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The Paradigm of Blogger BORJANA RADOVI DECEMBER 12 NO.001 Amalia Vogler




ROSE CHARLES The Different Fashion Styles

SEASON ACCESSORIES In the Cold of Winter

PRISCILLA RACHEL GUÉRINI A passion that grows years after years


CLOSET A LA MODE Coats Winter 2012

LINDSAY TROPNAS The Diary of a Fashion Rebel

GUILENE GREFIN Thrift Store or Heaven, what is the difference?

KESHIA LANGEVILLIER The simple life of a Blogger!

FASHION BLOGGER Borjana Radovic:

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A la M DE Rose Charles

Editor in Chief / Photographer

Alana Walker Assistant Photographer

WRITERS Priscilla Rachel GuĂŠrini

Laeticia Prosper

Guilene Grefin

Keshia Langevillier

Lindsay Tropnas

MODELS Antonio Harvey

Justin Wiggins

Amalia Vogler

Shanique Walker

Roshoir Elliott




Marc Jacob Marc Jacob was born in April 9, 1963 in New York City, Marc Jacobs held an early interest in fashion, working as a stock boy at Charivari, a NYC clothing boutique while attending the High School of Art and Design. He graduated in 1981 and quickly enrolled at the Parsons School of Design. Not one to be held back, Jacobs had already designed and sold his first collection before he had graduated from Parsons. After graduation, Jacobs landed a job at Perry Ellis, who had awarded Jacobs with their coveted Gold Thimble award while he was still at Parsons. However Jacobs was dismissed after creating a 'grunge' collection that was not in line with the Ellis aesthetic. Not deterred, Jacobs pressed on and teamed with Robert Duffy to start designing his own creations. Though he no longer worked for Perry Ellis, he would soon be bestowed with another award bearing the now-deceased legend's name, the The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Perry Ellis Award for New Fashion Talent.

By 1994, Jacobs had designed his own full collection of menswear, his first. French fashion house Louis Vuitton took notice, hiring Jacobs to be their Creative Director, a title he has held since 1997. Jacobs is as famous for his advertising and social life as he is for his clothes. Using such irreverent stars in his campaigns as child actress Dakota Fanning, director Sofia Coppola, R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe and actress Chloe Sevigny. Some of these choices have fueled free advertising for his lines, catching the interest of people around the world and helping keep sales crisp. This success in turn led to the creation of boutiques bearing his name, seemingly making the Marc Jacobs machine unstoppable. Marc Jacobs' most popular bag (released in 2005) is the "Stam" satchel, named after the model Jessica Stam. The Stam is large sized quilted leather satchel available every season in an array of colors.

R SE The Different Fashion Styles by Rose Charles

We all have one thing in common: we want to be unique and be seen as unique. It is important for us to be significant and stand out in the crowd. On the other hand, we also want to fit in. Yes! It is a contradiction. We want to be noticeable but to an extent and, whether you realize it or not, the way we dress is the first thing people see. It is not our intelligence, our sense of humor or our cooking skills. Fashion is a form of expression; it is a way to show the world who we are. However, even in fashion there is conformity. Indeed we all fall into specific categories and styles. Is it necessarily negative? No not at all, because we will always be distinct within our own fashion style. There are many fashion styles out there but I have successfully classified them into six different categories. Classical Chic: This is usually the kind of style you want to have for an interview. The classical chic girl likes to wear timeless clothes. She is always put together and loves being basic yet sexy. Always on the top of her image, she likes to keep up with fashion trends and wants to impress at any time of the day. A good example of this style would be the one and only Audrey Hepburn. Boho: Do you like ethnic print and feeling relaxed and free in your skin? Well you probably fit into this category. Boho is the perfect mixture of bohemian with hippie style. Not only a style, Boho is a state of mind. The Boho girl is a rebel. She likes to make her own rules and doesn’t follow the fashion trends. A typical boho girl lives for accessories. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Vanessa Hudgens and Nicole Richie are the queens of this style. Rock Edgy: Wild would be the perfect adjective to define this style. The rock edgy girl wants to look fierce on an everyday basis. She possesses plenty of destroyed shorts, silver/gold chains and she always has a leather jacket in her wardrobe. However let’s not muddle rock edgy with gothic glam style. Colors are very important in this style.

Gothic Glam: If you have to remember one thing about what characterizes the Gothic Glam style, think of dark colors such as black, dark grey and dark blue. Make up is the jewelry of the gothic glam girl. The darker her eyes and her lips, the better. Twilight fans will love to adopt this style. Preppy: Is pink your favorite color? If yes, no need for you to look further. You've just found out your fashion style. This style gives you a charming and young feeling. Indeed it is usually a style meant for teenagers but mature women can manage to successfully pull off this style. Just as the classical chic style, the preppy girl is crazy about timeless clothes. Urban Hip-Hop: It's all about comfort, similar to Boho style. The urban hip-hop girl chooses her outfit based on the way she feels. She usually loves sports and fitness. She finds happiness in her boyfriend's wardrobe for accessories and sneakers are her best friends. She is boyish but still wants to look pleasant. So what’s your fashion style?

M DE Classical Chic


Rock Edgy

Gothic Glam


Urban Hip-Hop





Fur Hats

Cloche Hats

Fur hats of the Fall/ Winter 2012/ 2013 fashion season come in a variety of colors. There are hats in dark and neutral tones, which are similar to natural fur shades, or bright and eccentric hues which are designed to attract attention.

Cloche hats are super feminine. They have come to us from the 1920s and brought elegance and sophistication our fashion era lacks. We all admire gender-bending fashion now but returning to our true selves is always good.

Cowboy Hats


Western style is not very popular with fashionistas. We do love cowboy boots and shirts sometimes, but that is usually all. However, cowboy hats are going to play a significant role in the new fashion season.

Beret is a famous type of hats. These kinds of hats are so trendy and stylish. In the year 2012,berets are going to be big trend among the people. Different colours and various designs of berets are available that fashion designers have launched in the runways of fashion 2012.


Lacing Boots

Ankle High Boots

Lacing, which used to be rather delicate and feminine in Spring, has become sexier and more aggressive in Fall and Winter. See Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs, Rag & Bone for lacing.

We have seen them in many major fashion houses collections. Some of them are more feminine than others, some of them are more sporty-looking, but there is no doubt that ankle-high boots are going to be one of the major fall 2012 fashion trends.

High Knee Boots

Leopard Printed Boots

Very high boots is one of fall 2012 trends, which are not going to get unnoticed. You will probably see a lot of above-knee boots this fall. If you watched Altuzarra Fall 2012 Collection, you would know exactly what I am talking about. There were many other collections, which presented above-knee boots as one of the hottest trend for fallwinter 2012-2013.

Boots are one of the ideas. Not that we haven’t seen leopardprinted shoes ever before, but Bluemarine collection gave this print a new meaning. All leopard printed outfit would have not been that unforgettable and bold if it was not for leopardprinted boots!


A passion that grows years after years by Priscilla Rachel Guérini

When I was young my mother used to dress me up to go to school. I remember I had the tendency to stand up for myself by telling her how I felt about the clothes that I wore: «Mother, I don’t want to wear these clothes, they look ugly together» (And I wasn’t lying, it really didn’t look good). So we can see here that my interest in fashion started way before I discovered it. What I discovered from experience and from what people told me, the black community love being overexposed. We love being well dressed, why? Well, I am not sure probably because we were in other people’s shadow for so long that the only thing we are looking for is to be in the light. I am aware that not everything has to be related to slavery, but it is just a common theory. Physical appearance and feeling good about oneself is something that I was always taught. To tell you the truth, three years ago, I was the simple girl that no one really noticed. I just wanted to fit in. And sometimes, for the important days I showed up in the best outfit out of my wardrobe. It was only in those rare occasions that I felt a little bit more like myself. In high school, I started to really get involved in everything that was related to fashion. I used to wear braces, therefore I had to compensate the attention somewhere else. Appealing to other people was my motto. My favorite store at that time was H&M. If it wasn’t for school I would of stayed in that store all day. This store was like a dream; except of the fact that this dream was real. It was full of cheap and beautiful pieces; I tried to make over and add to my wardrobe each weekend. Today, aside from a few collectibles ephemeral pieces, I am not a big fan of this store.

After high school, I was able to move more easily in Paris (mostly because my mother couldn’t stop me from moving around after my 18th birthday). So I found an alternative to H&M and all those big brand name stores. Undeniably, I became more aware of the fact that I wanted to be different. I wanted to be unique and be noticeable, so I decided to go for stores that offered more originality, such as thrift stores. I wouldn’t be a euphemism to say that most of my current clothes come from thrift stores. My looks are now more detailed, more wacky, and unique, which describes perfectly the women that was hidden inside me for so long. All this is enhanced by a reddish kind of hairstyle (it is unclear yet, even for me). I no longer go unnoticed and this is something that I’ve learned to love. Blend in with the scenery wearing a pair of Jordan and a slim jean does not interest me, in the sense that we now judge people on their appearance and we are giving them an “identity” that is most likely not theirs. I want people to wonder who I am, instead of assuming at the first glance of me. I am my appearance; my appearance is me. Each piece of my wardrobe is exclusive, when I wear one, I feel good inside and I know it’s me. Each purchase is love at first sight. This is how I describe my relationship with fashion. What inspires me: The traditional outfits of the world, Africa and Guyana pattern and texture. Key pieces in my wardrobe: A good high-waisted trousers, a blazer (printed african patterm) Favorite location: Thrift store, thrift store, and thrift store again. Then Asos, Nastygal, Solestruck. If I want to head to a more original and not too expensive creation I’ll go to ETSY.

Ethnic Chic by Laeticia Prosper

The ethnic style can be chic. Many designers, such as Dries Van Voten, have shown this by using one-of-a-kind outfits or African prints, giving them style and elegance. It is impeccable to highlight Dries Van Voten’s love for the African culture, while leaving this classy touch. But be aware, this is a dangerous style to adopt. The results can be wonderful or disastrous. There is no inbetween with this style; it is all or nothing. Balance is an important term to understand if you want to be an adept of this style. You need to have the perfect equilibrium between the prints and the color that you will use. For those who are bold, I recommend the ethnic tribal chic. First of all, it is a mix of warm colors and geometric prints. You could find accessories such as tote bags with python print, a large gold necklace as Cleopatra would wear, or beads and bracelets made of wood or leather, topped with a braid. But for those who prefer a simpler style, and who do not want to make any fashion faux-pas, the ethnic chic soft is for you. Indeed, it is more focused on a simple outfit, completed with some accessories that make all the difference.

For instance, a zebra printed scarf or leopard, big long or hoop earrings accompanied with a bun to enhance the earrings. This is ideal for the evenings. For the nail polish, it is often said that the color of our nails reflects our state of mind, but above all it has to be consistent with our outfit; flashy colors to give a bit of fun and sparkle to your style. It is also better to opt for a simple makeup, the foundation for those to whom it is essential, a little mascara to give volume to your lashes, and I recommend a flashy red lipstick if you are heading to the club. For my part, the ethnic chic, is a very particular style that requires a lot of self-confidence and a lot of courage to adopt. We must dare to mix colors and prints, and do not necessarily reproduce the style of Solange Knowles, Gwen Stefani or Erykah Badu, but create your own ethnic style. It is a fresh air in the fashion world. It brings novelty and originality. This style was revived thanks to brands such as Prada and Antik Batik and is perfect for those who want to add exoticism to their wardrobes.






Coat Leather



Oxblood Red

The Diary of a Fashion Rebel by Lindsay Tropnas

Genevieve Únic has made her mark on the daring streets of New York City with her swanky and deviating look. Every morning, she walks into her huge closet, and puts together an outfit that stirs the curiosity of many. Genevieve’s fashion sense comes from her passion behind photography. She admires models she observes from magazines, such as Bazaar, W and Elle, and those in her photo shoots. Genevieve comes up with an outfit that makes her stand out from the rest. She is constantly breaking the rules, as she decides on a unique outfit (Carved Shoulder Lace Dress and Jeffrey Campbell boots) from her wardrobe to continue her journey on the fast track of life; you can say Genevieve is a misfit and does not care what others think about her distinct look. Through her fashion, Ms. Únic represents Black Power because she identifies herself with the political ideology; she believes that there is no color behind beauty. On top of her unordinary outfits, Genevieve rocks a natural look with hair as long as Rapunzel. She has been a part of the natural hair movement for many years and embraces her African traits, inspiring women to throw away the creamy crack and cherish the curls. Ms. Únic believes that being natural has bought her closer to freedom; freedom to live life without pleasing the rest. The hosts of the 2012 Met Gala: Fashion Police, Anna Wintour, Miuccia Prada and Carey Mulligan, invited Genevieve to the red carpet affair. This year, fashions finest was celebrating Prada as well as Elsa Schiaparelli, who together incorporated the Costume Institute’s new exhibition,

“Impossible Conversations.” Ms. Únic saw this cordial invitation as a chance to show the world what makes her “unique”. At this event, Genevieve was portrayed as a black goddess with graceful ethnic features and her long natural hair was pinned up. Ms. Únic wore Luisa Beccaria (a lace on silk tulle long dress) from the collection of Givenchy and Christian Louboutin’s limited edition peep toe, butterfly embellished pump covered in lace and Swarvoski Crystals (featured in Disney’s Cinderella Diamond Edition). Genevieve also wore a lace mask to veil her identity. All eyes were on Genevieve, just as she expected, as she strutted in front of paparazzi in this red carpet affair. Though Genevieve Únic is depicted as different from everyone else, she is best known as a rebel with the drive to revolutionize the fashion industry. Just like many others, Genevieve Únic has been waiting patiently on her prince charming. The moment Ms. Únic was waiting for has come to reality. As Ms. Únic pranced across the marble floor into the exquisite ballroom, lots was racing through her mind, considering all eyes in the room quickly fixed at her every move. At the dashing event, “Impossible Conversations,” there was a fullness of networking, choreographed and singing performances and dancing. Genevieve met her prince charming at the center of the dance floor; the scene represented a Cinderella story, since she was the only one masked on the dance floor. The lucky man intrigued by her mysterious features swept the black goddess off her feet. Ms. Unic perceived the night as very eventful and was able to show those who were present at the gala why she is “unique.”

Thrift Store or Heaven, what is the difference? by Guilene Grefin You’ll never stop hearing that another man’s thrash is another man’s treasure, especially when it comes to fashion. Thrift stores have become the new malls and history has become our framework for our fashion trends. I call myself a professional thrifter, but it’s something I had to grow to love. When going thrifting, you never know what you’re going to get. This experience isn’t like going to Forever21 where you see a shirt and there are different sizes. If you find something, you’ll have the sense of individuality knowing that you’re going to be the only one who owns that item. My first thrifting experience was one that I’ll never forget. I was extremely standoffish when I saw that Goodwill sign. The sign Goodwill screamed, “used and old people use to wear those clothes.” When I first entered the store, nothing called to me like something off a mannequin usually did when I went to the mall. I let go of all the expectations and just shopped.

The blazer section was a mess, but I’ve never seen so many wonderful vintage pieces. With patience, I found the perfect floral print blazer for $2.50. At that price, I could’ve purchased seven blazers and it still wouldn’t be equivalent to the price of Forever21, H&M or Express blazer. After tackling the blazer section, I decided to take on the blouses, pants ans shoes section. Within ten minutes, I found a high-waist purple pants, black heels, and military boots, but sadly I couldn’t find any blouses. My expectation was very low when I first entered into that store. Never I thought that such wonderful pieces of clothes could come out the thrift store, I was wrong. After walking around all the section, it was very hard for me to leave this place. In one day, I fell in love with thrifting and so did my pockets. I spent the whole day just basking in the decades. I found blazers, shorts, skirts and pants all for the low price of $20, something you’ll never get at a mall or a department store. Thrifting represents originality. In order to have a successful trip, you must go in the store with an open mind and no expectations. Expectations limit your fashion sense, your ability to try to new trends. If you want to stand out from the cookie-cutter fashion crowd, go thrifting and be unique. I can guarantee what you will leave the store with, no one else will have.

The simple life of a Blogger! by Keshia Langevillier

About three years ago, I told myself: “Go Keshia, you can do it! You already spend your time reading a thousandth fashion blogs that inspired you. It is the time to share your own style, so become a blogger!” I thought it was going to be simple, but it was not as easy as I thought it would be, especially at the beginning. Being a blogger is a full time job.

French, English, Spanish and even Dutch, you name it. Thank you Google Translate.

First of all, as bloggers, we spend our time exploring our site and try to make it better every single time. We become real web designer! We find every day new features and we cannot help but go surf other blogs for inspiration and sometimes appropriate their good ideas.

Let’s talk about the readers; the aim of being a blogger is to have loyal readers. It is therefore best to post topics worthy of the name, have beautiful photos, and submit all fashion products. In short, being an expert means being culturally aware and always informed.

Bloggers also lose a piece of their love lives. Because when they are not on their computer to respond to messages and comments, the cell phone vibrates to alert them of a comment to read again. Then they connect and reconnect again and again…

Finally, being a blogger means to be there for others, to always be connected, to not sleep, to meet great people and to learn a lot about other blogger. It is a good experience that I do not regret at all, I encourage you to start your own blog is you have any kind of passion. It will be a good way to engage and share new tastes, desires, meet nice people, as well as meet business partner. I will always publish again and again, for the sake of my faithful readers!

Sometimes we try to be polyvalent, we want to answer in all languages:

Being a blogger also means being dependent on comments and rate of visits to our blog. If they do not take off during the day, we start to ask ourselves questions: “Did you boycott me? Maybe people have something against me.” Then when we go to bed, to see that our readers are nocturnal.

“ ” Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally.

Christian Louboutin





Tell me something funny about yourself: I can’t remember the day when I wore something nice and didn’t ruin it with food stains. Describe your perfect day: Summer day spent on the beach with turquoise sea in front of me, fashion magazine in one hand and cocktail in other. Describe your personal style? Since I’m dressing depending on my mood, I just can’t put my style in one box. And I don’t want to, it’s way more fun like this! Girly, rock chic, trendy, androgynous, everything is possible! Where do you find your fashion inspiration? From other blogs, fashion week, street style pictures. It’s hard not to be inspired when I’m surrounded by so many amazing bloggers! What’s your favorite outfit you’ve ever worn? Whenever I’m wearing denim shorts, leather jacket and cool pair of shoes, I feel the most like myself ! What is your favorite season? Every season has its beauty: Fall and Winter because we can play around with all that layering and still look warm and cool, and Spring and Summer because we can be bare legged all the time!

What trend are you most loving for winter season? Leather, faux fur coats, cool boots, hats, it is impossible to pick one! Who is your favorite designer? Alexander Wang, Phillip Lim, Isabel Marant, Celine, Balenciaga, I could just go on and on! What is your favorite store: It’s impossible for me to go out of the H&M store without a shopping bag, but Zara and Topshop are my number ones! If you could choose one job in the fashion industry, what would you choose and why? It would be great to walk in Anna Wintour’s shoes, but I wouldn’t mind to be a fashion or accessories editor, too. Name 3 most overrated and 3 most underrated fashion trends? Even though I think everyone should wear that the hell they want and how they want if that’s what makes them happy, I really can’t stand Uggs anymore. Come on, girls! Throw them away, already! Stiletto’s or wedges? Wedges during the day, stiletto’s on weekends. Early bird or night owl? Early bird. Nothing like enjoying my

first coffee in piece and quiet. But on weekends, my alter ego “Night Owl” is coming out. You got 5 minutes to get ready. What are the 5 items you’d wear? Denim cut offs, printed sweatshirt, leather jacket, heels, and hat. Tell me more about your blog: My blog is a place where I share my outfits, my inspirations and my everyday life with people that care what I have to say. And to know that someone is coming back every day to see what you have prepared is priceless! What made you start your blog: When I moved out from my parents from Bosnia to my husband in Austria I felt like Alice in Wonderland. Like a new born child, without knowing anybody and knowing the language. It turned out as a lifesaver, since it brought me a lot of opportunities and joy in the past year! You can’t run away from your destiny, it seems. Do you have any tips for people starting a blog? Stay true to yourself, to what you believe in, and don’t let anyone tell you what you can or can’t do. Life is not easy, work hard and it will pay off ! I promise! The URL of your blog:

Borjana Radovic





Remember You are not Alone, You are just Unique

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It is a Fashion Magazine that I created for my final project.

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