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Rosie Holloway

Flat 8 Eagle Court, Swan Lane, Winchester, SO23 7XD 07718 125737

Eyres Master Thatchers, St. Swithuns Building Conservation and Bearman Eyres Gaining private Clientele I developed a set of three logo’s to work together and seperately. The logo’s are for use on all different media and are the key to the brand.

Olives Et Al As an in house designer, artworker getting the opportunity to work with a branding agency, to develop a new brand identity and seeing it through into all aspects for the company. From packaging and point of sale through to show stands here are a few examples.

Olives Et Al Sub brands that have been created and developed whilist at Olives Et Al. Neat & Dirty and Captain Tiptoes

Final Major Project This was my final project at University, I chose to look into typography, and creating my own typeface for the London Docklands area. Creating a typeface that is for the use of wayfinding signage.


This brief was completed as part of a competition brief for the young creative network award. The brief is for ‘i’ newspaper, creating a campaign to get a younger target audience reading the newspaper.

Hampshire Alcohol This brief was set by Hampshire County Council, to generate greater awareness in reducing the amount of alcohol consumed within the county.

Save ÂŁ520 a year by decreasing your weekly intake of wine by 2 glasses.

Manifesto This was a university brief to explore what we felt graphic design to be. My manifesto looks into how things are printed, and also experimental work, to create abstract effects.

Genius Loci For this brief I created a typeface based on an atmospheric space. The space I chose was awkward and uncomfortable. The work was then displayed in a gallery.

Site-specific typography This work is based on creating typography that fits into its surrounding area, ensuring that the literature also has resonance with the chosen area.

Supplement A supplement created as an idea for the Creative Review magazine. The supplement was based on illustrative textiles, different artists that use diverse textile illustrations, bringing a new edge to the magazine.

Information Graphics A creation of information graphics using researched data. One poster is a representation of the time used by an average university student on a daily basis; the other created for the NHS and looks at obesity.

Photography Photographs taken following an interest in cameras, and photographic techniques.

Rosie Holloway