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Rose Neal Design Portfolio


Project 1 Docomo

Project 2 Delight Light

Project 3 User Experience

Project 4 Andru World

Project 5 Wellbeing

Project 1 Docomo was a group project where we were tasked to re-invent and rebrand the Japanise company telephone company as it launched in the UK We collaborated on the design language for the final Flagship Concept store, we aimed to create an open space which flows, with product displays and products, meeting areas for clients, a coffee bar as well as furniture and images relating back to themes of communication and connectivity. I assembled the Flagship store in Solidworks before rendering in Keyshot

Lighting Wall lighting, pillar lighting and hanging light. These designs are keeping to the theme of connectivity, using no sharp edges or degrees, with the idea that connectivity is flowing

Furniture Conference seat, bar stool and conference table. Incorporating communication as a design theme, these designs are unembelleshed and simple, following the idea that communication is free and straightforward

Products television box, home phone and wifi Designed to appear particularly high tech with clear material information displays and touch interaction

Project 2

Delight in light competition

The delight in light competition tasked participants to design an interior light for domestic or commercial use My design is the Orbiter, a desk light which can be interacted with in the way of spinning the light around to allow for an uncovered bright light for spotlighting or a shaded light in which the shade is coloured to dim the effect and act as mood lighting.

Initial sketches started off very round and curvy, further into development I began thinking of using space or planets as a theme within the light I understood that I wanted the light to be something you could interact with and twist into shape to get a variation of results, leading onto my final concept Orbiter To twist the light into shaded position or spotlight you simply grab and spin either the shade itself or the bar in whitch the bulb is attached to

To tilt the light into position there is a joint in the middle of the standing frame which allows the top of the light to swing down

Project 3 This project was about user experience. Tasked with creating a kitchen utensil range which can potentially fill a gap in the market and compete with other brands. My design is a range of ergonomic handles and utensil heads which are interchangable, this is intended to save space in the kitchen and reduce clutter of unused utensils - instead buy one handle and then all the attachments needed. The range comes in a variety of material such as cooking grade plastic and metal

Initially ergonomics and comfort is essential for something that is potentially being held and used for some time. I modeled various handle shapes to ensure they were comfortable, well weighted and fit the hand perfectly

Finally designing a join for the utensil and handle which allows mixing and matching, this means that the lock-in mechanism must be the same throughout

To keep with the theme of minimal clutter there’s an additional wall hanging system for both utensils and handles. The utensil heads and handles will use their click in sytem for the wall hang as well as for joining them together

Project 4

Andru World International Design Contest

Andru World design competition required applicants to design a chair, desk, or stool from a selection of wood types. Considerations are given to manufacturing methods and cost of producing the furniture piece My concept is a bar stool which requires very little parts and uses easier construction methods allowing it to be assembled quickly which effectively minimises cost.

Manufacturing considerations play a large part in the design of Hello, the aim being a cheap and easily manufacturable bar stool with minimal parts. Particularly the edges of the stool which are made as one piece, and allow easy interlocking with other parts of the stool. Concepts were initially going to incorporate vaneer however after modeling, the final concept was easier to produce

ello Easy to assemble

Project 5 Nomique client brief requested modular furnishing suitable for an office or school which promotes wellbeing I focused on the more physical aspects of wellbeing and designed a desk which would keep the user active and allow for sitting and the option to stand if so desired The desk is suited for an office environment and is fully customisable allowing for different configurations as well as varied materials and colours to suit the user. Different colours potentially invoke different feelings in people, and can thus be used to create a happy work environment and promote wellbeing

Considerations were given to lighting, storage as well as multi configuration and power. For example the inside of the desk privacy boards are coated with coloured magnetic whiteboard to allow the user to make notes without wasting paper, as well as doodle

A flip up whiteboard built into the standing desk, perfect for morning meetings and plug sockets built into the seated desk area


Product Design 2017 Final Year Portfolio  
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