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FOUR VIEWS OF THE KINGDOM Dispensational premillennialism: % The promised kingdom will be established when Jesus returns to earth after the rapture of the church and the seven-year tribulation. % Jesus will reign from David’s throne in Jerusalem, restore the Jewish nation, and rule over Israel and the nations for 1,000 years. % Jesus offered this millennial kingdom to Israel during his earthly ministry with the apostles, but the religious leaders of his day rejected this offer. % So God postponed the millennial kingdom and established a new form of the kingdom, never predicted in the Old Testament. This kingdom includes anyone who trusts in Jesus.59 Historical premillennialism: % The promised kingdom was inaugurated in the first coming of Christ and will be fulfilled when he returns and reigns on the earth for 1,000 years. % This millennial reign will fulfill God’s kingdom promises to the Israelites. Amillennialism: % The promised kingdom began with the first coming of Christ. % Ever since his resurrection and ascension, Jesus has been sitting at the right hand of God’s throne, ruling over the world in a heavenly reign. % His final triumphant return will reveal and establish this reign on the earth. Postmillennialism: % The promised kingdom will grow and spread through the proclamation of the gospel. % It will expand throughout the earth as more and more people believe the good news about Jesus. % The nations will become increasingly open to the gospel, and the kingdom will eventually cover the entire planet, ushering in God’s eternal kingdom. Although Christians differ on the exact nature and timing of God’s promised kingdom, there is one point on which nearly all believers agree: Jesus himself inaugurated a kingdom, and he will consummate the kingdom when he returns to reign on earth.


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