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2010 FULL-LINE BROCHURE at its fullest.

The epitome of precision. The smoothest, quietest operation. Leading-edge technology and unmatched ease of use. By any measure, PFAFF has remained the best worldwide through more than 140 years of continued innovation. PFAFF sewing machines, embroidery machines and sergers represent the power to make even the most intricate projects exponentially simpler — and the results flawless beyond compare. This brochure can provide an overview of the full PFAFF line, and your dealer can help you choose the best PFAFF products for your sewing needs. Your dealer is also a valuable resource to whom you can turn again and again for product training, support and advice. When you purchase a PFAFF, you join a class of sewing enthusiasts who will sew on nothing else. Explore the possibilities, and experience creative freedom at its fullest.


the creative line creative vision creative 4.0 creative 2.0 TM



the select line select 4.0 select 3.0 TM









overlock machines coverlock 4.0 coverlock 3.0 hobbylock 2.0





the expression line quilt expression 4.0 expression 3.0 expression 2.0


grandquilter qbot


the hobby line hobby 1142 hobby 1132 hobby 1122 hobby 350p TM









4D software TM

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There is a creative™ sewing and embroidery machine for every level of experience, each featuring easy-to-use technology that supports your imagination and ensures flawless results. All creative™ sewing and embroidery machines feature: • IDT™ for perfectly even fabric feed from both the top and bottom • creative 4D™ Organizer included • creative 4D™ QuickFont included • Sensormatic Buttonhole • Programmable stitch sequencing

machine features

creative visionTM The creative vision™ is hands down the most extraordinary sewing and embroidery machine in the world. With technical capabilities so intuitive they’re almost an extension of your own imagination, creating incredible embroidery is no longer an undertaking — it’s a breathtaking experience. To use the creative vision™ is a luxury like no other.

• The largest embroidery area on the market — up to 360mm x 350mm • PFAFF® HD touch screen • More than 500 stitches • 205 embroidery designs included • Embroidery Stitch Editor • Precise Positioning • USB connection • 3 hoops included

the creative line TM

creativeTM 4.0

machine features • 260mm x 200mm embroidery unit • PFAFF® HD touch screen • 321 stitches included • 106 embroidery designs included • Embroidery Stitch Editor • Precise Positioning • USB connection • 2 hoops included • Optional embroidery unit 360mm x 350mm

creativeTM 2.0

machine features • 260mm x 200mm embroidery unit • Graphic monochrome display • 101 stitches included • 153 embroidery designs included • 2 hoops included

the creative line TM

quilt expressionTM 4.0

Sewing and quilting machines of the expression™ line have been cleverly designed to anticipate and pre-empt common sewing inconveniences. Functions that adjust to your preferences make challenging projects not only possible, but surprisingly easy and much more fun. All expression™ sewing and quilting machines feature: • IDT™ for perfectly even fabric feed from both the top and bottom • Illuminated graphic display • Sensormatic Buttonhole • Information button for important recommendations • 37 needle positions

machine features • 222 stitches included • Side-to-side & end-to-end mirror imaging of stitches • 20 personal stitch settings • 3 built-in alphabets • Twin needle program that adjusts automatically • Electronic knee lift for presser foot • Bobbin thread sensor to alert you when running low

expressionTM 3.0

expressionTM 2.0

• 153 stitches included

• 104 stitches included

• Side-to-side mirror imaging of stitches

• Side-to-side mirror imaging of stitches

• 10 personal stitch settings • 2 built-in alphabets • Twin needle program that adjusts automatically

the expression line TM

The select™ line of sewing machines is appreciated among those who are moderately experienced and involved in sewing and/or quilting. With cleverly designed features and unique conveniences, these models have become sewing classics. Both select™ models feature: • IDT™ for perfectly even fabric feed from both the top and bottom • Easy selection of stitches • Free-motion sewing mode • Constant needle-piercing power • Adjustable stitch length and width • Multiple needle positions • High presser foot clearance • Bobbin-winding through the needle • Snap-on system for easy changing of presser feet • Extra-slim free-arm for items like necklines and cuffs

selectTM 3.0

selectTM 4.0 • 40 stitches included

• 27 stitches included

• Extra decorative stitches • Integrated threader • Darning foot, rolled hem foot and fancy stitch foot included

the select line TM

Our most basic set of offerings, hobby™ sewing machines are perfect for beginners and those just returning to sewing. Their features are less extensive, but their performance no less impressive than you’d expect from any PFAFF® model. All hobby™ sewing machines include:

• Adjustable stitch length • Multiple needle positions • Button-sewing feature • Easy buttonholes

• High presser foot clearance • Easy changing of presser feet at the touch of a button

hobbyTM 1122

hobbyTM 1132

• 9 stitches included

• 18 stitches included

• 2 needle positions

• 6 needle positions • Adjustable stitch width • Adjustable presser foot pressure

Embellish nearly anything — without even sewing. The hobby™ 350p punching machine offers:

hobbyTM 350p

hobbyTM 1142 • 23 stitches included

• Threadless meshing of fabrics and other materials

• 8 decorative stitches

• Adjustable height

• 6 needle positions

• Large working area

• One-step buttonhole

• Slender free arm for narrow projects

• Integrated threader

• Automatic needles-up function

• Adjustable stitch width

• Needle guard for safety

• Adjustable presser foot pressure

• Built-in accessory tray

the hobby line TM

machine features • 1,600 stitches per minute — the fastest speed available • 225mm x 150mm (9” x 6”) working area — the largest on the market • Removable extension table, 600mm x 400mm (24” x 16”) • Automatic stitch control • Variable stitch length • Knee lift for presser foot • Separate motor for bobbin winding • Easy selection of sewing speed


• Hands-free activation of reverse setting • Thread-cutting at the push of a button

Designed for the home sewer/quilter and the “cottage industry” sewer/quilter, the GrandQuilter™ can give you freedom and ease of use like you’ve only imagined.

qbotTM Discover QBOTTM, the amazing quilting, sewing, embroidering robot that literally executes your most elaborate ideas for you. The QBOTTM is easy to install , operates hands-free and creates perfect, consistent stitches automatically, every single time.

grandquilter & qbot TM


Achieve a gorgeous, absolutely precise finish with any of these sergers from PFAFF®. Choose the right one for you depending on how creative you want to be.

coverlockTM 4.0

coverlockTM 3.0

• 30 stitches including 10 decorative stitches

• 13 stitches included

• Up to 10 threads

• 2,3,4 thread capability

• Differential feed

• Differential feed

• Color-coded threading

• Color-coded threading

• Automatic thread tension

• Automatic thread tension

• Adjustable sewing speed

• Adjustable sewing speed

• LCD display screen

machine features • 15 stitches included • 2,3,4 thread sewing • Lay-in tension and color-coded thread paths • Free arm • Differential feed

hobbylockTM 2.0

• Adjustable stitch length, cutting width and presser foot pressure

The PFAFF® hobbylock™ 2.0 overlock machine is a modern overlock that is easy to use and has many practical features, including 15 stitches, adjustable stitch length, built-in rolled edge, free-arm for sewing sleeves and pant legs, electronic speed control and much more.

• Sew 1,300 stitches per minute

• Extra presser foot height

• Threading guides

overlock machines

4D Software The world of embroidery is three-dimensional — and you are the fourth dimension. Your imagination, combined with PFAFF® creative™ 4D software, makes the possibilities truly unlimited. With every creative™ 4D package, you can: • Preview designs in 3D and in your preferred hoop. • Choose from more than 13,000 threads from 27 manufacturers. • Reduce the number of thread changes before you stitch using ColorSort. • “Copy” and “paste” easily. • “Undo” and “redo” limitlessly. • Personalize your system according to your own thread stash and computer connection. • Much, much more! Ask your PFAFF® dealer for more exciting details.

creative™ 4D Embroidery

creative™ 4D Design Center

Adjust, personalize and combine your embroidery designs.

Recreate pictures with incredible embroidered effects, like shading, and even create your own fill patterns.

creative™ 4D Embroidery Extra Create designs from pictures automatically, and preview them on real garments, quilt blocks and fabrics with creative™ 4D Vision — on top of all the features of creative™ 4D Embroidery.

creative™ 4D Fabric Decorator

creative™ 4D Design Enhancer

creative™ 4D Picture Stitch

Split, alter and rearrange designs. Reinvent your favorite elements of existing stitches with creative™ 4D Stitch Editor, and lay out large designs for your own hoop with creative™ 4D Design Aligner. Both are included.

Add drama to photos from your own family album with 3 color modes and 6 monochrome modes.

creative™ 4D Cross Stitcher

Create new stitches to use on your PFAFF® embroidery machine.

Make any fabric uniquely beautiful by adding a motif — even design your own by tracing or drawing free-hand.

creative™ 4D Stitch Artist

Create unique designs of hand-stitched quality with the ease and speed of a PFAFF® embroidery machine.

creative™ 4D Font Digitizing

creative™ 4D Sketch

Create your own fonts and shapes to use anywhere in the creative™ 4D embroidery system.

Create your own free-motion embroidery designs, and add a dimension to photos, paintings and any existing designs.

creative™ 4D Organizer

creative™ 4D Suite

Find your designs and pictures easily, and convert them from one file format to another individually or in batches.

Discover the creative empowerment of every individual creative™ 4D package, plus 5 exclusive modules:

creative™ 4D QuickFont

4D software

YOUR NAME/LOGO, LOCATION, MAP, HOURS, WEBSITE & EVEN COUPONS GO HERE ON THE BACK! This 20-page, full-color, digest-size full-line brochure is the perfect tool to showcase the entire PFAFF速 line. Use it as a bag stuffer, include it with repairs or send one home with an on-the-fence customer. PRICE: $1.00 each MINIMUM QUANTITY: 250 We hope to reprint every six months in order to keep the PFAFF速 product line current. NOTE: If your quantity is 5,000 or more, please contact us for CUSTOM DESIGN & PRINTING. Please contact Cheryl Hudak at Rosenberg Advertising to place your order. Phone: 216.529.7910 x119 Fax: 216.529.2392 Email: Questions? Contact either Cheryl or Anna at 216.529.7910 x102 or

PFAFF 2010 Full-Line Brochure  

Here is what the full-line brochure will look like. It will flip up, not from left to right.

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