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The dykes next to the waterway are especially important for the soil holding in the waterfront area, where the river flow would rapidly take everything away. But this is not their only purpose: from the river waterfront, the 7 meters high dykes level increases till 14 meters where the flood gate barrier is and then it goes down again to 4,50 meters. These slopes have a double purpose: they work together with the flood gate as a retaining wall against flooding, allowing people to walk from the inner part of the Magok Waterfront to the Han River, creating a smart view point on the top of the dykes [14meters high]. This path slope is lower than 8%, so that everybody can walk or cycle there. The longest wall is 150 meters long, while the other one is “just �120 meters and considering their elevation in the point they are closer to the Olympic Expressway, there are still 6 meters between them.




International Competition of ideas for the design of the new waterfront of Seoul (New Magok Waterfront, 2007-2008). The goal of the Interna...