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Our Vision Dear Everyone, Welcome to our new catalogue for the season 2021/2022. KunstIndustrien continues to aim at launching new sustainable and socially responsible products and this year is no exception, and we are very proud to present you with new products as well as new inspiration. We are more than happy to share our collaboration with Danish artist and designer Malene Birger. Malene is known for her strong graphic expression and we are proud to include her artwork in our collection. Her ABSTRACT FLOWER series is a symbol of growth after a long period of stagnation and a wish to come closer again. As always, these candles are produced by skilled craftsmen using the best possible raw materials. This is the essence of all KUNSTINDUSTRIENS products. The ABSTRACT FLOWER series includes candles, posters and napkins. In the continuous development of our collection, we have included several new colours and designs. You may find our classic Bell candlesticks in

three new colours and the poetic Flower candlestick is now available in both brass, chrome and black nickel. Use the brass version for lighthearted colourful interiors or create darker dramatic table settings in all black. Be inspired by beautiful and extravagant decorations mixing soft colours, faceted glass and warm metals. The time calls for celebration of your loved ones even if it may be in smaller and more intimate settings than we were used to. Christmas is the season most closely connected with candles. We have included new inspiration for alternative decorations and present new Calendar candles in both the Monoline and Royal series. We hope our catalogue will bring much joy and inspiration All the best Britta & Steen


Light our candle and let its warm glow bring “hygge” and hope


Finding sustainable solutions in traditional craftsmanship


Handcrafted Quality Exquisite quality, the best raw materials and craftsmanship is the essence of Kunst­ Industrien. Our collection presents a unique variety of high quality candles; our own clas­ sic wax altar candles, the slim Italian church candles, the Giants and the eco-labelled can­ dles, the coloured candles, Living by Heart and the Christmas candles – all of which are unique in their own special way. Our own wax altar candles are made with RSPO stearin, and they are truly handmade. The only machinery we use is an electric melting pot and an old Grundfos pump. Everything else is done by hand by a very experienced team of candle makers – from preparing the molds to wrapping the can­ dles. The wick that is carefully adapted to the diameter of the candle means that each can­

dle rarely runs. Our wax altar candles burn stably, beautifully and longer than most can­ dles – some up to 800 hours. Our wax alter candles are tested for soot at an approved laboratory. The result should be between 0 and 1, where 0 is best. Our candles scored as low as 0.04, and are thus among the very best in the market. Our unique selling points (USPs) are; • Craftsmanship used with the best available raw materials on the market. • How we can combine tradition with new ideas. • Emphasis on respecting the environment. • Keeping up the high quality, functionality and aesthetics of our wax altar candles.

Certified conscience Did you know that there is an EN test for candles? Off course our popular wax altar candles has been tested. FACTS about EN-test for candles: EN 15426: Fire safety E.G: the candle must not flare up again when it has been turned off. EN 15493: Sodindex / Soot Index May not exceed ”1”. Index is a value between 0 and 1, where lower values are best. EN 15494: Product safety labeling – Warning symbol requirements and product label information More info about EN-Test @ kunstindustrien.dk


The importance of Sustainability Our goals and ambitions towards sustainability is a challenge that involves production, trans­ port, lifestyle and changing consumer habits and attitudes. The opportunities for living sus­ tainably require ongoing changes. We must promote a more sustainable develop­ ment for both our people and our planet, and at KunstIndustrien we consider the needs of pres­ ent and future generations, being very aware that our entire business must be conducted in a way that is socially and environmentally sus­ tainable. Therefore we have set up well defined ambitions and goals. Our vision and strategy continues to build on several key ambitions: Global Goals We support the UN’s world goals for sustaina­ ble development and do so with a measurable result. Primarily focusing on goals 8, 12 and 13 (see below). Packaging Materials We are packing a huge number of boxes for shipping which requires miles of plastic tape. KunstIndustrien has replaced the traditional package tape with re-cycled paper tape. We are using recycled paper boxes for all our Danish shipments and have also replaced the white plastic foam packing filling with a natural

packaging material made of compostable corn starch. Recycled stearin – Zero Waste Project We have initiated a recycling concept with sev­ eral of our restaurant customers where we col­ lect the left-over wax altar candle stubs. We can use these stubs when we are producing our out­ door torches therefore eliminating all waste. We call it “the Zero Waste project”. Sustainable stearin We only use RSPO stearin for our wax altar candles. Currently we are working towards a closer relationship with the manufacturer of our plant-based stearin. We want to support fair trade and improve the living and economic growth of the local farmers and their workers. Our efforts are focused on creating a more sus­ tainable business. We are using the best, clean­ est and most stable plant-based stearin and par­ affins available in the market to make our wax altar candles. This means that the candles, in ad­ dition to a slow combustion, also burn very clean and stable, and without any odours. Our candles are produced with respect for the environment and with a focus on sustainability. Please help us support sustainability! Thank you.

We meet three Global Goals The UN world goals are 17 concrete goals and 169 sub-goals, which com­ mit all UN’s 193 member states to completely abolish poverty and hun­ ger in the world, reduce inequalities, ensure good education and better health for all, decent jobs and more sustainable economic growth. We work actively for goals 8, 12 and 13 in KunstIndustrien.


The environment has high priority. How we produce candles as well


Wax altar candles It all began with our wax altar candle orig­ inally made to the catholic church in Bred­ gade, Copenhagen, back in the 1940’s. 80 years later the handmade candles still remain our signature product and KunstIndustrien has constantly improved the quality. Today, the wax altar candles are made with RSPO stearin, and are still truly handmade. The special mix of high-grade waxes makes our candles translucent and gives them a beautiful glow when burn­ ing. The candles are tested and approved according to EN15493 for fire safety and EN16426 for soot behavior. Our wax altar

candles burn stably, beautifully and longer – up to 800 hours. Choose between more than 40 variations, and light our candle with certified clean conscience. Nice to know... RSPO stearin comes from certified plan­ tations. We work constantly for a cleaner world, and to help preserve the rainforest and reduce the CO2 emissions. Our wax altar candles are also EN-tested for soot behavior and score very close to 0. In any way we can, KunstIndustrien will support sustainability.


Choose from more than 40 different sizes

Ø6 cm A-612 · h12 cm · 45 hours A-620 · h20 cm · 75 hours A-630 · h30 cm · 110 hours A-640 · h40 cm · 150 hours A-650 · h50 cm · 200 hours A-665 · h65 cm · 250 hours A-680 · h80 cm · 300 hours

Ø5 cm A-515 · h15 cm · 42 hours A-520 · h20 cm · 58 hours A-525 · h25 cm · 74 hours A-530 · h30 cm · 90 hours A-535 · h35 cm · 105 hours

Ø4 cm A-410 · h10 cm · 17 hours A-420 · h20 cm · 30 hours A-430 · h30 cm · 45 hours

Ø7 cm A-712 · 12 cm · 70 hours A-718 · 18 cm · 100 hours A-724 · h24 cm · 140 hours A-734 · h34 cm · 200 hours A-745 · h45 cm · 250 hours A-770 · h70 cm · 400 hours A-790 · h90 cm · 500 hours

Ø8,5 cm A-8515 · h15 cm · 140 hours A-8520 · h20 cm · 160 hours A-8525 · h25 cm · 200 hours A-8535 · h35 cm · 280 hours A-8550 · h50 cm · 400 hours A-8575 · h75 cm · 600 hours A-85100 · h100 cm · 800 hours

Ø10,5 cm A-10515 · h15 cm · 150 hours A-10525 · h25 cm · 250 hours A-10535 · h35 cm · 350 hours A-10550 · h50 cm · 500 hours



Candlesticks Square and Circle Design with effect. The Square has become a classic and the Circle is based on the same design philosophy – functional and modern. A design that will fit in anywhere. White with a shiny glossy surface. Black with a matt and rustic surface. Choose from 7 different sizes. The candlesticks are all designed and manufactured by KunstIndustrien.

White square 10-KUKH · ø1,3 cm 10-KUSH · ø2,2 cm 10-KU3H · ø3 cm 10-KU4H · ø4 cm 10-KU5H · ø5 cm 10-KU6H · ø6 cm 10-KU7H · ø7 cm

Black square 10-KUKS · ø1,3 cm 10-KUSS · ø2,2 cm 10-KU3S · ø3 cm 10-KU4S · ø4 cm 10-KU5S · ø5 cm 10-KU6S · ø6 cm 10-KU7S · ø7 cm

White circle 10-CIKH · ø1,3 cm 10-CISH · ø2,2 cm 10-CI3H · ø3 cm 10-CI4H · ø4 cm 10-CI5H · ø5 cm 10-CI6H · ø6 cm 10-CI7H · ø7 cm

Black circle 10-CIKS · ø1,3 cm 10-CISS · ø2,2 cm 10-CI3S · ø3 cm 10-CI4S · ø4 cm 10-CI5S · ø5 cm 10-CI6S · ø6 cm 10-CI7S · ø7 cm


Eco-labelled candles These candles carry the Nordic Swan eco-label. With production facilities being kept cool by circulating water from a nearby lake, and with the candles made from renewable resources, you will enjoy these classic Nordic candles with a clean conscience.

Eco labeled candles SV-2425 · ø2,4 · h25 cm · 9 hours SV-2435 · ø2,2 · h35 cm · 12 hours SV-KA2420 · ø2,4 · h20 cm · 6 hours

No drip canal candles This unique candle will not drip even under extreme conditions. Historically, the canal candle was used in churches as it will withstand the wind turbulence often present in the big indoor spaces of churches. The vertical channels inside the candle will simply collect any excess stearin. Today this brilliant candle has also found its place in hotels and restaurants – and of course in exposed places in private homes. The candle carries the Nordic Swan eco-label.


77 cm

Italian church candles Italian church candles KE-1313 · ø1,3 cm · h13 cm · 3 hours KE-1318 · ø1,3 cm · h18 cm · 4 hours KE-1330 · ø1,3 cm · h30 cm · 6 hours KE-927 · ø0,9 cm · h27 cm · 2,5 hours

A unique family story comes along with our genuine Italian church candles. A young man escaped from the poverty of Sic­ ily and went to Rome more than 100 years ago. Producing can­ dles became a way to survive for the family and today second and third generations passionately continue to produce quality candles. Available in four variations – either in bulk or packed in gift boxes. An elegant slim candle of excellent quality. No drip fidibus-candles This candle will not drip even if not standing straight! A long, super thin candle used to light up all those other candles, light­ ing the fireplace, or just enjoyed on its own – used creatively. Place several next to each other arranged in sand. It looks fan­ tastic, and creates a wonderful atmosphere.


ABSTRACT FLOWERS Where TRADITION meets ART Created by Malene Birger Quality and craftsmanship are core values at KunstIndustrien. We al­ ways seek to improve our products and to make sure that all new developments live up to our high standards. We believe that quality and craftsmanship have an inherent yet quiet aesthetics. Malene Birger´s artwork brings new life to this quiet feel and takes our candles to another level. Her art is bold, clear and uncompro­ mising and her graphic expression turned out to be a perfect match for the strict shapes of our wax altar candles. Malene´s choice of the theme ABSTRACT FLOWERS, is about growth after a long period of stagnation. It is also about coming together, being connected and enjoying the moments we share with family and friends. ABSTRACT FLOWERS come in both black and gold. You may com­ bine different sizes and artworks for an individual expression – or just enjoy the simple beauty of a single burning candle.



“The ABSTRACT FLOWERS collection was initially sparked off when the covid pandemic first hit and forced us to live our lives separated from friends and families. We wanted to make a candle that symbolized hope and new beginnings.”



Abstract Flowers Black MB-718-S · h18 · 100 hours MB-724-S · h24 · 140 hours

Abstract Flowers Gold MB-718-G · h18 · 100 hours MB-724-G · h24 · 140 hours

Poppy Flowers Black MB-515-S · h15 · 42 hours MB-734-S · h34 · 200 hours

Poppy Flowers Gold MB-515-G · h15 · 42 hours MB-734-G · h34 · 200 hours

Wild Flowers Black MB-712-S · h12 · 70 hours MB-620-S · h20 · 75 hours MB-525-S · h25 · 74 hours MB-630-S · h30 · 110 hours

Wild Flowers Gold MB-712-G · h12 · 70 hours MB-525-G · h25 · 74 hours MB-620-G · h20 · 75 hours MB-630-G · h30 · 110 hours



Napkins & posters Let the ABSTRACT FLOWERS bloom on your table or in a beautiful frame. All different flower motifs come as posters in either black or white and a selection of four unfolds on white napkins as well.

Wild Flowers 1S-ARTW1 · Black 40 x 40 cm

ARTW1-H · Creme 50 x 70 cm

ARTW4-H · Creme 50 x 70 cm

ARTW7-H · Creme 50 x 70 cm

ARTW1-S · Black 50 x 70 cm

ARTW4-S · Black 50 x 70 cm

ARTW7-S · Black 50 x 70 cm

Wild Flowers 2 S-ARTW6 · Black 40 x 40 cm

ARTW2-H · Creme 50 x 70 cm

ARTW5-H · Creme 50 x 70 cm

ARTW8-H · Creme 50 x 70 cm

Abstract Flowers S-ARTW8 · Black 40 x 40 cm

ARTW2-S · Black 50 x 70 cm

ARTW5-S · Black 50 x 70 cm

ARTW8-S · Black 50 x 70 cm

Poppy Flowers S-ARTW5 · Black 40 x 40 cm

ARTW3-H · Creme 50 x 70 cm

ARTW6-H · Creme 50 x 70 cm

ARTW-COLLECTION-H Creme · 50 x 70 cm

ARTW3-S · Black 50 x 70 cm

ARTW6-S · Black 50 x 70 cm

ARTW-COLLECTION-H Black · 50 x 70 cm



New colors


Coloured candles on your table We love colours and enjoy how today’s trend gives us the opportunity to mix and match colours thus making our interi­ or space unique and personal. Not since the Second World War have candles been used to such a degree to tell stories, create style and design concepts. The colours of the candles can be matched to your personal preference; tone in tone or contrasting combinations to cre­ ate your own unique style. KunstIndustrien has 40 different colour candles to mix and match between, at 3 different heights which makes it easy and inspiring to create different settings to satisfy your mood, and taste. A change in just one colour can change the whole feeling of a room.


Coloured candles Available in three lengths and 40 colours These candles have been made in Denmark since 1975 by a family on the west coast of Jutland who strives for uncompromising quality. The colours are solid, which makes them more aesthetic and different from the ma­ jority of coloured candles on the market. Both models fit Bell, Square and Circle candlesticks perfectly. 20 cm, 35 cm and 45 cm. Diameter 2,2 cm.

S-2220-xx · ø2,2 · h20 cm · 10 hours S-2235-xx · ø2,2 · h35 cm · 15 hours S-2245-xx · ø2,2 · h45 cm · 20 hours SB-2235-xx · ø2,2 · h35cm · 15 hours

Substitute the -xx with the relevant colour code

h20 cm

h35 cm

h45 cm























Coloured candles slim Available in two lengths and 40 colours Our slim candle is originally from Rome and white, but is now available in 40 solid colours in a quality that makes the candle burn stably and elegantly hour after hour. Both models fit Bell, Square and Circle candlesticks perfect­ ly. 12 cm and 28 cm. Diameter 1,3 cm.

KEB-1312-xx · ø1,3 · h12 cm · 2 hours KEB-1328-xx · ø1,3 · h28 cm · 8 hours KE-1328-xx · ø1,3 · h28 cm · 8 hours Substitute the -xx with the relevant colour code

The Bell candlestick – Large & Mini Colour mix and match, candle and candlestick. Our Bell candlestick is available in a wide variety of colours. The Mini Bell in no less than 18 different varieties. The Bell in 9 varieties. Too much colour? You are always safe with white. Please find more details about the Bell and Mini Bell candlesticks on the next page.

h28 cm

h12 cm
























Bell Candlesticks Every candle deserves a fine candlestick. Our Bell dresses up the candle for every occasion in beautiful colours or in a variation of different metals. It comes in two sizes; one for regular taper candles and one for our small Italian church candles. Our Bell collection gives you a wide range of candlesticks to choose from. We will let it be your choice which ones to pick...

Black Quattro

Red Quattro

White Quattro

10-K4S · ø1,3 cm

10-K4R · ø1,3 cm

10-K4H · ø1,3 cm


Bell New


10-R22PU · ø1,3 cm Purple


10-R22DB · ø2,3 cm Dark Brown

10R22CL · ø2,3 cm Cafe Latte

10-R22GR · ø2,3 cm Grey

10-R22H · ø2,3 cm White


10-R22S · ø2,3 cm Black

10-R22SR · ø2,3 cm Black Rustic

10-R22B · ø2,3 cm Kitchen Blue

10-R22T· ø2,3 cm Turquoise

10-R22J · ø2,3 cm Antracite


10-R22BU · ø2,3 cm Burned

10-R22I · ø2,3 cm Iron

10-R22R · ø2,3 cm Red

10-R22KG · ø2,3 cm Kitchen Green

10-R22AP · ø2,3 cm Antique Pink

Mini Bell New


10-KPU · ø1,3 cm Purple

10-R22S · ø1,3 cm Black

10-KMG · ø1,3 cm Moss Green


10-KDB · ø1,3 cm Dark Brown

10-KSR · ø1,3 cm Black Rustic

10-KBL · ø1,3 cm Blue

10-KO · ø1,3 cm Orange

10-KCL · ø1,3 cm Cafe Latte

10-KH · ø1,3 cm White

10-KGR · ø1,3 cm Grey

10-KJ · ø1,3 cm Anthracite

10-KI · ø1,3 cm Iron

10-KBU · ø1,3 cm Burned

10-KGO · ø1,3 cm Golden

10-KB · ø1,3 cm Kitchen Blue

10-KT · ø1,3 cm Turquoise

10-KKG · ø1,3 cm Kitchen Green

10-KG · ø1,3 cm Yellow

10-KAP · ø1,3 cm Antique Pink

10-KBO · ø1,3 cm Bordeaux

10-KR · ø1,3 cm Red


Living by Heart is high quality interior candles and accessories for outdoor use. Everything is hand­ made and you can choose from several colours. Development and design take place in Sønder­ borg – Denmark. Our products make an inspiring outdoor environment and create a unique atmos­ phere in the outdoor living room.



Outdoor Candle LBH-14005 Dark Brown

Outdoor Candle LBH-14063 Brass


Outdoor Candle LBH-14096 Cafe Latte

Outdoor Candle LBH-14000 Copper

Outdoor Candle LBH-14001 Reseda Green

Outdoor Candle LBH-14002 Black

Outdoor Candle LBH-14026 Light Grey

Outdoor Candle LBH-14003 Light Blue

Outdoor Candle LBH-14004 White

Outdoor Candle LBH-14072 Anthracite Rustic

Outdoor Candle LBH-14098 Light Rose

Outdoor Candle LBH-14079 Petroleum / Water Blue

Outdoor Candle LBH-14025 Plum/Bordeaux


Responsible production Production comes with responsibility. We find ourselves obliged to make sure that our raw materials are sourced best possibly and that everybody involved in the pro­ cess is working under safe and fair conditions. KunstIndustrien is involved in a socio-economic project helping young people who may be in need for a little extra support in finding foothold in the job market.

Torch stand LBH-15081/82/83 Black

Glass LBH-15097

Torch stand LBH-15084 table size

Metal plate LBH-15097 Black




Outdoor Living Enjoy long nights in the warm light of outdoor candles

Outdoor candles

Tripod candleholders

F-7S ø7 cm black

U-10515 · ø10,5 · h15 cm · 100 hours U-10525 · ø10,5 · h25 cm · 175 hours U-10535 · ø10,5 · h35 cm · 250 hours U-10550 · ø10,5 · h50 cm · 375 hours U-1525 · ø15 · h25 cm · 200-250 hours U-1550 · ø15 · h50 cm · 400-500 hours

F-7G ø7 cm Galvanized

Hurricane base and glass

Black Base 10-HB125S 10-HB145S 10-HB220S

White Base 10-HB125H 10-HB145H 10-HB220H

Glass 10-HG125 · ø12,5 cm · h22cm 10-HG145 · 14,5 cm · h26 cm 10-HG220 · ø22 cm · h30cm

F-85S ø8,5 cm black

F-85G ø8,5 cm Galvanized

F-105S ø10,5 cm black

F-15S ø15 cm black

F-105G ø10,5 cm Galvanized

F-15G ø15 cm Galvanized

Hurricanes with grid

10-HM155S Black · h30 cm ø15,5 cm

10-HM155H White · h30 cm ø15,5 cm


Royal candles We just love this beautiful pattern. So much that we could not resist presenting the pillar candle in a taller version in the colours: Blue and Black. The pattern originally came to Europe from China almost 300 years ago. Over the centuries, it has been modified and used by leading porcelain manufacturers across Europe, and for more than 50 years the classic fluted pattern has been printed on our candles and napkins. For everyday use, dining, and the calendar edition for Christmas. The napkins are FSC approved!

Black B-MS520 ø5 · h20 cm 44 hours

Black B-MS718 ø7 · h18 cm 80 hour

Blue B-MB520 ø5 · h20 cm 44 hours

Blue B-MB718 ø7 · h18 cm 80 hours

Black Blue S-MS2324 S-MB2324 ø2,3 · h24 cm ø2,3 · h24 cm 10 hours 10 hours

Blue S-MB3333 · 33 x 33 cm S-MB4040 · 40 x 40 cm

Black S-MS2330 ø2,3 · h30 cm 12 hours

Blue S-MB2330 ø2,3 · h30 cm 12 hours

Black S-MS3333 · 33 x 33 cm S-MS4040 · 40 x 40 cm



Royal Candles The Royal series including the Blue Flower and the Seagull are iconic classics. All finished in Denmark by highly specialized craftsmen to make the pattern stand clear and with all delicate details intact. To us the Seagull and Blue Flower are pat­ terns made for summer celebrations, sparkling rosé and casual joyful gatherings.

B-M520 ø5 cm · h20 cm 44 hours

S-M2324B4 ø2,3 cm · h24 cm 10 hours

S-M3333 33 x 33 cm

S-BB2324 ø2,3 cm · h24 cm 10 hours

B-MBB718 ø7 cm · h18 cm 80 hours

S-BB2324B4 ø2,3 cm · h24 cm 10 hours




Italian candlesticks silver plated Beautifully ornamented candlesticks that are equally suited for bringing life to a table setting or as parts of small still lives decorating the windowsill.

10-611A 13900 / 1866/ 2 taper candle H12cm

10-153A 9900 / 1329 / 2 taper candle H10cm

10-KAMA 23000 / 3087/ 2 taper candle H20cm

10-KAMSS 15000 / 2113 / 2 taper candle H10cm

10-124A 9900 / 1329 / 2 taper candle H7cm

10-125A 11.900 /1597 / 2 taper candle H6cm

10-197A 28500 / 3826 / 2 taper candle H26cm

10-188A 15900 / 2134 / 2 4cm candle H14cm

10-KIRKE24 45000/ 6040/ 1 7cm candle H24cm

10-KIRKE32 64500 / 8658 / 1 8,5cm candle H32cm

10-KIRKE40 105500/ 14161/ 1 8,5cm candle H40cm

10-KIRKE50 149500 / 20067 / 1 10,5cm candle H50cm

10-582A 39500 / 5302 / 2 taper candles H24cm

10-583A 46700 / 6268 / 2 taper candles H25cm

10-LYRES 59500/ 7987 / 2 taper candles H43cm

10-ENGS 11600 / 2148 / 2 taper candle H25cm

10-BA 26900/ 3611 / 2 3cm candle H14cm


Italian candlesticks brass 10-133 4300 / 577 / 2 taper candle H11,4cm

10-ENGM 10500/ 1409 / 2 taper candle H25cm

10-125M 5900 / 792 / 2 taper candle H6cm

10-BM 15200 / 2040 / 2 3cm candle H14cm

10-1308 35000 / 4698 / 2 taper andle H52cm

10-Kams 14500 / 1946 / 2 taper candle H20cm

10-Kirke32M 37500 / 5034/ 2 8,5cm candle H32cm

10-1213 49500 / 26644 / 2 taper candles H42cm

10-124M 4900 / 658 / 2 taper candle H7cm

10-611M 6900 / 926 / 2 taper candle H12cm

10-197 16100 / 2161 / 2 taper candle H26cm

10-1045 42000 / 5638 / 2 taper candles H34cm

10-188 7400 / 993 / 2 4cm candle H14cm

10-584 6300 / 846 / 2 taper candle H14cm

10-1211 19800 / 2658 / 2 taper candle H40cm

10-583 23000 / 3087 / 2 taper candles H25cm

10-1307 24500 / 3289 / 2 taper candles H19,25cm

10-153M 4900 / 658 / 2 taper candle H10cm

10-1043 17500/ 2349 / 2 taper andle H30cm

10-582 19500 / 2617 / 2 taper candles H24cm

10-Kaml 7500 / 1007 / 2 taper candle H10cm

10-Kirke 24M 27500/ 3691/ 2 7cm candle H24cm

10-Lyre 35000 / 4698 / 2 taper candles H43cm


Warm metals add both cozyness and a feeling of luxury to your home. Use coloured candles to enhance the effect or go with the classic white for a more pared down expression.


Christmas by KunstIndustrien CERTIFIED CHRISTMAS CANDLES COUNT WEEKS AND DAYS Calendar and Advent candles are beautiful Christmas traditions that require a candle that manages the task elegantly with a beau­ tiful glow and pure burning. KunstIndustrien uses certified stearin for our Christmas candles, which we know come from sustaina­ ble palm forestry, which bear the certification RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil). Hereafter extraordinary measurements are taken to ensure that the palm oil is extracted under controlled conditions and takes nature into account. The candles are also EN-tested for soot and fire safety. You can without doubt light our X-mas candles with a better and greener conscience.


Box I: 4 pieces of 6 cm diameter candles (12 cm)

Box II: 4 pieces of 5 cm diameter candles in different lenghts (15, 20, 25 and 30 cm)

Advent candles in boxes The making of wreaths with candles is considered a must-have for most people for Christmas. It’s a beautiful tradition to light a candle each Sunday in the four weeks before Christmas eve. What few people know is that the tradition goes all the way back to the 1920’s and 1930’s where it was only recognised in the Southern part of Denmark. To this day, we still diligently work on these ‘small projects’ and countdown to Christ­ mas by making and enjoying advent wreaths with candles. This is an important part of Christmas. Many unique variations, styles and colours are being assembled, how­ ever one thing is always important; that the candle provides a wonderfully warm glow and burn so that the wreath will stay beautiful week after week. Box I: 4 pieces of 6 cm diameter candles (12 cm). Box II: 4 pieces of 5 cm diameter candles in different lenghts (15, 20, 25 and 30 cm).



Monoline December candles December calendar candles are a Danish tradition from 1940’s, and it takes a quality candle to burn stably and with beautiful glow all 24 days. The high quality raw materials give the candle its unique colour and stable slow burning.

New size

New size


Gold · K-530-1G ø5 · h30 · 80 hours

Black · K-530-1S ø5 · h30 · 80 hours

K-640-1G · ø6 · h40 150 hours

K-640-1S · ø6 h40 150 hours

K-530-1Multi 80 hours multicolor

K-530-1SI 80 hours Silver

K-530-1R 80 hours Red

The design is sharp and simple, and our certified RSPO wax altar candles are hand-molded, and manufactured individually after KunstIndustriens own proven recipe.



Royal candles Christmas This year you can add a bit of sparkle to your Christ­ mas table, as our classic Royal series is now available in both Gold and Silver. Use them as elegant minimal décor on their own or let your decorations go over the top in an extravagant celebration of Christmas.

Silver · K-MSI-525 ø7 · h18 cm · 80 hours

Silver Gift Box w. 4 pcs S-MGO2330B4 · ø2,3 h24 cm · 10 hours

Gold · K-MGO-525 ø7 · h18 cm · 80 hours

Gold Gift Box w. 4 pcs S-MSI2330B4 · ø2,3 h24 cm · 10 hours

Silver S-MSI3333 · 33 x 33 cm 20 pieces

Christmas red K-MR-525 · ø7 · h18 cm 80 hours

Silver S-MSI2330 ø2,3 · h24 cm 10 hours

Gold S-MGO2330 ø2,3 · h24 cm 10 hours

Gold S-MGO3333 · 33 x 33 cm

20 pieces


Calendar candles Decor The extra length makes the candle perfect for Christmas decorations

Black K-535-S · h35 cm 105 hours

Gold K-535-G · h35 cm 105 hours

Silver K-535-S · h35 cm 105 hours


Brillant Blue K-530-BB · ø5 · h30 cm 80 hours

Moss Green K-530-MG · h30 cm 80 hours

Royal Blue K-530-B · h30 cm 80 hours

Neon Red K-530-O · h30 cm 80 hours

Lilac K-530-L · h30 cm 80 hours

Multicoloured K-530-Multi · h30 cm 80 hours

Measure K-530-MÅL · h30 cm 80 hours

Dark red K-530-R · h30 cm 80 hours

Gold K-530-G · ø5 h30 cm · 80 hours

Silver K-530-SI · ø5 h30 cm · 80 hours

Christmas Red K-530-JR · ø5 h30 cm · 80 hours

Black K-530-S · ø5 h30 cm · 80 hours

K-640-G · ø6 · h40 cm 150 hours

K-640-SI · ø6 · h40 cm 150 hours

K-640-R · ø6 · h40 cm 150 hours

K-640-S · ø6 · h40 cm 150 hours

Turquoise K-640-T · ø6 · h40 cm 150 hours

Copper K-640-K · ø6 · h40 cm 150 hours


Monoline advents Elegant certified Advent candles designed in Scandinavian simplicity in its pure form with our modern MONOLINE numbers. When less is more. Choose from 4 colours.

Black AD-72-1S

Silver AD-724-1SI

Gold AD-724-1G

Red AD-724-1R


Dress up your tree with beautiful candles You can choose from two different kinds; the Italian church candle, and the short coloured candle. The white Italian church candle burns for no less than three hours. The secret to the beautiful and long burn­ ing is the use of a very thin wick that uses less fuel and the good raw materials. Our elegant coloured candles burn for up to two hours and you can choose from 40 different colours. Italian church candles KEB-1313 ø1,3 · h13 cm

Coloured candle short KEB-1312-xx 1,3 · 12 cm Substitute the -xx with the relevant colour code. Please see available colours on page 22-23.

Because the goodwill of those we serve is the foundation of our success, it’s a real pleasure at this holiday time to thank you as we wish you a year full of happiness and success. All the best, Britta & Steen Frost

06.2021. Concept: Liselotte Enggård Jacobsen · Graphic design: Sarah Green · Floral design: Annette von Einem · Stylist: Barbara Fuglsang Gay Photo: Andreas Mikkel Hansen, Chris Tonnesen, Birgitta Wolfgang, Sarah Green and Katja L. Morrison · Locations: Brønnums Hus and Den Kongelige Afstøbningssamling / SMK · Print: Rosendahls a/s

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