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Burn Fat

One of the best ways to burn fat we have found is a diet called Fat Burning Furnace.

Losing Weight vs. Burning Fat Most misconceptions about obesity stem from misunderstanding one important distinction. Many people think that “losing weight” and “burning fat” are exactly the same thing. They know that it’s important to burn fat, but they incorrectly assume that a drop in weight automatically equates to fat being burned off. In short, they believe that the read-out on the scale is the end-all measurement of

That is not necessarily the case. To begin with, a person’s weight can decrease by losing other materials besides fat. For example, there is the issue of muscle compared to fat. Muscles weigh considerably more than fat (comparing equal volume). If you stopped exercising and your muscles atrophied, you would lose weight—but you might not lose any fat, even though your weight dropped.

Burn Fat  
Burn Fat was started by a group of men and women that have a passion for fitness, exercise, and healthy living. We started the...