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Improving  the  Rosendale  School  Buildings       The  story  so  far:   Four  classrooms  in  Key  Stage  1  have  been  refurbished    

The  Key  Stage  1  toilets  have  been  completely  remodelled  and  redesigned    

What next  in  2013?     At   the   Autumn   Term   governor   meeting   the   Rosendale   School   Council   made   a   presentation   to   the   school   governors   to   represent   the   views   of   the   children   about   what   work   should   be   done   next   to   improve   the   school.     They   made   a   passionate   plea   for   the   Key   Stage   2   toilets   to   be   improved,   particularly   having   seen   the   work   that   had   been   done   the   previous   summer   in   Key   Stage   1.     The   governing  body  were  happy  to  agree  to  the  refurbishment  work  and  so  the  next   phase  of  improvement  work  has  begun.   Cullinan   Studios,   the   architects,   have   begun   the   consultation   process   with   staff   and  children  to  highlight  the  problems  that  need  to  be  solved  and  have  started  to   come  up  with  some  design  solutions  as  you  can  see  below.    Their  design  aims  to   improve   access   into   the   building,   make   the   toilets   more   private   by   using   individual   cubicles   without   gaps   at   top   or   bottom,   stop   children   from   feeling   vulnerable  in  the  toilets  by  making  the  space  visible  and  improve  the  storage  of   coats  and  bags.    

Watch this  space  for  more  news  about  the  development  of  this  project.  

Rosendale School possible future building refurbishment  

This describes the possible refurbishment of the KS2 area

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