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The total surface of the built area is about2500 square meters, including artistic installation pavilions, educational rooms (history oriented), cultural files and paths, a bookshop, relaxing areas, cafeterias, restaurants, take away bars and shops. The relief slope hill is quite slight, in the north-south direction, connecting the techno hill area to the exhibition center, while the sides facing the basin and Magok context are bluffer: thanks to its outline the hill provides certain permeability among the Yangcheon-gil and the areas on its sides. Water presence in the retail hill is very important because of the hill position, that is about in the middles of the basin so it works as a sort of sceneryfor the touristic boat docking.

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International Competition of ideas for the design of the new waterfront of Seoul (New Magok Waterfront, 2007-2008). The goal of the Interna...