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y Once the millennial kingdom is underway, wars will fade into a distant memory. y Diseases will be destroyed. y All humanity will live long and prosper. What about the great tribulation? Where can this time of suffering and trials fit into such an optimistic view of the end times? Postmillennialists do understand the great tribulation to be an event that precedes the millennial kingdom—but postmillennialists differ on exactly when and how the tribulation takes place.

PRETERISM (From Latin praeteritus, “past” or “bygone”)

View of New Testament prophecy that understands most events described in apocalyptic texts as predictions that were fulfilled in the first century AD. Many contemporary postmillennialists are also preterists. RADICAL PRETERISM

Belief that all biblical prophecies were Jonathan Edwards, for example, speculated fulfilled in the first century AD and that that “1,260 days” (Revelation 12:6) might Jesus will never physically return to symbolize 1,260 years from the time when earth. Orthodox preterists recognize the bishop of the city of Rome began to radical preterism as a heresy that dominate the church. And so, according to must be rejected. Also known as Edwards, the years of the great tribulation “hyper-preterism.” “began in the year 606, when the pope was first seated in his chair and was made universal bishop. They will therefore, end about 1866.”156 That’s why Edwards, living in the mid-1700s, saw the Great Awakening as the precursor of a postmillennial glory that was soon to come.

Other postmillennialists are preterists and take a completely different perspective on the great tribulation. The word “preterist” comes from the Latin praeteritus (“past” or “bygone”) and suggests that some (or all) of the great tribulation occurred in the first century AD, around the time that the Romans destroyed the Jewish temple in AD 70. Theologian R.C. Sproul is probably the best-known orthodox preterist postmillennialist.


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Rose Guide to End Times Prophecies - Selected Sample Pages  

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