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Strategic sourcing • PRODUCT OVERVIEW • This is a proven framework used by global strategy consulting firms for Fortune 500 companies. Learn this methodology and enrich your expertise. Then, save time by lifting slides directly from this presentation into your own. Strategic Sourcing, also called Procurement Strategy or Sourcing Strategy, allows an organization to realize significant savings across all its cost centers, from office supplies to cell phone plans. It is one of the most common and impactful cost reduction opportunities, particularly for large organizations with numerous business units. This document details a 4-phase framework to Procurement Strategy, outlining time frames, activities, and outputs.

DETAIL DESCRIPTION • The Strategic Sourcing (or Procurement Strategy) document is a 17-slide PowerPoint document outlining a four-phase process to executing a strategic sourcing initiative. This is the same approach used by top tier management consulting firms. The four phases are defined as follows: • Assessment Snapshot • Spend Analysis • Category Sourcing • Implementation

DESCRIPTION • Each phase is further sub-divided into stages. For instance, the Spend Analysis phase is broken into the following 5 stages: Source Data • • • •

Clean and Validate Data Develop Spend Data Analysis Tool Review and Analyze Data Generate Savings Estimate

Analysis phase • For each stage, specific activities, time frames, and outputs/deliverables are identified (where applicable). The Category Sourcing phase is broken into two distinct tracks: one for sourcing a Commodity Category and the other for a Specialty Category. "Specialty" categories are typically strategic in nature, involve a much more complex situation, and require a longer time frame.


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