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macro-chessboard, including both built volumes and green areas, creating a promenade next to the lake and a walkwayssystem.Each different level is characterized by selected vegetation species, in order to maintain the cultural heritage and therefore, be eco-friendly. This retail area takes a relevant position because it works as an artificial hall to enter the lake park for people reaching Magokby the subway line, that stops in this buffer zone between the new Magok waterfront and the business district, living in a border condition. Moreover this area can be considered as a gathering place because it directly in connection with thesubwaystation, the exhibition center and one of the convention center bridges, the Yangcheon-gil bridge, the underground car parking inside the up-bypass hill and the boat stop.




International Competition of ideas for the design of the new waterfront of Seoul (New Magok Waterfront, 2007-2008). The goal of the Interna...