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You sit out at a football game, and think no harm can come to you. You are content with your friends laughing, talking, flirting at times. You of course get a couple of mosquito bites, but no big deal right? Wrong. West Nile Virus can be transmitted by a SINGLE mosquito bite. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) believes that this virus is mainly in North America, and it flares up in summer time and continues into the fall. We haven‟t really heard about it until recently, but it‟s been in North

America for a while. Want to know how to prevent it? I‟ll tell you! Simple measures like wearing bug spray when you go outside, making sure your screen doors at the house are closed if your other door is open, and not letting water sit around in stuff around your house. There are a couple of really simple steps to help prevent you from getting it! Don‟t freak out if you do get a mosquito bite! You don‟t get West Nile from every single mosquito. But if you do get a bite and you start feeling really

bad look and see if you have these symptoms: high fever, headache, neck stiffness, body aches, nausea, vomiting, and sometimes rashes. If you get these symptoms after you‟ve gotten a bug bite you probably need to visit your doctor! So watch out for those mosquitos at football games, and wear bug spray!

2012 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION By: Caitlin Owen November is just around the corner, and it‟s almost impossible to ignore what that means. As a matter of fact, one cannot go about their daily life without seeing a political campaign in action, regardless of the candidate; an advertisement on the television, a sign in a neighbor‟s front yard, a bumper sticker on a car in traffic. With election day fast approaching and new information surfacing on a regular basis, the American people, even those too young to vote, are quickly discovering which presidential nominee they stand behind. When asked their opinion on the upcoming election, the majority of the student body, quite frankly, seemed not to care. However, there were a few exceptions to the general consensus, and a small, more passionate, fraction of students were not afraid to let their voices be heard. In the school wide poll, 26% of the students said they would vote for Barack Obama, 48% were behind Romney, and the rest were un-

decided. Seniors Samantha Dill and Alex Stutes had differing points of view; “Morals aren‟t the only basis for running a country. I‟m afraid Romney might bend too easily towards the tea-party point of view,” Stutes said “But, whichever way the election goes, neither candidate will make a good president. Both will be mediocre.” Whereas Dill stated, “Mitt Romney is the best choice. I think he has better views morally. Look at what Obama did, look how many jobs have been lost. I think he [Romney] will get the job done.” And, while most juniors were on the fence about which candidate they support, Talon Owen went into detail about why he supports Obama; “I disagree with some people about Obama Care; I think instead of their brains shutting off as soon as they hear the word „Obama‟, they should listen to the actual information. I‟m not saying that I‟m a Democrat, but some of the people that think they understand politics aren‟t looking at

the whole picture.” The sophomores were very strongly opinionated, Hunter Johnson saying “Out of the people still running, I would vote for Obama. Romney will destroy the world. Congress won‟t let Obama pass any laws,” and Elyssa Reese stating “Obama sucks. He didn‟t do anything he said he would, and the economy is failing.” The freshmen offered no input. As previously mentioned, many students were unable to make up their minds and were unsure which candidate best represented their views.



ROCK THE VOTE INBy:2012 Vada Judd Although many of us have yet to turn eighteen, it‟s still important that we spread the word on voting. Just imagine how many countries don‟t allow voting among their citizens. We are privileged as Americans to have this ability. It‟s not so much a right as it is a duty. It‟s important that political leaders reflect the views of the many rather than the one. By voting, or encouraging your parents and siblings to vote, you‟re making a difference in the representation of our government. Whether your opinions are strictly conservative, liberal, or somewhere in between; there‟s a candidate that sets out to accomplish your goals. A veteran from Hawaii recently set a

great example for young voters. Although he was on his death bed, he filled out an absentee ballot to ensure his vote would be counted. Mr. Frank Tanabe, of Japanese descent, was placed through two different internment camps at the start of the second world war. Despite the fact he was being persecuted for his nationality, Tanabe stood up for the country he called home and volunteered to join the Army. It takes a brave citizen to stand up for what they believe in during a dangerous situation. It takes an even braver citizen to keep grasp of the same patriotism for ninety three years. Mr. Tanabe passed away this week, but will certainly not be forgotten. I urge

the students of Rosman High who are eligible to vote, to take hold of your responsibility and cast a ballot. It takes a few minutes of your time, and one thoughtful decision. This should be an exciting experience for you. You‟ve waited eighteen years to do this, now it‟s time you do it well. For more information on voting registration or to sign your own pledge to vote, please visit http://

OPPAN, GANGNAM STYLE! By: Julia Crain If you haven‟t yet heard of it, Gangnam Style is a 2012 Korean Pop single by Psy. It has become popular because of the catchy tune and unusual dance moves. It was released on July 15, 2012, and debuted as number one on the Gaon Chart (a national record chart in South Korea). The Gangnam Style music video had been viewed 253 million times as of September 23, 2012, making it YouTube‟s most watched Korean Pop video. It had been shared on the internet by many celebrities including T-Pain, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, and Tom Cruise. Gangnam Style has been featured in international media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, the Finan-

cial Times, and CNN International. By early September, flash mobs started to appear in various capitals of the world. It has become the source of parodies and reaction videos by the Oregon Duck, midshipmen from the United States Naval Academy, and even the North Korean government. Psy has brought the Gangnam Style dance to many locations including Dodger Stadium, the Ellen DeGeneres Show, and Samsung commercials. It has topped the iTunes Charts in 31 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Gangnam Style has been nominated for Best Video at the 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards in Frankfurt, Germany.

This song has been a huge hit, and tons of people have been learning the dance. It is a YouTube sensation, and if you don‟t already know it, you should learn it!



The freshmen this year are not a disappointment to anyone. The class of 2016 was definitely ready for high school. Even though some were very nervous about high school most of the students knew some people by either being good friends or playing ball with older kids. Coach Witt said “I only have one class of

freshmen this semester. They are an Honors World History class. I am very proud of the hard work they are doing so far. They are very respectful and conscientious.” Kimberly Stocker said her favorite thing about being a freshman is the variety of classes and meeting new friends. “High School is a new experience for

me, but I love new experiences so I'm really excited for this High School year. I love school and that's something not everybody says. I don't think anything is that bad to have to change anything in the school,” Stocker says. It looks like the class of 2016 is off to a great start!

TIME TO PAY UP By: Brianna Garber

You may think our school officials make a lot of rules that we have to follow, but you aren‟t comparing us to other, larger schools around the United States. I read somewhere, that in another school in the United States, if students are late for class they have to pay their teacher $1. Although most teachers here at Rosman would never do this because they understand that we, as students, will be late for class every once in a while, there are those students that are late for class every single day and maybe, if this was a rule it would eliminate the problem. I emailed a couple teachers here at RHS to see what they thought about this topic, and as I predicted, they didn‟t think this was a good idea. For the most part, both the teachers I asked said that fining students for excessive tardiness is not an appropriate punishment and that fining the parents of those students would make more sense. They said that financial punishment in a public

school, like ours, would not be effective or fair. One of the teachers said that education is only as strong as the families of the school, so the more involved parents are in the kids‟ lives providing love and structure, the stronger the schools will be. I figured that because we are such a small school the teachers would not find this as a fair punishment. I bet that if we were a bigger school the teachers would have a different opinion about this. Since we are such a small school this punishment would be extremely crazy! I figured that it was also important to hear what the students had to say about this topic as well, since they would be the ones paying if this punishment ever became real at our school. The students that I asked about this topic gave the same answer that I believe most students here at RHS would have. They said, “I don‟t think that this would be too bad of an idea sometimes because although most students would start

becoming broke, most of the teachers would be rich and they would hopefully spend that money on school supplies and stuff for the classrooms. At the same time, there are those days that you really can‟t help that you are late to class and we shouldn‟t be fined for those occasions. Overall, we as students thank that teachers should not fine us for being late to class unless we don‟t have a good reason.” With all this being said, I think that we, as students and teachers, all feel the same about this topic, paying $1 if you are late for class is not a good idea here at RHS. Maybe if we were a bigger school, and a lot of people continued to be late to class every day, then this could be a consideration for discipline. Thankfully, we are a small school and our teachers and staff here at RHS do not feel this would be an effective form of discipline.



PAINT THE TOWNBy:ORANGE Hannah Sanders Most of you have seen the mural on the side of the building down near Jarrett’s. Well, it’s not just a really cool mural on a building, it’s OUR Art Class’ mural! How awesome, right?! Mrs. Schoenacher says, “Curtis Buchanan came to me with the idea. Dilan Adcock and Ashley Morgan submitted designs based on his criteria. The result is a combination of

the two drawings. At first, I was reluctant because I was afraid of motivating the masses (20 students in my fourth), but we went for it and every student has contributed. Public art has the power to transform a community and we hope this mural will help people take pride in the area and Rosman. Mr. Buchanan will donate $1500.00 dollars

to the art department at RHS. We thank him for the opportunity.” So when you see Mr. Curtis Buchanan thank him for donating this generous amount! And if you see any of the 4th period art kids or Mrs. Schoenacher, make sure to tell them how good they did on the mural (especially Ashley or Dilan)!

NOT SO STEREOTYPICAL By: Caitlin Owen There is no other way to put it: we are members of a society that revolves almost entirely around stereotypes, whether those stereotypes relate to a person‟s race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or interests, they‟re still present and almost impossible to ignore, especially in the small town, high school environment. We are entirely too quick to pass judgment on people that, in reality, we know little to nothing about. Suddenly, someone‟s outward appearance is enough criteria for us to decide if they‟re worthy of our time, rendering us seemingly incapable of putting forth the extra effort that‟s necessary in actually getting to know another person. Perhaps we are too stubborn to believe that our first impression of someone

might not always be the correct one. We don‟t want to be proven wrong, and therefore assume that we are right. There is a famous quote, “Jumping to conclusions is like putting two and two together and getting five. When our minds race in the wrong direction, it can lead to false conclusions.” A girl is on the cheerleading squad, and is automatically believed to be dense. A boy works hard in school, and is deemed a “nerd”. We‟ve all made inferences such as these, with little to no evidence to support them. Why do we do these things? Is it to make us feel better about ourselves? And, if so – why is it that tearing other people down somehow gives us a feeling of superiority? In this day and age, with modern tech-

nology putting the world at our fingertips, we, for some reason, think it‟s acceptable to verbally abuse those we‟ve never met on YouTube, gossip about our classmates through Facebook, and text people things we‟d never dream of saying to their face. It‟s hard enough to go through high school without bullying. So, why don‟t we break the trend? Sit with a person outside of your social group during lunch. Stick up for somebody who‟s being made fun of. We need to have each others‟ backs instead of talking behind them. Every day we are presented with the opportunity to change the way in which the world works, and we need to step up to the plate and take advantage of it.



WyldLife is a middle school group here at our school that has grown throughout the past three years and continues to grow. WyldLife is the middle school version of YoungLife that has just started this year at our high school. YoungLife was started in 1938 by a man named Jim Rayburn. His main goal was to start an organization that targeted high school students. He wanted to show students that having faith could be not only fun, but exhilarating and life changing. He would hold weekly “club” meetings in different people‟s houses. They would start off by singing a few songs, they would do a couple of funny skits, and then Mr. Rayburn would give a short talk

about Jesus Christ. YoungLife was officially started on October 16, 1941 in Gainesville, Texas. Jim started getting support from fellow Christians; from then on Students fell in love with YoungLife. It grew rapidly throughout the state of Texas and soon it moved to Colorado. YoungLife became such a big and popular ministry. At first their goal was to target the big high schools in the suburban areas; but come the 1980‟s the YoungLife ministry brought two really big assets. WyldLife was officially born, and they began the small town initiative, which brought YoungLife to smaller, rural areas. After that, YoungLife began 4 new and different types of

ministry. They started the Young Lives program, which targets young mothers and pregnant teens; also they started the Capernaum Project, which is for the disabled children; then the CollegeLife came into play; and last but not least they started to bring YoungLife to the children that live on Military Bases. YoungLife shortly began to creep into different countries starting with France and growing to British Colombia. This was the beginning of a great ministry to high school and middle school students and continues to grow today. For more information visit: AboutYoungLife/History.htm


Fifth to sixth grade is a big adjustment! Students are moving schools, meeting new people, and growing up all at once! When kids are in 5th grade they are the big guys at school, but once they come to middle school they are at the bottom of the “food chain.” This can be a big change as well, especially at Rosman where the middle school students are seeing the high school students daily in the halls. Mrs. West and Mr. Morgan both agreed elementary school students don‟t know how to study, or take notes. In the first few weeks of middle school teachers go very slow to try to teach

students note taking skills and different tricks to studying. To keep from overwhelming them, the school has created a great schedule so the students have some time to work on homework during school. In elementary school, kids normally only have one teacher teaching them all\subjects all day. Changing classes and having different teachers for each subject is something new for sixth grade kids. They now are responsible for remembering what class they go to next. Along with changing classes, they now have to keep up with a locker. Getting a locker is a big part of going into mid-

dle school! This can be a big responsibility because they have to remember their combination and be able to keep it neat and tidy. Remembering your combination and keeping lockers clean, helps them to stay organized and contributes to an easier and great first year of middle school. Coming to middle school is very different from what the new sixth graders are used to. Becoming adjusted to middle school may take a few weeks, but eventually they understand what is expected of them. Middle school is full of new responsibilities to prepare them for the future.



LETTERS TO THE PRINCIPAL By: Brianna Garber Everyone at Rosman Middle & High School knows who Mr. Weaver and/ or Mr. Carter are because they have been our principals for the longest time, but who is our new assistant principal in the high school this year? Mr. Ormsby has taken Mrs. Silvey‟s place this year and he‟s fitting in pretty well here at RHS. I‟m sure you have wondered, at some point in time while you have been here at Rosman High & Middle School, something about Mr. Weaver and/or Mr. Carter or even, this year, something about Mr. Ormsby. After many, many days of trying to get students to email me back with questions that they would like to have answered by Mr. Weaver, Mr. Carter, or Mr. Ormsby I finally got some responses back. Once I got the questions back from everyone, I went to the middle and high school offices and sat down with our principals to get them to answer our questions. Q: On a scale of 1-10, on an average day how stressed do you get with students here at RHS? A: Around a 3 on an average day. -Mr. Weaver Q: Is it possible that we will get lights on the baseball field this year or next? Why or why not? A: No, because the money to do a project like that is prioritized by need within the county and the county commissioners don’t provide us with the money to fund all of our projects that we would like to do. Example: The county commissioners have to decide to either replace thir-

ty year old AC units or put in brand new lights for the baseball field. They have to choose the one that is going to help the school overall and not just help a certain group at the school. –Mr. Weaver Q: How do you like your first year at RHS?

Q: What kind of car do you have? A: I actually have two, a Toyota corolla and a Mondo sport. –Mr. Ormsby Q: Are your muscles real or do you wear a suit of armor to school every day?

A: I love it; it’s a really wonderful place to work, with great people to work with and for. –Mr. Ormsby

A: Well I don’t wear a suit of armor, so what do you think? -Mr. Ormsby

Q: Why is the dress code enforced unevenly?

A: It depends on the time of the year, but I like strawberries, bananas, and mangos. –Mr. Weaver

A: When I see a violation, I address it. The problem comes when I don’t see the students until lunch time, and by then they have already been through three fourths of the day so it’s kind of pointless to send them home at that time. –Mr. Weaver Q: How long have you had a beard/ goatee? A: A very long time. If I had to take a guess on how long, I’d say probably since about the 4th grade. –Mr. Carter Q: Did you used to teach? If so, what did you teach? A: Absolutely! I taught science, social studies, driver’s education, and P.E. –Mr. Carter Q: What is your favorite sport? A: I would have to say basketball because I use to play and I really understand the game. –Mr. Carter Q: How much can you bench? A: I have absolutely no idea; I haven’t maxed in a long time. –Mr. Ormsby

Q: What is your favorite fruit?

A: I, like Mr. Weaver, prefer strawberries first, then I like pineapples, and kiwi. –Mr. Ormsby I hope that me asking these questions, for those of you that ask, helped you and if you have anything else to ask any of our administrators, don‟t be afraid. All three administrators were very forthcoming when I asked them these questions and I‟m sure if you have more questions to ask they would be more than willing to answer them for you. Most of the questions for Mr. Carter were not very serious but once we got to asking Mr. Weaver his questions got pretty serious. And if you ever want to get on Mr. Weaver or Mr. Ormsby‟s good side just take them some strawberries I‟m sure that would just make their day!


U.S. WATER POLO By: Samantha Thielke

This summer, London hosted the XXX 2012 Summer Olympics on July 27 through August 12. The Olympics are a world-wide favorite sports competition between the countries. Millions of people watched every day. My favorite event this summer was Water Polo. Water Polo, also called Water Ball, is a team water sport with 6 people in the pool and one goal keeper. The point of the game is to pass the ball to your teammates while being guarded and get the ball into the other team‟s goal. While playing, players have to tread water and swim; they can‟t touch the bottom of the six foot pool or the sides. When Team A has the ball the player from Team B

will push down on the opponent‟s shoulders to get the ball back. As you can tell this is a very contact sport! To play you also have to be very strong and a great swimmer. Water Polo has only been around since the late 19th century. William Wilson was the originator of the rules they play by today. The point of water polo originally was to show strength and swimming skill, and you basically follow the same rules today. U.S. women‟s water polo team did very well this summer! In fact they won 1st and brought the gold back home! Close behind was Spain, with silver, and Australia, with the bronze.


This year the Olympic were held in London in the summer. Throughout the Olympic many of the teams in different sports won medals but the volleyball team is who stuck out the most. In the women‟s beach volleyball two U.S team played each other but Kerri Walsh Jennings and Misty May Treanor came out on top. In the indoor the U.S Olympic team took home the silver medal. There was one player on the team that completely dominated which was Destinee Hooker. She was the one player no matter how bad they were down she also worked a little harder to get her team back up. Baylee Bagwell Said” I really enjoyed keeping up with the women‟s Beach volleyball throughout the Olympics. I

loved how the Americans dominated the overall competition, ending up playing each other in the championship for the gold. And I also was very proud to be called an American because the Indoor arena was dominated by the USA Women‟s team because they were also a powerhouse and I can't wait to see Destinee Hooper play again!”




Oscar Pistorius, a South African native, was born without fibulas and underwent amputation surgery when he was only 11 months old. He received his first pair of prosthetic legs at the age of 17 months. Growing up, Oscar played rugby, water polo, and tennis. In 2004, he shattered his right knee during a rugby match. After recovering from this accident, his doctors suggested that he try running; this was obviously a good decision. After only two months of training, Oscar ran the 100m dash in his hometown and set a new world record. Oscar‟s nickname is “the fastest man on no legs”, and he‟s done more than live up to it this year. He‟s a four-time Paralympic gold medal winner, but

this was the first year he, or any other amputee, had competed in an Olympic event. Oscar qualified for the semi-finals in the Men‟s 400 m dash; he was ranked 16th out of 47 runners. Although Oscar failed to qualify for the finals in this event, he established himself as a memorable athlete before he had even finished his first race.

GABBY GETS THE GOLD By: Hannah Reese This year Gabby Douglas was the first African American to win the individual all-around event. Also, she won a gold medal for the U.S. team this year. Her full name is Gabrielle Victoria Douglass, but a lot of her friends call her “Flying Squirrel”. She was born on December 31, 1995 in Virginia Beach. She started gymnastics when she was the age of 3 and by the age of 4 she had taught herself how to do a one-handed cartwheel. When she was 14 she moved to West Des Moines, Iowa to start training for the Olympics. Her coach‟s name was Liang Chow, who also trained the popular Shawn Johnson. Gabby went on to become a part of the U.S. team that traveled

to Tokyo Japan for the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships. In San Jose, California she won the 2012 Olympic Trials. At that time she was chosen to be a part of the United States national team that would attend the Summer Olympics in London, England in 2012. She was the first African American to be a part of the Olympic team since 2000. As the Summer Olympics arrived Gabby did a phenomenal job as a 16 year old girl. She was a part of the U.S. Olympic gymnastics team which consisted of Kyla Ross, McKayla Maroney, Aly Raisman and Jordyn Wieber. They won a gold medal. This was the first gold medal for the American gymnastics team since

1996. She then competed in the individual all-around event and took home the gold for that. She won two gold medals and attempted to compete in the individual uneven bars and individual beam events but did not win a medal for either. She placed eighth and seventh. All around Gabby Douglas came out strong and made history!


THE BOYS OF FALL By: Brianna Garber

Remember the football season last year? That was one of our best seasons in a couple years, but let‟s not give last year‟s team too much fame. Let‟s talk about this year‟s Varsity team! Already this season we have played 7 games and we have won 3 out of the 7. I know most people would say that the football team has gotten slightly worse since last year, but their doing pretty good so far, if you ask any of the coaches. I asked Coach Rob some questions about how the Varsity football team is doing, and is going to do in the remainder of the season, and this is what he had to say:

Q: What does the team need to improve on to improve their chances of going into the play-offs this year?

Q: How do you think the team is going to do throughout the remainder of the season?

Q: Anything else you would like to add?

A: I think we will continue to excel and come together for a play-off run. Q: What are the boy’s strengths as a team? A: Unity and resilience.

A: Continue to focus on the fundamentals on both sides of the ball, along with remaining dedicated to excellent execution. Q: Do you have any MVP’s that you want to say anything about? A: We have a strong core of senior leaders! Q: Do you think we’re going to make it into the play-offs this year? A: Absolutely!

A: Stick with the Tigers and stay positive as fans! Hearing all of this positivity from Coach Rob about the football team, makes me have a little more faith in the Tigers as a whole team! It‟s good to hear that our seniors this year have stepped up and help be

the leaders that the football team needs. We know that as a football team it takes the whole team‟s participation to win a game and it‟s really good to know that the seniors are there to help strengthen the team. The seniors are not the only ones that are making a difference on the team, we see that all of the players are working hard and really pushing themselves to be the best football players that they can be. Although, the team still has a lot of work to do, and they do have time to do it, I think to restore some spirit in the fans we need a win soon! We are all looking forward to seeing the Varsity team win some more games and yes, even go into the play-offs! Continue to work hard boys, and keep your heads held high. Remember that we, as a RHS family are always right behind you when you win or lose a game. So always remember its “Good to be alive, Proud to be a Tiger, Football you bet!” *UPDATE* The varsity team is currently 5-6-0 for this season.



SPIRIT WEEK 2012 By: Candace Petit Each year during football season, there is a week full of excitement for Homecoming. Tiger Spirit was overflowing this year during our Spirit Days. With all the students having their own Netbook, we were able to get student input by voting for their favorite Spirit Days. Camo Day by far had the most students and staff dressed up than ever before. Another day that was very interesting was Opposite Personality Day, it gave the students a chance to walk in someone else‟s shoes. The Spirit Link competition became heated between the Seniors and the Sophomores. In the Middle School, 7th grade was hiding their links until the last possible minute blowing their competition out of the water. Another competition that was intense was the Door & Hall decorating contests. Mrs. Queen created a jungle in the high school hall with Bamboo, Mrs. Bryson & Ms. Jones had a live catwalk, Band had kitties in crates with sound effects! All through the high school doors showed Tiger Pride. This year‟s winner was, once again, Mrs. Moman with her Star Wars themed hall and even the cafeteria received an honorable mention for their bulletin board. The competition in the Middle School was between 6th & 7th grade both with great decorations, but 7th grade took the prize! During the Pep Rally on Friday, people were screaming and cheering on our boys, getting them ready for that night. When it came down to giving the Spirit Stick away, the Seniors and 6th grade received it once again! Braden Fisher received the most votes for the best legs out of all the Senior boys and was crowned Mr. Legs at the pep

rally. The whole meaning to Homecoming week is the Homecoming Game that Friday night. This event is very popular, if there is one game that a lot of fans attend, it is the Homecoming game. Although it is a very special night for the football players, it‟s also very special to the girls on Homecoming Court. Each class gets to vote for a couple of young ladies to represent their class. The representatives for this year were: Freshman: Callie Chappell and Haley Parker Sophomores: Hannah Reese, Falyn McDonald, and Lexy Aiken Juniors: Kayla Holbrook, Charity McCall, and Candace Petit. Seniors: Chantel Dalton, Emily Huggins, Hope Hutchinson, India Lewis, and Ashley Morgan. The whole school comes together for an assembly to vote for one Homecoming Queen from the senior class representatives, the cheerleaders vote for a Tiger Prince, and the football players vote for a Tiger Princess. This year‟s Tiger Prince and Princess are Hunter Reese and India Lewis. This year‟s 1st runner up is Chantel Dalton and our 20122013 Homecoming Queen is Miss Hope Hutchinson! Congratulations everyone!



As Americans we have became accustomed to taking things for granted. However, as children and younger adults, we have grown up learning how to NOT take things for granted, which is kind of ironic being in our society. Something that the women/girl population takes for granted everyday is the right we have to play sports and avoid sexism and discrimination in our schools today. We all have to thank Title IX and the founders of Title IX. Countless hours went into this right that is rarely even mentioned today.

Just recently was the 40th anniversary of this right that was enacted on June 23, 1972. It‟s original matter stated that "no person in the United States shall on the basis of sex be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance. At the University of Massachusetts before Title IX, $2 million went to men‟s athletics and only $10,000 went to women‟s athletics. Also, in another situation, a high

school in Illinois spent $9 on a boy for every $1 spent on girl. Now, at Rosman High School, girl‟s athletics have become an everyday part of life just like men‟s sports. This opens up the door for more women to attend college because now they could actually afford to because of athletic scholarships. As a current athlete here at Rosman, I realize that I practically owe my life to the women and support groups that fought for us to have the privilege and honor to play for our school.

tice is tough. We average about 18 miles a week of running with most of the runners logging more than that on their own time. Thursdays are reserved for cross training. Breyer goes to wrestling practice, Matt to Mountain Bike Club, and Kara to cross fit. I am excited to see how they have used the chance to pursue activities that are fun to them but are still physically challenging. This year we have had the opportunity to work with two excellent Middle School students as well. Jonathan, a Rosman native, is in seventh grade and showing great promise as an aspiring athlete. Luke, a new addition to the Rosman community, is participating in cross

country as his first school sport! He has shown outstanding progress and I am so proud of the hard work and dedication that he has put into bettering himself. Each race my runners have improved on their times and place positions. I am excited about our chances for state. We‟re going into Conference in a couple of weeks and the Regionals will follow. I think we have an opportunity to go to state provided we continue to work hard and build on what we have already accomplished.” It sounds like Coach Witt has high hopes for this small group of achievers! So next time you catch them in the hallway, congratulate them on all their hard work.


The Cross Country team has done very well so far this season. This year‟s runners are Kara Saltz, Breyer Owen, Matt Owen, Jonathan Ray, and Luke Keizer. They all have worked really hard to accomplish their goals. The meets were tough but pushing through the obstacles they placed very high. Here are a few words from Coach Witt about the season “I am very proud of the work the cross country team has done this year. We have progressed from the tough first few weeks in August of conditioning to turning heads and being competitive. Every runner has shown significant progress with significant gains from the first race in Bryson City to now. Prac-





As we start the new school year, what would be a better way to start it off then getting a few tips on organizing the most important part of your room? The closet. As humans we tend to just throw our useless junk and stuff of lesser importance into the closet. Let‟s face it, other than underneath the bed, this is the best spot to throw stuff and shut the door without mom finding it. So here are a few tips to organizing your closet! First, you need to clean out all of the clothes that are just sitting there. If you haven‟t worn something in over 2 years, you probably aren‟t going to wear it anymore. Also, if the item of clothing no longer fits you, it may be time for it to go. Second, it

saves so much room if you pack up clothes that aren‟t in season in a box or storage container of some sort, and put it in the top of the closet. It saves room on the bar for more hanging clothes and you can just get those clothes out of the way! Third, use the best of your space. Use every inch of closet that you have. You should put a hanging shoe rack on the back of the closet door to save some room inside the closet. You could also hang bins on the side of the closet. You would save a lot of space and you could just throw little trinkets or doo-dads in them. Fourth, store your most used items in the front of your closet or in plain sight! It makes things much easier. Fifth,

you can never go wrong with an extra storage unit. Anything that can go underneath your hanging clothes, such as a plastic drawer unit or a rolling storage unit works great! This way you have extra space for things up in your closet. These are a few helpful tips that can help you organize your closet! By organizing the closet, it gets so much mess up off the floor and it helps with your organizational skills.


Every year, sometime in September, the students at Rosman High School take a trip to the Western North Carolina State Fair. Some of the teachers require their kids to enter some products into the fair to be judged. This year, the following names and awards are from Mrs. Wilson‟s Apparel and Foods classes. Jay Hale won second place for Strawberry Jam, also, Noah Poteat won third. Walker Lance won second place for his Grape Jam. For Peach Jam, first place went to Amanda Rumple, second place went to Sapphire Rogers. Caitlyn Shelton got second for her Triple Berry Jam creation. In the Pound Cake division, Megan Shelton won first place, and third went

to Sammy Anders. Kaegan Dalton got first place for his Apple Butter. Klarissa Blythe won third for her biscuits. Nikki Owen received first place for Hard Candy. Siarrah Lekan won second for Fudge. Alexis Jamerson won first with her master cake decorating skills. First place went to Tony Shields for Apple Sauce. There were also students who placed in two categories; these consist of Rebecca Horvath and Talon Owen. Rebecca won Best of Show and first for Salsa. Talon received second for Salsa and third for Crackers. The Apparel class had entered dresses into the fair as well. Brittany Moody won second and Claire Harris got third for their dresses. Students

weren‟t the only ones involved. Mrs. Wilson entered some of her creations as well. Here‟s what came out on top. Best of Show and first place for the following: White Bread, Smocking, and Quilted Jackets. Mrs. Wilson won Judges Choice and first place for the Heirloom Sewing and Play Clothes categories. First place went to her for Wheat Bread, Fruit Muffins, and Pumpkin Muffins. She also received third for her White Rolls and Wheat Rolls. Congratulations to all who entered and placed in this year‟s state fair.



CANDY CORN + M&M’S=LOVE By: Julia Crain All through the year, there are always new foods and candy coming out that has something to do with the nearest holiday. Near Christmas, we see red and green candy and Christmas tree shaped chocolate. Every holiday seems to have some kind of candy that people look forward to having. But, what about Halloween? There are now white chocolate candy corn flavored M&M‟s. These M&M‟s are unique to Halloween. They are a twist to the classic candy corn and M&M. Instead of being the normal milk chocolate on the inside, they are white chocolate with candy corn flavoring. They are yellow, white, and orange in color, so that they keep the feel of tradi-

tional candy corn. Candy corn M&M‟s are only out for a limited time. Many people enjoy them and you should give them a try before they are gone!

Feeling Creative? Check out the M&M‟s recipe website: For step by step instructions on creating sweet treats like these:

YUMMY RED VELVET CUPCAKES By: Maddie Dunning Ingredients


2 1/2 cups all purpose flour

Combine flour, cocoa, baking powder, baking soda and salt in a mixing bowl. Sift dry ingredients three times. Cream together butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add eggs one at a time, making sure to beat well after each egg. Add 1/4 of dry ingredients to creamed mixture then approximately 1/4 of buttermilk alternating until mixed well. Mix in vanilla and food coloring. Fill lined cupcake pans 1/2 full of red velvet batter. Bake in a preheated 350 degree oven for approximately 20 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Cool cupcakes in pans for 5 to 10 minutes then remove from pans. Cool com-

2 cups sugar 1/2 cup baking cocoa (powdered) 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon baking soda 2 sticks butter at room temperature 5 large eggs 1 cup buttermilk (see note) 1 teaspoon vanilla 1 teaspoon red food coloring

pletely on wire racks before frosting. NOTE: If you don't happen to have buttermilk on hand you can try this simple substitution. Place one tablespoon of lemon juice or white vinegar in an empty one cup measuring cup. Fill with milk to 1 cup. Let stand for 5 minutes then use in any cake recipe that calls for buttermilk


KRAFT KORNER By: Kimberly Holliday

Vintage Necklace Picture Frame

Shopping Wall Art

What you will need:

What you will need:

Old/vintage necklace

Foam board

Picture frame

Paper shopping bags

Hot glue gun


Staple gun


Decorative tacks


Remove the glass and backing from a picture frame. Unhook the necklace, take your hot glue gun and run a thick line of glue along the front of the frame. Lay an open end of the necklace onto the glue and press it gently. Glue the necklace starting from the front, then the sides and then the back. Reassemble the frame when finished.

This project should be done outside. Cut a piece of foam board to the desired size. If you have a big collec-

tion of paper shopping bags, grab them and cut out the logos and brand names but leave the sides long. Arrange the logos on the foam board until you find a layout you like. Working from the bottom to the top, put glue on the backs of the logos one at a time then place them on the board and use your hands to smooth them out. Use a staple gun to staple the excess to the side of the foam board. Spray clear acrylic sealer in a few light layers over the logos and let it dry completely. Grab some ribbon to place around the perimeter of the board and pin it down with decorative tacks. For more ideas visit

MONEY IN THE BANK By: Kimberly Holliday

All you ever hear from teenagers is “Hey Mom, can I have some money?” Most of the time your parents will give you money, but eventually they will get tired of it. Teenagers that drive usually have their license and a car, with those there is car insurance. Car insurance is expensive along with everything else in this economy. The other main part with having a car is the gas, and that will make you broke in just a few minutes. If you get a job, then you can be independent and pay for everything, it sounds like the life right? A job will help you realize that it is time to grow up and take a step forward. It will also show your parents that you can be a responsible teenager. Teenagers with jobs often don‟t want to spend their own money, but when it comes to moms and dads money they spend it like crazy.

When you work for your money it becomes more than just seven dollars; it becomes one hour working at your job. Jobs help teenagers understand the concept of money; it doesn‟t grow on trees. Not only does a job help you earn your own money and become independent, it leads you to new people. Here at Rosman there isn‟t that many people, so a job could be great for somebody who wants to meet new people. With the economy the way it is, it is hard to find jobs. If you are really determined to get a job then you will eventually find one. Some good tips for finding jobs are asking friends or anybody where they work, go to businesses for applications to fill out, and keep your eye open for any “Now Hiring” signs. Some RHS students gave us their opinion on working as a teen. Samantha Dill says

“Having a job keeps me out late and by the time I get home I'm already too tired to do any of my work. In a way yes, it‟s a problem and in a way no. Yes because I earn my own money, but then it‟s causing a drop in my grades because I can't complete my work at night. I do like having a job. It‟s fun and energetic. But you just got to find the right people to work with.” Ben Myers who works by choice says “Yes, I like working and it doesn‟t really benefit you it just makes you tired. My parents say if my grades drop that I‟ll have to quit so I guess it helps me.” Vada Judd says “I like having my own money. I hate having to rely on my parents for gas or insurance money because I know they work hard for theirs. So by working I feel I‟m being responsible for myself.”



SLEEP DEPRIVATION By: Kimberly Holliday Almost three months ago school started, this means waking up early and going to bed early. To add with those two things, there is homework and extracurricular activities to put on the agenda. Teenagers need about nine hours of sleep every night. It seems like there is no room for sleep, but it could be dangerous if you don‟t. Some effects of sleep deprivation are memory problems, depression, weakening immune system and increasing pain. From all the videos games, sport/band practice, hanging with friends and anything else;

you still have time for sleep. Not getting enough sleep will affect your grades and attitude, along with many other things. You might jeopardize friendships as well because nobody is little Miss Sunshine when they are grumpy from no sleep. Also, if you are driving sleep deprivation could cause you to wreck and not only could you get hurt, but you could hurt someone else. Students start school at 8 a.m. and end school at 3 p.m. That is the time when school starts and ends, not when students actually wake up. Most girls wake


Q: When is the last day to order a year book?

to see that we are nothing more than friends?

A: If you want to get your yearbook for only $55 then you have to pay in full by October 30th, but if you’re fine with getting it for $65 then you have to pay at least a $25 deposit by January 15th.

A. That seems to happen a lot, people don’t understand that a girl and a guy can seriously be just friends and nothing more. If they think that more is going on I’d be careful about going places alone with that person, I mean if you’re just friends then you shouldn’t have a problem doing things in a bigger group. That way it’ll seem more like friends hanging out than a date. Also, maybe avoid saying things like, “I love you so much.” even if you guys both know you only mean it in a friendly way, others could take it differently.

Q. I am responsible for a group of people. One of the people is a good friend of mine. I have a huge problem with this person's attitude and complete lack of respect for me, though. This normally wouldn't be a problem except in my position I need to command respect so that things get done. How do I get them to respect me without destroying our friendship? A: You definitely don’t want to say anything harsh or rude, because that could hurt your friendship. I also wouldn’t call them out in front of the group. I would take them aside sometime and say something like, “I know we’re good friends and it’s hard to take me being in charge seriously, but I’m in charge of this group and I really need you to show me some respect.” Hopefully they’ll get the message and realize that you’re in charge. Q. I have several friends who are of the opposite gender. I don't see anything wrong with boys and girls being close friends, but not everyone agrees. A group of people that I once considered friends are starting very nasty and inappropriate rumors about me and this friend, happens to be in a relationship with someone else. How do I get them

up to do their hair, make up, and pick out their outfit to wear. Boys only have to throw clothes on and eat breakfast. All the students usually run out the door with a pop tart to eat on the way. Waking from 6-7 in the morning would give you plenty of time to get ready and get to school on time. Going to sleep at around 9-10, depending on what time you wake up in the morning, will give you plenty of time to be rested for the next day. Getting enough sleep is probably not everyone‟s highest priority, but everyone needs to make a good effort.

Q. Why is it necessary to be a senior to be the school president? A. I think it’s an experience thing. I mean, a Freshman can’t expect to know how to be in charge of the school that they’re just becoming a part of. A Sophomore is more experienced, but still hasn’t had a chance to do a lot things in high school and still isn’t experienced enough to lead the school. Students are very experienced by the time they are Juniors, but it wouldn’t go over well if a Junior was in charge of everyone, including the Senior class. That’s why a Senior is president, they’re oldest and they’ve had opportunities to experience almost everything that high school has to offer by the time they’re this age. They’re top of the school, so naturally someone of this class would be better at leading the school.

Q. A lot is going on right now in my life and my friends say I am not the same as I used to be. How do I explain to them that even if they try, I'm not going to change the way I am now? A. I would just tell them that you’re going through a lot and it’s caused you to change. It doesn’t mean that you guys can’t be friends anymore, but everyone changes with time. It doesn’t mean that you can’t still have fun together and stuff, you’re just growing up and changing. Q. I have cyber bullied and I regret it. I pretended to be another person (made up), just to get back at an "ex-friend." I was stupid and ignorant to even want to get revenge on them. And now that I am (or feel) more mature, I want to ask them for their forgiveness. I'm scared they will hate me forever. How do I tell them I am truly sorry and try to mend our broken friendship? A. I think it‟s great that you realize what you did was wrong and you want to try and mend your friendship. But I don‟t know all of the circumstances so I‟m not sure how the other person would react if you told them all of this. So before you do so, I would talk with a trusted adult about everything because I‟m sure they can give you better advice than I can. Also, I might consider mediation or guidance. I know that some Peer Team members or Mrs. Shawver would be more than happy to help you.



I have a confession: I watch entirely too much television. I have, in fact, become a slave to my DVR; which sounds somewhat ironic, considering the fact that DVRs were advertised as being a “time saver”, allowing us not to spend our nights sitting on the couch, anxiously awaiting our favorite programs. “Go out, live your lives. Watch all of your shows on your own time.” However, this has had just the opposite result; I now spend the majority of my time racing against my DVR, attempting to keep it from filling up. Anyways, I digress. For those of you sitting at home on a weeknight, wondering what to watch, I can help. Here are a few of my favorite programs: The Voice (NBC) Monday and Tuesday from 8:00-10:00PM: I have already made the, in my opinion, logical, decision not to follow the upcoming season of American Idol. I‟m sorry, I just can‟t stomach the thought of having to subject myself to a weekly dose of Mariah Carey, Randy Jackson, and Nicki Minaj. I don‟t mind Keith Urban, but I do feel that he should be extremely careful, crazy might be contagious. I have found a rather pleasant alternative in The Voice, whose judges are definitely less annoying than its predecessor; not only are they not annoying, they‟re actually, dare I say, likeable. New Girl & The Mindy Project (both FOX) Tuesday 9:00-9:30 PM & 9:30-10:00 PM: New Girl is the story of a single woman and

her three male roommates. The success of the show, which is now entering its second season, is often attributed to its wide-eyed, smoky-voiced star, Zooey Deschanel. However, I find the entire cast to be utterly charming, especially its break-out star, Max Greenfield (who portrays the completely over-the-top Schmidt). I risk making a bit of an overstatement in saying this, but so be it: I honestly believe it might be Friends for a new generation. The Mindy Project is the creation of former The Office star, 33-yearold Mindy Kaling. I am always reluctant to become attached to first-season television shows out of the fear that they might not be renewed. However, I can (hopefully) safely say that Mindy will be gracing our screens for some time to come, as long as it doesn‟t lose steam as the season progresses. For fans of the show, I recommend Kaling‟s memoir Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns). The Middle & Modern Family (both ABC) Wednesday 8:00-8:30 PM & 8:30-9:00 PM: For quite some time, I‟ve heard talk of how amazing ABC‟s Wednesday night lineup is, but was somewhat reluctant to join the crowd and start watching. However, now that I have, I can honestly say that I haven‟t regretted it. The Middle is sweet and simple; about an average middle-class family in middle-America. The title is fitting on many levels. It isn‟t an overly complicated, hourlong drama: it‟s relaxing, fun television. If you‟re looking for something to watch to allow you to get your mind off of the million

things you have to do, I‟d most definitely recommend The Middle. Modern Family, which directly follows The Middle, has basically received every award imaginable, and they‟re highly deserved. Modern Family tells the story of just that, a three-part, modern family. Newly remarried patriarch Jay, his wife, and young step-son; Jay‟s daughter, Claire, her husband and three children; and, Jay‟s son, Mitch, his partner and their adopted daughter. I rarely say this, but believe the hype – Family is worthwhile. Parks & Recreation (NBC) Thursday 9:3010:00 PM: Forgive me, I might start ranting: Parks & Recreation is my baby. I cannot say enough good things about it. The Office has just entered its final season, and although it will always hold a special place in my heart, I highly suggest Parks & Rec as its replacement; it‟s already been compared to the former multiple times. The main difference, in my opinion, is the fact that while, at times, The Office felt tense and uncomfortable, Parks & Rec takes a cue from its optimistic main character, Leslie Knope; you cannot help but catch its upbeat vibe while watching. Knope, portrayed by Saturday Night Live veteran Amy Poehler, is a councilwoman in the small, fictional, town of Pawnee, Indiana. While Poehler is the show‟s star, other noticeable characters include Nick Offerman‟s Ron Swanson, and Aziz Ansari‟s Tom Haverford.

MORE THAN SONG & DANCE By: Bethany Green This year the Band and dance team have put in many hours of work to present the half-time show “Just Dance”. Lily Chapman the co Drum Major said “These kids put in so much time and it really pays off. I am so incredibly proud of our band and dance team. They have all worked so hard this year so that we can continue to be better every single year. We also spend so much time together through practice, team bond-

ing, and going to games that we really are a genuine family. At least that is how it feels. The atmosphere of the band room is just so fun and loving. We have such a strong passion for music that connects us all to one another in overwhelming sense of belonging. The dance team and the band have worked so hard on our half time show this year. We practice daily with three days that we practice after school. We also had band

camp during which we practiced from breakfast to lunch and lunch to dinner, and from dinner until it got too dark to play on the field anymore. The band and dance team are an amazing group of kids who are so dedicated to what they do. They are all great kids.” So come out and watch the Band perform.



JASON ALDEAN ROCKS ROSMAN By: Candace Petit Living in a small town like ours, almost everyone has a love for country music. That being said, Jason Aldean is very popular to the students in our high school. His music is often played at sporting events and pep rallies. Also, after school you can hear people get in their cars and turn on Jason Aldean! Jason Aldean‟s parents divorced when he was just three years old. Every day before his dad would go to work, he would map out guitar chords on a piece of notebook paper showing him where to place his fingers. Jason would practice until his dad returned home from work, then they would play songs together. At 14 Jason made his first performance on stage and the stage directors had to drag him off stage because he didn‟t want to stop. Jason joined his first band when he was 15 called the “House Band” at Georgia nightspot Nashville South. He then decided that he needed a stage

name. At first, going along with his real name (Jason Aldine Williams) the first stage name that he chose was Jason Williams. He believed that the name was too generic, so he decided to change his middle name to “Aldean”. This stage name began his journey with music. Since Jason‟s early years, he has published four albums and one is on the way. His new album is called “Night Train.” It features his new song “Take A Little Ride.” It comes out in stores on October 16th, 2012. One of the questions on the survey that was sent around asked if you would buy his new album. The majority of the students said that they would not purchase his new album, but this is common in this generation because most people will buy their favorite songs by him on ITunes. Another one of the questions that was in the survey asked what their favorite Jason Aldean song was. The majority of the

students at Rosman said that “Dirt Road Anthem” was their favorite. “Dirt Road Anthem” is a song that expresses country pride, southern value, and remembering things from the past. One of the main reasons that this song became popular was because it featured the rapper Ludacris. Most of the girls would say that their favorite thing about Jason would be his looks. Once the votes were in, the majority of people said that they liked his voice over everything else. Jason Aldean has a very southern accent which goes perfect with his songs. The last question on the survey asked how often you listen to his music. The majority of the votes said that they listen to Jason Aldean every day. This shows just how popular country music is in our small town.

Just A Dream By: Anonymous

You‟ll never know that I cried all day After we had to part. It felt so wrong to watch you go; It put a hole in my heart. It‟s a hole that I can‟t seem to get to go away. It keeps reminding me how much I‟d wanted you to stay. This hole is like a storm cloud, It keeps following me around. And with every single raindrop, a tear falls to the ground. I don‟t think it‟s supposed to hurt As bad as it does now. I really want to fix this hole, But I‟m not sure I know how. I think I know the answer, And I wish you knew it too. But you‟ll never know that all I need To fix this hole is you.

through the rain? Will this emptiness inside me Forever remain?

Last night I dreamt of you and once again I woke up Wishing it were true It‟s hard to forget Someone who meant so much I remember your voice I remember your touch I love you so much But I want to cry I keep denying it and I think I‟m gonna die Who do I want to be? By: Tiesha Pressley I want to be the person that everyone knows to be good I want to be the person That isn‟t afraid to stand out I want to be able To speak what is on my mind I want to be able To stand, not hide No, I don‟t have all the answers but I know that I will be fine If everyone lives their lives and lets me live mine I want to be me What You Will Never Know by: Lauren Mahoney


Why Do We Have To Say Goodbye by: Anonymous Why do we say goodbye, When it only gives us pain? When we leave each other, What do we really gain? What do we do know? Just suffer

Extraordinary by: Jenah McCall I‟m not too Extra ordinary I prefer being Called extraordinary Even though it‟s Spelled the same It means quite A different name Extra ordinary Is fitting in Extraordinary Is where the story begins I don‟t really want To blend into the crowd I want to be The one who stands out I want people to think When they look at me Think, “if I didn‟t blend in, Who would I be?” I strive to be An inspiration And not just Someone‟s expectation I want to be me And only me Not just who someone else Wants me to be Fitting in isn‟t What life‟s really about It‟s not really living If you‟re afraid to stand out

STUDENT PROFILE 19 By: Tyler Petit


iPhone 50%

One Direction 80%

Droid 50%

J. Biebz 20%

47% Tie their left shoe first

Shaved 27%

53% Tie their right shoe first

Bald 74%

NEW KIDS ON THE By: Baylee Bagwell Grade: 10th

Grade: 9th

Favorite Class: Allied Health Science I

Favorite Class: Personal Finance

First impression of RHS: “It‟s very different from Brevard, but in a good way.” Do you like RHS: “ I love it” Best Friend: Jessica Freeman

Do you like RHS: I like the basketball team a lot! Best Friend: Lexi Wentz Hobbies: Basketball, sleep and, EATING!!!! Favorite book: One big fat summer

Favorite Book: Alphabet of Dreams Favorite Song: Where You Are by Gavin DeGraw

Country If you could be any celebrity, who would you be and why: Jennifer Anniston, because she‟s funny, pretty, and a good actor.

Previous School: Brevard High School Favorite Class: Gym Best Friend: Lexy Aiken Hobbies: Sleeping, Eating, and running




Favorite Book: The Last Song Favorite Music: Country

Favorite Song: She Will by Lil Wayne Favorite Genre: Rap

If you could be a celebrity, who would you be and why?: Johnny Knoxville, he is hilarious.

Which Celebrity would you be: Carrie Underwood Do you like RHS? Yes.


Favorite Genre:

Matthew Gibbons

Lexy Aiken

Hobbies: Basketball

Grade: 10th




Coke 57% vs. Pepsi 43% PC 57% vs. Mac 43% Duct tape 79% vs. Gorilla Tape 21% Word 96% vs. Open Office 4% Toms 88% vs. Bobs 12%

Who would win in a fight?

Chuck Norris 38% vs. Betty White 62% Sylvester Stallone 40% vs. Mr. T 60% Jesse James 28% vs. Clint Eastwood 72% Bigfoot 55% vs. Chewbacca 45% Staff at Lowe’s 66% vs. Staff at Home Depot 34%


By: Candace Petit

Hunter Reese: President Favorite Color: Hot Pink Favorite Food: Grandma‟s Baked Spaghetti Activities: Playing Basketball and Hunting Interesting Fact: I‟m from Sylva What‟s your plan to make Student Council better? “This year I will better student council by allowing students to have a voice. I service my abilities as well as my fellow members, to stand up and allow the entire student body to become a more well-respected, more honorable school.”

Sam Johnson: Treasurer

Denise Jones: Vice President Favorite Color: Blue Favorite Food: Steak Activities: Going to the lake Interesting Fact: I used to attend Brevard What‟s your plan to make Student Council better? “Incorporate the student body in more decisions involving them.”

Candace Petit: Secretary

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Color: Light Blue

Favorite Food: Chicken Alfredo

Favorite Food: Deer Meat

Activities: Playing Football Interesting Fact: I was homeschooled What‟s your plan to make Student Council better? “I plan to manage the money so that we can do some awesome stuff!”

Activities: Riding Four Wheelers Interesting Fact: When I was born I weighed ten pounds and four ounces. What‟s your plan to make Student Council better? “I plan to keep everything organized and help make this the best year yet!”



When you look at Rosman what do you see? I see a town in need of some good old TLC. Well in sight of this, Mrs. Queen’s 2nd period Character Development class are “hosting” a Senior Community Service Day on October the 8th! Of course this is mainly for the Seniors, but some very special students get to join in on the fun! A mixture of three Sophomores and about ten Freshman are helping out in the organization, preparation, and service part of this project! Some of you read this and go, “Ughh! Who likes community service? That’s so boring! Why would someone think of doing this?” Well, community service is a HUGE part of college applications! You want to go to college?

Then start some community service. Most colleges look into how you’re going to change their school academically, sometimes athletically, and service wise. So start working because if you’re a Senior and you’ve been sitting on your behind for the last four years, you will more than likely not get accepted into any good colleges. So we ask you Seniors, for yourself and for Rosman, MAKE ROSMAN CLEAN in 2013!

*UPDATE* After some hectic rescheduling, Community Service Day has came and passed. We have to say, the students and staff did a great job with all of their projects! As students, there‟s not much we can do

about crime or political issues in our community. If there‟s one thing we can clean up, it‟s our surroundings! By taking charge and putting some extra time and effort into our community, we‟re making better surroundings for ourselves, and future generations. Whether it‟s painting a few walls, pulling some weeds, or cleaning up the roads, every bit of it is appreciated. So thanks to all of this year‟s participants! The town of Rosman is looking better than ever. Community Service Day has turned out to mean so much more to our seniors than a chance to brag on their community involvement. In the process they‟ve learned to appreciate the small town they call home.


Greetings fellow students, teachers and staff members of Rosman High School. You may not know me, but I am a junior and my name is Renee Alma Martinez. I am student from this school, and I wanted to share my experiences of having the chance to interact with the students of Rosman Elementary School, and being a tutor for young girls and boys who have difficulties in their classes because they have a hard time adapting to the English language. This was introduced to me as a possibility of helping children at RES who struggle with English. Since I am bi-lingual, I can help them in both languages. We had to figure out the time I could miss

class, transportation, and schedules of all involved. While at first it was challenging putting together all those details, once I actually got to go over and work with the children it was amazing!! This has been a great opportunity and a life experience on my behalf. It has given me the opportunity to use my knowledge, skills and ability to interact with today‟s youth. It gives me great pride in myself as a young adult to be able to help others. It also gives me satisfaction knowing that our teachers and staff have enough trust to confide in me to represent our school. Thanks to Ms. Carrillo, Ms. Silvey, Mrs. Carr, and the other teachers and staff members who have made

this possible. It‟s been a great pleasure representing our wonderful school, Rosman High. Diana Bautista is also involved with this program and says that “Being able to help children understand something that they have been struggling with is an amazing thing! I can see the light go on when I can explain in Spanish what they need to learn. It‟s so hard to have to study a subject in a language that is different from what you‟ve spoken and listened to your entire life. These kids LOVE when I come over and get to take them out of class and work with them one on one. And the teachers are grateful also so everybody wins. I hope to continue this next year.”



PTO COMMUNITY OUTREACH By: Julia Crain Rosman Middle School PTO is having a reach-out operation that will be going on throughout the year. Since October is breast cancer awareness month, we will be having Red Ribbon Week. October 23-31 will be 5 days of specified dress. November‟s mission is “America! Unit-

ed We Stand!” There will be a collection of gloves, so bring in what you can for the homeless shelter. The “Hunger” mission is for December. PTO will be accepting canned food to take to the soup kitchen. Please try to participate as much as possible during these times to not only

support the PTO, but our community. All through the school year, each month will have a different mission, and more information about the months January-May will be available in the next issue of the newspaper.

TOMS ONEBy:FOR ONE Samantha Thielke Toms are very fashionable this year and everyone is wearing the shoes! You don‟t have to look very far to find a pair! They come in all colors, prints and fabrics. From white to black, from stripes to polka dots, and from cotton to corduroys, Tom‟s shoes have all types to fit your style! Toms aren‟t only fashionable, they help people in need! When you buy one pair of Toms shoes, they will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. By buying the shoes you are helping put shoes on the feet on a needy child. These very popular shoes all start about 6 years ago, when Blake Mycoskie went to Argentina he realized how many people needed shoes there. Later that

year he went back to Argentina to give the people what was made possible by the customers. Even though Toms have been out for quite some time, they have just recently become very popular. Next time you look around see how many pairs of Toms you can find! *NOTE* You can even support your local businesses in the process! Local shops like The Ophilus carry Tom‟s on a regular basis. Not only will you be assisting children around the world with your purchase, but you‟ll be helping a local business stay afloat in this tough economy. So shopping local can make a world of difference.


YOURBOOK 2013 By: Baylee Bagwell

The yearbook staff is underway with this years product. But, what some people may not know is all the work that goes into planning it and getting it just right. Our goal as a yearbook staff is to make a book that we will want to look back on in 20, 30, 40, and 50 years and it will allow us to relive the memories we made during our time in high school. This isn‟t a process where we just throw some images on a page and “wazaam” it‟s done. It takes our small staff putting in approximately 120 hours per person in one semester just to get through half the yearbook, which includes out of school hours. Most other classes do not require this of other students so anyone who applies to yearbook is accepting that huge responsibility to produce a book that covers ALL middle school and high school students, along with all faculty of the school. So just like you respect the football team, the band, HOSA, FBLA, and all other clubs and activities affiliated with Rosman

Middle and High school, also respect the yearbook and take time to realize that $36,000 goes into a production of a yearbook annually. With all of this being said, remember to buy your yearbook for $55 if you order by October 30 or $65 by January 15th in order to have the everlasting memories it will have to offer. Seniors, also remember that baby ads are due October 30th, and if you buy both you GET A DISCOUNT! Yearbook Quick Facts: -It takes $36,000 to produce a yearbook annually. -From book sales we make about $24,000. -That leaves nearly $12,000 to make up for as a yearbook staff, keep in mind a staff of only 15 people. -Each staff member has to put in about 120 hours or more. -Each of the pages you see in the yearbook, are designed by editor and staff members.

-98% of the pictures within the yearbook, staff members take themselves. -Each INDIVIDUAL page costs about $200 to produce. *Let‟s do that math. $200 a page, with our yearbook being about 208 pages=$4,160 for the yearbook that you get in your hands, and you have to pay a maximum of $65. -With the above math in mind, are our prices really so ridiculous? -Each year we not only want to produce a yearbook for our staff, but we also are competing for National Yearbook of Excellence, which we got last year! So to compete, we must come up with creative designs that may limit things, such as last will and testament. Yearbook is a book for EVERYONE. So, if you have any suggestions or constructive criticism then we are ALL here to listen, however please keep in mind the reasons we may have for doing something.





This year‟s yearbook has had a lot of controversy over a few short months. With all of that stress we can‟t help but wonder how the girl behind it all handles things so well. I‟m sure most of you know who Baylee is. For those of you who don‟t, maybe this will give you a bit of insight into all that she does. Baylee is a senior at RHS and has been a “Rosmaniac” for her entire life. She‟s involved in Volleyball and Basketball, although we‟re still wondering why she hasn‟t taken over the softball field with all that athletic talent. She‟s the captain of this year‟s Varsity volleyball team. She must be doing a great job as leader, because they‟re now conference champs and on a promising road to state. It takes a lot of dedication to keep our crazy volleyball girls on top of things. With years of experience, Baylee is prepared to keep her girls out of the drama and into the game. So when you think about how she leads her team on a daily basis, it‟s no surprise that yearbook works the same. She‟s been a staffer so long that she probably has an accurate tally of Mrs. D‟s dew intake. That makes her more than qualified to lead a group of thirteen underclassmen. The best thing about having Baylee as an editor? She‟s creative, and a great communicator. She creates unique page designs that make room for more student coverage, something that this year‟s staff is

You‟re not gonna believe thish Bay, but the duck face is still out of style.

determined to improve on. Most importantly, she keeps staffers up to date on their page status. If there‟s a repetitive picture or an altered template, it won‟t go unnoticed. It‟s helpful to have an editor who keeps track of all your work. She doesn‟t have to put all of this effort into the book. She does it because she‟s a tiger at heart, and she wants to give RHS the best yearbook possible. I can‟t express how proud I am to be her assistant editor. She spends all of her time helping our community through her senior project, earning AP and Honors credit with ridiculous amounts of homework, leading a team of girls through the ups and downs of state playoffs, and still makes time for such a demanding task. So when you‟re looking through your yearbook at the end of this year admiring all of the amazing pages, make sure to remember the girl behind it all. Sure, we fill in our own content, interview students, and take pictures; but if it weren‟t for all of the hard work Baylee puts in behind the scenes, none of our pages would have the quality of perfection that they do. Give her a Thank You next time you pass her in the hallway. Without her you‟d have one less trophy in in your case, a terribly written yearbook, and a much more boring day. For a girl under so much stress, she handles it oh so well.

What‟s so funny? Other than your facial expression...

Seven is kind of her lucky number.




LETTER FROM THE EDITOR 27 HOLA AMIGOS, Just kidding, Yo no hablo español. These past few months have been a complete mess. It‟s good I‟m a yerd, otherwise this paper might not have made it. However, I‟m really excited to release our first issue of this years‟ “Rosman Roar”. I hope you guys enjoyed reading it. I‟m really proud of the girls (and Tyler). They‟ve taken control of their articles and put a lot of effort into them. We‟re not through yet though. We will be releasing three more papers, one at the end of each nine weeks. This issue contains plenty of reading material, but we could always use some more! Please refer to the contact information in the table of contents for submission guidelines. I‟m really looking forward to hearing what you guys have to say. Also, stay tuned for some awesome content in our next issue which will be released mid December. We‟ll have tips on preparing for your new classes, updates on the presidential election, and much more. There‟s a lot to be covered in this tiny town, and we‟re setting out to cover as much as possible. If you have ideas on article topics or possible photo ops, please let us know. I also want to send a quick message to you all. We put a lot of work into covering the entire student body. Part of this year‟s book requires us to take pictures of various students holding the letter signs. We do our best to cover students who don‟t usually recieve special features in the book (sports, clubs, etc.). However, we can‟t do this without your help! So please consider taking your picture when we ask. I know some of you guys aren‟t into taking pictures, or find yourselves unphotogenic (for an example of this term please see my photo below), but being in the yearbook can be really fun! Striking a crazy pose or giving us a goofy smile will be another hilarious memory years down the road. So work with us people, most of us won‟t bite. Thanks to those of you who have been so helpful to our staff. We really appreciate the kind comments and words of encouragement. Please remember if you have any negative comments or suggestions, we‟re all ears! It‟s your book too and we set out to make it as memorable as possible.


QUOTE FROM THE EDITOR “Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing which to do is the worse kind of suffering.” ~Paulo Coelho

YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO Title: Lasso Artist: Phoenix

Volume two issue one  

This is the first issue for the 2012-2013 year! Enjoy!