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Kingdom Came and Is Still Coming: Amillennialism: (A-Millennial: “No millennium”) The “thousand years” is not (“a-”) a future, earthly reign. But the millennium is no less real simply because it does not include an earthly kingdom! For the amillennialist, the millennium symbolizes the present and ongoing reign of Jesus with his people. It is a spiritual reign that extends from the ascension of Jesus to his glorious return. Amillennialists tend to see the relationship between Israel and the church from a covenantal or new covenantal perspective.


Millennium The Church Age Satan’s power is restrained

Second Coming of Christ & Final Judgment


Kingdom Came and is Yet to Come—but Jesus Won’t Return Until the Millennial Kingdom Is Complete: Postmillennialism: (Post-Millennial: “After the millennium”) Jesus will return to earth after (“post-“) a millennium when the overwhelming majority of persons throughout the world embrace the gospel. This millennium may last exactly one thousand years, or “thousand years” may symbolize an extended era of gospel peace. In either case, Jesus will not be physically present on the earth during the millennium; he reigns spiritually through the spread of his gospel around the globe. Postmillennialists see covenantal continuity between Israel and the church.

Some postmillennialists view the tribulation as a brief time of persecution that occurs immediately before the millennium. O thers, usually known as “preterists,” believe that “great tribulation” describes the First Jewish-Roman War, which culminated in 70 with the destruction of the Jewish temple.

The Church Age

Tribulation Society gradually improves




Second Coming of Christ & Final Judgment

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