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Building a Better World: 17 Postmillennialism PTE


Have you ever found yourself in awe at the power of the gospel? y Perhaps it was in a worship service where a friend unexpectedly trusted in Jesus. y Maybe it was in a small group where you watched as the gospel shattered the stranglehold of addiction in someone’s life. y Perhaps it was in your own life when you saw how the cross of Jesus calls you to trade your bitterness for God’s forgiveness.

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Whatever the setting, what you witnessed was the life-transforming power of the good news of Jesus. You caught a glimpse of good news that is powerful beyond all human imagination. According to the apostle Paul, the gospel is the “power of God” that restores wholeness in the lives of those who trust Jesus (Romans 1:16). This power-filled good news is not only how God rescues people from future condemnation but also how God grows and changes his people throughout their lives.


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