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Hopehall News God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference. Reinhold Niebuhr



Seasons Greetings to You All I hope by this time you have become a regular reader of our newsletter, and are enjoying the interesting articles and razor sharp wit (ahem!) shown by the editors. As we at Hopehall look back over 2013 we're so grateful to God for His faithfulness to us, shown in so many ways. As a church family we have grown closer together and we have had the privilege of welcoming many visitors and some who have joined us and are now part of the family. I overheard one chap say recently "I feel like I'm part of the furniture

here" and indeed with his Queen-Anne-style bow legs he does look like it (so r ry J o hn LO L ). Christmas time is when family is so much in our minds, either because we are enjoying being with them or we are grieving at their loss. When God gave His Son to us He did so to bring us closer to Himself by showing us what He is really like. And when we look at Jesus we see a person of unbounding love, strong

Winter 2013

moral principle, and clear purpose. Why not dust off your Bible and read the Gospel of Luke this Christmas and be amazed?! And how about coming along to one of our activities or meetings in the New Year and enjoying the hospitality of this great family here at Hopehall? God Bless you all

Moving forward together...

Toddlers Group Exposed!

Baby Boom! There's something in the water here at Hopehall. We've dedicated 4 new babies in the past 3months and we have 3 more waiting in the wings, and all this includes 2 sets of twins! Congratulations to the beautiful babies and their beautiful mums and dads.

How does Good King Wenceslas like his pizzas? Deep and crisp and even!

Hopehall runs a Toddlers Group on Wednesday and Friday mornings, and I caught up with a couple of the helpers for this exclusive interview: Editor - Hi can you tell me how long the group has been running and how many children attend? Helpers - For more than 15 years and we currently have 15-20 children each week. Ed - What activities take place? H - There is free time to play with a range of toys, including chutes, dressing up, sit in cars etc. We do crafts like making Christmas Cards, have a healthy-eating snack break, and have an optional Bible singing and story-telling time. Ed - what feedback do you get from those who attend? H - The parents, grandparents and carers all say it's a friendly atmosphere and a caring environment, and they like the fact there is a mixture of ages among the helpers from the church. Ed - And what do you enjoy about being a helper? H - Being part of a great team and all mucking in, and the children and parents become like family to us....I've become more patient as a person and not so independent. Ed - Finally, how can someone get involved? H - Just bring your child along at 9.45am on a Wednesday or Friday and stay for the morning (until 11.30am) to see what it's like. And we will confirm whether there is a place at present, or add your name to a waiting list if necessary. Ed - Thank you, very interesting!

Winter Gardening Clean up Gather all the tools that you have used over the past few months and give them a good cleaning to remove all the dirt and rust. Use a mild detergent to disinfect pots and seed trays. Check Structures Check out fences, sheds, gates, and other structures for signs of weakness or rot and get them repaired before the snow and high winds arrive. Lawn Care The lawn needs a bit of a breather over the winter months so “keep off the grass” is the best advice. Make an exception to get rid of large weeds, moss and leaves. Outbuildings Give sheds and greenhouses a good scrub and organise all those garden tools you cleaned earlier. Spruce up tables and chairs as well. Plants and Shrubs Dead-head autumn-flowering plants and prune summer-flowering shrubs before the first frosts. Brush any heavy snow from shrubs and trees to prevent broken branches. Compost If you don’t already have a compost heap or bin, this is as good a time as any to start one, with all the leaves and cuttings to be disposed of. For those who already have a bin, a good stir will help the composting process along. Wildlife Putting out fat blocks and other food will not only help local wildlife to survive the winter but will encourage birds, frogs, hedgehogs etc to stay in the garden and they will repay the favour a hundredfold by eradicating many garden pests in the coming year. ...Sharing Christ in the Community

Billy Graham’s ‘Final Sermon’ Evangelist Billy Graham delivered what is being dubbed his








video was released on Graham’s 95th birthday and is available online programs/the-cross/

“There’ve been times I’ve wept as I’ve gone city to city and I’ve seen how far people have wandered from God,” he told viewers. At the end of the broadcast, Graham invited viewers to become followers of Jesus. “Today, I’m asking you to put your trust in Christ,” he said, offering a prayer that would invite prospective believers into the faith. HOPEHALL


Explain This....! OK all you brain boxes, explain this...... Imagine an old fashioned 33rpm music record going round a turntable (anyone under 25 will have to ask a grown up what this

is haha). Now imagine a scratch on the outside edge of that record, and imagine a mark on the outside edge of the label which is nearer the centre of the record. Both the scratch and the mark opposite make one complete revolution in the same length of time which means

they must be travelling at the same speed. And yet the scratch on the outside has had to travel further to get right round and back to the start. So how is this possible?

D a t e : S a t u rd a y 2 1 D e c e m b e r Venue: Paisley Town Hall, 7.30pm Tickets: £14 (£12 concession) Booking: 0300 300 1210 The Eastcoast Boys are coming to Paisley Town Hall! This fabulous, feel-good show features four phenomenal singers and a fantastic live band recreating the iconic sound of Frankie V a l l i a n d t h e F o u r S e a s o n s . The group had a string of hits beginning in 1962 with the classic number one 'Sherry', followed by the likes of 'Grease is the Word', 'Bye Bye Baby' and 'Working My Way Back to You', which are still enjoyed today. Big Girls Don't Cry promises lots of fun...and danc-

Frankie Valli Comes To Paisley!

ing in the aisles will be encouraged!

Burns Supper

Last Call with Rev I.M. Jolly-Currie Well hullo again (sigh) and welcome

kiss her front. Anyway I'm looking

to a fantastic fun filled frolic through


festive festivities (sorry my teeth just slipped out for a minute), as we

Ruthinia kntted me a sock last year and I'm fairly sure of what I'll be

approach Christmas once again.

getting this time. And hopefully the

Soon you'll be rummaging in the cupboard or bumping your head off

nativity won't see old Mr McTavish preaching from the back of the

a rafter in the loft as you play that

donkey again, doing the sermon on

seasonal favourite "hu nt the Christmas decorations". Last year we

the mount. So whatever the New Year holds, and I do pray it will be

had ours nicked but a day later they were returned because the burglar

to know God's love more and more, you can be sure with the bells

couldn't get the fairy lights to work

ringing and the horns blaring and

either! Then the freezer stopped working and we had to throw out the

party goers shouting and partypoppers popping and children scream-


ing, it'll be with a good earache for





reminded me of the verse "many are cauld but few are frozen" And



starters!! Yours aye.



Shake the mothballs out your kilt and join us on Burns Night (Sat 25th Jan at 7.30pm) for a night of Scottish dancing, songs, poetry, food and games. Wear something tartan and put on your best Highland accent because it'll be a braw



nicht that nicht. Tickets £3/£1.50


Ruthinia was taken with a rush of


passion as she suddenly produced

door (although it's better






smacker right on my mooth! Of course I kissed her back; well I had to because she turned round to talk to Mrs McGlumphy and I couldn't HOPEHALL





to book in advance to ensure



Och aye! Moving forward together...

Why not try some of our activities to doubles to play in the Robertson Fascinating Facts help you stay fit and have fun?..... Sports Centre (UWS Thornly Park Did you know that in the year 100AD, at Campus) on Saturday afternoons the end of the period of the New TestaLADIES KEEP FIT - For all ages and every 4-6 weeks. Cost £2.50 for at ment of the Bible, there was 1 Christian beginners welcome, join us on the least 4 games, and medals for to every 360 non Christians in the world 1st Saturday monthly winning pairs. Equipment (or 1:360). By 1000AD this ratio had from 11.30amshrunk to 1:220, and by 1500AD to provided. Great fun. 1:69.After much evangelism across the 12.00noon and then have a coffee or light HOPEHALL F.C.- Playing in world by 1900AD the ration was down to 1:27 and by 1980 it was 1:11. lunch in our cafe. Division 1 of the StrathNow according to church growth statiscl yde Evangelical Wear loose clothing tics there is 1 Christian to every 7 non Churches L e a g u e Christians worldwide, because of the and soft footwear or ( growth of the church in Asia, Africa, the socks on our carpeted we welcome new players to Americas, and Eastern Europe. In fact it floor and enjoy! No charge train midweek and if selected play is only in the Middle East and Western but donations to Yorkhill Childrens on Saturday mornings. Contact us Europe where the church has not grown Hospital welcome. significantly. Jesus once said "and this for more info. gospel will be preached in the whole BADMINTON - All ages and abilities, world...and then the end will come!" we pair appropriately for mixed

Lateral Thinking Problem Remember the problem to work out from the Autumn edition?...... A man pushes a car to a hotel and gives the




why?..... oh and the clue was the hotel is red! Well the





drums) that he is playing




The Story of this Little Cross

saying to me “you don’t have to do it on your own”. I was so excited I nearly fell over, running to get my camera before the snow melted. Clearing the snow was instantly easier! Rosemary Lincoln

I was really struggling to clear snow from my driveway in order to get the car out. I had just said “Lord, I can’t do this on my own” and as I heaved the shovelful of snow over, this is how it Ps – the cross was made landed! It was like God from soil between the monoblocks! ...Sharing Christ in the Community

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