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Convention center The Convention Center is composed by three levels, each one with a prevalent function and its related facilities. These three slabs have different dimensions andthey are revolved in their plans, layingeach one upon the others and mostly included in the hill, even though in some point the slabs plans intersect the level curves and they overhang to the outside. Therefore there are someviewpointsat the ends of the building, looking at the lake park and the whole project site. In the night the cantilevered volumes, lit up from the inside, offer a spectacular view, creating a sort of horizontal lightning cuts in the hill. There are three accesses to the complex, onthe west, south and east sides of the hill, allthese gates are connected to the bottom level of the building,although they are placed at different heights, depending on the paths they are related to. Light and air should penetrate up till here through some skylights, which are “in-and-out”cones, holing the hill surface at different levels. The first slab, whose altitude is about 4.5 meters and it is the same as the surrounding lake park one, is the main access to the complex,directly connected to the subway station and hosting different typologies of facilities, such as shops, bars, fast food restaurants and so on. Inside the same level there are also the information and logistic areas, for the entire complex. The vertical and transversal connections among the three slabs, branch off from this level, so it may be considered the as a device running as “terminal” for people passing by. In the second level there is a hotel forsomething like 900 people, with a surface that is about 10000 square meters, the connected restaurant and bar are suitable both for the hotel customers and people just strolling in Magok. In the top slab the roof is 16 meters height: here there are conference and exhibition halls, with cantilevered volumes pointing to the lake park, with the related facilities, so that also this part of the macro-building may be used as part of the park, creating an interaction among public domain and private spaces.

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International Competition of ideas for the design of the new waterfront of Seoul (New Magok Waterfront, 2007-2008). The goal of the Interna...