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April 18— Spring Pictures May 14— Field Day! May 23— Last day of school!


















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Spring Break 2012 By: Lauren Mahoney There are many different reasons to be excited for spring break. Most students are just ready to get out of school, while others are actually going somewhere. After asking around our school, this is what was found. Multiple students are planning on going to the beach over break. The beach is a wonderful place to be. It is a great idea for socializing and enjoying each other, because there are many events planned every day to bring people together. They said they are looking forward to fun in the sun and running their toes through the sand. Mrs. Hovey, the wonderful substitute

teacher, said that she is planning on sleeping. Many other students would agree with that suggestion. Spring

break is an excellent chance to catch up on the hours of sleep debt that we develop during the school year. Being well-rested will cause both better moods and better grades! Another popular trip is camping at the lake.

The lake is a peaceful, quiet place where you can lay back and relax. You can lay out in the sun; take a nap in the shade, or splash into the water. Then, at night, when everything is even quieter, you can settle down next to the warm campfire and roast a marshmallow or two. Home, beach, on the road, or the lake; all are exciting choices for spring break. No matter where Rosman High’s students are spending their time this break, I am sure they are to enjoy it.

HOSA Attends State! Rosman High School students attended the Health Occupation Students of America state meeting on March 28 - 31 in Greensboro, N.C. The students competed in medical related events. The Public Service Announcement Team won 6th place in the state with their video on medication safety. Kaitlyn Moss won 6th place in the state in Veterinary Medicine. Animals of Eden, Brevard Orthopedics and Brevard College Sports Trainer Josh Owen all assisted the stu-

dents to prepare for the competition. front row left to right: Selina Hoxit, Jenah McCall, Carrisa Lambert 2nd: Kara Saltz 3rd: Katilyn Moss, Makayla Owens, Brenna McJunkin, Emily Huggins 4th: Denise Jones, Candice Petit, Tammy Moman, Baylee Bagwell 5th Sam Johnson, Adam McCoy, Clay Dotson 6th Caleb Rice, Chaz West, Hunter Reese, Brett Sisk Not Pictured: Hannah Sanders and Hannah Reese

RHSEvents Letters to the Principal Q: How was our discipline system created? Would you say that it’s effective?

“If a student thinks twice about breaking a rule because of the possible consequences, then it is effective.” - Megan Silvey

A: The Board of Education is the group that approves the policy, with input from school administrators and others. For some things, teachers have discretion as to what the consequences will be. Sometimes it is effective and sometimes it is not, depending upon whether it changes a student's behavior for the better, or stops a bad behavior. If a student thinks twice about breaking a rule because of the possible consequences, then it is effective.

A: We do our best to meet the needs and wishes of all students during registration. The difficulty is that with a smaller staff we can only offer a certain number of classes. Upperclassmen get priority because they need to graduate sooner.

Q: Why don’t we have more honors class periods available for core courses? A: We base the number of course offering on the number of students that register for classes. If we only have 25 students register, then only one section of that course will be offered. The entire master schedule is based on registration numbers and the number of teachers we have on our staff.

FBLA attends 2012 SLC By: Vada Judd This year the RHS Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) club took ten members to the State Leadership Conference in Greensboro, NC. While in Greensboro they attended multiple workshops and open testing sessions. Overall, five members came home in the top of their category, and many more achieved certificates in testing. Winners include Sarah Chapman in Word Processing II, Brian Hol-


Q: Why do we have registration when the majority of students don’t get their requested classes?

lifield in Technology Concepts, Vada Judd in Desktop Publishing, Colby McAlister in Cyber Security, and Kaitlin Morehouse in Hospitality Management. This isn’t FBLA’s first year, and it certainly won’t be their last. They bring home a lot of wins at regionals, and even had a member attend Nationals last year. State conference is a very exciting time where a lot can be learned. Workshop topics included

Internet Ethics, App and game design, and Leadership skills. The group really enjoyed themselves, and even got to attend a showing of “The Hunger Games.” Members would like to thank their advisors Mrs. Gillespie and Mrs. Hall for accompanying them on such a stressful trip. Congrats FBLA on another successful year, and congrats to the senior members as well. We’ll miss you! PAGE





Senioritis Outbreak By: Kimberly Holliday Senioritis is a very contagious disease in which a senior becomes so excited about the end of the school and graduation that they spend too much of their time in social activities and fail to maintain their grades. The main symptoms of senioritis include procrastination, lack of motivation, a drop in academic performance, wanting to drop out of school, frequent tardiness, failure to

show up, and "coasting", which is going to classes with very little concentration. Victims of this illness frequently shrug their shoulders and say things like "whatever,” “yeah right,” “I don’t care” or “I can’t do this.” Sadly, this is an incurable disease. All we can do is hope that nobody else will get contaminated with this horrible disease.


RHS 2012

RHS Attends Envirothon By: Bethany Green This year Rosman High school participated in the Envirothon that was held in Waynesville. Rosman was represented by 8 students split among two groups. On the morning of Envirothon there are classes or stations held outside. Each of the four stations include activities on subjects like Wildlife , Forestry, Aquatics , and Soils. After students attend these stations

they are given a test on each section. When asked what she thought of the Envirothon this year, Kristen Holliday states “It would’ve been better if it wasn’t raining but it was still fun and I would love go back again”

RMSEvents Letters to the Principal Q: Is there any possibility we could have more early releases next year? A: Unfortunately the school calendar for 2012-2013 has already been approved. There will basically be the same number of early release days for next year.

Q: If two trains are traveling towards each other one at 55mph and one at 45mph; one train crashes after 1 1/2 hours but the other keeps going for 3 hours, how far apart are they at this point? A: Too far. (Question by Nich McCall)

Q: Why doesn’t the 8th grade class get “Friday Fun” time like other classes? A: it is the professional opinion of the eighth grade teachers that Friday fun is more appropriate for younger, less mature, middle school students.

RMS Envirothon By: Samantha Thielke & Haley Parker Being a part of Envirothon is very fun! There are two middle school teams, the older team, Tiger Treeo +1 and the sixth grade team, Ninjas of Nature. Once a week we met to prepare for the big Western North Carolina Area Envirothon Competition in Waynesville. This event was on a Friday so we got to miss school! At the completion in Waynesville we went around to different stations in the morning to make sure we knew everyROSMAN

thing we needed to for the test. There is a short test on each subject. The subjects are soils, forestry, current environmental issues, wildlife, and aquatics. Each person studied a different subject so we could make the best score we could. We were able to work together on the test. After we took the test we ate pizza for lunch as the volunteers added together our scores. The top seven teams with the highest scores get to go to the state com-

petition in Burlington. The Tiger Treeo +1 team got sixth out of all the middle school teams! Ninjas of Nature got eighth and by default they can go to state as well! We will go to state on April 20, 2012. All team members would agree that Envirothon is so much fun and others should consider joining next year.






RMS visits Blue Ridge campus By: Madison Holden On Friday March Rosman Middle School’s 8th grade visited the Blue Ridge Community College Campus in Flat Rock. While we were there we visited various stations throughout the campus and took a tour of the facilities. We visited the automotive department, the welding and blacksmith shop as well as ceramics area. We toured through the cosmetology room and the medical ward. The rest of the tour included the student lounge, the machining department, 30th

Student Services, the video and gaming classroom and the early college office. At the automotive department we learned about how students start off learning about shop safety and end with hybrid and alternative fueled cars. When we were walking through the collision repair center we witnessed Brevard High School students hard at work in a masonry competition. While in the medical ward we played a game which included “surgery” on a mannequin. In the stu-

dent lounge we saw what college life was really like. There were several students working on homework and some were playing pool or video games. Then finally close to the end of the day we visited the video and gaming classroom which was what everyone was waiting on. We learned how simulators are used for various purposes. After lunch we rotated through different informational speakers. It was a great trip and we hope to return soon and learn more about BRCC.

Sports What’s your favorite part about spring sports?

Paghten Moody Kirsten Whisenant Lauren Mahoney “My favorite part about spring sports is kicking butt at discus!”

“My favorite part about softball is coach Lenny and the girls!”

“My favorite part is goofing off with fellow trackers and watching Coach Rob sunscreen his head”

Tarheels Lose Key Members By: Hannah Sanders Have you ever heard of the UNC Tar Heels? Well of course you have! They have one of the best boys’ basketball teams in North Carolina! But the season of 20122013 may be a down year. Why? Well because they are not only losing their four seniors, but they are losing Barnes, Henson, and Marshall to the NBA this upcom-

ing season. Barnes is a forward and a sophomore. Henson is a junior and he is also a forward. Last but not least, Marshall is a sophomore and is a guard. The NBA teams that they will be joining have not been decided yet, but we’re sure they’ll be great no matter where they go. We can only hope that our beloved Tarheels can keep

their game up with so many essential players missing. Will a newcomer bring back what was lost? We’re counting on it!

RMS Basketball Boys By: Zoë Silvey While most middle schoolers are sound asleep on a Saturday morning, eight Rosman middle school seventh and eighth grade boys have been heading out to Tennessee for a weekend of basketball tournaments. Right after the regular school basketball season ended, these eight boys convinced their parents and a dedicated SRO/coach that they needed to continue playing basketball. Two nights a week, these boys practice in one of the two

gyms, developing skills and strategies to take to tournaments. They have traveled to Johnson City, Tennessee three times to play in tournaments against teams from NC and Tennessee. The first two tournaments left little to be desired and the team didn’t make it to the finals. The third and most recent tournament, held in Johnson City, found the boys going to the finals, pitted against a team they had lost to earlier in the day. The final

March Madness, one of the most watched sports events in the United States. Every men’s basketball team in the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) wants to be in this tournament, but only 68 get in. These teams include 31 Division Champions and 37 teams which are chosen at large-berth. The 37 teams are chosen by the committee of the NCAA. All 68 teams are divided into 4 regions, and are seeded in those regions. The games are in a course of 3 weeks at

neutral sites around the United States. Each weekend cuts 3/4s of the teams out of the tournament. The order the name of the weekends go in is: Selection Sunday, First Four, Second Round, Third Round, NCAA Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, Final Four, and the best weekend of them all the National Championship. This tournament was started in 1939 by the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC), and it was organized by the NCAA. It has been televised partially since

score, 48 – 38 was a fantastic victory for the boys, The Rosman Tigers. They may have started out with old jerseys, black and silver, from past basketball teams. But for the last tournament they were able to buy new uniforms in their proper school colors! Boys are: 8th grade: Tanner Green, Zack Stroup, Tyler Petit; 7th grade: Harper Reese, Vann Silvey, Jackson Whitmire, Neil Tesnow, Walker Lance. Congratulations guys!

March Madness By: Hannah Sanders 1969. Millions of Americans fill out brackets today for March Madness, because so many people love to watch it! You can go to NCAA’s website and find the official bracket, well for next year of course. Now onto 2012. The national championship game was played by Kentucky and Kansas. In the end, Kentucky came out the National Champions! The final score was 67 to 59! This is the Wildcats eighth national title!













Filming of the Games By: Lauren Mahoney The Hunger Games still holds the Number 1 spot in the box office. It earned $251 million dollars in just ten days. It is the fastest ever non-sequel to gross a quarter billion dollars. We all know the famous catch phrase, “May the odds be ever in your favor.” But did you know that The Hunger Games was partially filmed here in Transylvania County? Along with a few other locations, the filming in our local area has brought multiple tourists in our direction. In fact there is an organized route you can take yourself on for your very own tour, which goes as follows:

This four-day itinerary,

which loops from Charlotte to Asheville and back, leads to film locations, choice star hangouts and sites that connect to elements of the Suzanne Collins novel. It also notes training options to learn skills a Tribute could use. Day 1 Imagine you’re Effie, leaving the decadence of the Capitol (Charlotte), dropping by District 12 (Hildebran), then landing in a fun-loving place that makes film stars feel at home (Asheville). Day 2 Having eaten as well as the Tributes during training, prepare to enter the Arena (DuPont State Recreational Forest between Brevard and Henderson-

ville). Day 3 Journey from the heart of District 12 (Shelby) to the belly of the Capitol (Charlotte) and sense the atmospheric change from small-town warmth to urban cool. Day 4 Explore the Capitol (Charlotte), which turns out to be Haymitch’s kind of place. ( journeys/articles/what-snew-in-nc/1/the-hungergames-4-day-itinerary) Our mountains and waterfalls have drawn people from around the world to visit, and now this movie is to bring more. Who would have thought that a town as small as ours would be the location of this film.

Have you watched "The Hunger Games" yet?



no yes

TheReview Hunger Games Madness By: Caitlin Owen Let’s face it: The Hunger Games is a big deal. While the book series and movie franchise have gained a substantial fan base all around the globe, it has done especially well in our area. Here’s a quick plot summary in case you have yet to read the books: In the distant future, North America has been renamed Panem and split into thirteen districts, ruled by a strict and cruel Capitol. Following an uprising against those in power, the thirteenth district was killed off, a punishment of sorts for leading the rebellion. As a reminder to the remaining districts not to attempt something similar in the future, the Capitol organizes an annual event known as “The Hunger Games”. Each of the twelve districts are subject to a random lottery, choosing one boy and one girl between the ages of twelve and eighteen to fight to the death on live television. Out of the twenty- four “tributes”, there can only be one

“victor”. Katniss Everdeen volunteers in place of her younger sister, Primrose and starts an unpredictable chain of events. Let me guess, all of the words have begun to run together at this point WELL, SNAP OUT OF IT. THE SUMMARY IS OVER. Now, it is easy to see how people can get lost in a fictional world such as this. I’ll admit that I have, I’m not ashamed. Well, maybe just a little bit – I fangirl as much over this as Eric Foreman does over Star Wars. Just threw in a little That 70s Show reference for you, you’re welcome. And, when you become just a tad bit obsessed, it’s easy to nitpick over every detail, which is exactly what I did upon seeing the film (twice). Here are a few things I noticed that were different in the movie than they were in the book:

Spoiler Alert! 1. Former victor, Haymitch Abernathy, falls off stage at the reaping. Book: Those who have read the book remember their first

impression of Haymitch as being the town drunk when he bumbles around, then falls off of the stage at the reaping. Movie: In the film, we don’t meet Haymitch until the District 12 tributes go looking for their mentor while on the train to the Capital. 2. Mockingjay Pin Book: Katniss is given the pin symbolic of her district by her friend Madge, who is the mayor’s daughter. Movie: Greasy Sae, owner of the Hob, allows Katniss to have it for free upon seeing her interest in. Katniss then gives it to her little sister, Primrose, as a good luck charm of sorts prior to the reaping. After Katniss volunteers for the Hunger Games in place of her sister, Prim returns it to her. 3. The Avoxs Book: Katniss reminisces on the time that she witnessed a red-headed girl be taken from the woods surrounding District 12 by a large hovercraft. Upon arriving at the Capitol, she realizes that the redheaded servant in her room, that had been rendered mute after having her tongue cut out, was the very same girl from that memory. This plays a key part in displaying the cruel capital. Movie: There is no mention made of the people who have been tortured by the Capitol. If you pay attention, you can see the Avoxs.

Life&Style The Money Muncher By: Kimberly Holliday In this economy you have to know how to save money, so here are a few tips to help you munch on your money.

· Shop at a Dollar Store to get things like light bulbs, batteries, office supplies, and etc.

use your extra money for something fun! Just remember to keep saving money; it helps you in the long run!

· Ride a bike instead of driving a car

· Use a fan or raise a window instead of using the AC

· Use a clothes line instead of a clothes dryer

· Use your reward card whenever you can

· Use coupons when you go grocery shopping

· Stick to your list! Do not buy anything else!

· Go to a store where you get money off of gas (BI-LO)

· Buy the generic brand, there is barely a difference

· Buy items online · Get a prepaid phone · Get healthy so you don’t have to pay those doctor bills

· Use the library or borrow a book from a friend

*Mrs. Carr’s personal finance class has been spreading the word about the best way to preserve your future. So next time you see them in the hallway, ask! They’ve got great advice on how to keep money in your pocket!

· Shop for everything in one trip If you do this then you can stop working so hard and

Polls and stuff How much time do you spend on homework after 15 min or less school?

What did you do on spring break?

30 min or less



Going to the lake 20

1 hr or less




more than 1 hr

5 8 31

Visiting Grandma Vacationing


I don't do my homework I complete it during class

Being Lazy



Have you ever fallen asleep in class?


yes no 85

Ask Totally Jeeves anonymous advice! Q: I have English, and we have to do a Research Paper about a religion of our choice. I try to work on it but every time I do, I find myself messing around and not working on it. I'm worried now. Do you have any helpful tips that can make me get more into my work?

tain religion that you practice it might be interesting to do your paper on it to find out some things that you might not already know, but if this doesn’t interest you try doing some completely crazy religion to make things more exciting.

A: Make sure you’re not surrounding yourself with people who are going to distract you, maybe even don’t sit next to your friends if you know you’ll be tempted to talk to them. Also make sure you’re not listening to music or playing games, only go to sites that have to do with your paper specifically. If you have a cer-

Q: Well, I need some advice on what is a good way to remember to do your homework? A: If you can, you could buy a little calendar/organizer. You can usually find them pretty cheap at the Dollar Tree or something, and you could write down when everything is due in it. Something that

Prom Style By: Maddie Dunning

Prom season is just around the corner and there is a mad dash to find the one and only perfect dress for that special night. There are many things to consider while shopping for a dress. Make sure you don’t find one that everyone else will have; you should be different and be yourself. Plan your budget there is no need to spend a thousand dollars on one dress. Something to look out for would be the color that complements your skin tone. If you are fair skinned then you need to think about pastel colors and also black because it is a universal color. If you have a darker com-

plexion then you can wear lighter colors and darker colors. Choose something that best fits your body type. If you have a slim figure, you may look best in a sheathstyle dress that shows off your silhouette. If you are curvy, you may want to consider an A-line dress that will highlight your waist and minimize your hips and thighs. If you're short and petite, shorter dresses make your legs look longer and mermaid dresses makes your body look curvier. Some dresses that are really in style right now are the high low and mermaid. Once you narrow

really helps me is putting important dates in the calendar on my phone. But, if all else fails, just write it on your hand. That way you’ll be sure to see it. Do you have problems or questions that you need advice on? Not to worry, just send them to Mrs. Hall at or put them in her box in the office. It’s a completely anonymous advice column, so there’s no fear in asking anything. Please send in your questions ASAP! Thanks, The Yearbook / Newspaper Staff :)

down your dress options then try on the dress in various colors to see what looks best on you. The most important thing is to choose something that makes you shine and feel absolutely beautiful. Have fun and don’t be afraid to get creative!

StudentProfile Due to lack of photo availability, some interviewed students were not featured in this issue. Students to be featured in next month’s issue will include:

Seth Parker Paiton Reese Zachary McCracken & Upcoming 6th graders!


8th grader Where you’ll find him: Whatever class I’m in

Favorite Class: Mrs. Barton’s

Best Friend(s): Zach Stroup, Tanner Green, Nich McCall, and Josh Rice

Hobbies: Sports and hanging out with friends

Favorite Music: rap

Favorite Food: pizza

Best thing about being a tiger: Rosman is a great place to be!

What you probably didn’t know about him: I’m actually calm sometimes







Where you’ll find her: Where you’ll find him: With the Ping-Pong group

Favorite Class: PE

Best Friend: Jenah McCall (awhh!)

Hobbies: Playing baseball!

Favorite Music: anything country

Favorite Food: chicken

Best thing about being a tiger: Having a local college (Clemson) with the same mascot!

What you probably didn’t know about him: I like romantic movies!

The Cafeteria

Where you’ll find her:

Favorite Class:

The art room

My Online Journalism class

Favorite Class:

Best Friend(s):

Best Friend:

Katie Franks, Megan Fisher, and McKenzie Crabtree

Devon McIntosh

Hobbies: Listening to music, watching “Parks and Rec”

Favorite Music: The Civil Wars & The White Stripes

Favorite Food:

Art 4

Hobbies: Drawing, reading, hanging out with friends

Favorite Music: Rock

Favorite Food: Cheesecake

Best thing about being a tiger:


Going on senior trip!

Best thing about being a tiger:

What you probably didn’t know about her:

Roaring at everything

What you probably didn’t know about her: I’m addicted to reality TV!

She’s a vegetarian Chelsea is also a recent winner of an art competition!


ExamSchedule Thursday, May 17th Regular schedule with VOCAT testing during each block

Friday, May 18th 8:05-11:30

1st Block Exam




2nd Block Review


3rd Block Review

Monday, May 21st 8:05-11:30 11:30-12:00

2nd Block Exam Lunch


3rd Block Review


4th Block Review

Tuesday, May 22nd 8:05-11:30 11:30-12:00

3rd Block Exam Lunch


4th Block Exam

Wednesday, May 23rd 8:05-12:30 Remediation for all EOC courses, Testing for students absent for exams, make-up time opportunity for students over in absences 12:30-1:00


1:00- ?

Continued Remediation

Thursday and Friday Retesting for EOC courses

Letter from The Editor Dear Readers, Creating this newspaper has been one crazy ride, but I’m glad to have been a part of it. We put a lot of work into this paper in order to make it interesting for you to read. This issue was created by a staff of about 14 people who spent two weeks compiling information to write two different articles each. I’m sure reading through this issue (and my letter as well) you’ll find plenty of mistakes. Even though it’s not perfect I’m really proud of what we’ve accomplished. It’s become not only a way to practice our skills after completing the yearbook, but a way to connect with the entire school. I’d like to thank everyone who participated in the newspaper’s creation. Many of you submitted articles, answered poll questions, or even sent us some questions of your own. This issue has been great, but it’s not over yet! We have a second issue on the way in about two weeks and need more submissions. If you’re a good writer or photographer then write us an article or send a picture. We’d love to have them! Mrs. Dotson is even offering extra credit to her 2nd and 3rd period students for those who turn in an article. Not the best writer? You can still do your part. Our advice column could use a few more questions to ask. So email them to Mrs. Hall or drop them off in her box for an answer to your question. If you’re a high school student then make sure to check your email! We send out poll questions periodically so you can voice your opinion. Even if you’re just a reader, I hope you enjoy the paper and please don’t hesitate to send us your questions/concerns. I’m really excited about our next issue! It’s going to be a lot easier now that we have our format set. The best part is we can add in all of things you really want to hear about. All of the suggestions we receive will be put into motion for the next issue. So be sure to tell us what you want to see. After all, you guys are the ones that read it. Sincerely, Vada Judd “Rosman Roar” Newspaper Editor

Quote From the Editor: “The last impression you leave on someone is just as important as the first”-unknown

MAY 2012 Sun









































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MORE ROAR Have your own ideas or articles to submit? Tell us! Tammy Hall, Yearbook Advisor– Vada Judd, Newspaper Editor– *All “Ask Jeeves” questions must be submitted either by email to Mrs. Hall or placed in her teacher workroom mailbox. Any other submissions should be emailed to Vada with a subject line including “Newspaper”

Rosman Roar, Issue 1  

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