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Breakthrough ‘Clip On’ power technology The AgriLampTM Induction System (ALIS) is the very latest in LED technology developed to meet the lighting needs of the poultry industry. ALIS uses never seen before, breakthrough, light induction technology. The bulbs simply need to be clipped onto the wire to turn on. This cutting-edge solution allows for a state-of–the-art, poultry light control technology to be utilised in one of the user-friendly lighting systems available. The simplicity and flexibility of ALIS allows it to be universally accessible and affordable from small-medium sized farmers to large scale producers. ALIS enables poultry farms to better manage and control the bird’s environment and growth processes using safe, simple, and sustainable lighting. Sam Fessey, a broiler grower from South East Queensland, first trialled ALIS in mid-2016 when he replaced one broiler shed that had standard broiler lights with 11W ALIS lighting system. He was so impressed with the sheds performance he went on to replace five more sheds giving a total of approximately 1,000 lights on the farm. “It was an easy retrofit into existing sheds with electricians only required for the mains connection,” he said. “Installation of the system was relatively simple with a guide wire run and the induction cable just zip tied to this line. “Lights simply clipped on to the induction line and instantly lit up,” Sam explained. “They can be simply unclipped and moved along to another location or you can add extra lights along the line.” Sam said he was happy that there have been no light failures since they have been installed. ALIS has a two year guarantee and is rated for 60,000 hrs of continuous use, providing quality white light. The sheds are based on 60 lux in the brood section (5 rows of 20 lights) and 30 lux in the growing section (3 rows of 20). “The big advantage is they give excellent light with very even distribution throughout the shed and are fully dimmable,” Sam said. All-environment rugged build and design According to the manufacturer, ALIS can withstand the toughest of environmental conditions. They are humidity proof, dust-proof, and shatterproof. Also completely waterproof with an IP65 rating The ALIS LED lamps are being distributed by Stockyard industries and


Rick Bauerhuit, the Farm Manager for Sam Fessey’s broiler farm in South East Queensland. He was impressed with his sheds’ performance after trialling the lights. the comapny says they provide energy savings compared to alternate light sources It’s a simple Installation and they are re-usable and long lasting An electrician is only required for mains connection, anyone can install the system and only the very basic of tools

are needed. ALIS bulbs can last over 60,000 hours and are completely re-usable the company says. For more information or an onsite demonstration, contact Stockyard Industries on 07 4697 3344 or visit the website

Poultry Digest February/March 2017  
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