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A YeaR of hope 2013 Annual Report

A Year of Hope At Rosie’s Place, every minute, every moment is precious. We approach each new day as an opportunity to work with our guests toward a brighter tomorrow. We are here for them 365 days a year, 24 hours a day with a welcoming smile, a kind word, a hug. Whether a guest is seeking a hot meal, or a respite from the street, or a lifeline to housing and health care, we strive to meet her need, with unconditional love and understanding. We are pleased to share with you some of the highlights of our past year. The numbers only hint at our tremendous commitment to the 12,000 guests who passed through our doors. Our work throughout this year, or any year, cannot be accomplished alone. All that we do is made possible through the generosity of our donors, volunteers, and partners. You inspire us to extend our reach, to listen and learn and to always look for new, better ways to serve our guests. We are grateful for your continuing support.

August Dear Friend Who will be by your side as you turn the pages of your calendar? Who is there for you, month after month? We hope you have a long list…family, friends and colleagues upon whom you rely to fill your days with affection, opportunity, challenge and fun. As the months rush by, we take particular note of the new, the challenging and the different during the year. This annual report highlights some of our newest services, such as our onsite legal services for new Americans with questions and concerns about immigration issues, and some of our most challenging circumstances from the last year. Because of the growing numbers of women in need, we’ve increased capacity in our Homelessness Prevention Initiative and Advocacy programs and made more funds available to forestall eviction and utility shut-offs. Looking ahead, we celebrate our new drop-in breakfast for our guests, complementing our already busy lunch and dinner services, and continue to expand our support groups for women struggling with addiction, uncontrolled anger and difficulties in parenting. We invite you to learn more about our work through this report—and also by visiting us so you can see first-hand the amazing efforts your support makes possible. As we approach our 40th anniversary, we reflect on four decades filled with celebration, change and challenge. We know that the next decades will hold both promises for change and tests of our creativity and fortitude. Together, we know we are ready to make a difference for our guests! That you share your heart with us makes the burden our guests must bear a little lighter, a little easier. Your kindness means more than you will ever know!

With faith,

Isabelle Stillger Sue Marsh Executive Director President, Board of Directors


a year of stability Instead of sending guests with complex needs all over the

These experts join our other ongoing partners, such as

city with a referral, we offer specialists under our own

our employment counselor who helped 407 women

roof. In July, skilled lawyers began providing counsel

look for jobs this year, and our housing search specialist

and assistance to 279 guests on a range of legal

who assisted 410 women in finding a place to

issues—primarily housing and family law, Social Security

live. By bringing these experts in-house, we are able

eligibility and welfare benefits. Nine months later, we

to tailor the services to the specific needs of our guests

added services on-site to assist new Americans who have

in an atmosphere where they feel safe and supported

immigration questions and concerns.

confronting some of their most daunting challenges.

“The career specialist helped me find a job and my Advocate gave me the support and encouragement I needed to stick with it. It feels wonderful to be working again, and I’m grateful for all the help I got at Rosie’s Place.” - Marie S.

August At Rosie’s Place, we go beyond helping a homeless

For many of our guests, mental health problems, limited

guest attain housing…we help her maintain it. That is

English, physical disability, and chaotic family life are just

the mission of our Homelessness Prevention Initiative

some of the issues that may interfere with maintaining

Program—to offer newly-housed guests long-term

their home. They may find it too difficult to keep up with

support and assistance through monthly visits to their

rent and utility payments and housekeeping; working out

homes. In August, our bilingual stabilization worker

disputes with landlords can become overwhelming and

made a record 60 home visits to guests at risk of

ultimately jeopardize housing. During a home visit, we

becoming homeless again.

create a support system with the guest that might include referrals for mental health or substance abuse treatment, primary health care and medications, or help finding a job. We may provide direct financial assistance to prevent eviction, cover unpaid utility bills or purchase household items—whatever the guest needs to stay in her home. And our commitment is open-ended: we keep coming back, month after month.

“Rosie’s Place helped me find my apartment seven years ago, and I am still here with my children today. This is the longest I have ever been in one place, and it feels good. I look forward to the monthly visits—there’s always something to talk about and get help with.” - Norma O.


a year of support At the end of the first quarter, our busy Advocacy department had already logged 3,375 appointments with guests, well on the way to an annual total of just under 12,000. When a guest has a complex set of problems that require extended attention, she can feel secure that an Advocate will be there for her for as long as she needs us.

Our Advocacy staff, comprised of nine full- and parttime Advocates—five of whom are fluent in Spanish, Haitian-Creole, or Portuguese—offers our guests help with housing, health and wellness care, educational and employment opportunities, clothing, legal advice, transportation and emergency funds for eviction prevention and medications. Advocates also provide referrals and will serve as liaisons to other agencies. At Rosie’s Place, our Advocates never dictate solutions, but work with guests to identify possible answers to the challenges they face.


a year of engagement This month marked the launch of our Outreach Van. The van connects us to a new population of women in need: those who are too afraid or too marginalized to come to Rosie’s Place for services. They may be on the street as a result of addiction, severe mental illness, partner abuse, or involvement in the sex industry. Monday through Friday, our van staff visits underserved neighborhoods in Dorchester and Roxbury, and offers women vital resources and referral information as well as necessary items such as socks, toiletries, blankets, sandwiches and water.

The numbers of women approaching the van—some with young children—increased greatly over the course of the year. By the end of summer, the van staff was reaching out to close to 340 women each month. We are gratified to report that many of these women have come from the streets and into Rosie’s Place, where they are now receiving safe shelter, housing assistance and other services.

November Our Public Policy department is committed to providing

Over the course of the year, we registered 663 women

the tools that our guests can use to find their own voices.

to vote, both here at Rosie’s Place and at other area

We advocate at the state level on issues that directly affect

shelters. We also organized 18 public policy talks in

our guests and involve and empower them to attempt

which 240 guests participated, and we graduated 11

change through the political process. Leading up to the

guests from our public policy training series.

presidential election on November 6, we accelerated our guest-focused education, voter registration and “get out the vote” efforts. We published and distributed 1,000 English and Spanish voter guides and 225 “Know Your Rights” guides and hosted viewings of seven national and statewide televised debates. On Election Day, we organized 11 volunteers to drive 50 guests to the polls.

“The public policy training helps you think about how you can change things, how you can present your ideas to the legislature. The things that affect you are not only personal. You learn to take it to a whole different level.” - DeeDee S.


The holiday season is a special time in Rosie’s Place Overnight Program, which provides emergency shelter to 20 women for up to three weeks at a time. Because we understand that this time of year can be difficult for women who don’t have a place to go or a family to spend time with, we extend our guests’ stays from Thanksgiving through the New Year. We enhance the already homelike atmosphere of the Overnight living area with decorations and a tree, and we offer special foods and activities and distribute holiday gifts. We believe everyone should have a roof over her head, good food in her belly, and be among friends; we want no one to be alone during the holidays.

The Overnight Program is open 365 days a year to give a woman a warm, safe bed; three meals a day; and enough time to get her footing so she can best make a plan for what comes next. In the past 12 months, 216 guests found sanctuary at Rosie’s Place.


a year of security At the midway point in the year, our Rosie’s Place Groceries food pantry is already experiencing a stunning 27% increase in visits compared to one year ago.

An average of 1,900 women visit Rosie’s Place Groceries each month and leave with 20-40 pounds of healthy food for their families. While many pantries distribute pre-bagged groceries, our guests “shop” among shelves set up like a grocery store, choosing which items they would like from juices, grains, canned goods and more. And thanks to relationships we have developed with local farms, we can also offer women a wide selection of seasonal, nutritious fresh fruits and vegetables.

“Being able to come to Rosie’s Place for food I can cook at home makes a big difference. Now I can be sure my family is fed when the food stamps get thin. And there are so many vegetables! I’m happy that I can make some dishes from my country with them.” - Lena R.

February Through our unique arts program, arts@rosiesplace,

of the women participating for the first time. A

guests can participate in diverse activities that

total of 267 arts and crafts workshops were offered to

are educational and even transformational. In

guests, including dancing, fine arts painting, poetry

celebration of Black History Month, we highlighted

and songwriting, quilting, collage, jewelry-making,

prominent African American women in art, science,

and knitting. We led 44 trips to local museums, and

music and politics, with a special emphasis on the

then offered workshops related to the exhibits. In

life and work of tribal quilt artist Faith Ringgold.

addition, we presented 36 performances during the dinner meal from the Boston Symphony

Over the course of the year, 1,972 guests took part

Orchestra, local conservatories, community groups

in workshops and field trips, with more than 20%

and student performers.


a year of empowerment March saw the launch of our new Self-Advocacy

Other Self-Advocacy initiatives include diverse

Training Series. The five-week series engages

activities such as self-defense and de-escalation

women to develop problem-solving skills and

classes, iPad training labs, focus groups and skill-

confidence through eight sessions on topics such as

building workshops. We have also focused on guest-

healthy communications, financial wellness, self-care

initiated activities, resulting in a community garden at

and coping skills, being an informed consumer and

Rosie’s Place, with guests taking on the planning, tending

women’s empowerment. Rosie’s Place believes that given

and harvesting responsibilities. Guests also lead a weekly

the necessary tools, information and encouragement,

mindful walking group and a healthy cooking class.

poor and homeless women are able to make informed

Putting the reins in guests’ hands fosters growth and

decisions, to become more in control of their choices and

leadership development.

lives, and ultimately to be their own best advocate.

“Self-advocacy gives you the tools to build yourself back up. [Activities] improve your morale and get your energy and juices going. I have things to offer and Rosie’s Place is using them, for good purpose.” - Brandey D.


a year of sustenance As we do every year, we planned and hosted a festive celebration in our Dining Room to commemorate the day of Rosie’s Place founding—Easter 1974. Our 2013 anniversary party was a daylong event, featuring breakfast, an elegant brunch, and a special dinner. It is a day that current and even former guests look forward to; with a DJ on hand, the guests dance all afternoon, embodying the joyous spirit of founder Kip Tiernan.

Open every day of the year, our Dining Room serves a daily average of 215 poor or homeless women and their children who count on having a healthy and delicious meal. Overall, we served close to 80,000 hot lunches and dinners over a 12-month period. We don’t require our guests to line up and wait to receive their meals. Instead, volunteers and dining room staff serve them at the table, just as you would serve a guest in your own home. For many of our diners, it may well be the only respite in their day.


For the diverse group of students who take classes at our Women’s Education Center, May signals the end of the spring semester and a graduation ceremony. A total of 186 students received completion certificates for their weekly English as a Second or Other Language (ESOL) classes. We are proud that at Rosie’s Place each woman can attend a class or spend time with a tutor free of any charge.

Over the last school year, 80 volunteer teachers and tutors led classes and sessions in the morning, afternoon and evening, providing 314 women each semester with an opportunity to improve their skills and increase self-sufficiency. This is a 25% increase over the previous year.

“I need to read English better and this class is very good for me. I come with my friends and we can help each other inside class and after class too. I think it will help me get a job.” - Maria R.


a year of opportunity Volunteers of all ages are the lifeblood of Rosie’s Place.

These young people join close to 2,500

To enhance the experience of our younger volunteers, in

volunteers who donated more than 65,000 hours of

June we initiated the Social Justice Institute, enrolling

service this year. This is the equivalent of 32 full-time

29 students from area high schools. The Institute offers

employees, an increase of 16% over the year before.

them community service experience in combination

Thanks to this contribution by corporate groups, faith-

with exposure to larger social issues such as poverty

based organizations, schools, families and individuals,

and homelessness. Throughout the summer, students

we are able to keep our meals, pantry visits and classes

attended up to 10 social justice seminars presented by

available to all who seek them, and poised to grow to meet

local organizations and volunteered for a total of 852

an increasing need.


hours in our direct service programs.

“From Rosie’s Place, I’ve come to realize that social justice is not just about treating people equally, it’s also about showing people the kindness, compassion, and respect they deserve. Rosie’s Place shows the women that they matter and deserve kindness.” – Rebecca G.

Programs & expenditures PUBLIC POLICY $158,478 (2%)

Education and training to involve our guests in the legislative process


ADVOCACY $3,265,447 (36%)

One-on-one housing and employment assistance, counseling referrals, legal advice, wellness care, and homelessness prevention services. Self-Advocacy services engage and empower guests to become their own best advocates


Social enterprise providing guests with income, work skills and self confidence


Twenty-bed shelter where women find respite from the streets while they work with Advocates to identify more permanent solutions

PERMANENT HOUSING $249,226 (3%) Permanent, supportive housing for formerly homeless women, including those who are medically frail

WOMEN’S EDUCATION $933,187 (10%)

Free ESOL and Literacy courses taught by volunteer instructors and tutors within a familiar and supportive environment

FOOD PROGRAMS $2,346,220 (26%) Dining Room serves lunch and dinner every day of the year, and the Groceries program provides 22,595 shopping visits for free groceries in the food pantry




Rosie’s Place relies solely on private support and does not accept and city, state or federal government funding. In fiscal year 2013, $6,966,561 in operating support was raised. In addition, $2,304,546 was received through in-kind contributions of clothing, food, toiletries and volunteer hours. Net assets of property, equipment and cash were equal to $17,179,772 at fiscal year end. Please call the Development Office at 617.442.9322 to request our complete audited financial statement.

Founder’s Circle

a year of GENEROSITY Named in honor of Rosie’s Place founder Kip Tiernan, members of the Founder’s Circle contributed $1,000 or more during the fiscal year. Just as Kip depended on a small group of volunteers and their $250 contribution to open Rosie’s Place in 1974, so do we depend on the consistent generosity and involvement of these individuals to provide help and hope to thousands of women each year. We are very grateful for their support and dedication to our mission. Anonymous (124) Aaron and Shelley Abend Kamesh and Geeta Aiyer Susan Alexander and James Gammill The Alizadeh Family Ann and John Allegrini Sara Franks Allen Scott and Susie Allen Susan Alvey Gaille Anderson Amy Anthony Dennis Arinella Robert Armacost Elizabeth and William Armstrong Judith Aronstein and Joseph Rice Estate of Morris Backer Melora and Andrew Balson Cornelia Barnard Steven and Deb Barnes James Basta Christine and John Battaglia Lisa and John Batter Deborah and Alan Beck Emily Beck Georgette Beck Elaine V. Beilin Joshua and Anita Bekenstein Stephen P. Bell Mandy and Seth Berman Ruth and David Bernstein Lisa and Lowell Bircher Catherine Bird and Jonathan Delgado Jean Birnberg Peter and Pattie Bishop Kathi and Bryce Blair Estate of Cynthia Ann Blake Carolyn and Rob Blanks Ian Blaustein Jane and Robert Blauvelt Thomas Blecher Stephen and Maria Blewitt Jennifer C. Boal Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Boivin Janet M. Bombaci Jacquelyn Borck Matthew and Susan Botein Bob and Karen Boudreau Kathleen Bower and Carol Sestito Dorothy and James Boyle Susan Boyle Amy and Ed Brakeman Cherise and Robert Bransfield Karen Brennan Paula and Bill Bright Mark and Maureen Brill Jane Brock-Wilson

Ronn Bronzetti and Sara Reineman Hester and Robert Brooks Barbara Brown and Richard Zingarelli Kathleen Browne Stephen Buchwald Heather and Chris Buder Matthew Bunn Lalor and Patricia Burdick Marianne Burke Mary A. Burke Timothy and Carrie Burr Susan Okie Bush Faith J. Calhoun Susan Kelley Callahan Alice D. Campbell Barbara and Richard Campbell John Campbell and Susanna Peyton Patricia Campbell and Tom Kibler Sybil A. Campbell Kathleen Canty A. William and Carol Caporizzo Albert and Elizabeth Capraro Susanne Carlson Larry and Christine Carsman Phillip and Christine Carter Mary V. Carty Nancy J. Caruso Karl E. Case Christy and Jay Cashman Ronald and Ronni Casty Ralph Catalano and Jane Stabile Lynne Cavanaugh and Jim Kitendaugh Dr. and Mrs. David Cave Linda Cebula and Robert MacCready Fay Chandler Carol Chandor and Anthony DiSciullo Joanne Chang and Christopher Myers Amelia Charamba Eunice Charles Lucy Chie Derek Chilvers Patricia and Will Chiu Pamela Dippel Choney Jin Chung Patricia and John Ciarleglio Jessica Cirone Judith Engle Clifford Linda and Barry Coffman Christina and Tim Cohen Marjorie and Martin Cohn James M. Coleman Elisabeth and Kevin Comer Stephanie and John Connaughton Dana Conneally John and Eileen Connors Alison Coolidge and Tom Boreiko

Cecilia and Eduardo Cordeiro Dennis and Kathryn Costello Owen R. Cote, Jr. William and Susan Cotter John Coughlin Anne Covert The Cowper Family Patricia and Robert Currey Dave and Della Cushing Erin Daly Gerald Dameshek May Danberg Bruce B. Daniel Claudia Davidoff and Joseph Kahan Anne and James Davis In Memory of Phyllis Davis John M. DeCiccio Kathleen and William DeLuca David and Margaret DeLucia Daniel and Mary Dennis Kristen Desmarais Thomas and Laurie Desrosier Laurie Dewey Peter and Brenda Diana Barbara Dickenson Timothy and Deborah Diggins James Dillon and Stone Wiske Cheryl D. DiVito Elizabeth A. Doherty 2011 Rev. Trust Patricia Donahue Susan and Digger Donahue Kathleen Donohue and Mark Sanders Louise and Peter Donovan Robert Doran R. Michael Dorsch Deborah and David Douglas Nancy and Richard Doyle Estate of Helen Drury Cynthia and Norman Duffy Drs. Peter Dull and Judith Tsui Mary and Matthew Dunne Margaret Eckenroad Sandra and Paul Edgerley Caroline C. Edwards Frederick and Kimiko Ek Anne Freeh Engel and Samuel Engel The Engerman Family April Evans and Carol Furniss William Fabbri and Ann Goebel-Fabbri Stephen Fair and Rebecca Kirk Karen Falkner and Joseph Iacobucci Judith and John Felton Beth and Richard Fentin Mr. David R. Ferry William and Denise Finard Magnus and Autumn Fiore Palm

Barbara and William Holgerson Peter and Donna Hollinger Linda and Joseph Hooley Jill Hornor and Yo-Yo Ma Jennifer Houlihan Luisa Hunnewell and Larry Newman Susanna Hunt Viva and Geoffrey Hyatt Nick and Marianne Iacuzio Kathleen and Robert Ix Jonathan and Joanna Jacobson Madeline Brandt Jacquet Susan F. Jarvi Mary and Michael Jenkins Julia and Peter Johannsen Karen Johnson and Jim Broderick Susan and Glenn Johnson Drs. William and Carolyn Kaelin Sarah Kahn Deborah Kaplan Jana Kaplan and Janet Beaudoin Lynn Kaplan Anwar and Catherine Kashem Lisa Keglovitz Mary Kelley Annabelle and John Kellogg Ciaran Kelly Erin O’Connor Kent and Patrick Kent Bonnie Kirchner Lisa and Stuart Kliman Charles Kojabashian Susan M. Konarski Lee and Michael Koonce Brenda Koskinen Robert Kozik and Patricia Crane Diane Krause John Krawczyk Christian Kreilkamp and Dorothy Ahle Jane and Joseph Kringdon Anne Kubik and Michael Krupka John and Marilyn Kucharski Elka and Charles Kuhlman Deborah and Geoffrey Kurinsky Melissa LaBarge Jessica Ladd and William Brack Leslie Anne Lake Wendy Landman and Joel Weissman Caroline and John Langan Catherine and Jean-Pierre Lanteri Gloria and Allen Larson Jonathan and Jeannie Lavine Ruth and Christopher Lawler Joan LeBel Rob and Annette Leckie Eve Lee Patricia and Christopher Lee Teresa Lee Eugenia and Nelson Lees Mary Jane and Stephen W. Lenhardt Renee and Matthew Levin Andrea Levitt and Antoine Hatoun Sharon Ireland Lewis Nancy and H. Eugene Lindsey Marjorie Liner and Christopher Connolly Lillian and Nicholas Lippis

David Litwack and Mary Lambert Andreas Liu Jeanne M. Livermore Susan Lock Martha G. Locke William Lockeretz The Lombard Family Mary-Alice and Kenneth Loring Alice M. Lorusso Stephanie S. Lovell Anne R. Lovett and Stephen G. Woodsum Kiersten and David Lowe Colleen and Jeff Lowenberg Carolyn T. Whooley Lucas Jerry Ludwig William and Liane Luke Mary and Jeffrey Lynch Susan and Richard Lynch Pamela B. Lyons Peter J. Macdonald Cathryn MacInnes and Gerald Pearlstein Linda and Larry MacKay Stacy Madison Paul Maggiore Jeffrey and Tracey Maimon Lisa and Andrew Majewski LeRoy and Antoinette Malouf Claire Mansur and John Ryan Donna Marcin and Charles Van Meter David and Kim Markert Julie Marriott Sue Marsh and Brad Gove Rachel and Joseph Martin Thomas Martin and Alice Hoffman Carol Master and Sherry Mayrent Kristen Maxwell Michele May and David Walt Joan and John McArdle Jeanne F. McCann Mr. and Mrs. Shaun McConnon Kathleen McDermott Kimberly McDowell Michael and Veronica McElroy Kelly McGarr Carolyn and James McGarry Estate of Michael McGrath Frank McGuinness Thomas McKie Susan A. McLeish Susan and Jack McNamara Patrick Mehr and Helen Epstein Lisa and Theo Melas-Kyriazi Michelle Mello and Rakesh Chopra Maureen and James Mellowes Stephen and Carol Memishian Joan Middleton Mary Dockray-Miller and Michael Miller K. Millis Ann Milner Kathleen Mislan Joshua and Heidi Model Clark and Jane Moeller Helene and Richard Monaghan Michael E. Mone Lois M. Monge

Founder’s Circle

Jill and Michael Fischer Anne K. Fishel and Christopher B. Daly Thomas Fitzsimmons Walter J. Flanagan, Jr. Betsy Ford Lionel P. and Judith A. Fortin Daphne and Lawrence Foster Peter and Eleanor Frechette Jane Freedman, M.D. and Mark Iafrati, M.D. Dr. Joyce B. Friedman Hilary and Christopher Gabrieli Mr. David Gacioch Idonia and Nathaniel Gaede Ellen and Phil Gager Anne Gannon Gallagher Sharon Gallagher Deirdre Giblin and David DuBard Maryann and John Gilmartin Mary and Michael Gimbrone Andrea Giroux Ann and Paul Gleason Paul S. Goldberg Barbara A. Goldrick Nancy Goldrick Gail Goodman and Dave Swindell Christina and Michael Gordon Toni and Doug Gordon Ms. Mary A. Gore Elizabeth and Mark Gorman Kevin and Gunilla Gorman Laurie Gould and Stephen Ansolabehere Paul Grabscheid and Sheila Bloom Elisa Grammer Daniel Greenberg and Patricia Salt Lillian E. Greene Gillian and Richard Gregory Tim and Carolyn Grimes Francine Grodstein and Andreas Gomoll Gloria Guerrera Claudia and James Guertin Susan and Alan Guth Susan Smith Hager and Rodney Hager John and Claire Haggerty Estate of Elizabeth Haggman Cheryl L. Hamlin Stella Hammond Sarah and Thomas Hancock Stephen and Sally Harr Barbara and James Harrington Cheryl Harris Oliver Hart and Rita Goldberg Adele Peterdi Harvey Mr. and Mrs. Christopher P. Harvey Jerry and Margaretta Hausman Dan Hawkins and Carolyn Moss Phyllis Troupe Hawkins Howard Heller Judith Hellman Maryanne Hertel and Kevin J. Counihan Marilyn and James Heskett Jutta B. Hicks Evelyn Hitchcock Patricia and Galen Ho Mr. Robert Hockett Judy and Stephen Hoffman

Founder’s Circle

Judith Monosson and Robert Scherzer Barbara L. Moore and Jack A. VanWoerkom Maria Moore Betty Morningstar Wanda and Ronald Mourant Pat and Troy Murray Barry and Laurie Beth Nagler Ronald and Kathy Nath Maura Neely Richard and Ann Nemrow David and Sharon Neskey David Newbower Maureen and Dan Newman Kathleen and Richard Norman Leila G. Noveletsky Corinne Noyes George and Luanne Nugent Dr. Joseph and Ms. Molly Nye Stephen and Margaret Ober Annmarie and Robert O’Brien Randy and Bill O’Brien Virginia and Herbert Oedel Bill and Kathy O’Neill Carol S. and John J. O’Neil, III Patricia O’Neill Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. O’Neill Helene and Martin Oppenheimer Estate of Clara T. Ostrowska Peter and Christine Palladino Chris Parker and Stewart Rubenstein Faith and Glenn Parker Hope and Michael Pascucci Deborah and Mark Pasculano Lisa and Stuart Patterson Meghan D. Pelton Jan Pendleton Deidre O’Brien Pepi and Louis Pepi John Peters Kathleen Peto and Daniel Rice Jean and Scott Pilla-Pierce James Pinney Diana Pisciotta Orah and Richard Platt Jennifer A. Pline and Hans C. Oettgen Donn Posner Kelly and Stephen Pratt Jill and John Preotle Kenneth Pucker Jennifer Pyle Cynthia and John Quealy Galia Rabinkin Carey Radebaugh Soroya Rahaman Richard and Joanne Ramsey Robert and Anne Ramsey Susan and Jim Rapoport Linda Ratts Kelley Ray Janet C. Reckman Roger and Hannalore Reiser Gretchen and Christopher Reisig Sarah Reynolds and Danny Ertel Kennedy Richardson Leslie and Thomas Riley Judith Ritchie

Jane Brooks Robbins Marla Robinson Michael Roitman Gloria Rose David Roth and Marie Demay Dan and Sue Rothenberg Larry and Nancy Rowe Richard Rudman and Karen Greenberg Gwen Ruta Allison Ryder and David Jones Robert Sachs and Caroline Taggart Jeswald and Donna Salacuse Lynne and Warren Salzman Susan and William Samuelson Richard and Leanna Sands Mr. and Mrs. Nicola Savignano James P. Scales Mr. and Mrs. David Schelzi Peter and Cindy Schliemann Robert M. Schmidt Roberta and Bill Schnoor Antoinette Schoar Kathleen and Frederick Schultz Reinhard and Nina Schumann Robert Schwartz and Ruth Horowitz Barbara and Edward Scolnick R. Michael and Susan Scott Carol and Howard Seplowitz Karen Sepucha Sandra Serkess Michael Sgambati Dr. Sreenath V. Sharma Helen M. Sharp Phillip and Ann Sharp William Shea and Susan McConologue-Shea John Sheehan and Celia Clancy Wendy Sheehan and David Barbrow Joan Sheldon James D. Shields and Gayle M. Merling Kathryn E. Shine Alan and Susan Silberberg Marilyn Silva Hugh Simons Joseph Singer and Martha Minow Jus Singh Elizabeth Skavish and Michael Rubenstein Jane and Gordon Slaney Kathleen and Herman Slater Ellin Smalley Arthur R. Smith Cheryl Smith and Stephen Cox Edward and Catherine Smith Joan C. Smith Edie Snow Mark Sommer and Ellen Baker Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Soviero Stephanie and Brian Spector Anne and Lawrence Sperry Robert M. Sprague Thomas R. Sprague Donald Squires and Susan Warne Ann and David St. Germain Paula Sterite Laura Stiglin Isabelle Stillger

Pel Stockwell and Kimberly Druker Stockwell Scott and Anita Stricoff Katherine and Paul Stuka Leslie and Daniel Sullivan Brian J. Tarbox Merle and Michael Tarnow David V.N. Taylor and Susan Sargent Jonathan and Nancy Teich Richard and Karen Teller Jean C. Tempel James and Jean Thrall Joel C. Tillinghast John and Jane Tisdale Stokley and Jeanne Towles Mary Jane Trant Revocable Trust of 2008 Lisa Tung and Spencer Glendon Sonia Turek William Tyne Doug Urell Dorothy and Detlev Vagts Karen Vagts Lydia Vagts Henry Vandermark J. Edward and Nancy Varallo Marie and Salvatore Vaudo Ann Marie Viglione and Joe Jutras Mrs. Jeptha H. Wade Camille and Leslie Wallace Geraldine Waloga Janet and Joe Walsmith Veronica Walus Peter Wang Christine Wasson Roslyn M. Watson Barnet and Sandra Weinstein Harlan and Nancy Wengert Marty Wengert and Laura Dorfman Lisa Wesley and Michael Rosenstein The Wheatland Fisher Family Tona and Robert White Paul and Ann Maureen Wiencek Jane and Bruce Williams Kim Williams and Trevor Miller Catherine Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Wilson Abigail Wine and Lance Ramshaw Dyann and Peter Wirth Linda and William Wisnewski Adele Wolfson and Daniel Seeley Amy Woods Leila Yassa and David Mendels Mr. William Yee Rosemarie Yevich and Francis Drislane Judith Zahn Norman Zalkind and Emma Vesey Anne P. Zebrowski Jennifer and Bill Zola Jonathan M. Zorn

Designates donors whose support has spanned 10 consecutive fiscal or calendar years.

Rosie’s Place accepts no funding from the city, state, or federal government, therefore we depend on the support of our many generous corporations, foundations, and civic groups. Our organizational supporters range from religious organizations to corporate employee giving programs to foundation grants. All are vital to our ability to provide a comprehensive range of services to poor and homeless women. The following list represents those who contributed more than $1,000 this past fiscal year. We appreciate their continued generosity and support. Anonymous (18) 7 News-WHDH/WLVI Acton Congregational Church Adelphi Values LLC Adobe Systems Incorporated AGC Partners Lassor & Fanny Agoos Charity Fund Ahold USA Airxchange, Inc. Alchemy Foundation Alexander, Aronson, Finning CPAs The Allyn Foundation, Inc. Americo Francisco Fund, Estate & Realty/Charitable Trusts Americo J. Francisco Charitable Trust Amgen Inc. Apple Lane Foundation Associated General Contractors athenahealth The Atlantic Philanthropies Director/ Employee Designated Gift Fund Babcock Power Inc. The Paul and Edith Babson Foundation Bain Capital Children’s Charity Limited Bank of America Foundation The Baupost Group Adelaide Breed Bayrd Foundation Beacon Hill Circle for Charity, Inc. Beggs Family Foundation Leo H. Bendit Charitable Foundation Bentley University Bethesda Lodge No. 30 A.U. Bird Trust BJ’s Charitable Foundation Bertram D. Blaisdell Trust and the Greater Boston Bankers Association Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Blue Hills Bank Charitable Foundation Boston Benefit Partners, LLC Boston Capital Foundation Boston College School of Nursing Boston Financial & Equity Corporation The Boston Foundation Boston Interiors Boston Trust & Investment Mangement Company Broadway Cares-Equity Fights AIDS, Inc. Brown Brothers Harriman The Brown Charitable Foundation Bryant Associates, Inc. Building Owners and Managers Association of Boston Bushrod H.Campbell and Adah F. Hall Charity Fund Cambridge Sound Management, LLC CambridgeSide Galleria The Robert Campeau Family Foundation

Canaccord Genuity Chapman Construction/Design, Inc. Chestnut Hill Realty Cigna Citizens Bank Citizens Energy Corporation Cogan Family Foundation Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Cares, Inc. Colliers Meredith & Grew, Inc. Conn Kavanaugh Rosenthal Peisch & Ford, LLP Converge Diagonstic Services Covidien Covidien Employee Matching Gift Program The Morton and Dinah Danseyar Family Foundation Delta Dental of Massachusetts DePrisco Jewelers The Doe Family Foundation D & R Products Co., Inc. The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Eastern Bank Eaton Vance Investment Counsel The Ellison Foundation Emulex Corporation David and Margaret Engel Family Foundation Enterprise Holdings Foundation Environmental Health and Engineering, Inc. Fallon Community Health Plan Toby Feldman, Inc. Fiduciary Trust Co. First Congregational Church in Winchester The Fish Family Foundation FJN Charitable Foundation Flexjet Foundation M Frugal Fannie’s Fashion Warehouse Gallagher Benefit Services Garfinkle-Friedlander Family Foundation GE Foundation Genzyme Corporation Gildea Family Foundation Goedecke & Co., LLC Google Matching Gifts Program Gradient Harding Educational and Charitable Foundation Harvard Pilgrim Health Care The Helen G. Hauben Foundation Health Plans, Inc. Hellenic Women’s Club, Inc. Henry Hornblower Fund, Inc. Hershey Family Foundation The High Pointe Foundation The Highland Street Foundation Hingham Institution for Savings Hingham Mothers’ Club Houghton Chemical Corporation

The House Church Janet T. Hubbard Memorial Foundation Roy A. Hunt Foundation IMP Consulting Insight Performance Improvement, Inc. Ironman Foundation J. Jill Richard and Natalie Jacoff Foundation Joelson Foundation John Hancock Matching Gifts Program John Hancock Wealth Management JP Morgan Chase Foundation The Judy Family Foundation Justice Pottery Esther B. Kahn Charitable Foundation Keurig, Inc. The Klarman Family Foundation Kraft Foods Group The John P. Laucus Foundation Leaves of Grass Fund Leisman Insurance Agency, Inc. Liberty Mutual Libra Foundation, Inc. LoPriore Insurance Agency Ludcke Foundation The Frederick C. Lutze and Christian Rausch Family Foundation, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee The MacPherson Fund, Inc. Macy’s Foundation Hinda and Arthur Marcus Foundation Marriott Daughters Foundation Richard E. and Nancy P. Marriott Foundation, Inc. Massachusetts Convention Center Authority Massachusetts Dental Society Massachusetts Hospital Association Massachusetts Institute of Technology Massachusetts Society for Aiding Discharged Prisoners MassVOTE McGladrey LLP Meketa Investment Group, Inc. Abraham & Betty Menzin Memorial Fund Mercury Wire Products Charitable Foundation MetLife Foundation Volunteer Project Fund for Support MFI Engineered Components, Inc. MFS Investment Management Microsoft Matching Gifts Program The Middlemede Foundation Mistral Bistro MLS Property Information Network, Inc. Montana Peterbilt John C. Morrison & Eunice B. Morrison Charitable Foundation Morse Brothers, Inc.

Organizational Support

a year of GENEROSITY

Organizational Support

National Jean Company Nazareth Literary & Benevolent Institution NECN & Comcast SportsNet NEI, Inc. Neighborhood Health Plan Neighborhood Health Plan Leadership Team Nelnet Foundation New Balance Foundation New England Coffee Company The New England Journal of Medicine The New England School of English Newport Creative Communications NICE Employee Matching Gift Program Northeast Investors Growth Fund Curtis O’Hara Foundation Old Mutual Asset Management Charitable Foundation Oracle Acme Packet, Inc. The OutReach Foundation Oxford Fund, Inc. The Robert Treat Paine Association Partners HealthCare The Pennyghael Foundation, Inc. Joseph Perini Memorial Foundation Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program The P&G Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation Albert E. Pillsbury Trust Pinkham Busny LLP Pioneer Investments Trust U/W Fannie B. Pratt PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP Project Bread Proskauer The E. Lafayette and Etienette A. Quirin Foundation Red Sox Foundation Regis College Robert Reiser & Co., Inc An Anonymous Fund and Advisor at The Rhode Island Foundation The Rivers School Robert M. Currey & Associates, Inc. Ropes & Gray, LLP Rowe Foundation, Inc. Lawrence J. and Anne Rubenstein Charitable Foundation S&F Concrete Contractors, Inc. Sacajawea Charitable Foundation Saint Edward Parish Sally Weston Associates, Inc. Sankaty Advisors, LLC SAP America Inc. Saquish Foundation Savings Bank Life Insurance Company SBA Contractors Inc. Sealcoating, Inc. Shawmut Design and Construction Shell Oil Company Foundation Simon Family Philanthropic Foundation The Sims/Maes Foundation, Inc. South Shore Music Teachers Association Sovereign Bank Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem:

Priory of Saint David of Wales in New England Spencer Foundation The Seth Sprague Educational and Charitable Foundation St. Anne’s in-the-Fields Episcopal Church Starkweather & Shepley Charitable Fund at the Rhode Island Foundation State Street Corporation State Street Matching Gift Program Sudbury United Methodist Church Tazewell Foundation TJX Companies, Inc. TripAdvisor LLC T. Rowe Price Program Tufts Health Plan Tufts University Leonard Carmichael Society Tyco Matching Gifts Program Irving and Edyth S. Usen Family Charitable Foundation Valiance Partners, Inc. W. Margaret Lincoln Trust W.T. Phelan Insurance & Co. Agency, Inc. Wakerly Family Foundation Walmart Foundation Vila B. Webber 1974 Charitable Trust Webster Bank Welch Associates Land Surveyors, Inc. Wellesley College Wellesley Congregational Church Wellington Management Company Matching Gifts Program Westfield Capital Management, L.P. Wilson Butler Architects Winchester Hospital Winston Flowers Winter, Wyman & Companies Woburn Foreign Motors, Inc. World Changers Church International Xaverian Brothers High School Yawkey Foundation Youths’ Friends Association, Inc. Zelle Hofmann Voelbel & Mason LLP

Designates donors whose support has spanned 10 consecutive fiscal or calendar years.

The mission of Rosie’s Place is to provide a safe and nurturing environment to help poor and homeless women maintain their dignity, seek opportunity and find security in their lives.

board of directors Holly Clark Lynn Kaplan Michele May Deb Pasculano

John Quealy Kelly Race Isabelle Stillger Ann Marie Viglione

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Fiscal Year 2013 Annual Report  

A review of Rosie's Place and our services in 2013

Fiscal Year 2013 Annual Report  

A review of Rosie's Place and our services in 2013