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WHAT ABOUT GOD’S PROMISE TO ABRAHAM? At this point, you may be asking some quite good questions about historical premillennialism: y Didn’t God choose the offspring of Abraham for a special purpose? y If God has always had one plan and one people, what about God’s promises of land to Abraham? y Has God rejected the Jewish people? Nearly every historical premillennialist would respond that God has not rejected the Jewish people. The Jews are, after all, beloved by God “for the sake of their forefathers”! (Romans 11:28). At the same time, historical premillennialists do understand God’s fulfillment of his promises to Israel in a slightly different way than dispensationalists: y Historical premillennialists are covenantalists or new covenantalists when it comes to how God will fulfill his promises to Abraham and to Israel. y God’s primary purpose when he chose Abraham was for the children of Abraham to be the people through whom Jesus would come into the world. y Even then, God intended his promises to Abraham and to the Israelites to find their fulfillment in Jesus (see chapter 4). y During the millennial kingdom, Jesus God’s Promises to Abraham, by Tissot (1896–1902) will reign from Jerusalem not only over the land promised to Abraham but also over the whole earth. And so, during the millennium, Jesus will fulfill every promise of God. Abraham’s “offspring” will rule the land from the Nile to the Euphrates and so much more. “Dispensationalists are right that only ethnic Jews receive the promised future restoration, but Paul makes clear that the ‘seed of Abraham’ is singular, not plural (Gal. 3:16). ... Does this promise apply to ethnic Jews? Yes, one ethnic Jew whose name is Jesus.”175 332

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