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What do the details of Ezekiel’s temple mean? If the temple is a future physical structure, then …

If the temple symbolizes a spiritual reality, then …

(Dispensational Premillennialists and (Amillennialists, Postmillennialists, some Historical Premillennialists) and some Historical Premillennialists) … animal sacrifices are either:

1. Commemoration, through actual animal sacrifices, of the Messiah’s ultimate sacrifice 2. Figurative picture of renewed worship, presented in a way that Ezekiel and his first readers would understand

… detailed measurements and materials are:

1. Prophetic prediction of actual structural details

1. Symbols of eternal worship in the future 2. Portrayals of worship in the church as the sacrificed and risen Messiah reigns in heaven

1. Description of a heavenly temple or of the splendor of heavenly worship 2. Symbolic description of the people of God, the bride of Christ

3. SOMETHING OLD, ALL THINGS NEW: ISAIAH’S PERSPECTIVE ON GOD’S PLAN FOR THE FUTURE OF PLANET EARTH The promise of a final day of the Lord guarantees that God will deal decisively with sin and evil—and this, by itself, should be enough to cause us to watch and wait for the appearing of Jesus in the clouds! But When we live in a world God’s promises for the future go far beyond final Ûee^]pbmalbg%lhZd^] judgment and salvation. God has also promised to with tears, racked with make all things new. pain, and rotting away The new is always exciting. A new car, a fresh start, in death. Christians, with creation itself, have an innovative idea. How much more when we live an inborn longing for in a world filled with sin, soaked with tears, racked g^pg^ll'P^Zk^Ûee^] with pain, and rotting away in death. Christians, with birth pangs of hope with creation itself, have an inborn longing for (Romans 8:22–23). newness. We are filled with birth pangs of hope 143

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