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2011 Annual Report Anna Jaques Community Health Foundation Donor Listing


Letter from the Chairman of the Board I am happy to report, on behalf of the Board of Trustees, that Anna Jaques Hospital remains a strong, independent, not for profit hospital. We ended FY2011 in the black, posting a gain from operations of $1.015 million despite the unpredictable nature of the healthcare industry today. In FY2011 we took steps to secure a strong future for Anna Jaques. We grew our clinical affiliation with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a renowned Boston academic medical center and major teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School.We also raised a significant portion of the hospital’s $6 million capital campaign goal and arranged funding to implement the master facility construction plan. FY2011 was also a difficult year as more Massachusetts hospitals succumbed to unsustainable negative profit margins resulting in merger, acquisition, or in some cases, closure. These events brought into sharp focus the continued need for uncompromising guardianship of Anna Jaques’ financial affairs and reputation. Challenges were presented when patient volume no longer followed historical patterns due in part to continued economic uncertainty, high deductible insurance plans, and public policy aimed at reducing overall costs in healthcare. Flexible staffing patterns were required to conform to the ebb and flow of patient volume while at the same time maintaining high quality patient care. Changing reimbursement rules from third party payers imposed new procedural and documentation requirements and our staff had to modify internal processes quickly in order to secure revenue. As we knew they would, our employees and medical staff rose to meet these challenges. We are proud that Anna Jaques Hospital is a low cost, high quality, community hospital. As such, we are part of the solution to the problem of unsustainably high costs in health care. Anna Jaques has served the people of the lower Merrimack Valley and North Shore for 128 years and we plan to continue that legacy for many, many years to come. Sincerely,

George H. Ellison, Jr. Chairman, Anna Jaques Hospital Board of Trustees

Letter from the President

In FY2011 Anna Jaques focused on strengthening our position as a high quality, low cost hospital delivering care to the local community. That profile makes us desirable to employers and insurers in the new health plan design. New insurance plans will direct patients toward hospitals that have measurably high quality at a low cost, and Anna Jaques has achieved that status in all the “tiered� plans. Patient and physician incentives will promote care locally rather than in Boston. Our clinical affiliation with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center brings Boston level expertise in a supporting role to Anna Jaques physicians, giving patients access to excellent services without traveling long distances. In addition, patient satisfaction continues to improve and the master facility construction project will increase single room occupancy to be the dominant pattern, so that when you come to Anna Jaques, you almost always get a single! Lower rates of hospital inpatient admissions and testing, higher insurance co-pays and deductibles, and the lingering economic downturn will continue to stress the well-being of community based hospitals. Despite these impediments, we believe that Anna Jaques will continue to thrive and fine tune its programs.We have an encouraging track record. From 1999 to 2005 the hospital suffered significant operating losses. Since 2006, however, the hospital has recorded yearly operating surpluses. The money has been reinvested in technology and updated facilities for the communities we serve. In the year just finished, as in the year ahead, we will continue to focus on the basics: being nice to patients, giving them measurably good care, working with our colleagues at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and showcasing and supporting our excellent medical staff. Sincerely,

Delia O’Connor, FACHE President and CEO Anna Jaques Hospital


The Strength of a Clinical Affiliation Anna Jaques Hospital (AJH) is clinically affiliated with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC), a renowned Boston academic medical center and major teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School. While AJH remains an independent non-profit hospital, the affiliation offers many benefits to Anna Jaques patients.With the new collaboration between AJH and BIDMC, patients are seen in our own community by the AJH Medical Staff when clinically appropriate, with good access to complex care in Boston. More efficient integration of services between AJH and BIDMC will also mean that duplicative treatments and testing will be reduced. If a patient needs to go to BIDMC for tertiary care, the affiliation enables the patient to return to the community for continuing care as quickly as possible.



Maternal/Fetal Medicine

ED Transfers

In FY2011 Anna Jaques contracted with NeuroCall, affiliated with BIDMC, to provide our Emergency Department (ED) physicians with around the clock access to board certified neurologists. Specialists from the Neurology Department at BIDMC provide high quality, seamless coverage for NeuroCall’s network.When patients at Anna Jaques are suffering stroke-like symptoms, AJH Emergency Department physicians and the neurologists at NeuroCall talk to one another face to face over a high speed internet connection and “Skype-like” video technology to examine the patient together and discuss the best course of treatment. Our collaboration with NeuroCall is helping us to improve outcomes for patients and to save lives. It is particularly helpful in the decision whether or not the patient with stroke symptoms should be given the clot-dissolving medication, tPA. Anna Jaques received a grade of 100% in a recent Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) study of appropriate use of tPA – similar to best practice in Boston area teaching and community hospitals.

Patients who need advanced care for high risk pregnancies can now receive that care at Anna Jaques, where previously they were traveling into downtown Boston or Route 128. BIDMC Maternal and Fetal Medicine specialist Henry Roque, MD, FACOG (seen above) came to Anna Jaques three times a month in FY2011 to provide high risk ultrasound to the patients of obstetricians at Women’s Health Care, and assist them in treating their at risk patients. Access to this high quality specialized medicine reduces stress on patients who no longer need to travel substantial, inconvenient distances for specialty care. It also enhances what the Women’s Health Care obstetricians are able to provide their patients in a very integrated way, right down the hall from the Women’s Health Care office.

The relationship between the Emergency Departments at Anna Jaques and BIDMC benefits our patients. In FY2011, 274 patients were transferred to BIDMC for trauma and other clinical conditions that required tertiary care. Before a transfer our emergency physicians speak to a BIDMC emergency physician to discuss the patient’s condition, emergency treatment, and the best method of transfer (ground ambulance or medflight air transport). BIDMC accepts virtually all patients from AJH with no delay in the transfer. Anna Jaques physicians are able to stay apprised of their patient’s condition and progress through communication with BIDMC physicians and access, via electronic medical records, to their patients’ data. Substantial improvements to that electronic access to their patient’s information at BIDMC is underway currently.

The Importance of Local Care

Seen L to R: Janice Hamerstrom, RN, Recovery Room, Patrice Wood, LPN, Pre-operative Unit, John McManamy, MD, Anesthesiologist, Christine Daragjati Riccardi, MD, Pediatrician, Steven Parker, MD, Anesthesiologist, David Kelleher, Certified RN Anesthetist (CRNA)

This year Anna Jaques established a Pediatric Surgery Advisory Team (seen above), to ensure that pediatric surgical services are well understood by parents, their children, and the pediatricians who care for them. Members of the team were selected for their expertise in each of the areas involved in the process of pediatric surgery. Their involvement helps to ensure a smooth and reassuring process, and high quality clinical care for the child from registration to recovery. A pediatric surgical services brochure was produced and development of an online video has begun, both with the goal of educating parents and children about the surgical process, easing the anxiety that can accompany a child’s surgery, and demonstrating the volume of pediatric surgery AJH already does with a highly skilled, well-credentialed team.


• A pre-operative Board certified anesthesia evaluation • A pre-operative phone call by a pediatric educated registered nurse • An optional pre-operative tour • A designated phone number for your anesthesia questions • An Anna Jaques Hospital teddy bear • A TV and DVD player for pediatric friendly entertainment • Free parking • A registered nurse to help you navigate your child’s care • A surgical tracking monitor so you can follow your child’s surgical progress • A beeper to notify you of your child’s status • A post-discharge phone call by a registered nurse


The Importance of Accredited Patient Services

Regulatory surveys and accreditations in healthcare serve to assess the quality of clinical services, staff compliance with established standards of performance, and the delivery of healthcare to patients. In FY2011 Anna Jaques Hospital performed well in surveys and received several national accreditations.

Regulatory Surveys • The Adult and Child Psychiatry departments completed successful Department of Mental Health surveys.The surveyors said, “Anna Jaques has a model psychiatric program in every way.” • The Respiratory Care Department earned Quality Respiratory Care Recognition (QRCR) from the American Association for Respiratory Care. Only 700 of the 5,000 hospitals in the US have received this recognition.

Nurses and counselors of the child psychiatry program located at the Amesbury Health Center.

Seen L to R staff from the adult psychiatric unit: Georgiana Sampson, Moe Lord, Barbara Taylor, Jason Halpin, Mark Towle, Peter Freeman, Alexander Lipin, MD, Cheri Kirby, Mary O’Connor, Wendy Allen, kneeling: Sherren Trepanier Seen L to R in the wound center: Noah Rosen, MD, Suzanne Mazza, Office Coordinator, Scott McIntire, Director, Pat Ford, CHRN, Joan Caragher, MD, Patty Lucey, RN CWS, and Denise Ryan, RN CWS. Not pictured: Shannon McQueen RN, Clinical Nurse Manager, Diane Desmarais-Tetreault, LPN, CHT, Lynn Vaine, Receptionist

• The Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Center received re-accreditation by the Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS), the only wound healing center in Massachusetts to receive full UHMS accreditation. The surveyors said “Anna Jaques’ Wound Healing Center is the most clinically sound we have seen in the country.”The center also celebrated its tenth anniversary.

National Accreditations • The Non-Invasive Vascular Lab received re-accreditation by the Intersociety Commission for the Accreditation of Vascular Laboratories (ICAVL) for Peripheral Arterial testing and three additional modalities including Cerebrovascular, Peripheral Venous and Visceral Vascular testing. (Seen at right) • The Main Laboratory and Blood Gas Laboratory received accreditation by the College of American Pathologists (CAP). • The CT scan unit was accredited by the American College of Radiology’s Committee on CT accreditation. Seen L to R: Phil Drews, Director of Clinical Services, Derek Butler, RVT, RDCS, RDMS, RT, and Paula Zayac, RVT, RDMS, Vascular Sonographers, celebrate the non-invasive vascular lab’s re-accreditation. At left: Lindsey Yost (back) and Jenny Banakos (front) stand with of the Roche Cobas 6000 Integrated Platform Analyzers, the state of the art chemistry and immunoassay analyzers in the AJH lab.


The Focus on Quality and Patient Safety Across the country, hospitals focus on initiatives to decrease hospital acquired infections, reduce the number of preventable medical errors, and increase patient safety and the quality of patient care. In FY2011 Anna Jaques achieved notable results in several areas.

Decreasing Hospital Acquired Infections According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), U.S. hospitals experience 1.7 million health-care associated infections (HAIs) annually, causing roughly 99,000 deaths at a cost of $37 to $45 billion. However, by instituting nationally recognized best practices, Anna Jaques and other hospitals are making strides to reduce, and, in some cases, eliminate HAIs. In FY2011 Anna Jaques increased hand hygiene compliance in clinical areas.We decreased C-section infection rates to less than 2%, (below the national average) for the year 2011, and successfully contained airborne pathogens that could be released

by construction activities and negatively impact patients whose immune systems may be compromised. By instituting clear and consistent communication channels between the construction team, the facilities staff, and the infection control department, Anna Jaques has not had a reported case of Aspergillus (a type of fungus) infection related to construction activities at AJH. In order to reduce surgical site infections Anna Jaques employs a number of measures including: the proper timing of administrating prophylactic antibiotics before surgery, the use of an antiseptic soap during patient pre-op showers, and the use of the most effective surgical prep (Chlorhexidine).

Implementation of best practices in the Birth Center’s operating room, as in the main OR, included the use of Chlorhexidine for a pre-op scrub, antiseptic pre-op showers, routine environmental rounds and continual adherence to Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses (AORN) and Association of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) standards.

Board Initiative to Eliminate Preventable Harm As part of the hospital’s continued effort to reduce complications of care and improve patient outcomes, the Board of Trustees approved an initiative to eliminate preventable harm. The two current goals of the initiative are to reduce surgical site infections for elective hip and knee arthroplasties (joint replacement), to zero percent by 2014 and to reduce second stage or greater pressure ulcers (bedsores) to zero percent by 2015. Plans have been implemented to achieve these goals through further education of the nursing staff, monitoring patients and immediately notifying their physician if a stage 1 ulcer is seen; implementation of an OR report card; an on-going hand hygiene campaign; and patient education.

Community Based Care Transitions Program (CCTP) The Merrimack Valley Community Care Transition Collaborative (CCTP) establishes a new partnership between Anna Jaques Hospital, doctors affiliated with the hospital, and Elder Services of the Merrimack Valley, Inc (ESMV), with the goal of reducing avoidable readmissions. The grant from the Medicare Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation will help fund several interventions: • Doing “Teach-back” with the patient and his/her family member or friend who actually delivers most of the care. The patient will now be asked to explain in her own words what her disease is, how she is going to take her medications, and what symptoms she should worry about. • Assuring each patient has a specific follow up appointment with his/her doctor before the patient leaves the hospital.


The Importance of Employee Involvement In FY2011 Anna Jaques Surgical Services Improvement Project was launched with the goal of improving service to patients and surgeons, and improving operating room flow. Anna Jaques partnered with Covidien, an international consulting firm that specializes in helping healthcare organizations find solutions to complex problems using the Lean Six Sigma methodology, an approach for achieving operational excellence. The Lean Six Sigma process gets front-line employees involved in training, flow charting of processes, measurement and decision making. It creates an effective way to achieve sustainable change. Front-line employees from the operating room, ambulatory procedure room, recovery room, anesthesia, information technology, and central sterile, along with employees of private practice surgeons, came together for in-depth brainstorming and measurement. “One of the main goals of the project was to prevent delays in our operating room, and to improve the scheduling and pre-admission process.” said Jeanine Cunningham, RN, Director of Surgical Services.


The Surgical Services Improvement Team identified some quick solutions to several issues called the “Just Do It’ ideas. They included: • A patient tracking monitor placed in the surgical waiting area allows families to track the progress of their loved one through surgery and recovery. • Improved signage directs nonOR patients, as they enter the hospital, to the volunteer information desk. This reduces the number of patients approaching

The surgical tracker provides real time patient progress in an effort to keep families informed.

the pre-admission testing receptionists in the OR area and slowing them down. •

The reorganization of Central Sterile, including the purchase of additional shelves and additional surgical kits, improves the efficiency of “picking” OR instrumentation for each case.

Multiple other changes are being implemented in FY2012, and success on key metrics (like percentage of rooms starting on time) will be measured against the established baseline and goals from the Covidien teams.

“Our goal is to become the operating room of choice for patients, surgeons and our employees.” – Richard Maki,VP, Chief Nursing Officer The improvement project analyzed operating room schedules in an effort to prevent surgical delays and meet the needs of patients and surgeons. The Surgical Service Improvement Team compared notes on repetitive tasks that can be trimmed to improve work flow. Seen L to R: Patrice Wood, LPN, Pre-op, Sherry Demand, OR Surgical Tech; Julie Little, OR Aide, Jeanine Fowler, RN, Pre-op


The Strength of Physician Recruitment To meet the needs of our patient population, Anna Jaques recruited or helped private practices recruit new physicians to expand primary care and specialty practices, and to expand the Hospitalist program (the physicians who specialize in inpatient care).

Heather Cabral, DO

Peter Fitzgibbons, MD

Louis A. Giorgio, MD

Hospitalist, Anna Jaques Hospital Medical School: University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey School of Osteopathic Medicine Internship /Residency: Somerset Family Practice, Somerville, NJ Board Certified: American Board of Family Medicine

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Sports Medicine North Orthopaedic Surgery, Inc. Medical School: Brown Medical School, Providence, RI Internship/Residency: Brown University, Providence, RI Fellowship: Hand and Upper Extremity: Harvard Medical School, Orthopaedic Trauma: Brown University Board Eligible: American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery

Hospitalist, Anna Jaques Hospital Medical School: Facoltà di Medicina e Chirurgia, Genova, Italy Internship: Worcester City Hospital, Worcester, MA Residency/Fellowship: St. Vincent’s Medical Center, Bridgeport, CT Board Certified: American Board of Internal Medicine

Dorothy Kurtz, DPM Podiatrist, Sports Medicine North Orthopaedic Surgery, Inc. Medical School: Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine, Philadelphia, PA Residency: Botsford General Hospital, Farmington Hills, MI, Rotating Podiatric, Podiatric Surgery Detroit Veterans Administration Medical Center, Detroit, MI Fellowship: AO/ASIF International Trauma, Allgemeines Krankenhaus, Vienna, Austria Board Certified: American Board of Podiatric Medicine Certified Wound Specialist: American Academy of Wound Management


Alexey Makogonov, MD Oana Lungu, MD Hospitalist, Anna Jaques Hospital Medical School: Institute of Medicine “C. Davilla”, Bucharest, Romania Residency: Medicine/Pediatrics, Bridgeport Hospital/Yale New Haven Health, Bridgeport, CT Board Certified: American Board of Internal Medicine, American Board of Pediatrics

Hospitalist, Anna Jaques Hospital Medical School: St. Petersburg Pavlov Medical University, St. Petersburg, Russia Internship/Residency: Berkshire Medical Center, Pittsfield, MA Board Certified: American Board of Internal Medicine

Jose M. Marchena, DMD, MD

Maria Ratchkova, MD

Ryan Scannell, MD

Maxillofacial Surgeon, Newburyport Oral Surgery, Inc. Medical School: Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Boston, MA Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA Internship: Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA Residency: Louisiana State University Medical Center/Charity Hospital, New Orleans, LA Board Certified: American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Hospitalist, Anna Jaques Hospital Medical School: Ryazan State Ivan Petrovich Pavlov Medical University, Ryazan, Russia Internship/Residency: Ryazan State Ivan Petrovich Pavlov Medical University, Ryazan, Russia New York Medical College Metropolitan Hospital Center, New York, NY Board Certified: American Board of Internal Medicine

Otolaryngology, Colden & Seymour Ear, Nose, Throat and Allergy Medical School: Duke University School of Medicine, Durham, NC Internship: University of Michigan Health System, Department of General Surgery, Ann Arbor, MI Residency: University of Michigan Health System, Department of Otolaryngology Fellowship: American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, University of Michigan Health System, Department of Otolaryngology Board Certified: American Board of Otolaryngology American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Diane B.Turcot, MD

Christannah D.Waters, MD

Cardiologist, Clipper Cardiovascular Associates Medical School: Université Laval, Québec City, Canada Internship/ Residency: McGill University, Montreal General Hospital, Montreal, Quebec, Canada Fellowship: Cardiology, University of Connecticut School of Medicine, Hartford Hospital, Hartford, CT Interventional Cardiology, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA Board Certified: American Board of Internal Medicine Subspecialty in Cardiovascular Disease Subspecialty in Interventional Cardiology

Obstetrician/Gynecologist, Women’s Health Care Medical School: Loyola University, Stritch School of Medicine, Maywood, IL Internship: University Health Center of Pittsburgh, Magee-Women’s Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA Residency: The University of Chicago, Department of OB/GYN, Chicago, IL Board Certified: American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Bojan Zoric, MD Orthopaedic Surgeon, Sports Medicine North Orthopaedic Surgery, Inc. Medical School: University of California Los Angeles, School of Medicine Residency: Combined Orthopaedics, Harvard University, Boston, MA Fellowship: Steadman Hawkins Clinic Sports Medicine, Vail, CO Board Certified: American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery


The Importance of Improved, Energy Efficient Facilities In April of calendar year (CY)2011 Anna Jaques began its $15.8 million master facility plan construction project that expands the hospital and improves its energy efficiency. The project adds 18 single patient occupancy rooms, which will increase the percentage of private medical surgical beds in the hospital to 100% most of the time (except in the periods of highest census) (see more, page 23). A new energy efficient power plant will increase the hospital’s overall energy efficiency by approximately 15%. Removal of the old power plant will also make way for a new outpatient entrance that includes an attractive entry across a newly landscaped space, and pretty updates to the basement corridors. The new entrance will include a reception desk and waiting area for patients and signage to guide them to their department.


The Zampell Power Plant uses energy efficient equipment, cleaner burning fuel (natural gas instead of number six fuel oil). It conserves water, and minimizes the impact on the natural environment.

The Zampell power plant under construction.


New power plant:

Boilers burning # 6 fuel oil

Efficient, cleaner burning natural gas

Aged hydronic system

Efficient, variable speed pumps

Reciprocating chillers

Efficient new scroll units

Antiquated HVAC unit

Variable air volume units which allow finer temperature control coupled with a computer based digital control management system

One of the two new generators in the Zampell power plant.

M I N I M I Z I N G E N V I R O N M E N TA L I M PA C T In the new power plant:

More environmentally friendly Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) based refrigerants will be used

Lighting is energy efficient and reduces light pollution through ‘dark skies’ approaches that cast light down, instead of horizontally or up

Water use is reduced through low flow water fixtures

Erosion and sedimentation are controlled

Storm water is managed and a rain garden retains run-off

Ground water is recharged through infiltration chambers

One of the three energy efficient boilers that will provide heating.

At left: The historic oak tree (approximately 90 years old) has held its own through the construction, carefully watched over by Bartlett Tree Experts. Construction workers have been grateful for its shade during hot weather.


The Strength of a Healing Environment Updating and refreshing spaces creates a positive healing environment for patients and helps to make Anna Jaques Hospital a desirable place in which to receive healthcare. In FY2011 spaces in three separate patient areas were renovated. Physical Therapy: The physical therapy space that was previously located in the Gray Building on the hospital campus moved into a new, larger, 3200 square foot space in the Market Basket plaza on Storey Avenue in Newburyport. The move was necessitated by the demolition of the Gray Building as part of the master facility plan expansion in order to make room for the new Zampell power plant. The improved physical therapy space is easily accessible for patients as it is on a single floor with ample parking directly in the front of the building.Twelve foot high windows bring natural light into the large gym area, two treatment rooms create privacy for patients, and there is good space for staff needs.


Sleep Lab:

Pediatric Unit:

As a tired nation looks for answers to its lack of sleep, sleep testing continues to be an important clinical service at Anna Jaques under the direction of Dr. Charles Randall, Board Certified in Pulmonology as well as Sleep Medicine, and Lynn Wedge, RRT, RPSGT, Sleep Lab Coordinator. Now the new dĂŠcor presents a welcoming and restful space, more like a hotel than a hospital, for those receiving overnight testing.

Pediatric patients and their families have unique needs. The children need space to play, the parents need space to sleep near their children, and families need private space in which to consult with their physician.The new pediatric sub-unit at Anna Jaques, named for Kim Williams and Trevor Miller, provides for all of those needs. It was constructed on the third floor in an effort to provide a private, high quality, secure environment for children and their families.

The Importance of Serving our Patients Well Press Ganey* patient satisfaction surveys collect feedback from inpatients and emergency department patients on their experience at Anna Jaques. The information is reviewed by administration and the appropriate department director. Every employee who gets a nice mention in the surveys receives a ‘Shining Star’ and a letter from the hospital president with a copy of the patient’s positive words. Attention to, and performance on, patient satisfaction scores is part of every director’s performance evaluation.

National Recognition by Press Ganey Press Ganey recently recognized Anna Jaques for what it called “a consistent and steady climb in patient satisfaction (see trends right), reflective of the staff working hard toward great achievements, and doing so as a true team.” Press Ganey recognized achievements in patient satisfaction in the hospital’s ambulatory surgery overall, inpatient overall, and emergency department overall ratings. • The operating room (OR) team was recognized for its statistically significant improvement in Ambulatory Surgery Overall Patient Satisfaction scores, the result of sustained performance improvements by the staff. • The director of the Birth Center and Anna Jaques’ Chief Nursing Officer presented a case study on “rebirthing quality and customer service” to 200 attendees at the national Press Ganey conference in Dallas,Texas. They described quality and patient satisfaction strategies that regularly lead to scores above the 88th percentile.

The graphs above show consistent patient satisfaction improvement trends.


• A snapshot comparison of Press Ganey scores from calendar year (CY)2003 compared to (CY)2011 shows heartening improvement. (Shown at right)

(CY)2011 Q3

(CY)2003 Q4

Overall Inpatient

80 percentile

26th percentile

Hospital Recognition of Achievement

Overall Nursing Inpatient

86th percentile

26th percentile

Each quarter Anna Jaques awards its own patient satisfaction trophies, based on Press Ganey results.Three hospital departments won internal Anna Jaques Press Ganey patient satisfaction awards for the 4th quarter of FY2011.

Room Cleanliness

71st percentile

9th percentile

• Food and Nutrition Services received the first trophy awarded in the new category of “Highest Peer Group”. The trophy is awarded to the staff of those support departments who make extraordinary contributions in their category of service, resulting in high patient satisfaction scores.


Source: Press Ganey Reports. Press Ganey is a national patient satisfaction firm.

This chart gives a snapshot of patient satisfaction, eight years apart.

• Surgical Services won the award, delivered this quarter with a new trophy, for “Highest Score”. • CCSU won the “Most Improved” award.

The Food and Nutrition services team accepts their trophy for “Highest Peer Group”. Seen L to R: Back Row: Deb Dionne, Tim Toplak, Jim Harvey, Dean Scheidegger Middle Row: Alan Bythewood, Kelly McInnis, Delia O’Connor Front Row: Tim McCarthy, Mark Kelley, Mardee Beauparlant, Debbie Higgins Kneeling at front: Richard Maki, CNO, VP, Nursing

*Press Ganey patient surveys are mailed to randomly selected patients. Press Ganey is an organization that works with 50% of US registered hospitals, numbering more than 2,800, to measure and improve their quality of care.


The Importance of Serving our Communities Anna Jaques Hospital’s community outreach program has evolved over the years from providing fun and educational programs to elementary schools, to providing materials and programming that fill gaps left by school district budget cuts. Collaborating with school nurses, the hospital writes and provides free curriculum on healthy snacks, portion control, hand washing, bike safety, and fun exercise. We purchase books, videos, and teaching materials for schools that no longer have school librarians.With the help of Ron Freid, DO, Medical Director of the Anna Jaques Emergency Department, who volunteered, AJH provided speaker, educational staff and parent materials that helped the Newburyport and Pentucket school districts meet unfunded state mandates for concussion education. The hospital also works behind the scenes, in collaboration with school athletic directors and community league leaders, to help ensure that students in need have access to organized sports. Among the programs Anna Jaques supported: • Amesbury Middle School. AJH provides 5th grade girls’ travel basketball team (seen at left) with new warm up suits.

Thanks to a generous grant from The Newburyport Society for the Relief of Aged Women, Anna Jaques produced a three issue magazine to enhance the health and welfare of senior women in Newbury, Newburyport and Salisbury. Information from Anna Jaques Hospital clinicians indicated that depression and isolation, knowing when to call the doctor or 911, (such as in the case of heart attack, stroke, or falls), and coping with family stressors are areas of concern

• Newburyport High School basketball camp. AJH provides scholarships for girls in need.

for these women. As a result,

• Pentucket High School (serving West Newbury, Groveland). AJH helps to replace torn/obsolete athletic gear.

called Health and Home,

• Triton Middle School (Newbury, Rowley, Salisbury). AJH helps to defray wrestling team sign up costs. • Salisbury community softball/baseball fields. AJH helps to repair fields damaged extensively by winter storms.

each issue of the magazine,

addresses health issues, socialization, personal safety, nutrition, and stress reduction, and provides contact information for local resources and organizations that are easily accessible.

• The West Newbury Basketball Academy. AJH supports 100 to 125 campers, 2nd-9th grade. • Haverhill public schools. AJH helps to supply wellness curriculum to school nurses.

At left: The Amesbury Middle School 5th grade girls’ travel basketball team needed new warm up suits. Anna Jaques provided them to help relieve parents’ costs.


Board of Trustees

George H. Ellison, Jr. Chairman

Byron J. Matthews Vice Chairman

Maurice Fremont-Smith III, MD Secretary

Wayne P. Capolupo Chair, Building Committee

Charles R. Cullen Chair, Campaign Steering Committee

David J. LaFlamme Chair, Finance Committee

Janice C. Morse Chair, Audit Committee

Kim Williams, Chair, Board Quality Committee

Rosalin Acosta

Mark S. Amorosino, MD

Grace G. Connolly

Bernhard Heersink, MD

Michael Jones

Jeffrey C. Kirpas

Ann Lagasse Chair, Foundation

Margaret K. McClure President, Anna Jaques Hospital Aid Association

Jessica Schoonmaker, MD

George H. Ellison, Jr., Chairman Byron J. Matthews, Vice Chairman Maurice Fremont-Smith III, MD, Secretary Delia O’Connor, FACHE, President/CEO Joe D. Hull, MD, President, Medical Staff


Wayne P. Capolupo, Chair, Building Committee Charles R. Cullen, Chair, Campaign Steering Committee David J. LaFlamme, Chair, Finance Committee Janice C. Morse, Chair, Audit Committee Kim Williams, Chair, Board Quality Committee

Delia O’Connor, FACHE President/CEO

Rosalin Acosta Mark S. Amorosino, MD Grace G. Connolly Edward Dipple (not pictured) Bernhard Heersink, MD Michael Jones

Joe D. Hull, MD President, Medical Staff

Jeffrey C. Kirpas Ann Lagasse, Chair, Foundation Margaret K. McClure, President, Anna Jaques Hospital Aid Association Jessica Schoonmaker, MD

Medical Staff President Joe D. Hull, MD

Vice President Saira Naseer-Ghiasuddin, MD

Secretary/Treasurer Christopher Harris, MD

Department of Anesthesia Steven F. Parker, MD, Department Chief Robert L. Kirkman, MD, Assistant Chief Joe D. Hull, MD, President

Saira Naseer-Ghiasuddin, MD Vice President

Christopher Harris, MD, Secretary/Treasurer, Chief, Medicine

Department of Emergency Medicine Ronald L. Freid, DO, Department Chief Joe D. Hull, MD, Assistant Chief

Department of Medicine Christopher Harris, MD, Department Chief H. Thompson Mann, MD, Assistant Chief

Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology Steven A. Mollov, MD, Department Chief Rebecca L. Boyer, MD, Assistant Chief

Department of Pathology Ronald L. Freid, DO Chief, Emergency

Laura G. Harris, MD Chief, Pathology

Alexander Lipin, MD Chief, Psychiatry

Laura G. Harris, MD, Department Chief Maurice Fremont-Smith III, MD, Assistant Chief

Department of Pediatrics Christine Daragjati Riccardi, MD, Department Chief Tammy Bottner, MD, Assistant Chief

Department of Psychiatry Alexander Lipin, MD, Department Chief David E. Sorenson, MD, Assistant Chief

Department of Radiology Thomas M. Riley, MD, Department Chief Richard E. Rosin, MD, Assistant Chief

Department of Surgery Steven A. Mollov, MD Chief, Obstetrics & Gynecology

Steven F. Parker, MD Chief, Anesthesia

Thomas M. Riley, MD Chief, Radiology

David Swierzewski, MD Chief, Surgery

Christine Daragjati Riccardi, MD Chief, Pediatrics

David Swierzewski, MD, Department Chief Daryl Colden, MD, Assistant Chief


Letter from the Chief Financial Officer It is easy to look back, from a financial perspective, on the last six years and be proud of what has been accomplished at Anna Jaques Hospital (AJH). I’m honored to be a part of it and thrilled to report that we finished the fiscal year ending September 30, 2011 in the black for the sixth consecutive year, reporting a gain from operations of $1,014,000 which represents a 0.8% operating margin. So much is changing, so fast, in healthcare policy and reimbursements on the local and national level. Each year our industry faces many financial challenges from insurance companies, the state Medicaid program and the federal Medicare program. We continue to be asked to do more for less and successful organizations like AJH continue to reengineer themselves to ensure long term success. AJH has characteristics that will be among the critical success factors in the reengineered health care model that we are seeing develop right before our eyes. We are markedly low cost, and measurably high quality for the level of services we provide along with our medical staff. Anna Jaques has focused over the last six years on lifting its reputation, financial performance and measurable clinical and patient satisfaction outcomes to a high level. The new health insurance plan designs include ever-strengthening incentives for patients to consider staying “local” for their care, rather than accessing reflexively the brand name institutions in Boston for procedures, admissions, and testing that could be done here with a good result. We fully understand that no one is going to trade down for his or her health care, whether for himself or a family member. People want to be confident they can receive high quality care at Anna Jaques, not just less expensive care, and we have established that is true. The Operating surplus in FY2011 and over the last six years has allowed us the opportunity to make terrific investments to modernize our facility, purchase updated clinical technology, make significant investments in information technology, recruit talented staff and physicians and meet our pension obligations. We do this all with the goal of making high quality healthcare available to our community for another 128 years. We have put great focus on that effort to be affordable, and convincingly desirable to the patients and communities we serve. We thank you all for trusting us with your healthcare, and your charitable donations to this hospital. The continued support of the hospital Board of Trustees, and the committees I work with – the Finance Committee, Investment Committee, Pension Committee, Audit Committee and the respective chairs – makes our progress at Anna Jaques possible and is greatly appreciated. Respectfully,

Mark L. Goldstein Anna Jaques Hospital Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer 18

Anna Jaques Hospital Statement of Operations Years Ended September 30 2011 Operating Revenues: Net patient service revenue Other operating revenue Net assets released from restriction Total Operating Revenues Operating Expenses: Salaries and wages Employee benefits Supplies and other Provision for uncollectible accounts Interest and Depreciation Total Operating Expenses Gain (loss) from operations


$105,393,417 3,142,379 97,375 ___________ 108,633,171

$105,987,243 3,306,918 166,190 ___________ 109,460,351

49,780,111 13,274,263 35,830,301 4,697,661 4,036,019 ___________ 107,618,355 ___________ $ 1,014,816

49,142,820 12,109,451 36,608,085 4,846,793 4,093,001 ___________ 106,800,150 ___________ $ 2,660,201

Seacoast Regional Health System, Inc. Consolidated Balance Sheet September

September 2011 ASSETS Current Assets: Cash and cash equivalents Patient accounts receivable, less allowance for uncollectible accounts of $4,034,175 in 2011 and $4,644,300 in 2010 Materials and supplies Assets whose use is limited-current portion Prepaid expenses and other current assets Total Current Assets

$ 11,552,294

$ 12,612,739

13,971,704 1,506,308

13,696,893 1,223,877

3,694,671 2,063,911 __________ 32,788,888

2,022,105 1,821,139 __________ 31,376,753

ASSETS WHOSE USE IS LIMITED OR RESTRICTED Investments: Held by trustee under debt agreements 8,472,005 Beneficial interest in perpetual trust 3,019,032 Board designated funds 12,810,427 Donor-restricted funds 7,828,592 Pledges receivable 3,014,846 __________ Total assets whose use is limited or restricted 35,144,902



0 3,225,131 9,324,204 8,168,289 3,526,074 __________ 24,243,698

Property, plant and equipment, net Other assets

25,482,573 3,410,659 __________

23,327,412 3,310,615 __________

Total Assets

$ 96,827,022

$ 82,258,478

LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS Current Liabilities: Current portion of long-term debt Accounts payable and accrued liabilities Due to third-party payors, net Total Current liabilities Long-term debt, less current portion Accrued pension liability Other liabilities Total Liabilities

NET ASSETS: Unrestricted Temporarily restricted Permanently restricted Total net assets Total Liabilities and Net Assets



555,409 11,463,539 776,903 _________ 12,795,851

$ 953,256 11,314,184 1,585,057 _________ 13,852,497

22,070,874 16,011,251 6,560,382 _________ 57,438,358

9,617,419 15,820,048 1,743,131 _________ 41,033,095

21,830,239 12,649,630 4,908,795 _________ 39,388,664 _________ $ 96,827,022

24,435,468 11,675,022 5,114,893 _________ 41,225,383 _________ $ 82,258,478


Letter from the Chair of the Foundation Dear Constituents, The Anna Jaques Community Health Foundation provides excellent, donor-centered fundraising programs and stewardship to its donors while returning funds to Anna Jaques Hospital to improve the patient experience. Last year, gifts from you and others like you who care about our community hospital provided $684,000 to fund important programs, training and medical technology that would not have been possible without philanthropic support. Each and every gift makes a difference for patients. The Foundation’s donors give generously. Last year, your gifts and others funded the two-bed sleep lab renovation, and now spending the night for a sleep disorder diagnosis is more comfortable.Your gifts helped purchase several diagnostic Holter monitors – portable EKG machines – that allow patients to be at home during extended heart monitor tests. And, a Direct Elite ACL repair kit to aid in joint preservation makes it possible for your surgeon to save more of your knee and hip joint during replacement surgery. These are among the tangible improvements directly related to donor giving. Every gift is meaningful. A small child asks for gifts for Anna Jaques in lieu of her birthday presents. A small business like Star Nails in Amesbury or Gabrielle Minh’s Tailor shop in Newburyport buys bricks for the new walkways as part of the capital campaign. Other times it is a doctor and his bride asking wedding guests to give to the hospital instead of their wedding. And, two businesses, Leary’s Fine Wines and The Walsingham Gallery in Newburyport join together to create a fundraising event for the hospital. People are demonstrating, through their giving, how much they value Anna Jaques. We have had outstanding giving from foundations as well, including a Walmart Foundation grant that will help provide healthy food to Salisbury Elementary School students this spring. Community members Josiah Welch, former Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and his wife Donna Welch, former Aid Association President and long-time Board Member, have given nearly eighty years of combined service to Anna Jaques. Their gifts to the hospital have been many and they continue to give extremely generously and influence others to give. We celebrate their enthusiastic engagement.Thank you Josiah and Donna. And, thank you to all who keep Anna Jaques Hospital in their giving plans each year.

Ann Lagasse, Chair of the Board Anna Jaques Community Health Foundation

At left: Mr. & Mrs. Josiah Welch. Mr. Welch is former Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Mrs. Welch is a former Aid Association President and Board Member.


Letter from the Chair of the Capital Campaign Dear Constituents, My role as chair of Your Hospital:The Campaign for Anna Jaques has been both a challenging assignment and a most fulfilling one.When the campaign began at the end of 2009, the idea of achieving a private fundraising goal of $6 million – the largest campaign in the hospital’s history – during difficult, belt tightening times seemed more hopeful than certain. All of the elements to undertake a campaign were in place: a financial turnaround beginning in 2005 that signaled good management of the hospital’s resources, something all donors want to be sure of before investing; a base of longtime donors passionate about locally managed and delivered health care; an enthusiastic team of community members, medical staff, board members and hospital leadership who agreed to dedicate their time over the coming three years, to give meaningful gifts, and to become advocates and solicitors. And, we had a mandate. Our patients were clear: “Single rooms, please!” Single rooms give our patients privacy, a peaceful environment for healing, and a place for friends and relatives to visit or stay. Importantly single patient rooms also make confidential conversations with doctors and nurses easy. In this way, our patients can have the best experience possible. I am delighted to report that your gifts are making our bold plans a reality. I am moved and humbled. Employees to date have bought over 100 bricks for the new walkways. Over 75% of the medical staff – both established and new doctors – have given to the campaign. Notably, many donors have continued to support hospital programs, events, medical equipment, and operational priorities through the Annual Fund in addition to giving to the campaign. Eighteen new patient rooms will transform Anna Jaques into a primarily single-room hospital. A new power plant will provide cleaner, more efficient energy, and you will find your way more easily with the new entrance to the oupatient services area where the smokestack now stands. Please come celebrate with us when we recognize the contributions of the community to Your Hospital this fall. I look forward to thanking you in person. With thanks and warm regards,

Charles R. Cullen Chair, Capital Campaign


The Importance of Single Patient Rooms The benefits of providing patients with a peaceful, private environment for healing are well documented. Single patient rooms are now the federal standard for new construction. However, it is our patients’ pleas for single rooms that Your Hospital:The Campaign for Anna Jaques addresses. Patient preference is the driving force behind construction of a new 11,500 squarefoot, 18 private-room inpatient unit. Private rooms will not only meet the privacy expectation of patients and their families during recovery and care. The new unit’s design will also: • Improve infection control throughout the unit • Provide patients with a great environment for healing • Facilitate the use of electronic medical records • Provide privacy for medical discussions and treatments In addition to an “en suite” toilet, shower and rooming-in furniture (which enables a relative or close friend to spend the night), each room will be equipped with information technology capabilities for nurses and physicians. Dispensing medication, for example, will be helped by matching bar codes to patients’ wristbands and electronic records, and vital sign technology will allow the nurse or aide to download the patient’s data directly into the electronic record (reducing errors).

Survey question: If you were to rate your stay here at Anna Jaques, what would it be and could we improve for the future?

“Need more privacy; rooms are very noisy at night.” “One roommate snored and the other had the TV on all night.”

This rendering shows the design of the single occupancy inpatient rooms on the new Institution for Savings Inpatient Unit.


Your Hospital: The Campaign for Anna Jaques Listing reflects contributions received as of February 17, 2012.

$1,000,000 + Institution for Savings Newburyport Five Cents Savings Bank

$500,000 – $999,999 The Mary Alice Arakelian Foundation The Provident Bank

$200,000 – $499,999 The Capolupo Family / SPS New England, Inc. Telemachus A. and Irene Demoulas Family Foundation The Gerrish Family Foundation / Rochester Electronics James and Christine Zampell / Zampell Companies

$100,000 – $199,999 Mr. and Mrs. Swift Barnes Jay Howlett / Chase and Lunt Insurance Agency Frank L. Currier Charitable Foundation The Karp Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Josiah Hale Welch Strem Chemicals, Inc. The Wallace Family Trust Kim Williams and Trevor Miller Barbara and Edward Wilson

Nothing more accurately describes the relationship between Charlie Cullen’s family and Anna Jaques Hospital than the name of the hospital’s $6 million capital campaign – Your Hospital:The Campaign for Anna Jaques. Charlie is the campaign’s chairman and his family has a multi-generational relationship with Anna Jaques. Charlie’s father, the late James F. Cullen, served as a hospital trustee, a mantle that Charlie has taken up after completing his tenure as chair of the Anna Jaques Community Health Foundation. Now Charlie’s children, Dan and Lindsay, have joined him in making a significant family gift to the capital campaign, to name the Administrative Offices. “We hope our gift inspires others to support the campaign and passes on my Dad’s lesson that getting involved in the life of the community is very important.”

$50,000 – $99,999 Fred and Donna Abdulla

Darling Consulting Group

Deborah and Frank Chiaravalloti

Dan Abdulla and Mark Moquin / Joe’s Playland

Allan L. DesRosiers

Bernard Christopher, Jr.

Anna Jaques Hospital Aid Association

George and Donna Ellison

Annemargaret Connolly and Kenneth L. Frank

The Kennard L. Bowlen Charitable Trust

Mark and Susan Goldstein

Culver Company, Inc.

Ralph Castagna / Castagna Construction Corp.

Dr. Bernhard and Susan Heersink

Dr. James and Susan DiResta

Charles R. Cullen

David and Virginia LaFlamme

Richard and Kathy Eaton

Children’s Health Care

Mark and Teresa Richey

Ginny and Tom Eramo

Cynthia and David Gompers

Matter Communications, Inc.

Shane and Melissa Foley

Dr. Saira Naseer Ghiasuddin and Dr. Salman

Moseley Fund for Social Services

Dr. Paul and Maria Freedberg

Mrs. Noreen C. Pramberg

Sarah J. Gnerre and Christopher Mulligan, Esquire

Greater Newburyport Emergency Physicians, Inc.

St. Jean’s Credit Union

Estate of Patrick Herron

The H. Patterson Hale, Jr. Charitable Foundation

Dr. Michele Sasmor and Dr. David Strohschein

Michael L. Jewell

Ann and Chuck Lagasse

Seacoast Medical Associates

Michael and Linda Jones

Byron and Helen Matthews

Seacoast Orthopedic Associates, Inc.

Peter Kelly and Family

Merrimack Valley Anesthesia Associates

Sports Medicine North

Dr. Jane Kerr and Luis Fernandez


Zachary M. Longley

Newburyport Area Industrial Development

$10,000 – $24,999

Ian Lucy

Delia O’Connor and Dr. E. Thomas O’Neil

Anonymous (1)

Richard and Lisa Maki

SeaCoast Pathology, Inc.

Ambrosi, Donahue, Congdon & Co. CPA’s

David and Patricia Mansfield

Mark F. Welch

Dr. Mark Amorosino and Dr. Jessica Amorosino

Lisa L. Mead and Christine Doherty

Barking Dog Ale House

Donald and Nancy Mitchell

$25,000 – $49,999

Jacalyn E. S. Bennett

Dr. Steve and Paula Mollov

Jack Bradshaw and Denise Marien

Trey Byrnes

Northeast Dermatology Associates

Colden & Seymour Ear, Nose, Throat & Allergy

Rev. Susan and Alfred Chandler

Dr. Isaac and Debbie Pourati

Dr. Mary C. Chang and Dr. Paul S. Chang

Ronald K. Pye, MD



Stephen and Millicent Salvo

Delande Supply Co.

Susan J. Hay

Dr. David Swierzewski and Lesli O’Connell

Shelley DeSimone

Dr. Anthony and Joanne Hayden

Scott and Amy Vandersall

Lisa Devenish

Thora Healy

Shih-Te Wen, MD

Edward and Janet Dipple

Dr. Sadru and Clare Hemani

Jonathan and Betsy Woodman

Richard and Sheilah Doolan

William and Patricia Herman

Robert F. Doyle

Jan and George Hilton

Up to $9,999

Phillip Drews

Drs. Gerald and Denise Hirsch

Anonymous (1)

Scott and Cassandra Eaton

Dr. Rowen and Susan Hochstedler

AJH Laboratory Department

Dr. Vladimir and Asia Eisenberg

Darcy and Dorothy Holland

Elizabeth S. Abby Stearns

Anne R. Ferguson

Lynne Holmes

Rosalin Acosta

Dr. Kay and Mary Ficht

Betty Howland

Christopher and Elizabeth Armstrong

Dr. Andrey and Galina Filippov

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence C. Hoyt, Jr.

Richard and Joanne Baker

Joan Flanders

Peter and Patricia Hoyt

Dr. Mary F. Baker-Berzansky

David and Jody Fowler

Lawrence Hunter and Kristen Haley Hunter

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Barchus

Jennifer Franz

Allison Hurteau

Kathleen C. Basanta

Dr. Maurice and Jean Fremont-Smith III

Ali and Anders Jahn

Dr. Stephen and Arna Beaudoin

Gabrielle Minh’s Tailor Shop

Cindy and Stuart Johnson

Wendy Beauvais

Denis W. Gagnon

Deborah Johnson

Bob and Nan Becker

Carol Gamble

Margaret Jones

Lisa Bocchetti

Nicole Garrett

Melissa Jones

John C. Boothroyd

Helena C. Gaudreau

Mark Kats, MD

James Borek

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Gonthier, Jr.

Eileen Keating

Maryrose Borelli

Jeffrey M. Gwinn

Sandra Keeler

John K. Bosen

Kimberly Hackett

Marie T. Kent

Dr. Rebecca L. Boyer and Dr. Chad McDonald

David Hall and Lisa Dorval Hall

Dr. Kimberly and Charlie Kersten

Kent Boynton, Ph.D.

Matthew N. Hall

Hannah Keyser

Steve Brown

Robert J. Harvey

Dr. Mostafa and Mary Khalil

Robert Buchanan, Jr. Arthur and Elizabeth Buckley Susan M. Bugden Deb Burke Linda Burke Stephen and Lucy Burke David Butler Derek Butler John J. Cameron Melissa Carey Edward and Nancy Carpenter Craig and Margaret Childs Mary Anne Clancy Susan Clifford Mr. and Mrs. Dean F. Cobos Freeman and Maureen Condon Attorneys James and Grace Connolly Robert D. Connors Dr. Bruce and Leila Cooper Mr. and Mrs. William Cooper Phil, Yvonne, and Josh Cosgrove Frank G. Cousins, Jr. Steven and Mary Coyle Mary Crawford Robert and Diane Crofts Mary Croteau Barbara Cullen and George Pasti Jeanine Cunningham Arthur and Sharon Currier Mr. and Mrs. George U. Curry Lisa Cyr-Wilmont

Five generations later, Joe’s Playland is still family owned and operated. Supporting Your Hospital:The Campaign for Anna Jaques seemed natural for the Abdulla family. “The hospital keeps our family, and our customers’ families healthy,” said Dan. The Abdulla family has been on Salisbury Beach for more than 90 years. “Uncle Joe began with a portable popcorn cart in the 1920s,” said Fred Abdulla. “Then he and Aunt Jennie opened a penny arcade named Joe’s Playland, and our parents, Fred and Julia, started the ice cream stand in the 1940s. These businesses grew to become the Joe’s Playland we know today.” Fred, his wife, Donna, Dan, his partner, Mark Moquin, and Joe’s Playland made a family gift to the campaign to name the hospital’s administrative conference room, now known as the Abdulla Conference Room.

John DeCosta 25

If giving was ever considered to be a family activity, it was proven to be one by the Barnes family. The family wanted to honor their daughter Betsy, and so they gave generously to Your Hospital:The Campaign for Anna Jaques in her name. Betsy is a Food Service Aide and has worked at the hospital for 27 years. Mark Kelley, director of the Food and Nutrition Services Department has worked with Betsy for many of those 27 years. “Betsy works hard and brings laughter to our work day,” said Mark. “She keeps an eye on everyone’s eating habits, and she gives me a hard time if I eat something fattening!” The Anna Jaques Hospital kitchen is now named in honor of Elizabeth Wainwright Barnes. The naming was unveiled to her in a surprise ceremony at the hospital. Her parents, Swift and Virginia Barnes, Jr. of Cape Cod, her brother Swift Barnes, III from Southern California, her sister Gina Barnes of the Churchill Gallery and Newburyport, and family friends and co-workers joined Betsy at the naming ceremony to congratulate her and celebrate.

Robert L. Kirkman, MD

Janice and Charles Morse, III

Cheryl Satryb

Jeffrey and Maureen Kirpas

Ralph and Kathryn Mulcahy

Esther Sayer

Robert E. Kirsner, D.P.M.

Geoffrey and Rita Mullis

Dr. Jessica Schoonmaker and Dr. Brian Thompson

Laurie and Jay Knapp

Patrice Murphy

Amy M. Sevigny

Mark F. Knapp

Rich and Eva Napolitano

Catherine Seyler

JoAnn Knowles

Dr. John Nestor

Wilbur and Mimi Shenk

Dr. Neil D. Kobrosky

Newburyport Civic League

Ted and Marilyn Shepard

Amanda LaPlante

Newburyport Medical Associates, Inc.

John and Ann Marie Short

Katie LeBlanc

New England Foot and Ankle

Karen Sindoni-Westhaver

Susan Lepito

Lori J. Norris

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley V. Siwacke

Mr. and Mrs. Carl LeSage

Tina Noyes

Joseph Soldano

Sandra Levin

Mary O’Connor

Hilary J. Sondik

Mary E. Lord

Vania and Barbara O’Connor

Linda Sowder

Lisa Losh

William O’Flaherty

Nancy J. Spaulding

Marc MacBurnie

Maria V. Palumbo

Star Nails / Thai and Trang Ninh

Barbara K. MacLean

Dr. Steven and Jeanne Parker

Imelda St. Pierre

H. Thompson Mann, MD

Donna Parrot

Suzanne Suslak

Mr. and Mrs. Terrence T. Marengi, Sr.

Karen Patnaude

Wayne and Susan Tatro

Kathleen A. Marshall

Mrs. Frances M. Pearson

Darhlene Titcomb

Leanne and Greg Martin

Richard L. Peeke

Mrs. Mary J. Tracy

Russell Martin

Phillips Real Estate

Donna and Bret Twombly

Anne Mccarthy

Donna Piechocki

Rebecca Vigneault

Brenda McCarthy

Raymond and Arline Pouliot

Zoe J. Vincent

Dr. Michael and Melissa McCartney

Patricia J. Powers

Dr. Christannah Waters and Mr. Sean Waters

Margaret Kelleher McClure

Joanie and Dick Purinton

Dr. William F. Watts

Diane McCormack

Dr. DeWayne M. Pursley and Ms. Gayle

Lynn Wedge

Susan McCormick



Mary Lou Welch

Polly McDowell

Dr. Charles Randall and Dr. Susan Newhouse

Diane Wigmore

Scott McIntire

Robert Rawding

Marcus Wilcox

Rachael McKenzie

Dr. Dan and Jill Rich

Scot and Karin Wilks

Kathleen McKinley

Dr. Thomas Riley

Dr. Eric and Patricia Wilner

Dr. John and Martha McManamy

Dr. Richard and Susan Rosin

Chuck and Diane Withee

Heidi G. Merrill

Laura Rossi

Jillian Woundy

Jonathon and Joan Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Rousseau

Liz Wright

Cris and Marcia Miller

Louis Rubenfeld and Cyndi Barry Rubenfeld

Katherine E. Wysong

John and Jean Moak

Dr. Vincent and Sheila Russo

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Young, Jr.

Nancy M. Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sanborn

James Zafris

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Morse, Jr.

Ronald J. Saporito

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Zirin

Medical Staff / Medical Practice Capital Campaign Donors

Kimberly P. Kersten, MD

Pentucket Medical Associates, Inc.

Alexander Lipin, MD

Ronald K. Pye, MD

Anonymous (3)

Merrimack Valley Anesthesia Associates

Charles S. Randall, MD

Mark S. Amorosino, MD

Vladimir Eisenberg, MD

Jessica Amorosino, MD

Andrey A. Filippov, MD

Stephen Beaudoin, MD

Mark Kats, MD

Kent Boynton, PhD

John L. McManamy, MD

Dr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Russo

Children’s Health Care

Robert L. Kirkman, MD

Dr. Michele T. Sasmor and Dr. David Strohschein

Steven F. Parker, MD

Jessica Schoonmaker, MD

Eric D. Bucher, MD Thomas J. Carmichael, MD

Minimally Invasive Thoracic Surgery Associates

Robert Chirlin, MD

Shalini Reddy, MD

Lars Lundgren, MD

Prodyut K. Poddar, MD

Riverside Pediatrics Tammy Bottner, MD Michael Pilz, MD

Seacoast Medical Associates Guy Navarra, MD Seacoast Orthopedic Associates, Inc.

Christine H. Riccardi, MD

Mostafa I. Khalil, MD

Paul Chang, MD

Stacey L. Sheehan, MD

Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Kirsner

James Ford, MD

Caroline Thumser, MD

H. Thompson Mann, MD

Michael Wack, MD

Colden & Seymour Ear, Nose, Throat & Allergy Daryl Colden, MD Peter Seymour, MD Dr. James and Susan DiResta Paul S. Freedberg, MD

New England Foot and Ankle Timothy Downs, DPM Caroline Gauthier, DPM Newburyport Medical Associates, Inc. Michael J. McCartney, MD

Kenneth Glazier, MD SeaCoast Pathology, Inc. Maurice Fremont-Smith III, MD Laura G. Harris, MD Sports Medicine North

Saira Naseer Ghiadussin, MD

Northeast Dermatology Associates

Joseph J. Evans, DO

Salman Ghiasuddin, MD

David Scott Greenstein, MD

Steven Mattheos, MD

Greater Newburyport Emergency Physicians, Inc.

Margaret I. Stewart, MD Jeremy Finkle, MD

Jonathan Uroskie, MD David J. Swierzewski, MD and Ms. Lesli O’Connell

Elijah Berg, MD

Dr. Isaac and Debbie Pourati

Shih-Te Wen, MD

Christopher DeFazio, MD

Northeast Radiology Associates

Women’s Health Care

Ronald L. Freid, DO

Bruce E. Cooper, MD

Mary F. Baker-Berzansky, MD

Joe D. Hull, MD

Matthew N. Hall, MD

Rebecca L. Boyer, MD

Steven Sbardella, MD

Anthony J. Hayden, MD

Mary C. Chang, DO

Bernhard Heersink, MD

Dan H. Rich, MD

Steven A. Mollov, MD

Dr. Sadru and Clare Hemani

Thomas M. Riley, MD

Susan C. Newhouse, MD

Rowen M. Hochstedler, MD

Richard E. Rosin, MD

Jane C. Kerr-Fernandez, MD and

Eric M. Wilner, MD

Luis Fernandez

Christannah M. Waters, MD Dr. and Mrs. Richard Zirin

Dr. DeWayne M. Pursley and Ms. Gayle Matheson

When planning began for a capital campaign to help underwrite Anna Jaques Hospital’s Master Facility Plan, one of the first people asked to serve on the campaign steering committee was a physician – a very busy physician – Michele Sasmor, MD of Riversong Plastic Surgery. She readily agreed to work on the steering committee and the medical staff campaign. She also set the pace for other physicians when, along with her husband Dr. David Strohschein, she became the first Anna Jaques physician to make a generous pledge to the campaign to name the enclosed fountain in the Institution for Savings inpatient unit.To date, Dr. Sasmor and other members of the AJH medical staff have collectively committed over $550,000. “Anna Jaques may be the physicians’ base of operations, but the hospital belongs to the community, and our patients need and deserve the private rooms that are the centerpiece of this project,” said Dr. Sasmor.


The Strength of Community Support Esther Sayer, Grace Connolly, Chuck Withee, Marc MacBurnie, and Larry Hunter are some of the most connected people in the community from Rowley to North Hampton, NH. They are influential and compelling. Fortunately for Anna Jaques they have used their skills and talents to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for Your Hospital: The Campaign for Anna Jaques over the past year.

Individual Division Campaign Chairs Esther Sayer, owner of Inn Street Barber Shop and Grace Gonzalez Connolly, Esquire, of Connolly and Connolly Law Office with Campaign Chair Charlie Cullen.

Business Division Campaign Chairs Chuck Withee, executive vice president of The Provident Bank; Marc MacBurnie, vice president of the Newburyport Five Cents Savings Bank and Larry Hunter, vice president of the Institution for Savings with Campaign Chair Charlie Cullen.

Bernhard Heersink, MD and Maurice Fremont-Smith III, MD presented the case for the Master Facility Plan to their colleagues and received commitments to Your Hospital: The Campaign for Anna Jaques that have increased doctors’ sense of shared purpose at Anna Jaques while making a statement about their belief in the hospital. Doctors on staff and regularly practicing at Anna Jaques, along with several retired physicians, collectively gave more than $550,000 toward the project.

Bernhard Heersink, MD and Maurice Fremont-Smith III, MD, co-chairs of the Medical Staff Division of the campaign. Dr. Heersink rides his bike to work in good weather.


Annual Giving Gifts and pledges received between October 1, 2010 and September 30, 2011. We gratefully acknowledge the following donors for their generosity and extend our gratitude to those who have asked to remain anonymous. The support of our community allows us to continue providing high quality patient care close to home.

The Leadership Circle The leadership circle was established to recognize friends of Anna Jaques Hospital who have demonstrated leadership support throughout the fiscal year with annual gifts and/or event sponsorships of $1,000 or more.

$100,000 +

$5,000 – $9,999

Dr. Dan and Jill Rich

Estate of Marion Roaf

Dan Abdulla and Mark Moquin

Thomas Riley, MD

Alliance Imaging, Inc.

Dr. Richard and Susan Rosin

Ashland Engineering & Commercial

Strem Chemicals, Inc.

$50,000 – $99,999 Anna Jaques Hospital Aid Association


The Kennard L. Bowlen Charitable Trust

Institution for Savings

Henry and Donna Bertolon

Toshiba Business Solutions New England

The Mary Alice Arakelian Foundation

Castagna Construction Corp.

Barbara and Edward Wilson

Edward S. and Winifred G. Moseley Foundation

Chase and Lunt Insurance Agency

Newburyport Five Cents Savings Bank

Dr. Bruce and Leila Cooper

$2,500 – $4,999

Frank L. Currier Charitable Foundation

Angelica Textile Services

Demoulas Foundation

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Dr. Anthony and Joanne Hayden


Modern Healthcare Spirit of Excellence Award

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Northeast Radiology Associates

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Cares

$25,000 – $49,999 Swift and Virginia Barnes William O. Moseley Foundation

$10,000 – $24,999 Wayne Capolupo Charles and Maryann Small Charitable Foundation Drueding Foundation Cynthia and David Gompers Harry M. Pethybridge Trust Merrimack Valley Health Services Newburyport Area Industrial Development Foundation Newburyport District Nursing Service Newburyport Society for the Relief of Aged Women Estate of Leland Roaf Robert J. Daverman Foundation SPS New England, Inc. The Provident Community Foundation, Inc. The Wallace Family Trust Kim Williams and Trevor Miller Jim and Christine Zampell Zampell Companies

The Importance of the Aid Association The Aid Association has been in existence for almost as long as the hospital itself, attracting energetic women who work tirelessly to raise funds for the hospital. Their work has made a tremendous difference over the years and has provided millions of dollars for mission critical needs.Today’s Aid Association holds a signature event – Great Chefs Night – each spring, runs the AJH Gift Shop and takes on special projects such as the AJH Cookbook (at right above). Last year, the cookbook proved a best seller and helped the Aid Association raise its largest annual gift ever to the hospital – $80,000.This gift supported the purchases of a new glidescope for the Emergency Room; a new, energy efficient surgical light; an adult colonoscope; a diagnostic Holter monitor that allows patients to do a daylong test at home rather than at the hospital; and a gift to the Capital Campaign.

Gift shop volunteers Cammie Chamberland and Mary Ditty stand in front of the window, with Susan Dixon, manager of the shop behind them and Nancy LaRosa at the cash register.


Save The Date:

“Fore Your Health” Golf Outing

22nd Annual AJH Golf Outing Monday, August 27, 2012

This year’s golf tournament raised $130,000 after expenses. Byron Matthews, perennial chair of the golf outing, led

Renaissance Golf Club Haverhill, MA

the event with his committee, Steve DeGuglielmo, Rich Dube, Luis Fernandez, Tom Howard, Peter Matthews, John Matthews, Malcolm “Mac” McKay, and Donna Twombly, staffed by Kate O’Connell, Ali Jahn and Sarah Gnerre. Title sponsor Merrimack Valley Health Services (MVHS) teed up Haverhill High School teammates Ryan Paris and Dylan Cody, pictured here with Byron Matthews. They are the 2011 winners of the “Byron Bowl” High School Challenge.

the event to be the best performing fundraising event in the history of the hospital. Sponsorships and a portion of each player’s greens fee provided funds to implement ultrasound equipment for the Cardio Echo Lab.This new technology is essential in the early diagnosis of heart disease. The 2012 golf outing will be held on August 27, 2012 at Renaissance Golf Club in Haverhill, a Brian Silva Signature Course and award winning club house.

L to R: Mark Amorosino, MD and Guy Navarra, MD

Ken Frank and Annemargaret Connolly

Newburyport Development, LLC

Dr. Daniel and Sandra Appleton

Charles R. Cullen

NextEra Energy Seabrook Station

Bob and Nan Becker

Doctors Insurance Services of New England

Delia O’Connor and Dr. E. Thomas O’Neil

Stephen and Teri Bennett

Donoghue, Barrett & Singal, PC

Owens & Minor

Trey Byrnes

Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation

Pentucket Medical Associates Inc.

Attorneys James and Grace Connolly

Dr. Saira Naseer Ghiasuddin and Dr. Salman

Matthew and Shauna Pieniazek

Coverys (formerly ProMutual Group)

Mr. and Mrs. John Salter

Crothall Facilities Management, Inc.

Mark and Susan Goldstein

Seaward Management

Arthur and Sharon Currier

Greater Newburyport Emergency Physicians, Inc.

Sibson Consulting

Phillip Drews

Dr. Joe and Elizabeth Rose Hull

Marc Strano

Richard and Kathy Eaton

Dr. Jane Kerr and Luis Fernandez

Syvinski Landscaping

Ginny and Tom Eramo

Ann and Chuck Lagasse

The Corporate Benefits Group, LLC

Shane and Melissa Foley

Latitude Sports Club

Walsh Brothers, Incorporated

Dr. Ronald and Renee Freid


Mark and Teresa Richey


The Provident Bank sponsored team seen L to R: Bob Britton, Bob Whitney, Charlie Cullen and Tom Ambrosi. They took home the second place finish for the afternoon round.

Ghiorsi & Sorrenti Inc.

Matter Communications, Inc.

$1000 – $2,499

Katherine Gove

Medtronic, Inc.

Elizabeth S. Abby Stearns

Jeffrey M. Gwinn


Action Ambulance Service, Inc.

Health Partners New England, Inc.

MLS Property Information Network

American Medical Response

George and Janice Hilton

Estate of Charles Moseley

Drs. Mark and Jessica Amorosino

Fred and Stefanie Hufnagel

Dr. Guy and Rachel Navarra

Otto and Edith Anderson

James Hughes

Infinitt North America Inc. Michael Jewell KBK Systems & Interiors, Inc. David and Virginia LaFlamme James Leblanc Zachary Longley

$500 – $999

TCS Communications

Steve and Meredith DeGuglielmo

Rosalin Acosta

Universal Shredding

Dianne Deveau

Scott Aiello

University System of New

Scott and Cassandra Eaton

American Home Care Specialists, Inc.


Patricia Ford

Associated X-Ray, Inc.

Diane Wigmore

Laura Fraser Daniel and Janet Graf Home Health Foundation

Mary Baird

John Witherspoon

Olga MacFarlane

James Borek

WNBP Radio-1450-The Legends

Richard and Lisa Maki

Eric and Amy Boucher

Illinois Tool Works, Inc.

Brennan and Pike

$250 – $499

Margaret Jones

Gary and Virginia Brown

Benedict and Clarice Andreozzi

Steve Lamson

Robert Buchanan, Jr.

Appleton Eye Associates

Richard and Laura Langworthy

Frank and Deborah Chiaravalloti

Christopher and Elizabeth

Mark LaSpina, DO

David and Patricia Mansfield Terrance Marengi Dr. Domenic M. Martinello Byron and Helen Matthews Robert K. McMenamin

Mary Anne Clancy

Medline Foundation

Construction Engineering Services

Corinne Beaulieu

David Loring


Jeanine Cunningham

Karen Binette

Peter and Marjorie Matthews

Merrimack Valley Federal Credit Union

Curbside Hospitality

Maryrose Borelli

Diane McCormack

Dr. Steve and Paula Mollov

Richard and Sheilah Doolan

Eleanor Brooks

Malcolm C. McKay

N.A. Nichols Co., Inc.

Peter and Carmen Denn

Lisa Burns

Rachael McKenzie

Vania and Barbara O’Connor

Carol Gamble

James Cardin

John and Jean Moak

Albert C. Peterson

Dr. Kevin and Ann Gasiorowski

Kerry and Margaret Cargill

Robert and Carla Moore

Nancy Peterson

Sarah Gnerre and Christopher

James and Janise Cashman

Rich and Eva Napolitano

Lindsay H. Cavanagh

Warren and Marian Neil


Patria Lopez

Dr. Isaac and Debbie Pourati

Mulligan, Esquire

Stephen and Millicent Salvo

Thomas D. Haywood

Arthur and Dorothy Chapman

Lori J. Norris

Dr. Michele Sasmor and Dr. David

Dr. Bernhard and Susan Heersink

Lara Chatterton

Diane O’Leary

Dr. Rowen and Susan Hochstedler

Drs. Daryl Colden and Kristin

Carolyn Palenscar

Strohschein Seacoast Medical Associates

Cindy and Stuart Johnson

James G. Shanley

Deborah Johnson

William and Cynthia Cooper

Rose Russo

Sodexo, Inc.

Walter Kershaw

George Pasti and Barbara Cullen

Ronald J. Saporito

Joseph Soldano

Charles and Joyce Ketcham

Southwest Consulting Associates

Jeff and Maureen Kirpas

Sports Medicine North

Konica Minolta

STAT Delivery Service, Inc.

Dr. Daniel and Elizabeth Leary

TD Bank

Katie LeBlanc

David A. Tibbetts, Esquire

Sandra Levin

Scott and Amy Vandersall

Mary Lord

James and Karen Wakefield

Frank W. Lowe Trust

Jerome and Joan Weinstein

Scott McIntire

Josiah and Donna Welch

Medical Bureau of Economics, Inc.

Mark F. Welch

Donald and Nancy Mitchell

Whittier IPA, Inc.

Patricia Morrison

Witt / Kieffer

Janice and Charles Morse, III

Eleanor J. Woodman

National Healing Corporation

Jonathan and Betsy Woodman

Newburyport Rotary Club

Jan Zinck

North Shore Bank


Kathleen Pucci

John and Gloria O’Connell Maria V. Palumbo Frances M. Pearson Thomas and Diane Pendergast William L. Plante Port Healthcare Center Patricia J. Powers Laura Rossi Gary Rudis Saturday Morning Group Esther Sayer Simmons and Sons Flooring Karen Sindoni-Westhaver Hilary J. Sondik Stericycle Corporation

Gabrielle Minh’s Tailor Shop was one of the first businesses to buy a brick for the new walkway. Many of Gabrielle’s customers are Anna Jaques patients, board members, employees and physicians.


>1% 16.4%

Molly M. Shamas David and Priscilla Smith Linda Sowder

Memorial & Tribute Gifts

Barbarell Hughes Alice Hutchins

Endowments & Interest

IBM Corporation

Sunday AA Meetings

Interlocks Salon and Day Spa

Paul and Janice Swindlehurst

Ali and Anders Jahn


Arlene A. Tallberg Ten Center Street Donald Tine AnnMarie Tinkham

Major & Planned Gifts

18.1% Annual Gifts

Mabel Jancewicz Stanley and Jennie Jancewicz Patricia Joyce Mabel E. Kalashian

Charlene A. Torrisi

Sandra Keeler

Karen and George Toscano

Mark Kelley

Donna Twombly

Stacy Kelley

Rebecca Vigneault

Cheryl J. Kirby


Lynn Wedge

Lester and Jean Kirkpatrick

Event Gifts

Mary Lou Welch

Robert Kotarba

Liz Wright

Cindy Kuczwara

Philanthropy Revenue for FY2011

Katherine E. Wysong

Mary Kuist Donald K. Laing

$100 – $249 Anonymous William and Carol Abbott Tom and Lucy Abisalih Maureen Adams Robert Albanese Dr. Walter J. Alt


Major & Planned Gifts Event Gifts Annual Gifts Endowment & Interest Memorial &Tribute Gifts

$ 520,338 166,985 192,934 174,532 9,011

Nancy Jo Lavoie



Lombardi Oil Company, Inc.

John H. Lawson Joyce LeMauk Stefanie Lennox Jacquelynn B. Leone Christine Lindquist

George and Emma Andrews

Patricia Lucey

Benjamin and Anne Armstrong

Gail Magee

Victor and Margaret Atkins

Elizabeth Clark

Jennifer Franz

Mae Atkinson

William Cody

Ralph Fratus

Keith and Donna Attenborough

Patricia D. Connelly

Margaret Fredrickson

Marjorie Babcock

Gayle A. Corcoran

Dr. Paul and Maria Freedberg

Deborah Balger

Richard Cousins

Irene P. Freeman

Balser Promotions and Consulting

Mary Croteau

Fritz DeGuglielmo Trenholm, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bashaw, Jr.

John DeCosta

Marsha Froburg

Robert and Laura Bentley

Theresa Defilippo

Jean Garnett

Tracy Blais and Jonathan Dennis

Gail Dickson

Helena C. Gaudreau

Francis and Doris Blood

John Dodge and Anne Dooley

General Linen Services

John and Marie Bowles

John and Patty Doggett

Georgetown Savings Bank

Kent Boynton

James Doherty

Thom and Alice Gould

Laura Bradbury

Colleen Dolan

Linda M. Graves

Mary and Jack Brooks

Richard and Elaine Donahue

Linda Gray

Diantha Brown

Geri Dorr

James Griffin, Jr.

Fred Buckley

Joseph and Rena Doucet

Kimberly Hackett

Susan M. Bugden

Raymond Drouin

Kimberly Hamel

Linda Burke

Amy Dumas

Gayle A. Hamilton

Barbara Burnim

Wayne H. DuPont

Barbara Harrington

Deborah Butler

Dorene Dupuis

Eunice Harrington

Derek Butler

Elsie Dzioba

Harrington Moore, Inc.

Joseph and Denise Callahan

Eastern Bag and Paper Group

Paul and Elizabeth Harrington

Richard and Eileen Cammett

Enpro Services, Inc.

Thora Healy

Christine M. Campbell

Aleta Estabrook

Mary L. Herlihy

Melissa Carey

Bertram Fecteau

William and Patricia Herman

Jacqueline Carroll

Susan Feindel

Darcy Holland

Sheila Carruth

Anne R. Ferguson

Roberta Homan

Sandra Casey

Joan Flanders

Cynthia Hopping

Dr. Robert and Patricia Chirlin

David and Jody Fowler

Thomas and Michelle Howard

Lorraine Chouinard

Charles R. Fraley

Arthur Howes

Lawrence Maroni Kathleen A. Marshall Andrew Martens Patricia Martin Tracy Martin Robert and Patricia Mattheson Matthews Consulting, LLC John and Christina Matthews Peter McAvoy Brenda McCarthy Timothy McCarthy Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. McCartney Peg McClure James and Rosemarie McCobb Susan McCormick Kathleen McKinley Christine McLaughlin Francine V. Meier Heidi G. Merrill Nicholas and Vivian Metcalf Cris and Marcia Miller Robert and Jane Millette Lisa Moore Nicole Morrison Mr. and Mrs. Charles Morse, Jr. Ralph and Kathryn Mulcahy Geoffrey and Rita Mullis Patrice Murphy Susan Murphy Dr. Melvin Nagler

Newburyport Dental Associates, PC

Dr. Ganson Purcell

Newburyport Whale Watch, Inc.

Pure Bliss

Raymond and Elizabeth Nippes

Spencer and Lisa Purinton

Cheryl Satryb

Christine A. Trecartin

Mary O’Connor

Dr. DeWayne Pursley and Gayle

Ann Schofield

Shannon Tudal

Catherine Seyler

Lisa Tylus

William O’Flaherty


Salisbury Beach Betterment Association

Darhlene Titcomb TOPS MA 392

Theresa M. Ouellet

Racquet Club of Newburyport Ltd.

Deborah Sharkey

Allison Vandersall

Jeff Paris

Robert Rawding

Ted and Marilyn Shepard

The Vespa Family

Marilyn Parks

Eugene Reilly

John and Ann Marie Short

Dr. Michael Wack and Dr. Susan Pursell

David Pasiuk

Kenneth M. Reynolds

Scott and Diane Simmons

Lisa Walsh

Karen Patnaude

Gerald Riccio

Howard Smith

Marguerite Walton


Robin Richardson

Andrew Soucy

Kathleen Welch

William and Elizabeth Pettingell

Patricia Roberts

Imelda St. Pierre

Lauren L. Wendel

Bruce G. Picard

Kenneth Rogers

Susan Stackhouse

Annette Wilson

Phyllis W. Picha

Stanley and Renee Rosyna

Margareta Starrak

David and Tara Wright

Michelle E. Plaisance

Rowley Commerce Associates, LLP

S. Merrell Stearns

Ginie Young

Louis and Claire Poisson

Louis Rubenfeld and Cyndi Barry

Debra Steeves

Paula Zayac

Helen Powell


Thomas and Patricia Stubbs

Betty Preisner

Brian and Kimberly Rybicki

Wilfred Tatro

Up to $99

Ellena Preston

Helen Safford

Lynne and Scott Terry

Anonymous Mary Ahern-Lewis Patricia Allen Fernando and Elena Amato

The Strength of Employee Engagement

Gordon and Jane Andrews Frank Annaldo Rosa Aponte Virginia Arkell Anita Ash Teresa Ashe

Our Hospital: The Employee Campaign for Anna Jaques

Stephen and Jill Atherton Christine Auclair Francis Babineau

This year’s annual employee campaign chaired by Donna Twombly, Diagnostic Imaging, added a new element to the traditional campaign. In addition to raising money for the Annual Fund, employees were asked to consider purchasing a brick for one of the new commemorative walkways as part of the hospital’s capital campaign. More than 100 bricks have been purchased by employees, to date. A special thank you also to our dedicated employee campaign committee members.

Stephanie Bachynski Vincent and Jennifer Badger Bianka Bailey Charles and Marcia Bamford Jean Barbone Elizabeth W. Barnes Jennifer Barrett Robert Barrett Cornelia Barry Rebecca Barthelmes Barbara Bartlett Kimberly S. Bartula Nicole Bean Mary Diane Beaton Donald and Rita Beaulieu George and Marjorie Beauparlant Wendy Beauvais Raymond L. Bellavance Sharon Bentley Kimberley Bertolino Mary Bertolino Lillian Blanchette

L to R: Betty Howland, Stephanie Bachynski, Dianne Deveau, Donna Twombly, Shelley DeSimone, Sarah Gnerre, Ali Jahn, Rebecca Vigneault, Annette Wilson, Derek Butler, Betsy Malenfant, Catherine Seyler, Christine McLaughlin. Not pictured: Sharon Benjamin, Helena Gaudreau and Peter Tura

Wendy Bland Jessica Blay Stella and Sam Blunt Lisa Bocchetti


John C. Boothroyd

Margaret and Craig Childs

Alice E. Currier

Millicent Goodwin

Robert and Elizabeth Boothroyd

John Chisholm

Lisa Cyr-Wilmont

Donna Granese

Mary Borin

Camie Chouinard

Pauline Daigle

Debra A. Grasso

Robert de Loura le Doux

Bruce and Natalie Christie

Marilyn Dalzell

Jean Graupner

Deborah Ciampa

Anita D’Amato

Donald and Barbara Gravelle

Robert and Jean Bowlen

John Clancy

Barbara D. Daunheimer

John Gray

Tracy Bradley

Helen Clarkson

Carmen V. Deans

Norma Gray

Irene O. Brandy

Susan Clifford

Susan Dearborn

Stephen and Judith Grohe

David and Roberta Britton

Gerard and Patricia Cody

Jerome Delatizky

Anna May Guyette

Bruce and Cynthia Brown

Elizabeth Collette

Debra Dennis

Nina Gynan

Kimberly A. Brown

Peter and Caroline Collins

Anne Derr

Emily Haight

Natalea G. Brown

Yolanda Collins

Diane Desmarais Tetreault

Joanne Haley

Robert Brown

Nancy J. Condon

Lisa Devenish

Olga Halliday

Kara Buckley

Muriel Consigli

Thomas and Elizabeth DiGiuseppe

Janice M. Hamerstrom

Jane and Robert Burnham

Nathalie Cook

William and Nancy Jerome

Maud S. Hamovit

Mrs. Clara Cail

Lawrence T. Corcoran

Colette Donovan

Dr. Peter and Karen Hartmann

Gary Calderwood

Fred and Eleanor Coryell

Kathleen Doran

James Harvey

Joseph and Patricia Callahan

Phil, Yvonne, and Josh Cosgrove

Debra Downs

Robert J. Harvey

Virginia A. Capolupo

Nick and Cynthia Costello

Robert F. Doyle

Donna Haynes

Sanford Carlisle

Glenn Cote

Margery Driscoll

Cecilia Healy

Edward and Nancy Carpenter

Robert and Diane Crofts

Marianne Dube

Marlene Hemingway

Maureen Carroll

Lowell Croll and Sally Butler

Nathaniel and Mildred Dummer

Thomas Hennigan

Erik Carter

James and Rita Croteau

Ruth Duttweiler

Robert and Carol Henrici

Isabelle Champoux

Elizabeth Curran

Nancy R. Earabino

William and Theresa Herman

Jean Chase

Michael Curran

Priscilla Eigen

Suzanne Hersey

David and Ellen Erekson

Debbie Higgins

Versie Etheridge

Charles Hill

Mary C. Faro

Martha Hills

Thomas Farrell

Phyllis Hobson

Robert Fazio

Lynne Holmes

Anthony and Carol Federico

Erin Holt

Barbara Fernald

Susan E. Holt

Katherine Ferrier

Mrs. Mildred Honig

Della P. Ferris

Wendell Hopkins

Francis H. Finneran

Lewis and Mary Lou Horzempa

Helen Flaherty

Leon C. Houston

Donald Forte

Betty Howland

Paula Fortuna

Anita Huot

Diane Fortune-Smith

Allison Hurteau

Alfred Fournier

John and Ann Iacobucci

Clyde Fowler

Benjamin and Angela Iacono

Jeanine Fowler

Judith Ingraham

Mary Frasier

Inn Street Barber Shop

George Fregeau

Leah Iritano

Margaret Fuller

Donna Irving

Tanja Fuller

Norma and Philip Jacques

Nicole Gage

Sandy Jenkins

Melissa L. Gagnon

Melissa Jones

Nicole Garrett

Lisa Judd

Linda L. George

Saul Katz

Linda Getchell

Lorraine Keating

Irene Geyer

Jean Kelleher

Stella C. Gigis

Michelle Kelleher

Janice Gilday

Edmund and Janice Kelley

Elizabeth A. Gillette

Robert Kelley

Carol S. Glenn

Mitzi Kenney

Elizabeth Golas

Marie Kent


Seen L to R: Christine Bouchea, gallery manager, and Kari Bouchard, owner of The Walsingham Gallery present a painting by artist Judith Pumfrey to Delia O’Connor, at a benefit auction.The event generated $4,550 for Anna Jaques. The painting will hang in the Birth Center.


16.4% Trusts & Endowments

Jacqueline Kieras Alison Kilgour Francis Kilgour Frank and Fay Kimball Eleanor F. King


Virginia Olsen


Eva Osborne Julia Ouellet


Frederick and Dorothy Ouellette

Hospital Vendors

Diana F. Packer

Maria Kirsch Dr. Robert and Anna Kirsner Levi and Kathleen Kishbaugh Mark F. Knapp

Mary Pagnani

10.1% Organizations/ Clubs


Amy Papamechail


Leona Papoulias Russell M. Peirce

Laurel Knight

Reta Pelletier

William Knight


JoAnn Knowles

Employees & Physicians

Carol Labrecque Pearl Ladd

13.1% Businesses

A look at our FY2011 Donors

Nancy R. LaRosa Barbara Latulippe

Jean and Henry Perkins Jessica Perkins Robert Perkins Elizabeth Petrycki Donna Piechocki Thelma Pike

Duncan and Constance Law George and Claire Lawrence Bonnie Leonard Susan Lepito Lesco, Inc. Dianne Leslie Jacqueline Leveille Gerald Lipsky

Individuals $ 225,397 Foundations 225,000 Businesses 139,352 Hospital Vendors 93,180 Organizations/Clubs 108,430 Employees & Physicians 97,909 Trusts & Endowment 174,532

Helena Pollock


Grace Randolph

Anne Little


Barbara Pouliot Lisa Powis John and Eileen Pramberg Kenneth and Joyce Prees Aurelia Quinn John and Josephine Rafferty Robert and Marion Reed

Mark Littlefield Douglas and Lorraine Locy Philip P. Loring

Claire Melville

Adrian and Diana Lucy

Raymond and Frances Merrill

Daniel and Marguerite Lynch

John and Jane Merrow

Linda Lynehan

Edward Metcalf

Kendra Macdonald

Cindy Michaud

Eleanor Maclauchlan

Cecile Michelin

Barbara K. MacLean

Irwin and Judith Miller

David Madden

Gordon Mitchell, Jr.

Harvey and Ruth Mades

Bonita Moore

Betsy Malenfant

Arthur Morris

Mary and Christo Malonis

Jean Morrison

Peter and Anna Mamakos

Adrienne Mosher

Melinda R. March

Walter Mott

Ann Markos

Matthew Muise

Jeanette Marks

Robert and Mary Mullaley

Eleanor Maroney

Helene Murphy

Virginia Marshall

Bonita Murray

Eugene and Dolores Martellini

Catherine A. Murray

Roland and Virginia Martin

N.E. Hurlin Accounting

Hugh Martinez

Arthur E. Naylor

Maureen and Ronald Martino

Barbara J. Nelson

Louis D. Masiello

Timothy and Heidi Newfell

Joan Matthews

Elliot Newman

Raymond and Martha Matthews

Frederick and Mary Noone

James and Cheryl Matzen

Leon Noyes

Kathleen J. Maurer

Tina Noyes

Julie McDaniel

William and Marjorie O’Callaghan

Dana A. McFaden

Kelly A. O’Connell

Doris A. Meaney

William and Margaret O’Donnell

Denise E. Melanson

Marion G. Olsen

Leary’s Fine Wines on Merrimac Street in Newburyport, owned by Todd (seen above) and Leyla Baltich, is committed to supporting organizations in the community. When their friends Kari and Rene Bernard, owners of The Walsingham Gallery suggested they partner to hold a special gallery opening to benefit Anna Jaques, they said “Yes, we support Anna Jaques!”


Larry and Mildred Reeves

Rita Shay

Jed and Mary Lou Tyler


Robert and Lois Shea

Kristina Tynes

Ingeborg Reuss

Edmund and Josephine Shepard

Frances Vachon

Alexander and Noella Richard

Oliver Sicard

Germaine Valley

honored or remembered with gifts to Anna

Melissa Richardson

Bruce Skud and Ellen Becker

David J. Vance

Jaques Hospital. The names of those being

Susan Ricker and William Zarakas

John and Constance Small

Robert and Mary Vanderhoven

honored or remembered are in bold type.

Mary Roberts

Amy-Lori Smith

Jill Vorderis

Janet Rogers

Ann C. Smith

Deborah Vozella

In memory of Rita Annaldo

William Rogers

Christine B. Smith

Walch Education

Charles and Carol Bazarian

Christina Ronder

Sara and Donald Smith

Jean Waldman

Jacqueline Bonner

Richard and Elizabeth Rooney

Sophia Stanton

John and Patricia Wall

Normand and Carol Cassista

Joseph and Winifred Ross

John and Pollyann Statom

Jean P. Wallace

Anthony and Sonja Comei

Kathleen Rowe

Reverend and Mrs. Bertrand Steeves

Marjorie Walters

Joel and Diane Corriveau

Rowley Grange No. 204

Luis Suriel

Bruce Warwick

Anthony and Shirley Dangelo

J. E. Roy

Lynda Sweet

Linda Welch

Frank and Sandra Diodati

Patricia Roy

Barbara and Kenneth Taylor

Sophie Welch

Donna Eideh

Nancy Rubinstein

Edgar and Donna Eaton Tetreault

Alexander and Anne White

Anthony Ferrucci

Lucy V. Ruggiero

Roger Thibedeau

Clifford Wile

Philip and Carole Fili

Denise and Tim Ryan

Barbara Tibbetts

Neil and Nancy Wile

Joseph and Karin Maccarone

Richard and Susan Rybacki

Laura Tierney

Herbert and Joanne Wing

Ms. Marguerite Murphy

Georgiana Sampson

Marcia Tilly and Clifford Haller

John Winninghoff

Philip and Carol Nardone

Bob and Betty Sanborn

David and Jane Torrisi

Tick and Kathy Withington

Lazarus and Alice Pahigian

Dorina E. Sawyer

John Tramonte

Gordon Woodfall

Domenica Riccio

Matthew and Kim Schweisberg

Tammy Trautz

George J. Woodsom

Michael Sabbagh

Regina Seely

Karen Trudeau

Jillian Woundy

Kenneth and Margaret Spaulding

Mary Ellen Shanley

Peter Tura

Denise Wright-McDonald

David and Jane Torrisi

Marie Shattuck

Curtis L. Turner

Rita York

Charles and Lisa Wilkins

Mary B. Youn

Kenneth and Catherine Yameen

Carol Young Peter Young

Commemorative Gifts

The following people have been lovingly

In memory of Ray Arthur Mr. Stephen Robinson Richard and Ruth Waning

In-Kind Donors Associated X-Ray Atkinson Resort & Country Club Ceia Restaurant Eastern Bag and Paper Group

In memory of Leanus Babine Ruth Rock In memory of Lewis D. Bartley Margaret Fuller

Georgia Pacific Hewlett Packard Interlocks Salon & Day Spa Bricks will go along this walkway

Keurig, Inc. Lindt & Sprungli USA Inc. Phoebe Lonborg

In memory of Joyce Bothwell St. Paul's Episcopal Church In memory of Lucy Charette Anita D'Amato and Mr. and Mrs. Rocco

Michael’s Harborside Newburyport Whale Watch, Inc.

Be part of the AJH Legacy With a gift of $500 or $1,000, you can purchase a brick engraved with your family name or the name of a loved one. Join AJH employees and local businesses like Star Nails in Amesbury by buying a brick for Anna Jaques new walkways.

Ould Newbury Golf Club Plum Island Kayak, Inc. Delia O’Connor and Dr. E.

Pledge now and pay for your brick over three years (just $3.21 a week or $6.41 a week) to permanently show your support of Anna Jaques.

Poland Springs Royal Orchid Restaurant Ten Center Street


In memory of Louis Colby Mr. and Mrs. Charles Morse, Jr. In memory of Marie Colby Mr. and Mrs. Charles Morse, Jr. In memory of Mary Collins Arthur and Dorothy Chapman

Toshiba Business Solutions Scott and Amy Vandersall Walsh Brothers Frank Wetenkamp / Wentworth

Please visit home page for details.

Eleanor Brooks

Thomas O’Neil Rockfish Restaurant

– $500 brick is 4” x 8” and will have three lines of text – $1,000 brick is 8” x 8” and will have six lines of text

In memory of Florence Churchill

by the Sea

In memory of Jedrey Connors J. E. Roy

In memory of William Deans

In memory of John Mongiello

Ms. Ruth Duttweiler

Tick and Kathy Withington

In honor of Gene Doran

In memory of Eleanor Morris

Ms. Kathleen Doran In memory of Howard and Genevieve Fernald Margaret Fuller In memory of Everett Foley Shane and Melissa Foley In honor of Marianne Green Claire Melville In memory of Alta B. Griffin James Griffin, Jr. In honor of Ms. Lauren Hefferan Debra A. Grasso

Fernando and Elena Amato Arthur and Dorothy Chapman James S. Fitzgerald Henry and Helen Szymura In memory of Charles Pearson Frances M. Pearson In memory of Joseph Colby Pearson Norman and Alicia Colby In memory of Patricia Pollard Dawn Baxter Central Congregational Church Anna May Guyette Ronald Roy

In memory of Norman Hobson Phyllis Hobson In memory of Ruth Holmes

In honor of the engagement of Dr. Isaac and Debbie Pourati

In memory of Bernice Rembis Stanley and Jennie Jancewicz In memory of Mr. and Mrs. Al Rindler Alan Collachicco

Margaret Fuller In memory of Ms. Virginia Salter Sarah Anderson George and Judith Blanchette Byfield Water District Linda DeLotto Mr. and Mrs. John Elwell Kenneth Gammons

Jeanine Cunningham

Mr. and Mrs. John Salter

Mr. and Mrs. Norman C. Ladd

Gail Devine

Richard and Sandra Siemasko

James and Susan McCoy

Rosemary T. Duford

Newbury Garden Club

Howard Fernald

In memory of Bobby LaPlante Margaret Fuller In honor of James and Elianna Mamakos Peter and Anna Mamakos

Pauline Flaxer Jodi Fletcher


Anne Lentz

Ann Markos In memory of Joseph Masionis Michael Lynch

Matthews Donald McCann Daniel Nagler

Delia O’Connor and Dr. E. Thomas O’Neal Dorothy Pike Ms. Nancy J. Spaulding Richard E. Stackpole

John and Christina Matthews

Kathleen C. Sullivan

Carol Mikuski

Ms. Linda L. George

We hope to have captured your preferred publication name in

Rita Shay In memory of Rosemary Sloane Josiah and Donna Welch In memory of Irving and Marion Snyderman

know if you would like to change something, please call the Foundation office at 978-463-1176 or send an e-mail to

Susan Rowley, Ph.D. In memory of Marion Susen Charles Susen In honor of Evelyn Tatro Mr. Wilfred Tatro

Helen Novick

Clara Bell

In memory of Carol McInerny

In honor of Katherine E. Wysong

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C.

Arline P. Sayward In memory of Helena Matthews


this annual report.To let us In memory of Edward Shay

Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Hovey

Dr. Melvin Nagler In memory of Art Markos

In memory of Robert Santarelli Anita D'Amato and Mr. and Mrs.

Stanley and Diana Kulfan

Ron and Kathy Colby Family

Walch Education

Helen Holmes

Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Kirsner

In memory of Kent R. White

Arnold Prudhomme

Richard and Debra Rurak

Pearl Ladd

Marjorie Walters

Walter Martel

Elaine Cronin

In memory of Fred Ladd

In memory of Robert S. Walters

Ann Prudhomme

Sara H. Farmer

Lester and Jean Kirkpatrick

Joan Matthews

Terrance Marengi


Richard and Edith Johnson

In honor of Carol Walsh

Gordon Graham

Joyce Nevins and David Munger

Michael and Margaret Taranda

Richard and Helen Ross

Ms. Cynthia J. Lowrey

Lorraine Chouinard

In memory of Roxie Kalashian

Peter and Wendy Leavitt

Lesco, Inc.

Virginia A. Capolupo

Jim Geanoulis

Richard Hassold

Jack and Barbara Craig

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Childs, Jr.

James and Patricia Frey

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The Community Health Foundation Board Mission Statement The Anna Jaques Community Health Foundation was established in 1996 to advance the mission of Anna Jaques Hospital by developing a strong base of philanthropic support for the institution and its regional health care system.This is accomplished through an ongoing program to identify, cultivate, and solicit donors and friends of the hospital. The Foundation also ensures proper stewardship of donated funds through the appropriate investment, management and disbursement of those funds.

The Community Health Foundation Board of Directors is comprised of community and business leaders who represent the private and public sectors within the hospital’s 17-cityand-town service area. They lead the way in giving and in engaging others in support of our community hospital.


Ann Lagasse, Chair

Ginny Eramo, Vice-Chair

Donna Twombly, Secretary

Mark L. Goldstein, Treasurer

Daniel Abdulla

Cyndi Barry-Rubenfeld

Trey Byrnes

Ralph Castagna

Craig Childs

Mary Anne Clancy

Barbara Cullen

Sharon Currier

Scott Eaton

Cynthia Gompers

Michael Jewell

Leanne Martin

Joan Miller

Guy Navarra, MD

Scott Vandersall

Charles Withee

Officers Ann Lagasse, Newburyport Newburyport Development, LLC Chair Ginny Eramo, Newburyport Interlocks Salon & Day Spa Vice-Chair

George H. Ellison, Jr. Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Delia O’Connor, FACHE President and CEO

Donna Twombly AJH Employee Representative to the Board, Chair, AJH Employee Campaign, Secretary

Ali Jahn Development Operations Specialist

Guy Navarra, MD Newburyport Seacoast Medical Associates


Charles Withee Hampton, NH The Provident Bank

Trey Byrnes Newburyport Inverness Financial Group Ralph Castagna Newburyport Castagna Construction Craig Childs Newburyport MacDonald and Pangione Insurance

Sarah Gnerre, MBA Vice President and Executive Director

Joan Miller Amesbury

Scott Vandersall Hampton, NH TD Bank

Cyndi Barry-Rubenfeld Amesbury Circle Furniture

Margaret K. McClure President, Anna Jaques Hospital Aid Association

Leanne Martin Kittery, ME Eastern Bank

Mark L. Goldstein Anna Jaques Hospital Treasurer

Daniel Abdulla Newburyport Joe’s Playland

Joe D. Hull, MD President, Medical Staff

Michael Jewell Amesbury Consultant

Representatives to the Board George H. Ellison, Jr. Chairman of the Board of Trustees Delia O’Connor President and CEO Anna Jaques Hospital Joseph D. Hull, MD President, Medical Staff Anna Jaques Hospital Margaret K. McClure West Newbury President, Anna Jaques Hospital Aid Association

Mary Anne Clancy Newburyport Institution for Savings

Foundation Staff

Barbara Cullen Newburyport HealthWyse

Ali Jahn Development Operations Specialist

Sarah Gnerre Vice President and Executive Director

Sharon Currier Newburyport Currier & Associates, Inc. Scott Eaton Merrimac Newburyport Five Cents Savings Bank Cynthia Gompers Newburyport Juice Plus


Anna Jaques Hospital Leadership Senior Management

Department Directors

Delia O’Connor, FACHE President Chief Executive Officer

James A. Borek, MS, RDMS Diagnostic Imaging

Mary E. Lord, BS, RNC Psychiatric Services

Kent Boynton, PhD, LICSW Child Psychiatry

Russell Martin, RN, MSN, CEN Nursing Education, Professional Practice, and Nursing Supervisors

Mark Goldstein Executive Vice President Chief Financial Officer Joe D. Hull, MD Interim Chief Medical Officer Richard Maki, RN, BA, MHSA Vice President Chief Nursing Officer Deborah Chiaravalloti Vice President Public Relations & Marketing Sarah Gnerre Vice President, Development Executive Director Anna Jaques Community Health Foundation Stephen F. Salvo Vice President Human Resources

Robert Buchanan, Jr. Chief Information Officer Jeanine Cunningham, RN Surgical Services Donna DiMaio Finance and Physician Practice Management Richard Doolan Materials Management Phillip G. Drews, BS, RRT Clinical Services David W. Fowler Senior Director Support Services Carol A. Gamble, MT (ASCP), MS Laboratory Services Jeffrey M. Gwinn, RPh Pharmacy Services Thora Healy, CPMSM, CPCS Medical Staff Services Mark J. Kelley Food & Nutrition Robert A. Kotarba Environmental Services Patricia Lawrence, MS, BSN, BS Infection Prevention Kathleen M. Leblanc, RN Medical/Surgical Services Sandra Levin, RN, BSN, MBA Quality, Patient Safety


Scott W. McIntire Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Center Rachael McKenzie, RN, MSN Case Management Maria V. Palumbo, RHIA Health Information Management & Privacy Officer Patricia J. Powers, RN, BS, COHN Occupational Health Services Robert Rawding Engineering & Maintenance Laura Rossi, RNC, MSN, OCN Infusional and Outpatient Clinics Cheryl Satryb Volunteer Services Karen D. Sindoni-Westhaver, RN Critical Care and Telemetry Units Joseph M. Soldano Financial Planning Hilary J. Sondik Patient Financial Services Charlene A. Torrisi, RNC, MSN Maternal Child Health Diane E. Wigmore, RN, BS, CEN Emergency Services Elizabeth M. Wright Human Resources

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID

25 Highland Avenue Newburyport, MA 01950

Permit No.163 Newburyport, MA

Miss Anna Jaques 1800–1885 Through the vision and charity of Miss Anna Jaques, our hospital was established in 1884. In 1883, she had sought the advice of her family physician, Dr. F. A. Howe, on how best to use her money for the benefit of the community. He told her that the community needed a hospital. As a result Anna Jaques gave $25,000 and plans were drawn up for Newburyport’s first hospital, originally located at the corner of Broad and Monroe Streets. Miss Jaques lived to see the hospital become a reality and attended opening ceremonies. She died at home the following January. The oil painting of Anna Jaques that appears on the cover of this book hangs in the lobby of the hospital.

Anna Jaques Hospital 2011 Annual Report  

Anna Jaques Hospital Annual report Newburyport, MA

Anna Jaques Hospital 2011 Annual Report  

Anna Jaques Hospital Annual report Newburyport, MA