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MAGOK PROJECT Seoul has developed on the banks of the Han River that flows through the center of the city from east to west and is wider than 1km. In 1995 the city announced a progressive plan to develop the city,whose aim is the transformationof the overall landscape of the Seoul metropolitan area through the development of a sequence waterfront areas: the Han River Renaissance Project comprises six district of Seoul facing the riverside, whose western one is Magok. Nowadays this is the last large underdeveloped tract in the city, so this project represents an effort to promote a more global, eco-friendly image of Seoul. In this plan, the city municipality designed a 1.03 million pyeong area (that is about4 million square meters)in Magok-dong and Gayang-dong as a strategic position to ultimately become an Asian economic hub city for information technology (IT), biotechnology (BT) and nanotechnology (NT). The site is approximately 13 km from the central business district and the Waterfront should become a direct South - West gateway for people coming from the Incheon International Airport, Gimpo International Airport and the subway line n째9. Therefore the goal of the International Design Competition is to transform the area of Magok into a tourist, business, and environmental interest, through the water transport system boasting, the connectionof the Han River and the Yellow Sea and the creationof a well developed waterfront environment that hosts all necessary facilities and amenities.The main aims of the Magok development project plan there are the creation of a leisure area, the promotion of a sustainable ecosystem and environment, the conformity to the Han River Renaissance project. Most of Magok area is specified as natural green areas, while the eastern areasare planned to be residential and thenortheastern ones are designed as a semi-industrial areas. The Western side of Magok has the same residential program as the eastern one, but it also involves natural green areas and in the south direction the plan claims the agricultural fields to become commercial distribution area.

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International Competition of ideas for the design of the new waterfront of Seoul (New Magok Waterfront, 2007-2008). The goal of the Interna...