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We bring 50 engineering students to the Festival! They help measure sound for the benefit of Roskilde Festival’s work with sound and acoustics.


Welcome 5 News and general information New at Roskilde 2010 8 10 years after the accident in 2000 9 Green Footsteps 10 Green Bootcamp 11 Buy your ticket for 2011 14 Visit Roskilde City 15 Let’s keep the festival clean 16 Get beer for your garbage 17 More than music Agoras 20 Experiences at the camp site 22 Roskilde Cinema 26 Roskilde Skate 34 Experiences at the festival site 36 Nordic 38 YourSpace 40 Safety and practical information Menu 44 The vegetarian menu 46 Practical information 49 Against drugs 66 Proctect your ears 67 Social workers and medical assistants 67 Donate your camping equipment 68 Safety and security 70 Music Roskilde Festival’s stages 74 Band presentations: Pavilion Junior 76 Band presentations: Other stages 83 Maps Map of Roskilde Festival 2010 122 Festival site map 124 Map of Roskilde city 126 Do you have input for your festival? 130


Editor Anders Hjortkær Christensen

Thanks to collaborators Roskilde Festival thanks its many great collaborators who support the festival’s development and marketing.

Band presentations Henrik Simonsen City map Roskilde Lejre Turistbureau Design Anders Cold

Tuborg is Roskilde Festival’s main partner. Tuborg and Roskilde Festival both wish to support music all year round and will consequently look into initiatives and ideas that aim at improving the conditions for the music scene in Denmark.

Sale of advertisements Jungersted-Vermø Print Datagraf Print run DK: 85,000, UK: 45,000 – in total 130,000 Address Roskilde Festival Havsteensvej 11, DK-4000 Roskilde Tel: (+45) 46 36 66 13 Fax: (+45) 46 32 14 99 E-mail: Roskilde Festival cannot be held responsible for misprints and alterations or cancellations affec­ ting the events described in this programme.

Media Danish Broadcast Corporation manages concert recordings at Roskilde Festival, and many concert recordings are broadcast in greater parts of Europe. Roskilde Festival collaborates with ­metroXpress about the festival newspaper Orange Press. Moreover, Roskilde Festival has a number of media collaborators, for instance, Close-Up (S), Delta Radio (DE), Djungeltrumman (S), Festivalinfo (S) GAFFA, Go-Card,, Kingsize (S & N), Live XS (NL), MTV, NATT&DAG (N), Norsk Rockforbund (N), Nöjesguiden (S), Oor (NL), Piraja (S), Piranha (DE), Pitchfork (US), POP Media (FIN), RockPhoto, Rolling Stone (DE), Sonic (S), Soundvenue, (DE), Transition (S), Uncle Sally’s (DE) and Vice Magazine (S, N & DK). Other primary collaborators and sponsors are Avis, Ben & Jerry’s, Bryggeriforeningen, Brynje, Copenhagen Skatepark, Converse, Diesel, Epson, E-sport Open, Frellsen, H&M, Lay’s, Leaf, Microsoft, Naturmælk, Nikon, Oticon, Polar Is, Sony Ericsson, Spejder Sport and X-large. Transport collaborators include Swebus Express,, DSB, DFDS, Elmu Ry, Interrailnet,, Festivalbussen, Festivalcoaches., Festrunz and Read more about the festival’s partners on


WELCOME Dear festival guest, To prepare a festival is like preparing a big party for people close to you. The party has to be surprising and challenging so that everyone can go home happy and enriched – with a feeling of having been part of a unique, fantastic celebration. The host provides the setting but the guests make the party great. At Roskilde Festival it is you along with the other festival guests who create the special orange feeling that we are famous for and which makes Roskilde Festival unique. Orange feeling – you recognise it immediately, but what is it? For some, it is the special satis­ faction of being among the first to hear the next big band before it gets big. For others, it is eight days of partying at the camping areas and forgetting about the outside world. Or getting to know new people that you would not otherwise have met. The orange feeling can be wild and free, break boundaries and rules – but never at the expense of others. It embraces everyone and contains everything. For us, that is the easily recognizable element: The diversity and community united in celebration and joy. Created by 120,000 different people. At Roskilde Festival 2010 you encounter music from Benin to Brooklyn, from Japan to Colombia in a lovely cocktail mixed with the best from Scandinavia. There are concerts that invite you

to sing along and other musical moments that challenge or urge you to listen. Often when you least expect it. All together, you are constantly struck by the orange feeling. For some, the orange feeling is associated with a particular innocence – a carefree zone. But we must not forget: In 2000, nine young people lost their lives in a tragic accident during a concert on Orange Stage. This year, 10 years after, we honour them and remind ourselves and you ”how fragile we are.” Life is a precious gift. Take care of it – and watch out for yourselves. Many have asked us how Roskilde Festival could continue. But we can. Because you and we grabbed and held on to the orange feeling that, if anything, is also a celebration of life – with everything that comes with it. This year marks the 40th time that we arrange Roskilde Festival. The orange feeling comes from all those generations of Roskilde guests and volunteers who have participated in the festival since the first baby steps were taken in 1971. So pat yourself on the shoulder and love your neighbour – this is your celebration. Congratulations and welcome to Roskilde Festival 2010. We are happy to see you. Roskilde Festival

SUSTAINABLE PROGRAMME This programme is produced with care for the environment. This implies that we have used recycled paper as well as print colours and glue that will not cause problems in the recycling process. Furthermore, the printing house satisfies all requirements of minimising waste volumes and emission-intensive substances.


NEWS AND GENERAL INFORMATION New at roskilde 2010 10 years after the accident in 2000 Green footsteps green bootcamp festival media Buy your ticket for 2011 at this year’s price visit roskilde city let’s keep the festival clean get beer for your garbage photo: dennis johansen



photo: nanna kreutzmann/rockphoto

NEW AT ROSKILDE 2010 Camping booking Earlier this year all festival-goers have been able to book access to the camping areas E, J and P. We have chosen this solution to avoid the heavy pressure on the entrance gates when we open the camping areas. Two stages less This year we say goodbye to two music stages, more specifically Astoria and Lounge. The reason for this is the musical currents at Roskilde Festival 2010. Although the number of bands decreases slightly, the music budget is higher this year. Nordic – Scandinavian food and entertainment The Oval area melts together with the neighbouring halls and gets a new identity and new name, Nordic. The area serves as an experiential and dining area with focus on being ’slowed down’. Come by and taste delicious food and listen to poetry. You will not find a better oasis in between the music experiences.


The camp site must be kept cleaner Roskilde Festival focuses even more on waste collection this year. Small bin lorries go on rounds to collect your filled garbage bags. Area J is – in addition to being a quiet area – also a dedicated clean area. We want to show that you can easily

enjoy your festival and keep your camp clean at the same time. We hope you will help clean up no matter where you live. Refund on pavilions This year refund is levied on all pavilions to ensure a better cleanup of the camp site. You are charged DKK 100 per pavilion, which you will be paid back when handing in the pavilion after use or taking it home with you. More space Who could imagine such news? Nevertheless, we have so much available space that we have to go back many years to find an equal situation. So, enjoy stretching those legs! East moves further east Get A Tent and Caravan swap places compared to 2009, and both areas are again this year located east of Køgevej (east of entrance East). MC camp also relocates to this area. Extra payment for caravans, MCs and buses Festival-goers bringing caravans, MCs or buses will have to pay extra for camping. The reason is that they are located in separate areas and take up more space.

10 YEARS AFTER THE ACCIDENT IN 2000 In 2000, nine young people lost their lives during a concert at Roskilde Festival. Roskilde Festival was without criminal liability for the accident, but we have seen it as our responsibility to offer the families dialogue, information and financial support and thus seek to help alleviate the great loss they have suffered.


photo: mads madsen/rockphoto

that life has went on – as it indeed should. So long that we can pause to look at how we have developed our safety work since the accident occurred to prevent it from happening again. But not long enough for us to forget Allan, Anthony, Carl-Johan, Frank, Frederik, Henrik, Jakob, Lennart and Marco – and the losses that their families have suffered.

The year after the accident we planted a memorial grove where we every year since have placed flowers in honour of the young people’s memory.

Roskilde Festival was already in 2000 appraised as having a high level of safety. Since the accident we have developed our safety work further. We are a leading driving force in the development This year – 10 years later – we remember the of safety at festivals and large events worldwide. young people in connection with the opening This means that the area in front of Orange Stage of the festival on Thursday 1 July at 18:00 on today is divided up, and you have to queue to get Orange Stage. all up in front to listen to your favourite bands. Programmet, du sidder med mellem hænderne, er produceret These are med measures miljøettoinprotect and all the Det We do indebærer, this because at der theer10th anvendt year is 100 a commemo% genbrugspapir other samt festival-goers. trykfarver og lim, som ikke rationgiver year.problemer It has been i genanvendelsesprocessen. so long that some of our Derudover overholder trykkeriet krav guests omdoatnot minimere know about affaldsmængder the accident. ogSo udledning long Take af forurenende care of each stoffer. other.



green footsteps photo: sanne vils axelsen

Green Footsteps

making a serious issue fun Green Footsteps is Roskilde Festival’s climate campaign that with twisted thoughts and odd ideas encourages all festival-goers to go green. It is a serious matter – so we hope you will play along!

Green Footsteps – cut the crap This year, Green Footsteps has special focus on waste. Waste is just one of many things that harm the climate and environment – and we can be much better at exploiting the planet’s resources. So when we say ‘cut the crap’ we mean no nonsense – waste goes in the bin or else it should be reused. Climate Community In Climate Community at camping East you can make your climate efforts fun. Recharge your mobile by pedalling hard on an exercise bicycle. Swap your old clothes with bright colours or new clothes. Or go for a round of climate poetry on the Shout Out stage.

5 10

In Climate Community you can also see how rubbish can be reused for twisted installations and fun art. You can take hot showers that do both you and the environment good, you can chill in the comfortable recycled furniture and much more. We only use power from our own generator that is powered only by energy from solar panels and windmills.

The only limit is your imagination in Climate Community that is Roskilde Festival’s CO2-neutral playground. And if you are just a bit creative, you can even be rewarded for your efforts with cold beer and other life-essential festival gear. Green Market

At Green Market you can learn more about how buzzwords such as ecology and sustainability affect your everyday life. Grassroots organisations and research institutions are ready to show you fun and surprising angles on the climate and environment debate. You can meet DanWatch who was behind the campaign Climate World Cup. The festival audience voted for the food company Danish Crown and the transport company DSV as Scandinavia’s biggest greenwashers – hear more about what that means at Green Market and get inspired by various activities. You find Climate Community close to Green Bootcamp at Agora P.

green bootcamp

Green Bootcamp camping with care

Green Bootcamp is the festival’s green camping oasis for the festival-goers who want to do something for the environment – even when they are at a festival.

At the camping area Green Bootcamp we want to keep the waste in the rubbish bins and the grass green. There are lots of fun activities giving you a green festival.

festival. Green footsteps are green actions that show that you have taken an active position on climate changes and do something in your everyday life to tackle the climate changes.

Get on the bike where you can recharge your mobile by pedalling – free of charge and climatefriendly. There are showers heated by a pellet boiler where you – if you have a Green Bootcamp wristband – can get clean with a hot shower and a clean conscience. Green Bootcamp is built around a small atmospheric chill-out area, and there are many extra bins so that the area can remain clean throughout the festival.

Green Bootcamp is part of Agora N and close to CITY centre East.

Green Bootcamp is reserved for festival-goers who have taken green footsteps prior to the

5 11

FESTIVAL MEDIA photo: christian hjorth

FESTIVAL MEDIA During a week of festival, lots of fantastic things are happening, which you should not miss out on. Roskilde Festival therefore has its very own media. Listen to Roskilde Festival Radio, stay entertained and informed with our mobile services and read the newspaper Orange Press.

Roskilde Festival Radio – 92.3 MHz Roskilde Festival Radio is the festival’s own radio, broadcasting at the frequency 92.3 MHz during the entire festival. On the radio you can hear festival-related music, entertainment and news about what goes on at the festival. Roskilde Festival Radio is the organiser behind the festival’s traditional naked run. You can experience the festival radio come to life from the open studio at Agora G.

5 12

Festival on your mobile phone Download Roskilde Festival’s mobile festival guide to your mobile phone. It contains all the latest news, band schedule, artist descriptions, FAQs, videos, the social network Festival Friends, a map of the festival, weather forecasts and much more. The mobile festival guide can be downloaded to most Sony Ericsson and Nokia phones – as well as to a selection of Samsung

and LG models. If you have an iPhone, iPod Touch or an Android, you can also run the mobile festival guide.      Receive a download link on your phone by sending an SMS with the text orange to (+45) 42 42 30 24 (if you have a Danish service provider, you can send to 1204). 

The mobile festival guide is free of charge – you only pay for data traffic. SMS hotline – get direct answers to your questions Where is Prince playing? What time do the stalls close? If you are in doubt about anything, you can send your questions to Roskilde Festival’s SMS hotline and get a direct answer. The SMS hotline is open every day between Saturday 26 June and Sunday 4 July at 09:00 - 21:00. We

FESTIVAL MEDIA photo: sanne vinter

try to answer all questions as soon as possible. Questions sent outside of our opening hours are answered the following day.  

Ultimatum is developed by students from Technical University of Denmark, The Danish Design School and CIID.

The festival newspaper Orange Press Orange Press is Roskilde Festival’s Danishlanguage, daily newspaper that brings you news, concert reviews, portraits and lots of cool stories Find other mobile services on and photos. The paper is published daily from Monday 28 June to Sunday 4 July. The paper can Play a game of Ultimatum be bought every day from our sellers all over the Who would you rather be camp mates with, festival area. The price is DKK 10. On Sunday 4 Prince or Patti Smith? Come up with a challeng- July you can also buy a collector’s set with papers ing dilemma and get to know other sides of your from all the days and bring home all the great friends. Or come up with a funny dilemma and memories. Please notice, the newspaper is only laugh at it with your fellow festival-goers in the available in Danish-language versions. toilet Programmet, queue. All du you sidder need med is amellem mobilehænderne, phone ander produceret med miljøet in mente. aDet lively indebærer, imagination! at der Play er anvendt the game 100 during % genbrugspapir the samt trykfarver og lim, som festival ikke giver on problemer selected big i genanvendelsesprocessen. screens. Derudover overholder trykkeriet krav om at minimere affaldsmængder og udledning af forurenende stoffer. Send an SMS with the text faq followed by your question to (+45) 42 40 90 19 (if you have a Danish service provider, you can send to 1204).


5 13


photo: lise michaela lodahl

BUY YOUR TICKET FOR 2011 AT THIS YEAR’s PRICE Ready for next year? For the first time ever you can ensure your tickets a year before the festival – even for a special ‘early bird’ price.

We sell a limited amount of tickets for the same price as this year. So if you know that you are going next year, there is a discount. 2,000 cheaper tickets for the early birds We have allocated 2,000 tickets for sale for those who want to buy their tickets to Roskilde Festival 2011 already now. Buy ticket


Price: DKK 1,675 + fee (approx. EUR 225)

The tickets are available from 1 July 2010. Scan the code to the left with your phone and buy your ticket right away on your mobile – or visit roskilde-­ This offer only applies to all-week tickets (no one-day tickets). No tickets are personal but can be transferred if you are unable to participate. How to scan a QR code The so-called QR codes can be scanned with your mobile. Scanner applications are included in newer phones, otherwise you can download apps for free to your mobile from Android Market (for Android phones, e.g. Sony Ericsson Xperia X10) or from App Store (iPhone) by searching for ‘QR codes’. We recommend i-Nigma. If you have another mobile model, you can download a free application on get.neoreader. com with your mobile browser.

YOUR WRISTBAND GRANTS YOU ACCESS TO MORE THAN ROSKILDE FESTIVAL Are you a culture vulture? Do you need a change of air between all the festival experiences? Go explore Roskilde. By showing your festival wristband, entrance is free of charge to the following sights in the Roskilde area.



All of Roskilde Museum, including: Cathedral museum* Domkirkepladsen, 4000 Roskilde Mon-Fri every half hour from 11:05 to 14:35 Sat every half hour from 9:05 to 11:35 Sun every half hour from 13:05 to 15:35 Butcher’s shop Ringstedgade 8, 4000 Roskilde Sat 10-14 Roskilde Cathedral* Domkirkepladsen, 4000 Roskilde Mon-sat 9-17, Son 12:30-17 Land of legends Lejre Slangealleen 2, 4320 Lejre All days 10-17 Museum of Contemporary Art Stændertorvet 3D, 4000 Roskilde Tue-Fri 11-17, Sat-Sun 12-16

Main exhibition Sankt Ols Gade 18, 4000 Roskilde All days 11-16 Lejre Museum Orehøjvej 4 B, 4320 Lejre All days 11-16 Lützhøft’s merchant’s house Ringstedgade 6-8, 4000 Roskilde Mon-Fri 11-17, Sat 10-14 Handicraft Museum Ringstedgade 6-8, 4000 Roskilde Mon-Fri 11-17, Sat 10-14 Fjord Museum Bygaden 28, 4040 Jyllinge Tue-Thur 11-15, Sun 11-15 Tadre Mill Tadre Møllevej 23, 4330 Hvalsø Sat-Sun 11-16, from 1 July all days 11-16

* The church is closed during services and ceremonies. The festival wristband also gives you 10 % discount on the entrance fee to the Viking Ship Museum that also has free admittance for everyone under 18 years of age. The Viking Ship Museum is located at Vindeboder 12 and is open all days at 10-17. roskilde cathedral

About Roskilde More than 1000 years ago, the Vikings established a trading post that developed into a major town, Roskilde, which was one of the most important places in northern Europe in the medieval period.


Today, Roskilde is rich in historical and cultural sights and attractions. In the beautiful cathedral, the kings and queens of Denmark are buried.

Roskilde Fjord can be experienced on board a Viking ship or one of the modern vessels. The harbour hums with activity, and here, too, lies the former gasworks that is now an art gallery and a workshop for art and craft workers. In the city centre, you find a pedestrian precinct as well as market squares with plenty of commercial life. Text and photo is taken from


Let’s keep the festival clean photo: sanne vinter

LET’S KEEP THE FESTIVAL CLEAN We launch a big waste campaign to help make festival life a little cleaner for everyone. We therefore ask you all to help.

Daily collection of garbage Bin lorries will tour the camping area daily, and our volunteers will collect waste, empty the garbage cans put up in the area and pick up filled garbage bags. Please use the garbage bags that are handed out by our service guards, and keep your camp free of waste. You can hand over filled garbage bags as the lorries come by your camping area. It is for the benefit of everyone and it makes the festival an even better experience.

5 16

Refund levied on pavilions Roskilde Festival is the only Danish festival that allows pavilions, and every year we spend many resources to remove pavilions. Therefore, we levy a deposit on pavilions of DKK 100 (approx. € 14)

that you must pay when you arrive. When you pay the deposit, you are given a sticker to put on the pavilion and a receipt that attests that the pavilion has been deposited. Both the sticker and the receipt are needed to get the DKK 100 back. You can freely choose either to scrap the pavilion or save it for future festival adventures. A clean’n’quiet area Camping area J is for you who want more peace and cleanliness at Roskilde Festival. We call the area Silent & Clean, and here everyone are expected to keep their camp tidy. In the very late hours you have to turn down the music to a tolerable level. Of course, we expect all festivalgoers to respect the rules – otherwise, you will be asked to move your camp to another area.

GET BEER FOR YOUR GARBAGE photo: carsten bundgaard

GET BEER FOR YOUR GARBAGE Each year we spend huge sums of money on cleanup after the festival. We would much rather spend the money on music and donations for charity.

The camp that hands in most full garbage bags from Wednesday to Friday wins backstage ­access to Orange Stage for the entire camp (max 6 persons).

Therefore, we ask all festival-goers to lend a hand. You can help, for instance by participating in our garbage collection competition Tuborg for Trash.

Each garbage bag is a lot It is not only about collecting and handing in most garbage bags. Each garbage bag counts – even if you are only handing in one. For each bag you hand in you get a lot, and after each daily competition we draw lots for tickets to Roskilde Festival 2011.

In collaboration with our main sponsor, we hand out a cold Tuborg beer in return for each full garbage bag we receive in our garbage collection competition. The competition takes place from Wednesday 30 June to Friday 2 July at 12:0015:00. Look for the posters at your agora for more information. Compete for access to Orange Stage Every day we have competitions to find the camps that collect the most garbage. Great prizes are up for grabs, and we announce a winner every day.

How to join the competition The competitions take place at different agoras from day to day. Look for more info on the posters at all agoras by the luggage storages. So convince your friends to compete for the environment – it pays off. Last year, the audience collected 21 tons of garbage in the Tuborg for Trash campaign. Beat the record this year!

5 17



photo: flux photography


MORE THAN MUSIC / agoras photo: emil lyders

More than music AGORAS

The camping area is divided into neighbourhoods with an agora at their centres. The agora not only offers communal barbecue, bonfire, mobile phone charging and free luggage storage. A number of agoras also invite you to take part in nutty, bubbling and odd activities during the four warm-up days before the music starts. Find your favourite agora and read about the exciting events on the following pages. You can see all agora locations on the map at the back.


Agora E: World Cup At Agora E you can participate in the festival’s very own sports activities, participate in The Danish Family Planning Organisation’s sexolympics, play street basketball, mini golf and learn more about South Africa as Red Cross Youth and IBIS occupy the area.

Sensational Street Soccer 5 World Cup is also the place where all girls can participate in Sensational Street Soccer – Denmark’s only street soccer tournament only for girls who have never played football seriously. Grab 5-8 of your girlfriends and register your team. The main prize is tickets to next year’s


photo: carsten bundgaard

Roskilde Festival for all team members, and there are wonderful prizes for best outfits, team name, referee kisses and weird goals. We also have cool prizes for the best male cheerleaders of the tournament. The tournament kicks off on Monday 28 June with the finals on Wednesday 30 June. Sign up at the World Cup area Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday at 12:00. Agora G – Media Come hang out by the Festival Radio’s open studio at Agora G. The radio waves are high, and we have many activities. On Saturday noon you can look forward to the annual event The Naked Run. Read more about the Festival Radio on p. 12. Agora K – Swim 5 Did you remember to bring your swim ring? If you take to water like a duck, then go for a swim in our own swimming lake at Agora K. You can also sunbathe a little by the water’s edge – and in case you get thirsty, we have a bar that covers most needs. See you in the deep blue...

Agora M: Expression At Expression you set the agenda. In the vibrant center of the camp area, high-flying adventures queue up: I’m a COMBO serves the most delicious – and completely free – meal after the ‘first come first served’ principle, see the Royal Danish Theatre’s midnight shows, enjoy dance shows from Dansehallerne, express your opinion to the National Gallery of Denmark or join Danish Architecture Centre’s very own Pecha Kucha. Agora N: Cinema Well-equipped with cola and popcorn you can lean back in the soft seats in the dark of Roskilde Cinema and watch cool films. Read much more about Roskilde Cinema on p. 26. Agora P – Climate Community 5 Live greenly, eat greenly, drink greenly and act greenly in Climate Community. We offer entertaining and informative activities that make your festival – and your everyday life, not least – more climate-friendly. Read more on p. 10.



photo: carsten bundgaard

More than music

EXPERIENCES AT THE CAMP SITE Treasure hunt Roskilde Festival is about music – and love. Love is the pivot in this year’s treasure hunt that we invite all camps to participate in. Are you flexible, imaginative, fast, slow or just fun, then you are the perfect participants in the treasure hunt that challenges your abilities – and gives you plenty of love. Gather your camp to be a team of love pirates and sign up for the hunt. You will get a treasure map, challenges and the opportunity to win a prize that is guaranteed to sweeten your whole camp’s festival experience.

Send an SMS with the text rf hunt signup <team name> to +45 42 40 90 19 (if you have a Danish service provider, then you can send to 1204), then you have signed up for the qualification rounds that start Tuesday 29 June at 14:00. The best teams compete against each other in the spectacular final on Wednesday 30 June 12:00 - 14:00.

Graffiti – 1000 metres of art When the festival site opens Thursday 1 July, not only musical experiences await the audience. 1000 metres of graffiti art are painted at Roskilde Festival by an international lineup of world-class

camp of the year 2009: where’s wally camp · photo: sanne vinter

artists. Explore the numerous fences and walls and keep your eyes peeled so that you do not miss any of the many beautiful works and details.

your own bottles and learn to play them with instructions from the Bottle Boys who themselves play daily bottle concerts. All sounds are enhanced through the Karma Cannon, a very powerful CO2-neutral PA sound system that is powered by solar cells and a bicycle generator.

Graffiti is not only for the few. If you have a hankering for expressing yourself and are game for taking on spray cans and painting masks, then drop by our graffiti workshop at the skate ramp at camping West. From Sunday 27 June to Wednesday 30 June from noon till night, you can be guided and misguided by Roskilde Festival’s graffiti girls. Remember to keep your style clean and keep the painting to the workshop. Roskilde Festival’s graffiti project is carried out in cooperation with Molotow.

Bottled music Can you play Muse songs on bottles? Not yet? Come to the bottle instrument workshops in the warm-up days in Climate Community. You bring

Swap Shop An audience favourite is back in Climate Community. In Penguin Army’s swap shop everyone is invited to the world’s probably biggest clothes-swapping party. So if the rags you brought along do not suit you, you can save both money and resources by bringing your discarded clothes to the swap shop and without a charge exchange them for something else. Long live recycling! Camp of the Year 2010 5 Hundreds of creative camps fill up the camping areas with parties, activities and games. It is all about taking part in the orange feeling by means of flags, banners, costumes, strange ­traditions, camp themes etc. Each day our camp


photo: michael flarup



researchers will pay visits to the camps signed up for the Camp of the Year competition, judging criteria such as theme, activities, openness to strangers, atmosphere and that crazy little thing called edge. If you think your camp has what it takes, then sign up for the competition. The winning camp wins the honourable title ’Camp of the Year’ and up to six tickets to Roskilde Festival 2011. Send an SMS with the text camp followed by a short description of your camp to +45 42 40 90 19 (if you have a Danish service provider, then you can send to 1204) and you are in.

Radio Barkas – music on wheels 6 You know meals on wheels services. Radio Barkas presents music on wheels. The two DJs Tristan and Daan park their dark brown wagon at the camp site in the warm-up days. The sounds of good old-fashioned rock’n’roll, ska, surf, calypso, mambo and much more play from the custombuilt vessel that normally serves as a mobile radio station in Holland. Recognise Radio Barkas on the DDR vehicle, the sirens, the megaphones – and the dense stream of nostalgic tunes. A world of NGOs Humanitarian organisations are a large part of Roskilde Festival. Meet a world of NGOs in enlightening and surprising events. Join Danish Family Planning Association’s sexolympics, visit Amnesty International’s slum village or Ventilen’s drop-in center. You should also visit Ibis’ Education for All and Doctors Without Borders. Sex line

Classical youngster musicians loose at the camp site Classical music does not only belong in fancy concert halls and at your parents. Musicians from Danish National Youth Ensemble visit the camp site where they offer a chamber musical break from the ghetto blasters and community singing among the tents.

Moreover, Danish Family Planning Association offers a special service: the sex line at Roskilde. If you have questions about sex, sexuality, pickup lines, love, pregnancy, contraception or sexually transmitted diseases, trained advisors are ready for a chat or a quick answer. The phone is open between 10-22 in the warm-up days. Call +45 42416666 or visit Danish Family Planning Association at Agora E.

Your opinion – the art of sharing it Do not be surprised if a committed speaker suddenly rises in front of you. In collaboration with CEVEA, Roskilde Festival School has trained a selected crowd to express viewpoints and opinions in fun and odd ways on selected platforms among the festival guests. Street Parade You will see and hear bits of Bollywood, Rio and the Balkans when Roskilde Festival School’s parade orchestra spreads joy, smiles and acoustic sounds among the festival guests during the warm-up days.


photo: david spreekmeester

Gymnasial supplering

Tjek adgangskrav til de videregående uddannelser på GSK / Fagpakke HHX / GIF / HF+



More than music roskilde cinema

Roskilde Cinema adds fun and quirky images to your festival experience. Here you can lean comfortably back in the soft seating and laugh and cry while a handpicked selection of the world’s best films massages your senses. In collaboration with DR Dokumania, Future Shorts and the film festivals CPH:DOX and CPH:PIX, we offer a cheeky bag of mixed treats with exclusive screenings and a lot of premiering films. All films are either in English or with English subtitles.

A Somewhat Gentle Man  Danish premiere “Had the international press sob with laughter,” wrote Danish paper Politiken from Berlin. With an excellent script by Kim Fupz Aakeson, the film tells the story of a middle-aged man (Stellan Skarsgård) who is released from prison having served a sentence of 12 years.

a town called panic

A Town Called Panic Pre-release Panic is spreading in this exaggerated and psychedelic stop-motion animated comedy. It is child’s play on speed when Cowboy, Indian and Horse in true Monty Python-style go on a surreal adventure towards the centre of the world. An imaginative film that is guaranteed to achieve cult status.


The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call – New Orleans The corrupt police officer Terence McDonagh (Nicolas Cage) eagerly flashes both his badge and pistol in the pursuit of criminals, coke and ladies. Werner Herzog’s remake of Abel Ferrera’s Bad Lieutenant from 1992 is quite original and

presents Nicolas Cage in one of the best roles of his career. Gentlemen Broncos  Danish premiere With the stroke of genius Napoleon Dynamite, director Jared Hess gained cult status. Now he is back with yet another way-out cinematic bomb where the gunpowder consists of reindeers with laser eyes, sci-fi writers with writer’s block and a white mamba with an explosive diarrhea! The Hangover You know the feeling! You have a throbbing head after a very wet night. Yesterday was full of lovely ladies and uninhibited drinking. But the next day you wake up next to Mike Tyson’s Bengal tiger!

i love you phillip morris

I Love You Phillip Morris When Steve Russell (Jim Carrey) moves to Miami to start a new life as a gay man, it results in red numbers in his bank balance and a trip to jail. Here he meets the sensitive Phillip Morris (Ewan McGregor) and falls madly in love.

kloden rokker

This Rockin’ Globe 1977. 33,000 people. Lots of music and lots of beers. This Rockin’ Globe gives you a fantastic and humorous insight into Roskilde Festival’s early years. With both rain and biker brawl, the film shows Denmark’s biggest festival that was doomed in the media from the beginning. Up The retired balloon salesman Carl ties thousands of helium balloons to his house and heads towards an adventurous wilderness. With him, as a stowaway, is the annoying Russell. Up is a terrific trip to a forgotten world in the company of the perhaps most discordant duo in film history.

MORE THAN MUSIC / roskilde cinema


R The convicted violent offender Rune arrives at Horsens State Prison where he must find his place among Denmark’s toughest criminals. Prison is full of rules, codes of honour and hidden agendas, and Rune is rapidly reduced to being a number and a letter: R. A psychological drama with real criminals!

snabba cash

Danish premiere Snabba cash  Daniél Espinosa has made an adrenaline-rushing film adaptation of the bestseller Snabba cash, which works both as a thriller – even with international potential – and as an exposure of the disputing fronts in Swedish society – ethnically and socially.

Symbol  Pre-release There are raving mad comedians. And then there is Hitoshi Matsumoto, the man behind the Japanese Symbol. We dare guarantee that you have never watched anything like this – but if you watched previous Roskilde Cinema successes Crab Goalkeeper and Pussy Soup, you might be a little prepared. This Is It This Is It invites Michael Jackson fans and music lovers all over the world to get a rare glimpse behind the otherwise hermetically sealed doors at the rehearsal stage in Los Angeles and the world tour that never happened.

youth in revolt

Youth in Revolt The totally uncool, Francophile and still-virgin Nick Twisp is put to the biggest test of his life when he meets dream girl Sheeni in a trailer park on an impulsive escape vacation with his promiscuous mother and her loser-boyfriend. A terrific comedy with Michael Cera, Steve Buscemi and Ray Liotta. Zombieland When you become sufficiently afraid of being eaten by zombies, fear is an excellent means to keep you alive. Zombieland is a pitch-black and post-apocalyptic chaos in which a strange duo must form a united front in the struggle for survival and the world’s last Twinkie.



CPH:DOX presents

All Tomorrow’s Parties Sonic Youth guitarist Thurston Moore calls the ATP festival “the ultimate mixtape” – a description that matches the DIY film with the same title. Anyone up for intoxicating image collages from a weekend in an indie-musical summer camp? Dirty Diaries 12 naughty films from the feminist front. Swedish Mia Engberg is the woman behind this project, and she pulls the sheets from under the commercial and sexist mainstream porn and ‘shows everything’ in a new way. Raw, romantic – and for real. Dream of Life ‘The Godmother of Punk’. The legendary musician and poet Patti Smith plays at Roskilde this year, and you can watch her up close in the impressionistic, engaging and deeply musical Dream of Life. Two hours of elementary beat philosophy.

le donk & scor-zay-zee

Le Donk & Scor-Zay-Zee Scor-Zay-Zee is the name. He is big, he is white and he is a rapper. Here he has the lead part in the This Is England director’s entertaining take on the mockumentary genre, where he ends up supporting Arctic Monkeys. Spinal Tap has certainly not lived in vain. The Good, The Bad, The Weird It is not often that you encounter a Korean western, but nevertheless The Good, The Bad, The Weird is an excellent one of its kind! It is a dangerous cocktail of smoking guns and flying knives that cut their way through the Manchurian Plain in this breathtaking and spectacular noodle western.

rip: a remix manifesto

RiP: A Remix Manifesto There is copyright – and then there is ‘copyleft’. The brilliant mash-up artist Gregg Gillis aka Girl Talk leads the way in the big copy war, fought on bittorrents and huge compensation claims. RiP follows him all the way in a highly energetic web remix of video clips.


the human centipede

CPH:PIX presents

The Human Centipede Probably one of the most disgusting horror films you have watched in a long time. There are nods in recognition towards both David Cronenberg and Takashi Miike with the story of Nazi physician Heiser and his surgical dream project: to create a centipede of people stitched together from mouth to ass. Not for the fainthearted.

Cargo From Switzerland comes one of recent year’s best science fiction films. A murder mystery with the claustrophobic emptiness of space as the backdrop. Think Moon meets Alien, and you are on the right track.

The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle The canvas bubbles over with both insanity and surrealism in the story about slacker Dory and his experience with some newly designed cakes that are anything but harmless. A superb imaginative charge that is far out in a cool way.

Dro Vej





vej vej erve er Kløver Kløv

Snerleve j Firbla lad dvej

d Bon




ej svej sv Bellisv Belli


vej vej teve te Klinte Klin

ej Anemonevej An

Str tr..


Skt. P e

Kong Ma gnus

j Va lm u ve ej

Ved Kloste Sorte- murenr- Kl ost brødreere strræ st ng æd æ dee e

rnTårn Tå vang



ej s ev ero



Østerv Øs rvangsrv skol sk olen ol

Roskililde Rosk de Tekniske Skole





trupsti Kams

Roskilde Festival

70 Shops 6 arksvvej rmaarks derm nde nd Søn Sø 15 Søndermarksveejj and Cafés øs Restaurants Røn é Allé Fitness Center Grocery Store Cinema

Poppelgår ård dssvej


ejj El melygårdsve


SAT-SUN 10-16



MON-FRI 10-19

Roskilde S Køge


Dyrskuep Dyrsku eplads ep Festiv Fe stival stiv alpl plad pl ads



Roskilde Rosk Tekn kniske Skol Sk ole ol




Roskilde S Roskilde C Køge




nget skildevæthe EJ – only 800 metersRofrom train station j RV anve TO Tulip ote lvej O M KM ROSKILDE DE LB Æ Mo t vej el-

ng gett


Bak ak


Ko m Skt. Ols Gad e

us sti

Ti n g h



St en o væ Sidev æn a llé ng et


Frue Snæversti Fr rke Kirk Ki de ræde Ll.. Grønneg. Stræ

Gul- land dsstr.r.r

Alle lleh hel he elg lge gen nsg sgaad ade de

Kornerup Ko ups Vænge Væ

v b S TE D G A DE ovæ ng e ts Allé b

sve j Wæ be r

Ll.. GråGr brød br ødre ød rere stræ st ræde ræ de


Mag lekkildev

Blågår stræde




ler mo nt

Ka st vej els-



ge ts



mm T S

Brudee-Brud lysveejj

kele dd

Guldblommev evee

ørne Bjør Bj ej ovej klov


g ang ervan rtnerv Gartn Ga

G yvelveej j

Øster vang

Jako Ja kobskirken en

vej Astters

Ma gl glee-kro kr og geen n

Baptistkirke ke

Rosk Ro skilde sk Bade dett de

a Du n h

ognma ndsm arken Vo V


Bakk Ba kkedra edrage gett ge

ejj Bregneve



Hede dem de møll mø ø eparke par ken ke Vandtå Va ndtårn ndtå

Ledagerve ejj

rerer Kløve Kløv len le dale da



Håndkø Hede He demø møllemø væng væ nget ng

Hede degå gård rden enes Skole

Blomster vang


Havelo Have lodde lo dden dde n

ed Hed








Ledager ve ejj

Søva ng




d Elisagår


ejj Ruggårdsve



i ss t

Everything you need under one roof æde stræ Rabalderstr


t iitte

Ro’s Torv

Vinkel j ve





ejj Munkesøve

ejj Havsteens- ve

ej veej Rolighedss


egium m

Bakk Ba kkekk ekamme ka mmen mme n B ak kes esving nget

ter l ssevej Klo mo

en Ringpark


Magl Ma gleh gl ehøj eh øjen

Ve j

Jobc Jo bcenter

ers niv

de gad rga terrg Øste


Rådh Rå dhus

Sc an Scan andi dicc di Hote Ho tell


gsv e LLyysevaang

Rosk Rosk skilililde de Sygehu Sy huss

d en gård Bakkkeg


msvej orrm Go


Slag agterierne ness ne Fors Fo rskn kningsinstit itut ut

Hand skol ole



Slagteri riskolen skolen skolen skilde IDRÆ ID RÆTS RÆ TSPL TS PLAD PL ADS Rosk AD


Loui seve


Roskilde kild e Ring Ri ng




svej Knud




ej rikksv Eri

Statio St ions ns-ns cent cent ntre rett re


ssSvendvej Thyras vej



KØBENVEJ HAVNS Ga mm el el anan Plan Pl n Landevej tagen

Algad e

b an Je r n


Kapelkre Kape apelkre ape rema re mato ma tori to rium ri um

ng e j Ko lds V ra Ha

St. Gråbrød resttr.


Vor Vo Frue ue Kirk rke rk e

g errvvan Sønd

S ko

Ma rg re

Hest stest eGRÅB GR ÅBRØ RØDR RØDR DREE He torv rvet rv et KIRK KI RKEG RK EGÅR EG ÅRD to Spec ecia ec ialhøj ia øjsk øj skol ole e Post st ePo ROSKILDE ad ST ION STAT eg

Frue g a de

LammeLa gade

Skovbode gade ga


Sk o

St vej. Mølle St. Møllelevænge

Grø Gr ønøn n


j Ve

s t he


g.. RoskildenegTrain Station


n ave

EJ Th Nie. lsen Vej els s


r-Læde e d stræ

dToldbo gade



lehusene Møl

Borc hs Bo hsg g..

de edgade edga Bredga Br

Poliliti ti

sh and

torv to rvet rv et

Klos Kl oste os terrmark ma rken en



Rosk skilililde sk de RO’s Torv Shopping Center



Kild ldeg egår eg ården år

Stænde ænder ænde ade St

Hers e -

d Ringsted

Schm Sc hmel hm eltz Plad Pl adss ad


ro o nning Munkk eb bro Biblio iote tekk Skt. O lls Str. Roskililde Rosk de Kloste ter

Rosha.ha str.

magerg Sko-

Skole e E J BO SV RG OR nne-nne ED Bønne GK LLI Ki lyck ckes es Kildeg egården - IG ly eg g Plad adss Blee en ET m dam


Borg Bo rger rg er-serv se rvic ic e


Amfiteater Am er


D. L. rd Gård Gå nFonFo ns dens de o Bro Br

e ren Karre Ka rs ters te d tte sda Olssd Ol dee ræd Stræ St

slonsAbsa j- gade Hø St. ønds str.

Duere rød j brø ve

den Stø

m Råd


ens Vej

Due dre -

Ll. Høj- brønds str.



lstr. Viioo

Skt. Jørg


lavej Villla Vi



Skt. Josefs Jose Skol Sk ole

Kirk rke e

Weys We yseys DOMKIRKE DO Dom m dekirk lekililde glek gl Mag Ma stræ estræde Domk Do mkir mk irke ke- de ke g et pl plad adse ad sen se in t e str. st læst læ Palæ Pa Bon d

Gustav Gu gangen Roskilde City Wieds Wi ll Lille



huse hu sett

j rrsve Roa

ade egaade deg Hed He


Lauren renti tii Vej Vej

ealle irkId Bir Idræts--

KT es-AN TENS Helgvej aR Yrs j O VE J ve


me Elme El


wasting away

the red chapel

Wasting Away There are pixy zombies, nazi zombies and baby zombies. But we guarantee that you have never seen zombies as in Wasting Away – a film told only from the perspective of the living dead where something is deadly wrong with the rest of the world. People rush off at lightning speed and speak like Mickey Mouse on helium.

The Cove This year’s Oscar winner follows Flipper’s trainer Ric O’Barry in his struggle against the Japanese fishing industry’s mass slaughter of dolphins. With a team of elite activists, O’Barry goes to war against a much larger industry than first assumed.

DR Dokumania presents

Future Shorts presents short films anvil! the story of anvil

Anvil! The Story of Anvil The film about the band Anvil that laid the founda­ tion for metal giants such as Slayer, Anthrax and Metallica. Look forward to watching the metalfilled and humorous rockumentary about the band that had the potential but never broke through.

cocaine cowboys


The Red Chapel The winner of the jury prize at Sundance provides insight into an otherwise closed world as Mads Brügger and comedians Simon Jul and Jacob Nossell travel to North Korea. Disguised as a theatrical troupe they attempt to put a revue in the world’s worst dictatorship.

Cocaine Cowboys In Miami in the 80s, Colombian drug barons fought for market shares, and the police fought the Mafia. Miami became a capital of violence, money and drugs. Listen to key persons from the era tell the story and have an action-packed look at the reality behind Scarface and Miami Vice.

Future Shorts’ world-wide short film network presents the best and most groundbreaking features from the magic world of short films – concentrated in an international short film programme with world-class animation, fiction, documentaries and music videos. Husets Biograf presents Late Night Pulp Cinema in Malaco Lounge

With Late Night Pulp Cinema you can look forward to a handful of odd and entertaining cult classics: old school sci-fi such as Flash Gordon with a legendary Queen soundtrack, breathtaking femi-action in Doll Squad, biker classics such as The Wild Angels and not least an unforgettable horror story about mutant hamsters in The Food of the Gods. Each show begins with short film appetizers – everything on 16 mm. Film of the day begins at 22:45 – see the programme on the big screen at Roskilde Cinema.


Lennon / McCa rtney & Harrison 9. sep. - 4. deC. 2010

”tHe uLtiMate tHeaterConCert” GreGers DirCkinCk-HolMfelD


eksTra BlaDeT


ss e C C u tHe s inues t n o C erCo tHeat


C By




eLLe the H & M L erHo



B ro s .

østre gasværk teater tiCkets: 39 27 71 77 BiLLetBiLLet 70 272 272


More than music

ROskilde cinema – SCHEDULE TIME

Monday 28 June

Tuesday 29 June

Wednesday 30 June


Discovery Channel’s chill hour

Discovery Channel’s chill hour

Discovery Channel’s chill hour


The Hangover


I Love You Phillip Morris


Anvil! The Story of Anvil

Cocaine Cowboys

The Red Chapel

Sunday 27 June


This Rockin’ Globe

A Somewhat Gentle Man

Future Shorts

Le Donk & Scor-Zay-Zee


The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle

Gentlemen Broncos

RiP: A Remix Manifesto

Snabba cash


All Tomorrow’s Parties

This Is It


Dream of Life



Dirty Diaries

A Town Called Panic

The Good, The Bad, The Weird


Wasting Away

The Human Centipede



About Roskilde Cinema Roskilde Cinema is 100 % digital, and almost all films are screened in full HD format. Roskilde Cinema has about 800 seats in the completely light-proof tent, and we make sure that there are soft seats for everyone in front of the 7x11 metres big canvas. At the entrance you find our Malaco Lounge where you can relax with a cup of coffee, sweets and games.

Seats are in high demand at all screenings, so do come early. We entertain everyone in the queue with, for instance, concert recordings on a big screen outside. You play the sound yourself on your radio or mobile by tuning into an FM ­frequency.

Friday 3 July

Saturday 4 July

Sunday 5 July


Discovery Channel’s chill hour

Discovery Channel’s chill hour

Discovery Channel’s chill hour

Discovery Channel’s chill hour


Youth in Revolt

The Good, The Bad, The Weird


Future Shorts


The Cove

Anvil! The Story of Anvil

The Cove

The Red Chapel


The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call – New Orleans

Future Shorts




Dream of Life

Le Donk & Scor-Zay-Zee

All Tomorrow’s Parties


A Somewhat Gentle Man

Gentlemen Broncos

Snabba cash


The Human Centipede

The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle

Dirty Diaries



Thursday 2 July



MORE THAN MUSIC / Roskilde skate

photo: klavs bo christensen/rockphoto

More than music ROSKILDE SKATE

Drop by the large skating area in the northwestern corner of the camping area. Here you will find plenty of action on the ramps, and we have a star-studded programme. In collaboration with Copenhagen Skatepark and Sony Ericsson, this year we found some of the biggest names in international skateboarding. For instance, we present The Girl Skateboard Company with Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Brian Anderson and Eric Koston and Anti Hero Skateboards with Chris Pfanner, Tony Trujillo, Julien Stranger and Peter Hewitt. These two teams are behind the skating films Beauty and the Beast. We also present some of the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s best vert skaters. Never before has Roskilde Skate seen so many world stars.


In between all the skateboarding you can experience some of the biggest European names in inline skating and BMX. Join the street skate competition Come join our street skate contest, open to all brave and willing Roskilde-goers with the balance in order. On Sunday 27 June from the somewhat early hours we open for registration for the preliminary heats in the street skate competition where you compete against some of the local Roskilde skaters. The best skaters qualify for Tuesdayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s skate competition where you are up against some of the best skaters in Denmark.

+00 Open board, heat 1

+00 Open board, heat 2

+00 Open board, final





+00 DJ session

+00 Skate bowl competition

+00 Skate bowl competition

+00 Inline street, show

+00 Film/media

+00 Film/media

+00 Film: My Playground (documentary about parkour)

+00 DJ session


+00 DJ session

+00 DJ session


+00 DJ session

+00 DJ session

+00 DJ session

+00 DJ session


+00 DJ session

+00 DJ session


+00 Skate vert, show

+00 DJ session

+00 Pro-street, skate show

+00 Pro-street, skate show

+00 Pro-street, skate show

+00 DJ wake-up session

Wednesday 30 June

+00 Skate vert, show

+00 Skate street competition,final

+00 Skate street competition

+00 Skate street competition

+00 DJ session

+00 Skate street competition

+00 BMX bowl, show

+00 Inline bowl, show

+00 DJ wake-up session

Tuesday 29 June


+00 Skate bowl – best trick



+00 Open board, registration


+00 DJ wake-up session

+00 BMX street, show

+00 DJ wake-up session


Monday 28 June


Sunday 27 June


MORE THAN MUSIC / Roskilde skate



More than music

EXPERIENCES AT THE FESTIVAL SITE Odeon: Sustainable area We call the area surrounding the Odeon stage Sustainable Area. Here you can buy organic and fair trade goods and sweeten your life with eco fast food, eco ice cream and eco drinks. You can put garbage on Bjørn Nørgaard’s sculpture Garbage Woman that – among several other works – is auctioned off on after Roskilde 2010. In collaboration with Renoflex, seating installations are made from compacted waste and recyclable materials, and beautiful lighting diamonds illuminate if you ride on the connected power cycles. On the Odeon stage, 70 % of the lighting equipment comprises LED lamps, sustainable catering is served to the artists and electric vehicles are used for internal transportation. Cosmopol: Urban Conflict Urban Conflict invites you on a visit to a wild, visual city space where you can hang out in buildings, buses and alleys. In the Cosmopol area you can get a free haircut from people with and without political asylum and have a chat about asylum policies, you can record your own track in the DIY studio, you can help create the visual expression in the collage workshop and much more. Urban Conflict transforms the Cosmopol area into a raw, vibrant and edgy city marked by conflicts between the private and communal spheres, the regimented and the manifold, which plays out in the urban area. Human robot 4


On the night between Thursday and Friday at 00:30, at Cosmopol you can experience an electric boogie show that tells of a time when the technological revolution is upon us but has only just begun. The performers are Steen Koerner, Lucy Love, Saul Williams, Robotdrengene, Yo Akim, Phax, Pandora and Ashigaru.

Arena: Development zone The area surrounding the Arena stage is under development, and already in 2010 you want to hang out in the area. The area is decorated by street artists who construct a large layer-uponlayer collage using posters, stickers, spray, pastups and stencils. Outside the large Arena tent you can get comfortable on our pallet pyramid that also works as a grandstand seating. You can also rest your legs in our alternative seating ­installations that branch off from the fence. Roskilde Retro This year Roskilde Festival presents its 40th festival. We celebrate the anniversary in the Roskilde Retro area. Embark on a journey through ­history where you can experience the festival in the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. You can also visit past festivals as seen from media archives or you can relax on one of the big seating installations in the area. Culture Zone In the Culture Zone you can explore spectacular site-specific and temporary installations, developed specifically for this year’s festival.


You can also enter interactive rooms, build the perfect seating furniture in collaboration with the Danish Architecture Centre or experience young pioneering performance artists presented by The Museum of Contemporary Art. Social Gaming 6

Hilltone – top of the festival 5

Hilltone is a seating mountain installation where you can step up, enjoy the view of Orange Stage and take in all the festival impressions. The installation is designed by the architect agency Raum Labor from Berlin. collage

In the 350 square metres big Social Gaming tent in Culture Zone you can compete against your friends on the newest equipment and in the most popular games that have just been released at the international E3 expo in the US. In the Social Gaming tent you can play action, sports and music games on more than 50 machines, and you can try the new revolutionary controllerfree Project Natal. Swim in Tuborg’s green pool

Use our swings and help create great harmonies. In SwingScape different zones light up with different colours in time with your swinging. At the same time, each zone activates a greater sound universe. If festival-goers in several zones swing in time with each other, you can hear new exciting sound harmonies. Swingscape is designed by the Alexandra Institute.

Take a swim in the beer label-shaped pool – at the center of the festival site! The pool is three metres deep and 512,000 litres big, and both the heated water and the purification system run on 100 % renewable energy – from rape generators, fuel cells and customised exercise bikes. To go for a swim you must generate power on the bikes – and after having delivered your energy quota you get access to the water, loungers, backstrokes past midnight and a lounge area with a bar and a possibility to buy bikinis, swimwear and towels.

photo: per lange

photo: per lange

Swinging music making 6




MORE THAN MUSIC / nordic photo: carsten bundgaard

More than music NORDIC

Surprises for all your senses. Colours and entertainment. Sandwiches and aquavit. Poetry readings and dance performances. True Scandinavian hygge. A cool place to hang out. These are just some of the things you can expect from Roskilde Festival’s new Nordic area where world-class Danish cuisine stands side by side with spectacular performances and events.


Nordic is also ’the word territory’. Here you can help produce poems, listen to poems and get a book to take home. Some of the most interesting poets in Scandinavia read aloud and react to the text sampler RE ACT OR. The sampler is an oversized turntable functioning as a workbench with cut-up phrases from the dictionary. You can also throw words into the sampler. The course of the text is filmed, projected, stored and read aloud – and in the end it constitutes the final poem of Roskilde Festival 2010. On the final Sunday, the publisher After Hand sets up a mo-

bile printing works to edit, set up and produce the book with the festival poem. In the evening you can hear energetic poetry readings, curated by LYNfabrikken, Gyldendal and Institutionen Container. The readings are also translated into sign language, interpreted, recorded and published. The festival sounds – sound installation by Jacob Kirkegaard The sound of Roskilde Festival is music, bands, applause, cheers. But it is more than that. There is an underlying world not registered in any programme: from the rumbling ground under the crowds to the humming of the stage gear. The renowned sound artist and composer Jacob Kirkegaard explores this world of rarely recorded sounds, frequencies and vibrations. You can experience the resulting installation in Nordic.

MORE THAN MUSIC / yourspace

More than music YOURSPACE

Welcome to YourSpace – a place inspired by today’s web-based social media such as Facebook and MySpace. Here, in the real world, you can meet the small fish in the music business, express your personal music-related viewpoints and promote your own music.

Music debate on the podium On the podium you can participate in musicrelated debates and gain new knowledge about the upcoming music scenes. See the program poster next to the podium in the YourSpace tent.


Indie labels and vinyl production You can visit lots of alternative and independ-

ent record labels if you wish to discuss genres, buy some new music or present your own music. Visit the stall with indie labels and meet fellow music interested parties. Dansk Vinyl Vækst (Danish vinyl growth) exhibits vinyl records from the Danish underground where you can see various publications and

MORE THAN MUSIC / yourspace photo: sara bang sørensen

works. Get a do-it-yourself introduction and learn more about the medium. Record your music 4Sound DemoLab is a fully equipped mobile recording studio. Here you can record your own self-composed song – totally free of charge and in less than an hour! Drop by with your band, make a reservation and get your very own demo. 

Music technology and playing Denmark’s Rock Museum lets you experiment with music. With the high-tech BeatBlocks you can remix established artists’ finished tracks and explore lots of genres. With Audiofaktor you can mix your music in a whole new way using a specially developed programme. You can also try Rock Invaders where the electric guitar meets Space Invaders and where you can spice up your rock star dreams.

 Listen to music and reshape it At Sony Ericsson’s listening post you can hear music from the festival programme and experience the latest mobile technology. You can also join our photo competition via MMS.

You find YourSpace right next to the Pavilion (Junior) stage. You access the area through gate 10. The area is open from Sunday 27 June at 12:00.


De allierede

35g WHOLE GRAIN No preservatives


With a passion for warm bread


photo: carsten bundgaard


Reboot Camp





















No matter which kind of food you hunger for, Roskilde Festival has a stall that suits your cravings and needs. Below is a guide to the food selection at the various festival areas. When you have found the kind of food you feel like, look for the colour on the map in the back. All stalls serve a number of different dishes. Vegetarians, have a look at p. 46. Bon appétit!

Agora C


Lasagne, sandwich and breakfast Eco pizza and breakfast

Bagels Kristinedal: Roast beef in whole-wheat bun. Burger

Agora G


Aladdins Kebab: Durum and pita

Culture Zone

Agora L

Badeklubben: Brunch. Pasta. Sandwich Ski-burger: Burger. Thai dish SPAGHETTI 40: Spaghetti bolognese. Rice dish

PølsePusheren: Eco hot-dog cart



CITY centre East 


Chili Rice: Breakfast. Asian rice dish Det Gyldne Brød: Bakery. Sandwich Fastfood: Burger. Sandwich. Hotdog Garlic Bread – Giant Burgers – Greek Meatballs Gringo: Nachos Mummbai: Breakfast. Indian dishes

Bagels Hjaltes: Baked potato. Toast. Casserole w. chicken. Breakfast Time-Out: Burger. Fish’n’chips. China box

CITY centre West Bakery DUI: Fruit Eat Beer: Chili con carne. Chicken dish. Soup. Pan cakes Fastfood: Burger. Sandwich. Hotdog Mexi Food: Mexican dishes Roskilde Gymnastik: Breakfast. Chicken cape malay. Celery steak Soup and Sandwich

Pavilion Junior  Brazil: Brazilian food Coffee Lounge: Breakfast Dixie Burger Gringo: Nachos Mama’s Corner: Brunch. Food pancakes. Sandwich

Roskilde Retro Christiania Falafel Flaming Cactus: Mexican food Stigs Oliven: Olives w. accompaniments Yutaka Sushi Bar: Sushi. Soup. Noodle salad


Trade area west of Orange Stage 

PølsePusheren: Eco hot-dog cart

Flaming Cactus: Mexican food King of Texas Chili: Chili dishes Piben: Durum The Ranch: Sandwich. Salads. Hotwings Swedish specialities Tokyo: Rice dishes. Sushi

Nordic Bus-Bus: Grilled dishes. Sandwich. Brunch DØP: Eco hot-dog cart Folkekøkkenet: Fried potatoes and sausage. Minced beef stew. Brisket of beef Manfreds: Pea soup. Cold buttermilk dish. Sandwich. Oatmeal porridge w. toppings Meyer: Nordic sandwich Monas Køkken: Grilled dishes. Sandwich. Breakfast package Mor Tove: Pancakes Mors Madpakke: Rye bread w. topping/spread Roskilde Lilleskole: Beef burger. Breakfast Ventegodtgaard: Fruit. Breakfast. Soup. Food pancake

Sejlene Danish Corner: Fried pork. Mashed potatoes w. bacon. Sandwich w. roast pork Delleboden: Brunch. Rissole dishes Gadegårdens bollebod: Mega-pita. Sandwich Mor Tove: Desserts Nam-Nam: Pizza. Pasta. Soup Thailanna: Brunch. Thai food

Odeon –  ecology and sustainable trade Den Gyldne bønne: Falafel in pita bread. Veggie rissoles. Tapas Eco pizza Naturmælk: Eco sandwich. Sausages. Pancakes. Omelet w. filling


THE VEGETARIAN MENU photo: marie joensen

THE VEGETARIAN MENU The veggie offerings have never been better at Roskilde Festival. All stalls offer at least one vegetarian dish. The coloured dots below refer to the dining map on p. 44, so you can see where to go when you have found out what you are hungry for.

Camping site and Pavilion Junior


Organic pizza: Pizza w. artichoke/olives or spinach/pepper JGI Gymnastik: Minestrone soup. Quorn-sandwich Aladdins Kebab: Pita/durum bread w. bulgur and tzatziki Chili Rice: Chili rice w. Quorn. Breakfast sandwich w. eggs Garlic Bread – Giant Burgers – Greek Meatballs: Tzatziki w. ciabatta bread Mummbai: Potatoes, squash and mushrooms in tandoori-curry sauce, basmati rice, naan bread & spinach salad. Rice w. coconut, curry paste and fillings. Classic Indian veggie soup w. curry, carrots and rice, naan bread Fastfood: Veggie sandwich w. hummus and tomato salad

African Food: Celery steak Eat Beer: Chili sin carne w. rice & tortilla chips. Tomato soup w. thyme and bread Mexi Food: Veggie chili Soup and Sandwich: Kenyan tomato soup. Sandwich Brazil: Tortilla veggie brunch: Tortilla wrap w. eggs and onions, yoghurt, dried bananas, tomatos, coffee/tea  Dixie Burger: Gumbo soup Mama’s Corner: Food pancakes w. fillings of broccoli, feta and cottage cheese, served w. Indian carrot raita and salad of marinated grains of wheat, parsley and garlic

Kristinedal: Chili cheese, french fries and homemade milkshake Bagels: Bagel w. hummus or sprouts, pepper and pesto One Night in Bangkok: Tofu box: marinated tofu in red curry, red pepper, spring onions, bamboo shoots, baby maize, sweet basil & rice Badeklubben: Brazilian breakfast: fresh fruit w. organic yoghurt and homemade müsli. Eco sandwich w. Italian pecorino cheese. Hummus dish w. lettuce, olives and bread. Penne spirales w. pesto Ski-burger: Falafel w. hummus, tzaziki, lettuce and bread Spaghetti 40: Rice dish w. pineapple, raisins, peanuts and sundried tomatoes Den Gyldne bønne: Veggie rissoles w. potato salad. Falafel in pita bread. Tapas  Naturmælk: Eco breakfast and eco pancakes w. accompaniments. Whole-wheat mini pizza w. cheese/rosemary. New Danish eco potatoes w. dressing Hjaltes: Baked potato w. beans and feta Time-Out: Oriental veggie box w. crisp dumplings w. spicy filling Christiania Falafel: Pita and durum w. falafel Yutaka Sushi Bar: Veggie sushi

photo: marie joensen

Danish Corner: Quorn burger Delleboden: Lentil rissoles Gadegårdens bollebod: Whole-wheat bun w. hummus and vegetables Nam-Nam: Minestrone soup. Cold pasta dish. Pizza. Garlic bread. Veggie tart w. grilled vegetables and feta/tomato salad Thailanna: Kaeng ka ri pak. Keeng pet pak Balder: Veggie pyttipanna w. lettuce, eggs and beetroot Flaming Cactus: Veggie burrito w. pinto and black beans King of Texas Chili: Eco tomato soup Piben: Hummus and falafel  The Ranch: Mozzarella sandwich. Three salads w. bread (w. hummus, tzatziki and coleslaw) Tokyo: Asian slaw w. rice. Veggie curry dish. Sushi


Festival site

Nordic Bus-Bus: Tart w. grilled vegetables and feta/tomato salad  Ventegodtgaard: Wok dishes. Food pancake Roskilde Lilleskole: RLS veggie burger and chili fries Meyer: Nordic veggie sandwich Mors Madpakke: Rye bread w. tomato or potatoes Manfreds: Eco pea soup w. crushed crust and cold-pressed rape seed oil. Cold buttermilk dish w. strawberries. Rye bread sandwich w. celery, pickles and smoked cheese. Breakfast: oatmeal porridge and sourdough bun w. cheese Folkekøkkenet: Potato/leek soup w. bread Monas Køkken: Cheese omelet served w. mixed salad and bread



Sleeping bag ........................................ 150,Sleeping pad .......................................... 50,Air mattress ......................................... 100,Dbl. air mattress .................................. 250,Plugs for air mattress ........................... 15,Pump ...................................................... 50,Blanket ................................................... 25,-


Tent/table torch incl. batteries .......... 100,Hand torch ............................................ 25,AAA batteries, 4 pcs ............................... 25,AA batteries, 4 pcs ................................. 25,C batterie2, 2 pcs ................................... 25,D batteries, 2 pcs ................................... 30,-


Vinyl poncho ........................................ 20,Plast poncho ........................................ 10.Army poncho (rugged) ...................... 250,Rubber boots ..................................... 100,-


Sun lotion UPF 30 ............................... 100,After sun ............................................... 80.UPF lipbalm .......................................... 25,-


Festivalchair DeLuxe .......................... 75,Table ...................................................... 100,Water container, 5L .............................. 15,Water container, 15L ............................ 40,Cards ....................................................... 15,Soccer ball ............................................ 20,-


EAST & WEST ...AND MUCH, MUCH MORE Asivik Igloo tent, 3 pers ..................... 300,Stormpeg, 10 stk .................................... 20,Peg, 10 stk ............................................ 15,Peghammer ........................................... 20,Tarp, 2x3 m ........................................... 35,Tarp, 4x6 m ........................................... 75,Party tent, 3x3 m ............................... 200,-

Foto: Rasmus Rahbek



A / Practical information photo: Dan pear

Practical information Access Your ticket – and thereby your festival wristband – grants you access to the entire festival area. You can exchange your ticket to a wristband at the main entrances East, West and at the festival’s train station. The festival site, where you find the six stages, opens on Thursday 1 July at 17:00. Camping area booking

In spring, you have been able to book access to camping areas E, J and P. These areas are reserved for festival-goers with reservations from Saturday 26 June at 18:00 to Sunday 27 June at 08:00. Afterwards, the areas are open to all. To gain access to the area you must show a print of your booking with a valid ticket number that must be identical with the number on your ticket. Access to Green Bootcamp

At camping East we have a dedicated climate camping area. The area is called Green Bootcamp, and until Sunday 27 June at 08:00 the area is reserved for festival-goers who have

participated in the Green Footsteps campaign (see p. 11). After 08:00 the area is open to all. Age When you are 15 years old, you can go to Roskilde Festival on your own. If you are under the age of 15, you must be accompanied by an adult (over 18 years) who you know. Please notice, in Denmark it is illegal to serve alcohol to people under the age of 18. Agora Agoras are small squares located around the camping area. At each agora you find free luggage storage, toilets and a cooking area. Some of the agoras – Cinema, Expression, Climate Community, World Cup and Media (see the locations on the map in the back) – have different identities, marked through decoration, activities and events. Activities at the agoras take place from Sunday 27 June to Wednesday 30 june. The activities at several agoras continue throughout the last four festival days at ”a reduced pace.”


B / Practical information

Band schedule See Programme on p. 59. Bank See Cash Dispenser on p. 53. Battery charging At the agora luggage storages you can get your mobile phone, digital camera and other electrical equipment recharged if you bring your own recharger. The price is DKK 15 per recharging. Mobile phones that have been handed in for recharging and that have not been collected before Monday 5 July at 12:00 will be handed over to Roskilde Policeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s lost property office. See Lost property on p. 57. Car batteries

If you bring car batteries, you must pay a deposit of DKK 100 at the entrance or at the luggage storage where you get your battery recharged. When you leave the festival again, you can either bring your battery back home again or hand it over to us. Either way gets you your DKK 100 back. Car batteries can be recharged at CITY centres East and West. Each recharge costs DKK 80. We use our own rechargers, so please do not bring your own. Beverages and prices At the camping area you can buy beer, soft drinks, juice and wine in bottles, cans, cartons and crates. At the festival site, beverage stalls serve drinks in plastic cups with a refund charge.

stalls and at some food stalls. At the festival site, you can buy beer in the pits in front of Arena and Orange Stage. At the camping area you can buy cold Tuborg beer in cans at a special price if you buy whole frames of 24 cans. The price is DKK 150 per frame. Beverage sale opening hours Camping Festival site East/West Saturday 26 June 18:00 - 01:00 Sunday 27 June 08:00 - 01:00 12:00 - 24:00*) Monday 28 June 10:00 - 01:00 12:00 - 24:00*) Tuesday 29 June 10:00 - 01:00 12:00 - 24:00*) Wednesday 30 June 10:00 - 01:00 12:00 - 24:00*) Thursday 1 July 10:00 - 02:00 17:00 - 24:00**) Friday 2 July 10:00 - 04:00 10:00 - 04:00**) Saturday 3 July 10:00 - 04:00 10:00 - 04:00**) Sunday 4 July 10:00 - 06:00 10:00 - 21:00***)

*) The beverage sale is located in the Pavilion area. **) The stalls by the stages are open until ap- prox. 15 minutes after the last performance. ***) Beverage sale by the Orange Stage is open until 24:00 and by Arena until 04:00.

You are not allowed to bring beverages into the festival site. We check at all entrances. You are allowed to bring empty plastic containers. You are allowed to bring glass and plastic bottles and the like into the camping area. Refund stalls are located all over the festival area â&#x20AC;&#x201C; see Refund on p. 60. Beer sale


Beer and soft drinks are sold at CITY centres East and West and at Get A Tent. At the festival site you can buy beer and soft drinks at all Tuborg

photo: marie joensen

All prices exclude refund (if any). Prices at the festival site Tuborg beer in 30 cl cup  DKK 22 Tuborg beer in 50 cl cup  DKK 36 Tuborg Classic beer in 50 cl cup  DKK 36 Tuborg Gold beer in 50 cl cup  DKK 39 Soda in 50 cl plastic bottle  DKK 21.50 Somersby cider in 33 cl cup  DKK 29 Cocio chocolate milk in 40 cl cup  DKK 24 Mineral water in 50 cl cup  DKK 14.50 Burn in 25 cl cup  DKK 25 Burn shot in 5 cl plastic bottle  DKK 29 Red and white wine carton DKK 69 Smirnoff Ice Red in 27.5 cl cup  DKK 36

Camping You can camp at camping East and West. Furthermore, certain areas are reserved for Get A Tent, MCs and caravans. The camping areas are divided into numbered squares you can use for guidance. Service guards can help you get settled and will remove tents or caravans if they are placed outside of the designated areas. The camping areas open Saturday 26 June at 18:00 and close Monday 5 July at 14:00. Bonfire and other kinds of open flames

Open flames are not allowed at the camping area – including bonfires, torches, candles, lanterns, cooking apparatus and grills. All food preparation with heating equipment must take place by the agora bonfires and at the cooking areas where you find communal grills. Due to fire safety, you are not allowed to cover tents with a tarpaulin.

B-C / Practical information

Prices at the camping area Tuborg beer in frame with 24 cans  DKK 150 Tuborg beer in 33 cl can  DKK 22 Soda in 33 cl can  DKK 15 Soda 33 cl can in six-pack  DKK 60 Somersby cider in 33 cl can  DKK 29 Cocio chocolate milk in 40 cl glass bottle  DKK 24 Mineral water in 50 cl plastic bottle  DKK 14.50 Burn in 25 cl can  DKK 25 Burn shot in 5 cl plastic bottle  DKK 29 Red and white wine carton DKK 69 Smirnoff Ice Red in 27.5 cl can  DKK 36 Spirits in bottle with soda, ice and cups from DKK 200

Cooking areas

You can cook your food at the cooking areas at the agoras. Here you can use primus cookers, disposable grills, the communal grill and bonfire. Service guards at the area can help you use the cooking areas. East/West

All prices exclude refund (if any). Bicycles You are allowed to bike at the camping area (the festival site, however, is closed for bicycles), and we offer bicycle parking by entrance East and West and just north of the festival site. Bus See Transport on p. 61.

The designations ‘East’ and ‘West’ are used on busses from Roskilde Station, a.o. West is the part of the camping and parking areas located west of the railroad. East is the camping and parking areas located east of the railroad. Fire access roads

At the camping area you find fixed fire access roads which – for safety reasons – must be kept clear of tents, wires and other equipment. Service guards in the area will help keep the roads clear.


WE MAKE YOUR FESTIVAL A PURE PLEASURE It takes electricity to run Roskilde Festival – some 400.000 kWh. But this year SEAS-NVE will make sure this energy is climate neutral. The entire festival is powered by GlobalEnergi, which leads directly to more sustainable energy and less CO2. SEAS-NVE – feel the energy

Hovedgaden 36 • DK-4520 Svinninge • +45 70 29 29 00 •

Quiet and clean area

For fire safety reasons, you are not allowed to bring living room furniture or similar inflammable components to the camping area. This rule does not apply to common, lightweight camping equipment, fixed built-in installations in caravans and equipment normally used for tent camping.

At Agora J at camping East, you find a special camping area for festival guests who do not want constant noisy parties and loud music. The area must also be kept totally clean. The area is controlled – and we encourage everyone to help one another to make it a comfortable place to stay.

Allowed • common, lightweight camping furniture • folding and leaf tables • small deck and folding chairs • sleeping mats • pavilions (by paying a refund) • foam rubber mattresses

Deposit levied on pavilions

Not allowed • living room furniture, e.g. armchairs, sofas, coffee and dining tables • construction material of any kind • generators and household appliances High-voltage power lines

Several high-voltage power lines cross the camping area. They are dangerous if you touch them or merely stay near them. Therefore, please respect the barriers.

A deposit of DKK 100 is levied on each pavilion brought into the camping area. You pay the deposit at the entrances or at the luggage storages. Upon payment you receive a sticker for the pavilion and a receipt which both prove that the pavilion has been deposited. You must show both to get your DKK 100 back – and you must bring the pavilion either to be thrown out or to be taken home. We put up special containers for this purpose at all exits and at Agora E and P.

C / Practical information


Road names

6th Street and Back Alley are just a couple of the place indications that mark the main roads at the festival area. They make it easier for you to find your way around and arrange with your friends where to meet. See all the road names on the map. Cash Dispenser There are four cash dispensers at CITY centres East and West. Further eight cash dispensers are located at the Pavilion area in the south-western corner of the festival site (please notice, from Sunday 27 June to Wednesday 30 June, you only have access to these cash dispensers in the period 12:00 – 24:00). Also, see Currency on p. 54. Cinema Roskilde Cinema shows films throughout the entire festival week (27 June to 4 July). Admission is free of charge. You find Roskilde Cinema by Agora N. See the programme and read film ­presentations on p. 26.

photo: christian hjorth


C-F / Practical information

CITY centres East and West CITY centres are located at camping East and camping West. Here you find agora, cash dispensers, merchandise sale, first aid, beverage stall, refund stall, internet café and food stalls. The CITY centres are open around the clock from Sunday 27 June at 08:00 to Monday 5 July at 12:00. Condoms You can buy condoms at the pharmacy and the kiosks. Currency At all stalls you can pay with DKK, NOK, SEK, EUR, GBP and USD – and many stalls accept payment via credit cards. Change is only given in Danish kroner. At the supermarket you can only pay with a credit card. See Supermarket on p. 60. Doctor There is access to medical care from Sunday 27 June to Sunday 4 July between 09:00 and 14:00. This emergency medical service is located at the first aid at CITY centre East. Here you can see a doctor in cases of acute illness. The immediate placement near the pharmacy makes it possible to hand in prescriptions for further treatment. Please note on Thursday 1 July, this is only possible at the festival site from 20:00.


Earplugs Earplugs are for sale at the festival pharmacy and at all kiosks, beverage and merchandise stalls. Use of earplugs is recommended for all participants who stay in frequent high-decibel noise areas for extended periods of time.

First aid Two first aid stations are located at the camping area – one at CITY centre East and another at CITY centre West. Both first aids are open around the clock from Saturday 26 June at 18:00 to Monday 5 July at 12:00. By Roskilde Skate there is a first aid station in the same period. Furthermore, there are first aid stations in a number of service towers at the camping area. Service towers with first aid stations are clearly marked with first aid signs. In addition, there is a first aid station at the festival site west of Orange Stage. It is open around the clock from Thursday 1 July at 17:00 to Monday 5 July at 08:00. The first aid stations can store insulin and other medicine that requires cooling. Fishing lake At camping East by Agora J you can fish in the artificial lake. You are welcome to bring your own gear but you can also rent it. Food and beverages The festival’s many food stalls serve both untraditional and traditional dishes – and all types of beverages are on offer, from beer and soda to milkshakes. The selection of food and beverages is characterised by quality, and there is something suiting every taste and from many corners of the world. We make heavy demands on the quality of raw materials and hygiene in the stalls and strive to use organic products produced in Denmark. The food stalls are selected on their ability to live up to this food policy. All food stalls sell at least one vegetarian dish.

photo: sanne vinter


photo: klavs bo christensen/rockphoto

For allergics

If you suffer from allergies, or if you are generally interested, you can always ask about the ingredients in the dishes at the food stalls. Food stalls opening hours Camping Festival site*) East/West Saturday 26 June 18:00 - 03:00 Sunday 27 June 10:00 - 03:00 Monday 28 June 09:00 - 03:00 Tuesday 29 June 09:00 - 03:00 Wednesday 30 June 09:00 - 03:00 Thursday 1 July 09:00 - 03:00 17:00 - 01:00 Friday 2 July 09:00 - 03:00 10:00 - 03:00 Saturday 3 July 09:00 - 03:00 10:00 - 03:00 Sunday 4 July 09:00 - 23:00 10:00 - 23:00**)

Gate numbers The many entrances to the camping area and the festival site are shown with gate numbers. You can see them on the map.

F-H / Practical information


Garbage Help keep your festival clean. The service guards at the camping area hand out garbage bags for all camps. We ask you to put filled garbage bags in the waste containers at the agoras. You can also give your filled garbage bags to the small bin lorries that daily drive around at the entire camping area. And if you need extra garbage bags, you can pick them up at the service tower at your nearest agora. Read about our ‘Tuborg for trash’ competition on p. 17.

Handicapped Roskilde Festival creates conditions for the physically disabled audience to approximate the same level of service for all guests. Besides toilets and platforms by the stages, the arrangement includes the possibility of bringing helpers to the festival. Disabled guests must buy their own festival ticket. A special camping and parking area for disabled guests can be used if applied for.

*) Food stalls in the Pavilion area are open from Sunday 27 June to Wednesday 30 June at 12:00 – 24:00. **) On the night after Sunday 4 July, a few stalls are open for a longer period of time. Bars

The festival has several bars where you can buy tasty drinks in all the colours of the rainbow. Visit Baren at Nordic, Skylinebar at Roskilde Skate, Gringo Bar at Pavilion, Boutique Lize at Odeon and Arena, Rom & Cigarbar behind the grandstand and Beach Bar – Uxo Bar at Agora K. photo: michael saly


fotograf: paw friis / design & grafik:



photo: jacob ek


At Ryttergården, located at the handicap camp, you can get help for minor reparations on mechanical aids, use handicap toilets, rest after many hours in a wheelchair and lie down when urinating. Volunteers at Ryttergården are helpful with further information about facilities for disabled festival guests. Ryttergården opening hours Wednesday 30 June  Thursday 1 July  Friday 2 July and Saturday 3 July  Sunday 4 July 

Kiosks Kiosks are located at CITY centres East and West. At the festival site you find kiosks behind the grandstand by Orange Stage. All kiosks sell various goods for daily use, such as tobacco, newspapers and earplugs. Cigarettes are sold in small cigarette stands at the CITY centres and at the sales area west of Orange Stage, by Pavilion, Arena and at the entrance to Nordic.

H-I / Practical information

Internet Internet cafés are located at CITY centre East and West where you are welcome to use the available computers – free of charge. The cafés are open from Sunday 27 June to Sunday 4 July at 08:00 - 02:00 and Monday 5 July at 08:00 - 12:00. There is also an internet café at the Pavilion area. During the warm-up period it is open Sunday 27 June to Wednesday 30 June at 12:00 - 22:00.

15:00 - 21:00 10:00 - 01:00 09:00 - 02:00 09:00 - 01:00

You can recharge your wheelchair at the agoras’ luggage storages and at Ryttergården. Handicap camp opening hours Around the clock from Sunday 27 June at 08:00 to Monday 5 July at 10:00.

Information office You can receive general festival information at Agora G. The information office is open around the clock. The information office can answer all practical questions about the festival such as train and bus schedules, where certain stalls are located etc. It is not possible to report missing persons through the stages’ loudspeaker systems.

photo: Boye koch

Laundromat At the laundromat at Agora C you can get your clothes washed and dried. A wash (5 kg) costs DKK 35, and drying costs DKK 25. Lost property You must hand in lost property at the information office at Agora G. Items that have not been reclaimed at the information office are handed over to the police’s lost property office at Skovbogade 3, 4000 Roskilde, telephone: (+45) 46 35 14 48.


L-N / Practical information

Luggage storage You find free luggage storages at each agora at the camping area. They are open around the clock from Saturday 26 June at 18:00 to Monday 5 July at 12:00. Here you can store common items, from overcoats to rucksacks and tents as well as valuables. The luggage storages do not store money and cannot be held responsible for money hidden in items handed in for storage. The luggage storages also offer recharging of mobile phones – see Battery charging on p. 50.

Merchandise stalls opening hours Thursday 1 July  Friday 2 July  Saturday 3 July  Sunday 4 July 

17:00 - 02:00 10.00 - 02:00 10:00 - 02:00 10:00 - 22:00

The stall at the Pavilion area is also open from Sunday 27 June to Wednesday 30 June at 12:00 to Rock Girls Top 24:00. The stalls at the CITY centres are open every day from Saturday 26 June at 10:00 to 02:00. Duke Hat

Freezer packs

At the luggage storage at CITY centres East and West you can exchange freezer packs. This service is free of charge.







Flip Flop

Map You can see maps of the entire festival area and the city of Roskilde in the back of this programme. Memorial Out of respect for the nine young men, who died on 30 June 2000 at Roskilde Festival, and their families, in 2001 the festival made a memorial as the western end of the audience area at Orange Stage. The memorial is established to commemorate and to remember ”... how fragile we are ...” The sculpture at the place is done by Lars Skov Nielsen. In 2010 we mark the ten-year of the accident. Read more on page 9. Merchandise Our merchandise stalls sell official festival merchandise such as T-shirts with short and long sleeves for men and women, sweatshirts, key hangers, mobile phone chargers, earplugs, etc. In addition, all merchandise stalls sell festival programmes incl. band schedule for DKK 20 and earplugs for DKK 10. The stalls are located by the stages – east of Orange Stage by the entrance to Nordic, at the Pavilion area, by Arena and at CITY centres East and West.



Band merchandise


X-Large A/S 2010

X-Large A/S 2010

Certain stalls by the stages sell band merchandise. If you want to buy a T-shirt with your favourite band, you can do so in the stall by the stage where the band is playing. But only on the day that they are playing – and often only in connection with the concert. The sale is handled by GAFFA Shop, and therefore you can also buy band merchandise in a stall at the Pavilion area, open from Sunday 27 June to Sunday 4 July. Copyright

X-Large A/S 2010

Mobile phone You can have your mobile phone recharged. See under Battery charging on p. 50. Newspaper We produce a daily Danish-language (no Englishlanguage version is available) newspaper called Orange Press from Monday 28 June to Sunday 4 July. The newspaper costs DKK 10. On Sunday 4 July you can buy all newspapers in one set that costs DKK 40. The paper can be bought daily from sellers all over the festival area.

Paid parking

The parking areas have for the most part been moved farther out in favour of the camping areas. The exception are two areas by entrance East and West. If you wish to park this close to the festival, you must pay DKK 400 (DKK 350 in presale) for the entire festival period. All other parking areas can be used free of charge. Pavilion Junior From Sunday 27 June to Wednesday 30 June, Scandinavian, upcoming music acts play on the Pavilion Junior stage. There is access to the stage through gate 10. Read about YourSpace at the Pavilion area on p. 40. Read about the Pavilion Junior acts on p. 76. Pharmacy During the warm-up days the pharmacy is located at CITY centre East, and during the music days (1 - 4 July) you find the pharmacy by the first aid station west of Orange Stage. Here you can buy the most common over-the-counter drugs such as headache tablets, asthma and allergy medicine as well as other products such as sunscreen and ear plugs. You can also hand in prescriptions and have insulin stored.

Photo and video You are allowed to take pictures with cameras and mobile phones (without flash in front of the stages). Permission to record sound/motion pictures at the festival area is not granted to the audience. This year, RockPhoto sells concert photos to the right of the Orange Stage. Police During Roskilde Festival the police have established a station at Magleg책rdsvej 8, from Sunday 27 June at 07:00 to Monday 5 July at 15:00. We ask you to refer all police matters to this address. Post Post can be dropped off at the information office at Agora G. See Information office on p. 57.

P / Practical information

Parking There is a number of parking areas at the festival. Parking is limited to these officially designated parking areas. Overnight stays in cars are under no circumstances permitted.

Programme You are now looking at your festival programme. If you should lose it or if you simply want a new copy, you can buy it in our merchandise stalls. The price is DKK 20. See Merchandise on p. 58. Band schedule

The band schedule is produced separately and handed out together with the programme when you are exchanging your ticket for a wristband. When buying a festival programme for DKK 20 a band schedule is included. See Merchandise on p. 58.

Opening hours at the camping area (CITY centre East) Sunday 27 June to Thursday 1 July 14:00 - 20:00 Opening hours at the festival site Thursday 1 July  Friday 2 July  Saturday 3 July  Sunday 4 July 

17:00 - 24:00 12:00 - 24:00 12:00 - 24:00 13:00 - 19:00

photo: michael flarup


R-S / Practical information

Radio Roskilde Festival operates its own radio station before, during and after the festival on the frequency 92.3 MHz. The studio is located at Agora G. Read more on p. 12.

You can also donate your refund to volunteers from several humanitarian organisations who collect for their own climate and environmental projects. All official refund collectors can be recognised by the turquoise-coloured vest.

Refund Refund charges are levied on containers sold from the beverage stalls.

Shower Cold showers are free of charge and located at Agora C and Agora L. Hot showers cost DKK 40 and are located at Agora C, north of Agora L and at Agora P (see the map).

Containers with a Roskilde Refund label  DKK 1 Containers with Refund Label A  DKK 1 Containers with Refund Label B  DKK 1.50 Containers with Refund Label C  DKK 3 Empty beer and soda crates (Danish)  DKK 5 Cardboard carriers  DKK 5 Jug  DKK 20 Lid from jugs  DKK 5 Shot tube  DKK 1 We do not accept containers without an official refund, but you can donate them to the voluntary refund collectors at the site. Cans must be able to “roll” and the refund label has to be visible. Refund stalls opening hours Camping Festival site East/West Sunday 27 June 12:00 - 01:00 12:00 - 24:00*) Monday 28 June 12:00 - 01:00 12:00 - 24:00*) Tuesday 29 June 10:00 - 01:00 12:00 - 24:00*) Wednesday 30 June 10:00 - 01:00 12:00 - 24:00*) Thursday 1 July 10:00 - 02:00 17:00 - 24:00 Friday 2 July 10:00 - 04:00 10:00 - 04:00 Saturday 3 July 10:00 - 04:00 10:00 - 04:00 Sunday 4 July 10:00 - 21:00**) 10:00 - 22:00***)

*) The refund stall is located in the Pavilion area. **) Stalls at CITY centres East and West are open until Monday 5 July at 14:00.


***) Stalls at the entrance to Nordic and by the sails are open Sunday 4 July until 24:00. The stall at Arena is open until approx. 04:00.

Hot showers opening hours Sunday 27 June  10:00 - 18:00 Monday 28 June to Sunday 4 July  07:30 - 22:00 Monday 5 July  07:30 - 10:00 (the showers at Agora L are closed this day)

SMS Sign up for our SMS service by creating a profile on and tick the box stating that you would like to receive news via SMS. You will then be notified in case of any programme changes. You can also download the mobile festival guide for your phone by sending the text orange to +45 42423024. Read more on p. 12. Stages Roskilde Festival has six stages: Orange Stage, Arena, Odeon, Cosmopol, Pavilion and Pavilion Junior (the latter is open in the period 27 - 30 June). Read more about the stages on p. 74. Supermarket At CITY centre East you can buy your groceries at the supermarket. The supermarket does not accept cash but you can pay with a credit card. Daily opening hours are at 07:00 - 04:00. Swimming bath If you feel like a swim, our shuttle bus takes you directly to Maglegård’s Swimming Bath from camping West. See more under Transport on p. 61. Alternatively, you can take a dip in our own swimming lake.

Taxi See Transport. Tickets If the festival is not sold out, tickets can be bought at the festival entrances. Children’s tickets (10 - 14 years) are sold regardless if the festival is sold out. We sell a limited number of oneday tickets, also available at the entrances, unless they are sold out before the festival begins. Tourist information Roskilde Lejre Tourist Office can assist you with general information about the city of Roskilde. The address is Stændertorvet 1, located centrally in Roskilde. Telephone: (+45) 46 31 65 65. Train See Transport. Transport


Shuttle busses operate between Roskilde Train Station on Østergade and the camping area. The bus service begins on Saturday 26 June at 17:30 and hereafter with first and final daily departures as listed below: From Roskilde Station First departure  Final departure Saturday 26 June 17:30 00:30 Sunday 27 June 07:00  00:30 Monday 28 June 07:00  00:30 Tuesday 29 June 07:00  00:30 Wednesday 30 June 07:00  00:30 Thursday 1 July 07:00  01:30 Friday 2 July 07:00  01:30 Saturday 3 July 07:00  01:30 Sunday 4 July 07:00  01:30 Monday 5 July 06:00  14:30

S-T / Practical information

Swimming lake Take a refreshing dip in our own swimming lake located at Agora J. Admission to the swimming lake is free for all festival guests as long as you are not intoxicated. The swimming lake is supervised by lifeguards.

From camping East/West First departure  Final departure Saturday 26 June 18:00 01:00 Sunday 27 June 07:30  01:00 Monday 28 June 07:30  01:00 Tuesday 29 June 07:30  01:00 Wednesday 30 June 07:30  01:00 Thursday 1 July 07:30 02:00 Friday 2 July 07:30  02:00 Saturday 3 July 07:30  02:00 Sunday 4 July 07:30  02:00 Monday 5 July 07:30  15:00 From camping EastExtra departures Friday 2 July  03:00 and 04:00 Saturday 3 July  03:00 and 04:00

Ticket price DKK 20, one-way. Bus to Maglegård’s Swimming Bath

From Sunday 27 June to Wednesday 30 June, the bus between Roskilde Station and camping West will stop at Maglegårdsvej for passengers to the swimming bath at the Maglegård school. Ticket price DKK 20, one-way. photo: sanne vinter


”M Man kan godt blive pænt træt af at ha’ WildCard”

Køb WildCa rd under festiv alen til halv pris på sms! Sms Wild til

bud [cpr-num mer] [nav n] til 14 12

Kom billigere til oplevelserne. Spar op til 50% på alle dine togrejser og forsvind lidt mere. DSB WildCard koster fra (26/6-5/7) 90 kr. + alm. sms-takst. Tjenesten udbydes af DSB, Sølvgade 40, 1349 København K., tlf. 70131415.

Night bus services run non-stop from camping East to Copenhagen Town Square after the schedule below: Sunday 27 June to Wednesday 30 June 00:01, 00:30, 01:00, 01:30 and 02.00 Thursday 1 July to Sunday 4 July 00:01, 00:30, 01:00, 01:30, 02:00, 02:30, 03:00, 03:30 and 04:00

Ticket price DKK 65, one-way. Please notice: timetables are available at all departure sites. Taxi

Taxi stops are located by the bus stops at entrances East and West. We encourage everyone not to use pirate taxis.

From the festival station First departure  Final departure Saturday 26 June 17:26  00:08 Sunday 27 June 09:26  00:08 Monday 28 June 09:26  00:08 Tuesday 29 June 09:26  00:08 Wednesday 30 June 09:26  00:08 Thursday 1 July 09:26  04:09 Friday 2 July 09:26  04:09 Saturday 3 July 09:26  04:09

The trains depart every half hour between 09:16 and 18:58 and every hour after 19:16. The trains bound for Copenhagen depart every hour with stops at most stations the night after Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 01:09, 02:09, 03:09 and 04:09, arriving at Copenhagen Central Station about half an hour later. Ticket price DKK 20, one-way.


Home journey

Trains go directly from Copenhagen Central Station to the festival station on Saturday 26 June, arriving at 17:16. From here, you have access to the camping area when it opens at 18:00. The price is a regular ticket or travel card plus an extra fare of DKK 20 from Roskilde Station to the festival station.

Trains run from the festival station to Copenhagen Central Station without change of trains â&#x20AC;&#x201C; with a stop at Roskilde Station.

Trains run in both directions between Roskilde Station and the festival station (camping West) after the following timetable: From Roskilde Station First departure  Final departure Saturday 26 June 17:16  23:58 Sunday 27 June 09:16  23:58 Monday 28 June 09:16  23:58 Tuesday 29 June 09:16  23:58 Wednesday 30 June 09:16  23:58 Thursday 1 July 09:16  03:58 Friday 2 July 09:16  03:58 Saturday 3 July 09:16  03:58

T / Practical information

Night bus

The first departure is on Sunday 4 July at 08:16, departing every hour until Monday 5 July at 14:27. Trains bound for Ă&#x2026;rhus the night after Sunday 4 July depart at 02:09, 04:22 and Monday at 10:30, with stops at the following stations: Ringsted, Slagelse, Nyborg, Odense, Middelfart, Fredericia, Vejle and Horsens. Ticket price DKK 20, one-way from the festival station. If you are going further, you have to buy a regular ticket or use travel cards. Train timetables are posted at Roskilde Station, the festival station, the information office and shown on the info screens by the larger stages at the festival site.



Buy the official Roskilde Festival merchandise only in the official merchandise shops or at

Designed by

At the festival train station you can buy train tickets, multi-trip tickets, make seat reservations and get info on train departure times, prices etc. Ticket sale opening hours Sunday 27 June to Saturday 3 July Sunday 4 July  Monday 5 July 

09:00 - 17:00 from 08:00 08:00 - 14:00

Guides at Roskilde Station

From Saturday 26 June, guides at Roskilde Station can help you get on the right bus or train to the festival area. Video See Photo and video on p. 59. Water You can draw water free of charge from taps located by most toilets at the camping area and at the festival site. During concerts, water is also handed out in front of the stages.

Wristband Watch out for your wristband. It gives you access to all audience areas at the festival. If your wristband is partly or entirely broken, you have to go to one of the ticket stalls by entrance East, West or the festival’s train station. Here the personnel will look into the situation. If your wristband has been stolen, you have to report it immediately to the police (see Police on p. 59) and afterwards bring the police report to one of the ticket stalls by entrance East, West or the festival’s train station where the personnel will look into the situation. Audiences without wristbands at the festival area will be charged with a control fee of DKK 3,500. Upon payment one is offered a wristband “thrown in” unless the festival is sold out.

T-W / Practical information

Ticket sale

Dates for coming festivals 2011 30 June - 3 July (warm-up 26 - 29 June) 2012 5 - 8 July (warm-up 1 - 4 July) 2013 4 - 7 July (warm-up 30 June - 3 July) 2014 3 - 6 July (warm-up 29 June - 2 July) 2015 2 - 5 July (warm-up 28 June - 1 July)

photo: nanna kreutzmann/rockphoto




Roskilde Festival Against Drugs

Taking drugs is dangerous, anti-social and illegal. Drugs cause unpredictable behaviour which may ruin the festival experience for others. Drugs are illegal at Roskilde Festival – as they are in the rest of Denmark. As a result, police officers will be present and will handle drug-related offences in accordance with Danish law. If you see someone who is ill, depressed or afraid – and perhaps under the influence of drugs – please contact a festival employee who will do everything to help the person in question. For information on the harmful effects of drugs a folder is available at the luggage storages at the camp site.

Express your opinion

What is your attitude to drugs? Against Drugs badges are available at the camping areas. Our Against Drug film is available on our website for sending to friends. You can also download music from the Against Drugs film for your mobile phone. For more information, see under ‘Practical/Safety’. We hope you enjoy the festival! Roskilde Festival


PROTECT YOUR EARS We wish to provide you with the best possible concert experience – also in terms of sound. We rent the very best audio equipment, hire the best sound techs, hang the loudspeakers high and use many delay systems for maximum coverage. We are in regular dialogue with authorities and sound professionals to produce an optimal sound quality at an acceptable decibel level.

pay attention to your ears and register how they feel when you are at a concert. And use earplugs. In collaboration with the Oticon Foundation, we have obtained some high quality earplugs. They are shaped like spruces and lower the sound level while they give you a great live sound. You can buy earplugs in all kiosks, beverage stalls and merchandise stalls. Use earplugs for your ears’ sake.

Use earplugs If you hear a ringing tone in your ears following a concert, it is a warning sign that your hearing is stressed. Remember, the amount of sound that ears can tolerate vary from person to person. So

SOCIAL WORKERS AND MEDICAL ASSISTANTS Roskilde Festival’s outreach team is easily recognisable with social workers wearing white vests and medical assistants wearing dark blue vests.

Besides watching the children, the outreach team will keep an open eye on the very young festivalgoers who consume large amounts of alcohol and/or drugs.

They will focus on children and young people and turn to families who come to Roskilde Festival with the primary goal to collect refund. Refund collection is certainly allowed but it must happen under reasonable conditions.

We talk to the young people about having a great festival and help those in need, just as we provide first aid for extremely intoxicated people.

Children who roam the festival site late at night will be escorted back to the camping area. Naturally, everyone is welcome at Roskilde Festival – but the rules are that children should not be on their own when it is dark.

If you see or hear about children or very young people who look like they need help, or if you need to talk to an adult, then we encourage you to contact the outreach team. You recognise them on their white vests with ‘social worker’ printed on them or the dark blue vest with ’medic assist’ printed on them.



photo: nanna kreutzmann/rockphoto


Donate your camping equipment

photo: heikki rahkonen

Donate your camping equipment Don’t want to drag all your stuff back home? Then do a good deed and donate your usable items to refugees and the homeless.

Save yourself and the festival a lot of unnecessary work by packing your usable things and putting them in the festival’s collection containers before you go home. Thereby you are easing the festival’s cleanup and at the same time helping people in need. All your donated gear goes directly to people in need of it in Denmark and worldwide. Every year after Roskilde Festival, large amounts of useful camping gear are thrown out. In co-

operation with humanitarian organisations, Roskilde Festival collects as much as possible (e.g. tents, clothes, shoes, sleeping bags, sleeping pads and blankets) to improve the lives of disadvantaged people around the world. On Sunday 4 July and Monday 5 July we set up collection containers at all service towers and exits. Help yourself by helping others – donate your camping gear to Roskilde Festival. Thanks in advance!

No more metal 68

Metal and batteries left behind when you go home destroy our fine camp site. Therefore, support the environment and hand over your batter-

ies and other metal material (cans, etc.) to the nice Iron Maidens and Battery Boys collecting all over the camp site.

Put your talent to the test! (you wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be voted off by a jury...)

In the Danish Folk High School, the main focus is to discover and strengthen the unique skills of each student in a challenging yet supportive social atmosphere. Classes are based on dialogue and mutual learning between teachers and students - but at the same time, you will find that teaching is characterized by a high degree of professionalism and dedication. Get serious about your interests The Danish Folk High Schools offer non-formal adult education within 400 different topics. Most students are between 18 and 24 years old and the length of a typical stay is 4 months. You sleep, eat, study and spend your spare time at the school.


At the Orange Stage, there are two entrances to the four sections in front. If you want to go to sections B or D, you have to use the entrance east of the stage. The entrance to sections A and C is west of the stage.



Roskilde Festival’s goal is to give everyone the best possible festival experience. We create space for you to enjoy yourself, but it is important that everyone – staff and guests alike – do their part to keep the festival safe.

Three ways for you to help: • Pay attention to the security information • Pay attention to your friends and those close by • If needed, ask the staff members wearing vests (crowd safety personnel) for help

Follow all safety instructions and take an active part in ensuring that you – and everyone around you – have a positive concert experience.

Information on your safety Screens are used at all stages to provide special information during concerts. It is important that you are aware of this information and follow any instructions given to you and your friends. The information is managed by the security manager of the stage, who follows the situation on and in front of the stage. A significant source of safety information during concerts is video surveillance which is used to cover several of the festival areas, including many of the stages.

The security guidelines for Roskilde 2010 have been reviewed and evaluated in order to eliminate and minimise risks. We address safety, not only on and in front of the festival stages. We carefully review all elements of the festival and follow national and international developments and expertise very closely.

sible fires or theft. The towers are designated by single initials at the top, which correspond to the agora they are placed at. For example, service tower C is located at Agora C. Use the service towers as guideposts and points of orientation when you navigate around the festival area.

Arrive in good time prior to the concert at the entrances located at both sides of the stage. We open the pits as soon as we have cleaned them after the previous concert. You are not allowed to remain in the area to wait for the next concert.

Bonfires and camp fires Due to fire hazard, the use of grill and primus is limited to the cooking areas at the agoras. It is permitted here – and only here – to build campfires at the specially designated campfire areas. Many guests are eager to sit around a fire on the last night of the festival. Use the campfire areas at the agoras if you want a little warmth – but do not start a fire yourself.

Light signals are located at both entrances, which indicate when the area is open. Green light signals that admission is open. Red light signals that the pit is full, which means that you have to experience the concert from outside the pit. Follow the instructions of our crowd safety personnel in the orange vests, and work actively to insure that you and everyone around you enjoy a positive concert experience. Please avoid: • Crowd surfing (prohibited at all stages and results in immediate expulsion from the festival) • Human chains (you can endanger the safety of others by creating unrest in the crowd) • Rushing or moshing towards the stage (this can create waves among the audience and pose a risk of someone falling down) • Sitting on shoulders (this ruins the concert for those behind you)

Remember that cups with water are handed out at all stages. Safety at camping It is important to follow the directions of the service personnel at the camping area. Their job is to make the camping areas comfortable and safe for everyone, and it is very important that you cooperate. The service towers located at the camping area are staffed with service personnel whose job is to help festival guests and service guards in the area and keep an eye out for pos-


Safety at the stages Pit systems are installed in front of the two largest stages, Orange Stage and Arena. The pit systems are safety-devised constructions that use specially developed modules to establish a safe concert experience right in front of the stage.

Theft Unfortunately, many thieves visit Roskilde Festival. Look after your belongings and lock up your tent with a padlock, so your neighbours can see if your tent is being visited by its rightful owner. Always use the luggage storage facilities for storing your valuables. They are available free of charge (read more about luggage storage on p. 58). All thefts should be reported to the police at Maglegårdsvej 8. Remember: general rules of society about alcohol and other intoxicants also apply at Roskilde Festival.

Take care of yourself and those around you Remember to sleep, eat and drink enough to provide your body with the rest and energy it needs. Contact the festival staff if you feel unwell or if you notice others who may be in need of help. More information on festival safety can be found in the pamphlet Be Safe at the Festival which is available at the entrances and at the information office at the festival site.


Iceland Airwaves 13 – 17.10.2010

Iceland Airwaves

The coolest music festival of the year – no more no less. + Look for festival packages at



Roskilde festival’s stages BAND presentations: PAVILION JUNIOR BAND PRESENTATIONS: OTHER STAGES

photo: carsten snejbjerg/rockphoto



ROSKILDE FESTIVAL’S STAGES Roskilde Festival has six stages on which the many-sided music programme is presented. Read about the stages below.

photo: michael flarup

photo: christian hjorth

Pavilion The small rock stage at Roskilde Festival Pavilion covers everything from frail singer/songwriters to Norwegian heavy metal. The size of the stage makes it an ideal spot to present underground and experimental bands. The stage offers the best conditions for new bands that are one of Roskilde Festival’s focus areas. Through the years, the stage has given many unforgettable concert experiences.

Pavilion Junior Bands of tomorrow playing today During the first four festival warm-up days (27 - 30 June), upcoming Scandinavian acts play on Pavilion Junior. Pavilion Junior is different from the traditional stages at Roskilde Festival. It is the only stage at the festival playing from Sunday to Wednesday before the actual festival site opens. The stage has been a stepping stone for bands such as Datarock, Noxagt, Gisli, Baby Woodrose, Oh No Ono, Nephew and Division of Laura Lee.

Capacity: 2,000 people Capacity: 2,000 people

photo: christian hjorth


Arena Giant concert hall Arena provides the frame for the big ‘indoor’ concert experiences where the music best fills out a covered space. The characteristic tent has borne many colours through the years but it has kept its place in the south-eastern corner of the festival site. The stage was created in 1986 under the name Green Stage, but when the green

tent canvas was replaced the stage changed name to Arena. The tent is rented in the UK and its usual name is ‘Valhalla’ – which seems fitting for the audience experiences under the canvas. Capacity: 17,000 people

played on the stage. The stage and the area in front are perfectly suited for stadium concerts. Two big screens (54 sq. m) provide a great view of the stage for everyone and a speciallydesigned pit system ensures a good and safe concert experience.


photo: carsten snejbjerg/rockphoto

Orange Stage More than 30 years under the canopy Orange Stage is the symbol of Roskilde Festival and has been so since 1978. The orange canopy was originally designed in the UK for The Rolling Stones’ summer tour in 1976. The present canopy, however, is a new and larger version from 2001. Orange Stage has the capacity for really major acts. Over the years, artists such as Bob Marley, U2, Bob Dylan, Metallica, Nirvana, Radiohead and Rage Against the Machine have

Capacity: 60,000 people

photo: thomas kjær

photo: christian hjorth

Odeon The sustainable rock stage The austere expression at Odeon supplies a direct and unadorned music experience. With simple means, Odeon is the stage for concerts with bands that ought to be experienced face to face – perhaps for the last time before they get too big to be experienced at close range. Odeon is the classic rock stage with room for much more than rock. Odeon is our sustainable stage as we primarily use energy-saving LED lighting and engage people at the stage in environmental issues. The whole area – both stage area and the surrounding trade area – focuses on ecology and sustainability.

Cosmopol Roskilde’s metropolis At Cosmopol you can experience the raw, fragmented and pulsating atmosphere of a modern city. The music presented on Cosmopol comes from the high-profiled part of hip hop and R&B, the extroverted part of electronic music and the urban-oriented part of world music. In order to create an ’urban’ atmosphere, Cosmopol seeks to integrate the stage, decorations and the area in front of the stage. Sharp and innovative sound and lighting effects are used inside the tent to create an experience for ears and eyes alike. The area outside the tent offers creativity, activities and play.

Capacity: 5,000 people Capacity: 6,000 people


Pavilion Junior

PAVILION JUNIOR The Pavilion Junior stage presents Scandinavian upcoming acts. You can experience these bands during the warm-up days from 27 June to 30 June.

EIM ICK (DK) Denmark has got a promising name on the electronic scene, who may end up rubbing shoulders with, for instance, Pantha du Prince. Behind the name Eim Ick is Nick Eriksen, a lad in his early 20s who creates a wide-ranging musical hypnosis with his soothing minimal techno. Warm, flickering soundscapes circulate around each other in a sonic zone filled with slumber, daydreams and summer rain. Eim Ick is mesmerizing with a minimum of musical means. by the patient

BY THE PATIENT (DK) Their debut album is not released until September. Yet, By the Patient have already gathered many followers with their technical and traditional death metal. The angrily growling and crushing songs embody the genre in its purest and most evil form. It is therefore not surprising that the young Scandinavians get the honour of supporting Deicide this summer in Copenhagen. The rising of the five metal extremists forebodes a new death metal revival in Scandinavia, according to themselves. So show up and see for yourself how a new black era begins.


CHIMES & BELLS (DK) CĂŚcilie Trier is a busy lady. Some will recognise her as the cellist in Choir of Young Believers and a dozen of other projects. With Chimes & Bells she enters the stage as the true artistic centre. Along with comrades from the Copenhagen underground she plays alluringly dark and uplifting art rock, drawing on several New Yorker generations â&#x20AC;&#x201C; from the noise bohemians in Velvet Underground to the nihilistic doomsters in Swans. Released on: Tigerspring


FALLULAH (DK) Denmark has got a new singer who deserves comparison with Florence + The Machine, Bats for Lashes and Marina and the Diamonds. Like her British sisters in spirit, the Danish-Romanian singer makes artistically refined and ambitious pop music. It is music that wants to communicate with the audience, but never at the expense of the enigmatic, mysterious drag on the sensually smeared lips. Released on: Sony Music

Released on: Escho

fontän · photo: karl isakson

FONTÄN (S) Music is alchemy. The two Swedes behind Fontän have understood this. They stir German kraut rock and lazy, sloshing Mediterranean atmo­ spheres together in their own luminous mixture full of nostalgic effects and reverb-filled guitar. Fontän alternate between gripping melodies, meditative elements and 70s-sultriness in an everything-goes sound that the two Swedes impressively recreate on stage through an arsenal of acoustic and electronic instruments.

IGNUG (DK) Ignug are Danish, yet almost unknown in Denmark, but they play well-attended concerts in London where they have settled in the hope of the big breakthrough. Their prayers may be answered. The four-piece plays an energetic and talented mix of electronic pop, funk, soul and dance. One among several trump cards is lead singer Ruby Renaissance whose superior vocals are reminiscent of Prince – the band’s sound does not seem any less original for this reason. An exciting new band whose sound ooze sex, dirt and city life.

Pavilion Junior

post-punk sounds as if the four Danish high school boys grew up on the US west coast among punks, skaters and washouts.

Released on: Information / import

GHOST SOCIETY (DK) Blue Foundation, People Press Play, Lake Placid. There is no lack of peaks in the CV of the people behind Ghost Society. The four-piece has got together to develop dreamy, synth-sparkling noise rock that that is reminiscent of the best noise and dream rock bands as well as the many other projects of the involved. Ghost Society throws all kinds of artful colours on their massive energised walls of guitar noise. Released on: Dead Peoples’ Choice / A:larm

ICEAGE (DK) Punk rock and youth most often go together. Yet, you will be surprised when you see the members of Iceage for the first time. They are not old enough to buy beers in bars, yet they have already recorded an album with producer Peter Peter (old guitarist from Sort Sol) and supported congenial bands such as Health and Wavves. Iceage’s nihilistic, scratchy, lo-lo-lo-fi

joensuu 1685

JOENSUU 1685 (FIN) White noise, shoegazer rock, smashed guitars. To many music fans, the early 90s are a paradisiacal chapter in music history, filled with guitar bands who welcomed the new decade in a thunderstorm of wonderful guitar feedback. The members of Joensuu 1685 are almost too young to have real memories about it, but their music twitches with love for My Bloody Valentine, Ride and other noisy icons from this period. Look forward to gazing down at your shoes while the Finnish trio washes your ears in howling guitars and solemn organ tones. Released on: Bone Voyage / playground


Pavilion Junior

contemplating treat of underground hip hop. Khal Allan must have access to the same kind of strange tobacco you find in Doom’s pipe. Released on: Merry X-mas

kandy kolored tangerine

KANDY KOLORED TANGERINE (DK) Beautiful and dark. Kandy Kolored Tangerine’s me­- lodic psych rock is the sound of sunsets in the desert and desperate souls of Western metropo­ lises. The band’s name comes from an article by the American author Tom Wolfe. The sources of inspiration evidently also come from the same side of the Atlantic. This well-preserved Copen­hagen secret places itself confidently in formation with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and other dark flower children.

KILL SCREEN MUSIC (DK) The 80s, the catchy rock song, the great redemptive chorus. This could be the content of Kill Screen Music’s manifest. The brand-new Danish band releases its first album in autumn 2010 – and everything indicates that the band may have an international career ahead of them. Their fledged, alternative rock songs are recorded in Los Angeles and mixed by Hugo Nicolson who has previously received a US Grammy for his work with Radiohead. Released on: Skandinavian / Universal

Released on: Kandy music / Gateway


khal allan


KHAL ALLAN (DK) Khal Allan calls his alter ego Fremtids Ramses (Future Ramses). And there is some truth in it. The former member of Danish hip hop group Organiseret Riminalitet is a rarely seen visionary rapper and language saboteur who with his solo debut album has created an original and future-

KRÅKESØLV (N) Where would the lost hearts of this world be without a little indie rock? Few master the genre as Kråkesølv. With intuitive musical understanding, they capture the same bittersweet and slightly disappointed feeling of life that also permeates a band such as Death Cab for Cutie. The debut album Trådnøsting has already overwhelmed Norwegian critics. Now it is your turn to experience the beauty of guitar-based, Norwegian melancholy pop. Released on: Kråkesølv / import

MESCALIN, BABY (DK) We never get enough of rock and the sound of people and instruments in close contact. Mescalin, Baby understand the joy of the good rock song, and with the broad rock tradition as the point of departure they are now ready to spread the six-stringed message. The audience at Pavilion Junior gets to experience guitar riffs, three chords and explosive youth energy in perfect harmony.

NEW KEEPERS OF THE WATER TOWERS (S) Real rock music is best when full of lizards, rocky deserts and burning sunlight. New Keepers of the Water Towers is this kind of true rock band. The four lads got together because of a ­common love for the heaviest music, and soon the long band name and a number of compelling riffs were a reality. You can call their ­music sludge, stoner or doom – or you can forget about inadequate genre designations and just enjoy the weighty riffs in all their darkened splendor.

Pavilion Junior

FREJA LOEB (DK) Girls with something to say often used to have a guitar. Today, many of them have a synthesizer and a stack of Kate Bush records. Freja Loeb is a young electronic pop diva. As a Danish counterpart to Annie, La Roux or Little Boots, she plays 80s-inspired, decadent-esque pop. A new starlet proliferates.

Released on: meteor city / import

night fever · illustration: mateus mondini

my evil twin

MY EVIL TWIN (DK) Cecilie Enevold Nielsen is a former member of the Danish band Lupus. As My Evil Twin, her other personality comes to life as a solo artist, capably assisted by competent people from the Danish bands Epo-555 and Diefenbach. And the sudden position in the spotlight does not make Enevold Nielsens ’Miss Hyde’ run for shelter. My Evil Twin enters the scene confidently with accessible electronic pop full of sighs of the heart and dripping sugar. Released on: Tactic / Target Distribution

NIGHT FEVER (DK) Welcome to K-town – Copenhagen’s smelly underside of punk bands far beyond parental reach. Night Fever is one of the best in the ­category. The band plays hardcore punk wearing a chain mail of heavy metal – not least lead singer Salomon whose vocals occasionally sound a bit like Glenn Danzig. Everyone who has seen the band live – or listened to the debut New Blood – instantly recognises a cool, melodic hardcore punk band whose urine sample is tested positive for both humour, anger and desperate energy. Released on: Adult-Crash


Pavilion Junior

strange rabbit masks and get the little hairs to stand up in a mixture of icy atmosphere and effective tunes. Released on: Speed of Sound / A:larm


RISING (DK) The crows fly low enough to look you straight in the eyes when Rising plays live. The trio has only released one single EP, but here they already prove that Denmark has got a new dirt-dripping hard rock and psychedelic metal band. Rising gets inspiration from Mastodon, Sleep and Black Sabbath who live in the same land where the guitar riff is addressed as the Lord. A band for fans of leather, the 70’s and the colour black. RUBIK (FIN) Have you ever considered how a meeting between Animal Collective, TV On The Radio and Arcade Fire might sound? And if this meeting took place in a Finnish, blueberry-scented forest garden? Rubik gives you the answer. And a bit more. On the course of two albums, the blonde musicians have already developed deeply confusing but also terrifically original indie rock, and with the second album the international music scene has really started to notice the band. Rubik leaves all logic and stereotypes behind. The music shows the way instead. Released on: Fullsteam / import


SLEEP PARTY PEOPLE (DK) Sleepless nights sometimes prove fruitful. This is the case with Brian Batz’s solo project that grows to a full band when playing live. There are lots of ghostly atmosphere reminiscent of Sigur Rós or Under Byen if only their music had been conceived by a single solitary Copenhagener under a black night sky. Sleep Party People hide behind

susanne sundfør · photo: Arne Bru Haug

SUSANNE SUNDFØR (N) She started out as a sweet, guileless singer who swept audiences away at the Norwegian industry festival by:Larm in 2007. However, this was just the beginning. With The Brothel from 2010, Susanne Sundfør effortless takes a major step upwards with an album full of dark, cinematic magic and adventure. A disturbing piece that Tori Amos, Björk and Nick Cave would certainly approve of. Released on: EMI Norway / EMI

THEE ATTACKS (DK) Get rid of your delicate feelings and surrender yourself to a good old rock’n’roll attack. Thee Attacks throw themselves into the sand with a well-stirred cocktail of 60s rock and sputtering hormones. It is primitive and raw as tartar but also full of the same nerve and fire as The Hives and early The Who. Thee Attacks aim at all young girls and boys with pure hearts ready to be badly influenced. Raw, boozing rock energy from Denmark. Released on: Crunchy Frog

If Gorillaz sound better than usual blame the engineers This year, DTU (the Technical University of Denmark) and Roskilde Festival have formed a new and exciting partnership. During the festival, students from DTU can earn ECTS points while working on various innovative projects. These projects will make life easier at the festival in the future, and pave the way for an improved infrastructure, more sustainable ways of disposing waste, and better acoustics â&#x20AC;&#x201C; just to mention a few of the ideas. Learn more at â&#x20AC;&#x201C; or go directly to if you too want to leave your mark on the future by becoming an engineer.


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BAND PRESENTATIONS AFENGINN (DK) Too few are aware of it but Denmark has its own Kaizers Orchestra or Gogol Bordello. Afenginn is the name of the band, and they call their music ’bastard etno’. Afenginn mixes klezmer with Danish fiddler music in their own bubbling witch’s cauldron whose red-hot steam is composed of equal parts of Eastern European madness and Scandinavian melancholy. Even though this mad band is relatively unknown on the Danish music scene, bandleader Kim Nyberg and his entourage of brilliant bastards have already played 400 concerts in Europe, the US and Asia. Released on: Tutl/Danacord

MATIAS AGUAYO (CHL) Buenos Aires, Paris, Berlin. Matias Aguayo feels at home in many of the world’s metropolises, and you can tell from his music. Aguayo’s organic DJ sets – in which he adds vocals and acoustic instruments – blend techno, house, disco and Afrobeat in his own transatlantic mix. It is sensual, intense and dance-friendly. The Chilean/German genre-breaker is also known for

his ’BumBumBox’ happenings where he and a group of friends bring an MP3 player out in the Latin American streets and start up a spontaneous party in the middle of the everyday bustle. Welcome a well-travelled music nomad. Released on: Kompakt / import

ALICE IN CHAINS (US) The heaviest lads of grunge rock are back. The original lead singer Layne Staley died in 2002, but the replacement named William Duvall has a voice that compensates well for the loss. Alice In Chains was part of the proudest flag bearers of the Seattle scene along with Nirvana and Pearl Jam. However, they showed more muscle than lumberjack shirts, and a classic such as Dirt can easily be considered one of the best and most bleak rock albums of the 90s. With Black Gives Way to Blue from 2009 the band has made an album that measures up to the classic material. Alice In Chains is still a must for anyone who prefers music to be heavy and doom-struck but built around a skeleton of strong melodies. Released on: Virgin / EMI



ANALOG AFRICA SOUNDSYSTEM (DE) African music has really just started being discovered. German pioneer label Analog Africa has presented a whole generation of music lovers to well-kept secrets such as Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou and Green Arrows. Musical trea­ sures that could have been forgotten, had it not been for Sammy Ben Redjeb and Pedo Knopp, two vinyl freaks, collectors and enthusiasts. Analog Africa Soundsystem is the sound of the two German’s record collections: funk, Afrobeat and everything else with an African fragrant – explored and tracked down in countries such as Benin, Ghana and Burkina Faso. Released on: Analog Africa / import

Die Antwoord (ZA) Imagine – if you can – a mix between Ali G, Aqua and Peaches. Replant this bizarre formation around a barbecue grill in a South African white suburb, and you have Die Antwoord. The trio mixes Afrikaans with English, electro pop with rap, bad taste with… more bad taste. The result is not only visually hair-raising but also surprisingly catchy. Meet the blog sensation that seems to be preparing a world domination with their platinum blond white-trash pop rap.

the asteroids galaxy tour

THE ASTEROIDS GALAXY TOUR (DK) The international scene has long since become The Asteroids Galaxy Tour’s home turf. Their career began,  among other places, on Pavilion Junior. It already feels like light years ago. Today, Mette Lindberg and Lars Iversen tour the US, and American critics have taken notice of the band’s electronic, sexy and futuristic indie soul. When playing live the duo transforms into a sixman band. With a full-blown horn section, the turbines run with full power as the band takes us towards sunlit galaxies. Come aboard. Released on: Small Giants / EMI

Released on: Wat Kyk Jy / import

ARRIBA LA CUMBIA (UK) With Arriba La Cumbia, Russ Jones makes dance floors and festival fields boil all over the world. The name is actually taken from a compilation where the English DJ collects some of the best and most muscular forces in cumbia, Latin America’s most vibrant and hot music form right now. Cumbia anno 2010 combines hip hop, electronica and Afrobeat with yesterday’s popular, traditional Latin American sounds. The result is a hot and sunny mix of horns, harmonica, congas, rolling R’s and heavy mechanical beats. Russ Jones is ready to win over Roskilde Festival, assisted by guest DJs and dancers. An attack of tropical Latin beats awaits. Released on: Crammed / import


bad lieutenant · photo: Joel Chester Fildes

BAD LIEUTENANT (UK) It is almost impossible to overestimate Joy Division and New Order’s influence on the alternative music scene over the past 30 years. Bernard Sumner was in both bands, and for many years he led the way for New Order as the band’s lead singer and

Released on: Triple Echo / Bonnier Amigo

BARON CRIMINEL (DK) The Haitian voodoo religion is the starting point in Baron Criminel that will premiere live with a fully staffed setup. Baron Criminel has created trance-like music that is equal parts Haitian ancient tradition and flashing, after-midnight nightclubs. The outcome of this meeting between a white Copenhagener and the distant island kingdom’s séances is fast-paced, frightening and impossible to sit still to. Some may observe how Baron Criminel’s trippy dance project represents a kind of missing link between Brian Eno and Diplo – everyone will most certainly dance the night away.

House. The duo consists of two good friends who play stately dream pop, oozing purple hearts, European films and heavy velours. Beach House’s third album Teen Dream is an early contestant as one of 2010’s lasting masterpieces. Lead singer Victoria Legrand’s sexy, stern and sad vocals get to romp about in songs that are both open and airy and full of concentrated atmosphere. Beach House are about to transform themselves from a small well-kept secret into a broad audience favourite – but their cinematic pop music sounds no less exclusive and luxurious for that reason. Released on: Bella Union / Bonnier Amigo


lyricist. With Bad Lieutenant, Bernard Sumner continues his dominance in indefinably melancholic but also strangely life-affirming stadiumsize danceable rock. On board you also find several figures from the New Order era, and rumour has it that Bad Lieutenant will also play songs from the old days. Bernard Sumner continues his mastery of thoughtful pop, and he brings along new talent including Jake Evans whose voice and guitar playing add something distinctly new to the well-proven sound.

Released on: Speed of Sound / A:larm the bear quartet · photo: kevin conrad

beach house · photo: jason nocito

BEACH HOUSE (US) A house at the beach with the ocean surf and starry sky as the only neighbours. That is the optimal environment when you listen to Beach

THE BEAR QUARTET (S) Sweden’s musical creations are almost dizzying. Yet, much too few include The Bear Quartet among the country’s finest. The quartet is actually a five-piece, and since 1989 they have fed their starving fans with a mix of indie, new wave, hard rock and several other genres. Mattias Alkberg sings English with an unmistakable Swedish accent – but besides that the band’s sound is international, heart-bleeding and, above all, varied as heard on 89, the band’s anniversary album. The Bear Quartet rarely plays concerts, so show up with the already convinced and join the flock. Released on: Adrian / A:larm



Hard work, sparks from the guitar and melodic flair pay off. The three Scottish lads got together already in 1995. However, it is not until this century that they have really spread their wings and proven their place close to Muse, Foo Fighters and other big rock acts. Biffy Clyro point the binoculars towards the distant spheres. At the same time they know how to write tunes that can make a large stadium audience willingly give in to the musical embrace. Hard-hitting rock full of soul, cinematic brushwork and furiously addictive melody lines. beat torrent

Released on: 14th Floor / Warner

BEAT TORRENT (FR) These two French DJs have won so much glory that it would be tiring to list everything here. But a whole fireplace shelf of world cup medals and more have not made Beat Torrent settle down and enjoy their retirement. On the contrary, they incessantly and relentlessly start up parties at clubs and festivals all over the world. Prepare yourself for a power demonstration in the heavyweight class when Atom and Pfel offer an explosive show on four turntables with a flood of beats and bangers, including their remix versions of everything from Led Zeppelin to Daft Punk. blackie and the rodeo kings

Released on: KIF / import

BLACKIE AND THE RODEO KINGS (CAN) Stephen Fearing, Colin Linden and Tom Wilson are all respected solo artists, producers and session musicians – having worked with Emmylou Harris, among others. But with Blackie and The Rodeo Kings they finally get an opportunity to practice their love for roots rock, country, blues and folk. The trio’s well-played Americana has this special feeling of country roads, dusty organs and worn-out cowboy boots. Blackie and The Rodeo Kings is a must for anyone who appreciates an unpretentious joy of playing and classic American rock bands such as (early) Grateful Dead and The Band. biffy clyro


BIFFY CLYRO (UK) It is not for nothing that you get to play Wembley Arena and other huge arenas, which are turning into Biffy Clyro’s home grounds.

Released on: True North / import

brother ali

BROTHER ALI (US) Hip hop is not about skin colour. Brother Ali is great evidence of this. The albino rapper with the fiery flow is one of the strongest acts from the alternative hip hop scene. His reflective hip hop takes lyrical snapshots of social issues such as crime and homelessness – the latter, especially, is a topic that he is highly aware of as he has lived on the street himself. The dense flow of themes and issues never leaves the audience with a heavy mind. The wonderfully soulful and pimped music makes sure of that. Brother Ali delivers hip hop with both social indignation and festive beats.

Released on: Piranha / Bonnier Amigo

BONAPARTE (DE) Everything and a little more is thrown onto the stage when Bonaparte gives concert. Their concerts are like a peacock-coloured, Berliner punk circus where countless nationalities sweep through the ring in a radical rejection of the bourgeois’s good taste. The sausage and leather-loving town musicians are managed with a steady hand by Tobias Jundt, an affectionate party dictator who swings the musical baton so that it never resembles a whip too much. Despite having released nearly two albums, Jundt presents his Babylonian circus project so that it cannot be misinterpreted: ”You do not know Bonaparte as long as you have not seen us live.” Released on: Staatsakt / VME


boban i marko markovic orkestar

BOBAN I MARKO MARKOVIC ORKESTAR (SER) He no longer competes when the Serbian brass festival in Guca hands out awards for the best handling of instruments. Boban Markovic has conquered the Balkan genre to a point where he was asked to withdraw from competition. The others should also have a chance. Junior – wunderkind Marko Markovic – is now in front and at the helm when the brass band continues its international career that picked up speed with the soundtrack to Kusturica’s gallows-humourous war film Underground. Father and son front an orchestra that leaves the audience dizzy in a cloud of Eastern European brandy, brass, gaudy tone colours and high tempos.

Released on: Rhymesayers / VME

BY THE PATIENT (DK) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80. CANTECA DE MACAO (E) Flamenco for the 21st century – a contradiction? Not according to Canteca de Macao who revives the genre so that the feeling is closer to Manu Chao than to traditional, Spanish culture. The over 10-man-strong band mixes flamenco guitar, Andalusian female vocals and transverse flute with ska, reggae and rock, so Spanish men of the old world would choke on their sangria. Canteca de Macao is a festive idea of how an old music style can come alive in a howl of protest, so anyone with a taste for political rebellion in their music leave the concert excited and purified. Released on: Warner Music Spain / Warner



national audience by storm. In fact, no Brazilian artist has gotten as far as Céu on the US Billboard chart since Astrud Gilberto and ”The Girl from Ipanema”. Céu stands ready with a range of more modern signature tunes for the big country. Her pop music draws on both salsa, bossa nova and hip hop in a hot and sophisticated mix. Welcome a crown princess of sunny pop music to the far North. The next time she visits these latitudes, she may very well have joined the list of queens. Released on: Urban Jungle / import casiokids · photo: pavla kopecna

CASIOKIDS (N) They have already proved their worth on Pavilion Junior in 2008. Casiokids continue to excite audiences with their blend of Scandinavian electro pop, African scents and general playgrouplike anarchism. Since their last Roskilde visit, Casiokids have acquired plenty of experience with joyful concerts all over Europe - shows that are characterised by a furiously high energy level and a penchant for all kinds of multimedia frenzy. They may sound like Paul Simon’s young sons on the loose in a store full of keyboards and crayons. Nevertheless, Casiokids are just about ready to play with all the other musical grown-ups. Released on: Moshi Moshi / A:larm



CÉU (BRA) Astrud Gilberto, Eurykah Badu and Lauryn Hill, make room for Céu. The beautiful, 30-year-old singer with the velvety voice has taken an inter-

chico trujillo

CHICO TRUJILLO (CHL) Cumbia was one of the Chilean people’s favourite forms of musical expression – before General Pinochet messed up the party in 1973. Chico Trujillo makes up for lost time in double or triple tempo and has in the course of 10 years evolved into one of Chile’s most beloved bands. They blend traditional Colombian-inspired folk music with ska and psychedelic rock sounds in a sevenmen-strong formation – and today the band plays everywhere, from stadiums and festivals to small clubs with steamy windows. No matter where they play, their Latin American rock’n’roll leaves a trail of worn-out dancing shoes. The order is the same everywhere: the party must go on. And so it does – the southern party beat has just found a global frequency today. Released on: Barbes / import

CHIMES & BELLS (DK) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80.

Released on: Chocquibtown / Bonnier Amigo


CONVERGE (US) Today’s metal scene is full of border-crossers and unorthodox souls. Few of them, however, have been at it as long as Converge who has frightened and fascinated a growing audience since 1990. The American four-piece’s starting point is the tortured scream from Black Flag, but Converge has taken the classic hardcore punk and refined the expression by adding math-rock and extreme metal to the equation. The heavy and punitive music never becomes one-sided nor primitive. Rather, you sense a surgical care in the band’s almost sadistically intrusive mixture of aggression and precision.


CHOC QUIB TOWN (COL) Hip hop, funk and salsa form the starting point for Choc Quib Town – but they actually employ almost all kinds of Latin-American genres that have ever washed up on the Colombian shores. The eight men strong band wants not only to entertain and make your feet tap to their blend of Caribbean beats and mechanical beats. They want you to know about their country, their culture, the political situation – even what kind of food is on their plates. If you are looking for sunny hip hop with Caribbean waves and milk chocolate-coloured skin, then Choc Quib Town delivers some of the very best in all of Latin America.

Released on: Epitaph / Bonnier Amigo circle · photo: tuomas laurila

CIRCLE (FIN) They call themselves ’New Wave of Finnish Metal’. If you picture Finns in Judas Priest costumes, you are not way off track. Circle probably would not sound or look as they do if Rob Halford had not put on his leather outfit. But the Finnish band chases more than the perfect, 70sstyle rock riff. The circle’s center is Jussi Lehtisalo who since 1991 has released a whole deluge of albums where he also draws on kraut rock, doom, ambient and countless other breakneck genre leaps that you will definitely not find in the classic British metal.

CV JØRGENSEN (DK) Knight of the Danish language and the Danish song. CV Jørgensen should be an obvious candidate for such a title. With inspiration from Bob Dylan and the Danish treasure of songs, the idolised artist has found the rare flower of poetry again and again. On the other hand, new releases from CV Jørgensen is a rare occasion – signs of life from this songsmith will never be everyday occurences. CV Jørgensen’s concert at Roskilde Festival will be a celebration of both the artist’s incomparable back catalogue and his extensive Roskilde CV. The great artist has played here nine times since 1977. Released on: Sony Music

Released on: Ektro / import



DAARA J FAMILY (SEN) Hip hop began in Africa. USA made it famous and saleable, but now it is heading back home across the Atlantic. This is how the trio Daara J Family construe things. The Senegalese have since 1992 made Africa proud by making excellent, tuneful hip hop that both draws on the American bigwigs of the genre and on an Afro-Caribbean freedom message that can be hard to find among the flashing dollar signs on the US scene. Not that the political message has made Daara J Family an obscure act. Their multilanguage rap has long since secured them a big audience that appreciate the international class and the high artistic level in the blend of hip hop, R&B and soul. Released on: Wrasse / Bonnier Amigo

keep rising from the warm ground beneath the giant continent. Released on: Out Here / import

DELPHIC (UK) Dance and rock are by now a well-tested mixture. But new bands continue to develop and refine the formula. Delphic are children of Manchester – home to bands such as New Order and Happy Mondays – and the legacy of these bands is clearly present in the trio’s synth-floating pop rock. However, Delphic is much more than musical local patriotism. Their debut album Acolyte is recorded in the techno mecca Berlin, and you sense the three young Brits’ openness towards other electronic genres than those we associate with their famous fellow townsmen. Delphic bodes well for a new decade full of euphoric synthesizers and hot dance floors. Released on: V2 / Bonnier Amigo

dala dala


DALA DALA (DE) Get a taste of Africa at street level with Dala Dala. The German sound system has been where the African urban soundz come straight up from the red earth in a dizzying jumble of genres and mutual imprints. The journey could start in Dar es Salaam where the packed minibuses always play the latest hits, where Swahililanguage hip hop – aka bongo flava – has become the region’s most popular music form. We may also have time for a trip to Ghana where hip hop and highlife has joined forces and become hiplife. And in this manner the ride continues almost indefinitely. Through the dust, sun and the tireless rhythms and rhymes that just

den sorte skole · photo: simon weyhe

DEN SORTE SKOLE (DK) – Roskilde Festival 40 years We do not want lengthy retrospectives or aged guest appearances for the celebration of our 40th anniversary. Instead, the Danish vinyl lovers in Den Sorte Skole have agreed to do a concert consisting entirely of music clips with artists who have performed at Roskilde Festival through the past 40 years. Look forward to an entertaining, exclusive sound collage on six turntables. A unique experience made especially for us by the diligent DJ collective. Roskilde Festival’s musical

Released on: DSS

band members went their separate ways – and straight into Danish rock mythology. This is evident now that the reunion tour have sparked off waves of enthusiasm all over Denmark. And it is more than likely that the reunion with the biggest music festival in Scandinavia will be a new highlight for a band that – despite a modest back catalogue – is an unavoidable part of recent Danish rock music. Released on: EMI

dirty projectors

DIRTY PROJECTORS (US) He has made a personal interpretation of hardcore punk band Black Flag’s Damaged but belongs more in the same skewed hall of fame as Byrne, Bowie and Eno. Dirty Projectors has since 2002 been the musical freebooter Dave Longstreth’s personal pirate ship. As a former music student from Yale, various impulses crisscross through Longsreth’s already long line of albums. You find crazy rhythms, twisted guitars and African anarchy. Longstreth’s cracked ­singing voice is sometimes assisted by Amber and Angel, two singers who add a touch of glamour, glitter and pop to Dirty Projectors’ shattered sounds. Released on: Domino / Playground

DIZZY MIZZ LIZZY (DK) No Danish debut album has sold as well as Dizzy Mizzy Lizzy’s. Three young lads made Danish music history with a batch of songs that had the rocking energy from Led Zeppelin and that special melodic touch usually connected with The Beatles. Unfortunately, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy’s career only lasted two albums. After that, the

DRAKE (CAN) Everybody wants a piece of Drake. The 23-yearold Canadian is already an icon among many American youngsters for his role in Degrassi: The Next Generation. And even before the hip hop star’s first album is out, the rapper has worked with Eminem, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne and his role model Kanye West. So, the red carpet has been rolled out for Drake a long time ago, which could give even the most kryptonite-cast superstar clammy hands. No need to doubt Drake’s abilities, though. The first releases from the debut album Thank Me Later – not to mention the mixtape So Far Gone – show a full-fledged artist who masters neo-soul and R&B with the same cocksureness as he does catchy hip hop.


spectrum over the year’s ranges from flute-playing hippies to Norwegian Satan worshippers, so expect lots of everything. We guarantee you a fantastic trip in the musical rollercoaster when Den Sorte Skole takes us on a pleasurable travel through 40 years of music history.

Released on: Young Money / Universal

DULSORI (KOR) The Far East had festivals before anyone had heard of Woodstock, Glastonbury or Roskilde Festival. Far back in history, musicians have imitated the rage of the elements through especially drums and powerful vocals. Dulsori continues the old traditions, and of course they dress up in fully authentic vestments. Experiencing this group of percussion beaters live is a kind of mixture of concert, theater and gymnastics show. Focus is on the resounding primordial force of drums – and through music, rhythms and dancing, the band wants to recreate an original state of well-being and cohesion with the modern, Western audience. Released on: Music Zoo / import



RELEASED ON: Rumraket / A:larm

EIM ICK (DK) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80.

FALLULAH (DK) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80. THE FLOOR IS MADE OF LAVA (DK) The perhaps most festive band out of Copenhagen made a name for themselves with the dance rock hit ”Told Her I’m from Compton.” The first album primarily focused on the dance floor and girls’ round curves. The Floor Is Made Of Lava’s latest album is called Howl at the Moon. Here the band’s music is more suitable for a classic rock arena rather than the city’s dance floors, so one can almost imagine the Copenhagen lads as a Danish counterpart to Kings of Leon. Whatever the expression, prepare yourself for the ground beneath your feet to be very hot.


EFTERKLANG (DK) Few Danish bands have created such abstract and yet so appealing music as Efterklang has. The four-piece’s previous full length Parades is already so recognised an album that Efterklang has performed it live with The Danish National Radio Chamber Orchestra and Britten Sinfonia. With the latest album Magic Chairs, Efterklang walks down new musical paths. Their multi-coloured, beauty-seeking experimental pop has become more accessible – who knows, it might even deliver a couple of radio hits. And unlike earlier, you will hear real lyrics from Casper Clausen who jumps out as a regular lead singer in the band.

Released on: Target

ELECTROJUICE (DK) They have supported The Prodigy and Kraftwerk, and they have toured with Swedish act Familjen. And Electrojuice are still in elementary school at the time of writing. The Danish duo blends electronica, hip hop and techno in a way that may make comparisons to Trentemøller inevitable. Yet, the EP Solrock proves that the two lads have quite an original grip on the numerous genres that pass through their musical system. Electrojuice is freshly squeezed talent, ready to be poured. Released on: Vuf / Playground florence + the machine · photo: ellis parrinder

LES ESPOIRS DE CORONTHIE (GUI) In Guinea, hip hop is not the only soundtrack of the ghetto. The ancestors’ instruments and musical patterns have been taken up by the povertystricken youth. Yet, the feeling is different. Just listen to Les Espoirs de Coronthie who make the ancient instruments vibrate. They play their spartan koras, balaphones and bongos with the same proud self-confidence and love as other, more privileged townsmen play their turntables. Three singers in front complete the impression of a new West African star ensemble with equal parts musical glow and social indignation.

FLORENCE + THE MACHINE (UK) With her glowing red hair and the flamboyant costumes, she mostly resembles something taken out of an art painter’s imagination. But listen to the music and learn more: Florence Welsch is very real. The goal is to make the ground beneath you tremble with powerful, soul-scented indie pop. And with such a splendid voice, Florence and her machine are well on their way. The debut album is probably not called Lungs for nothing. Florence + The Machine is some kind of cross between Amy Winehouse and Kate Bush: equal parts raw singing power and artful elf woman.

Released on: Wountanara / import

Released on: Island / Universal



FM BELFAST (ISL) Icelandic music is much more than the sound of glaciers and elf girls. Reykjavik also has a terrific nightlife, and FM Belfast’s electronic pop music is the very epitome of the parties in the condensed city, which often continues in high gear into the early hours of morning. The group mixes original songs about city life, restlessness and escape with inventive cover versions of songs such as Rage Against The Machine’s ”Killing in the Name” and Technotronic’s ”Pump Up the Jam”. Experience Iceland’s festive and fun side with FM Belfast.

GHOST SOCIETY (DK) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80.

Released on: Kimi / Bonnier Amigo

FONTÄN (S) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80. gorillaz


GALLOWS (UK) Are you looking for a soundtrack to the financial crisis, the dry up of oil, the gradual meltdown of the poles and the following flooding of the international community? Gallows is a good example. The band’s gruff front man is a tattooed redhead whose unpredictable scene performance can scare off an unprepared audience but also create an unforgettable experience for those who are ready to be cleansed in peals of raw guitar riffs and hoarse screaming vocals. Gallows are hardcore punk with black lungs and the taste of acid rain on the tongue. Released on: Warner Bros. / Warner


GORILLAZ (PB) It all began as an obscure kind of side project in the late 90s. Fast forward 10 years and Gorillaz have now become a cultural phenomenon. With Plastic Beach from 2010, Gorillaz has set a new standard for creating seamless pop music despite presenting the most diverse guest performers and musical impulses. Hip hop, soul, dub… all sorts of genres are assigned to their proper place on the Planet of the Apes. Gorillaz embody the zeitgeist at the same time as they turn up their pixelated noses at it. Damon Albarn and his virtual entourage create pop music of the same great standard as back in the innocent 90s when he was still first and foremost the lead singer in an old-fashioned band called Blur. Released on: Parlophone / EMI

HEALTH (US) ”That’s just noise,” the uninitiated might think at first listen. Their loss. The uncompromising noise rock has rarely thrived better than today, and Los Angeles – the club The Smell in ­particular – delivers some of the genre’s stron­ gest names. Health belongs in the experimental end of the genre spectrum – the same place where you meet bands such as No Age and Black Dice. The music burns, distorts and melts into your ears with a barrage of over-driven

notes with figures such as Tony Allen, Maxwell and, not least, Gorillaz. Released on: Honest Jons / import

ICEAGE (DK) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80.

Released on: City Slang / Bonnier Amigo

IGNUG (DK) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80.

hocus pocus

HOCUS POCUS (FR) France is a powerful hip hop nation, and Hocus Pocus are some of the noble kingdom’s most respected messieurs. Their name is set with the biggest font sizes at French music festivals. Outside of France it is still only a hard core who knows of their organic electro-acoustic mix of hip hop, funk, soul and jazz. Hip hop is much more than MCs and turntables. It is crystal clear when you experience this strong-in-numbers ensemble charm the audience with equal parts elegance, humour and exuberant musicality. Released on: On and On / import

HYPNOTIC BRASS ENSEMBLE (US) They are eight brothers with jazz history in the blood. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble’s fathers played with jazz legend Sun Ra. The sons, by contrast, has grown up with hip hop, and their first band was called Gangsters with a Curfew. Today they aspire to revive the brass-oriented jazz genre. They go at it with guerrilla-style fighting spirit by playing their hip hop-infected jazz brass in subways and on street corners. However, playing for busy city dwellers is only one part of the brothers’ agenda. They also play packed concerts in the US and Europe, and they have exchanged

IKONIKA vs COOLY G (UK) London’s dubstep underground is more than bass mixed with depressed male voices. Ikonika offers a humourous twist of the genre as she leaves behind the sadness and jumps into a world of Technicolor and differently distorted melody fragments. Cooly G is another female palace raider. She plays a mix of minimal techno and dubstep with several danceable bass lines thrown into the mix. Both wonder women are signed to Kode9’s record label Hyperdub where the heaviest dub step elephants graze. Yet, Ikonika and Cooly G throw rouge on the otherwise black-painted walls of London’s electronic underground.


guitar, drums and keyboards. On one level it is cruel and nihilistic, but there is also a liberating energy in the ritual and slow sadistic murder of harmony.

Released on: Hyperdub / import

JAPANDROIDS (CAN) Sometimes young hearts need to make noise. And that is exactly what Japandroids do. The band consists of two lads with plenty of zest for life – even if several of the lyrics on the debut album Post-Nothing demonstrate a little hassle with the opposite sex. The musical set-up is quite simple. Brian King takes care of the guitar, David Prowse beats those drums while they share the vocal duties. Surprisingly effective garage pop emerges from this spartan approach. When the catchy tunes are pulled out from under the sonic noise duvet, the songs glint as heart-shaped, bright-red jewels. Released on: Polyvinyl / import

JOENSUU 1685 (FIN) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80.


Released on: Napalm / Target Distribution

jack johnson · photo: hilary walsh

KANDY KOLORED TANGERINE (DK) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80.

JACK JOHNSON (US) A good song and a good wave do not come out of the blue to just anybody. But ex-surfer Jack Johnson has been lucky many times – at least with regards to the good songs. His laid-back music has made him popular amongst a wide crowd of music fans. The music has a pulse at rest and a limited arsenal of acoustic guitar, some piano and quiet percussion. This is generally a different kind of superstar. His music is just as suitable for zen moments in the hammock as it is for big stadium concerts. We are looking forward to letting Jack Johnson soothe our ears with his gently rolling pop songs.


of the most furious metal vocalists in Denmark – as front man. And the meeting is more than favourable. Fans of mean rocking thrash are in for a treat as The Kandidate serves up a round of metal that will make even the most experienced headbanger’s neck ache for days. At the same time there are traces of bandana-wearing Brooklyn hardcore among the lightning-fast tracks that fly through the air like fatally precise headbutts.

kasabian · photo: hamish brown

Released on: Brushfire / Universal

the kandidate

THE KANDIDATE (DK) Danish metal forces clash beautifully and brutally in The Kandidate. The band has got Jacob Bredahl – former member of Hatesphere and one

KASABIAN (UK) With Kasabian, old England gets a shot of new vitamins in its bloodstream. Oasis, The Stone Roses and Primal Scream are renewable sources of inspiration for the band, but on the latest album West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum they seem to open up even more as their very own flower in the middle of the British music fauna. The 00s was Kasabian’s apprenticeship. The 10s may very well be their decade in power. The cameras are flashing fiercely around the four lads, and their band name is written in increasingly larger sizes on festival posters and magazine front-pages in the UK. Fortunately, this has not limited the scope of the band’s electronic rock. With an inventive and courageous approach, Kasabian continues England’s proud tradition of rock with great choruses and wide appeal. Released on: Columbia / Sony Music



KASHMIR (DK) They have worn several musical hats. Nevertheless, Kashmir has always had loyal followers at Roskilde Festival where the band has played some of its most memorable concerts. Kasper Eistrup and his loyal companions began their career as immediate grunge heroes. Soon after, they journeyed from Primus to Radiohead and Jeff Buckley – and today they are a great Danish treasure with lots of concerts all over Europe. This year’s Kashmir concert is the first since 2006, and they are bringing Trespassers, an album that demonstrates the Danish band’s understanding of quality control and tradition in the middle of a world in rapid development.

KHAL ALLAN (DK) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80. KILL SCREEN MUSIC (DK) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80.

Released on: Sony Music

KASPER SPEZ (DK) Are you more into absinthe than champagne? More into daydreaming walks in the park than limousine rides down the main street? Then Kasper Spez may just be your kind of rapper. He is a differently thoughtful and bohemian-romantic MC who draws as much on Serge Gainsbourg as on Sage Francis. Kasper Spez portrays life in the 20s with harrowing honesty so that many will nod in recognition. It is about love, the daily grind and the wet nightlife where both liver and credit card shout out ‘stop!’ Kasper Spez delivers organic and folk-like rap. Curious music lovers with allergies to genre stereotypes can begin here. Released on: Tabu / Universal


KELLERMENSCH (DK) Although you belong in the dark below, you can easily rise and shine quickly. Kellermensch played on Pavilion Junior last year – this year they storm forward with concerts at, for instance, the English rock festival Sonisphere. We now cement the transformation from chrysalis to black butterfly. Kellermensch plays hard-hitting rock full of crushing guitars, clenched fists and powerful roars towards the silent creator behind the clouds. Yet, the literary-minded band is not metal in the strict sense. The legacy of, for instance, Nick Cave, Tom Waits and Bruce Springsteen is also profound. Released on: Persona non Grata / Target Distribution

killswitch engage

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE (US) A number of young metal bands are looking to take over the throne after Metallica, Anthrax and the other titans. Killswitch Engage is one of those bands, and they are already collecting gold for their trendsetting sound. The American band plays a wide appealing kind of metalcore that contains both room for catchy choruses, grinding hardcore sequences and 80s-style guitar work. Killswitch Engage mixes metal, emo and classic rock in a style that constantly gets new fans to throw themselves at their feet. The thunderous stadium rockers of the new generation are ready. Released on: Roadrunner / Warner

KINGS OF CONVENIENCE (N) Take a flight over Norway’s snow, rain and cold winds. At some point, a town called Bergen will rise from the mountains. Here you will find Erlend Øye and Eirik Glambek Bøe, two quiet troubadours who have made their acoustic songs an internationally noted success – without the use of vocoder, electronics and other contemporary trends. The two Norwegians thrive in their musical world of maple wood and soft strokes on the instruments. Kings

cate stringed instruments weave in and out of each other and create a sound that could only arise in the Malian musical wonder world: desert blues, jazz and rock in a boiling hot melting pot.

Released on: virgin / EMI

Released on: Out Here / Bonnier Amigo

THE KISSAWAY TRAIL (DK) Danish bands receive more and more attention in the international music media. Just look at The Kissaway Trail. The very first album gave the band international recognition – alternative rock songs with the same touch of sadness and stardust as with The Flaming Lips or Arcade Fire. The long awaited follow-up, Sleep Mountain, is out, and it is a cornucopia of grandiose arrangements and vocal harmonies. The Kissaway Trail proved its worth at Roskilde Festival in 2007. In 2010, the band may very well cement its status as part of supreme Danish indie rock side by side with Mew and Figurines.

KRÅKESØLV (N) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80.

Released on: Bella Union / Playground

LCD SOUNDSYSTEM (US) LCD Soundsystem is the sound of a music enthusiast’s mile-long record collection. Fortunately, it seems that James Murphy has not used his savings on bad stuff. His music could not sound as it does without a thorough knowledge of krautrock, post-punk and good old 70s disco. The sympathetic New Yorker had a tongue-incheek attitude on the excellent hipster party anthem ”Daft Punk Is Playing at My House” – but on the follow-up Sound of Silver he showed that he also could write touching songs with the same heart and soul as, for instance, New Order. James Murphy has just announced that his recent album This Is Happening will be the last creation from the sound system. Don’t miss this opportunity for a fitting farewell.


of Convenience are Norwegian descendants of Simon & Garfunkel, Nick Drake and other taciturn kings. Step inside a world of harmony where the fireplace is always crackling.

Released on: Dfa / EMI

bassekou kouyate & ngoni ba

BASSEKOU KOUYATE & NGONI BA (MALI) Ngoni wizard Bassekou Kouyate and his crew of musical alchemists win over new audience hearts everywhere they play. The Ngoni Ba band’s sound is based on the so-called ngoni instrument – a sort of African lute or banjo that has been the griot tradition’s accompaniment for hundreds of years. This ancient instrument gets a boost through wah pedals and effects boxes as the almost constantly smiling Kouyate lets his rhythms draw the audience in. The deli-

LINDSTRØM & CHRISTABELLE (N) Lindstrøm calls his latest album Real Life Is No Cool, and together with singer Christabelle he delves into wonderfully synthetic and digitized 70s disco. The internationally recognised producer and sound sculptor’s latest musical output sounds a bit like disco godfather Giorgio Moroder and his muse Donna Summer if they gave a concert on a flight over the inland ice sometime in the future. Lindstrøm has already released several albums that have impressed the audience with his long, hypnotic soundscapes. This time the Norwegian reaches for the ­audience’s pop hearts, well assisted by his female sidekick. Released on: Feedelity / VME



LOCAL NATIVES (US) Saintly male voices in harmony in the style of Fleet Foxes with African-inspired rhythms in the style of Animal Collective underneath. Local Natives can tick off many of today’s popular sources of inspiration. But inspiration is one thing, independent talent another. And the Indian spirits have given lots of it to Local Natives. With no less than three vocalists in front, the five Californian lads play melodic guitar rock with vitamin D in their bodies and lots of forest air in their lungs. Local Natives are full of light and optimism with their dribbling drum rhythms and sunny melodies. Released on: Infectious / VME

FREJA LOEB (DK) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80.

in a millennium with the same need for freedom fighters as the previous one. Released on: Ghetto Youths / Universal

AURELIO MARTINEZ (HND) Traditions exist to be broken. Aurelio Martinez offers a fresh perspective on paranda, a combination of African rhythmics, American blues, Cuban son and West African guitar music. The genre is the Garifuna people’s pride. One of its more colourful features is the use of tortoiseshells as percussion – a practice dating all the way back to shipwrecked African slaves who stranded in Latin America after their long journey across the Atlantic. Aurelio Martinez and his entourage of highly skilled musicians take this neglected genre gently by the hand and lead it towards the different coasts and beaches of the 21st century. Released on: Stonetree / import

MESCALIN, BABY (DK) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80.

julian marley


JULIAN MARLEY (JAM) The Marley family is turning into a full-blown musical, freedom-loving empire. Julian Marley has been an active part in it since the debut album Lion in the Morning from the mid-90s. Despite having a British passport, Julian Marley’s music could not exist without an intimate relationship with the reggae soul that naturally follows the iconic surname. However, Julian’s musical mission is not only a tribute to the senior. Dancehall, contemporary R&B, hip hop and jazz also mark his rocking compositions that confidently demonstrate the role of the reggae genre


MESHUGGAH (S) Few Hebrew words arouse the same joy of recognition among metal heads as Meshuggah, which translates to crazy or mad. And the madness burns intensely with these Swedes. Their blend of raw thrash metal, abrupt time signatures and musical adventure has given them a central place on the advanced metal

Released on: Nuclear Blast / Warner

MEXICAN INSTITUTE OF SOUND (MEX) It all simply started with him making mixtapes for his friends every Christmas. This tradition quickly made progress and developed. Soon, Mexican Institute of Sound was a reality – and a hit on the Mexican club scene. Camillo Lara – the anything-but-grey eminence residing in the heart of the Institute – mixes electronic, Western club beats with mariachi, cumbia and other South American elements. His fearless and unpretentious juggling of genres and styles may be reminiscent of Fat Boy Slim and Basement Jaxx – only wearing sombrero and with a bottle of tequila under the mixing desk.

MODERAT (DE) Electronica bigwigs Modeselektor and Apparat join forces under the name Moderat. It is not just a clever band name for such a fusion. The three Germans get a tremendous interplay out of the collaboration as heavy techno is crossed with dubstep, trance and pop. And the music is not all. The attack from the subwoofers are accompanied by VJ Pfadfinderei’s visual delights. Look forward to a sonic bombardment of the senses that will make even the tiny hairs in your ears rock merrily. Released on: BPitch Control / Import


scene where connoisseurs nod in recognition, while the weak souls run away screaming. In Meshuggah you find brawn and almost demonic accuracy, making the blood boil in your body and black smoke rise from the underworld. Meshuggah plays one of few summer gigs at Roskilde Festival. Do not miss this exclusive chance of experiencing a fierce power demonstration in technical metal.

Released on: Nacional / import

MIIKE SNOW (S) The producer duo Bloodshy & Avant have previously lent their talents to Madonna, Kylie and Britney. Now they have had enough of just being hired guns, and under the name Miike Snow they spread their benign musical virus with the American singer Andrew Wyatt in front. Some may already know the hit ”Animal”. Miike Snow has few peers in this kind of catchy, semipsyche­delic electro pop that can make both urban hippies, bankers and popsters put on full war paint and throw themselves into the crowd. This is a melodic ear infection of the almost chronic kind, which the Swedes are so good at producing. Released on: columbia / Sony Music


MOTÖRHEAD (UK) Lemmy has turned 64 – yet, Motörhead never seems to come to a halt. The long-haired rock god has been the band’s radiator mascot since 1975. Without him and his changing band members we may not have had the thrash genre and bands such as Metallica and Slayer. Lemmy himself probably could not care less about that talk. He’s just playing rock’n’roll. Motörhead is rattling, noisy and fast. All talk of age seems dissolved in petrol fumes as soon as the band is onstage. ”Ace of Spades” has become the band’s sig-tune, but one is always astounded by the great amount of terrific hits that Lemmy and co have actually written. Motörhead is a proud supplier of hard rock, leaving a long trail of diesel behind. Released on: Steamhammer / Import



once heavy and melody-saturated science fiction sounds. Muse is one of the most requested bands among Roskilde Festival’s audience, and the band has captured the hearts of the critics with its symphonic and flamboyant rock songs. Muse contains traces of U2, Queen and Radiohead. However, front man Matthew Bellamy’s level of ambition makes most references seem small once the trio aims the lazer cannons at the distant galaxies. Released on: Warner Bros / Warner mouritz/hørslev projektet

MOURITZ/HØRSLEV PROJEKTET (DK) Lone Hørslev has written some of the most personal Danish contemporary novels and poetry collections. In Mouritz/Hørslev Projektet, Mads Mouritz provides a backdrop of rock and pop to the black-haired author’s humorous and poetic depictions of love, spirits and dreams about a TV show. Stylistically, the duo really gets around. Sometimes the music reminds you of sweet 80s pop, other times it becomes clear that a handful of competent forces from the rock underground takes part in the project. Skewed, funny and surprisingly musical – heart-tingling evergreens with appeal far beyond the literary salons.

MY EVIL TWIN (DK) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80.

Released on: madmusic / Playground the national



MUSE (UK) You almost don’t find lavish stadium rock bigger or better than with Muse. The British trio expands the canvas for each album with their at

THE NATIONAL (US) Their elegant baritone rock has with suitable discretion turned The National into one of the most reputable names on the alternative scene. The success did not happen over night. It has grown slowly because of solid albums, and a new one – High Violet – has just been released. The National depicts city life with a refined despair. Lead singer Matt Berninger has song writing skills and a dark voice in the vein of Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen. The band’s first visit to Roskilde Festival was in 2007. Because of that concert, Scandinavians almost became world champions in recognising and appreciating The National. Therefore, we deserve the reunion with a band whose days as a well kept secret are over. Released on: 4AD / Playground

Released on: Copenhagen nedry · photo: andy parker

NEDRY (UK) We have moved way past the 90s. Lots of the distinctive features of the decade now almost seem like kitsch. In many ways, Nedry has the sound of trip hop from back then as its starting point. But the British trio throws dubstep and geeky laptop electronica into the mix, making the finished result both nostalgic and brand-new. In addition, the band is fronted by Japanese singer Ayu Okakita whose vocals add both femininity and vulnerability to the electrically spinning tunes. Nedry is for fans of dubstep from the 00s and classic albums by Massive Attack and Portishead from the 90s.

NEW KEEPERS OF THE WATER TOWERS (S) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80.


judging from their performance on Orange Stage in 2007, which later resulted in the concert release 07.07.07. Their latest album DanmarkDenmark has more bite and social criticism than any previous release in their career. Nephew’s intelligent and chrome-flashing electro rock makes the band one of the best interpreters of Denmark as the country behaves at the moment. Nephew takes a temporary break after this Roskilde concert, so do not miss what may be another peak in the band’s history.

NIGHT FEVER (DK) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80.

Released on: Monotreme / import



NEPHEW (DK) The perhaps most famous nephews in Denmark have entered into Danish music history as a both talented and platinum-awarded band. It is evident

NILE (US) Stick those devil horns in the air – this time in honour of the pharaoh! There is something special about ancient Egypt with its otherworldly architecture, musty mummies and hair-raising mystery. The US metal heroes Nile absorb this fascination while they overrun their audience with a merciless, technically brilliant assault on the senses. Their logic-transcending metal is combined with Middle Eastern sounds in a manner that makes Nile appear sphinx-like unique on the modern, progressive death metal scene. Nile play loud, fast and brilliantly enough to awake Tutankhamun himself. Released on: Nuclear Blast / Warner


One less thing to worry about We can’t help you with a hangover. But if you are a member of hK’s unemployment insurance fund, you may be eligible for unemployment cover right after your graduation. that’s one less thing to worry about.

have t a grea l a festiv

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john olav nilsen & gjengen · photo: magnus knutsen bjørke

Released on: Smalltown Supersound / VME

JOHN OLAV NILSEN & GJENGEN (N) Swedish Håkan Hellström and Danish Magtens Korridorer have already written many memorable songs about everyday life as it unfolds in the chilled welfare states up north. With John Olav Nilsen, Norway – and all of Scandinavia – has got yet a great songwriter who knows how to treat down-to-earth issues and put them into wonderfully straightforward and melodic rock. Writing simple songs with a universal appeal is an enviable art that will always be in high demand – in all postcodes and all temperatures. John Olav Nilsen may end up doing for Bergen what Bruce Springsteen has done for New Jersey.


Bolt and No Age – attended a Nisennenmondai concert in Tokyo and saw something much more raw, unspoiled and sparkling than most of what they had heard back home in the US. The female trio has been together since 2000 – their band name can be translated into ‘the millennium problem’ – and has in the meantime released a wealth of albums filled with instrumental kraut rock, disco and Sonic Youth-esque excesses. Nisennenmondai embodies the best virtues of post punk and brings an element of Japanese magic to the noisy fun.

nofx · photo: bryan k. wynacht

Released on: 5071 / VME


NISENNENMONDAI (JPN) They may look small and delicate. But do not be deceived by their appearances. A number of American bands - including Battles, Lightning

NOFX (US) Punk is many things today. From Avril Lavigne to Fucked Up. From eyeliner to green mohawks. In the course of nearly 25 years, NOFX has moved along the central lane of the many meanings of the word – where the middle finger is pointed at the flag and the power but where there is still room for a laugh and a melodic pop song. Frontman Fat Mike is some kind of godfather on the US skate punk scene. Besides his singer/ bass player duties in NOFX, he has formed the record label Fat Wreck Chords that has released records by some of the best bands in the genre. Only few stand above or next to NOFX. Fat Mike and his entourage of beer-bellied combatants are behind one of the best and most extensive punk rock catalogues. Released on: Fat Wreck Chords / import



ORCHESTRE POLY-RYTHMO DE COTONOU (BEN) Over 40 years as a band, more than 500 recorded songs. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou has a resume that trumps many of Roskilde Festival’s more famous legends. One of Africa’s best and most legendary bands started their first European tour recently. The band’s ecstasy-inducing dance music has already won over Western supporters, for instance Franz Ferdinand who has jammed with the older Beninese. Finally, our corner of the world gets the chance to meet this group of musical wizards. They combine rhythms from their country’s ancient voodoo rituals with magical funk and soul, which are equal parts James Brown, Fela Kuti and the coastal capital Cotonou’s own, psychedelic beat. Released on: Analog Africa / import

thusiastic kind. With this red-haired tornado in front, teenage angst, guitar riffs and inescapable choruses join forces. Released on: Fueled by Ramen / Warner

VAN DYKE PARKS (US) Arranger, actor, composer, producer. Van Dyke Parks has worn many hats in his almost unbelievable career. His CV is too long to mention here, but Parks has worked with The Beach Boys, Randy Newman, Frank Zappa and Joanna Newsom, among many others. On his own, Parks has made a series of utterly original albums full of his unique mix of ragtime, chamber music and show tunes, which have secured him a place in music history – even without the reference list above. Van Dyke Parks – along with musicians from Danish National Youth Ensemble – presents a world premiere of his coming, Latin American-inspired project – a work that he has dreamt of making since 1963. The new songs are followed by treats deeper from Parks’ spacious treasure chest.



PARAMORE (US) Put your hands in the air and sing along! Paramore is on the way to conquering the world with catchy and punk pop-rock, and the American band finally visits Roskilde Festival. Each new Paramore album not only cements their status as one of the emo scene’s most solid units – the wide rock press also relates to Paramore. The band’s third and latest album Brand New Eyes has been received with much applause – even from people who do not profess to eyeliner and dyed hair. Hayley Williams is a front figure of the most energetic and en-


PAVEMENT (US) Few artists described that certain 90s laidback zeitgeist better than Pavement. Stephen Malkmus was the band’s immediate front man, but several band members helped develop Pavement’s special blend of college rock, cosmic Americana and evergreen lo-fi pop. The skewed grip on the instruments, Malkmus’ offkey, conversational vocals, the surrealistic lyrics.

Released on: Matador / Playground

Cuban have put together a band that encapsulates the many musical winds blowing in communist Cuba’s fan palms. Latin, Afro jazz, funk, hip hop, rumba, reggaeton are displaced, mixed and crossed in a delightful potpourri that Gilles Peterson and Roberto Fonseca now present to a European audience. You do not find Cuba’s modern beat tighter, hotter or more swinging than in Havana Cultura. Released on: Brownswood / VME


PENDULUM (AUS) Dancing clubsters and hard-boiled rock fans no longer have to live in each their dimension. We have a band such as Pendulum to thank for that. The Aussies left their homeland and went to England in 2003, and today they have got a good grip on the British and the rest of the West with their hyper-potent blend of thundering drum’n’bass, rock and electronica. A comparison with The Prodigy is obvious – but also insufficient. These Australians fly in their very own intergalactic track across an electronic, starry sky. In the course of soon three albums and a long line of stadium concerts, Pendulum have proved that they can transform a mixed audience into a one-celled, hyperactive dancing organism. Released on: Warner Bros / Warner

GILLES PETERSON & ROBERTO FONSECA present HAVANA CULTURA (CUB/UK) Gilles Peterson is a pioneering British DJ, famous for embracing music from the third world. Havana Cultura is the outcome of his meeting with Cuba’s musical life, made in the company of jazz pianist Roberto Fonseca. The Brit and the

PORCUPINE TREE (UK) Metal fans love them for their blackened universe and hard-rocking starting point. Fans of progressive 70s rock bands such as Pink Floyd and King Crimson joyfully see them raise their old flag and carry the symphonic deeds on through rock history. Porcupine Tree unites many kinds of music lovers and continues to develop so that all kinds of fans constantly have to review their conception of the band. Over 20 years have passed since the first incarnation of Porcupine Tree saw the light of day. The band name is still not to be found on the big billboards, but the fan base grows steadily in music lovers’ inner circles. Come get consecrated.


Making the skewed and casually elements work so efficiently is perhaps the greatest art of all, and Pavement’s weird ways have influenced countless bands. In their own easy-going way, Pavement manage the legacy of American experimental rock.

Released on: Roadrunner / Warner

PRINCE (US) The purple rock prince from Minneapolis finally visits Roskilde Festival. This big visit is the only of its kind in Northern Europe and the first visit in Denmark since 2002. Among the great pop and rock personalities of the last 30 years, only Madonna and Michael Jackson have the same royal glow as this endlessly productive and creative one-man institution. Prince left his rubyframed palace in earnest with the self-titled album in 1979 – and since then he has bestowed on the world an almost dizzying number of hits, all in his unique purple-gold mix of sexy funk, epic rock and long-term valid pop. Let one of rock music’s demigods take you through one of the most original and trendsetting back catalogues of recent times.



Released on: Cooking Vinyl / Bonnier Amigo prins thomas · photo: ragnhild fors

PRINS THOMAS (N) He has been Lindstrøm’s wingman on several freaky albums filled with neo disco and cosmic grooves. But Prins Thomas can also easily deliver the goods solo, which is evident on the selftrilled solo debut where the love of the 70s’ upcoming electronic scene penetrates the lengthy compositions. Now is your chance to experience the lovely stoner before his mate Lindstrøm takes the stage along with Christabelle. Much speaks for a DJ set full of house, disco and Mediterranean breezes. A soundscape equal parts 70s Italian discotheque and a space shuttle heading towards the future. Released on: Full Pupp / import

the prodigy

THE PRODIGY (UK) Rave, rock and punk have long since been bedfellows. We can especially thank The Prodigy for this. The three Brits have sold around 20 million


records, making them some of the dance genre’s biggest stars ever. Songs such as ”Firestarter”, ”Smack My Bitch Up” and ”Poison” have become gilt-edged classics, and with last year’s album Invaders Must Die The Prodigy show that the mix of techno, electro and hot stadium rock is still full of screaming green adrenaline. Tie up your shoelaces and throw yourself into an inferno of hyper-energetic drums, cool, distorted bass lines and Keith Flint’s inflamed vocals. Let the rave begin.


REBEKKAMARIA (DK) Robyn, Björk and Roisin Murphy have a musical half-sister of Danish descent. Her name is RebekkaMaria, and like her “siblings” she knows how to make pop songs of the sort that appeals to both the radio and the connoisseur segment. RebekkaMaria’s latest album is called Sister Sortie, and here she continues the polkadotted party pop with a more organic sound. Like never before, the black-haired super sister draws on her feminine sides in an expression that is equal parts indie, soul and Scandinavian nature. She had an “As in” in front of her name when she visited us on Pavilion Junior in 2007. In 2010 RebekkaMaria enters the stage without prefixes or reservations. Released on: A:larm

RISING (DK) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80.



the band has released two albums, each full of rocking grooves, jazzy curls, harmonious pop melodies and the Rastafarian culture’s message of freedom and equality. Rootz Underground has an eternally burning energy, which also manifests itself during the band’s concerts where a great intensity has left audiences everywhere impressed and uplifted. Look forward to roots reggae when it is best from the genre’s headquarters, Kingston. Released on: Riverstone / import

robyn · photo: rankin

ROBYN (S) Much has happened to Robyn since she first stepped into the spotlight as a young teenager with the sweet pop hit ”Show Me Love”. The blonde kitten has grown claws. She has started her own label where she is in full artistic control of her mix of pop, rap and skewed electronica. Today, Robyn is perhaps the biggest Scandinavian pop diva, and she collaborates with other internationally renowned acts such as Kleerup and Röyksopp whose Roskilde concert she guested in 2009. Robyn has survived the transition from teen star to ambitious artist without sacrificing neither the audience’s favor nor the good tunes.

ROSKA (UK) The London underground is always changing. Roska – a DJ/producer in his late 20s with the civil name Wayne Goodlitt – is far ahead in the rapid development. He combines the dark side of UK funky with the more houselike part of dubstep. Roska creates a personal mix of raw, syncopated percussion and the dirty South London sidewalks that have 2010 sweating out of the speakers. Funky, dubstep, house – everything is mixed together in a bowl of grooves, beats and dance-friendly tracks. Released on: Rinse / import

RUBIK (FIN) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80.

Released on: Konichiwa / EMI

THE RUMOUR SAID FIRE (DK) It started with Simon & Garfunkel and Crosby, Stills & Nash. Later, Fleet Foxes and Band of Horses added themselves to the equation. Now the Danes take over. The Rumour Said Fire has kick-started their careers in a way that most Danish bands only dare dream about. The fourpiece from Copenhagen masters gorgeous vocal harmonies and nostalgic folk-pop in such a degree that you feel placed under the afternoon sun on the US east coast. The Rumour Said Fire has only sent off the first smoke signals, and the band is already one of the most beloved ones on the Danish scene right now. rootz underground


ROOTZ UNDERGROUND (JAM) Few bands on the modern reggae scene honour the roots like Rootz Underground. With a strong musicality and mastering of the instruments,

Released on: A:larm

SCHLACHTHOFBRONX (DE) People still tend to think that Germans are generally correct and strict. Say hello to

Released on: Disko B / Bonnier Amigo

SENSATIONAL & SPECTRE (US) Two of hip hop’s more intricate minds meet when Sensational & Spectre stand shoulder to shoulder. Sensational is widely talked about and respected in the hash-hazy underground circles as one of New York hip hop’s most original, babbling and darkly prophetic voices. His stoned verses have never been in better company than that of Spectre’s productions. With this double billing you can prepare yourself for a trip into a tangled jungle of bass-heavy beats, narcotic wavelengths and twisted rhymes. It is freaky, a dance to their own pipe and for everyone with an appetite for hip hop from the genre’s underside.

far North that sounded like My Bloody Valentine or Sonic Youth on a diet of reindeer meat and melted snow. Fortunately, band leader Emil Nikolajsen and his entourage of Norwegian jøtuler could carry the hype – not least because the band’s self-confidence and sonic density is undiminished when playing live. Now the band is finally ready with a follow-up, S-M 2: Abyss in B Minor, and it continues in the same wonderfully noisy groove. Serena-Maneesh can measure up to the genre’s finest when it comes to fusing mind-expanding walls of guitar noise and basic rock’n’roll and sweet angelic voices. Released on: 4AD / Playground


Schlachthofbronx. They are named after a meatpacking district in Munich. Behind the almost-impossible-to-spell band name hide three German club heads who with un-German imprecision throws together all kinds of beats and tonal colours in a gaudy mash-up of ghetto-tech, electro and German ‘schlager’ music. A hotshot such as Diplo has already given these German front-runners a thumbs-up. Now it is time that you also experience how fun, ballsy and hot Germany-made music actually is.

Released on: Wordsound / import shantel & bucovina club orkestar · photo: michael namberger

serena-maneesh · photo: lars petter pettersen

SERENA-MANEESH (N) Only few Scandinavian bands have taken indie hipsters of this world by storm with a debut album as Serena-Maneesh has. A band from the

SHANTEL & BUCOVINA CLUB ORKESTAR (DE) Few phenomena can overrun Roskilde Festival’s audience like the Balkan parties. And with Shantel at the helm, a sprinting pulse is almost guaranteed. The German pioneer started his career as a techno DJ, but today his politically charged and humorous concerts are close to being an institution with the Balkan fans. Brace yourself for a red-hot show where ingenious Gypsy musicians breathe life into their old music and mix it up with ska, reggae and pop so that it appears fresher, hotter and more alive than ever before. Shantel and his incomparable Bucovina Club Orkestar leave traces from Romania, Ukraine and Greece and all the way onto the new Europe’s rock and pop scene. Released on: crammed / Bonnier Amigo



SICK OF IT ALL (US) Look ’NYC hardcore’ up in the dictionary, and you should find a picture of Sick of It All. The Koller brothers turned on the amplifiers in 1986, and since then they have been among the genre’s central, founding figures. Angry, desperate hardcore is still the noble mission on album number nine, Based on a True Story. Sick of It All releases the wildness and protest of hardcore punk in a bulldozer-heavy attack by means of metallic guitar riffs, screaming vocals and sprinting drums. A legion of tattooed, bandanawearing muscle men have followed in the wake of the New Yorkers who came up with their incomparable band name as teenagers in their parents’ basement. Come and join the shouting. It will do you good.

she sings her own songs or others’. Patti Smith’s urgent voice will sound like an echo as long as people still appreciate poetry and original, unscented beauty in the music. Released on: Columbia / Sony Music

Released on: Century Media / EMI

SLEEP PARTY PEOPLE (DK) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80.

patti smith


PATTI SMITH AND BAND (US) The raw queen of punk and rock holds court. The poet and the protest singer, politically indignant Patti Smith casts shadows back through rock history. Her musical debut was the album Horses from 1975, and with this masterpiece a long career as an interpreter, singer and social critic was kickstarted. Today, her voice and silhouette are unique and legendary similar to Iggy Pop, Bob Dylan and Lou Reed. Her numerous albums contain the same passion – whether

sólstafir · photo: zeranico

SÓLSTAFIR (ISL) The cold climate of Iceland is almost essential when explaining the uninitiated about a band such as Sólstafir. Ice-cold, extended metal symphonies of this caliber require loads of coldness and snowstorms to take shape. The four-piece has in the course of four albums moved from following the metal textbook to leaving their very own tracks in the snow. Sólstafir combines crushingly heavy elements with symphonic sequences, which is reminiscent of post-rock and gives the music a cinematic rush to the stomach. Sólstafir should end up as the metal scene’s answer to Sigur Rós. Their music is just as ambitious, freethinking and frost-wrapped as the music by their fellow, more famous countrymen. Released on: Spikefarm / import

SPEED CARAVAN (ALG/FR) Arab tone patterns and scents play a fundamental role in Speed Caravan’s music. At the same time, the Algerian/French band draws on acts such as The Cure and Chemical Brothers. This leads to an excitingly paradoxical result where children of the colonial period turn on the amplifier and play away. Curving, flowing minor scales wind as a twining plant around energetic rock

Released on: Real World / import

TIM SWEENEY (US) One of the hottest music radio programmes is called Beats in Space and the multiple sounds emanate from New York to PC speakers all over the planet. The host is Tim Sweeney. He is a sought-after DJ all over the world, and he gives a demonstration of his diverse musical palette at Roskilde Festival. Sweeney is closely affiliated with the ultra-hip record label DFA that is cofounded by his good friend James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem). Just like Murphy, Tim Sweeney specialises in everything old-school: post-punk, disco and kraut­rock in various mixtures depending on the mood and time. released on: Dfa/Import


songs – and suddenly the ancient Orient appear alive and crackling electric. Front man Mehdi Haddab has been hailed as a virtuoso on his ’oud’. Some orthodoxes from the Arabic world would surely drop their jaws if they saw how the ancient stringed instrument is turned into a weapon in the noisy service of rock.

staff benda bilili · photo: renaud barret

STAFF BENDA BILILI (CD) Some bands seem almost not of this world. Staff Benda Bilili is one of them. The band consists of a group of polio-stricken Congolese in wheelchairs who, despite poverty and disease, have developed precise mix of rumba, soul and congotronics. A convincing evidence of the possibilities of music despite appalling conditions, but also an infectious musical acquaintance filled with insisting rhythms and engaging callresponse vocals. The wheelchair musicians bring wonderchild Roger, a teenage boy who has developed into a virtuoso on his homemade, onestringed guitar, built by means of a tin can and a piece of string. Released on: Crammed / Bonnier Amigo

SUSANNE SUNDFØR (N) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80.

systema solar

SYSTEMA SOLAR (COL) Colombia is undergoing a rapid musical development. Systema Solar’s self-titled debut album from 2009 was hailed as one of the year’s best from a scene that just shoots towards the azure sky. The popular music collective mixes house, hip hop and techno with Colombia’s own genres such as cumbia, champeta and bullerengue. Everything under the Latin American sun is mixed with equal parts city neon, Caribbean lights and relics from South America’s African diaspora. You are required to dance along when Systema Solar with MC John Primera and Indigo in front turn the stage into a party full of summer sounds, South American folklore and terrific visuals.


Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s why!

Roskilde University, Denmark

If you want to study multidisciplined and project-oriented, problembased and closely with other students in groups in an active, dynamic study environment - then Roskilde University may be the right choice for you..... Read more:


Released on: VP / import


TEDDYBEARS (S) Do you find it difficult to decide whether to choose pop, hip hop or punk? Perhaps you should simply hedge your bets with Teddybears. The Stockholm trio took its first young bear steps as a hardcore band, but today the lads mix dancehall, hip hop and post-punk with that special melancholic, electronic pop music that is perhaps best made in Scandinavia. Since the band has collaborated with artists ranging from dancehall icon Elephant Man to his dirty majesty Iggy Pop, there must be some truth in it: Teddybears is Scandinavian pop music of the highest caliber. Three party-starters who have never quite given up their punkish starting point – no matter how many catchy hits they spit out.


T.O.K. (JAM) Some of today’s most hitting dancehall riddims and beats are delivered by T.O.K. (Touch of Klass). Alex, Flexx, Bay-C and Craig-T have helped establish the genre’s popularity in a time when all kinds of music lovers have surrendered to the Caribbean, hip hopped sunshine music. T.O.K. started as an a capella band in the early 90s. The superb vocal harmonizations are still one of the reasons for the four-piece’s worldwide success, also outside of the hot reggae clubs. T.O.K. has hit the charts with a pop appeal while embodying the reggae and dancehall culture. You get R&B crooning, that will make girls’ hearts gallop, but also a hip hop attitude so even skeptical hardcore types have to nod in recognition.

Released on: Deg In The Lake / Sony Music tech n9ne

TECH N9NE (US) Over 10 albums, 1 million sold copies, 20 years under his belt in the hip hop game. Only few have a flow like Tech N9ne who with uncanny precision is able to switch between crushing hyper-speed and crawling slow motion in his rap. The numerous albums from Tech N9ne cover both life on the streets, internal trouble and lots of women’s thighs and lips. Such diverse themes never make the whole come unstuck. Tech N9ne takes a firm grip on all of life’s most important issues and doings without ever deviating from the focus on his tremendous rap talent. Released on: Strange Music / import

THE TEMPER TRAP (AUS) Australia’s next export band awaits. The Temper Trap knows the same secret music recipes that have turned U2, Coldplay and Muse into world stars. Singer Dougy Mandagi delivers quite exquisite falsetto vocals. It is a singing voice so captivating that it could sing about stock exchanges and still make your small hairs stand up. With this in every way soaring voice, the band has an extra gold-laminated trump card that in a snap lifts The Temper Trap above the majority of other newcomers with ’epic rock’ written into their manifesto. Released on: Infectious / VME

THEE ATTACKS (DK) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80.



them crooked vultures · Photo: dustin rabin

titus andronicus

THEM CROOKED VULTURES (US/UK) There are many supergroups in today, as bands and artists are constantly criss-crossing. But rock history has only seen few of the same calibre as Them Crooked Vultures. The band is any rock lover’s wet dream, consisting of Foo Fighter’s and Nirvana’s Dave Grohl, Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones and Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme. How does one meet the expectations for such a lineup? You simply make a great psychedelic boogie rock album full of catchy riffs and grooves. This is exactly what the three veterans have done, and not surprisingly, the music is made for getting your rock on.

TITUS ANDRONICUS (US) Imagine Bruce Springsteen in mud up to his neck with a gang of Irish punks as backing band. That is just about the sound of Titus Andronicus’ world of pessimistic, American history and beer foam. The New Jersey band’s latest album The Monitor mirrors the American Civil War in everyday life during the financial crisis and notes that ”the enemy is everywhere”. Nevertheless, the band’s pessimism never goes too deep, and the music constantly inspires the heart to do little jumps of joy. The epic-sounding indie punk rock roars ahead in an ecstasy of riffs, literary references and dense rhetoric. At the same time, the band has an ear for the good song – maybe it is not a coincidence that they live in the same state as The Boss.

Released on: RCA / Sony Music

TINARIWEN (MALI) Headscarves, indigo robes and electric guitars. Old and new live side by side in the nomadic band Tinariwen, a world-renowned group of Tuaregs who has combined Western protest music with traditional sounds of the Sahara area and thus set new standards for North African desert blues. The band played its first concert outside of Mali at Roskilde Festival in 2001, and since then they have become a cornerstone of North African music with their music-oriented fight for freedom. In Tinariwen you can almost taste the Sahara desert and feel the sun burning against your skin. Unpolished, thirsty desert blues that has not lost touch with its roots despite successful tours all over the world.


Released on: Independiente / VME

Released on: XL / Playground

DJ UMB (UK) Indian, Islamic and Iberian sounds in a single DJ set? Such a musical scenario is not inconceivable for DJ Umb who has provided lovers of electronic music with introductions to new exciting corners of the music culture. The Brit has a blog called Generation Bass, a must-read for everyone who wants to know more about ghettotech and the global music scene’s latest mutations. DJ Umb serves club beats of different ethnic origins in a bass-heavy mixture that will make both the fez, turban and cap rock.

Released on: XL / Playground


Released on: Volcom Entertainment / import

vampire weekend · photo: søren solkær starbird

VAMPIRE WEEKEND (US) The college funds have been wisely spent on Vampire Weekend. The four college pals have


valient thorr · photo: gary copeland

VALIENT THORR (US) Have you put on your cowboy vest and jockstrap? Good, now get ready to meet Valient Thorr. They are five long-haired rascals who play some of the most unfashionable but also effective heavy rock that you can imagine. A great experience is almost guaranteed for everyone who has tapped their feet to the sounds of Black Sabbath, MC5 and Motörhead. Valient Thorr did not get their championship in heavy metal and rock’n’roll without any effort of their own. The band plays an average of 250 ­concerts a year. That is so superhuman that there may be some truth in it when they claim to be from Venus and having flown to earth in a time machine.

developed a unique kind of indie pop by merging Paul Simon’s Graceland with a little ska, Afrobeat, baroque music and The Police. This is upbeat pop music for people with strong glasses and with stronger bookcases than backbones. However, Vampire Weekend has surprised the indie Talibans by reaching a huge audience. The band’s second album, Contra, started out as number one on the US charts. Vampire Weekend has conquered hearts in the same way as Franz Ferdinand did a few years ago. The Americans have just replaced the black-clad post-punk with creased knitted cardigans and African pop music.

WHEN SAINTS GO MACHINE (DK) When Saints Go Machine have been in for quite a ride. They played the Pavilion Junior stage while the ink in their song book was still wet. A couple of years later they are now one of Denmark’s hottest bands. The four-piece’s house-inspired pop music is so dark, diverse and mature that it makes you wonder where the young band finds its broad palette and darkly romantic vision. Singer Nicholas Manuel Vonsild moves onstage with the same aristocratic aura as a young David Bowie or Bryan Ferry. When Saints Go Machine opens Orange Stage this year and has the same bodily groove as many pop idols from the international scene. Released on: EMI



TEACHER IN DENMARK Are you looking for a top-quality education and the chance to study and work abroad? Denmark needs qualified teachers, and University College South Denmark offers you a four-year course. MEDIA SONIC COMMUNICATOR You came to Denmark for the music and to enjoy the experience â&#x20AC;&#x201C; why not stick around for the same reasons? Become a Media Sonic Communicator at University College South Denmark and learn how to produce, coordinate and run projects based on audio and communication. Find out more at

wooden shjips

WOODEN SHJIPS (US) Late 60s’ California continues to be fertile grounds for contemporary bands. Wooden Shjips are absorbed in the same atmospheres that went through the bloodstreams of bands from the golden age of psychedelic rock. But the Californian four-piece is far from a simple tribute band that should have played Woodstock in 1969. Their lengthy, hypnotic sounds also indicate a thorough knowledge of 70s’ German krautrock and 80s’ sonic experiments from Spacemen 3 and The Jesus and Mary Chain. Join the trip into the coloured spiral of the consciousness when Wooden Shjips sail away.

Released on: Domino / Playground


wild beasts · photo: tom beard

WILD BEASTS (UK) Suede, Morrissey, Bronski Beat and several other British male bands have flirted with bisexuality and high falsetto vocals. Wild Beasts place themselves self-assuredly on the velvet-clad shoulders of these names, but they take their flamboyant indie pop in a new direction – into a strangely alluring world of kinky poetry, red curtains and headless horsemen. The second album – Two Dancers from 2009 – fulfills the promises made on the debut album from the year before: pop, folk, funk and cabaret combined in an original wrapping from a band wearing both beautiful and disturbing pantomime masks.

Released on: Holy Mountain / Import




photo: nanna kreutzmann/rockphoto



Reboot Camp



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Green Comfort











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Roskilde Kongrescenter n Halle Ved



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sh and

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et ng



Gormsvej Roskilde Sygehus









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ose der



Ste nkr

Haveforeningen Bregnevang




Hf. Magle

Haveforeni Ny Maglehø




Tulipa j



















Roskilde Tekniske Skole Vilvorde



K svej


Roskilde Ring Ringpar



vej Darup

Rønøs Alle



en St


SØ ND VE J 02 Havsteensvej



ej upv Dar

Maglelunden Teknisk Skole









Slagteriernes Forskningsinstitut



vbo væn gets vbo Allé v side ængets allé





T Nie h. lse Vej ns Sto Mø re llev ej



Bakkekammen Bakk e






21 23


Ved Ringen


ers vej

de kk ele

Eget Bo

Roskilde Skatepark


Wæ b




Nee rgå rdsp arke n

Ejbo park en

ble ha v en

p Idrætscenter




Mø St lle ore væ ng e


RI Gl. Darupvej

Eget Bo






DV M ba ølle EJ kk en



e Rabalderstræd

Smedeg parken årds-


ærparke Rønneb

F Neergår va ru p Da

Kamst rup sti


ad e Odinsvej

H ød er sv e

San kt











evej eb Vind

Agnes Vej

s an









Himmelev mose


ora vej

Ga de

g Kon

n Sto

d De Knu






Østre Kirkegård


ej Lærkev

nk on


e Vald mar

nd E

ej Erik veds V Men g nnin Vej Dro eborgs Ing strid





rs Roa vej

Vej s Ve

s Ve j

lVioæde str

av Ro’s H


ej es V





g nnin



ten sV ej

nin g

Ki rs

is Ve j




ins B


ej sV



en bakk ge Kon

ning Dron



Ro’s To rv RO’s To




Fredensvej Duebr ødreve



Sankt Jø rgens ve

terKlossevej mo











Vin d

Hedegårdene skole





Møllehu svej

Kildeh usvej

ega de Toldbod








ue lm j Va ve

Gammel La

j Ve

ej sV


ara gH

nu ag gM

n Ko n Ko

j Ve


Sortebrødre Plads







S ig yns vej Lok esv ej Thors vej Friggasvej





Ny Østergade


dg ng


Skt. Agnes



Kl o


Skt. Josefs skole

ning Roskilde


Bibliotek Roskilde Kloster




Gråbrødre Kirkegård

ad eg an rnb Je





Fjordvej 14 9

Skt. Ibs Kirke

kt Ibs Vej




Sankt Lauren tii Vej

Skt. Laurentii Kirke


Provste st ræ Dom




St 2




Sa Ibs nkt Ve j




es V ej

argre th Realskole Munprivate kebro


s Str.

Skt. Ol



Store Gråbdr. stræde 19 Gråbrødre skole

Læder stræde VUC


Stænder- Djalma torvet Lunds Gård



Ægir svej





Wendtsgade Kirke bakke n

Skt. Jørgensbjerg Kirke





a Birke Helgesvej


Weysegangen 12

kir strædekeLille Magle e Domkirkekildestræd pladsen et Fondens- 6 eting bro Bond Roskilde Palæstræde Gymnasium



er Skomag Schmeltz Plads

egad e




Gl. Vor Frue Kirke

de anega Jernb


lv ha


Tofteb akken


Toftep arken 15



f te To e ad ylg Ug As le

ns rte Mo Vej

Hedeg ade Gustav Wieds Plads


Lille dsHøjbrøn stræde







Bønnelyckes Plads



ge Kø


Sct. Hans Hospital

vej Godthåbs




d Stø

Absalons skole


di ge

rg e n

Bo e mm gda


Dronning Sofies Vej

istrup Allé




ej rsv ko llig He


en hav nds

ds vej


j Ahornve

Parkve j

Idræts Park





rgv bo


Ve j or St n De





Va l


ren ste Klo Hesteto




Peders Sankt

Lille Gråbrd.str.



Strande Frederiksborgvej Sankt

Ols Ga de

VE A Gullandsstræde



AR CL Tuttesti


KT gade

Trægården Lille Gr.gade


Kornerup s Vænge

Frue Kirkestr.




Provstevænget Allehelgensgade





Ru g


SAN Karen Olsda Stræde

t b ve jerg j Havnevej Blågårdsstræde


t. lo sa

de tga on erm Cl


Byg sre Sto rønd




Sk Højb e ade stræd nsg





ha Ru g





rken Ve j

dv lle



Ved M

grdspa Kastanie- Vestervænget vej Jasminvænget ns



Ve j


Lindeå se el


Ni nr


Lindevej Møll





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Ringstedgade 76, 4000 Roskilde, 1,2 km away Københavnsvej 118, 4000 Roskilde, 2,5 km away


photo: anders birch/rockphoto

DO YOU HAVE INPUT FOR YOUR FESTIVAL? Did the music programme meet your expectations? Did we arrange the camp site in an optimal way? Did you miss any service offers? We are happy to receive your suggestions for how Roskilde Festival should look in the future. Do tell us how your festival went. What was good and what was bad? Give us constructive suggestions for new initiatives. Write us on info@ We are always amenable to great inputs. Also, fill in our questionnaire that is online on after the festival. Dates for coming festivals 2011 30 June - 3 July (warm-up 26 - 29 June) 2012 5 - 8 July (warm-up 1 - 4 July)

ROSKILDE FESTIVALâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S VALUES Roskilde Festival is an annual week-long international cultural event offering quality experiences based on modern music and creative kinship. With its attitude towards environmental issues, humanitarian causes and cultural work, Roskilde Festival reflects and challenges the surrounding society and world.

Roskilde Festival is a boundary-pushing culturalpolitical manifestation. Roskilde Festival is based on the efforts of an unpaid workforce who focus on all aspects of audience service, quality, creativity and safety. All profits from Roskilde Festival are donated to humanitarian and cultural work.

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