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Basic information about Spain The capital of Spain is Madrid Spain is a place of 47 millions of habitants approximately. Is divide in 50 provinces (17 independent communities)

And 2 autonomous cities, Ceuta and Melilla.

The North of Spain


Here is…



Aragón La Rioja País Vasco


This places have common characteristics like… Rains often, and is sometimes cloudy

Almost all have coast and beaches… They are very wet places and have lots of nature and plants, is all green!

They have a very varied diet, fish, meat, vegetables ...

…and in almost all of them the people practic surf

The Center of Spain

Castilla y LeĂłn

Here is‌



Castilla la Mancha

They are‌ Places with very extreme temperatures, it is very cold in winter and very hot in summer They are very dry and very flat(with not much relief)

But the relief is very good for crops and livestock

Especially cereals and vines

MADRID In Madrid there is much culture and a lot of variety of places. Cinemas, restaurants, theaters, museums, parks ...

It has a lot of museums, but the most famous are‌ The Reina Sofia Museum

The Prado Museum

The Thyssen Museum The Spanish gastronomy is very good and in Madrid there is a big variety of restaurants and types of food. The most famous food here is paella and ham:

The Mediterranean coast

Here is… Cataluña

Baleares Islands



Some things about them The Mediterranean sea is warm so the climate is mild. Also it is a union that brings together Spain with cultures like Italian or the greek ones The Mediterranean sea

The typical food here is rice (valencian paella), oil and wine:

The South of Spain

AndalucĂ­a It has coasts on two seas (the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea). But it has a varied relief mountains and beaches. But with a very hot and very dry climate. The most important monuments include the Alhambra and the Mosque:

Also a very typical things there are oil and the flamenco (Typical spanish danse)



School presentation on Spain by Candela from Alpedrete