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Download Violin Lessons For All Levels

The violin is a fine classical instrument and it appeals to people of all ages. While a good one to one session with a tutor can make a lot of difference, Online Violin Lessons can help you get the most from your instrument and practice at home. With the right tools, this can help you get the most out of your instrument.

The first part is to learn about the instrument itself. On the face of it, a violin consists of the thing itself and the bow. But where do you rest the shoulders and the neck? Which string gives you which note? These things are important to know, as if you do not know what note a string gives you then it is impossible to tune it. And if you do not know what end goes on your neck and on your shoulder, then your stance will be very wrong.

Don't go out and buy a Stradivarius, but do look for a good quality in your price range. A well made affordable instrument will not cause muscle spasms in the neck and shoulder, back, wrists or fingers. It will also give you a good sound for your money. Every beginner produces the haunting sounds of a throttled gnu when they first use the bow but if you are still getting this two weeks later, perhaps your instrument is at fault, not you.

Do not skip the lessons that teach you about how the violin is made and what the different sections are called. You need to have a good understanding of the acoustics and functioning of your instrument as you will need to tune the strings yourself on a regular basis. You cannot rely on a third party for tuning.

Treat yourself to a real lesson or two from a live person when you start. Although the online videos can give you good visual instruction, and the written articles, good verbal instruction, it will assist you greatly if someone teaches you how to stand properly and how to hold the instrument. Without these basic skills you will proceed with your online violin lessons and progress but at the risk of incorporating stance and grip problems into your playing. To eradicate poor habits is a lengthy and difficult process. Far better to start as you mean to carry on. Learn all about online lessons at

A monthly lesson with a good teacher is recommended to keep you excited and determined. Learning without getting feedback and encouragement is more difficult and takes great self discipline. A teacher

can also help you access a group of other learners who can play together. Don't try and do the online lessons in isolation, use your violin as an icebreaker, you will be happier learning with some company.

Now that you are all set up, go online and surf to find your ideal lessons. At the beginning, concentrate on the lessons that are offered for free. As you become more proficient, you will become willing to pay the small fees requested for advanced online lessons. You will also benefit more from these lessons as you will already know the basics and will now be looking to improve your overall technique and subtlety on the instrument.

For very advanced students, the opportunity to learn from the best performers is captivating. Right from home, the online violin student may be able to study with teachers associated with the best orchestras, conservatories, and universities. This also encourages the teacher to develop ways to use new technology to serve music instruction so that teaching remains at a very high level.

Regardless of the method used, you will want to choose your own online teacher based on what you can know about the teacher. Do your online research before you start with any online violin lessons, and look for more than low cost. Though cost is a consideration here, combine the most reasonable cost you can afford with the best teacher you can find. For any beginning violin student, these things will give a good foundation, and allow any student to build better a better future from it.

Download Violin Lessons For All Levels