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-­ dis and nt   s   e.   de en us stu rd a  ho . . f   G oo d’s er   o e    Z en cid ge nes on  fri ng   nta pa reg t  a kli va Ja  O ht  a par ad e   the ig  s e   th at   e  n ith ak at   -­T ts   den. day   hees e  w un ar s  c in co e  G  Tue  and ce  w s 2 e a Ro sit  $  win epl R i a -­V ave   21?     -­H der Un

QLJ -­Si u p  K g ca $Q .edu W D n up it n H   W   -­F e  m t  oth YHQL to  ge 7K for   ch ram eal   er  b QJ t  o H & the ro e   an y   DW ne R   V no a   d   cr KL  o PP ale log gr act ea VR f  th R nt ica oup ivi ting UK e  1 QV ine l  o   o ties  an HU 8  s H s   d du 1 rd f   .  ev VHU po PD inn et   ring 3-­17 e p r en YLF ts). LO er   h -­ ing H± ÀD da for spec  their   in   Ski    of  e otos QD te     $7 ial  V-­ M Feb ve   t   V f ull SR JD -­D 9. .   T Da t.   .   nts hat  of LO\ Q# o  a   p . wo y  l Ho   R u i tog n  a h   t ft   od t   y is   XU ick tic   eth rt  p or VLJ o cas er ro ets k-­ ur he Q   j     s ing ho ec r  f L¿-­ r e r e l   y w-­ t   av lat or a t i ou ion -­ shi o n r   sh p. -­ ip   in  

Dates and  activities  all  can  enjoy

Rom a

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-­ S h a r e a   meal   at   Olive  Garden. -­Go  ice  skating. -­Watch  “The  Artist.” -­Snuggle  up  for  a  movie.

-­H i -­Re ke M u Va giste ltnom le r   mi ntine for  th ah  F a   e a -­G  5K/8 Fanc  8th   lls. ra K a o fav b   co /12K ni   A nnua l   ff o   sho rite   ee   at ($30) ne-­ p. cof   you . fee r    

-­Cook a  meal  together.  Share   the  cost  of  the  groceries. -­Gather   your   friends   together  for  a  karaoke   night   at   your   fa-­ vorite   establish-­ ment.

-­Get a   deal   from   Groupon   or   LivingSocial   for   an   activity  for  two  or  for  a  group  of  friends. -­Gather  the  group  together  for  a  video  game  or   board  game  night  at  a  friend’s  house.   -­Create   your   own   homemade   Valen-­ tine’s   Day   cards   and   hand   them   out  to  your  friends.

F un Relationship quiz:  Love,  lust  or  loser?

5QXIMGSNpGTQENTSIFXNTRHNTKDRSAXIMXNTQQEKASINMRHIO^5AJESHIRPTIYSNpMDNTS 1. What  song  would  best  describe   your  relationship?   a.  “I    just  called  to  say  I  love   you”  by  Stevie  Wonder.     b.  “Let’s  get  physical”  by  Olivia   Newton  John.   c.  “Almost  wrote  you  a  love   song”  by  Big  Sean.    

a. Safe,  secure  and  sexy. b.  Physically  attractive. c.  Like  pulling  my  hair  out.

Mostly As?  Love

Congratulations! It  looks  like  you  have  found  a  good  match  in   5.  When  I  start  talking  about  my   your  partner.  The  two  of  you  enjoy  doing  similar  activities  (or  at   least  you  will  both  suck  it  up  and  participate  in  the  activity  for   feelings,  my  partner: each  other).  You  also  get  along  on  a  personal  level  and  respect   each  other’s  feelings.  Continue  to  love  and  nuture  this  relation-­ a.  Listens  to  me  and  offers   ship  and  there  is  no  telling  where  it  could  end  up. advice. b.  Doesn’t  really  seem  to  be   ,I,ZDQWHGP\VLJQL¿FDQWRWKHU listening  to  what  I  am  saying  and   Mostly  Bs?  Lust quickly  changes  the  subject. to  meet  my  family,  he/she  would: c.  Tells  me  to  shut  up.   Watch  out!  Your  relationship  seems  to  be  built  more  on  a  physical   a.  Happily  meet  them.   level  and  that  could  be  disasterous.  Make  sure  that  you  are  in  this   6.  Your  idea  of  a  perfect  date   b.  I  would  never  ask  –  that’s  not   relationship  for  the  right  reasons  and  be  careful  about  getting  too   with  this  person  would  involve: our  kind  of  relationship.   attached.  It  might  be  a  good  idea  to  put  the  breaks  on  this  com-­ c.  He/she  would  refuse.   panionship  and  think  about  if  it  is  really  what  you  want.    Also,   a.  Going  out  and  partcipating  in   try  to  get  to  know  your  partner  a  little  better  on  a  personal  level. an  activity  we  both  enjoy. 3.  My  partner  most  appreciates   b.  Staying  in  bed. me  for  my:   c.  Date?  We  only  meet  up  at  par-­   Mostly  Cs?  Loser ties  if  one  of  us  doesn’t  change   a.  My  mind.   Sorry  friend,  but  your  partner  appears  to  be  a  permanent  resident   plans. b.  My  body.   of  Loserville.  He  or  she  might  be  a  fun  person  to  hang  around,   c.  Not  sure. but  the  person  doesn’t  appear  to  be  into  you  as  much  as  he  or  she   Talley  up  the  following:   is   into   keeping   you   on   the   hook.   Free   yourself   and   swim   back   4.  Compared  to  my  past  partners,   #  of  As:   RXWLQWRWKHRFHDQRIORYH±UHPHPEHUWKHUHDUHSOHQW\RI¿VKLQ my  current  partner  makes  me  feel:   #  of  Bs: the  sea. #  of  Cs:

Valentine’s Day  by  the   numbers


million   Valen-­

tine’s Day   cards   are   ex-­ changed  annually. For  every  



en in   their   20s   who   are   single   on   Valentine’s   Day,  


there are  


men of  the  same  age.


percent   of   Ameri-­

can women   would   dump   their   boyfriends   if   they   didn’t  receive  a  gift  for  Val-­ entine’s  Day. Around  


percent   of  

$PHULFDQV VHQG ÀRZHUV WR themselves on   Valentine’s   Day.


percent   of   all   Val-­

entine cards   are   bought   by   women.



are bought  by  men.

Women spend   an   average   of  


on   gifts   for  

Valentine’s Day.

Men spend   an   average   of  


on   gifts   for  

Valentine’s Day. Statistic from: Written and designed by Rosemary Peters | THE BEACON

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