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How Does One Recover From Bath Salt Effects? In the past, the term ‘bath salts’ was harmless. It was known as those one pours into the bathtub for soaking. These days, the name has come to mean something else—the term now describes a group of illegal street drugs which cause delusions, hallucinations and death. In 2011, thousands of people required emergency medical services because of exposure to bath salts. Bath salts, also called as ivory wave and vanilla sky, are no ordinary drugs. Its effects are extreme, and can be fatal. Thankfully, it is possible for anyone to recover from the terrifying effects, and it can be done with professional help. Someone exposed to bath salts can get better with proper medical treatment and rehabilitation. Recovering from Physical Effects Just like other street drugs, bath salts affect both the body and the brain. The physical effects of bath salts are intense and highly dangerous. These include remarkably high body temperature, headache, dizziness, tremors as well as seizures. The most frightening of all are the respiratory and cardiac effects. An individual high on bath salts can experience palpitations, chest pain, and shortness of breath, rapid heart rates and even heart attack. A person can only recover from the aforementioned effects with the help of a doctor in an accredited and licensed Bath Salt Recovery facility. If the person does not get immediate help, he or she may die. Recovering from Psychiatric Effects If the physical effects of bath salts are bad, its psychiatric effects are worse. People high on bath salts are often reported to have done the most unusual and gruesome things not only to themselves but also to others. Psychiatric effects include aggressiveness, agitation, anxiety, intense hallucinations, memory problems, extreme paranoia, and suicidal thoughts. Before the individual harms himself and/or others, he or she must get immediate psychiatric help from certified mental health experts in a drug treatment center. The only way for the person to successfully address the aforementioned effects is through proper therapy and counseling. Getting Help If you know someone exposed to bath salt, contact us immediately. We here at Bath Salt Recovery | Drug Helpline have addiction treatment programs which can help your loved one or friend recover from bath salt effects. Through the efforts of our licensed clinicians and counselors, the individual can get back on his or her feet and live a healthier life without drugs.

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In the past, the term ‘bath salts’ was harmless. It was known as those one pours into the bathtub for soaking. These days, the name has come...