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ITEC Past Exam Papers - Revision Questions Using ITEC past exam papers can be quite advantageous for those students studying the ITEC subjects. Regrettably ITEC don't provide past exam papers or questions which means you must seek an alternate revision resource that delivers revision questions much like individuals available on ITEC's past exam papers. ITEC's theory papers have been in the format of multiple choice questions so using these kind of questions when you are studying a very good idea because it prepares a student for that format of the actual exam paper. Using Anatomy and Physiology for example, listed here are some sample multiple choice questions 01. 2 pairs of centrioles separate throughout which phase of mitosis?a) Prophase - Answerb) Anaphasec) Telophased) Metaphase 02. What muscle reduces the mandible and opens the mouth?a) Lateral pterygoid - Answerb) Medial pterygoidc) Orbicularis oculid) Masseter 03. What's the purpose of the best lymphatic duct?a) Drains lymph in to the mind, neck and torsob) Collects lymph in the right side from the bodyc) Collects lymph in the right side from the mind and neck, chest and right arm - Answerd) Collects lymph in the left side from the body Whatever ITEC exam you're studying for, whether it's Beauty Therapy or Reflexology, you will have to possess a study plan in position including learning these questions everyday. I would suggest you learn numerous questions every day, about 20-30 for the way busy you're. And even when you're very busy on the particular day, learning just 5 questions is alright, 5 is an improvement on nothing whatsoever. Remember, the important thing for your exam success with this particular technique is consistency. Continue doing this process every single day as well as your confidence within the subject you're learning will quickly grow. Keys for Cars

ITEC Past Exam Papers - Revision Questions_