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INT. There is a world map laid out across the table and books piled around it. Open in front of Evelyn is a book that she is read WILLIAM Tea? EVELYN Oh, yes, please. He reaches across the table and pours her a cup of tea. He holds it out to her but pulls it back playfully when she reaches for it. WILLIAM Tea all the way from India! She laughs softly and he passes the cup of tea to her. She takes a sip and looks down at the map. She traces her finger across it, trying to find it. EVELYN India... India... William picks up her hand and places it carefully on India. She slowly looks up at him. He takes her hand, leans forward and kisses her gently. She doesn’t pull away but instead kisses him back. EVELYN (whispering, in between kisses) William, your wife... He moves back, embarrassed. WILLIAM I’m EVELYN - no, I’m sorry, I didn’t... WILLIAM No, no, please, don’t, I... it’s my... I, I do apologise. She gazes at him for a moment before EVELYN I ought to go... She stands up, tidies her hair and then walks to the door. (CONTINUED)



WILLIAM You will come tomorrow? EVELYN Of course. Evelyn leaves, shutting the door behind her.

Shitty shit shit  
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