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Convention Liaison News Volume 1 Issue 4 2012

Hello Texas­Oklahoma District Board!

Summer Board was extremely productive, and I loved meeting all of you! Those of you that I didn't get a chance to meet, I'll make sure to find you and say hi at K­ Family on October26th through October 28th! You guys have been producing amazing work, and it's safe to say that the 2012­2013 District Board is the best board T­ O has ever had. Each committee has gotten a lot done so far, and Summer Board was an amazing indicator of how much you guys have accomplished so far. Besides the work you guys have done in your committees, y'all have been doing a fantastic job with ad sales. You guys have exceeded the epectations, and the current total of ad sales is $3,050! Congratulations, and keep selling ads! Finally, good luck on your PCMs and FTCs! Invite me to them; I'd love to come talk to your clubs about District Convention!

Forum Applications

Lt. Governor forum applications were sent out on July 30th, 2012! Club forum applications will be out soon. Remember that LTG forum applications are due September 15th, and club forum applications are due December 15th.

In this issue...


1.......Quick Update 1.......Forum Applications 2.......ICON Recap 3.......Ad Sales 4.......Forums 5.......DCON Theme 6.......Contact Info

International Convention Recap On July 4th through 8th, Key Clubbers from all over the world congregated in the sunny Orlando, Florida for the 2012 Key Club International Convention. On the first day at the Meet and Greet, Key Clubbers were introduced to one of the most iconic (pun intended) traditions of Key Club: pin trading. The next day, at the opening session, Eden Sher, a well足known actress, spoke to everyone about following one's dreams. After the inspirational speech and the end of the Opening Sess足 ion, the first round of caucasing began, and Key Clubbers were introduced to the hopeful candidates for the positions of International President, International Vice President, and International Trustee for the first time. The day ended with a dance for ELIMINATE where Key Clubbers raised $538.00 through "MNT Minutes" during the dance. On July 6th, ICON attendees went to different workshops such as the ELIMINATE forum and the Hershey's Track and Field forum. After a fun day full of workshops and the service fair, Key Clubbers gathered together for the Recognition Session where Megan Iselin was named Distinguished Governor and Kaitlyn Levitt was named Distinguished Editor. Ian Avila, Chris Brierly, Amritha Gourisankar, Layeeka Ismail, Brian O' Hara, and Alexandra Yauch were awarded the Robert F. Lucas Outstanding Lieutenant Governor award. Unfortunately, it was soon the last day of ICON. On the bright side, the new International Board was announced. Rebecca Riley was chosen as the new International President, and Caitlin Stroup was elected as the new International Vice President at the House of Delegates. Colten Meisner, Kayla Lash, Marc Chen, Calvin Leung, Mary Alice Peng, Cecelia Ferguson, Yein Ha, Ratan Manohar, Betty Stearns, Joel Nomdarkham, and Jack Vielhauer were installed as the new International Trustees. ICON 2012 ended with the 80's Neon Dance and two whole days of Disney World and Universal Studios. Congratulations to the new International Board, and I hope to see all of you at the 2013 Key Club International Convention in the capital city of the United States of America, Washington D.C.!


Why should you sell ads?

1. If you meet the requirement of $500 sold, you get to go to district convention for free! 2. Last year, the leis handed out at the Opening Session were only possible because of the extra money from ad sales. This year, if we raise enough money, we can possibly decorate other areas of DCON or have give足 a足way items! The more ads we sell, the more we can add to DCON and the cooler District Convention will be.

Top Ad Sellers

1. Steven Baringer: $850 2. Luke Broussard: $675

3. Rebekah Drennon: $600 4. Ashton Arnold: $500

5. Carolina Hernandez: $250 6. Connor Brown: $250

Congratulations to the top six ad sellers!

Ad Sales

3. Grand prize: The top ad sellers at the time of the deadline will get their pictures put up on the stage instead of the staff! If you don't remember what I'm talking about, Jeff's design had huge pictures of the staff in the back of the stage design.


"Where do I start?"

If you're still confused on how to sell ads, don't worry! In the next two weeks, I will call each of you to get an update on your progress and to create a plan of action. We'll discuss who specifically to sell ads to, create a pitch tailored to you, and go over any questions that you may have. If you have a specific day/time that you're busy or free, let me know! In addition to the phone calls, I'll send out a template of a letter that you can send to potential ad buyers. Use the letter only if you can't visit the person you want to sell the ads to because selling ads face to face is the best way!


Officer Forums: ­President/Vice Preisdents (2) ­Editor ­Secretary ­Treasurer ­T­O District: Inside and Out ­Advisors: How to utilize technology ­Advisors: How to be a better advisor Fun:

­DCON Theme ­Icebreakers 1 ­Icebreakers 2 ­ICON 2013

Club Development: ­Member Recruitment/Club Felllowship ­Project Planning ­Fundraising ­K­Kids/Builder's Club

Personal Development: ­Keynote Speaker ­College 101 ­Public speaking ­Servant Leadership/Why should you serve? ­Stress Management ­Study Skills/Time Management


Service: ­Governor's Project(CMN/Sim) ­District Project

Officer Forums: Brian O' Hara (+1) Lindyn Davis (+1) Kevin Duong (+1) Maci Slater (+1) (2) Lt. Governors District Administrators District Administrators


Outside Instructor (1) Selected Club (2) Lt. Governors KCI Trustee

Club Development: (1) Selected Club (2) Lt. Governors (1) Selected Club Outside Instructor

Personal Development: Keynote Speaker Outside Instructor (2) Lt. Governors (2) Lt. Governors (1) Selected Club CKI Instructors

Service: Gov's Project Chair (+1) District Project Chair (+1)

Reminder: Don't tell anyone what the DCON theme is! Contact Information

Governor Brian O' Hara Phone: 512­705­1707 E­mail:

District Secretary District Editor ­Kevin Duong ­Lindy Davis ­832­418­7745 ­325­642­7740 ­kevin.duongkc ­davis.lindyn2013 District Treasurer Convention Liaison ­Maci Slater Roshni Chandwani ­580­247­0413 ­281­854­4553 ­macislater@ ­roshni.chandwani.


International Trustee Kayla Lash E­mail:

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