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Olive ViewPoint Olive ViewPoint is an end-to-end electronic publishing platform. It transforms documents stored in different formats on disparate systems to a unified XMLbased digital format, allowing easy information retrieval. Users can search across document collections, individual documents, and sections within documents, and view the results through a Web browser. Viewpoint unlocks information trapped inside unstructured content and publishes it through portals or knowledge management applications.

Olive ViewPoint at a Glance Enterprise electronic publishing software that ™

Makes information available in a digestible format that reduces information overload


Builds a unified, searchable collection of documents from disparate sources


Understands unstructured documents and automatically adds structure based on content and semantics

Leverage Content in Unstructured Documents Most organizations invest heavily to produce documents, centrally manage them, and prepare them for printing or electronic distribution. In contrast, they do little to prepare their document collections to leverage the information they contain. Too often the information in content management systems remains untapped, especially in larger documents that people do not have the time to open and read. Several issues prevent users from getting the information they need: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Information is not available to users over the Web. Searches return too much information, much of which is not relevant. Unstructured documents limit users to search only for entire files. Viewing source documents often requires the original application.

Access Data in Any Document Olive ViewPoint allows information publishers to empower their customers with searchable access to any document, regardless of its original format. Typical documents include reports, catalogs, designs, engineering specifications, training materials, schematics, books, newsletters, and journals, which might be stored as unstructured PDF files, Microsoft Office documents, or scanned TIFF images.

Improve Searching with Automatic Metadata Extraction ViewPoint automatically understands the structure and semantics of documents and identifies information components within each document. Each component contains a single section on a specific topic. Olive can retrieve additional information from external sources such as databases or Web sites to annotate components with metadata. Component-based searching enables faster access to relevant content.

Benefits ™

Unifies all documents to a standard format and preserves the original look and feel


Enhances the value of your ECM system with automatic structural and semantic metadata tagging


Delivers component-level access to your documents through a browser


Creates intelligently-tagged searchable content from electronic, paper, microfilm, or microfiche documents

View Any Document Through a Browser ViewPoint provides a unique content visualization and reading application to create virtual documents that maintain the look and feel of the originals, through a Web browser. Organizations can consolidate their content, along with documents from customers, suppliers, and business partners, into a single repository accessible to any authorized user. These users have instant access to individual components across the repository, without long download times or searching through large documents.

Augment and Extend Existing Systems Olive Viewpoint fits seamlessly into existing corporate or government IT environments. It complements enterprise content management systems, providing granular search on individual components, and the ability to view all document types using a single application. ViewPoint extends portals with access to content through advanced navigation and search functions. A software development kit allows complete customization to simplify building Web based knowledge management and ePublishing applications. A rich Web-based administration console makes managing users, content, and functionality simple.

Applications ™

Publishing Web content


Producing and distributing technical manuals to support customers and employees


Building documentation repositories for training


Delivering personalized content to subscriber groups and communities


Integrating and personalizing content for internal knowledge management

In the information age, people need the right information in the right format. Olive ViewPoint delivers browser-based access to any content, quickly and easily.



Documents, Scanned Images, Microfilm, Microfiche

Olive XML Distiller

Content Repository

ViewPoint Application

Olive ViewPoint provides a complete end-to-end electronic publishing solution that allows users to search document collections and their components through a browser.




Intelligent document tagging Document profiling

Automates information extraction and tagging of different document types

Metadata enhancement Multi-channel delivery Browser-based viewing


Custom Applications

Automatically converts any electronic (PDF, Microsoft Office, TIFF) or scanned document into richly-tagged XML Extensively tags documents based on contextual components, hierarchical structure, document layout and style, image mapping, and navigation information

Simple XML generation


Web Sites

Retrieves additional metadata from external sources such as databases or Web sites to further annotate components Converts documents into output formats such as HTML, RSS, PDF, OAI or industry-specific XML schemas using XSL transformations Displays any document, regardless of the application that created it, through a standard Web browser

Preserves original look and feel of any document

Stores information as richly tagged XML, while maintaining original document format

Open XML schema

Unifies many document formats into a single schema suited for long-term preservation

Collection and information component management Granular search capabilities Enterprise-ready

Maintains documents and the information they contain in topic trees and virtual folders with intuitive navigation and component linking Delivers fast and easy access to any information component in the repository, ranked by relevance Integrates with leading ECM systems such as Documentum, IBM, Interwoven, SharePoint, and others


Speeds time-to-solution with application templates for ePublishing and knowledge management


Provides a set of tools for rapid application development using pre-built Web components to simplify integration into existing Web sites, portals, or stand-alone applications

Typical System Requirements

Olive XML Distiller Windows Server 2003 R2 3.0 GHz CPU, minimum 1 GB RAM, minimum

ViewPoint Application Windows Server 2003 R2 3.0 GHz CPU, minimum 2 GB RAM, minimum

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