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Action News a publication of Action Ambulance Service, Inc.

Winter 2013

North Shore Firefighters Honored in Annual Statewide Ceremony Firefighters from several North Shore com-

Action Wins Coveted Award of Excellence

L to R: Senator Richard Moore gives the Award of Excellence to Action CEO Michael Woronka

munities were among those honored at the 23rd annual Firefighter of the Year Awards

For the third time in five years

presented by Governor Deval Patrick in late

Action Ambulance Service has been

December (see photographs on back page).

awarded a Partners in Performance

Peabody firefighters Paul Rheaume, Paul

Excellence Award in recognition of its

LaPlante, Stephen Pellegrini and Captain

employees, leadership and business

Dale Kimball received a Group Award for

practices. The coveted, regional award

Meritorious Conduct. Lynn firefighter David

covering New York and Massachusetts

Hathaway, Salem firefighters Randy

is given only after a stringent review

Theriault, Michael O’Donnell, and Fire

process to companies that have a solid

Lieutenant Richard Arno, Saugus Fire

leadership team. The company must

Lieutenant James A. Hughes, and Peabody

show a commitment to employees

Fire Deputy Chief Eric Harrison received

and a systematic approach in

Medals of Valor. A Medal of Honor was

achieving forward-looking improve-

presented posthumously to the family of

ments in key areas. Mass Excellence Executive Director Richard

Peabody Firefighter James Rice who died

Eppig and Massachusetts Senator Richard T. Moore, (D-Uxbridge),

in a December 2011 fire. Action Ambulance

Senate Chairman, Committee on Health Care Financing, presented

honors these firefighters and thanks them

the Award. "The future of health care cost containment can only

for their service and partnerships in public

be sustained with more efficient delivery of quality care,” said

safety. To show their support Action

Senator Moore. “As a Performance Excellence Award winner,

Ambulance has, for the past five years,

Action Ambulance remains in the forefront of our health care

been one of the lead sponsors of the

delivery system”

Firefighter of the Year awards ceremony.


Important HIPAA refresher for Municipal Emergency Response Teams The Privacy Rule of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, known as HIPAA, became effective in 2003, placing a privacy shield around patient information and regulating how patient information can be used by medical service providers and health insurers. How does HIPAA affect municipal emergency responders? Here’s a refresher. Q: Does our municipality’s EMS/fire/emergency response team have to comply with HIPAA?

related to radio communications. However, EMS

A: There are three types of covered entities and one

workers should be as discreet as possible and only use

of them is health care providers working with medical

the patient’s name over airwaves when necessary.

electronic transactions. Since most EMS providers electronically submit health claims, they fall into the category of “health-care provider,” requiring them to comply with HIPAA.

be administered. HIPAA does not have restrictions

Q: What effect does HIPAA have on Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD)? A: These disclosures most likely fall into the category of health care operations, making them allowable.

Q: Does HIPAA restrict patient information relayed over the dispatch radio?

However, consider having those present sign confidentiality reports before disclosures are made. The Critical

A: Communication between field responders, the

Incident Stress Debriefing is based on confidentiality.

hospital and others is required so that treatment can

For more information on HIPAA, please go to the U.S.


From Moscow to Massachusetts – From Immigrant to Irreplaceable What do you do after seeing tanks roll down the streets of your home town, watching a government coup attempt, and deciding that you must leave the country of your birth? You rebuild your life, and if you are Eugene Levitin, you do so in America. Eugene emigrated from Moscow, Russia in 1992. Now he serves as Director of Facilities at Action Ambulance Service where he has worked for 7 years. “Eugene is indispensable around here,” said Joseph Simone, his supervisor. “He cleans, paints, completes carpentry, light plumbing, and concrete work projects, conducts safety/OSHA inspections at each of our locations and can even fix the roof. He is an important staff member.” A humble man, Eugene said “I treat each Action location like it is my own home. I see what needs to be done, and then I make sure it gets done. It’s important.“ His coworkers tell a different story, one of a hard-working, independent, proud man who never calls out sick and dislikes taking time off. Eugene traveled from Moscow to Massachusetts, and Action Ambulance is proud to have him as an employee, proud to call him a friend. We would call that the best of détente, right here in Wilmington.


Action News Winter 2013


30 Years of Collaboration with the Town of Stoneham The Town of Stoneham, Massachusetts

Action collaborates with a team of

911 system are immediately trans-

is accustomed to excellence. It is the

executives from the town including

ferred to trained medical triage

home of Gold Medalist ice skater

Fire Chief Joe Rolli, Police Chief James

personnel at Action. This collaboration

Nancy Kerrigan, John "Pie" McKenzie,

McIntyre and Town Manager David

reduces critical response time,

NHL player with the 1970/72 Stanley

Ragucci. Stoneham is densely

ensuring fast medical response for

Cup Boston Bruins, George J. Hall,

populated, with more than 21,000

citizens in need.

U.S. Army Medal of Honor recipient in

people and 8,900 households* in just

World War II, and numerous profes-

under 7 square miles. Emergency

sional athletes and artists. You might

response has to be accurate, fast

say excellence is bred in Stoneham,

and well-coordinated. “When the

and it’s what they expect from their

Commonwealth required that all

business partners.

personnel answering 911 calls be

Action also helps provide emergency

That standard of excellence is what

trained in emergency medical dispatch,

medical training for police and fire

makes Action Ambulance so proud of

or that cities and towns work with a

departments, dispatchers, and citizens,

its 30-year partnership with Stoneham.

3rd party, we looked to Action

collaborates in general disaster pre-

Action is the contracted provider of

Ambulance for help,” said Chief

paredness, helps the town present

emergency response services to the

McIntyre. “Their readiness to collabo-

flu and blood pressure clinics, and

town, but that’s just the beginning. It’s

rate meant the Town of Stoneham was

sponsors the Town Day celebration.

the ongoing collaboration between

able to maintain superior emergency

town leaders and Action that provides

services without bearing the cost of

innovative approaches to public safety

training 40 police and emergency

and community support in ways that

medical dispatchers.” Now all medical


aid calls coming into the Stoneham

“Action’s readiness to collaborate meant the Town of Stoneham was able to maintain superior emergency services...”

If there were a gold medal for collaboration, Action Ambulance Service believes that Stoneham would certainly be the winner! *Census 2010



Ipswich Fire Department – Leading the Way in Senior Safety Ipswich firefighters Jeff Stone and Keith Carlson

Fire fighters Stone and Carlson offer appointments

have completed a “Carfit” training course so they can

for older adults to go to fire headquarters for a

educate older adults as to how well their vehicles

12 point CarFit check. For questions or to make

“fit” them. The CarFit program, sponsored by AARP

an appointment call 978-356-6630 or email

and AAA, also provides information on community or

resources that could enhance older adults’ safety as

Please visit the CarFit website,, for

drivers and increase their mobility in the community.

more information.



Action Ambulance Service, Inc. 844 Woburn Street Wilmington, MA 01887-3413 978-253-2600 • E-mail:

Action Ambulance Service is a family owned company and


has been a leader in Emergency Medical Services in Massachusetts for over 35 years. Action Ambulance provides

Q4, 2012:

24-hour emergency and non-emergency pre-hospital medical

• Average response time – Less than 5 minutes.

care and transportation to over a million residents of Boston’s

• 13,050 responses

north suburbs and Berkshire County. Action Ambulance

• 10,052 patients treated

services cover over 150 square miles and respond to more

• 116 employees received internal awards for exemplary performance

than 50,000 incidents each year. Our average response time is less than 5 minutes.


Action Ambulance will soon announce the details of its first annual award for exemplary performance by emergency responders. Please watch for more information in the mail!

North Shore Firefighters Honored in Annual Statewide Ceremony

Peabody Firefighters receive the Group Award for Meritorious Conduct. Left to right, Firefighters Paul Rheaume, Paul LaPlante, Stephen Pellegrini and Captain Dale Kimball with Governor Deval Patrick.

Saugus Fire Lt. James Hughes and Lynn Firefighter David Hathaway received Medals of Valor from Governor Deval Patrick.for the same water rescue.

Firefighters from Salem receive the Medal of Valor. L to R: Firefighters Randy Theriault and Michael O'Donnell, and Lieutenant Richard L. Arno with Governor Deval Patrick.

Deputy Chief Eric R. Harrison receives a Medal of Valor from Governor Deval Patrick.

"If you have questions or would like more information about Action Ambulance services, please call 978-253-2600 or e-mail us at"

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