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WELCOME! My name is Ross Lavigne and I am glad to see you joining myself and the rest of the photographic cinematheque team for our first exciting issue (there is no team it’s just me but it’s better for morale)! With todays quickly progressing technology taking great looking video and photography are becoming a happy co-existance. This magazine is dedicated to using DSLR’s to the photo crowd or HDSLR’s to the film people. All of the images shown within these pages are presented in a 16:9 ratio to pay tribute to the art of film making. And these two fella’s to the left are a good example of what I am referring to. The western is a genre built on iconic images utilizing the 16:9 ratio. Close your eyes and think of a gunfight at high noon. A close up image of each of the gunslingers eyes in the left or right third of the frame. The cut jumps to another image with the wide frame emphasising the ten paces between them. It is the strong framing of the image that makes it all work. Well thats the idea anyways, you be the judge. Be gentle though the team couldn’t handle the rejection. ENJOY!

Kicking it old school Ok so the first story of our magazine dedicated to a 16:9 isn’t in the proper format. But we make rules only so we can break them, right? These images of the majestic looking fellow there are taken on a medium format camera. There is just something amazing about the images you get from film and the craft is much more visceral than the techniques of a point and click generation. I wonder if there will ever come a point where film is still used for motion pictures? The medium and large format camera’s of still photography are still in use and preffered by some of the best photographers in the world. I could see someone like Ridley Scott or Quinten Tarintino pulling out celluloid for a future project say 10 or 15 years from now. Granted most filmakers today still use film since in many ways digital has not quite captured images the same way yet. But it is apparent that the digital revolution is coming.




One of my favorite abilities of shooting with a DSLR is the portability of the device itself. A monopod is worth it’s weight in gold. Shooting hand-held on a DSLR for video is extremely difficult (the camera picks up everylittle shake). And while it is

possible to do with practice and patience a monopod will easily add some stability to any kind of image you take. It can make for some memorable family walks too.

Another family walk and another picture. I enjoy how dramatic a photo can look using the 16:9 in portrait instead of landscape.

This image is taken from a stop motion piece. Stop motion is an amazing medium that can utilize the convenience of digital storage. It does require some serious patience though. This image is one of three hundred taken for a thirty second piece.


This is a kind of accidental portrait. I was doing a photo shoot for the stuff hanging on the wall and while i was setting up the flash kit I got this photo and just couldn’t get rid of it.


Mary O



DUECE This was a fun project to play with photoshop. I have always been a little intimidated by the software and really tried to dive in with this. The results are not as good as I wanted but I definately learned alot on this project.

THE BIG SHOW This tryptich was a part of a portrait show this year using black and white. Black and white photography is a medium that makes your ability to work with colour that much stronger. In order to create an interesting composition it is intrical that there is an understanding of working tonally.

VIDEO Vimeo is an excellent and free resource for sharing HD video on the web. I am printing the link below to show a new hybrid medium know as a video portrait. This is an interesting and challenging medium. How can you incorporate movement in to a portrait? What does taking a portrait mean to you? Is it merely capturing likeness? What else about a persons character can you capture with a portrait? Give it a try.


Marco Van Duyvendijk

This photographer from the netherlands certainly displays a flare for the cinematic image. He has cited inspiration from chinese filmmaker Kar Wai Wong. His photos also contain a sense of narrative to them. While in some of his pictures the story is bold. Other photos feel like they are taken in the fold of a story or at a transitional part of the story.

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