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Photography & creator of magazine copyright of Rosie Hartshorn. First Published 2020. Models in magazine in order: - Cover model: Catherine Hyde - Rosie Hartshorn - Sam Grotzke - Catherine Hyde - Ezra Riley - Sian Green - Petra Blank

Hi I’m Rosie,

A photography student born within the digital age. In GEN Z I have selected a few individuals that society has labelled as ‘Generation Z’. Talking about any events and experiences they have endured in order to shape them into the people that they are today. GEN Z gives the opportunity of a voice for the models and how they want to create a difference in the future for the next generation. My recent work was for the refugee charity Open Hearts and Open Borders. An organisation that gives donated goods primarily for the refugee camps in France and Greece. These photos I took were used in their advertisements and by newspapers in order to promote the charity and their cause. The feeling of acceptance in a safe environment whether that be in your country, society or generation is area of work I am extremely passionate about. This is the foundation for the project GEN Z.

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