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Rapture Ready? Dispensational 18 Premillennialism PTE


Chances are, you’re already familiar with dispensational premillennialism—even if you’ve never heard the phrase until you picked up this book! y Have you ever read a novel with the title Left Behind embossed on the cover? y Or how about one of the bestselling books of the twentieth century, The Late, Great Planet Earth? y Maybe you’ve glanced through the Scofield Reference Bible or Ryrie Study Bible at some point. y Perhaps you’ve even watched a movie with a title like A Thief in the Night or Prodigal Planet.


The belief that God will “rapture” Christians from the world before the earth endures God’s wrath during the tribulation; Jesus will return to earth after the tribulation, before (“pre-”) the millennium described in Revelation 20.

If any of these possibilities rings a bell in your mind, you probably know at least a little bit about dispensational premillennialism. In some churches, dispensationalism has dominated discussions of the end times since the early twentieth century. As a result, many contemporary Christians have never even heard any other view of the end times. And yet, simply because dispensational ideas are so widespread doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be studied! Sometimes the facts that we know the best are the ones that we need to study the most. 303

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