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MAKE ONE CHANGE 3 . . . .Do we have new doctors? Yes we do! Meet Mary Chang, DO

Stressed to the Max? Time for Office Yoga! Office Yoga. It is a great way to counteract stress. If you sit at a desk or at home all day working at a computer, poor posture is your enemy. Here is one office yoga stretch that you can try at your desk. You may find it will ease the stress and strain that work can put on your neck, shoulders and back.

4 . . . .Meet Kay Ficht, MD Begin with a deep, slow breath, inhale and exhale. Bring yourself to a calmer state of mind by noticing how the breath moves your torso. Inhale again and on the exhale bend at the hip, lead with your heart, and extend your spine, head to your knees. Keep extending through the top of your head and on an inhale lift up, slightly rounding the back to the first postion and repeat.

5 . . . .Meet Paul Chang, MD

6–7 . .Varicose Veins are Out!

8 . . . .Eat Healthy when eating out

Take a deep breath in, root your hips in the chair and extend the spine (head up toward the ceiling). Do this a number of times. Then cross your left hand on to your right knee, right hand holds the edge of the seat, inhale up and on the exhale twist from your waist to the right. Inhale up, extend through the spine and exhale twist. Come back to center with an inhale. Repeat on the other side.

9 . . . .Presenting Type 2 Diabetes Art courtesy of

10 . . .Squeezing in Five Servings of Fruits and Vegetables

Anna Jaques Hospital is the proud co-sponsor of the Newburyport Farmer’s market. The market is open Sundays, 9–1 at the Tannery in Newburyport.

11 . . .Kids, Fruits and Vegetables–they do go together!

MAKE ONE CHANGE Editor: Deborah Chiaravalloti Designer: Rose Russo

Make One Change is published quarterly by Anna Jaques Hospital. The material in Make One Change is for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for informed medical advice or care. Please consult a doctor with any questions or concerns you might have regarding your condition. To have your name added to, or removed from, the mailing list call 978-463-1175.


Like the first exercise, bend forward at the hips. Keep extending through the spine, lead with your heart. Then bring the head of the armbones up to the ears and swing your arms up and behind your back. On an inhale bring your arms up toward the ceiling, on the exhale, bring them back down toward the floor. Repeat.

Do we have new doctors? Yes we do! Meet Mary Chang, DO, OB/GYN at Women’s Health Care in Newburyport and Haverhill.

female urologic surgery and pelvic floor reconstruction, as well as general obstetrics and gynecology. Previous to joining Women’s Health Care, Dr. Chang served on the OB/GYN faculty at


doctor of osteopathy, an OB/GYN, a former

the Walter Reed Army Medical Center and served

Major in the US Army Medical Corp, and

our country honorably as an active duty Major in

the mother of three boys and one girl? Yes, that’s right, Mary Chang, DO, is all these

the U.S. Army Medical Corps. Dr. Chang joins a team of five physicians at

things, and the newest OB/GYN at

Women’s Health Care; Dr. Steven Mollov, Dr.

Women’s Health Care in Newburyport

Rebecca Boyer, Dr. Susan Newhouse, Dr. Mary

and Haverhill. Dr. Chang, her husband,

Baker-Berzansky and Dr. Jane Kerr. The team of

Dr. Paul Chang, (who has also joined

five midwives includes Lisa Walsh, CNM, FNP,

the staff of Anna Jaques, please see

Jessica Satrape, CNM, MSN, Susan Martinson-

page 5), her children, and a horse,

Zuercher, RN, MSN, CNM, Jodie Kaufman,

have moved to the Newburyport

CNM, RN, MSN, CCBE, and Sara Golden,

area where she is practicing

RN, CNM. Together these highly trained

medicine and the family is enjoying the beautiful North

clinicians offer a full range of obstetric and gynecologic services including specialty expertise in vaginal and uro-gynecological

Shore of Massachusetts. “My family and I are excited to be here and to become part of this community,” said Dr. Chang.

surgery, high-risk pregnancies, teen health and the unique challenges of menopause. The certified nurse

“It is a wonderful opportunity to

midwives deliver more than 200 babies

be able to practice medicine at

each year, and midwife Lisa Walsh has

Anna Jaques, where the patients’

delivered more than 500 babies in her

health and well-being, and satisfac-

career! We know that choosing obstetrical

tion with their experience in the hospital, is of the utmost importance.” Dr. Chang was named one of the Best Doctors in America by the Best

and gynecological care is perhaps the most personal decision a woman will ever make. The team at Women’s

Doctors peer review survey, and

Health Care welcomes you to call

has more than 20 years experience

them and discuss your needs with

in the OB/GYN field. She specializes in

them. Call 978-556-0100 for offices in Newburyport and Haverhill.

OTHER OB/GYNS AT ANNA JAQUES: Joe Heyman, MD is an OB/GYN in private practice at Caring

Medical School: State University of New York, Downstate Medical Center

For Women, 24 Morrill Place, in Amesbury, MA. To learn

Internship: U.S. Public Health Service Hospital, NY

more about his practice log onto

Residency: Sinai Hospital of Baltimore

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Heyman please call

Board Certification: American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology

978-388-1259 3

Meet Kay Ficht, MD, Internal Medicine Physician at Coastal Medical Associates


physician responsible for a large internal medicine practice, a caring husband and father of three, a lover of sports, cars, music and his dog, Buster – that is Kay Ficht, MD the newest physician at Coastal Medical Associates. Dr. Ficht is returning to Newburyport after practicing medicine at Lahey Haverhill for 12 years. “I love this community,” says Dr. Ficht. “I wanted to move my practice to Newburyport so my patients can receive their care at Anna Jaques. This hospital offers the intimate setting of a community hospital while providing big city technology and expertise to its patients. It really is the best of both worlds.” As an internist, Dr. Ficht specializes in the diagnosis and medical treatment of adults. He provides his patients with long-term, comprehensive care and manages both common and complex diseases for them. Dr. Ficht serves as a primary care physician to his patients. “I am proud that I have long-term relationships with my patients,” said Dr. Ficht. “Generally I care for a patient for many, many years, and I get to know them, and their families, well. It is one of the things I love best about my practice. I am pleased that we are close enough in the new location so that I can continue to follow my Haverhill patients.” In the course of an average day at the practice, Dr. Ficht will perform clinical examinations, make diagnoses, treat acute illness such as infections and influenza, as well as chronic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. Dr. Ficht is joined by a nurse practitioner, Melissa Maloney, N.P. Melissa cares for patients and helps to educate them on disease prevention and general wellness. Dr. Ficht’s Coastal Medical Associates office is located in the Newburyport Medical Center, One Wallace Bashaw Jr. Way, Suite 2002, next to Anna Jaques Hospital. To make an appointment with Dr. Ficht, please call his office at 978-465-0635. (And make sure to ask him about Buster, the dog.)

OTHER PRIMARY C ARE PHYSICIANS: Patrick P. Barbier, MD 21 Storey Avenue Newburyport, MA 01950 978-462-0515 Coastal Medical Associates 46 Toll Road, Unit B Salisbury, MA 01952 978-462-3009 William G. Jackson, MD Cornerstone Family Practice 303C Haverhill Street, Box 10 Rowley, MA 01969 978- 948-3902 George J. Papanicolaou, DO 4

Family Care Associates 65 Central Street Georgetown, MA 01833 978-352-7780 Scott S. Berzansky, MD Marc R. Federman, MD Highland Primary Care Associates 21 Highland Avenue Newburyport, MA 01950 978-463-7770 Stephen F. Kulcsar, DO Richard Traister, MD Alain-Marc Werner, MD

Holistic Family Practice 65 Newburyport Turnpike Newbury, MA 01951 978-465-9770 Michele C. Geller, MD Jonathan P. March, DO Mark Su, MD Gavin C. Little, DO 46 Toll Road Salisbury, MA 01952 978-462-3433 Georgetown Family Medicine 256 Georgetown Road, Suite 7 Boxford, MA 01921 978-887-0222 Linda Marie Hindle, DO

Newburyport Family Practice 3 Cherry Street Newburyport, MA 01950 978-465-7322 Renae Freid, DO Kevin K. Lanphear, DO Newburyport Medical Associates 18 Highland Avenue Newburyport, MA 01950 978-462-9571 Daniel Eyink, MD Michael J. McCartney, MD Aaron R. Thomas, DO

North Shore Internal Medicine One Wallace Bashaw Jr. Way Newburyport, MA 01950 978-465-7719 Saira Naseer-Ghiasuddin, MD, FACP Kimberly Kersten, DO Pentucket Medical Associates 260 Merrimac Street Newburyport, MA 01950 978-499-7200 Stephen P. Beaudoin, MD Aldo L. Damiani, MD William C Ingram, MD Theresa Leak-Gonzales, MD Charles S. Randall, MD Jessica Schoonmaker, MD Mary T. Schwartz, MD

Seacoast Medical Associates 21 Highland Avenue Newburyport, MA 01950 978-462-1555 Guy A. Navarra, MD In Amesbury: Lahey Amesbury 24 Morrill Place Amesbury, MA 01913 978-388-5050 Walter J. Alt, MD Lydia R. Jeffcoat, MD Anavera Lopes, MD Barrie Paster, MD George J. Pentoliros, MD Alena Tlucko, MD

Meet Paul Chang DO, Orthopedic Surgeon


drove with his wife, Mary, and four children, and hauled the family boat from Texas to Newburyport to practice medicine in a growing community. (He considered

driving his horse too, but thought better of that at the last moment.) He is also a graduate of West Point Military Academy and an accomplished orthopedic surgeon. Meet Paul Chang, DO who has joined Seacoast Orthopedics Associates in Newburyport. Dr. Chang has been an orthopedic surgeon for more than 14 years, specializing in knee reconstruction, minimally invasive hip replacements, limb deformity, and complex trauma. Dr. Chang and his wife, Dr. Mary Chang, OB/GYN (please see page 3), moved to the greater Newburyport area to practice medicine in a community setting and enjoy New England. “I have spent most of my career practicing in military hospitals, helping our military men and women recover from their injuries,” said Dr. Chang. “Now I want to practice medicine in a community where I can help teenagers and Baby Boomers, weekend warriors and the elderly recover from injuries and return to a healthy, productive life.” As an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Chang specializes in treating the muscles, ligaments, bones, tendons, joints and nerves that allow our bodies to move. Dr. Chang has many years of experience using lasers and arthroscopic surgery, (minimally invasive surgery), to treat muscular disorders or damaged joints such as hips and knees. “Today there are many medical advances that allow us to repair and replace joints in a minimally invasive way,” said Dr. Chang. He joins the team at Seacoast Orthopedic Associates that includes Dr. James Ford, Dr. Michael Wack, and Dr. Kenneth Glazier. Seacoast Orthopedic Associates is located at 21 Highland Avenue, Newburyport, in the Doctors’ Office Building adjacent to Anna Jaques Hospital. If you would like to make an appointment to see Dr. Chang, call Seacoast Orthopedic Associates at 978-462-7555. To read more about the practice, log onto

SPORTS MEDICINE NORTH The medical staff at Anna Jaques Hospital includes a range of well qualified orthopedic surgeons. Sports Medicine North is located in the Newburyport Medical Center, One Wallace Bashaw Jr Way, next to Anna Jaques Hospital and provides orthopedic surgeons with various sub-specialties. To learn more about the practice log onto To schedule an appointment with a physician at Sports Medicine North in Newburyport, please call 978-997-1500.

Steven Mattheos, MD Medical School: University of Massachusetts Medical School Residency: Harvard Combined Orthopaedic Residency Program with rotations at Boston hospitals: Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and Children’s Hospital. Internship: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston Fellowship: Sports, New England Baptist Hospital Jonathan Uroskie, MD Medical School: MCP Hahnermann University School of Medicine, (currently Drexel) University School of Medicine Internship: The University of Vermont, Fletcher Allen Healthcare Residency: The University of Vermont

Robert M. Wood, MD, FRCS Medical School: Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Residency: University of Alberta, Edmonton Alberta, Canada



If you suffer with varicose veins, you are not alone and you need to know about VNUS™.


hey hurt, they pound, they swell, and they are unsightly. Roughly one in two adults over the age of 50 suffers with the pain of varicose veins. Varicose veins form when a vein allows blood to flow backward and collect, resulting

in an enlarged, swollen varicose vein. David Swierzewski, MD performs the innovative VNUS™ Closure procedure to remove varicose veins. “During the VNUS™ procedure a thin catheter is inserted into the vein,” says Dr. Swierzewski. “The tip of the catheter heats the vein and seals it shut. Blood then reroutes itself to healthy veins. Patients can drive themselves home and generally return to

Dr. David Swierzewski is in!

normal activities within 2 days with pain free legs.” GENERAL SURGERY Dr. Swierzewski is also one of the general surgeons at Anna Jaques conducting surgery with high definition equipment in fully computerized operating suites. “In the majority of cases we use a minimally invasive approach to surgery using tiny surgical incisions,” says Dr. Swierzewski. “This significantly reduces a patient’s pain and shortens recovery time.”

Patients can drive themselves home and generally return to normal activities within 2 days with pain free legs.

WOUND HEALING In the Anna Jaques Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Center, patients who suffer with wounds that have not healed in 30 days receive specialized care. Dr. Swierzewski is one of the specialty trained physicians in the wound center. “Our Wound Healing center has one of the highest healing rates in the nation. We have two hyperbaric chambers, a certified hyperbaric technician and specialty trained nurses who treat our patients,” he said. TRAUMA SURGERY Dr. Swierzewski is also one of the trauma surgeons in the Level III Trauma Center at Anna Jaques Hospital. “In the trauma center we stabilize patients and do everything possible to save their lives,” said Dr. Swierzewski. “A good example is a patient who was involved in a severe car accident and suffered swelling of the brain, a severe and potentially fatal condition. High winds prevented her from being airlifted to Boston and drive time traffic made an ambulance ride problematic. I performed emergency Neurosurgery to relieve pressure in her brain, and when she was stable, we sent her to a tertiary care hospital in Boston. Three months later she was out of rehabilitation and home, functioning fully. I am proud that the Anna Jaques Trauma Center team saved her life.”


Dr. Swierzewski is trained to conduct the VNUS™ procedure at Anna Jaques Hospital. He is in private practice at Atlantic Surgical Associates located in the Doctors’ Office Building adjacent to Anna Jaques Hospital. He is a board certified surgeon and a Fellow of the American Board of Surgeons. To schedule an appointment with During the VNUS™ procedure a thin disposable catheter is inserted into the vein.

The tip of the catheter heats the vein and seals it shut.

The catheter is withdrawn, closing the vein. Blood then reroutes itself to healthy veins.

Dr. Swierzewski call 978-462-8006.


Peter A. Hartmann, MD

Anna Jaques Hospital offers a team of well qualified general surgeons.

21 Highland Avenue

These surgeons conduct a range of general surgical procedures and each is

Newburyport, MA 01950

skilled in specialty surgery as well.

978-463-8686 Medical School: University of Massachusetts Medical School

Jeffrey Bentley, MD

Internship: University of Massachusetts Medical Center

21 Highland Avenue

Residency: University of Massachusetts Medical Center

Newburyport, MA 01950 978-465-8000

Board Certification: American Board of Surgery

Medical School: University of Massachusetts Medical School Internship: University of Massachusetts Medical Center Residency: University of Massachusetts Medical Center Board Certification: American Board of Surgery

Peter Hartmann, MD has been in private surgical practice for 21years. As a general surgeon he routinely conducts laparoscopic gallbladder and hernia surgery. Dr. Hartmann’s specialty focus is on abdominal and breast surgery and he performs various breast procedures related to the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. His private practice is located in the Doctors’ Office Building adjacent to Anna Jaques Hospital.

Jeffrey Bentley, MD has been in private surgical practice for 26 years. As a general surgeon he regularly conducts breast, gallbladder and colorectal surgery at Anna Jaques Hospital. He also performs colonoscopies and hernia repairs.

Dr. Hartmann was the driving force behind the establishment of the Level III Trauma Center at Anna Jaques and actively participates in the ongoing recertification of the center.

Dr. Bentley says that his experience has taught him that the patient is an important partner. “Listening to the patient and answering questions can be just as important as the technical aspects of surgery,” said Dr. Bentley. “Patients often know what their problem is even before I see them. Many of them already understand treatment options, either from friends and relatives

“Trauma, whether large or small, is a leading cause of death and disability in all age groups,” said Dr. Hartmann. “We worked hard to establish the Anna Jaques trauma program because it is one way to have a positive impact on every member of the community.”

or from conducting research on the web. It’s important to listen to what the patient is saying.”

You can schedule an appointment with Dr. Hartmann’s office by calling 978- 463-8686. Patients of Dr. Hartmann’s practice can easily have their

If you call to schedule an appointment you will speak with office manager

questions answered when they call and speak with Kathy Marshall, RN.

Miasha Trottier. You can find Miasha by calling 978-465-8000.


Unlocking the Mysteries of the Restaurant Menu… (And other tips to avoid sabotaging your healthy eating plan!) It is possible to eat well and avoid “food sabotage” when you eat out, as long as you know how to decode the menu. The majority of restaurants want to please their diners, so don’t hesitate to ask for exactly what you want. For example, if you know you want broiled salmon and rice ask the waiter for it, and don’t bother to open the menu. DE-CODING RESTAURANT MENUS:


Fried, au gratin, crispy, scalloped,

divided in half before it is served to you,

When you order, ask that the meal be

pan-fried, sautéed, buttered, creamed

1/2 on your plate, 1/2 in a carry out

or stuffed = high fat, high calories.


Steamed, broiled, baked, grilled, poached or roasted = low fat, reduced calories.

SAL AD BARS: Choose fresh greens, raw vegetables,

ASK YOUR SERVER: To point out the healthiest choices on the menu and to describe how dishes are prepared. To omit dressings or sauces, or serve them on the side so you control the portions. For healthy substitutions choose: A baked potato instead of French fries. A salad, fruit, or vegetables instead of cole slaw.

fresh fruits, and garbanzo beans. Use reduced-fat, low-fat, light or fat-free dressings. Avoid cheeses, marinated salads, pasta salads, bacon bits, olives and other salty foods. DESSERT: Choose fresh fruit, fruit ice, sherbet, gelatin or angel food cake for dessert. Use fat-free or 1% milk in your coffee instead of cream or half-and-half.


In our next issue we will discuss finding healthy choices at fast food restaurants. (Believe it or not!)

Information courtesy of the American Heart Association

Aging Can Increase Your Risk for Type 2 Diabetes, But You Can Do Something About It. If you are age 60 or older and overweight you are at risk for type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes. However, you can take small steps each day to prevent or delay the onset of the disease. The most important thing you can do is to lose a modest amount of weight (10 to 14 pounds for a 200-pound person) by moving more and making healthy food choices. FIND AN ACTIVITY YOU ENJOY: Walk in safe places, such as indoor or outdoor walking paths, a shopping mall, or a community center. Dancing is also a fun way to be active. Get off the couch, turn on the music, and move. Add a little more activity each day until you reach at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week EASY WAYS TO ADD STEPS! • Take the stairs instead of the elevator, as many flights as you can. • Walk around the house while you talk on the phone. • Park the car farther away from stores, movie theaters, and your office. CHOOSE HEALTHY FOODS: • Whole grain foods such as whole wheat bread, crackers, cereals, brown rice, oatmeal, and barley. • A variety of colorful fruits and vegetables. • Small portions of heart-healthy fats such as nuts, seeds, and vegetable oils. • Low fat or skim milk, yogurt, and cheese.

FOLLOW THESE TIPS: • When eating meat, poultry, or fish, one serving should be the size of a deck of cards. • Choose fish and lean meat and poultry (without the skin). • Choose foods that have been baked or broiled instead of fried. • Limit sweets and desserts. They usually contain a lot of fat as well as sugar. Have a small serving, and not every day.

Remember: Medicare offers a free blood glucose test for people at risk for diabetes. Visit or call 1-800-MEDICARE to learn more. It may not be easy to make these lifestyle changes, but you can do it!

Information courtesy of: NDEP is a partnership of the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and more than 200 public and private organizations.


Easy Ways to Eat Five Servings of Fruits and Vegetables Every Day (And why you should!)

Are these the promises of a snake oil salesman in the old West? No, these are the benefits of making fruits and vegetables the mainstay of your daily diet. Studies show that the people who eat more fruits and vegetables as part of an overall healthy diet are more likely to reduce the risk of many serious health problems, absorb more vitamins and nutrients, and control their weight. Fruits and vegetables are naturally low in calories and high in fiber. It may seem like a chore to incorporate the recommended five (that’s 5!) daily servings of fruits and vegetables into your daily meals, but it is fairly

Reduce your chances of getting heart disease! Reduce your risk of high blood pressure! Reduce your risk of Type II Diabetes!

easy to do. And, making small changes in your eating habits can make a big difference in your health.

Think about it this way. • One serving of produce is one cup of raw leafy greens – easy to put in a sandwich. • One-half cup of fresh, frozen or canned fruits is one serving – easy to put in yogurt or on your morning cereal. • One-half cup of vegetables is one serving – throw them on top of a salad, or in a bowl for snacks. • One medium apple is one serving of fruit and so is 3/4 cup of 100% juice.

Here are some other ideas on how to incorporate produce into your daily meals: • Buy individually packaged servings of fruits and vegetables or create your own at home so you can eat healthy snacks on the go! • Have breakfast at home and include fruit, whole grains and skim milk. • Try to prepare dinners that are heavy on vegetables. If you are pressed for time, use ready-to-eat packaged salads or stir-fry mixtures. Prepare extra portions and freeze them in labeled containers so you can use them the next time you need to prepare a quick meal.

Make your liquids count. • Instead of soda, drink 100% fruit or vegetable juice each day. • Add zip to juice by mixing it with club soda. • Make fruit smoothies. Combine 100% juice, fruit, and ice in a blender and you will quickly get 2-3 servings of fruit.

Consider this as just one more way to Go Green (or red, or yellow, or orange)! Information courtesy of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA)



know that convincing children to eat fruits and vegetables can be a battle, but you need to continue to fight the good

fight. The vitamins and minerals in produce are essential to a child’s health. Introducing a variety of fruits and vegetables to children early on can help them develop a lifetime of healthy eating habits. The US Department of Agriculture recommends that children eat five daily

And now, tips for feeding your children more fruits and vegetables!

servings of fruits and vegetables. What is a parent to do?

(It’s all about making it fun.) Start their day off with fruit. • Make a smoothie by blending yogurt, fruit, and ice (or frozen fruit for thickening). Smoothies can contain 2-3 servings of fruit for each child. • If your children love cereal, slice fruit into their bowls. • Always serve 100% juice to children. Three-quarters of a cup is a full serving!

Keep fruits & vegetables in plain view. • When children snack they reach for what is handy. Keep a bowl of fruit on the counter or store baggies full of cut vegetables in the refrigerator. • Pack fruits and vegetables in your child’s lunch box each day. It encourages healthy snacking.

Create interesting snack pairings:. • If your child won’t eat celery, put peanut butter on it. • Serve carrots with light ranch dressing as a dip. • Pair yogurt with fruit. • Air popped popcorn is a great snack.

Engage your children in the growing of vegetables. • Take your children to “Pick Your Own” farms so they can explore a garden and pick fresh produce. • Consider helping your children to plant their own garden. If they plant their own vegetables, they may be more interested in eating them.

Research shows that it takes children an average of 10 tries to develop a taste for foods that they don’t like initially. Don’t be discouraged and don’t give up!

Information courtesy of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA)


Nonprofit Organization US Postage PAID Newburyport, MA Permit No. 163

25 Highland Avenue • Newbur yport, MA 01950

Your Hospital: The Campaign for Anna Jaques

Now: Entrance used by some patients to access outpatient services.


nna Jaques Hospital is conducting the Advanced Leadership Gift Phase of a capital campaign to

Proposed new entrance.

The Advanced Leadership Gift Phase of the campaign will come to a close at the end of calendar year 2010, and

support the construction of a new single occupancy room

the community wide effort will begin. This phase of the

inpatient unit, a new energy saving power plant, and a

campaign will ask the medical staff and employees of Anna

new outpatient entrance. These changes will set Anna

Jaques, and residents and businesses in the communities

Jaques up to be an outstanding community resource for

served by the hospital, to give to the campaign.

the next generation. The campaign is well underway and

For more information about Your Hospital: The

is experiencing excellent support from the community.

Campaign for Anna Jaques, its funding priorities and

The campaign steering committee members, led by

naming opportunities, please call Rich Napolitano at

Charles R. Cullen, President and CEO of the Provident

the Anna Jaques Community Health Foundation at

Bank, have met with a number of key individuals and


businesses in surrounding communities and have raised more than $4 million for the campaign.

Thank you for the support you have shown to date.

2010 Fall Make One change  

Make One Change magazine created for Anna Jaques Hospital.

2010 Fall Make One change  

Make One Change magazine created for Anna Jaques Hospital.