to get out of bed in the morning, her alarm droning on and on, her mom knocking on her door to make sure she won’t be late to school. While still in bed, her mind jumps between her safe space, a gallery, and flashbacks of her therapist and school. As her mind jumps from place to place, Celeste struggles to grasp reality and remains safely in her bed. This project has allowed me to explore the entire process of creating a film in detail as well as to begin my journey in studying psychology.


Isabelle Rowe Tucci Mentor: Greg Drossel Domains: Science, Wellness Faculty Grader: Therese Lichtenstein For my project, I am training and socializing a guide dog puppy named Tucci over the course of a year. I am working with the Guide Dog Foundation for my project. I was given Tucci on July 1, 2016, and we worked over the summer on potty training, basic commands, and household manners. I also socialized her in a range of situations, such as day camp, the beach, cars, restaurants, clothing stores, train stations, festivals, sculpture gardens, pools, and movie theaters. During the school year, I bring her to class with me, so she can learn how to be obedient, quiet, and comfortable in classroom situations. We have training classes every two weeks. As she gets older, more will be expected of her, so I will continue to train her accordingly. The final product is a well-trained and socialized guide dog. I have to give her back to the Guide Dog Foundation when she is 14–16 months old, which is in July. The project will not be over after my presentation in January, and I will continue to bring her everywhere with me for the remainder of the year.

Jason Shen Pine for Hanfu Mentor: Michele Passarella Domain: Visual Arts Faculty Grader: Kyle Helke For my Senior Project, I designed and sewed a Chinese traditional garment, the Hanfu, because I’m inspired by my favorite Chinese poem, which is mainly about the poet missing her lover and his clothes—the Hanfu. The Hanfu is the most representative and unique clothing of Chinese society. It has loose lapels, collars diagonally crossing from left to the right, long and loose sleeves, and a sash to close the garments around waist. These unique parts catch my interest. It started to be prevalent during the Shang Dynasty time period, 1600–1046 BCE. I designed the garment with foreign patterns. The foreign patterns made my product groundbreaking and innovative, and choosing patterns also became a challenge for me. The Hanfu I designed includes mainly a black garment with long wide sleeves and red cuffs; a red, black, and golden robe sash; and golden outerwear without long sleeves. In addition, the main garment, sash, and golden outerwear have traditional patterns, except for the foreign patterns on the cuffs. I also used the traditional fabrics of damask and silk. I sewed it myself because sewing carries the impact of how the Hanfu was made in the past. The colors I chose for the Hanfu are black, red, and gold because black and red were the most dignified colors in the first three Chinese dynasties (Xia, Shang, Zhou), according to my online research. These three Chinese dynasties were very significant to China because during them the idea of the Mandate of Heaven began. The Mandate of Heaven was a principle used to justify the power of the Chinese Emperor, and Hanfu were created based on the emperor’s ideology, highlighting his power and status. A succession of emperors and heroes emerged to teach people how to communicate with each other with language systems and sustenance foundations for living. Furthermore, the language we speak and the words we write now were created and developed at that time. The colors black, red, and gold all symbolized a person who had high political position and social status; the gold particularly represented royalty, nobility, high status, and wealth in the ancient Chinese hierarchical society. I wanted to use these colors to emphasize how Chinese civilization began and how Chinese tradition started to spread from dynasty to dynasty.


For the pattern making, I was inspired by Thom Browne’s patterns of whales when I researched my favorite clothing company. Therefore, I decided to make cartoon-like seals (my favorite sea animals) in herringbone style and embroider them on the both sides of the cuffs on the Hanfu by machine because embroidery is also a traditional Chinese technique used in the past to add beautiful patterns on the clothes. Since I had already chosen the color gold for my cuffs, I decided to use purple for the seal embroidery because purple is the opposite of gold on the color wheel. This combination looks absolutely sensational and eye-catching. This design element represents my personal sense of style because the groundbreaking patterns were added, created by myself, and combined the designs of old with the modern interpretation.

Raphael Shoshani In Thrust We Trust Mentor: Jon Mulhern Domain: Science Faculty Grader: Paul Gansky My interest in engineering has been passed down through three generations and my passion for aviation through two. In my early days as a toddler, I can remember looking at any plane that flew overhead wondering how it was possible for such a massive machine to fly. As I grew older, my interest in the internal workings of everyday objects only reinforced my awe of these machines, and that’s where I got the idea for my project. My goal in this endeavor is to build a working turbojet engine so that I can have firsthand experience with the contemporary engines that power these modern marvels. Due to the complex nature of my project, I have run into a few problems, the most noticeable one being a lack of proper equipment to manufacture the parts for my project. In the future, I plan on going back and revising my engine to produce more power and to refit the engine to run on actual Jet A (JP-5) fuel.

Yoora Song For S. J. Mentor: Sam Yarabek Domain: Cultural History, Science Faculty Grader: Howard Brown I am from South Korea and I live in Saudi Arabia now. One of the most important people in my life has a tic disorder. If he is dealing with a difficult situation or experiences stress, he develops and expresses a heightened anxiety. A change to his surrounding environment is the most influential factor. For my Senior Project, I designed a room to inspire a state of calm. I studied the basic principles of feng shui and the fundamental idea of space design and used these principles in the construction and design of my room. Feng shui helped me to establish a space that is balanced by chi. Space design helped me to build a room that adheres to the principles of Western psychology that produce relaxation and calm. I want to study psychology or sociology in the future. Also, the interior of the room has universal design functions that are inherently accessible for everyone, including young and old people, male and female, and people with or without disabilities.


Ziqing Song A Bite of China—Chinese Recipes and American Ingredients Mentor: Mami Takeda Domain: Wellness Faculty Grader: Howard Brown My Senior Project, a blog to introduce Chinese recipes, was designed to help people who live in America create tastes of China. After I came to America, cooking became one of my favorite things to do when I have free time. All of my recipes that I record in my blog are authentic Chinese cuisines. All the dishes use the original ingredients; however, in case people cannot find certain ingredients from China, I suggested ingredients that everyone can find in any local supermarket.

Yae Sugisaka Possibility Mentor: Jennifer Cross Domain: Visual Arts Faculty Grader: Sheryl Hastalis I have created a handmade, mixed-media artist book that expresses my inspirations and documents my artworks and designs. Things are changing, and everyone is changing in some way. I wanted to record how I feel about things around me, including myself and my creativity in this period, in this century, and within this age, before I forget. Everything has the possibility to bring light to the future.

Maple Sun Memories Mentor: Ivan Salcedo Domains: Visual Arts, Media Studies and Technology Faculty Grader: Howard Brown For my Senior Project, I made a film about why and how I came to Ross and the problems I have had throughout these four years. This film includes seven stories and one conclusion. The stories included my conflict with the schools and teachers when I was still in China; my first day at Ross; the life of being a boarding student; and my reactions to the classes, the Modernity Project, Senior Project, and college applications. This project helps me to record my good memories at Ross. Through this project, I developed the skill of acting, filmmaking, and editing.

Siyuan (Harold) Sun Opening Doors with Basketball Mentor: Bryan Smith Domains: Media Studies and Technology, Visual Arts Faculty Grader: Max Krieger For my Senior Project, I’ve always wanted to make something related to basketball. Thus I decided to make an automatic door with a basketball hoop installed above. I intend to install a sensor in the hoops so that if someone makes a shot, the door will automatically open for him or her. After opening the door, there will be a visual


presentation inside about my personal life with basketball. The entire project involves multiple fields such as mechanics, coding, and wood construction.

Anil Tickaram Hellcart Mentor: Matthew Aldredge Domains: Visual Arts, Science Faculty Grader: Jon Mulhern For as long as I can remember, I have been connected to cars and how they function. I remember my first toy as a scale model of a BMW Z3; I wanted to know how it worked and what made it so special. With my curiosity, I would take apart my toy cars and see what was so special. Growing up with a family member that loved cars, I learned why they were special. I started to learn about how cars were different from each other in body style, chassis design, engine, and transmission, as well as what made one car faster, or if it was a built V8 or a six cylinder with a turbo. I also learned how to maintain an engine and how to diagnose problems. As I’ve grown up, I wanted to restore a car and when I came to Ross School, I learned about a project in which seniors can do anything they want. Learning this, I knew I wanted to do something with a car. With my love of cars and knowledge of engines I thought taking classes like metal shop and wood shop would make me more familiar with the materials and how to work with them. I started wood shop and metal shop in my junior year and fell in love with welding and building. At the end of the year, when I had to choose a Senior Project, I decided to build a go-kart or a dune buggy to house a turbojet engine, built by another student for his Senior Project. I started to get ideas from go-karts and dune buggies and created my own space frame out of multiple inch-and-a-half square steel tubes welded together.

Markk Tong Time for Bed Mentor: Ivan Salcedo Domain: Media Studies and Technology Faculty Grader: Kyle Helke For my Senior Project, I am going to make a short horror film. This film project intends to create an intense and uncertain feeling in the audience. The target of the audience is young people over 18 years old who are prepared to watch and enjoy an eerie experience. The goal of the product is to bring the audience palpitations and sweaty palms as they watch. The topic of this film fits into the category of contemporary horror, which emphasizes the horror of humanity and one’s miserable experience. It develops intensity with eerie sounds and scenes, and frightens the audience at the end.

Nodo Ugulava Untitled Mentor: Ned Smyth Domain: Visual Arts Faculty Grader: Therese Lichtenstein For my Senior Project, I created an installation with paintings, video, and audio that focuses on the lives of insects. Insects have complex social structures and have been living on this planet longer than we have. I wanted to


symbolically use insects to raise awareness that global populations are diverse: they are culturally, economically, and socially different. Whatever the differences are, we all have to try to work and live together in harmony.

Michael Vanegas Reborn in America Mentor: Jon Mulhern Domains: Visual Arts, Media Studies and Technology Faculty Grader: Kyle Helke For my Senior Project, I am setting up an installation on Hispanic immigration utilizing different types of media such as sculptures, paintings, photography, audio, and video. The reason I chose Hispanic immigration as the topic of my project is because I have always been surrounded by many people that have come from foreign countries, including my own parents. They described to me how difficult it was to assimilate to life in America. I want to use my project as a way to raise awareness on this important issue and to show the audience a side of immigration that many people have never seen before.

Anna Vantseva “AQUArelle”—New Brand: From Idea to Realization Mentor: Heather D’Agostino Domains: Cultural History, Visual Arts, Media Studies and Technology Faculty Grader: Levi Stribling For my Senior Project, I created a business model for a fashion brand called Aquarelle. It was created based on the competitive Italian fashion market. I identified the brand products, analyzed the market, created a positioning map, and planned out a marketing strategy. My product is a business plan in a presentation format and a website with watercolor paintings of the brand’s beachwear collection.

Zhaoyi (Jenny) Wei Paper Renaissance Mentor: Anna Strong Domain: Science Faculty Grader: Linda Hanrahan Paper is a writing material invented in ancient China between 25–220 AD, and brought to medieval Europe by the 11th century. As paper became more common, people stopped cherishing it, and paper waste has now become a serious problem. Schools and offices are places that often use the most printing paper. I usually see a pile of paper next to our school’s printers, wasted for various reasons. Instead of throwing them away, I am recycling them and giving them a second “life.” For my Senior Project, I made several notebooks. Each book uses different or multiple materials. I made different kinds of paper using wasted printing paper mixed with starch, flower seeds, plant seeds, and leaves. I hope my product will encourage people to recycle used paper and minimize the use of paper.


Yujiang (Lucy) Wu Connection/Reflection Mentor: Kieran Ryan Domains: Visual Arts, Cultural History, Science Faculty Grader: Ned Smyth The relation between human beings and the universe has been explored for thousands of years throughout the history of different cultures. For my Senior Project, I aim to show the connection between human beings and the universe through two paintings combined with lasers and mirrors. To create a sense of depth and immensity, I built two wooden frames with curved panels. I painted the cosmos on one piece and the underwater vision of a cluster of fish with bubbles on the other one. I placed little mirrors on both paintings, hung them on the opposite walls, and glued laser pointers to the frame to direct lights that reflect between the mirrors. Eventually, I used a smoke machine, which enables viewers to see the laser web. With the fish representing human beings and lasers linking them to the cosmos, my Senior Project conveys the concept that people are a part of nature. From this project, I improved my painting skill, developed the ability to express thoughts through visual elements, and used techniques to combine different materials into one cohesive idea.

Chengzhi (Ricardo) Xie Design an Experiment Mentor: Hameer Deo Domains: Science, Mathematics Faculty Grader: Carleton Schade For my Senior Project, I decided to build up an experiment and find out the problems I might face in the future. My goal is to experience what can happen in the experiment and practice my logical thinking. The experiment I chose to do is to calculate the speed of sound and try to make the experiment as simple as possible. I recorded the problems I faced in this experiment and produced a report for the experiment.

Zewei Xu 夎 ĺ‡ Ji Mentor: Levi Stribling Domains: Visual Arts, World Languages and Literature: English Faculty Grader: Therese LIchtenstein My Senior Project is a series of sequential illustrations based on a story of my own creation. The illustrations are inspired by various novels I have read and my personal experience. The protagonist, age 19, is the last guardian of the occult ritual Ji. The pictures talk about tradition; they also show loneliness and absurdity.


Kaho Yang Alternative Universe Mentor: Therese Lichtenstein Domain: Visual Arts Faculty Grader: Anthony Piscitello For my Senior Project, I created an art installation that is a totally new experience for me. I slowly developed my ideas, creating two handmade boxes that I designed and filled with my unique constructions to make a fantasy universe.

Ken Yang The Dreamer Mentor: Ivan Salcedo Domain: Media Studies and Technology Faculty Grader: Paul Gansky I made a documentary of Chinese immigration to America. In other words, I let them tell their story and their American Dream, and also share all the hard work they put in when they come to America.

Shanshan Yang Investment Guide for Newcomers Mentor: Kyle Helke Domains: Culture History, Visual Arts, Media Studies and Technology Faculty Grader: Kieran Ryan This project aims to help beginners in the financial and investment field. It can help them learn basic information about common financial tools and gives suggestions about what financial securities they should invest in based on their personal information, risk capacity (risk tolerance and timeframe), and investment goals. The product is an interactive, visualized guide that is easy to both operate and understand.

Timur Yuldashev Political Communication Mentor: Kevin Snyder Domain: Cultural History Faculty Grader: Kyle Helke For my project, I wrote a book that explains political communication; it includes explanations of several aspects of communication and their impact on public opinion. I talk about political image and how it can be created and manipulated in various ways. The book also touches on how journalism and Twitter can manipulate and create a political personality. I tried to understand why we think about certain people when we think about “negative politics” and other people when we talk about “positive politics,” and how those initial assumptions can be altered.


Ryan Zhang USPR (Universal Soccer Player Rating) Mentor: Kevin Snyder Domains: Wellness, Mathematics, Visual Arts Faculty Grader: Hameer Deo For my Senior Project, I attempted to create an algorithm that allows the majority of soccer players to quantify their soccer abilities, along with a specifically designed website. Normally, people evaluate a soccer player’s ability by looking at statistics, but this method does not reflect his or her actual soccer ability comprehensively and precisely, due to differences of positions and roles. The algorithm includes 6 major outcomes and 25 minor attributes. With the algorithm, players can come up with ratings based on their positions, roles, and statistics.

Oscar Zhao Learning of Italian Cuisine Mentor: Cathy Yun Domains: Performing Arts, Wellness Faculty Grader: Anna Castellazzi My Senior Project is to learn how to cook Italian cuisine and present it in a formal way. This idea came to me one year ago. I was very interested in culinary art and I was struggling with whether I should do a project related to basketball. However, I decided to do something I had rarely done before: cooking. Therefore, I had a one-week internship at an Italian restaurant in Beijing. I learned the basics of Italian cuisine, and further developed my skills by myself. My project is to serve a full-course Italian meal for six people on Exhibition Night. I am also going to put dessert outside the room in the hallway for everyone to taste.

Yuxuan Zhou The Hotel Journey Mentor: Kerrie Tinsley-Stribling Domains: World Languages and Literature: English, Media Studies and Technology Faculty Grader: Mami Takeda For my Senior Project, I wrote a book that relates to Chinese hospitality. My experience at an internship in the Gong Min Hotel is recorded in this book. The book includes an interesting and unexpected story, which took place between customers and myself. Since I have traveled to many beautiful places and stayed in many hotels, I was deeply attracted by the considerable service and comfortable environment that many hotels provide. This is what inspired me to want to manage a hotel in the future; writing this book is my first step to achieving my goal. Last, but not least, I hope readers will gain more knowledge about Chinese culture and hospitality.


Ross Senior Project Catalog 2017  
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