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Honeymoon Cruise with a Difference!

A cruise on a pirate style clipper is perfect for a honeymoon cruise with a difference or a wedding on the high seas.

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Be Bold!

Stand out in Colourful Wedding Shoes!

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New Wedding Cake Craze

Cake Maker Extrodinaire Amelle of Amelle’s Kitchen tells us about the attraction of the new wedding cake craze - Macarons!





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Planning A Castle Wedding

Rosie The Wedding Planner tells you how to start your dream wedding castle search.

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Create A Wedding Dream Board

Our Honeymoon Tester and Life Coach Denise Duffield Thomas how to make your perfect wedding vision come true!

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Vintage Wedding Tips

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And The Award Goes To ...

We sent our Honeymoon Testers around the world to find the best beaches, best beds, best wedding venues and hottest honeymoon locations. Now, for the first time, Rosie The Wedding Planner brings you the results of their 6 month adventure!


Summer 2012


Rosie Meleady is the Editor of Rosie The Wedding Planner. Rosie has been advising couples about weddings for 12 years.

Going Back to My Roots! As a destination wedding planner, I often get invited to stay at some of the world’s most fantastic locations and venues. Some want advice on how to adjust their services for brides coming from abroad and need marketing direction on the best ways to attract more couples to their venue. Other venues want to show what they have to offer, so I can tell potential clients about it. However, with a business to run, deadlines to meet, couples to marry and a family, I can only get to a couple of locations per year. Honeymoon Testers Wanted So when my company went into business with a travel agency and we started Runaway Bride and Groom - a new destination wedding and luxury honeymoon

service - knowing our destinations first hand was essential in our sales plan.

ie s o R

deadlines, do vlogs and blogs and remain in love while they travelled the world for 6 months testing out some to the best wedding and Visiting and reporting back on as honeymoon destinations across many as possible of the Ireland and around the globe - all destinations we offered would be a expenses paid, plus a salary of full time job and for the full â‚Ź20,000. It was rightly named, The experience of each place to be seen Ultimate Job in The World. as a destination wedding or honeymoon location we decided Runaway Success we needed a romantically linked couple, to be our Honeymoon Within two weeks of announcing Testers. the position our publicity campaign went viral. As the MD The Ultimate Job in the World and voice of the campaign I did interviews around the clock with The day we launched the TV, Radio, Newspapers and Magazines from China to Chicago website, we set out on a search for from Auckland to Newfoundland. our Honeymoon Testers. All five continents covered our We needed a very special couple, story - we were on CNN, Fox, The who could write, report, work to Times, The Telegraph and then...


WEDDINGGURUROSIE Oprah called! A technical hitch got in the way of us announcing the ‘winner’ of the job on the show but hey... I got a call from Oprah! We also had TV production companies wanting to follow the testers or run the second Ultimate Job in the World. We signed a contract with one of the best movie production companies in Hollywood. It’s founder, David Wolper, was the creator of the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - My favourite movie of all time! (How chuffed was I?!)

Over 250,000 visits to our new website in six weeks The result was 30,000 people wanting to apply for the job from 98 different countries. With over 250,000 visits to our website in six weeks, our newly launched website zoomed up in rankings. After alot of ‘judging’ we announced our Honeymoon Testers - Denise and Mark Duffield Thomas. They were newly weds living in the UK with a perfect attitude to the job and life and they proved they could

produce high quality work in short deadlines. Over the next six months, we sent them to locations in New York, Mauritius, Zanzibar, Kenya, South Africa, Jordan, Malta, Thailand, Australia and Bali where they were treated like VIP honeymooners in each venue.

But hey...I got a call from Oprah! We gave them the extra challenge of renewing their vows where ever they went - this turned into a Guinness World Record attempt at the title of ‘Most Vow Renewals By One Couple’. The record stood at 84 and over a six month period we managed to have our Honeymoon Testers have 86 vow renewal ceremonies. This gathered a huge media following where ever they went. Word soon got back to the current record holders in the States and unbeknownst to us, they were quietly adding new renewals to their current record, so on submission of our paperwork we found they had pipped us to the


post by bringing their renewals up to 100 - a new record! We ‘vowed’ out of the challenge! Denise is Australian so after The Ultimate Job, our winning couple stayed in Australia and Denise started her dream career as a Life Coach. What better person to guide you to getting what you want in life! We have an interview with Denise in this issue about using dream boards to help achieving life dreams. The TV production idea proved too vast a project for US networks, Oprah moved on so we did not get our big US debuts, but boy did we have fun launching I still plan outbound destination weddings for Runaway Bride and Groom and inbound destination weddings to Ireland. I also ‘rent’ a fairytale Castle for wedding ceremonies, and and I run a busy commercial wedding website and blog. My new brand, now combines my passion of writing, magazine publishing, travel and wedding planning - welcome to Rosie The Wedding Planner!

Build a Champagne Tower! This is a great party trick for your hen night or after you have cut your wedding cake! Practice with 15 glasses and then double the size if you are brave!

Fun Gift for Brides (and Grooms!) Who Secretly Love Disney!

A champagne tower is essentially made up of successively smaller layers of squares. You’ll need a spillage tray as a base on a solid table. Start with a layer of 5 glasses on the bottom, then 4, then 3,2 and 1. Make sure each glass touches the surrounding glasses. When done right, there will be a diamond shaped gap between each glass. The stem centre of the glasses on the next layer should be over the diamond openings of the layer below. Repeat this assembly process until there is a single glass on top. Once fully assembled, begin slowly pouring Champagne from the the top glass and it will trickle downward. Practise with fizzy water a few times to gauge how fast you need to pour and the size bottle of champagne you need to use for a constant flow to really impress your guests! 15 glasses - start with a 5 glass base layer 55 glasses - start with a10 glass base layer 110 glasses - start with a 15 glass base layer 200 glasses (you brave thing!) - start with a base of 20 glasses


Send Mickey and Minnie an invitation to your wedding, they’ll send you and autographed photo! Write to: 500 South Buena Vista Street Burbank, California 91521, USA

Photography Tip: To get a shot of your wedding fireworks you need to have a camera set up on a tripod set with a slow shutter speed. It does require ‘how to’ knowledge so it is worth keeping the professional photo photographer the extra few hours.

TEA & CAKE RECEPTION Empty stomachs and alcohol are not a good mix! Have tea and coffee served in elegant vintage china after the ceremony as an alternative to drinks, for clearer heads! Me Auld China based in Dublin has a delectable range of china for hire. Mis matched china ads charm and interest!

If you are brave enough to try doing a DIY wedding cake, tattoo kits from Duff Goldman will make your life easier! Cake Tattoos instantly transform any two-layer cake into a creative work of art. This black and white elegant tattoo is easy to apply and will cover two tiers on a cake, 20 cupcakes or 20 cookies. Order online from Duff Goldman $11.99

Wedding Cake Pop Kit Jump in on the cake pop trend and make these decadent bite-size treats for your tea and coffee reception. Kit includes all you need to make 12 Wedding Cake Pops: white cake mix, white frosting, white melting chocolate, white gel writer, pink candy hearts, round cutters and cake pop sticks.

9Available from Duff Goldman for $19.99


YOUR FIRST MATE! You have probably gone on lots of holidays together as a couple, so your honeymoon should be something really special to remember and be a once in a lifetime experience. A cruise on a pirate style clipper could be just the thing! By Rosie Meleady


I love the romantic notion of sailing on the high sea - the sun, sea breeze and lull of the boat's movement as it rides the waves - but I'm having a Goldilock's moment. The idea of a big cruise liner with 4,000 people on board doesn't attract me - Too Big. Sailing around the Caribbean or Mediteranean on a crewed yacht for more than a few days would seem a bit claustrophobic - Too Small. I think, however, I have found the 'just right'.

with high standards of service provided by an attentive crew. All three ships have expansive teak decks, swimming pools, informal dining, a convivial Tropical Bar on deck and a comfortable piano bar. They are large enough to offer first class accommodation and dining, but small enough to call into intimate ports, untouched by large cruise ships.

The two smaller ships, Star Flyer and Star Clipper, take 170 A Swedish businessman, Mikael passengers each, with a crew of 70. Krafft, was the genius who thought The bigger boat, the Royal Clipper, of recreating graceful 19th century carries 227 passengers with a crew of style clipper ships for modern-day 106 and balances magnificence, sailing voyages. His first two vessels, adventure, luxury and tradition to Star Flyer and Star Clipper, were the create the ultimate seagoing tall ship first true clipper ships to be built experience. With 19,000 square feet since 1910, recreating square-rigged of open deck area and three trading `clipper’ ships that used to swimming pools, passengers enjoy a race one another across the great spacious outdoor environment oceans, delivering passengers and including 106 square feet of open cargo to the world’s trading ports. space per passenger. This exceeds The company now has three boats the individual space allotment on which passengers can enjoy the provided by most conventional cruise romance of sailing on board a true ships. tall ship, in a relaxed atmosphere Sailings from the USA or the UK. All the luxury of a cruise liner combined with the adventure of 4 or 5 masted tall ship. All you need now is your Johnny Depp!


If your dream wedding image has been on on the ocean, well this is the perfect boat for you! Combining the romance of sail with a spectacularly romantic ocean setting, sun-kissed marriage blessing take place on the upper decks of the company's four-masted or five-masted ships, conducted by the ship’s captain, attended by uniformed crew!

All three ships sail the Mediterranean, the Baltics, Central America and the Caribbean. During the summer and autumn the French & Italian riviera, Spain’s Catalonia, Balearic Islands, Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast and the ports and coastal resorts of Greece and Turkey are on the itineraries. Optional pre- and post-cruise land tours to give passengers time for an in-depth exploration of some of the most popular homeports and non-port cities. At the end of the summer season, Royal Clipper and Star Clipper head for their winter home in the Caribbean, while Star Flyer heads to Costa Rica.

The Royal Clipper’s interior spaces house a majestic three-level atrium Dining Room with a single-sitting, open-seating dining plan with varied international fare and a notie dress code. Among the other luxuries on-board is the Captain Nemo Underwater Spa and Lounge, an exquisite little hideaway that features floodlit underwater views through submarine portholes when the ship is anchored. There is also a Spa,

Passengers have the option to book the entire repositioning ocean crossing or individual segments of the voyages. For connoisseurs of sailing, an ocean crossing is the ultimate honeymoon experience, balancing the grandeur, adventure and tradition of open-ocean sailing with a sprinkling of exciting port calls, superb service, delicious cuisine and accommodation. The bigger boat has three swimming pools. The main pool is inset into the Piano Bar Lounge ceiling and has a uniquely designed glass bottom and side porthole design which filters light down through a three-level atrium to the Dining Room below, so you don't forget you are on the open sea! The indoor-outdoor Tropical Bar is situated on the Main Deck at the heart of the ship where passengers congregate throughout the day and into the wee hours of the night. This area can accommodate everyone on board and is the center for the nightly entertainment program as well as the focal point for all on-board activity and events.


Fitness Center, Unisex Hair Salon, Massage Room and the Skin and Body Treatment Center and retail shops on board. A four night Mediterranean sailing on board Star Clipper in July 2012 costs from £711pp, 7 nights in the Caribbean from £949 per person and 7 nights in the Med from £1248, including all meals and port taxes, based on two sharing. Prices exclude flights. Contact Star Clippers for more info:

Ivory Alencon lace A-line bridal gown with V-neckline, keyhole back and cap sleeves, satin ribbon at natural waist with floral organza applique and chapel train. By Tara Keely. (Style TK2201) Available from White Orchid in Swords, Dublin and Tracy Bridal, Galway


BE BOLD! There is nothing women like more than shoes, glorious shoes. Like many accessories for your big day, shoes are a personal choice and there’s no fixed rule saying that you have to wear traditional white or ivory ‘wedding’ heels. Gold, silver and bejewelled shoes are outshining white ones—and plenty are going even bolder with their shoe colour of choice. Why Choose Colourful Wedding Shoes? Sometimes it’s a favourite colour. Others opt for bright bridal heels to match the bridesmaid’s dresses or the groom’s tie and often custom dying the shoes is called for. In my own case I had a few reasons for choosing red shoes. I really wanted to wear a red wedding dress. As the months of wedding planning unfolded, this didn’t materialise – I actually loved the (white) dress I chose, so I thought that I’d add red via my shoes instead. They were unintentionally revealed getting out of the car at the church.

Height was another factor. Shoes that’d allow me to walk and dance and that could help me “pull off ” a long dress. 5 inches minimum was my requirement (I’m only 5 foot 2”) and for that kind of height I was looking at Christian Louboutins or Gina’s – both of which were stilettos which was not ideal for the walking or dancing I’d planned (we had an outdoor wedding in Gozo, Malta). Another reason was wearability after the wedding. Put simply, I’d never wear white shoes again so was determined to get a pair that I could wear with jeans and dresses in the future. And boy have I worn them often since! They’re my glam shoes for summer, my accompaniment to little red dresses and can give me the tall boost I need to dress up a pair of jeans.


‘The Ones’ were Terry de Havilland wedges. Loved by Kate Moss and Sienna Miller, they’re 5 inches high and come in various colours (red, pink, and blue) as well as metallics and snakeskin. They’re more stable than stilettos, great for garden parties (no heels getting stuck in the mud) and can give a bride extra height. Buy them online from or from Lara boutique, Dame Lane, Dublin 2. (€400-€500). I picked them up half price in the January sales. It seems that I’m not alone. Coloured shoes are peaking out from under bride’s dresses at more and more weddings and the trend is set to continue this year. Maeve McLoughlin married in a civil ceremony in Galway last summer and wore pink shoes which ended up being the same colour as the flower girl’s dresses. She too originally wanted a pink wedding dress but opted for pink heels instead of “traditional wedding shoes in white or ivory which I knew I would only wear once”. Her choice were cerise pink heels which she picked up for half price in BT2, ‘a sign’ that they were meant to be!

Where to buy your wedding shoes? If you’re splashing out on designer shoes, try Brown Thomas, or Harvey Nichols. Most labels have a coloured option as fluoro and colour is a key trend for spring summer 12. Celine, Terry de Havilland and Fitzpatrick’s shoes offer fantastic wedge options. Nando Muzi at Cocobelle, Royal Hibernian Mall, and Dublin 2 are gorgeous Italian leather peep toe heels which come in an array of colours. Amy Huberman opted for a nude/yellow pair of these for her wedding. Dune, Carvela, Kurt Geiger and Aldo all have fabulous, top quality heels for under €200. Regardless of your shoe budget, my only advice is to choose real leather shoes. The last thing you want on your wedding day is the dreaded pinch of an ill fitting plastic shoe! Will you be opting for bright bridal heels for your big day?

By Anne Marie Boyhan Founder and editor of awardwinning fashion website, Anne Marie’s wedding in Gozo was organised by Rosie The Wedding Wedding Planner!

Look closely and see Anne Marie’s Red Shoes peeping out!!



GOWNS2012 ALVINA VALENTA BRIDAL GOWNS STYLE: AV9202 Ivory and Champagne soft fluted Alencon lace bridal gown. Sweetheart neckline with beaded spaghetti straps and jeweled floral corsage, open back.Champag ne.

Couture Gown? Designer Label? Ready to Wear? What’s The Difference & How to Buy We see gowns we love at award ceremonies and on the catwalks and dream of the day we can get away with buying such a gown, our wedding day! So what is the difference between with Couture, designer and ready to wear? Couture Gowns Haute couture means 'high sewing'. Couture gowns are custom made for an individual client rather than made for retail stores and the general public. While they are designed by a

designer they are still different from a designer label gown as they are a custom-made dress for an individual woman. Materials used for couture dresses are usually exclusive to each couture designer. These materials are the finest available and are most likely designed and manufactured exclusively for a single couture designer. You will need to make an appointment to get a couture dress custom made for you. You can contact the designer's


showroom directly and make and appointment for a private consultation and fitting. Since a designer can only handle a small amount of clients a year, do not expect to be immediately accepted. Once you become a client of the designer, a vendeuse or salesperson, will supervise your couture experience. Expect to pay a starting fee of â‚Ź12,000 for a couture dress. This will include all your fittings, the materials and delivery of your dress.


Designer Labels It is generally recommended that you start searching for a gown at least 8-10 months prior to your wedding, as the process of selecting and ordering a bridal gown can take several months. Make appointments with bridal shops so the sales assistant can give you their full attention. While some stores do hold ‘off the peg’ or ‘off the rack’ dresses (ie. they are sold as is) the majority of stores that deal with designer gowns, just hold sample wedding dresses. You try on the samples, choose the one that you love and then your gown is ordered to be made for you. A lot of brides do use their wedding date as a time to get in shape and so alterations and several fittings are the norm. If you’re shopping last minute, you can sometimes have your dress made in a matter of weeks, but you may pay as much as 20-30% for express orders. This service is not always available , so to avoid disappointment shop early. So what’s in vogue this year? While the long-sleeved, lace dress that Kate Middleton wore to the altar at Westminster Abbey was among the most widely anticipated and admired bridal gowns in recent history,  I feel brides will still go for the strapless

dress and doubt many will opt for full length sleeves. As Kate Middleton had advisors on dignity, etiquette and a huge PR machine around her wedding I  would guess her choices of style would have been somewhat restricted. The majority of brides don’t have these ‘problems’ to deal with! Brides still want to be sexy and stunning on their wedding day and it is the one day in a girls life that she can really glam it  up and have a red carpet experience!

different look to the bride. Other 2012 wedding dress trends include fitted gowns that billow into cascading ruffles and other appliquéd details. Sequins and pearls are factors on many dresses as are removable sparkling and embellished belts and sashes. Current favourite bridal gown shades include candlelight white, ivory, the creamy pale shade of mocha and vintage pink are also making an appearance.

Long gowns remain the bridal standard but shorter dresses are Vintage and lace were already a being liked, again, this is the growing trend before the royal vintage influence creeping in and wedding, so lace bolero jackets are lots of my destination brides have a beautiful choice at the moment gone for shorter 1940s-1950s to create the illusion of long styled dresses. sleeves. These are great for destination church weddings where covered shoulders and arms are often requested. The bolero can then be removed after the service or before dinner, giving a completely


Ivory Chiffon and Organza floral embroidered bridal ball gown, from JLM Couture. Strapless Alencon lace bodice with curved neckline, drop waist, chapel train. Available in Ivory/Antique or Solid White/Solid Ivory.



THE NEW WEDDING CAKE CRAZE Macarons - tasty, fun and colourful! By Cake Bake Extrodinaire Armelle

Like anything else, wedding cakes and desserts have their trends, and sometimes one of them takes on a life of its own. While the cupcake is losing some speed, there is a sweet treat coming out with a big bang: the macaron!

Macarons have made a strong come back in France over the past couple of years, and they are starting to take over Ireland, big time … You can’t open a food magazine nowadays without spotting a mention for macarons. Food bloggers like them too, regularly posting recipes with more and more daring flavours. The one thing they definitely all agree on is that they are tricky to make.

When I baked my very first batch of macarons at the start of my business in January 2010, I could have never imagined how fashionable they would become … Macarons are two meringue-like almond biscuits, with a hard crust outside and soft inside, brought together with a flavorsome and smooth filling.

It’s no surprise then, that macarons are becoming popular with brides. Their versatility, both with flavours and colours, make them the perfect fashionable sweet treat to display and serve on your wedding day. I recently made some Champagne macarons powdered with

They can be more or less any colour and any flavour. These fun little bundles of joy are growing in popularity, fast!


gold, to complement the colour theme of the wedding; cream and gold. They were a big hit on the day!

Armelle is the owner of Armelle’s Kitchen in Co Kildare, Ireland Armelle is from the north of France and moved to Ireland in 2000. After working in restaurants and hotels, she took the plunge of started own business from home; and opened the shop in Kilcullen, Co Kildare in 2010, where she bake macarons, tartes, occasion cakes and other sweet treats in her open kitchen.

While macarons can be wrapped individually as wedding favours, they can also be displayed on three tier cake stands as table center piece or in the reception area. Macarons on cake stands give a great vintage touch to a wedding. For the wow factor, the must is a cone display. Each macaron is placed with a cocktail stick on the polystyrene structure, and you’re guaranteed your guests will be amazed! (Don’t tell anyone … I am planning an Eiffel Tower macaron display for my own wedding next August … shhh …) Just one last word, be careful where you order them from, because like anything else, there’s a wide variety of qualities and prices out there, so be sure to have a taste first!

Ashley Barry Professional Make-up Artist

Making Everyone’s Day Perfect!



ALVINA VALENTA Silk satin organza mermaid bridal gown with an asymmetrically draped strapless bodice and softly tucked skirt detail. With optional ruff (above). Back view (right). Available in White and Ivory. (STYLE AV9200) JLM Couture


ALVINA VALENTA BRIDESMAIDS Creme duet satin soft fluted bridesmaid gown with Ivory Chantilly lace overlay on bodice. Lace cascades down front and back of one shoulder sweetheart neckline, natural waist. (STYLE AV9168)


The Wedding Planner’s ‘Best of ’ Awards

Bwejuu Beach, Breezes Resort, Zanzibar

We sent one lucky couple, Mark and Denise Duffield Thomas around the world to test beds in honeymoon suites, pools and spas, golden beaches, wedding locations, wedding cakes and champagne.

After 6 months of all expenses travel and time to analyise their trip, here are the results of The Honeymoon Tester’s Ultimate Job Experience!


Mark and Denise at Ennistymon, Co Clare, Ireland (Falls Hotel) Photo; John Kelly

Special Mention:

Best Honeymoon Beach Winner: Bwejuu Beach, Breezes Resort, Zanzibar “Unbelievable fine white sand and clear azure water, Bwejuu beach has warm water to swim in and cocktails on hand at the nearby resort – perfect for honeymooners!”

• • •

Whitehaven Beach, Queensland Australia Legends Resort, Mauritius Kempinski Aqaba, Jordan

Best Wedding Photo Location Winner: Day Dream Island, Australia

Mark and Denise on Dream Island, Australia

“As the sun sets on another gorgeous day on Day Dream Island, it’s the perfect backdrop for a romantic photo.” Special Mention: •The spectacular falls outside the Falls Hotel,

Ennistymon, Co Clare, Ireland

•The 15th century piazza at the Corinthia Hotel,



The Pool at Mövenpick, Tala Bay, Jordan

Best Hotel Spa Winner: Tranquillity Spa, White’s of Wexford, Ireland “Spend an afternoon in the Thermal Suite at White’s of Wexford and you’ll feel reborn and ready for a romantic dinner.” Special Mention: The bright and cheery Seascape Spa at the Silver Tassie Hotel, Donegal, Ireland • The exotic Zara Spa at Mövenpick Hotel, Jordan • The relaxing and traditional spa at the Amala, Bali • Sea Temple, QLD Australia •

Best Pool Winner: The Mövenpick Tala Bay, Jordan

Swankiest Hotel Suite Winner: Suite 42H, The Waldorf Astoria, New York

“The Mövenpick Tala Bay has a stunning 3,000 sqm of “A stay at the historic Waldorf Astoria is a dream come pools interconnected with water-bridges and true for any honeymoon couple. The opulent setting waterslides. It’s beautiful as well as incredible fun.” and gracious staff made us feel like true New York royalty.” Special Mention: Special Mention: • The palm tree flanked pool at Beau Rivage, Mauritius • Jump straight from your room into the pool Hayman • The unbelievable view from the Radisson Blu, Malta Island, QLD, Australia • The impeccable Sukhothai Hotel, Bangkok • Underwater music is just part of the charm at Baraza • The stunning Quay West Hotel, Brisbane Australia Hotel and Spa, Zanzibar • The infinity pool with sparkling lights is stunning at Paresa, Phuket

Baraza Hotel and Spa, Zanzibar


The Waldorf, New York


Friendliest Staff and Best Service

honeymooners incredible food without piling on the holiday pounds”.

Winner: Tonsai Bay, Koh Samui

Special Mention: • • •

“The staff and management at the Tongsai Bay are just a delight. Always friendly, they go out of their way to make your honeymoon a wonderful experience”. Special Mention: • • •

Breezes Resort, Zanzibar Tipilikwani Camp, Kenya Waldorf Astoria, New York

Meliá La Quinta, Spain Castle Leslie, Ireland Pethers Rainforest Retreat, Queensland Australia

Best Veggie / Vegan Meal Winner: Mount Juliet

Best Food & Drink

“The chef lovingly made a personalised vegan menu which was one of the best meals I’ve had in my life – vegan or not. Absolutely sublime. Every ingredient was unbelievably fresh and tasty”.

Winner: The Balé, Nusa Dua, Indonesia

Special Mention: • • • •

“A brilliant mix of healthy gourmet cuisine and traditional Indonesian, The Balé offers

Castle Leslie, Ireland


Castle Leslie, Monaghan, Ireland The Celtic Ross Hotel, Rosscarbery, Ireland Baraza Resort, Zanzibar Mövenpick Hotel, Jordan

Best and Most Romantic Bed Winner: Meliá La Quinta Golf & Spa Resort “For honeymooners, a big bed with crisp white sheets is the ultimate in luxury. The Meliá’s gorgeous beds are a delight.” Special Mention:

Best Hotel / Resort Buffet

The giant king-sized beds at Paresa Resort, Phuket Our shell and sand flanked bed-frame at Legends in Mauritius • Michael Jackson’s bed at Ballinacurra House, Kinsale, Ireland • •

Winner: Sukhothai Hotel, Bangkok “The incredible breakfast buffet at the Sukhothai Hotel, Bangkok has virtually every kind of food you can imagine. I would have stayed there all day if they let me”. Special Mention:

Best Private Villa Winner: Baraza Resort & Spa, Zanzibar, Tanzania

The Jordanians know how to do a buffet. The Tala Bay in Aqaba do a fantastic one! “Decorated in luxurious gold and white with a • Evening BBQ buffet at the Radisson Blu, Malta • The incredible spread at Legends Resort, Mauritius spectacular marble bathroom and private azure plunge pool, the beautiful private villas at Baraza are a stone’s throw to the beach and any whim is a phone call away to your private butler.” •

Best Tour Guide

Winner: George from Twiga Tours, Kenya

Special Mention: Beau Rivage, Mauritius. The sunken marble bath looking over the private plunge pool is spectacular. • You’ll never want to leave your tropical villa at The Balé, Nusa Dua, Indonesia •

“George was a wealth of knowledge about all the animals we saw. We spent 10 days with George and he made our safari incredible. He was always interesting and never impatient with our barrage of questions.”



Kenyan Safari, Camp Tipilikwani

Best for Nature Lovers Winner: The Menjangan Resort, West Bali, Indonesia

beach and a nightly romantic movie in their dedicated cinema are just some of what’s on offer” Special Mention: • • • •

“Set in the incredible West Bali National Park, the Menjangan is surrounded by rare species of flora and fauna, beautiful beaches and miles of natural and unspoilt parkland.” Special Mention: • • •

Thala Beach Lodge, Port Douglas, Australia Tongsai Bay, Koh Samui Pethers Rainforest Retreat, Queensland Australia

Best Honeymoon Activities Winner: Legends Resort, Mauritius “Every day Legends has a range of mostly free activities to keep honeymooners entertained. Water sports, boat trips, competitions, cocktails on the

Camp Tipilikwani, Kenya Falls Hotel, Ireland. Breezes, Zanzibar Meliá La Quinta Golf & Spa Resort

Best for ‘Wild’ Lovers! Winner: Kenyan Safari, Camp Tipilikwani “An African safari is an unbelievable experience for honeymooners. Seeing lions, giraffes and elephants in their natural environment was a dream come true for us and the knowledgeable tour guides made it an incredibly memorable honeymoon.” Special Mention: Kangaroos, koalas and crocs in Port Douglas, Australia • Horse lovers will love to on a camping trek in Jordan •


ROSIETHEWEDDINGPLANNER SPRING2012 Mark and Denise renewing their wedding vows on a waterslide in Australia

Best Honeymoon for Water Lovers

holiday in a tropical location but a holiday that will leave you glowing with good health”. Special Mention:

Winner: The Great Barrier Reef, Queensland Australia

• •

“There’s nowhere in the world better for diving and snorkelling than the Great Barrier Reef. It’s just as beautiful as it looks in the tourism photos. Put it on your must-do list” Special Mention: • • •

The Amala, Seminyak, Bali The Balé, Nusa Dua, Indonesia

Best Honeymoon Suite Bathroom Winner: The Paresa, Phuket

Sparkling clear water in Aqaba, Jordan Fishing and boat trips in Dun Laoghaire Diving at The Menjangan Resort, West Bali

“Our bathroom at the Paresa was bigger than most private villas. The unique glazed hand basins were memorable and the view of infinity pool with a back drop of the ocean was spectacular.”

Best Healthy Honeymoon Winner: Samahita Wellness Retreat, Koh Samui, Thailand “Twice daily yoga, holistic treatments and incredibly fresh food, a visit to the Samahita Wellness Retreat is not only a spectacular


Special Mention: The copper Victorian bathrooms at Castle Leslie The spectacular mirrored bathroom at Sukhothai Hotel, Bangkok • The Balé, Nusa Dua, Indonesia • •

Special Mention:

Best Self-Catering

Daily rose petals on our bed at Tongsai Bay, Koh Samui • The complimentary chocolate truffles at Sukhothai Hotel, Bangkok • Afternoon complimentary snacks at Paresa Resort, Phuket •

Winner: Trident Holiday Homes, Ireland “With homes in Ireland’s most beautiful towns, Trident offers a range of luxurious and affordable self-catering holidays so you can experience the best that Ireland has to offer”. Special Mention: • • •

Best Honeymoon Massage

Mount Juliet apartments Winner: The Hot Stone Massage at the Kenmare Bay hotel apartments Pepper’s Beach apartments, Port Douglas, QLD, Falls Hotel, Ennistymon, Co Clare, Ireland Australia

“We’ve had massages all over the world and the hot stone massage at Falls Hotel is the ultimate. This massage was almost a transcendent experience; I never wanted it to end. I’ve never felt more relaxed and pampered”.

Best Hospitality Award For those special touches and going above and beyond.

Special Mentions:

Winner: Beau Rivage, Mauritius

The transformative Reflexology Massage at the Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel, Dalkey, Ireland. • The vigorous Oatmeal Scrub Massage at Samahita Wellness Retreat, Koh Samui, Thailand •

“We had a private butler on speed dial but the service anticipated our every need with the most pampering attention to detail.”

Hot Stone Massage at Falls Hotel

Kenmare, Co Kerry for Self Catering


Best Destination Wedding Awards

Best Wedding Celebrant Winner: Dara Molloy, Aran Islands, Ireland

Most Memorable Wedding

“Dara, a Druid priest led us through a very private and moving ceremony invoking the four universal elements. Dara made our vow renewal incredibly special with his calm and spiritual presence”.

Winner: Masai ceremony at Camp Tipilikwani, Kenya “Getting married by the Masai tribe was one of the highlights of my life. It was very moving to be included in such a famous and proud cultural tradition. We’ll treasure the memory forever”

Special Mention: Wayne Rees at the Thala Beach, Australia conducted our gorgeous Castaway wedding perfectly in character as the Skipper. • Marek at the Paresa, Thailand for his very personalised ceremony • Rev Susan in New York who performed 5 ceremonies for us •

Special Mention: Shark and Stingray Lagoon, Day Dream Island, Australia • Corinthia Hotel, Malta •Wadi Rum desert wedding, Jordan •

Best for Beach Weddings Winner: Mauritius “Mauritius is one of the most romantic and beautiful places in the world. Every view looks like a screen-saver – you’ve never seen such beautiful beaches. For a beach destination wedding, you can’t get past Mauritius.”


Special Mention: Zanzibar is an unforgettable location for a beach wedding and you can go on safari to Kenya for your honeymoon. • Bali is such a popular wedding destination and it’s not hard to see why. It’s a relaxed, chilled and beautiful place. •

Best Flowers Winner: The Balé, Nusa Dua, Indonesia

Legends, Mauritius

“Using local frangipanis and natural foliage, the team created me a spectacular bouquet and a flower strewn aisle that was just unbelievable. All of the flowers were grown onsite and were created by the wedding team.”

Best Wedding Team

Special mention:

Winner: Lifestyle retreats, Indonesia

• •

Lifestyle retreats organised weddings for us over three venues and were instrumental in delivering impeccable logistics for our vow renewals, including fantastic locally made decorations, photographers and local flowers.

Beau Rivage, Mauritius Sukhothai Hotel, Bangkok

Best Wedding Cake Winner: Beau Rivage, Mauritius

Special Mention:

“A gorgeous confection of cream and macaroons, this was a beautiful wedding cake.”

• •

Special mention: •

The wedding team at the Radisson Blu, Malta The events team at Tourism Queensland

Baraza Resort, Zanzibar for a unique toffee and cake extravaganza Bali


Honeymoon Suite, Fitzpatrick Castle , Dublin

Best of Irish Wedding Awards Best Bridal Hair and Makeup Team

Best Honeymoon Suite Winner: The Royal Suite at the Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel, Dalkey

Winner: Silver Tassie Hotel, Donegal, Ireland

“The Fitzpatrick’s Royal Suite is a sumptuous suite, fit for a King and Queen on their honeymoon. Tea and scones on arrival is a must to complete your stay”

“The Silver Tassie has a hairdressing salon on site and with the Seascape Spa’s dedicated mineral makeup artist, you have everything you need for relaxed wedding preparation.”

Special Mention: • • •

Special Mention:

Celtic Ross Hotel, Rosscarbery Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire Ferricarrig Hotel, Wexford


Kenmare Bay Hotel

Most Romantic Venue

Best Private Estate Weddings

Winner: Johnstown Castle, Wexford

Winner: Mount Juliet Estate

“Johnstown Castle fulfils every romantic wedding dream. It’s got historic charm, incredible grounds and numerous photo opportunities. Perfect for a small, elegant wedding, Johnstown Castle is Ireland’s most romantic wedding venue”.

“Mount Juliet is a beautifully private and luxurious estate for a country-inspired wedding. The team is dedicated to providing a second-tonone wedding experience”. Special Mention: • •

Special Mention: • • •

Castle Leslie Ballinacurra House, Kinsale

Royal Marine Hotel Mount Juliet Estate Ballinacurra House

Destination Wedding and Luxury Honeymoon Specialists


Rosie !e Wed"ng Planner’s Guide to

Castles & Manor Houses for Weddings in Ireland

Castles and Manor Houses are the ultimate romantic wedding venues. Ireland is fortunate to be blitzed with fabulous manor houses and castles which are available for weddings. Some are still family homes which can be hired exclusively for events, a lot have been converted into 4-5 star rated hotels and others remain maintained close to how they were when last lived in by nobles and royalty. Many of the venues offer the opportunity for exclusivity and as they have held out the fiercest of intruders during their histories, their walls offer solace away from prying eyes. This is why a lot of celebrities choose castles around the world to have their luxury weddings. However, you do not have to be a celebrity, want exclusivity or have a limitless budget to have your dream castle or manor house wedding. With research your dream wedding can be yours and keep within your budget. Johnstown Castle Ceremony Room

Rosie The Wedding Planner’s Castles and Manor Houses for Weddings In Ireland, offers a unique quick reference guide to each castle and manor house in Ireland. You can see at a glance if the venue suits your requirements; number of guests it accommodates both for reception and overnight, if you need to bring in a catering company, etc., so your research time for your perfect venue will be cut drastically. Once you have narrowed your options down, feel free to contact Rosie The Wedding Planner who can help you narrow down your choice to suit your needs and help you find everything else you need for your perfect wedding FREE of charge! Just mention this guide!


Rosie !e Wed"ng Planner’s Guide to

Castles & Manor Houses for Weddings in Ireland The Legals

The magical beauty of Ireland draws many couples in search of a special destination wedding. While the island is filled with unique wedding venues, one of the most special locations for an Irish wedding is a stately home or castle. Thanks to a law that went into effect in November 2007 Getting married in Ireland is now quite easy.

Powerscourt House Hotel

The best website to visit about the legals required for legal wedding in Ireland is: Paperwork needs to be submitted at least 3 months in advance of your wedding date. The couple then need to meet with a registrar at least 5 working days before the wedding. You do NOT need to stay in Ireland for the 5 days (ie. there is no residency requirement), so this meeting can happen months before the wedding. For More Information: General Register Office, Joyce House, 8/11 Lombard Street East, Dublin 2. Tel: (01) 6711000


Rosie !e Wed"ng Planner’s Guide to

Castles & Manor Houses for Weddings in Ireland Making A Booking

If you will be bringing a lot guests to your wedding, consider reserving or block booking rooms for your guests. A ‘room block’, is a group of rooms set aside specially for your party. The venue should offer a discount or a special group rate for your guests. However, be careful not to over book, as you may be required to sign a contract committing to a certain number of guest rooms and if all the guests don’t show up or i should they decide to stay elsewhere you will be paying the bill. On the contract check the small print as some castles will require that 100% of the rooms be booked for a set number of days while others may have a minimum guest reception requirement. The date for cancellations will vary as well so it is most important to get everything in writing and read it! Having the wedding ceremony and the reception in the same physical location can simplify your day and save money. Remember, if you select a popular location there will be many other couples interested, so you should schedule as early as possible. A lot of popular venues and dates go one to two years in advance. The sooner you start your search the more options you will have.

Johnstown Castle Ceremony Room

You should have the following list at hand when considering a wedding reception/ceremony venue: • Rental fee: The cost of the venue and amount of deposit required are crucial details. • Food Cost: Price per person. • Capacity: Can the venue accommodate the number of guest you are inviting? • Cancellation Policy: If you cancel will you loose deposit/all payments made to date? • Music: The rules and regulations about noise and music. • Access: If any of your guests have disabilities it is important to check if the venue has appropriate access and facilities.


Rosie !e Wed"ng Planner’s Guide to

Castles & Manor Houses for Weddings in Ireland Restrictions Some castles and manor houses are available for wedding ceremonies but not receptions, to cut back on the risk of damage to historic floors and furnishings. Other venues are only available for ceremony and reception and have limited or no overnight accommodation facilities. So if you choose one of these, check out where the nearest hotels are and think about how you are going to transport your guests from the function to the accommodation. Find out how often the venue you are interested in hosts weddings. Those that have weddings regularly often have an in-house wedding coordinator who can help you with your plans for no extra cost. Also venues which have regular weddings usually have on site catering or work closely with a local catering company which they can recommend rather than you having to search for your own caterer.

Dining Room of Kilashee House


Rosie !e Wed"ng Planner’s Guide to

Castles & Manor Houses for Weddings in Ireland Pre Wedding Visit

Couples who are planning a wedding in Ireland with guests often make a pre-trip to work out the details. A pre-trip or site inspection, either with your intended or with a friend or bridesmaid, will give you a chance to work out the details with your wedding planner, food and beverage managers and your photographer.

When planning a site inspection: • • • • • • • • •

Sheen Falls

Book your trip Schedule a time to meet with the wedding coordinator Schedule a time to meet with food and beverage Arrange a tasting of foods to be served at your reception Meet with the photographer you are hiring Visit your ceremony location or arrange to meet with your wedding celebrant to ensure you are clear on the legal documentation needed Visit the various areas available for your wedding ceremony and reception Discuss bad weather contingencies and see site options Get information and advice about airport transfers, bus service, and tours.

Some ideas during your pre-trip: • • • • •

Check local stores, tourist offices and markets for welcome packs to greet your guests upon arrival. Some things you could include are: postcards, stamps, t-shirts, caps, art or craft work, books, brochures. Talk with the venue about arranging optional tours, activities or day trips for your guests. Ideas can include whiskey/stout tastings, golf, fishing, shopping trips, boat rides and visiting local attractions. Discuss the options for a bar: open bar, paid bar, wine served, etc.


Buy Rosie The Wedding Planner FULL Guide to Castles & Manor Houses for Wedding in Ireland and you will have instant access to:

ie Ros

!e Wed"ng Pla nner’s Guide to

Castles & Manor Houses for Weddings in Ireland

Full information on over 70 gorgeous castle and manor house venues across Ireland which cater for weddings. Great planning tips and advice about planning your castle or manor house wedding from Rosie The Wedding Planner.

To buy the full ebook guide now for only €5 Click Here!

Other ebooks Guides by Rosie The Wedding Planner: Ro


!e Wed"ng Planner’s Guide to

Wedding Castles in Italy & Malta



!e Wed"ng Planner’s Guide to

Wedding Castles in Great Britain & Wales

Available through 40


Castles, Manor Houses and stately family homes are the perfect venues for Vintage themed weddings. Johnstown Castle, Wexford (above) is one of the most beautiful vintage venues in Ireland available for wedding ceremonies. Photo by: Natalja Murphy Photography Model: Flavia Woulfe Dress design and Styling: Jurgen Alexander 41



Briefly: Sleeps 111 rooms Reception facilities: up to 450 Catering: In house +353 (0) 1 8332321

Located in Dublin's suburbs, Clontarf Castle Hotel is part of a privately owned Irish collection of hotels. With turrets, tapestries and an ancient history, the thick castle walls conceal a hotel interior that recently went under a ₏10 million makeover. Weddings The Great Hall is a spectacular venue for numbers of 100+ guests. Fully self contained with it’s own private pre-reception area and bar, it has a plush Gold & Cream colour scheme, wonderful high ceilings and Louise Kennedy Crystal chandeliers. Other attractive options include the Viking Suite for weddings of 40 persons upwards. As part of Clontarf's wedding package and bride and groom can enjoy a complimentary four poster bedroom for the night of their special day.

Accommodation and Facilities The castle has 111 guest rooms and suites, many with four-poster beds and views of the Dublin Mountains. Guest rooms' comforts include: TV, pillow top mattresses, direct dial telephone, safe, individually controlled air conditioning and climate control, 24 hour room service, mini bar, hairdryer, tea and coffee making facilities, trouser press, laundry/dry cleaning and US and European electrical sockets. There are 180 complimentary parking spaces, and 25mb high speed wifi for all guests. 42



Briefly: Sleeps 60 rooms Reception facilities: 140 Catering: In house +353 (0)26 41074

The Castle Hotel is a luxury 4 Star Castle Hotel Macroom, nestled between Blarney & Killarney. While not actually a castle, the hotel is only a short walk from the remaining facade of Macroom Castle where you can have photos taken. The hotel, that is owned by the Buckley Family, has been looking after wedding couples for over 60 years. It has modern decor and facilities and offers great value for money and is ideally located in a busy village while surrounded by breathtaking beauty spots. Weddings Tranquil setting and beautiful scenery. The Castle Hotel is close to Gouganne Barra, home of one of Ireland’s most pretty catholic chapels and close to the Blarney Stone for a different first kiss! Old word hospitality and contemporary elegance will greet you - Red Carpet, candlelight hallways, champagne, award winning food and hospitality and a music filled lobby are just a sample of what to expect. Accommodation and Facilities All rooms have tea/coffee making facilities. TV, safe, telephone, etc. Three new contemporary hotel bedrooms are extremely stylish with rich wood, king sized beds, plasma screens and whirlpool baths. Our two superior suites offer exceptional space and style, and the ultimate in luxury. Perfect for that special occasion or romantic celebration. 43



Briefly: Sleep: 42 Rooms & Self-catering Reception facilities: 320 Catering: In house +353 (0) 71 9632700

Ancestral home of the Earl of Leitrim, the House and Garden date back nearly 200 years and have been enhanced and developed ever since. Although more of a Victorian Manor it was called Lough Rynn Castle and was without doubt the finest big house in the country in its time. The gothic style architecture, traditional walled garden and converted French Stable yards provide a fairytale castle experience. Weddings Couples that book Lough Rynn have the entire Castle estate at their fingertips. The open lawns, and woodland pathways around Lough Rynn are perfect backdrop for timeless pictures. The lawns provide a breathtaking setting for a Champagne or Drinks reception on a Summer's day - and the Castle's backdrop is equally spectacular for a Winter Wedding. The Ballroom at Lough Rynn Castle can cater for up to 320 people while providing exquisite dĂŠcor that sets a tone of opulence underneath magnificent chandeliers. Accommodation and Facilities Each Classic Bedroom provide guests with old Style elegance with modern day comforts, all are en suite with beautiful antique furniture. Facilities include; TV, complimentary internet access, trouser press, Iron & board, direct dial telephone, hair dryer, electronic Safe, in room temperature control with under floor heating. 44



Briefly: Sleep: 96 rooms Reception facilities: 280 Catering: In house +353 (0) 74 9743152

Lough Eske Castle, a five star castle hotel is located just outside Donegal Town, has a rich history dating back to the 1400's being associated with the O'Donnells, the founding fathers of Donegal. This is an historic building in a storybook location delivering superior hospitality and comfort.

Weddings An enchanting, majestic, fairytale setting with plenty of opportunities to capture unique wedding photos. Lough Eske is licensed to hold Civil Marriage Ceremonies. Couples have a choice of stunning rooms in which to hold their marriage ceremony, each with its own character and beauty. Their dining facilities can cater for up to 280 guests with food prepared by Donegal’s award winning and Michelin trained Executive Chef, Philipp Ferber. Accommodation and Facilities Ninety-six luxurious 5 star guestrooms and suites including the two bedroom presidential suite, voted the world’s best Luxury Country Hotel 2009 and 2010. Eight treatment rooms in our award winning spa for pre and post wedding pampering. 45



Briefly: Sleeps: 26 Reception facilities: 80 (marquee also)

Catering: In house +353 (051 565633

Horetown House is a traditional house of it’s time, built in 1692, boasting a grand reception hall, reception rooms on the ground floor, 10 luxurious bedrooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors and a pub in the original wine cellar. This Palladian building has been restored for comfortable living by its present owners. Weddings You can hire the 16th Century Country House for your wedding day or for the 3 day wedding experience with all your drinks and food catered for. The house can cater for weddings up to 30 guests or they offer a free marquee service for bigger wedding parties and there is free transport option to a hotel in town for excess guests. Civil ceremonies can take place in the rooms of the house, however the house was the marital home of Lady Fitzgerald of Johnstown Castle, so a wedding ceremony in Johnstown Castle followed by a reception in Horetown House is the perfect combination! Accommodation and Facilities There are 10 bedrooms with 2 people sharing and up to 4 people sharing in family rooms. Accommodation is offered on a B&B basis. Superior quality mattresses, pillows and luxurious towels. Bedrooms tastefully decorated in keeping with the period of the house with ensuite superior bathrooms with power showers, jacuzzi baths and heated towel rails. Complete beauty therapy service in house in the comfort of your room, therapies provided by Aroma Beauty, qualified therapists. 46



Briefly: Sleep: none Reception facilities: none Catering: ceremony venue only +353 (053) 91 38198

Steeped in history and echoing romance Johnstown Castle in the South East of Ireland, provides a truly enchanting and elegant venue for your wedding. Set in over 50 acres of mature ornamental gardens, your wedding ceremony can take place in the Green Room, overlooking the beautiful swan lake, while peacocks roam the manicured gardens. Weddings The interior of the castle mirrors the magnificent gardens - ornate wood paneling, crystal chandeliers and gothic window frames are just some of the unique features of this handsome property. After your wedding ceremony your guests can enjoy champagne and canapes or a picnic on the lawns as you avail of the scenic gardens for your wedding photography. You can also have an outdoor wedding in the grounds. Accommodation and Facilities This is a ceremony only venue, however there are over 10 reception venues in the near vicinity of the castle. The castle has only one wedding per day so you and your guests can enjoy your very own fairytale castle and grounds for 3-4 hours before your reception.


Buy Rosie The Wedding Planner FULL Guide to Castles & Manor Houses for Wedding in Ireland and you will have instant access to:

ie Ros

!e Wed"ng Pla nner’s Guide to

Castles & Manor Houses for Weddings in Ireland

Full information on over 70 gorgeous castle and manor house venues across Ireland which cater for weddings. Great planning tips and advice about planning your castle or manor house wedding from Rosie The Wedding Planner.

To buy the full ebook guide now for only €5 Click Here!

Other ebooks Guides by Rosie The Wedding Planner: Ro


!e Wed"ng Planner’s Guide to

Wedding Castles in Italy & Malta



!e Wed"ng Planner’s Guide to

Wedding Castles in Great Britain & Wales



How To Make An Inspiring Dream Board Ann Skelly chatted with Australian Life Coach and Author Denise Duffield Thomas about setting goals and creating dream boards. Nothing seems a problem to Denise. It was mad early in the morning in Australia when our Skype interview was scheduled and she looked amazing and was full of energy. She had just published her book 'Lucky Bitch Secrets of Outrageous Success' and was planning on a tour of the States to meet all the people she admires in business to learn from them.

ional guide to showing the embracing outrageous success and creating a life you love." Denise shares the practical strategies behind her unbelievable lucky streak of winning six months free travel, bank errors in her favour, scholarships and more in her book. No matter what area of your life you want to excel in, Denise can show you how to enhance your luck in life, love and your future dreams. 

"Dream boards are one of the most powerful and fun success tools you'll ever find.

Why did you call your book Lucky Bitch?

"What looks like luck from the outside is often a deliberate combination of hard work and self belief."

"Because that is what people call me all the time. I have made the Law of Attraction work for me and this book is an unconvent-

So how can we start getting everything we want in life? 49

"Dream boards are one of the most powerful and fun success tools you'll ever find. I can't recommend them highly enough to put you in the right frame of mind, to inspire and motivate you to achieve your goals and to activate the Law of Attraction to draw your desires into your life." I use them for all aspects of my personal development. It’s a visual representation of your goals. A picture in your head is great and so is writing your goals but actually creating it in real life is even better because you are giving clear and detailed instructions to the universe. It’s also a great motivational tool on a day to day basis to remind you what you are working towards. You can create multiple dream boards; one for money and career, one for finding the perfect relationship, etc or one overall vision. They don’t have to be perfect so put your perfectionist tendencies

Image Ideas For Your Dream Board Life Coach Denise Duffield Thomas won The Ultimate Job in the World by adding it to her dream board!

Here is Denise’s step by step guide to creating a dream board that will help you to achieve any goal for your life: • Know what you want. • Look at all areas of your life such as prosperity, love life, career, fun, friends and family, making a difference, personal growth and health. • • Write down everything that's important to you in that area of your life - particular goals you want to achieve and what would be your ideal life. • • Remember the Law of Attraction likes it to be really specific. You wouldn't call up a takeaway store and say "Just send me something for dinner you think I'd like". You ask for exactly what you want! • Find images that represent your goal. The pictures can come from fashion, fitness, celebrity, music business or health magazines, old photos, drawings or catalogues.

Alternatively create it on your computer using Microsoft PowerPoint or in Picasa, Google's free image software. Just type in key words that represent your goal and save them to your computer. Start a new PowerPoint slide and insert your pictures one by one. Arrange them how you like it and then print it out. Picasa even has a function that will arrange all of your pictures automatically for you and even put a nice border in between Hang your completed dream board where you can see it all the time. If you've created it digitally, make sure you print it out, or make it your computer screen saver, so you see it every time you switch on your computer! Look at it EVERYDAY and get really fired up about making it a reality! Everytime you look at it, smile and know that your dreams are on their way to you.

• You may even find words that sum up your vision for your new self such as “happy”, “sexy”, or headlines that catch your attention.

Once you've manifesting the things on your dream board (and I bet some come out of nowhere), you can tick them off or start a new one. Start putting these inspiring tips into action and see the results for yourself.

Arrange the pictures on a large piece of cardboard, stiff paper or in a scrap book and stick the pictures down with glue. You’ll be looking at this every day so it has to be a pleasure to look at.

To buy a copy of Denise’s book or book a Skype coaching session with her, visit: 50

The Future A picture of your dream house, dream holiday destination, dream dog, future career or ideal partner. Objects of Desire Cars, iPods, shoes, clothes or gadgets. Inspiration Inspiring images like pictures of money, sunny beaches or happy families. Body Images Healthy pictures of people in swimming costumes to inspire your healthy lifestyle. Abstract images Abstract pictures that represent an emotion like love, peace of mind or excitement. I love finding scenes that capture a mood, like a hammock that represents “relaxation” or scenes of really happy couples to represent “love”.

VINTAGE WEDDINGS TIPS It’s important to decide on which era you wish to take your vintage influence from. The 1920s, 1950’s and 1960’s all have very different vintage qualities.

Die hard vintage or just a few vintage touches? CHOOSING YOUR ERA Vintage, in wedding terms, usually refers to the Art Nouveau period to any era in the 20th century, anything pre this is usually a particular themed wedding such as Medieval, Victorian, etc.

Hire an old fashioned photobooth and set up a guestbook table beside it. Guests can take fun photos of themselves enjoying your wedding and stick them in beside their messages to you.

! !

r riter font fo w e p y T n a ps as Use Americ nd old stam a y r e n o ti es of your sta the envelop n o n o ti a r o dec red invites. hand delive

Photobooth by:



A Candy Buffet adds a fun vintage and tasty focal point to a wedding reception room. This fab buffet was by Photo: Brendan Byrne Photography



Lace. Tea Roses. Blush Pink. Pearls. Buttons. Mismatched China. Feathers. Brooches. Creams. Charleston. Chaise Lounge. Hat pins. Ivy. Stamps. Silver. Pewter. Cake. Kid gloves. Hats. Games on the lawn. Royal Icing, Cream cakes. Macarons. Black and White photos. Linen.


Use old fashione d ba as place setting m g labels Tie them arkers. to the w i n e gla each pla ce settin ss of g.

utton ers with b w o fl r e p a es. These p entre piec c t a e r g e ak t for a centers m g differen in th e m o s on a They are the bride r fo r o e em vintage th budget.

! !


Ab!t Rosie "e Wed#ng Planner Rosie The Wedding Planner is one of Ireland’s most successful and innovative wedding planning businesses. It was set up in Ireland over 12 years ago by Rosemarie Meleady who has nearly 20 years experience in event management and publishing. Rosie The Wedding Planner offers a unique one-to-one wedding planning service to couples of every budget wishing to marry in Ireland. It’s sister company offers couples romantic wedding and honeymoon destinations around the world. Rosemarie won the ‘International Women in Publishing Award in 1996’ and has produced a series of International Wedding Guides aimed at assisting couples to find the perfect venue, location, theme and suppliers for their wedding day. No matter where you are in the world The Wedding Planner can assist you planning your dream wedding in Ireland so please e-mail a member of our dedicated team on: Ro


!e Wed"ng Planner’s Guide to

Wedding Castles in Italy & Malta

! !



!e Wed"ng Planner’s Guide to

Wedding Castles in Great Britain & Wales


ALVINA VALENTA Strapless sweetheart neckline fit n flare bridal gown. Pleated dropped waist bodice with jeweled floral detail at natural waist and silk organza layered cascading skirt. Available in White and Ivory. (STYLE AV9208) JLM Couture

Strapless scalloped sweetheart neckline soft fluted bridal gown. Heavily jeweled peplum bodice with inverted pleating at skirt. Available in all silk faced duchess colors. (STYLE AV9210) JLM Couture




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Honeymoon at sea, How to plan your castle wedding, Colourful wedding shoes, The Honeymoon Testers International awards, plus lots more in Ro...