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Furniture Design FL-Afternoon FL-The Ming’s chair Squirrel



Product Design Macaroon Gacha Machine Build up T. Twitter Feeling Slanting spout



Graphic Design Name card design -Personal -Gradea co. -Peter chao T-shirt design -2010 -2011


Crafts Design


Chief’s New Stirring Spoon Zipper PIZZA Pumpkin? The Daisy Drawstring Bag

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Jewellery & Accessories Kissing Sailor Fruit & Food Bohemia style New Fern The Rattle


A 04

Autobiography / Study Plan

Product design has always been my favourite subject. Therefore, I would like to pursue a master degree in it and complete it in one year; not only with passion but also with faith.

I was in an Art Class for 10 years since the 3rd grade of Elementary School. I drew and painted every day during that time. One day I asked my teacher: “What will I do if I become an artist?” My teacher shared her story and told me what her classmates did. At that moment, I realized that it was not the life I was expecting. I think people who live in this world should help each other to make our lives better. Therefore, I want to be a designer in the future. A designer can design many products to share with those people who need it or like it. A good design can improve the style and quality of our lives significantely.

I am a positive and also an optimistic person who likes adventures. The spirits of adventure fuel me with innovative motivation to design. I like challenges, and I am not afraid of it, because it only makes me stronger and better. There is a Chinese saying, “make your challenges to become your strengths.” ( 化悲憤為力量 )

Seashell Watercolor 27cmX39cm


The old man with violin Charcoal 54cmX39cm

Cubism still life painting Watercolor / Pastel 54cmX39cm

“文賦” Calligraphy 136cmX69cm One of the major categories of Chinese calligraphy“Running hand”


I was thrilled when I received the acceptation letter from the National Taiwan University of Arts (NTUA), which is one of the top art schools in Taiwan. NTUA offers various courses and a huge set of different materials for students to choose from and study. The courses I took deeply helped me to establish my foundation in design basics in my freshman year. During my sophomore year, in order to be a competent designer, I’ve attented numerous courses to obtain as much information/materials as I could. Pushing myself to join in many exhibitions/competitions during my college life, those experiences not only enhanced my skills but also helped me to discover what types of arts I’m really interested in and passionate for. I always try my best and put 100% effort into all my works and most importantly, I know I can always grow and learn more from it. It is definitely worth it, and I enjoy that sense of accomplishment. In my senior year, during collaboration for the graduation project, I teamed up with my friends and learned how to negotiate and unify different opinions in order to achieve our goal more efficiently. Throughout my junior and senior years, I have also worked in two different studios: Wood Working studio and Product Design studio. I worked on projects, held exhibitions, and discovered creative marketplaces with my Wood Working studio’s members. We also joined in various design competitions and burned the midnight oil working with my product design studio’s members. Each studio has its pros and cons, yet every time I gained so much more out of it. Fortunately, I was able to be part of the two studios. I plan to study abroad for a master degree in product design after I graduate, because I want to endorse my individual thinking and broaden my horizons. To be more specific, I want to study in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom has been well-known for its design industry, and is also a spectacular place with rich culture and history where I want to stay. The art education and knowledge in product design in the UK is very different from the chinese-culture influenced art education I’ve received here in Taiwan. I want to experience and discover the cultural similarities and differences in designs. This also comes hand in hand with my wish to live abroad. Living and studying abroad not only helps with the aforementioned points about experience cultural differences but also increase one’s critical thinking skills as well as the ability to manage one’s life, which I think a lot of students from asian countries lacks. In the future, I want to be a designer who can change people’s life and thinking. I want to design what the customers really needs. Ultimately, my goal is to design great products and create a brand image that can help the brand become more successful after all. In my opinion, I want to create a brand that people can deeply rely on. I also look forward to spread my products all over the world. I wish I will be able to contribute my design to the society. In the end, I have planned my lifetime goals. Thus, I really hope that my application will be accepted. I strongly believe that studying in the United Kingdom is the path for my future.

R Rosie Yen’s

Resume Name

Rosie Yen 嚴幸柔

Gender Female

Personal Data Email


Taipei Municipal Fu-Xing Senior High SchoolArt class. Taipei, Taiwan High school Degree 2006-2009 National Taiwan University of Arts, Crafts & Design Department. Taipei, Taiwan Bachelor of Art Degree 2009-2013


Product design / Furniture design

Technique / Skills

Wood craft / Metal Working and Jewellery / Ceramic crafts / Glass art / Dyeing Study / Lacquer art creation / Leather art / Bamboo art


Solidworks / Rhino / Autodesk AutoCAD / Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Illustrator / Adobe InDesign


E 08


- Joined volunteer service in the 2011 IDA Congress and the 2011 Taipei World Design Expo - Participated in the Crafts and Design Conference 2012 -Interdisciplinary Dialogue of Crafts, Design & Painting - Worked as an equipment manager in the Wood Working Studio of NTUA in 2011 - Participated in the 2012 Taiwan University Student Shaoxing Calligraphy Summer Camp held by Shaoxing Economics & Cultural Interchange Association and Shaoxing University, China - Elected as the vice president of Tai-An Presbyterian Church youth fellowship in 2013 - Held the gospel working camp at Mt.Ali Presbyterian Church in Summer 2011 - Taught in the monthly Crafts DIY workshops since 2012

Tai-An Presbyterian Church-Youth fellowship gospel working camp at Mt.Ali Presbyterian Church, summer 2011

Teaching in Tai-An Youth fellowship Crafts DIY workshop

Certificate obtained from the 2012 Taiwan University Student Shaoxing Calligraphy Summer Camp held by Shaoxing Economics & Cultural Interchange Association and Shaoxing University, China


AWARD (Top from left to right) The Annual Design Competition 2011 held by Crafts & Design Department, NTUA The Annual Design Competition 2012 held by Crafts & Design Department, NTUA 2012 Woodworking Studio Show held by Crafts & Design Department, NTUA 2011 Taiwan e-Learning and Digital Archives Program-Business Application Competition 2012 La jolla Jewlery Competition -Bon Voyage Creative Toy Design Competition 2012 held by Crafts & Design Department, NTUA

Exhibitions The Annual Design Competition 2011 held by Crafts & Design Department, NTUA The Class of exhibition 2011 held by Crafts & Design Department, NTUA The Annual Design Competition 2012 held by Crafts & Design Department, NTUA The Class of exhibition 2012 held by Crafts & Design Department, NTUA 2012 Woodworking Studio Show held by Crafts & Design Department, NTUA 2012 Chair creation exhibition held by Fine Woodworking Platform 2013 Class Reunion exhibition held by Fine Art class, Fu-Xing Senior High School

Excellent Award Judges’ Special Award Second Place Judges’ Award FIRST AWARD THIRD AWARD


Furniture Design


FL-Afternoon 2012.3 Maple / Epi leather(by LV) L 48cm x W 40cmx H 45cm

Originally, I wanted to make a simple but special chair design which mimics a bull’s horn. However, the end result did not come out as expected and was a bit too complicated.

At the same time, I tried to design different kinds of chair.

I tried to combine “bull’s horn“ and “chair”.



Simple line: simple life Leisure time in the afternoon Have a cup of tea in the contemporary corner 簡單的線條 喝一口茶

悠閒的午后 在一個現代感的角落


This sketch shows the structure of the backrest.


Another sketch of the chair’s structure.


FL-The Ming’s Chair 2012.4 Indonesia padauk / leather L 50cm x W 43cm x H 96cm


The continuous pursuit of innovation and breakthrough has been the core of modern designs. However, a harmony between contemporary fashion and traditional art can be achieved by looking back at the style of ancient arts from a modern perspective. As a result, applying long forgotten ancient styles on modern furniture design can start a new evolution. Inspired by the design of furniture of the Ming dynasty, different materials such as wood and leather were combined together to create a new style of modern furniture. Note: Although most Ming’s chair were crafted from solid wood, they were still very comfortable when sat on. The “S” shaped backrest provides ample support and excellent ergonomics. 現在的設計一直在追求突破與創新,但是往前看往往可以揉 合時尚與傳統,用現代的眼光,看到前人所不能見細微之 處,往往又是一次新的蛻變。因此將具有危機的古代傢俱, 突破既有的形象,轉變成現代的傢俱。 由明式傢俱得到靈感,延伸現代傢俱設計, 嘗試將不同材質與木頭結合,賦予傢俱新的生命。 附註 (明式家具雖然多為硬木所製成,但坐的時候卻感到很舒適, 由於「明式圈椅」的“S”型靠背,與人體的脊柱曲線吻合, 當人的背靠在上面的時候,後背會因此得到休息。)


Different styles of Ming’s chair were drawn, but were thought to be too complicated.


The end results were shown here indicated with detailed dimensions indicated.


Front View

View from 45 degree angle


Squirrel 2010 LVL-Laminated veneer lumber L 30cm x W 30cm x H 74cm


The chair was drawn and painted to mimic a living squirrel with the backrest shaped as the squirrel’s tail.



Product Design


Macaroon Gacha Machine 2011 Beech The inspiration for this piece came from the stories “Mother Hen and her Chicks”, and “The golden egg laying hen”. The idea is to mimic the vivid colours of delicious Macaroon for better aesthetics and visual impact of the eggs. It also increases children’s visual perceptual skills for better colour identification. Put the “Macaroon eggs” inside the roller and turn the mother hen’s wings. Move the mother hen by pushing it, the mother hen will “lay” eggs of different colour during the movement.

25 培 養 孩 子 的 色 彩 辨 識 能 力





4 .5 c m 18.5cm 厚度7.5




增 添 玩 具 的 視 覺 美 感

綜 合 現 代 馬 卡 龍 繽 紛 的 顏 色

作 為 創 作 靈 感 的 來 源 ,

母 雞 下 金 蛋 的 故 事

由 母 雞 帶 小 雞 、

材 質

創 作 說 明

掉 出 不 同 顏 色 的 蛋

山 毛 櫸

使 它 可 以 在 行 走 的 狀 態 中

同 時 間 推 動 母 雞

馬 卡 龍 轉 蛋 雞 。

轉 動 母 雞 的 翅 膀

將 馬 卡 龍 雞 蛋 放 入 滾 筒 中

使 用 說 明


Build up 2011 Maple

In my country, there’s a traditional wedding custom called “The marriage chicken” or “Way-leading chicken.” The bride’s family had to raise a chicken until it reaches adulthood and give it to the bride as a present for the new family. The chicken served as a symbol for the production of numerous offsprings. However, this type of tradition has changed throughout the generations. Nowadays. it might still be possible to raise chickens in rural areas, but it would be very inconvenient to raise them in cities. Therefore, products in form of chickens serve as substitutions of real chickens given to newly wed couples of newer generation. It’s leaner and cuter than a real animal. These two chickens were made for my Product Studio teacher and his wife as a wedding present.

Note: “Bring the chicken home” actually meant to start a family. It’s a blessing, wishing the wife would bring the love, peace, and fortune, in order to start a happy family with the husband.





T. Twitter 2011 Team Leader - Yen, Hsin-Jou Team member- Yeh, Jen-Ping / Lin, chun-yu Maple / Rosewood / Rubber mallet L 20cm x W 30cm x H 15cm

Since my childhood, there were many products designed for improving childrens’ eye-hand coordination and flexibility. My classmates and I used this idea to make another design. We created a board with bird-shapes slots and the matching puzzle pieces. Children playing with it can learn the shapes and colours of the birds, as well as the sea-level of the birds’ habitats by matching the birds to the fitting slot. To make this product more entertaining for the children, we designed to board to make twitter sounds when the children put the birds into the matching slots.





創作背景 兒時小時候玩過的敲打玩具,是用來 訓練兒童手眼協調的靈活度,原型是 單純的圓柱組合。現在我們將他做新 的詮釋,把台灣鳥類的意象融入玩具 當中。在遊戲的過程中也同時能學習 到臺灣特有的鳥類所處的海拔位置。

在敲打的過程中, 因摩擦而發出啾啾聲, 可增加兒童的遊戲樂趣!


產品尺寸 1



5cm 海岸 黑面琵鷺

高海拔 帝雉





5cm 3cm


4cm 中海拔 冠羽畫眉


低海拔 台灣藍鵲


Bird Species Habitat (in Taiwan) 1. Formosan Blue Magpie Low elevations 2. Mikado’s Pheasant High elevation 3. Black-Faced Spoonbills Coastal areas 4. Formosan Yuhina Medium elevations


Feeling 2012.1

一天的開始便是在早上睜開眼的那剎那,一天的活力和美好 也往往決定在這個時候。現代人的生活庸庸碌碌,每每早上 睡過頭,亦或是匆匆忙忙丟東落西,原來是一天的開始,往 往在這時卻已精疲力盡。最新穎的高科技感溫Feeling板可 以幫你解決這些問題!每天睡前將Feeling板立在床邊,一如 往常的設定鬧鐘,按下獨特的起霧模式,將明天的計畫寫在 feeling板上面,接著就可以安心入眠,不用再擔心明天一早 會手忙腳亂。Feeling也會叫你起床,同時Feeling會顯示現 在的室外溫度和天氣狀況,讓您穿的美又不失保暖,更不會 有出了門才發現忘了帶傘的窘境。相信大家小時後都有在起 霧的窗上做畫或是遊戲的經驗;在天氣變化時,下雨天或濕 氣很重的時候,板子會自動變霧,因著手指頭的溫度可以讓 你寫的字出現七彩的變化,手指頭停留在板子上越久顏色會 由紫慢慢藍色綠色….漸漸變紅,讓我們可以回溫小時後在窗 上遊戲作畫的時光。Feeling可以改善一成不變的生活,且修 改容易只需用一根手指頭擦拭! “Feeling on desk; brilliance in hand” The day starts from the moment you open your eyes and the activity and beauty of the day is often also determined by this single moment. It is always frustrating to oversleep and forgetting stuff in a hurry and you might be already exhausted even before you walk out your house. This will never happen again if you own a “Feeling Slat”. This brand new touch-screen product helps you set the alarm and plan your morning schedule before you go to sleep. Furthermore, its premium feature as a weather reminder could also be your day saver; with frequently updated weather information, you would never have to worry about going out without an umbrella in a rainy day, a scarf in a windy day, or a pair of sunglasses in a sunny day ever again. Remember those good times back in our childhood when we draw on foggy windows on cold and moist days? One interesting feature of this subtle slat is that the screen would turn foggy just like a window on a rainy day according to the weather, allowing us to be creative and draw on it. The “Feeling slat” recognizes the body temperature of your touch and displays different splendid colours according to the sensed temperature. This special experience let us relive those special moments of our memory. “Feeling on desk; brilliance in hand”



Slanting spout 2011 Yen, Hsin-Jou / Yeh, Jen-Ping Ceramics

In the ancient china, the Slanting spout was a wine vase. The words “sense” and “Slanting spout” both share the same pronounciation in chinese. When we drink the wine, it’s not only about tasting the wine, but also enjoying the wine with our other senses. For example, people usually observe the colour of the wine and smell it before drinking. The philosophy behind these gestures is deep and very abstract. It’s just like our feelings; we can’t always explain our feelings. We only can use our senses to comprehend our feelings. Therefore, we use “Feeling” x “Slanting spout” to describe our enjoyment when we drink wine: sometimes, we simply just want to enjoy life and appreciate the moment.


「覺」與「爵」在酒器當中找到今世的交集。 我們的靈感由「覺」 延展出來;我們認為品酒的過程,即為一種運用各種不同感官知能 的享受。並結合中華文化古老的酒器「爵」的本質及型體,發展出 這一套品酒的精緻杯壺組合。 材質的選用上,我們將「爵」本身在 中國遠古時期的兩樣選材合而為一,金屬與陶瓷。以優雅的造型呈 現金屬尖挺不拔的特性,再以陶瓷來形容酒器溫潤包容的特質。 「 覺」,在生活中處處與之擁有連結;我們認為品酒一事,不但能運 用到最基礎的味覺、嗅覺……等等五官知覺,更能將「覺」一詞, 昇華到享受生活的品味與精神層面的感覺。那種感覺是更抽象的! 人們使用『覺x爵』享受酒的同時,也意味著他們即將悟出享受生 活、品味時光的真理。

可放蠟燭在爵的下 面加熱酒,讓酒喝 起來更順口,味覺 加倍。

14 cm

8.5 cm

筞笏䱣 8 cm

8 cm

4.5 cm

6 cm


Put a candle below the Slanting Spout to warm up the wine, which makes it smoother and tastier. While designing the “Slanting spout”, we made the cups which could be easily stored inside the slanting spout. It not only saves space but also is more convenient to give to others as a gift.


Crafts Design


Chief’s New Stirring Spoon 2011 Molding board (Cherry / Walnut / Rosewood / White oak) No spoon required for stirring the milk into the coffee perfectly. No need for extra decorations for the heart to touch your soul in its purest form. 不用湯匙也可以把奶精完美的拌進咖啡裡 不用裝飾也可以讓心貼近最原始的靈魂

Above: the shapes before lathing drawing were shown

Each layers and pieces need careful calculation.


Special arrangements were made to pieces with different colour shades to exhibit a spiral pattern from top view.


Zipper 2011 Pine / Molding board (Cherry / Walnut / Rosewood / White oak) L 39cm x W 17cm x H 40cm

Like tough solid wood containing soft imageries, the childhood memories are well hidden within the layer of drawers. 堅硬的材質蘊涵柔軟的意象 層層的小櫃子藏著童年的回憶



PIZZA 2011 Ceramics L 30cm x W 30cm x H 3cm

Most of people like to share a slice of pizza with friends and so do I. There are six coasters you can share with your friends.




Only one Pizza “Hot”

Not only usable for cups, but also for pots.



Pumpkin? 2012 Ceramics Ceramics Mold Making. 運用模製陶技巧來做創作。

Men wear masks to hide his mind and thought. Is it a pumpkin? Or is it a green pepper? What does it contain? What’s inside your heart and mind? 人總是有很多面相,總是猜不透, 是南瓜嗎?還是青椒? 裡面到底裝了什麼?你的腦袋瓜到底裝了什麼?



The Daisy Drawstring Bag 2012.6 Vegtable tanned leather / Epi leather (by LV) L 21.5cm x W 13cm x H 28cm

The combination of hand-dyed leather with water ripples adds an extra “hand-crafted” feel to this bag. Every single stitch and thread was diligently handsewn onto the bag. The daisy pattern at the bottom of the handbag was also hand-carved and symbolises the shyness of a young girl. 手染皮與現成的水波紋搭配,讓包包看起來不失手作的感 覺,一針一線細膩的縫份,真誠的手做工藝。 下排的小雛菊雕刻,成為整件作品的小巧思,帶出少女青澀 的意象。



The top of the handbag with the string pattern displayed.

The leather carving with daisy pattern ( in white acrylic).




Jewellery & Accessories


Kissing Sailor 2012.5 Yen, Hsin-Jou / Yeh, Jen-Ping Titanium Participated La jolla Jewellery Competition and designed the “Kissing Sailor�.

At the end of World War II (1945), all the victorious American sailors went to the New York Time Square for celebration. A sailor pressed a nurse towards him in a spontaneous kiss. The simple yet the deep sign of affection was captured on film and became a legendary photography among street photographies. . The azure blue diamond symbolizes the affection, just like an electric spark, that got ignited during that spontaneous moment. The durable Titanium symbolizes the strength of the emotion.

The original sketch of Kissing Sailor jewelry design.




The shape of jewelry body were then drawn, a total of five jewelry sets were designed.


2012 La jolla Jewlery Competition -Bon Voyage




Fruit & Food 2011.6 Copper / Enamel

This was my first time working on enameled metals. The design and making were carried out simultaneouly. The design was aimed for those who fancies eating at all time.


Bohemia Style 2011.6 Copper / Electroplated / Plastic Bead

At that time, I bought a Bohemia style skirt, so I decided to design some accessories to match the skirt.


New Fern 2011 Silver / Copper

The new sprouting fern resembles the imagery of a shy little girl. Although I am not a little girl anymore, I’m still looking forward to the day where my dreams come true. The bracelet looks complex but with some sort of uniformity, because each single fern-like unit was connected togetheras a single form.



The Rattle 2011.11 Wood

Hanging ornaments usually make noisy sound when hung on the bag as you walk. Why not make it an instrument that makes pleasant sound? The little rattles were thus created. This was also a tribute to my childhood memory as the realsize rattle was a traditional toy in eastern culture.



Graphic Design


Name Card 2012.4


Name Card 2012.6


Peter Chao 趙旻

T 0955794097 M

Peter Chao

Peter Chao


B FB趙旻)

Peter Chao






Peter Chao Photographer

Peter Chao Photographer

Peter Chao Photographer

Name Card Peter Chao Photographer

2012.12 photographer


T-shirt Design 2010.7




T-shirt Design 2011.7



Photography & Travel


Formosa Taiwan Sanzhi township in New Taipei City, Northern part of Taiwan.

My Dear Friend


My Grandma, she is 90 years old.



China 2012.8



Thailand 2010.8

Samui Island

My sister


My sister, she has been married since July 2012 in Vienna.

Vienna 2012.7


Italy 2012.7

The “Bridge of Sighs”.



Resource &Website


Wood working process





Rosie Yen's Portfolio  

2013Rosie Yen's Portfolio

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