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Dyscovery Centre Day 2nd February 2012

Aims of the NHA • To raise awareness of the importance of handwriting as a vital component of literacy. • To promote good practice in the teaching of handwriting. • To support those who work with children who find handwriting difficult.

Structure of the NHA committee Local Interest Groups

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Current and future projects • Advising the government on literacy policy. • Offering the accredited graduate diploma module to other universities. • Training teaching assistants. • Initial teacher training. • Engaging GPs. • Increasing influence on products which are developed commercially.

Importance of Assessment • Children may find handwriting difficult for any or all of a number of different reasons. • A blanket approach is not most efficient or most condusive to learning. • Planning a targeted intervention requires accurate assessment. • Assessment may be informal (e.g. observation of product and process) or using formal instruments (tests, e.g DASH).

Dyscovery Centre Day Angela Webb 2nd Feb 2012