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Pink Stumps Day 2013 An Introduction to festivities.

The Rosemeadow Reapers Cricket Club,

Due to scheduling conflicts with the local

an entity set up to lobby the local

Camden District Cricket Association while

governing body of cricket the Camden

many clubs across Australia will be

District Cricket Association for affiliation in

hosting their event on Saturday 23rd

their new 2013/2014 Cricket Season, are

February 2013 the Rosemeadow Reapers

one of just one-thousand clubs across the

Cricket Club have been forced to hold our

nation to have registered to take part in

event on the following day to ensure that

the 2013 Pink Stumps Day promotion.

all participants are able to take part in our

An initiative established by the McGrath

Pink Stumps Day.

Foundation in order to assist in fundraising

The Rosemeadow Reapers Cricket Club

so as an organization they are able to

Pink Stumps Day will instead take place

provide more nurses specifically trained in

on Sunday 24th February 2013 and be

Breast Cancer and how to deal with

staged, thanks to the support of the local

patients who are or have been suffering

Campbelltown City Council, at the

from the illness.

Rosemeadow Sports Complex off Dickens

Since the Pink Stumps Day initiative has


been launched almost three years ago

The event is not just about cricket and has

now cricket clubs around the country have

been designed to be a Community Fun

raised over $1Million for the McGrath

Day which will also see a Sausage Sizzle,

Foundation with the annual amount of

Show bags, cakes and slices, a fully

funds raised growing with each year that

operational canteen and a raffle with a


large number of prizes taking place on the

The Rosemeadow Reapers Cricket Club elected immediately upon reviewing the criteria to host a Pink Stumps Day event to register our fledging club to help raise funds for this important cause.

day to ensure that everyone who comes down to support the event has plenty of ways they can contribute, even if they are not the biggest cricket fan.

Pink Stumps Day 2013 Game Day The Rosemeadow Reapers Cricket Club

out donation to the McGrath Foundation

Pink Stumps Day program will see two

and the Pink Stumps Day appeal.

exciting games of Twenty20 Cricket – with a twist – being played.

All matches on the day will be played under International Twenty20 Cricket rules

As a club we have sent out invitations to

using Pink Cricket Stumps and Pink

all playing clubs across the Camden

Cricket Balls to assist in everyone getting

District Cricket Association to turn out on

into the spirit of the event.

Sunday 24th February 2013 to help support the Pink Stumps Day initiative.

There is however one change to the International Twenty20 Cricket rules that

Considering that the Rosemeadow

the day will be observing and the rule

Reapers Cricket Club do not have

change was taken from a cricket game

affiliation with the Camden District Cricket

invented by former New Zealand captain

Association and therefore currently do not

Martin Crowe called Cricket Max.

have a team a selection of players have been contacted in relation to playing as part of the Rosemeadow Reapers Invitational XI.

Cricket Max was a weird version of Twenty20 Cricket which saw too many rule changes, however in the spirit of the day and the charitable nature one rule that

In addition to the Rosemeadow Reapers

we have adopted for the day is the MAX

Invitational XI a further three clubs


covering each end of the Camden District Cricket Associations boundaries have been invited to take part in festivities on the day.

The MAX ZONE is a section of the field behind the bowler, which off course will be painted Pink on the day, in which any runs hit in that region is doubled i.e.: an on

To assist in the fundraising efforts clubs

drive into the section where one run is

have been asked that instead of just

scored is recorded as two runs. If a

coming and having a game of cricket that

boundary is hit instead of receiving four

they pay a small registration fee

runs the batsmen will receive eight and

($120AUD) to secure their spot for the

clearing the boundary in the section is

day, this registration will be used as a flat

worth twelve runs.

There will be just two games played on the

The Rosemeadow Reapers Cricket Club

day, a slight change from the earlier

will continue to work hand-in-hand with the

proposed three matches including a final,

clubs that participate, and those who

this is to assist in on-time running and to

come to support, over the year following

ensure that it doesn’t turn into a long day

the event to see how as the local

for supporters.

cricketing community we are able to

Therefore each team when taking part in their one scheduled match for the 2013 Pink Stumps Day will be playing for a

improve the event and help it get established as an annual event on the cricketing calendar for the region.

trophy to help commemorate their

While the Rosemeadow Reapers Cricket

participation in the day.

Club are the team who has registered to

While as it stands each club already receives a Certificate of Appreciation for taking part in our inaugural event this

run the event the McGrath Foundation are well aware that it is an event staged on behalf of many teams.

offers a chance to win some sort of trophy

Matches on the day will begin at 9:30am

that they are able to hold bragging rights

while the second match will commence

to for the next twelve months where they

following a half an hour break from the

will hopefully return to defend their trophy.

completion of the opening match.

The objective of the matches on Pink

Players, teams, officials and spectators

Stumps Day is for everyone to have a

understand that images will be taken on

good time, playing within the spirit and

the day and could be used for publicity

laws of the game of cricket, while also

purposes by the McGrath Foundation

remembering that they are playing for a

and/or the Camden District Cricket

good cause.


It is encouraged that every club attempts to seek their own sponsorship for the event to help raise further funds with some ideas for the sponsorship being a certain donation for every run, four or six hit by the particular club.

Pink Stumps Day 2013 Off the Field Action While on the field action will be seeing two

The local schools who are behind our

Twenty20 Max Cricket Matches being

push to become affiliated with the Camden

played it is off the field that we are hoping

District Cricket Association will provide art-

the community, friends and families of the

work designed by some of their students

players and general supporters will be

which will be available to buy on the day.

helping us reach our target of $1500 for the McGrath Foundation.

However our biggest draw card has been brought about thanks to the generosity of

Away from the on-field action the

local and not so local businesses who

Rosemeadow Reapers Cricket Club have

have provided various prizes for us to give

organized a Community Sausage Sizzle in

away as part of our Mega Raffle.

which it is just a gold coin donation to grab yourself a Sausage Sandwich.

Raffle tickets will be $2 each or 3 for $5 and there are a large number of prizes to

Through the kind generosity of local

be given away from DVD’s to Movie

Rosemeadow businesses we have a fully

Vouchers, Hair Dressing Gift Vouchers to

stocked canteen in which soft drinks,

a High Tea for four at the Rydges Hotel

Powerade and Water will be available at

plus much MUCH more.

very reasonable prices.

So don’t forget that after your on-field

There will be a number of slices and cake

contributions have finished to sit back and

slices that can be purchased for a gold

relax and enjoy the atmosphere while still

coin donation (available from the canteen)

supporting a good cause.

but not everything is about the food.

This is a great day and great opportunity

The Rosemeadow Reapers Cricket Club

to bring your friends and family for a good

will also have fun things for the children to

time, and some great laughs.

do throughout the day (timing of such events is still to be confirmed). We will have volunteers walking around the ground with the McGrath Foundation tins asking for donations.

ROSEMEADOW REAPERS INVITATIONAL XI The Dawn of an Era The 2013 Pink Stumps Day will see the

fee this is seen as a flat out donation to

Rosemeadow Reapers make their debut,

the McGrath Foundation.

well in some ways.

The reason behind charging a $20

Due to not being an affiliated club with the

registration fee for each player rather than

Camden District Cricket Association we

an overall team fee is to help cover the

are unable to field a team and we have

cost of the shirt and the hat that each

therefore approached players from teams

player will receive as part of their

who aren’t participating in the day to build

contribution to the day and for helping us

an Invitational XI to play on our behalf.

piece together a team to represent the

Players have not been selected for their

host team.

on-field talent, instead being selected as

There are still a small number of positions

players who play within the spirit and the

left in this Rosemeadow Reapers

laws of the game of cricket.

Invitational XI and therefore if a club has

To commemorate the day, and the occasion that they are effectively the first team to ever play under the Rosemeadow Reapers banner – despite being registered to other clubs in the Camden District Cricket Association, all players taking the field as part of the Rosemeadow Reapers Invitational XI will be receiving a Pink McGrath Foundation cap, and a cricket shirt with the McGrath Foundation logo on it. Each player who has agreed to take part as a member of the Rosemeadow Reapers Invitational XI has agreed to pay a registration fee of $20, which like the clubs who have paid an overall registration

missed out on registering their team and would like to nominate one of their players to be part of our Invitational XI they are invited to contact the Rosemeadow Reapers Cricket Club.

Pink Stumps Day 2013 Sponsorship Opportunities While much of the planning is well

It is easy to take part in sponsoring the

underway in the interest of making the day

event you can donate a set amount per

bigger and better there are still a number

each run scored, for each boundary hit

of Sponsorship Opportunities available.

and for each six hit during the day’s play.

It is important to remember that neither the

Alternatively to help reduce out of pocket

Rosemeadow Reapers Cricket Club, the

expenses, and therefore giving us more

Camden District Cricket Association nor

money to be able to donate at the end of

any other participating club receives any

the day a business and/or company may

money from staging this day all monetary

donate goods and/or services that can be

donations are given directly to the

used on the day in lieu of any monetary

McGrath Foundation.


Monetary Donations

Raffle Donation

A business, company, or individual is able

One of our biggest draw cards for the day

to provide a flat out monetary donation to

is our Mega Raffle. Tickets for this are not

the Pink Stumps Day event.

only being sold on the day at the venue

As previously mentioned this money goes

but also on the internet.

directly to the McGrath Foundation, along

Therefore we invite all

with every other donation and raised funds

businesses/companies to donate

that is made on the day.

something worthwhile to be placed as a

Every donation over $2 is tax deductable

prize for our Mega Raffle.

and receipts will be issued once receipt

Trophy Sponsor

books are received from the McGrath

There will be two trophies given away on

Foundation closer to the event.

the day to the winning team of each

Sponsorship We welcome businesses, companies or individuals to come on board as sponsors for the event.

match. We are currently seeking a sponsor as naming right holder to the Trophies.

Pink Stumps Day 2013 A look at the future While it has previously been stated that

relation to the clubs that are taking part in

the Rosemeadow Reapers Cricket Club

that year’s Pink Stumps Day events.

are working hard to gain affiliation to the Camden District Cricket Association for the 2013/2014 cricket season the club see’s this – the Pink Stumps Day – as an event that we will be able to stage annually. With the nurturing from established teams it is believed that together working with each other on an event this can be an annual event which will hopefully grow in popularity and stature as time goes on. At the completion of Pink Stumps Day 2013, our first attempt at the event, we will be able to liaise with fellow cricket fans, and established clubs in an attempt to gain feedback on what parts of the day could be improved. Once feedback has been received we will be working on our 2014 Pink Stumps Day to ensure that it is bigger and better. Already there are plans to introduce an official program for the day which will be just a couple of dollars to buy but will feature a full glossy history of the event as each year passes by. Previous results will be in the program along with statistics and player profiles in

Behind the scenes all of this information will be stored which means that if a player were to change teams and his new team took part in our next instalment his player profile in the program will already have Pink Stump Day statistics. Future editions of the Pink Stumps Day will also hopefully see us working better with the Camden District Cricket Association to ensure that all clubs feel welcome to come and take part in festivities.



Pink Stumps Day 2013  

An insight into preperations, including information surrounding, Pink Stumps Day 2013 at the Rosemeadow Cricket Club