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y Clarence Larkin worked eight dispensations into his popular dispensational charts. Even though dispensationalists may differ on the precise number of dispensations, all dispensational premillennialists agree that God has worked in particular and distinguishable ways with different groups of people throughout history. Darby’s Six Dispensations (J.N. Darby, Apostasy of the Successive Generations)

Scofield’s Seven Dispensations (C.I. Scofield, The Scofield Reference Bible) Age of Innocence (Gen. 1–2) Test: Do not eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge. Outcome: Exile from Eden Age of Conscience (Gen. 3:7) Test: Do what is known to be good and express sorrow for sin through animal sacrifice. Outcome: Rebellion and flood

Dispensation of Noah From the covenant with Noah until the calling of Abraham

Age of Human Government (Gen. 8:15) Test: Rule righteously.

Dispensation of Abraham From the calling of Abraham until the Law of Moses

Age of Promise (Gen. 12:1) Test: Trust God.

Dispensation of Israel From Law of Moses to exile, resumes during the tribulation

Age of Law (Exod. 19:1) Test: Obey divine law.

Outcome: Corrupt cultures and governments

Outcome: Those who blessed Abraham were blessed

Outcome: Israel disobeyed the law and experienced exile.

Dispensation of the Gentiles From the exile of Judah to the coming of Jesus Dispensation of the Church From the establishment of the church until the rapture

Age of the Church (Acts 2:1) Test: Believe Jesus, make disciples of all nations.

Dispensation of the Millennium After the great tribulation

Age of the Kingdom (Rev. 20:4–7) Test: Be faithful to Jesus, the king of the millennial kingdom.

Outcome: Gospel spreads around the world; God removes the church at the rapture and resumes his work with Israel

Outcome: When Satan is released at the end of the millennium, some will rebel; Jesus will defeat them. 311

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